Too Late To Turn Back
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Black Male, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband likes to watch his wife play with other guys. She initially resists, but then reluctantly agrees and finds she likes it. Things get even more exciting when they begin to play with the husband's co-worker, his rival. But is the pleasure worth the risk?

Jen looked at herself in the mirror. The many years of marriage and motherhood hadn't diminished her looks. She still had a pretty face. Her blond hair was soft and full. She wore it longer lately, past her shoulders, the way she did when she was younger. Those were the days when she was trying to attract guys. She thought those days were over when she married her husband Mike, almost 10 years ago. But here she was at 33, trolling again for guys.

She stepped back from the mirror so her entire body came into view. She knew she looked desirable. "Fuckable" as Mike would say. She wore an ivory silk blouse that fell perfectly on her small breasts. The blouse formed a V that just hinted at the lacy bra underneath. Her slim black skirt ended just above her knees. Under the skirt she wore lacy black panties and sheer black thigh highs. The young wife finished her outfit with black heels.

Jen was 5'3" and petite. Besides her pretty face, she knew her best assets were her long graceful legs. Her legs were slim, taut and shapely, and they seemed to go on forever. She knew that when she crossed her legs the skirt would ride up to reveal the lacy tops of her stockings. In the past, she took pains to prevent that kind of flash from happening. Recently, though, at her husband's insistence, she actually practiced flashing her stocking tops. She practiced sitting so the skirt rode up just enough to reveal her stocking tops. She also spent a lot of time shopping, looking for just the right length skirt, and stockings with just the right width welt.

Jen saw her birth control pills lying on the bedside table. She had forgotten to take one that morning, so she took one. Her husband had gotten a vasectomy a few years back, after they decided to stop at 2 kids. But after playing the "Game" for a few months, they decided that it would be safest if she got back on birth control. The Game hadn't gotten that far yet, but it was so exciting. It could easily get out of control, and quickly. Better safe than sorry, they both thought.

The taxi arrived, and as Jen rode into the city she thought of the Game. Her husband's fantasy was to watch Jen with other guys. It was his obsession, really. He revealed it early on in their relationship, and it soon became the main focus of their sex life.

Mike loved hearing about Jen's old boyfriends and lovers. Jen wasn't a slut, but she wasn't a prude either, and she didn't mind telling her husband, especially since it got him so hot. Mike wanted all the details. Did they have better bodies? Were they bigger? Did they fuck better? Did they make her cum? At first she resisted telling him everything. But the more she told him, the hotter their sex became. Now, after years of this, she always told her husband the full unvarnished truth.

As Jen rode in the taxi she could feel her nipples hardening from the chill of the evening. She caught the driver looking back at her in the mirror. Jen knew that he could probably see the outline of her hard nipples through the thin material of her bra and blouse. On a whim, while the driver wasn't looking, she surreptitiously undid the top button of her blouse, revealing more of her lacy bra. She looked out the window, feigning innocence, but more than once she caught the driver looking back at her, staring at her tits. An exhibitionist thrill of excitement ran through her, almost causing a shutter. She felt a familiar tingling grow between her legs.

The taxi arrived at the bar. The driver quickly got out of the car and opened her door. Jen purposely fumbled with getting money from her purse, allowing the driver ample opportunity to look down her blouse, at her bra covered tits.

Jen eventually found the money and handed it to the driver. Then, she stretched out her lovely legs, giving the driver a quick glimpse of her stocking tops. As she walked by the driver, she let her hand graze his crotch. He was rock hard. And her panties were soaked. She walked into the bar knowing that it would be an exciting evening.

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