Fantasy Fulfilled
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bronwyn's ultimate sexual fantasy is fulfilled

Very slowly, over the past five years or so, Bron's and my sex life had dwindled to a 'dull ache'. I had no desire to 'cheat' on her, but I needed to do something to strike a spark, get some adrenaline going again, even if only in myself. But, in the last analysis, I wanted to not only include Bronwyn, but awaken something in her which I knew was there, but which she seemed to be unaware of.

It had been almost a week since our family friend Dana and I had experienced one of the most exciting nights of our lives, a night when we visited a local swinger's club together. Dear Dana had agreed to go with me as my 'wife', but demanded I not take part, insisting I only be an 'onlooker' or 'voyeur', as it were. It was obvious to me that she was trying to protect Bron's and my marriage. Dana carried this to the point that I could only be an onlooker under any circumstances, not just those involving her.

So, agreeing to those terms, she would go with me and help provide a 'show' for me, but I was strictly not a participant in any shows. Well, there you have it; you know the background and the rules that bound me. It was actually very easy for me to agree to these conditions, because I really didn't want to cheat on Bronwyn. I was searching!

When we got to the club, we found that the only way first time attendees could take an active part in any of the action was to put our 'names' in a hat and then be drawn by an active member couple.

Hmmmmm! Well, we hadn't expected that - what if someone tried to insist I be part of the action? No way!!

We decided to go ahead with it and explain to the couple who drew us, if anyone did, that I was recovering from a vasectomy I had a couple of days ago and couldn't do anything but watch right now. And that we had come to the club anyway because we were curious and hoped that Dana could interact with another couple if the opportunity presented itself.

Hey! It worked!

We waited next to the booth where the drawings would take place. We were surprised to see there was a lot of interest in newcomers. Within less than ten minutes, the person managing the drawings motioned to us to come over and meet the couple who had drawn us.

Wow, talk about luck! These people were very clean looking. Frank was in his mid-thirties and Brenda was just thirty. She had sandy blond hair, nice high round breasts and a really cute ass. He was blond, taller than I by about an inch and looked very fit - found out later he worked out very regularly - so did Brenda.

After introductions all around, I took Frank to one side and told him about my 'infirmity'. He laughed and said that wouldn't present any problem - they often had a female neighbor friend who'd come to their place, because they had a pool, and play, the three of them. He said they also would have no problemn with my watching.

"Who knows," he said, "what the other neighbors were seeing" when they had their 'menage a trois' in their back yard around the pool.

As we came back to the girls, I noticed they had 'shared' lipstick and Brenda was caressing Dana's breasts. And we were still in the main room! Dana wasn't resisting in the least - au contraire! She was holding Brenda's hands to her breasts and was squeezing them to her.

Frank suggested we go upstairs and told us to follow them. We went upstairs to a room called the Orgy Room - aptly named. Inside there was a very large bed in the center of the room with mattresses on the floor in other parts of the room. We were lucky. There was a mattress available for us. Next to the mattress were hooks on the wall for hanging up our clothes.

Frank went about taking his clothes off, while the girls went about undressing each other, slowly unbuttoning buttons, pulling down zippers, pulling elastic slowly down, revealing two luscious female bodies.

It was obvious from their open mouths and wide eyes that Frank and Brenda both found Dana captivating! No wonder, at twenty-four, Dana is stunning! By that time, Brenda had removed Dana's pullover, her bra and her skirt, leaving Dana with only panties, thigh-high stockings and heels on. God, she was a vision!

Brenda knelt in front of Dana and placed her hands just at the top of Dana's hips. Drawing her fingertips slowly down over Dana's hips to her bottom and then around to the front, raking gently across Dana's tummy and down across her pubic mound. Brenda then ran her fingers down Dana's inner thighs to her knees.

Dana sighed aloud and her breasts heaved. A wet spot showed clearly on the front of Dana's panties and spread as I looked at it. She was looking down languidly into Brenda's eyes and running her fingers lightly through Brenda's hair.

