The Adventurers' Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BDSM, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Laura, a college freshman, is introduced by her boyfriend to bondage games, a truly unique club, and a whole new world of pleasure.

Laura pulled against the scarves which bound her hands and feet to the corners of the bed. They allowed no more than an inch of movement. The pillow under her hips raised her ass and displayed her nude form in a most inviting way. Her face was down against a pillow, her breathing had become short and shallow and she had to admit that she was incredibly turned on. She heard a sound from across the room as John retrieved something from the closet. "How did I get myself into this?", she asked herself. Then immediately replied, "Just lucky, I guess."

She had first seen John in her American Lit class at the beginning of the Spring semester, about six weeks earlier. He was the type of man Laura would notice: several inches taller than her own 5' 8", light brown hair and blue eyes, and a strong, firm physical build. Of course since coming from a small town to college to begin her freshman year the previous semester, Laura had begun to notice a lot of men. The selection on a large campus was definitely better than in a small town. The female competition was also a lot stronger here, but Laura knew she wasn't totally outclassed. Her shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes added to her height, long legs, and well proportion figure to make most men look twice at her. Walking between classes on a campus where classes might be as much as a mile apart kept her long legs well toned and Laura was not afraid to show them off with short skirts or fitted pants during the colder weather. Her 36C top also held their attention.

During the second week of class the professor has asked then to divide themselves into groups for a research project. It didn't take too much work on Laura's part to get herself included in John's group. From there things progressed easily until the next weekend he asked her out to a movie. A couple of more dates, a little heavy necking and by the middle of February they were in bed.

John proved to be a good lover. Actually it seemed that way to Laura, but in reality she didn't have too much to compare with - only a handful of others. But he was never over demanding, never tried to push her too fast, and always seemed to be interested in seeing that she received the maximum possible pleasure. A couple of times as they were making love, he actually held her back, both physically and emotionally. He loved long, intense foreplay and was slowly running his tongue around her nipples and up and down her breasts when she tried to get him to enter her. "Not quite yet," he said and held her hands above her head and continued to work his tongue magic for several more minutes until Laura was nearly ready to scream. When he finally did plunge into her, her pleasure and orgasm were more that she had ever felt.

The next weekend they stayed in John's apartment to watch videos and soon began necking heavily. Before long John had her shirt opened and was once again sucking and licking her nipples. As he reached up and held her hands and continued his attack, Laura plainly became more excited. "You like having your hands held, don't you?" he asked.

"Sometimes," she admitted. "It seems to turn me on. Maybe because I feel a little out of control."

"Tell you what. Let's try something."

"What do you have in mind?" Laura asked.

"Do you trust me?", he replied.

Laura hesitated a second before replying. "Yes, but I still want to know what you're planning before I say OK."

"But that might spoil the surprise. I'll make you a deal. I won't tell you exactly what I have in mind just yet, but I promise I won't do anything to hurt you or anything you really don't want me to. If I start something you don't want, just say 'I really don't want this. Please quit" and I'll stop right then. How does that sound?"

While they had been talking John had still been playing with her nipples and running his hand up and down the inside of her thighs. This of course didn't do anything to cool Laura off, so she agreed, "OK. As long as you'll stop if I ask."

With that John stood, picking Laura up in his arms. "Nice muscles," she thought to herself as he carried her into the bedroom.

They continued necking and petting, and without her realizing exactly when, Laura found herself completely naked. John laid her on the bed on her back. While still fondling her breasts, he reached into a night stand and brought out a couple of long silk scarves. "I want to tie your hands. I promise not to hurt you, but you know how it turns you on when I hold your hands down. This will just be a continuation. OK?"

Laura's breathing was shallow and she knew she was already soaking wet. The idea of having her hands restrained both excited and scared her. She could only nod.

John had also lost most of his clothes, but was still wearing a pair of dark blue briefs. He straddled her body on the bed, one leg on each side of her stomach. He stretched her right hand above her and used the scarf to bind it to the corner of the bed. After stopping to lick and suck her nipples again, he repeated the process with her left hand.

For the next forty-five minutes - it seemed like a week to Laura - John caressed, licked, sucked, kissed and otherwise stimulated her to the brink of orgasm again, again, and again. Finally when she thought she could hardly move from sheer exhaustion, he stripped off the rest of his clothes and plunged deeply into her. She found she was not really too exhausted to move. Her climax made all her previous ones seem like naps. Her second, third and forth orgasms were nearly as strong. When John finally came and she felt his juices spurting into her, Laura came a fifth time. Afterward John released her and they fell asleep holding each other.

Laura's birthday was the second of March and John took her to one of the better restaurants in the city. Afterwards they went to a play put on by the University Players. The performance was very good, the acting professional, and the play - a risque comedy - only increased the good feeling. By this time both John and Laura were becoming aroused and when John suggested they return to his apartment, Laura was only too ready to comply.

An additional surprise awaited her there. As they closed the door, John reached for a small, wrapped package on a nearby table. "Happy birthday," he said, giving the present to Laura. "Open it while I get us something to drink."

Laura tore open the paper and found a small jewelry box. Opening it she discovered a plain silver chain with a small catch in the shape of a pair of handcuffs. Handing her a glass, John said, "It looks like a simple necklace with a somewhat unique clasp. However, when you look at it, or think about it when you're wearing it, you'll think of what it symbolizes."

