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Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Leo found evidence of his wife Marie cheating on him but instead of anger, he wants to know more. (This story was originally written on request for a couple who like my Birthday Present story.)

Marie pushed open the front door of her home and headed straight for the bedroom. She had just come back from a night out with her college friends. Normally she would spent Friday evening with her husband Leo but he had to wake up very early the next morning.

Marie quickly got out of her clubbing clothes which for this night consisted of a tiny tight t-shirt in dark blue with a deep cut down the front showing a lot of her cleavage, and short black leather skirt that was not too tight to walk in but just short and loose enough to fire the guys (and sometimes girls) imagination. Her exposed mid-drift between the t-shirt and the skirt fuelled their imagination further. Black fishnet stockings encased her long toned legs with three inches knee height boots, leaving nearly six inches of stockings on display between the boots and the hem of the skirt. Underneath all these, Marie wore a light blue cotton push-up bra, which made her firm medium size tits looked even bigger, and a pair of bikini panties in matching colour.

She put each piece of clothing into the laundry basket in the bathroom as she stripped. When she finished, Marie put on a loose sleeping t-shirt and pants, then got into bed quietly hoping she did not wake her husband up.

Leo woke up when his wife, Marie, returned from a night out with her friends. When she began to snore, he slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom. As he finished relieving himself, he noticed his wife's underwear lie atop the laundry basket. The cotton, powder blue panties lying on top of the matching bra but what caught his eyes was the dark stain on the gusset of her panties.

That's odd, Leo thought to himself, and then he noticed that the wet patch appeared shiny and his first thought was that perhaps his wife had been horny. After having been together for many years, he knew she could get very wet if properly aroused, and alcohol always helped.

Curious, he picked the panties out of the laundry basket and examined them. The strong smell of her pussy juice assaulted his nose. However, this was not just her ordinary pussy smell, something else was mixed with it.

Is it sweat? he thought, though not really convinced. As he brought the panties closer to his face and despite the poor lighting in the bathroom, he could see a milky white fluid at the gusset of the panties.

Still holding the cotton panties in his hand, he opened the bathroom door. His wife was lying on the bed asleep, her long blond hair spread across the pillow. Her lips were red and slightly swollen and set in the tiniest smile. He thought he could see a little bruise on her neck, but maybe that was just a trick of the shadows.

"It can't be!" he thought. "She would never cheat on me. At least not without telling me first." Who could it have been? Who had fucked her? Had she lied to him about the night out with the girls? Was she carrying on a secret affair, or was it a stranger she had met in the bar?

He brought the panties up to his nose and inhaled. The heavy smell of male cum was too strong to miss. He dipped his fingers into the viscous liquid and rubbed the slippery juices between his fingers. He looked at the glistening fluid covering the tips of his fingers. Bringing them to his lips, he slipped them into his mouth. Closing his eyes Leo tasted the mixture of juices imagining his wife getting horny. He imagined her hiking up her skirt to let the stranger finger fuck her pussy, and she wrapped her long legs up in the air when he pushed his cock into her.

Leo sucked gently on his fingers, tasting pussy and cum. He licked all around his fingers searching for every taste. Then he was startled when Marie turned over in bed. He quickly placed her panties back on top of the pile of clothes and went back to bed himself but his hard cock refused to go soft. His mind was filled with images of his wife having sex with the stranger, and images of the stranger's cum dripped out from her well fucked pussy. How he wanted to be there to lick them all up, as they came out. Leo wondered whether cum was leaking from his wife's pussy right at the moment, as she lie next to him in their martial bed.

Next morning Leo's thoughts raced along almost as fast as his car as he drove to his office. Stupid weekend duty! he vented to no one in particular. If I don't need to work today at least I can ask Marie about last night.However, how would he confront Marie about last night? He was certain she had has sex with some guy, the cum-soaked panties left no doubts on that count. Did she cheat on him though? That, Leo was not so sure. The truth was that it was Leo's fantasy to see Marie taken by another man and she in term wanted to try out sex with more than one man, preferably at the same time. They had been discussing their fantasies and their desires with each other for a while and on the surface, it looked like they were well matched. However, they had never worked up the courage to act on it together; they did agree that they would not try things out without the other partner.