Then Brenda, put a finger on each side of Dana's panties toward the back on each side and reaching up with her mouth, gripped the elastic top of Dana's panties between her teeth and started to pull them off. When her mouth reached that point even with Dana's mound, Brenda continued to pull the panties down with her hands, but buried her face in Dana's pussy. She obviously knew what she was doing and what she wanted to do.

Frank completed the stripping of Brenda's clothing. After hanging all the discarded clothing up, Frank returned to the girls. He got behind Brenda, on all fours licking and sucking on Dana. He knelt and gripped Brenda's hips. This evidently was a well known signal between the two of them. She arched her back and presented her backside to him.

He stroked his seven-inches a couple of times, then rubbed it among her free-flowing pussy juices and slowly pushed it into her cunt to the hilt, in one stroke. Brenda moaned into Dana's pussy and picked up her pace with her tongue, licking up and down Dana's outer and inner labia, avoiding her clit.

Dana's hips were bucking, pressing her snatch into Brenda's eager mouth. Frank began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of Brenda's pussy with long and deep thrusts. There was no hurry. He wanted to enjoy this as long as he could.

Due to Brenda's attentions on Dana, her vagina clutched at Frank's cock and then relaxed, then clutched again and relaxed, and so on. This was an experienced 'milking' action which both Frank and Brenda knew occurred when they were performing in these positions with another woman. It was both their favorite way to have sex.

Meanwhile, Dana was getting the benefit of Brenda's very experienced tongue. She could feel an orgasm building rapidly within the center of her sex. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her nipples, which she was pinching and twisting gently were supersensitive. As she tormented them, that warm, tingling feeling began to flood out from her pelvis to all parts of her body. She could feel the 'zing' into her pussy with each pinch and twist of her nipples. She was moaning loudly and thrusting her pussy hard into Brenda's mouth.

Brenda could feel Frank's shaft sliding smoothly over the top of her vagina, pressing onto her g-spot. She could feel her own orgasm building. He was also gently rubbing her clit with each stroke in. Frank's motions began to get a bit jerky and it was apparent he was about to cum. Feeling this, Brenda flicked her tongue over Dana's clit and then sucked it into her mouth with her lips while flicking her tongue rapidly over the tip.

Brenda reached under herself and began to rapidly rub her own clit. Dana nearly collapsed, screaming out her orgasm and bucking her hips back and forth. Brenda came with a gusher, soaking Frank's cock, buried in her, spurting stream after stream of thick cum into her spasming pussy.

I was entranced! I had never seen anything like this! I had heard about such things, read about such things in books, but didn't know they could be real!

Dana slipped down, lying on her back with her thighs spread wide, Brenda still softly mouthing her pussy lips and licking the juices from Dana's climax.

Frank was leaning forward over Brenda's back, but not putting his weight on her. He slowly withdrew from her and his cock slipped out of her cunt. All three rolled against each other and held each other. Brenda's head was lying softly on Dana's tummy and Dana was stroking Brenda's hair tenderly.

Amazing! a half hour ago, they hadn't known Dana at all. Now she was a key participant in their love-making! Like, WOW! Man!

The rest of the evening was similarly spectacular to me and from my observance, so was it for Dana, Brenda and Frank.

So, that's why I was very anxious to get Dana to go with me to this club another time. When I took her home that night she said to give her a call later the next week and we'd see about that.

Since it was Thursday night, almost a week later, and Bronwyn was out at her Bridge Club, I took the opportunity to call Dana to probe whether she'd be willing to go with me again to the club. She said, "Look, Brett, come over here and let's talk about this!"

Then, she hung up the phone. I was rattled! Should I try to call her back or just do what she said? Well, I decided to do what she said. As I walked up to Dana's apartment, she opened the door and invited me in.I followed her into her living room area.