Laura actually turned pink at the thought. But she had to admit that the idea this had started - being bound to his bed for one - was making her very wet.

The blush was followed by a long deep kiss. Just as Laura was ready to head for the bedroom, John pulled away and held her shoulders. He looked into her eyes and said, "You still have one birthday surprise coming. Today you're 19, right?"

Laura looked puzzled, but nodded her head.

"And you must know one of the oldest birthday traditions is a spanking."

They both could hear the intake of Laura's breath. She held it for several seconds. "You want to spank me?" she asked, trying to sound, if not offended than at least hesitant and standoffish. But at the same time she realized the flood of wetness between her legs told her she was definitely interested.

"I think we should honor tradition, don't you?" John said as he led her to the couch. He sat and pulled Laura down on his right. "Just lean across my lap, now."

Almost in a daze Laura complied and found herself lying across his knees, her bottom under his right hand. John then pulled her skirt above her waist. As he reached into the waistband of her panties, she realized that this was to be a bare bottom spanking. John pulled her panties below her knees, letting the cool air wash across her smooth ass. Laura's breath was coming fast. John's hand rose and fell across her bare cheeks with a loud slap, leaving a sharp sting. It hurt! It really hurt, but at the same time Laura felt another flood between her legs.

She reached towards her bottom but John caught her wrists. "We can't have that, now can we?" Reaching behind a cushion, John brought out one of the silk scarves. He took Laura's arms and placed them behind her back, wrist to elbow. Quickly he wound the silk scarf around her forearms, completely immobilizing them. Laura felt incredibly turned on as well as a little afraid. The arousal won out and she remained across his knees.

"Now we can continue," John said as his hand rose and fell again.

The pain was real but it also served to make her hotter than she would have imagined possible. "Why would this turn me on?" Laura wondered even as she felt another stinging blow. She didn't understand why, but there was no question that it was really making her hot.

John's hand rose and fell as he counted the blows. When he had reached nineteen he said, "And one to grow on," and brought his hand down with a force greater than any other. Laura, who had been making small gasps with each spank, practically screamed at this one. But at the same time she went over the top and had a tremendously intense orgasm.

After she had recovered, Laura noticed John's cock pressing against her stomach. "So I'm not the only one it excited," she thought. She let herself slide from his lap and kneeled on the floor next to him. She looked into his eyes and then down towards his crotch. Since her hands were still bound behind her, she could only wait while John unzipped his pants. Soon her head was bobbing up and down as his length slid in and out of her mouth. After a very short time, John exploded in her mouth and Laura did her best to swallow it all. She had never been bothered by the taste or the idea and found that in addition to men liking it she found the experience exciting herself.

John untied her arms and held her on his lap. Laura, exhausted, rested her head on his shoulder and found herself falling asleep. She vaguely remembered his carrying her into the bedroom, lying down beside her, and covering them both with a light blanket. She awoke a couple of hours later. Her ass still felt hot and while it didn't actually hurt, it was still sore. Still she found that thinking about the experience turned her on again. Very confused with her own feelings but extremely aroused, she reached across to cress John's sleeping form. He woke and responded quickly and soon they were again making love.

Laura stayed and twice more that night they found themselves coupled for intense love making. After the last time daylight was coming in the window and despite the lack of much actual sleep, both John and Laura felt liking getting up. As John climbed out of bed, his hand sliding across her behind, Laura thought to herself, "Why would anyone want to wear anything to sleep in? I think from now on I'll definitely shed any night clothes before going to bed."

"Come on and take a shower with me and then we can fix some breakfast," John called on his way to the bathroom.

"Why not?" thought Laura. This was turning out to be a whole bunch of firsts for her. In fact Laura found that sharing a shower could be a very sensuous experience with the right man.

Later, clad in terry bathrobes - John seemed to think of everything - they sat eating cheese omelets. While she couldn't deny the pleasure she had found the previous night, Laura did begin to become a little apprehensive about it. Was something wrong with her that she actually liked being helplessly tied and beaten? Well, maybe not "beaten" but at least spanked hard enough to really hurt and, for that matter, to leave her bottom red and still sore this morning. The more she thought about it, the more concerned she became.

Watching her, John could see the change. A look of - was it worry or maybe regret - crept onto her face. John, who had had some experience with these activities before, was able to make a pretty good guess at the problem. "Are you beginning to wonder if what we did is somehow perverted or maybe that there's something a little wrong with us for liking it?" he asked.

Surprised, Laura looked at him. "Are you a mind reader, too, or am I just that easy to see through?"

"Neither. Actually your reaction is not unusual. I suspect this is you first experience with any kind of 'kinky' sex, isn't it?"

Laura blushed, but nodded her head.

"Well, not everyone would like what we did last night, but you would be surprised at how many would. If you would like I can point you to some interesting places on the internet or find a couple of printed articles around here. You'll find that the general area of BDSM - bondage, discipline, sado-maschism, etc. - has a lot of followers. You will also find that they are not all the same. Some want full time master-slave relationships. Some enjoy the pain itself - either receiving or inflicting - and carry it to the point where long term or permanent physical damage can take place. There are all levels of involvement. However, many people just like the stimulation of physical pain without any real damage and the feel of being bound. There's nothing wrong with these feelings - as long as both people agree and as long as either can stop it at any time."