'May be Marie got tired of waiting for me and decided to take matter into her own hands?' Leo wondered as drove his car through the front gate of the office towards his parking space.

Marie woke up in late morning by the sound of a car horn outside her home. She looked at the clock on the nightstand next to her and thankful about the car horn, because otherwise she would still be in bed when Leo came home. She jumped into the shower, longing for the how water to wash away the alcohol and smoky smell from the night before. When she stepped out of the shower, Marie froze in her track. She noticed that in her drunken state last night she had left her panties at the top of the pile of clothes in the laundry basket when she undress. Even after sitting there for a whole night, Marie could see the gusset of her panties was still damp with white cum. 'Did Leo see it?' she was dying to know suddenly. If he had, he did not say a word to her before he left earlier. Moreover, that would spare her the trouble of finding a way to tell him what she had done. Should I tell him about last night when he comes home? We've promised each other that we would do it together and I broke that promise.

The reason her panties looked so fresh was that when he woke up this morning the sight of the cum-soaped panties was too much for Leo and he ended up closing the bathroom door, wrapped the still damp panties around his cock, and jerked off a huge load into it while imagining her being taken by another man.

As Marie dried her long hair in front of the bathroom mirror and saw her tits swing with the movement of her arms, she remembered how her tits were squeezed by the large hands when they made out outside the back of the club. Then her mind went back to the night before. She did not plan to hook up with a man at the beginning of the evening when she and her friends arrived at the club. After a week of studying hard, she just wanted to relax, got drunk, and danced the night away. A few drinks and dances later, Marie went to the bar to get the next round of drinks and that was when she noticed him.

The man was a slightly taller than her, which made him pretty tall as her high heel boots plus her 5' 7" body made her stand out in a crowd. His body looked well built and definitely well dressed and good looking, as Marie continuously stole glances at him while she waited for her drinks. When she got back to her table, she could not help but followed him with her glances. Over the next hour or so, Marie could tell that he was there with his friends just as she was. The rest of his friends seemed to be the usual type of alpha male, looking to bed women. He did not seem to be interested in the flirting game though he did not seem gay either. His disinterest made Marie more curious and finally after a few more drinks she ended up in the dance floor dancing a few metres from him. She looked around to see where her friends were. Vanessa and Janet were at the bar talking to couple of guys, and Stacy was dancing at the other side of the dance floor, totally absorbed in herself.

Feeling that she was safe for the moment from the prying eyes of her friends, Marie nonchalantly made her way towards him and danced with him. When the song started mixing to the next, Marie took the change of rhythm as her cue to strike up a conversation with him. She found out that his name was Steve and recently moved into town from the other side of the country. Before she could find out more, her favourite song came on and she turned her attention on dancing with Steve. However, it was no ordinary dancing, Marie used all the sexy dance moves she knew on him. One minute she was grinding her body against his; the next minute she was dancing with her back to him, letting him circle his arms around her and pulled her tight against him. Even through the layers of clothing between them, Marie could feel his hard cock rubbed against her swaying ass as she danced in front of him.

Just as the song was coming to the end, Marie hold up her arms thus inviting Steve to move his hands up along with hers. He told the hint and moved his hands slowly from her waist up her body, reaching her armpits then up her arms. On their way up, Steve's hands lightly caressed the side of her tits through her tight t-shirt. He did it so smoothly that none of the people dancing next to them noticed. But Marie certainly felt them and it turned her on tremendously. No one had ever danced that way to her before. Then the next song came on and it was not one that she particularly likes. She turned around to face Steve and pulled his face next to hers.