She turned to me and putting her hands on my shoulders, looking me straight in the eyes, said, "Listen, Brett! This is silly! And dangerous to your marriage! We're off the track here. I know Bron very well. She'd be a hottie, dressed up right! And I know, if she were introduced to this in the right way, she would love it as much as I do! And," she emphasized, "So would you!"

"So, let's knock off this 'secrecy' stuff, and get her involved! Besides, I just wonder what it would be like making love to her... Yum! Also, she continued, "I just might get a chance, under the circumstances of her being 'intimately' involved, to fuck your brains out, riding you, while she sat on your face getting eaten out!"

I felt the hard swelling in my crotch and I know she saw it, too.

"You do! You really think Bronwyn would go for this?" Dana nodded her head, yes.

"Well, how do you think we should start?" I asked, searching in my mind for an effective solution.

She thought for a moment then said, "I know, I'll talk to her about the club, not letting on who I was there with. You haven't ever fucked me, or anyone else to my knowledge, so I feel you haven't cheated on her, but I don't want to even put the idea of that in her mind. I'll just talk to her as if I think it's something the both of you would be keen on, once you both experienced it together. Yes!" she concluded, confidently, "I'm sure that will work!"

Then, she said, "OK, I've got an idea! Yes, this'll work! Tell you what, Brett! I'm calling Bronwyn first thing Monday morning. I don't want another day to go by without my being sure we've got this thing going in the right direction. Besides, I'm getting wet just thinking about sucking her pussy!" she giggled.

As I drove home, I thought of only two things: Bronwyn and Dana, my two dearest friends, who I just knew would become very close to each other, as they were to me! This was the beginning of a new life for all of us, each of our lives filled with satisfaction, love and joy...

Dana, true to her word, called my wife, Bronwyn, early the following Monday morning, before Bronwyn left for work. That night, after dinner, Bronwyn told me she wanted to talk to me about a call she had received that morning from our young friend, Dana. My heart was in my throat with anticipation! And, a little anxiety, I must admit...

Her voice was soft and gentle as she told me what Dana had talked to her about. Bronwyn, her face a little flushed, seemed hesitant. She said Dana had told her about a private club in town, which provided the opportunity for 'aware and open' couples to experience their lifelong held fantasies, their sexual fantasies!

I'm sure my budding arousal was clearly seen by Bronwyn as I squirmed next to her on the sofa. She really is a 'hottie', I thought, as she glanced down, seeming to appreciate the growing bulge in my pants. She smiled warmly at me, reached over and ran her fingers lightly over my, by now, raging hard-on. Her fingers lingered over the head of my cock, as she continued telling me about what Dana had proposed.

"Dana told me about the club's facilities. She told me she had been there and that it was clean, attractively designed, as far as the inside of the building was concerned, and, definitely private! She also said the inside design was 'functional'!"

Bronwyn said that Dana had said she did see a few people there that she knew, and was pleasantly surprised. They were people she respected, were successful, well-known in the community and she didn't feel 'funny' when they exchanged greetings with her. She said she felt 'safe' in the club and that she felt strongly, that what went on in the club, did not leave the club.

Bronwyn went on to say that Dana urged her to get with me and get my agreement to visit the club, as Dana's guests, so we could see it for ourselves and decide what, if anything, it might provide for us.

"She said we could decide for ourselves whether we'd be interested in joining, 'after we'd had a taste of it'!" Bronwyn emphasized. I squirmed at the thought.

"And, lastly," Bronwyn said, dreamily, "Dana told me how much fun she'd had, about how wonderful it was to be able to act out her fantasies and bring them to fantastically pleasurable reality!"

Now it was clear to me that Bronwyn was aroused, her cheeks flushed with color and her breathing was a bit ragged. She paused to catch her breath, still gliding her fingers over my repressed hard-on.

"Dana said she'd called us, because she cared so very much for us and wanted to share this experience with us, giving us the opportunity to experience it for ourselves," she paused, "if we wanted to," looking at me expectantly.