Over the next few days Laura spent a number of hours reading about the "lifestyle" - actually she hated that word - and learned about a whole range of activities she had no idea existed. Many of these she did find repulsive, while others left her indifferent without actually repelling her. But others left her quite aroused. She came to feel that the type of thing she thought would turn her on was neither perverted nor harmful - as long as she could say when to stop. A couple of times she spent an hour on the phone discussing her feelings with John.

They finally decided to explore her interest a little more. So the next Friday night Laura found herself naked and tied face down on John's bed with a pillow pushing her ass into the air and wondering how she had gotten into this. She heard John getting something from the closet. As he approached she heard a swishing sound. Looking over her shoulder she saw he had a leather strap about an inch wide. It was wound a couple of times around his right hand with about 20 inches dangling down. "Well, this is what you thought you wanted. Let's see if it really is," she thought.

"Remember, your safe words are 'yellow light' and 'red light'. Don't be afraid to use them if you need to."

They had already discussed safe words. John had insisted - and so had much of the material she had read - that one should NEVER engage in BDSM play without a safe word. Because Laura was a very level headed and serious young woman this seemed obvious once the basic concept was mentioned. At another level it also allowed her the reassurance that she could stop if she really wanted to but still left the slight level of apprehension - or was it maybe a little fear - of not knowing what was coming until it was there.

John approached, but instead of the strap she had expected, Laura felt his fingers trail down her back, across her bare ass, and along her thighs. The light feather touch aroused her to an even higher level. This continued for several minutes. The almost tickling touch along her sides, across the sides of her breasts, the backs of her knees, between her legs, and across her sex itself. She found herself sweating and already quivering towards an approaching orgasm. Just when she felt she couldn't stand it much longer, he stopped. Three seconds. Five. Ten. Suddenly she heard a swish followed immediately by a sharp, stinging line of pain across her rear. She cried out more from surprise than from the actual pain. It had hurt, but not really that badly. The strap itself was a soft leather and provided a sting without much actual damage.

The first stroke was quickly followed by three others, each a little harder. She tensed for the next lash, but nothing came. Just as she was about to relax and look back over her shoulder, a fifth stroke crashed onto the bare backside, harder than any previous. Once more a sharp cry was wrung from her. John continued to lash her using various strengths and intervals so she was never sure exactly when the next was coming or just how hard to expect it. She lost count.

John, however, was keeping track as well as watching her reaction and the color of her bottom. He wasn't completely detached though. The sight of the beautiful young woman, naked and bound, jerking against the lash had turned him rock hard. He was wearing only briefs and his left hand slid inside to stroke himself. Quickly he pulled down the briefs and stepped out, leaving him completely naked also. After 30 strokes, John said, "I think another five will be about right, don't you agree?" He didn't wait for an answer and brought the lash down very hard directly across both of Laura's cheeks. A yelp escaped her mouth. Twice more the strap fell diagonally from upper left to lower right, each stroke causing a small cry. John moved to the other side. A fourth stroke fell harder that any other across the other diagonal, upper right to lower left. A short hesitation. Then a final stroke straight across the lower part of her buttocks delivered with a force seeming to be harder than all the others combined.

Laura screamed at this last stroke and clinched her ass as tightly as her bonds would allow. At the same time John dropped the strap, climbed onto the bed and entered Laura from behind. She was soaked! So wet that there was no difficulty in sliding in with a single stroke. John then began to stroke in and out slowly and deeply, his pubic hair roughly rubbing against her welts with each stroke. His hands reached under her breasts and found her nipples, now extended and rock hard. He took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, pinched and twisted as he plunged in and out of the hot young woman. Laura strained against her bonds, but not to escape. Rather she was trying to force harder and deeper penetration. She had been bound and strapped and now he was sending shocks of pain directly to her breasts - and she was loving every second of it!

It was only a matter of a minute or so until both of the young people were coming, long and hard. Laura felt what seemed to be a dozen hard spurts deep within her as her own climax was quickly followed by a second. She lay limp in her bonds on the bed as John collapsed on top of her.

After a minute his cock softened and slid out of Laura's hot passage and John rolled off of her. As he lay next to the girl and listened to her breathing return to normal, he gently stroked her back and bottom with his hand. He lightly kissed the red welts which were, even now, fading.

After a couple of more minutes he reached down and untied her ankles, followed by her wrists. For several more seconds Laura lay still with her arms and legs still outstretched. She then slowly rolled onto her side facing John and looked intently into his eyes. Suddenly her arms encircled his neck and she pulled his mouth to hers. Her tongue snaked between his lips and she pulled not only his lips but his whole body tightly against her. When she broke the kiss she again pulled back to look into his eyes. "Thank you. Thank you for a brand new world. I've never felt that kind of excitement. I want to try it again." Then her hand slid across her own bottom feeling the hot, sore welts and she added, "But not right now. I'm going to have to recover a little."