Meet me outside at the back in five minutes, Ok? Marie asked him as she stared at his eyes to make sure he understood what she said over the loud music.

There is a back door that way. Just go out there and wait for me. I'll be out in a few minutes.She moved her head to indicate the direction of the back door.

Steve nodded to acknowledge and moved towards the back door. As they separated, Steve copped another feel of Marie's tit, right in the middle of the dance floor. For a brief moment, Marie stood speechless in the dance floor surrounded by moving dancers. Never had she met a guy this aggressive but yet so smooth before. Even her husband Leo, who pursued her for a long time, was not this aggressive.

Marie made her way to the bar where Vanessa and Janet were still chatting to some guys. She told them that she was going to the ladies room and would be back soon. Marie knew this would buy her about ten to fifteen minutes because of the usual long queue for the ladies room, and she knew that her friend knew too.

Causally, she headed in the general direction of the ladies room but when she got to the end of the queue for the ladies room, she did not stop. Marie continued past the ladies room door and walked towards the back door. Without looking back, she pushed the door opened and went outside.

Marie looked around and found Steve leaning against the wall drink a beer, waiting for her. As she walked the short distance between them, she could see the indifference look had gone from his face and demeanour. In its places was a quiet confidence that said he was serious. Then she was upon him, kissing passionately with each other as one of his hands was grabbing her ass through her leather skirt while the other was working its way underneath her t-shirt towards her tits. Her hands had not been idle either. They were working furiously on Steve's pants zipper, trying to free his hardening cock from the confine of his pants.

Once Steve's cock was liberated into the cool evening air, Marie jerked it along its length couple of times to make sure it was nice and hard. His cock was about the same length as Leo's but was much wider in girth. As she wrapped her long fingers around it, Marie guessed that it must be at least an inch wider than her husband cock.

She then whispered into Steve's ear, We don't have much time. Fuck me with your cock now. She took her hand away from his cock, grabbed the front hem of her leather skirt, and pulled it up to her waist. She then pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and hooked one of her legs around Steve's waist.

Steve did not need to be asked twice. He bent down a little to compensate for the height difference, despite Marie's high heel boot, took his hard cock and aimed it at the exposed pussy. After making sure his cock head was situated at the entrance of her wet pussy, Steve took his hand out from underneath her bra and grabbed her ass with both hands, taking her whole body weight in his hands. Marie responded by wrapping her other legs around his waist, opening up her pussy even further.

Knowing time was of essence; Steve pushed the whole length of his cock into the hot, steaming pussy in one go. Aided by the ample lubricant from Marie's pussy, his cock spread her pussy wide open without any resistance and knocked the air out of Marie's lung.

Oh Jesus, you are huge! Marie moaned loudly into his shoulder as he pulled it out and setup a steady fucking rhythm, pinning her against the rough wall.

Bigger than you husband? Steve asked between breaths.

What? Marie grasped. She was surprised that he knew. Then she realized he must have noticed her wedding ring on her finger. Fuck yes! I've never feel this full. Even with her pussy spread wide open in her position, she could feel every bump and ridge of his cock rubbing against her pussy wall as it fuck in and out, sending jolts of pleasure almost continuously.

Steve was no longer fucking Marie gently anymore. He slammed his cock into her willing pussy hard every stroke. Through the haze of her approaching orgasm, Marie could tell that he would be cumming soon.

Then it was upon her. Steve was trying to push his cock even further up her pussy, and thus rubbing her sensitive clit with his pubic bone. This pushed her over the edge and her pussy walls clamped down on his cock hard, making it almost impossible for him to keep on fucking her. As Marie rode out one of her best orgasm and tried not to make too much noise in the process, the contractions of her pussy wall proved too much for Steve as well. He plunged his cock upward for the last time, pushing Marie's body up the wall more. He kept his cock buried deep and started releasing his load of sperm inside Marie. Each blast of his sperm was accompanied with a jump of his cock and a deep grunt.