It was clear to me by her emphasis that she wanted to! I was thrilled beyond belief! My dear, loving, adorable wife, Bronwyn, was actually sitting there telling me she wanted to become wanton! She wanted to experience her sexual fantasies with me! The very fact that she was telling me all about Dana's call told me that.

I turned and looked squarely at her beautiful, beseeching, moist eyes. I picked up her hands from her lap and tenderly stroked her fingers. I could feel her heat rising and she squirmed at my touch. I held her eyes to mine and said, earnestly, "Honey, I want to do anything that would make you happy! After all, that really is my mission in life!"

She collapsed onto my chest, and reaching up, threw her arms around my neck. She hugged me tightly, all the while frantically kissing me all over my face and neck. Finally, she held my face firmly in her hands and kissed me fully on the lips, gently, tenderly at first, but then growing in passion as our lips parted and our tongues entwined.

This was a passion I had not seen or experienced with Bronwyn for some time. Yes, it had been there in the beginning, but had slowly faded over the years. I now knew that it was possible to rekindle it and I was delirious at the prospects...

After what seemed hours of passion (happening in only brief minutes), we sat back, holding each other at arms length, and beaming at each other, our love for each other exuding from our every pore.

"I told Dana I'd talk it over with you tonight and would call her with our decision. Do you want to call her and tell her we've decided to take her up on her sweet offer, or do you want me to," Bronwyn asked excitedly. She was giggling like a little kid!

"I think it would be better if you called, then she'd know we'd talked it over and were in agreement, don't you think?" she explained.

I stood, looking at my watch, as if to consider the hour. It was still early in the evening and wouldn't be of an hour to be impolite to make the call. Besides, I knew Dana would be sitting on pins and needles, anxiously waiting for the call.

I then asked, "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? Act out or actually perform in your most intimate sexual fantasies, possibly in front of an audience?"

She looked me squarely in the eyes and demurely said, "Yes! It's now or never and I certainly don't want it to be never!"

"Well then," I said, "you're absolutely right... I'll call Dana, right now!"

Bronwyn got up as I said this, grabbed my arm and we walked, hugging each other, to the phone in the kitchen. She obviously was as excited as I was - I could discern the delicate, musky smell of her sex - it was fantastic!

Inasmuch as Dana was a close friend, her number was set up in our speed dial, so as I picked up the phone, I punched her code number. The phone rang on the other end, once, twice, three times - I was beginning to wonder if she were home, or already in bed...

Then, we heard her say, "Hello," in that throaty voice of hers. I shivered.

"Hi! Dana, this is Brett. How are you tonight?" I asked cordially.

She responded cheerfully, "I'm fine! And you???"

I said, "I'm putting this on the speakerphone so Bronwyn can butt in any time she wants to."

I punched the button and Bronwyn called out enthusiastically, "Hi, dearest friend!"

Dana responded with a "Hi! Love!"

Well, we could have hung up then and there - the communication was abundantly clear to all of us! But, that would have been ridiculous in any event!

I continued, "Dana, thank you very much for your generous offer to be your guests at your club. Bronwyn and I'd be delighted to go with you! (I knew my subtle emphases would not be lost on Dana)."

"When had you planned for us all to go?" Bron called out.

"Well," she responded, "I was hoping you could go, together with Jason and I - I tell them he's my husband - this next Friday night. How does that sound?"

Bronwyn chimed in, "Honey, we'll be there!! You can count on it. And it's really so very kind of you to think of us. You truly are the dearest of friends!"

I asked, before Dana could respond, "Do you want us to meet you at your place first, so we can meet Jason before going to the club. We can all go on from there. We can drive. After all, Bron's Denali is certainly big enough for all of us to ride in comfortably."

"Sure," she said. "I'll call you with the directions on how to get there from my place or I can just tell you as we go." The excitement in Dana's voice was subtle, but very clear to me. I sensed she was having difficulty preventing herself from shouting out with glee and joy!

