Dear Diary
Chapter 1

Caution: This ESP Sci-fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: ESP Sci-fi Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fred is sent on an unusual trip. You might like to see what happened.

You will never believe this, hell, I don't believe it myself. I don't even know why I am writing it, except it helps me keep me thinking in normal patterns, and convinces me I am not totally crazy.

I am James Alfred Hunter, my mother called me Fred and it stuck through most of my life. I lived a normal (what I considered normal, most city girls would think I am a macho pig, I guess) life. I married my last year in college, and my wife, Suzie, and I had three children in fairly quick order. We got them through school and married off in the normal manner.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my family, but we did normal family stuff, little league, cheerleading, and prom. Dad worked long hours and Mom stayed home with the children until the baby got into high school. She got a job then.

In a few years, she was making more money than I was. Suzie's income allowed us to move to a better house and allowed me to purchase a few additional guns for my collection and allowed her to do things that she wanted.

My hobbies were the usual for someone in my line of work. I hunted and fished, shot targets competitively with shotguns and pistols at one time or another, and collected guns. Along with those hobbies, I also took up reloading so I could afford to shoot more.

As I got older, I got to the place that my failing eyesight (a result of my family's diabetic tendencies that I inherited) fixed it where I couldn't compete anymore, so I kind of gave up on competitive shooting, and began fishing more.

Suzie and I had a great sex life for twenty-seven of our thirty years of marriage. I couldn't have asked for a better spouse in that vein. When I got to age fifty, my diabetes also finished off my ability to perform in that theater. I think that was the final blow to our relationship.

I wasn't the best husband there ever was, and after I couldn't "finish what I started", Suzie became somewhat dissatisfied with our marriage.

I came in one Tuesday afternoon after work and Suzie asked, "Why are we staying together, Fred?"

I thought a few minutes and answered, "Sugar, I have loved you all of my adult life. I love our children and grandchildren, but I currently am just moving along from day to day. Since my body has quit on me, there isn't any fire in our love affair. I guess I'm staying with you because it's what I've always done."

"That's how I feel about it, too," she replied. "I am getting more and more unhappy with "us". The kids are grown, we can afford to live separately, and that is what I want to do."

I agreed to give Suzie my share of the equity in the house as a one-time alimony payment. She was going to stay in the house, the payment was cheaper than rent.

I packed up my things, which consisted of my clothes, my gun collection, my fishing tackle, my reloading tools and supplies, my camping stuff, the bed from the spare bedroom, and my chest of drawers. We only had one television, so I left that, and the computer. We divvied up the credit cards, and agreed to pay the bills of those we kept. I got the 7-year-old mini-van.

I found a mobile home to rent, near my office. I rented a U-haul trailer, and packed my things into it and the van. It all fit for a 1 trip move.

I left home Friday night and drove through the county to my new home. I was enveloped by a bright red light. Blinded, I slammed on the brakes.

Just outside the orbit of the moon...

"Hey Rookie, how are you enjoying your first assignment?" The sergeant sent.

"Is it always this exciting?" The patrolman replied.

"That's why they send you rookies out here. Nothing ever happens, and you get to stay alive long enough to learn to handle yourselves," the sergeant explained.

"These backward planets are under the protection of the confederation, and nobody ever comes here.

The sensors started pinging. "What's this?" The sergeant sent.

"It is identified as a ship stolen by an escaping felon from the Centauri system," the patrolman answered.

"Scan for life forms," the sergeant ordered.

"Scanning... one life form present," rookie answered.

The ship opened fire on the police cruiser. The first volley missed.

"Deploy transporter beam. Transport to the nearest penal colony," the sergeant ordered.

"Transporting to KP779-4. He might like it there it is almost identical to this planet, wet and cold."

The beam carried from the police ship, passed through the offending ship and impacted the planet's surface.

On KP779-4...

"What the hell" I thought. The van stopped and my vision cleared. I knew something was definitely wrong.

First — when the light hit me it was night, now it was noon.

Second — I'd left Florida in the middle of the forest and now I was in the middle of a prairie, like Kansas.

The van was still running, but there wasn't a road. I switched it off and got out to look around. I slid the paddle holster that held my 9mm pistol into my waistband.

I opened up the side door of the van and rummaged around until I found my binoculars. I climbed up on top of the trailer and looked around.

I could see a strip of trees in one direction. I figured that meant a stream, and I didn't have anything to drink, so I started the van and slowly drove toward the stream. The ground was not terribly rough if I watched where I was going. It was like riding across a pasture.

I eventually got to the strip of trees, and "lo and behold" it was a fair sized creek. The trees weren't any species I could recognize, and the grass also wasn't one that I knew.

I went down to the water and smelled and tasted it. It was cold and good. I decided to set up a camp here and reconnoiter the area before I moved anywhere else. I thought I could fish up something or kill some small game to keep myself alive while I checked out the area.

I set up a camp using my big tent and folding furniture. I got my water cooler full from the creek and decided I would try to find something to eat.

I got out my 12 gauge shotgun and loaded it with number 6 birdshot. I got my most powerful pistol, a Glock 32 in .357 SIG, and belted it on. I also got out my hunting knife and hatchet. I filled my "canteen", an empty 2 liter bottle, and set off to find supper.