Marie was just over her orgasmic peak and was slowly on her way down when she felt the first blast of Steve's hot sperm coating her innards. She moaned appreciatively into his ear as he continued shooting more sperm into her. Marie loved the feeling of a man cumming deep inside her. She loved how the cock grew a little bit stiffer and bigger just before cumming and she loved the hot, wet, and slippery feeling as her pussy was filled with sperm. Nothing pleased her more than knowing her body was appreciated. Then she felt his body relaxed and knew he had finished cumming, even though his cock was still twitching inside her pussy.

Carefully, Marie pushed Steve away from her and let her legs down to the floor one by one. In the process, his cock slipped out from her pussy and now sandwiched between the two heaving bodies.

That was, Marie tried to steady her breathing. Amazing! Where do you learn to fuck like that?

I've some great teachers. And you are a great fuck! Your husband is a very luck man. Steve replied breathlessly too. Can I see you again?

Yes! No! Marie was unsure what to answer, with the mention of her husband the reality of what she just did set in. May be. I don't know. I need to talk to my husband. We'd better go back inside. My friends will be looking for me soon. She looked around to find something to clean up the cum that was now dripping out from her. Finding none, she reluctantly pulled her panties back to its normal position and covered her wet slit. She then straighten out her fishnet stocking and adjusted her bra and t-shirt to make sure no one will notice her illicit activity.

Thank god for the leather skirt, at least I won't get visible wet stain, ' thought Marie as she walked towards the back door.

Wait! Steve ran and caught up with Marie before she reached the door. Here is my number. Call me if you change your mind.

Marie took the piece of paper with his phone number from Steve, Ok, I'll call you. She turned away from Steve, pulled open the door and walked back inside the club. Not having any pockets or her small handbag with her, Marie folded up the paper and hid it underneath her bra.

As she walked towards the bar where her friends were, Marie noticed her hair was messed up from her quick fuck outside when she walked past a mirror. She quickly put them back into place and hoped that they would not notice. When she joined her friends at the bar, she told them that she was leaving early.

Do you feel OK? asked Vanessa.

No, I feel fine. I just want to go home. Marie tried to convince her friends without arising further questions. You guys should stay and have fun. I'll take a taxi home. I'll be fine.

I bet you are going home to give Leo some midnight sex! Janet chimed in.

May be, Marie blushed while her friends laughed. If only they knew I've just fucked a stranger outside and his cum is leaking soaking my panties right now!' she thought.

After saying goodbyes to her friends, Marie took a taxi home. As she ride through the dark night, she took the piece of paper with the phone number out and debated how she would tell Leo about that night and how much it would change their marriage. Would it change for better or worse? Undecided, she dropped it into her handbag and looked forward to being home.

When Leo got home at the end of the day, his wife was reading a magazine on the sofa when he walked into the living room.

Hey darling, how's your day? asked Leo.

The usual. Did some tidy up and managed to do? Marie answered.

Want to go out and grab some dinner later? Leo asked as he walked into their bedroom to change out of his uniform.

Sure. Where? Marie shouted across the rooms.

Wherever you like, Leo shouted back. He peeked into the bathroom as he changed and noticed that the laundry basket was now empty. His wife must have done the laundry, he thought. He decided then that he would ask his wife about last night now. He was going to ask her later, may be during dinner, but sensing that now might be a good time he put on a fresh t-shirt and walked back into the living room.

Marie, Leo sat down in the sofa across from his wife. You know that nice blue bra and panties that I love?

What about them? Marie tensed unconsciously, but did not escape Leo's eyes.

Nothing. Just having seen you wear them recently, that's all. Leo tried to judge her reaction.

Oh, I wore them last night but they are cleaned already so I can wear them tonight for you, Marie nervously replied, hoping she could delay telling Leo for a bit longer. She had not worked out how to tell him yet but she promised herself she would.

I saw them in the laundry basket last night after you came back. Leo blurted it out. I know.

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