Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A narrative of a relationship I have had with a rather remarkable woman over the years.

This is not fiction! It is a narrative of a relationship that commenced some thirty years ago. It is a true story! Well, OK, maybe the sexual aspect and dialogue is enhanced, but only slightly and not every time. Sometimes the sex was as wild as anything you've read about on this and other similar sites. Sometimes in was fairly vanilla, but the build up was anything but. The old analogy of the journey being better than the destination is a good one. The point is that the facts of the story are true. The passage time has corrupted the chronology, but not my memories of a remarkable woman and what we did together.

I was then a young thirty something Engineer, working my rights of passage through my company's Engineering Department. I had been married about seven years with two young sons, I suppose this could be a classic Seven Year Itch tale. My wife had gone into motherhood mode, her two boys were the apple of her eye (as well as mine). I was feeling, well, left out.

My partner on this journey; I'll call her Angela — actually it was her middle name, she said it was a misnomer as she did not consider herself an angel — was a couple of years older than I, no oil painting, but a reasonably good looking woman. The title of this piece is an acronym of her initials at the time and my pet name for her. She was about five feet four inches about 36 — 28 — 38 with the most gorgeous ass, legs and ankles — oh her ankles were to die for, especially when she wore heels. She was married with two children, but her husband was apparently "playing away" with who she thought was one of her best friends. Child bearing had taken its toll on her boobs, apparently she was a 36C+ (photos I've seen support this), but when I got to know her she was more 36B with beautiful nipples like old fashion organ stops.

Jay had been born into money, her family had a major leather business. This may have accounted for her fetish for the material, which we will come to later. However, her father had settled her share on her when she married and hubby blew the lot. So she had to get of her (gorgeous) ass and earn a living. She joined the company on the clerical side, handling the engineering documentation.

Now I have always been a sucker (there may be a pun in there somewhere) for a woman who dresses well. Where most of the women at work dressed tidily, Jay had a wow factor in the clothes she wore to work and it pleased her when I told her so. So it was inevitable that I would get to know her, especially, as it turned out she only lived a mile from me. There was an immediate mutual attraction and we were soon outrageously flirting with one another. Now, in those days, before the concept of sexual harassment, banter between the sexes in an office like ours; providing it did not go too far, came with the territory and the ladies gave as good as they took. However, between Jay and I there was an edge to it that we both acknowledged and enjoyed.

Part of the office sub-culture was a porn club. A couple of back-street shops near the factory had under-the-counter porn libraries. One could buy a novel or magazine and trade them in for a new one at half price. Personally, I preferred the written word and still do over illustrated material and moving images. As part of my work, I travelled Europe extensively and saw a lot of porn. I suppose that dulled the attraction of being a spectator while someone else was having their oats. I much preferred to be in the action.

Now Jay, introduced to it by the senior clerk in her section turned out to be an avid porn fanatic. Although she enjoyed the novels, she preferred the illustrated magazines. She conceded to me later, having read a book I had passed on to her, that far from being sophisticated when it came to sex, she was naive. The porn library became part of her adult education. She had no idea as to the porn vocabulary. Sure, she had heard the word "fuck" — she worked in a factory — but to her it had been merely an expletive said in frustration or temper.

After a couple of dates when we went to a discrete pub for drinks, we started to talk seriously about going further and consummating our relationship. I have to admit that I was a reluctant party, I loved my wife (and still do) and had until then been faithful to her, whereas Jay had previously had a couple of flings. I back-peddled every time she wanted to arrange a tryst.

As my career progressed, I started working on installations away from home. I had been to Scandinavia and mainland Europe, then I was sent to a town on the outskirts of London. I thought about taking her with me, but the strange work patterns we had to adhere to meant that we would not have much time together. I again chickened out.

I duly went to the site and on the first afternoon; a Friday because we had to work the weekend when the factory didn't, and was appraised of the problem I was there to address. The two guys I was working with invited me to go into London for an evening out and I accepted. On checking in to the hotel that evening, I was given a note that had been left for me.

If Mohammed will not come to the mountain! I will meet you in the bar at 7 o'clock. We will get a meal and then come back here for a few drinks. A.

I was dumbfounded, I had not expected this. Jay had somehow found out at which hotel I was staying and followed me down. I went to join my colleagues in the bar — an after work pint is a ritual in the field engineering fraternity — and made my excuses for not accompanying them into London.