Since John knew she was right, he suggested they spend Saturday night just watching some videos. Well, maybe not just watching - maybe a little necking... maybe a little fondling... maybe a little love-making... Well, they'd see, but no spanking. That was fine with Laura. She was finding that every time with John she was becoming more and more aroused. She didn't really care what they watched - she was mainly interested in sex and John.

Laura came over to John's place Saturday and proceeded to make dinner for the two of them. At one point while they were cooking she casually asked, "What have we in the way of videos to watch tonight?"

John replied, "It's a surprise, but I'm sure you'll be interested."

This turned a idle question into burning interest for Laura. Had he found a new movie or some sexy foreign film? Well, she would just have to wait until after they ate.

After dinner Laura settled on the sofa as John reached in a cabinet and removed a plain video tape case and slipped it into the VCR. He joined Laura on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap. "Have you ever watched an adult video?" he asked.

Laura quickly replied, "Of course. I've been going to R rated movies since I was 15. Even a couple of NC-17s."

John smiled and said, "That's not exactly what I meant. I'm talking about something, shall we say, a little more hard core."

Laura had heard the term but wasn't exactly sure just what "hard core" implied, but assumed it would show more that a few bare tits. She didn't say anything, but snuggled closer to John, reached for the remote and pressed play.

The photography was not going to win any Oscars, but it really wasn't bad. Lighting and sound were both good and the man and woman in the film appeared to know at least a little about acting. The story line didn't seem too strong and soon a scene came in which the couple entered an apartment. Up until then there had been a little kissing and a couple of quick feels, but as soon as the door closed, the couple began to undress each other. Soon both were completely naked and the camera was NOT shooting at the usual odd angles, but was showing everything - everything for both the woman and the man.

Laura became absorbed in the action on the screen. John was casually stroking her breast through the thin shirt, but this wasn't exciting her as much as watching the woman take the man's cock into her mouth and all the way down her throat! The action continued until the man suddenly pulled out and came - all over the woman's face! Laura and never really thought that such explicit films were really available - but she decided that she was very glad they were.

The plot, such as it was, continued as a second woman suddenly threw open the door and came into the room. It seemed the second woman was actually the man's girlfriend and the first woman was her younger cousin. There were some silly arguments about betrayal and it was decided that the only way to make up for their action was for the second woman to "punish" the couple. The scene switched to another room, probably the basement. The man and the first woman were still completely nude, but now they were facing each other about three feet apart and their hands were tied above their heads to the ceiling. Both were stretched so that they were up on their toes. The second woman appeared holding a multi-tailed whip in her hand. She had stripped off her shirt and was wearing only a skimpy pair of panties. She approached and began to lash both the man and woman across their backs, buttocks, and thighs. It was hard to tell if she was really whipping them or just acting like it. But Laura noticed that the skin did appear to be turning red and a few lines appeared across their skin.

She continued to whip the couple, but moved around and began striking them on their fronts: stomach, thighs, and chests. She was definitely striking the girls breasts: they were turning red and some lines were appearing. It was also obvious that the couple were beginning to enjoy themselves. They were either really getting turned on by the whipping or were a little better actors than Laura had thought. After a little more, the second woman released the couple and told them that it was now their turn to pleasure her. They preceded to a nearby bed - why was there a bed in the basement, anyway - and the second woman stripped off her panties and lay down. The man began licking his way up her thighs towards her pussy while the first woman - the woman! - began to suck and lick the second woman's nipples. Laura's hand had dropped to her lap and inside her shorts. She stared fascinated at the screen and seemed almost unaware as John unbuttoned her shirt. The man and woman now switched places. He began to work at the nipples while the first woman climbed between the legs of the second and applied her mouth to other woman's crotch. The screen showed the act in great detail and Laura took it all in. She had never thought a lot about girl-girl sex. She knew it existed, of course, but she was definitely interested in men and had never really thought about women making love with each other. Now she was really surprised to find herself not only watching such an act in great detail, but was also really startled to realize that it was turning her on.

By the time the film ended, both Laura and John were completely naked. She was sitting on his lap, her head thrown back against him and his cock buried deeply within her. As they rocked back and forth John rubbed and pulled at her nipples. As the screen went dark they continued their own activities for several more minutes before both came with intense orgasms.

As they calmed down John said, "I guess you like this type of film, huh?"

Laura felt embarrassed, but wasn't sure exactly why. Just because she was sitting here naked with a naked man and had just spent the last forty-five minutes watching in great detail while three people fucked in a variety of ways, why should she be embarrassed? Almost laughing out loud at herself, Laura replied, "I will admit I've never seen anything quite like it and I can't deny I did find it a turn on."

"Want to watch another?" asked John.

Did she ever! But Laura just nodded.

John got up long enough to put in the new tape and then returned to the sofa. Neither bothered to get dressed or to cover themselves and just snuggled closer.

The new film had a plot about a couple who had tried some bondage and discipline, but wanted to learn more. They went to a professional for a weekend of "training." The film had no real plot but was a series of scenes where one or both of the couple were bound and "tormented" by the professional dominatrix or one of her female assistants. In one scene the woman had clothes pin placed on her nipples while she was bent over a bar and strapped across her ass. John noted Laura's interest and when he stopped the tape for a couple of minutes to get a drink for them, he also picked up a pair of similar clothes pins. After the film started again, John played with her nipples until they were standing out and rock hard. He then placed a pin on Laura's right nipple. She cried out, more in surprise than in real pain and reached for the pin. John caught her hand and asked, "Do you really want it off or do you want to try it for a few minutes?"

