In the Stockroom
Chapter 1: Day 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Day 1 - Some chance encounters between workers in a retail store.

I pushed the box onto the shelf and reached for the next. Shay hefted it up to me, with a grunt of effort. "A little heavy for you?" I asked mock-sweetly.

"Bite me," she retorted.

I clacked my teeth in a bite in her direction, "Bare it."

She smiled broadly, and held the next box up for me to place on the shelf, "What? Can't keep up?"

"Don't get your panties in a twist," I was moving the last box into a better position, making room for the next.

"I cant—I'm not wearing any," she said tartly, thrusting forth a denim-clad hip. I looked down at her from the top of the short ladder. She looked eminently sexy. My eyes started at her small feet, encased in Black cowboy boots. They worked up her slim legs with black denim painted on them to her narrow waist. On up, my eyes drank in her skintight red tee shirt that showed off her small well-formed breasts.

"Really? Prove it," I leered. I sat down on the ladder, making no move to take the box from her.

"Here?" she smiled. We joked and flirted all the time. Even though we were equals in the company, there was no competition between us. We both felt completely at ease in the other's company. She was a mother of two, with a divorce on the way. I was a happily married man, with an understanding wife. Things could have happened, but they never had.

"Come on," I dared her, using that tone we all learn to use in the fourth grade to goad others on to do really stupid stuff. "Are you chicken?"

She considered this and then walked back to the end of the aisle. She looked both ways and saw no one in the stockroom with us. Setting down the box she had been holding, she came and stood in front of me. She reached down and grabbed the button fly of her jeans and carefully unbuttoned the top three buttons. I could see a wisp of golden pubic hair. "See," she threw the word at me and started to re-button her jeans.

"Wait," I climbed down off the ladder, my blood boiling with passion. I had wanted Shay the moment I had seen her; she was whip-thin, blonde, blue-eyed, and about five one. She was my perfect woman, physically. We had bantered and discussed our sex lives and other private things. Now, I suddenly saw that things could get real, and fast. That is what I wanted suddenly. I pointed at her fly, "That's not proof."

"What do you mean?" she held the front of her jeans closed.

"They could just be really small panties, like something from Victoria's Secret. Come on, Victoria," I waved at the front of her jeans, "Show me your Secret."

She hesitated, and several different emotions crossed her face. I was ready to laugh it off and go on with work, when she ripped her fly open and pulled her jeans to her ankles. Nothing intruded on my view now. Her delicate golden bush had obviously been trimmed. It was just the right size to fit under a smaller bikini bottom, but no more. Just at the top of her pretty cunt, it stopped. Her cunt was lovely, the lips as smooth and hairless as a teen, and just slightly swollen. I think she was a little excited. Just then she turned around, showing her rear. Her crack was framed by smooth white skin, but with a distinct tan line. She pulled her jeans up and re-buttoned them.

"Well... That was definitely proof," I smirked. I picked up the almost forgotten box and started back up the ladder with it.

Halfway up, Shay grabbed my belt from behind. "Oh no. You don't get away scot-free," She stood one hand on her hip her shirt still not tucked in.

"What do you mean?" I asked, although I knew where this was going. I was scared and excited.

"I showed you mine, you show me yours. That's how you play," she said in a singsong voice.

"What is this kindergarten?" I set the box on the shelf and turned toward her. Her head was even with my belt and I had a sudden inspiration. I had lost a few pounds since I bought the pants I was wearing. I had been pulling them up all day. I reached down and pushed them down about three inches and they fell the rest of the way. I never wear underwear, so my semi-erect cock popped out right in her face. I figured we could laugh about this, and then I knew we would have to cool it off for a while. You could only go so far, flirting at work.

Shay had other ideas. She grabbed my dick in both hands and stuffed it into her mouth. I was in shock. It felt great, but we were in the stockroom of a store that has fifty people working in it. Who know how many people could show up here at any moment? I wanted to stop her... or at least I wanted to go somewhere more private. I reached down to pull her away, but I ended up just holding her head. It felt so good I didn't want to stop. My cock was as hard as a rock and straining at the back of her throat. She could not get the head into her throat, but she was doing a great job on the first four inches. Her small hands stroked the base of my cock and tickled my furry balls. Her mouth worked up and down the rest of my dick and her tongue was whipping back and forth on the underside. She may have been used to a slightly smaller version of this, but she was working it like a pro. I felt my balls tighten up and so did she. She moaned and started sucking faster. She reached one hand around and felt the crack of my ass. Her fingernail brushed my anus, and suddenly I was gushing, my spunk washing the inside of her mouth.

My knees felt very weak and I sat down on the ladder step. Her mouth followed my cock, washing it off as it softened slightly. I pulled her up and towards me and kissed her. I tasted my own cum on her tongue as I slipped mine inside her mouth. We kissed for a few seconds and then we heard voices coming closer.

"Hello?" I heard my boss call, "Shay? Sef?"

Shay smiled and scooted to the entrance of the aisle, wiping the corner of her mouth with her shirt. I hastily pulled my pants up, awkwardly having to get off the ladder to do so, and almost killing myself. I picked up the box and started back down the aisle so at least one of us would look like we were working. My mouth was dry and I was suddenly very tired.

At the entrance to the main aisle, Shay was with Jeff, our boss, and some other guy. I hoped she was able to act nonchalant, because I was still a wreck. I placed the box where I had meant to put it before and came back down the ladder.

"Sef, this is Tim, our District Team Lead," Jeff introduced us and I shook the man's hand and stammered something. I don't know how I was managing to stand, much less talk.

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