After performing my ablutions, I returned to the bar resplendent in collar and tie, slacks and a leather jacket. I got myself a scotch and ice and sat at the bar watching the entrance. At about five past seven, Jay walked through the door. She looked magnificent! Every inch a lady! She wore a black silk dress with a flared skirt and a vee neckline that exhibited just a hint of cleavage. Her legs were swathed in tan hose and on her feet, black patent court shoes with a four-inch heel. Over one arm was a fur coat, on her other a handbag to match her shoes.

As she walked smiling — no, it was self satisfied, even smug grinning — toward me, she knew that she had me hooked and there would be no admonishment for following me. We greeted each other with a brief kiss, just long enough for her tongue to dart into my mouth with a promise of delights to come. I got her a G and T — "it goes straight to my groin" — and we sat and chatted about how she had got there. It turned out our department secretary — a friend of hers — had told her where I was.

We went to a local restaurant for a meal and then back to the hotel. After a couple of further drinks in the bar we were both impatient to be alone together. We agreed we would use her room and I said I would join her after mussing up my own bed in case either or both of my colleagues happened to call by the following morning.

I stood outside her door for a moment taking a deep breath, this would be the first time I would break my marriage vows, a step not to be taken lightly. I knocked. The door opened and she stood there in her dress with another drink — whiskey this time — in her hand and offered me one. She had brought scotch because she knew I was not partial to gin. We sat together on the end of her bed silently sipping the amber liquid, each with our thoughts. Mine were that I had been presented with a fait accompli and what the hell, go for it!

I stood up, took her hand and drew her up also. I placed our glasses on the desk that generic hotel rooms always have. She started to undo the buttons that went down the front of her dress, I removed my shirt and slacks and as she was about to slip the dress from her shoulders, I stopped her. "I want to finish for you" I said. She smiled in acquiescence.

I went behind her and took the dress in my hands and kissed her neck. As I drew it down her arms, she shuddered as I kissed the bare flesh at the top of her spine. I came back in front of her and admired her. She was wearing a black bra and panty set and panty hose. I took her in my arms and we kissed, a long kiss in which our tongues fought a duel and our saliva passed back and forth. Our breathing became ragged and heavy as our passion built. I unhooked her bra and broke the kiss. Our eyes locked as I drew it of her shoulders. She licked her lips to retain the moisture generated by our kissing.

I dropped to my knees and kissed the skin between her breasts moving to the nipple on one, taking it in my mouth and flicking it with my tongue then moving to the other and repeating the action. Jay was making little mewing noses and thus emboldened I became more vigorous, gently chewing on them. She became vocal. "Oh Clark, I love my breasts being played with. Harder darling, bite on them." I obliged and she grasped my head and moved it from one tit to the other and back, grunting with pleasure at each nip of my teeth.

I hooked my fingers into her panties and hose and started to pull them down together. As her last vestige of dress descended, my mouth followed leaving a trail of dampness across her skin. As she lifted each foot to complete the removal, I stared at her vulva. The smell of an aroused woman has always been an aphrodisiac to me and I imagine many males. I grasped a buttock in each hand and drew her forward. I turned my head slightly and kissed the top of each thigh then went straight for her clitoris drawing a deep sigh, almost an "Aaaahhhhh" from her.

She pushed my head away. "Let's get onto the bed" she urged, "I can't relax properly stood like this."

I stayed knelt on the floor and had her lie with her legs over the edge so that I could have full access to her pussy. Now I could get to all of it and did. As I licked away at my second favourite pastime, her hips began to jerk in what she told me later were minor orgasms. Eventually she again pushed my head away. "My turn now" she smiled and I climbed on to the bed after divesting myself of my shorts.

Jay took my cock in her free hand and leaned forward and licked the crown as a child would a lollipop. The feel of soft alien hands and the soft sweep of her tongue were as much as I could bear. She smiled up at me, opened her mouth and engulfed my tool into the warm wet depths of her throat. Now, my wife enjoyed giving me head, especially after lovemaking, but this was the first time I had experienced deep throat. I'm not in the monster cock league, but I have had no complaints. The way Jay rubbed her nose on my pubes was mind-blowing. Now it was my turn to grunt and sigh as she raised and lowered her head up and down.

Eventually, the inevitable was fast approaching and I warned her of my impending orgasm. "Let it come" she panted, taking her mouth from me, "but let me know when." She resumed her fellato, seeming to double her efforts. At last the pressure became too much so I shouted "Now, Angela, now."