Laura slowly dropped her hand and drew in a sharp breath as John snapped the other pin on her left tit. She thought to herself, "I can't believe it, but I think I actually like this. It hurts, but I'm getting wetter by the second."

John pulled her arms behind her, wrist to elbow and tied them in place with one of the silk scarves they had used to play with the night before. Laura didn't resist but settled back against him as he reached around to play with the pins and to stroke her breasts and clit.

The film was still running and Laura watched fascinated as the couple were put through their paces with a variety of straps, paddles and whips all the while tightly bound separately or together into a whole host of positions.

The film ended and John and Laura once again found themselves making love, this time with Laura's hands still bound and the pins still on her nipples. Just as she came, John reached up and removed the pins. Laura screamed from a combination of pain as the blood returned and her own intense orgasm.

As they cooled down, John asked if she would like to come over again next Friday. Laura paused for a second and looked at him. "Definitely. But be sure and find some more of those tapes."

Over the next few days, Laura found her outlook changed. Often when she saw a good looking male - she was, after all, a man watcher - she would picture him naked over her own naked and bound form. Or picture herself across his lap with bound hands as he delivered repeated blows to her rear. But this didn't surprise her as much as the fact that she found herself also thinking similar things when she saw an attractive girl! "I'm definitely hetero oriented," she thought, "but the idea of punishing or being punished by a pretty girl does excite me."

Friday came and by late afternoon Laura was so excited she could hardly wait to get to John's. This time she expected to spend the night and possibly the next night too, so she shoved a few things in her backpack. "Not much point in taking many clothes," she thought, "but I've already soaked two pair of panties this afternoon so I'd better take a couple of extras."

They had dinner again, but this time instead of starting the tape right away they sat on the sofa and began to neck. Before too long both were mostly undressed and so hot that Laura began to wonder if they would see the tape at all. But just about that time John pulled back and paused. "Why don't we watch the film first?', he asked. "And just to make it interesting, I'm going to finish stripping you and tie you hands and feet."

Laura wasn't sure about that, but the idea of watching the movie while tied and John was free to tease her did have a strong appeal. She nodded and John proceeded to tie her hands wrist to elbow as he had done before. But he didn't stop there. Using several lengths of soft velvet ribbon he tied her ankles together and added ties above and below her knees. It wasn't tight enough to cut off circulation, but she was definitely restrained and could do little to move her legs.

John placed her on the sofa and also undressed the rest of the way and then lay down beside her. He reached for the remote and started the tape.

This tape concerned another couple who had tried a little bondage and spanking with hands, paddles, and straps. Somehow another couple they knew found out about their activities and invited them to join a small BDSM club in the neighborhood. The were three couples already in the club and after an initiation - this sounded interesting - the new couple would be welcomed as full members.

The initiation began with the new couple stripped and bound to large, leather covered, X- shaped frames. They were then severely whipped with cats-of-nine-tails. It looked as if the whipping was real because welts seemed to appear on both the man and woman. As each of the three member couples took turns whipping the new man and woman a new thought struck Laura. She realized she was not only excited by the idea of being bound and whipped, but watching the other woman deliver repeated lashes to both the man and woman, she discovered the idea of swinging the whip against a bound and helpless male (or even female!) also turned her on.

The tape was a fairly long one and for the next hour and a half Laura watched as the initiation proceeded and the couple was subjected to one torment after another. They were bound in a variety of positions while various paddles, straps, and whips were used all over their bodies. Weighted clamps were attached to their nipples and what looked to be about a two pound weight was hung from the man's balls. Vibrators and several dildos were used on the woman. There was some kind of a padded bench where the victims were bent over and tied with their legs wide spread leaving easy access to their sex as well as their backsides. Although the sex was simulated, it was obvious that there was supposed to be a lot of it - sometimes with three or more people involved. There were a number of other devices and activities which were new to Laura but which served only to make her more wet and excited.

After the film ended, John removed the ties above and below her knees, but left the others in place. He then bent her forward over the back of the couch and preceded to throughly fuck her from behind.

Afterward as they rested together on the couch, Laura began to think how much had changed in the last couple of months. She had always (at least for quite a while) been interested in sex. After she had lost her virginity she never regretted it. She was a very level headed girl and didn't go off the deep end sleeping with everyone, but she had throughly enjoyed all the times with the few lovers she had had. When she came to campus and was daily surrounded by young, good looking men and women, she found herself thinking about sex quite frequently. But after she had started seeing John things had exploded! Two months ago she knew she liked sex but would never have imagined that she would be so turned by being helplessly bound and spanked or strapped. Now she was looking at women in a different way too and even considered that she might enjoy sexual activity with another girl. She had to admit to herself that the film they had just watched had not only really turned her on but had also started her thinking about sex with more than one person at a time. She caught herself wondering what it would be like to be bound to that padded bench, severely whipped, and then fucked by several different people. She also imagined swinging the cat at a naked man tightly bound to the bench or the X frame. Moreover she found that all of these ideas excited her greatly.