I hadn't gone but a couple of hundred yards when I saw a herd of what I would call cattle. They were coming to the creek to drink. These "cows" were tall and rangy, they looked to weigh around 1000 pounds except the bull which weighed maybe 1200. I wasn't prepared to hunt anything like these, so I drifted quietly away.

I walked into the middle of a "covey " of large birds. They were really well camouflaged, and flew up like quail, but were more the size of a small turkey. After I had recovered from the shock, I swung the shotgun on a bird, and fired, I missed the first shot and swung farther ahead and fired again. The bird was hit and fell. I ran up and finished it off. I went back and picked up my empty shell and headed back to camp.

I cleaned the bird and cleared a place to build a fire. I picked up some deadfall in the area near the camp and built a fairly big fire to let it burn down and make a good bed of coals. I got out my camping grate and set the bird on it. In a few minutes, it smelled good. I salted and peppered it, and after about an hour's cooking, I had a good supper, even if it was only meat.

I slept in the tent with my pistol in bed with me and my shotgun with buckshot at my side.

In the morning, I had some more of the bird for breakfast, and decided to find out if there were any fish here. I got out my light spincast rod and reel and tied on a white beetle spin. I figured any fish in this creek would be smaller varieties, like bream.

I eased down the stream bank and found a pool. I fished the deeper parts and caught three perch-like fish. They were less than a pound each, but I decided they were edible, and cleaned them and took them back to camp.

I secured my supplies and decided to check downstream to see if I could find any people here. I got some spare clothes together, put them in a pillowcase and hung my knife and hatchet on my belt along with my pistol and a spare magazine. I took out my .308 autoloader and loaded two magazines for it. I had gotten two of the plastic ten round magazines just the month before. I put a space blanket into the pillowcase, ate the fish, and headed downstream.

I thought I would go downstream until I found a good place to camp and then move the van along with me. Because of this, I was trying to keep an eye on the terrain so I could know where to drive my low ground clearance two wheel drive vehicle.

I noticed some large tracks that looked like canine tracks, but 'way too large. I thought about it and decided that with large prey animals there would be large predator animals. I had best be wary.

Due to my diabetes, my feet were in very bad shape. I had to walk carefully, and be particular that I didn't allow myself to get broken sprained or cut. I thought about it for a while and chuckled to myself. I had enough medicine to keep me going for about 60 days, if I didn't find a source for some more.

That brings to mind the age-old question, "How would you live if you only had a short time left?"

I decided I would do the best I could, and help other people if I could.

As it was getting dark, I found a place where I could get in my space blanket and rest for the night and slept.

So far I had crossed one smaller stream. I found a good crossing that I felt the Van and trailer would make and eventually found a good camping spot around mid day. I was hungry, so I began to hunt for food. I spotted and was able to kill a small rodent-like animal about twice as big as a cottontail. That .357 was very loud without ear protection.

I cooked and ate the "rabbit" and headed back to get the vehicles.

"Sergeant, something didn't go exactly right with that transport," the patrolman sent.

"What do you mean?" He replied.

"Our reserve energy level indicates that the transport used nearly three times the energy it should have," the patrolman answered.

"Review the record and see if you can find out what happened," the sergeant ordered.

Sometime later...

"Sergeant, I think I know what happened," the patrolman reported.

"Go ahead," the sergeant answered him.

"During the engagement, I forgot to put an endpoint on the transporter beam. The beam impacted the planet's surface and probably transported something else to the prison planet" he sent.

"That is great news," the sergeant sent sarcastically.

The sergeant amended his earlier report to his superiors, and reported that an inhabitant of KS768-3 had been inadvertently transported to KP779-4.

I made it back to the van late the next day. I had managed to kill another of the large birds and had it for the next three meals.

I decided to stay and rest one day and fish up some breakfast. I caught a couple of the perch and one predator fish that reminded me of a pickerel. I fixed the fish and rested up.

My blood sugar was in much better shape than usual, probably because I was eating simple low carb meals and losing weight. I might make it three months at this rate.

Today, a squall line passed over and dropped an inch or so of rain. The creek came up about a foot, but went back down quickly. I decided to let the land dry off before I started off in the van.

The next morning, I left this place and headed downstream. I made about twice walking speed on the smooth stretches and about half walking speed on the rough ones.

That afternoon, I saw one of the large predators. It looked like a wolf, but it was the size of a pony. I didn't want to run afoul of one of those. The damned fool thing decided to follow me.

I couldn't have one of them following me to take me unaware at sometime in the future. I stuffed my 12 gauge full of buckshot and stopped the van and got out.

The "wolf" saw me and sniffed. I guess he decided I must have been lunch and not very dangerous. His body language was similar to a dog's, I thought. He was acting aggressive and circling to try to attack from the flank.

I waited until he was about 20 yards away and shot him twice in the front of his body, he squealed and went down coughing blood.

I picked up my empties and headed downstream. I made the stream crossing with only a little trouble and eventually got to my planned campsite. I hoped I found someone soon, I was down to a half a tank of gas.

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