She ceased her sucking, got hold of my cock with both hands, one vigorously wanking me, the other directing the head at her tits. At the first ejaculation, I lurched forward and my love-juice hit her neck, the rest she managed to spray over her tits and face. "I saw photos of that in one of the porn magazines and I've wanted to do that ever since" she said rubbing the semen into her skin. "I love the smell and taste of it" she went on licking her fingers.

I got of the bed and retrieved our unfinished drinks, my manhood somewhat deflated. I offered hers to her but she refused. "I want to keep the taste of you for as long as I can." She said.

I downed mine and returned to the bed. "Thankfully, your love juice makes a good whiskey mixer." I got down between her thighs again and vigorously tongued her clit. My tool was soon ready to go again, cunnilingus always does the trick.

As soon as she saw my erection, she started begging me to put it in. Half mischievously, half to work her up, I stayed where I was and started to tease her. "Where do you want me to put it Angela, hmm?" I asked between licks of her clit.

"Don't be an ass Clark, put it in me. Make love to me."

"Not until you tell me specifically where you want it"

"Oh flip! Put it in my vagina, please" she pleaded.

"Don't you mean your cunt, Angela? Your hot wet twat, is that where you want my cock?"

I was still savouring the emissions of her cunt and our eyes locked. Gradually her faced softened and she smiled. "Yes Clark, put your cock in my hot wet cunt."

I lifted myself up and placed my cock head at the mouth of her love tunnel. "Now when it goes into your twat, I'm going to fuck you. Is that what you want?"

"Oh yes Clark, darling" she thrust her pelvis forward and impaled herself. We both froze, savouring the moment. "Oh God, it's been too long. Oh that is so nice. You feel so hot up there in my twat, Clark, now please, give me the fucking I need.

I did, but not as fast as she perhaps was wanting. I wanted to enjoy the feel of her body coupled to mine for a while, so I started with slow deliberate long strokes. It was not long before she had that cat that got the cream smile on her face that I was to get to know so well. She was murmuring "Oh yes, I love it, oh yes, faster lover, come on, fuck me hard" all the while. Eventually even I had to capitulate to my raging hormones and started to bang my pelvis hard into hers. She was now ecstatic, chewing my earlobe and whispering her newly learnt obscenities in my ear. "Come on stud, fuck your little Angela. Shag me you bastard. Shove that thing up my cunt. Fuck me!"

It was not long before we both were careering toward our orgasms. I have the habit of holding myself in full depth as I come. Angela loved it, she kept telling me she could feel me spurting inside her. This apparently triggered her own orgasm.

That night we screwed three or four times, falling asleep in each other's arms after each bout. One of us would wake up and in doing so disturbed the other. One thing — usually passionate kissing — would lead to another and before we knew it we were at it hammer and tongs again.

The following day I had to work and so Jay said she would spend the day in the town. I told her to get herself some stockings, pantyhose get in the way. I returned to the hotel to find her naked in bed waiting for me. I insisted on having a shower before joining her.

After a gentle fuck, we dressed and went for a meal. During the meal at which she sat opposite me, I slipped my shoe off and placed my foot between her thighs. At first, she tensed and looked around. Once assured that nobody was taking any notice she relaxed and opened her legs enough for my toe to reach its intended target. She even changed her sitting position to allow my foot easier access. Throughout the rest of the main course, my toes had their wicked way with cunt.

After our meal she said she would 'powder her nose' while I paid the bill. I told her leave her panties off when she came back. We went to our car, which I had judiciously parked in a quiet corner and before I opened the door for her, I took her in my arms and kissed her. The dress she was wearing was a wrap around style and asked her to open it. Again the tensed look around and then she obliged.

I sank to my knees and attacked her vulva with my mouth. "You silly bugger, Hanson" she squealed, "somebody will come!" She half-heartedly tried to push me away. I grabbed hold of each ass cheek and held her fast as I enjoyed my after-dinner treat. Soon she was beyond bothering about being seen as the pressure on my head reversed and she held me fast against her. Soon the telltale spasms of her hips signalled her orgasm and I stood to kiss her. She greedily licked away her own secretions from my face.

The rest of the weekend progressed in similar vein until we had to return north and home. On the way home she told me how she had got a buzz from doing things in the open. She was to develop an exhibitionist streak that was to give us many instances of pleasure.

One would have thought that now the ice had been broken — as it were — that we would be trying to get together as often as possible, but I reverted back to being reticent. I had to go to Scotland on a weeklong course soon after our first tryst and we arranged that she would accompany me. At the last minute, I got cold feet and went alone. It was some time before she would speak to me.

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