The two of them cuddled on the sofa for almost an hour. Gentle cresses began to give way to deep kisses and more intimate touches. The excitement built but before they were totally lost they paused to go to the bedroom. John carried Laura and placed her on the bed. She started to reach for him but he caught her hands and pulled them over her head. He tied them together with one of the silk scarves. Laura relaxed and allowed John to use some soft rope to tie her hands to the headboard. He then proceeded to tie her ankles to the two corners of the footboard.

For the next hour and a half John licked, sucked, kissed and caressed her body, bringing her to the brink of orgasm again and again. At one point he was lying with his head between her legs and his tongue alternating between long, slow strokes all the way up to her clit and plunging as deeply as possible into her pussy. To say that she was preoccupied was an incredible understatement, but she was half aware that John had reached for something in the night stand. Suddenly she felt his finger applying something cool and slick - Vaseline? - around the small puckered hole of her anus. Laura had never considered her rear hole as erotic. The only thing she had ever had enter there was a thermometer and once or twice an enema nozzle, but those times had been years before when she was a young girl. Now she felt John's finger moving around her tight entrance and then slowly pushing inside. The penetration was an incredible sensation! The slick grease allowed his finger to enter with little resistance, but her sphincter clamped down tightly around it. Still the sensation was certainly not unpleasant, making her push her pussy harder against John's mouth. John continued to feel inside her rectum while eating her ever more intensely. Soon she was coming hard again and again.

As she was cooling down a random thought struck her: "Well, add one more thing I wouldn't have dreamed of two months ago. Never would I have thought I would get turned on by a finger up my ass." John untied her ankles and started to loosen her wrists.

"No," Laura suddenly said. John hesitated and looked at her. "Leave my hands tied tonight. Keep me bound to the bed and then take me again in the morning."

"Are you sure?" John asked. Laura nodded and John replied, "OK, but be sure and wake me if you change your mind. Otherwise, Wench, you're my victim and will be well used in the morning. And maybe even a time or two before then."

John was as good as his word. Sometime in the middle of the night Laura awakened to the feel of John's hands on her breasts and pussy. Soon she was twisting with excitement which continued to build until he pushed deeply inside of her and brought them both to a shattering climax. And the next morning she awoke to find him gazing intently at her naked form. Soon he was pounding her helpless body into the bed until she had screamed through three climaxes.

They showered together and Laura mentally added a new first to her list. Never before the last couple of weeks had she shared a shower with a man. Later they sat at the table eating breakfast discussing what they wanted to do. "You know, the pool is open for free swim this afternoon. Would you like to go over there for a while?" John asked.

Laura hesitated and unconsciously moved a hand towards her bottom.

"Don't worry. I looked and there aren't any marks showing. It's been several days since you were spanked and everything is gone. Is that what you were worried about?"

"I guess so. I would like to go for a swim, but we'll have to stop by my place so I can get a suit."

"That's fine. But someday I'll have to take you somewhere we can swim without worrying about little things like suits."

Laura's mind brought up an image of them swimming nude in some isolated lake followed by long, slow lovemaking. She found that the image was very satisfying.

They swam all afternoon and then decided to eat dinner out. As they left the restaurant John asked what she would like to do then. Laura said, "What I'd really like to do? Well, I'd really like to go back to your place and watch that tape again."

"Which tape?" John asked.

"You know. 'The Club.' The one we watched last night about the initiation to the BDSM club."

"That's fine with me. You really liked that, didn't you?"

Laura hesitated a little and some pink color came to her cheeks. "Yeah, I guess I did. There was quite a bit in there that turned me on. And I'd like you to tie me up again and keep me tied while we watch."

As the film ended, Laura found herself covered with a fine sheen of sweat as she squirmed against the two fingers John had buried in her pussy and tried to relieve the ache in her nipples caused by the clothes pins he had placed there. With her hands bound behind her there really wasn't too much she could do about it. So when he lay back and lifted her across his hips she could only allow herself to be deeply impaled on his hard shaft. As her first orgasm built, John once again used a well greased finger to penetrate her bottom. Twice more she came and the last time brought John along with her.

As he untied her John said, "You really like that film, I see. Do you also want to spend the night tied to the bed again?"

Laura slowly answered, "Actually I've been thinking of something else. Something a little different."

"Just what did you have in mind?" John asked, a wide grin spreading across his face.

"Well..." Laura hesitated a little more. "What I was thinking is that I've always been the one tied and I was wondering what it would be like if we worked it the other way."

"You mean you want to tie me up and use a paddle or strap or such on me, huh?" John replied.

"Not if you don't want to," Laura said quickly. "I like being the victim," she went on. "If you want to just go on doing..."

John laid a finger across her lips and Laura slowed and finally stopped. "My Lady, I am yours until the dawn. Please use me hard."

Laura felt a shiver of excitement run through her. She was just admitting to herself the strange, strong feelings she'd had as she watched the women in the film laying into the man's naked ass with the cat. The idea of applying stinging blows to a bound man's bottom and watching the skin turn to bright red while his cock stiffened into a rock hard rod caused a new flood of wetness between her legs.

Without bothering to put on any clothing, they moved to the bedroom. Laura looked at the bed and then at John, a little unsure how to begin. "Just a second," John said. He went to the closet and returned with a box. As he placed it on a chair near the bed Laura could see rope, a strap, and other items.

"Feel free to use anything you find in here. Don't be afraid to be a little intense. I'll use the same red light - yellow light safe words." From the first John had discussed the importance of never, never doing any of these things without a safe word. They had, in fact, settled on two: "yellow light" to ease up a little and "red light" to bring everything to a halt. This way the victim could yell, scream, or say anything she or he wanted, but only the safe words would change things. Also the security of having such a safe word and the trust that the partner would observe it immediately allowed the victim to give up control without real fear.

Laura looked into the box. There were a number pieces of soft rope, two pairs of what looked like cuffs with small metal D-rings attached, both wood and leather paddles, several different widths of leather straps, clothes pins and another kind of clamp Laura assumed was for the nipples, several sizes of dildos and finally a small cat-of-nine tails. Laura stared at this last item as a strange feeling crept over her. Partly it was the sexual excitement of imagining the cat swinging against her naked ass as she had seen done in the film and partly it was a feeling of power and control as she imagined herself delivering hard blows to John's bare rear.

With a start she brought herself back to the reality of the room. "Very well, it's time I made proper use of you. Give me your hands."

As John held out his hands, Laura reached for one pair of the leather cuffs and placed them around his wrists. She used one of the pieces of rope to fasten the two cuffs together and then said, "OK. Onto the bed, face down."

John complied and without being told held his hands above his head so Laura could tie them to the headboard. She then proceeded to push a pillow beneath his hips, taking the time to stroke and fondle his balls and his cock which had now become very hard. John obviously liked this side of things and wasn't just doing it to please Laura.

She used two more pieces of the rope to tie each of his ankles to the corners of the footboard. With the pillow folded double beneath the top of his hips, John had his ass raised at an inviting angle. Laura remembered how John had worked her up before beginning a spanking and began to cress and fondle where ever she could. Soon John's breath was coming in short, fast gasps and he strained against the bonds.

Laura stood and picked up the leather paddle from the box. Unsure exactly how to do this, Laura swung the paddle against John's bare bottom with an almost timid force. There was a quiet slapping sound and John jumped just a little. Laura repeated the swing, but not much harder. She didn't seem to be getting the reaction she expected. Then she remembered John's admonishment to not be afraid to be intense. She drew back her arm and swung as though trying to drive a tennis ball across the net. Thack! That sounded much better and the sharp yelp John gave indicated he was finally feeling it.

Laura applied a total of ten of these hard swats, leaving John's bottom a bright red color. His breathing was now quite fast and he was definitely excited. Becoming a little more bold Laura began to slide her hands all over his body occasionally squeezing or pinching. As she caressed his warm ass she allowed her finger to trail into the crack and across his puckered anus. The quick clench told her he didn't find it unpleasant. "What the hell," she thought. Taking the jar of Vaseline from the bedside table she coated her finger and added a large blob to the tip. She then reached for his tight hole, slowly pressing and twisting until her entire finger was deeply imbedded in his rear. The result was most satisfactory. John became more and more excited and Laura found she really liked the sensation of his sphincter muscles clinching against her finger. She continued for a minute or two and then became afraid he might climax too soon. She had a number of other things she still wanted to try.

Removing her finger, she stood and said, "Don't get too carried away. You still have some more punishment coming."

She picked up the cat and swished it through the air a couple of times. The feeling of power and sexual excitement that went through her caused a flood between her legs. Squeezing her legs together, Laura brought the whip down hard across both of John's cheeks. A sharp cry escaped his lips, but she noticed he didn't use either safe word. Again she lashed out with a similar result and noticed several discrete red lines forming across his rear. Eight more times she repeated, each one resulting in a cry or small yell from John and more wetness between her own legs.

Again she reached for the Vaseline and plunged her finger deep inside his ass. After a few seconds an idea struck her and she thought, "He did say to feel free to use any of this stuff." She reached into the box and retrieved a thin dildo about seven inches long. After applying Vaseline to the shaft she began to insert it in place of her finger. John made no move to stop her and actually pushed his ass back to make it penetrate more deeply.

Once the dildo was buried to the hilt, Laura moved to the foot of the bed and unfastened the ropes holding his ankles to the corners. She brought his legs together and tied them with the rope. Now she rolled him over to lie face up and retied the rope from his ankles to the center of the footboard. As his sore ass met the sheets and his weight pushed the dildo deeper inside, John winced, but didn't try to stop her.

Laura now began to once more tease and excite John using her hands, lips, and tongue. After ten minutes or so of this treatment, John's cock was swollen and as stiff as she had ever seen it. He was panting and bucking his hips whenever her mouth approached. Laura was also beside herself with excitement and finally could take it no longer. She swung her leg over John and sat astride his hips. A little rocking, a little sliding of her pussy lips along his shaft and Laura couldn't wait any longer. She mounted him, lowering her pussy onto his stiff member and impaling herself more deeply than she would have believed possible. As excited as they both were it took only seconds before John was spurting away inside her and Laura was coming very hard and fast.

Laura remained astride, allowing John to soften and shrink within her. She imagined what he must be feeling with her weight pressing her pussy onto his relaxing shaft and also pushing the dildo ever deeper into his rear. As he finally slid from her, Laura began to slide up his body, keeping her knees on either side. She finally had her knees on either side of his arms and lowered her pussy against his mouth. "Eat me. Lick me clean," she said, and John immediately complied. For several minutes he licked both of their juices from her, sucked her clit, and plunged his tongue deeply inside her. It didn't take too much of this treatment before Laura came a second time.

Laura untied the rope holding John's ankles to the footboard but left them tied together along with the tie holding his wrist cuffs to the headboard. "Do you feel ok like this?" she asked. "Because if you do I'm going to leave you this way all night."

"I'm fine," John replied. "I have no problem remaining like this for another six or eight hours," John smiled. "Providing you'll promise to fuck me another time or so before you let me go."

"I expect that can be arranged," Laura said. And in fact she managed to "arrange" it another three times before turning him loose Sunday morning.

After they had showered, dressed and were eating a late brunch, John paused and said, "I'd like to talk to you seriously. First off, I've noticed how excited that tape has made you both times we watched it. I've also noticed you seem to get turned on being on both the giving and receiving end of a whip or strap. Tell me, what do you think about a BDSM club like the one in the film?"

Laura stopped a piece of toast just short of her mouth and slowly lowered it to the plate. "Are we talking hypothetically or do you know if such clubs really exist?"

"Both I guess. And they do really exist."

Laura thought a minute before replying. "Well I won't deny that the idea is a tremendous turn on. I've never seriously considered any kind of group sex, but recently I've found I like a lot of things I'd never considered. But - and this is a big but - I wouldn't want to get involved in anything like that unless I knew and trusted all the members like I do you."

"That would obviously go without saying. Or it should. You probably have read some things about the way some people get involved in the SM lifestyle and end up getting hurt, permanently marked or worse. I can't think of anything to call that sort of thing except stupid. Let me say a couple of things. First I think I can safely say that we have both really liked the things we've been doing the last few weeks. Right?" Laura nodded. "I really like you as a person and I think you feel pretty much the same about me."

Again, she nodded and started to speak, but John held up his hand. "Let me finish and please listen to all of it first. We like each other very much. But we really aren't in love. What we're really enjoying is the sex." Laura started to speak again, but again he stopped her. "Just listen a second. I'm not saying that we couldn't fall in love some time and I'm certainly not saying we would enjoy these things just as much with just anyone else. I'm just saying that although we do have some very deep feelings for each other, what is really turning us on so much is not just the feelings, but the activities themselves. Now am I right about that?"

Laura hesitated a second. "Put that way, I guess you're right. I really, really like you, but I'm not yet imaging spending the rest of our lives together. At least not unless you lose the keys to the handcuffs or something."

This brought a laugh from both of them and broke the tension which had begun to build.

"OK," John said. "What I'm trying to tell you is that not only do these clubs exist, but I know of one."

"Are you suggesting we see about joining?" Laura asked. She had to admit that she found the idea exciting and frightening at the same time.

"No exactly," John replied. "I was wondering if you would be interested in joining. I'm already a member."

This revelation left Laura speechless for a few seconds. "I'd have to know a lot more about it and about the other members before I could decide. Also what would that mean to 'us'? Would everything be 'club' or will we still keep on with each other?"

"Of course I don't expect you to decide without knowing more. And it wouldn't really change anything about us. You would be joining the club - not letting it take over your life. I'll tell you a little about it. First of all no one ever does anything she or he doesn't want to. We aren't into forcing anyone. The club usually has 18 members - half men and half woman. Each year we bring in about three of each, usually from the freshman class. As people graduate and leave campus they are thus replaced. To become a member the person must be recommended by a current member and must have demonstrated an interest in bondage and BDSM sex play. However, we don't want anyone so deeply involved that they are self destructive or a danger to anyone else. No true sadists or masochists. Another thing we want are members who like both roles: top and bottom. We usually have a - call it a party, for want of a better description - about twice a month. Plus there are a lot of other activities: trips and such. Everyone doesn't participate in everything. There's no pressure. The purpose of the club is to provide a safe place with a compatible group of people where we can play these games. I'm not asking for a commitment, just if you think you might be interested in this."

"I'd be lying if I didn't say the idea has got me dripping wet. But I'd also be lying if I didn't say I'm a little scared of it. It does sound like something I think I might really like, but I'd have to feel really secure with the people."

"Fair enough," John replied. Wednesday night we're having a get together for prospective members to meet with the club. There will be no sex, no undressing, no spanking or anything else like that. It's just to let you - and the other five possible pledges - meet the members and let them meet you."

"That sounds great!" Laura said, obviously relieved. "You said 'pledges.' Is this a frat kind of thing?"

"Well, we're set up a little like that. After Wednesday night if you decide you're still interested and the members agree, you'll come to a 'pledging' next weekend. Then there will be several pledge meetings to introduce you to some of our... 'activities'... and finally an initiation."

"OK. I think I'd like this. Where and when Wednesday night."

"Well, the 'when' is that I'll pick you up about seven, but the where is a secret. Until you have actually pledged we would just a soon you didn't know any more about the details of the club than you have to."

Later that night as Laura thought about all that was happening, she again asked herself, "How did I get myself into this?" And then smiled and again answered, "Just lucky, I guess."

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