She continued, "I'm so happy you've decided to experience this!" "Brett, Bronwyn," her voice changing to a more serious tone, "there really are life-changing possibilities here! I don't believe you'll ever regret having looked into it. Whether you embrace it is up to you, totally!" I'm just glad I could help provide you, my dearest friends, with this opportunity to, at least, check it out! I just know that even if you don't decide to join the club, you'll, at least, have known you looked and had a choice and that's very important later on, should you look back on it."

I could tell she was consciously trying to build us up to the next step - actually becoming full-time members and participants in the club's activities.

"Sounds great to me!" I said then asked, "What time should we arrive at your place on Friday night?"

"Nine o'clock. That will give you time to get acquainted with Jason for a bit and we can have a sip or two of wine before we leave for the club.

"Oh, and Bronwyn, uh, do you know what a Fleet is?" Dana asked.

"Huh? Isn't that, like, you know, an enema or something?"

"I'm using it before we go, you should do the same."

The look on Bronwyn's face was something to behold! As she slowly flushed, she squirmed, and I could suddenly smell her arousal. Just the thought of the possibility this brought into view, turned her on tremendously. She ran her hands over her backside, and softly mewed.

"OK, I'll be sure to do that... thanks for the warning!" Bronwyn breathed.

We wished each other well and signed off. As I turned to Bronwyn, I could sense an overwhelming tenderness between us - her eyes were misty and her lower lip was trembling softly as she said, "You're doing this for me, aren't you? How can I ever show you enough gratitude, for such a wonderful, loving gift?!"

She fell into my outstretched arms and we rocked each other, swaying gently to and fro. Our closeness had never been greater as beings... Ah, but then, Mother Nature... Bronwyn was grinding her pelvis on my thigh and I could feel her wetness and smell her arousal. Obviously, this night was not over. It had really just begun...

Later, in our love nest, as we cuddled, thoroughly alive, but sated, she whispered, "Darling," and she embraced me even more tightly, "Given what we're about to do, I don't want there to be anything held back between us." My anxiety rose sharply.

She paused for a moment before she continued, as if unsure of herself, "Dana told me everything about the club and about your having taken her there. She made it clear you were a non participant at all times and never made even the slightest attempt to be otherwise, but still, a voyeur. It was obvious you had taken her there for your mutual pleasure, and not in any sense, cheating on me. But she knew, deep down, it was me you wanted to be with there! Watching me being pleasured! She told me about your plan to get me involved and I could see that this was really a very loving gift from you to me. I'm grateful! I'll always love you for it! And, no matter what," she pledged, "I will not allow anything to happen which might hurt you, because of some selfish desire for my own pleasure. You are a treasure and are treasured, by me."

At first, I was stunned! I was somewhat ashamed at not having told Bronwyn myself. Had Dana been disloyal to our friendship? Then I realized that just the opposite was true!

I squeezed my love tenderly and murmured, "We have so much to look forward to and enjoy, together!"

She nuzzled my ear and stroked my flaccid, exhausted cock. "Yes," she said, "and I'm really looking forward to it, with you..."

We drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms with warm, contented smiles on both our faces.

The next four days seemed like the longest four days of my life! Finally, when Friday evening rolled around, Bronwyn and I were chasing each other around like a couple of kids! Once in a while we'd catch one another and just revel in the feel of our bodies touching each other as if it were a totally new and wonderful experience! Well, it was!!

If she asked me once, she asked me a hundred times - "What should I wear?"

We kept scanning her closet for just the right thing and finally settled on a simple black, silk dress. It was perfect, easy to get into and easy to get out of. It was kind of a wraparound, with just one snap and hook which effectively held it all together on her body. The skirt wrapped her butt snugly to about three inches above her knees. The bodice beautifully molded her gorgeous, still high and firm, full breasts. Being somewhat an oriental design, the neckline was high, but open-throated. It caressed her lovely body and displayed it beautifully, especially when we concluded she wouldn't wear any panties or bra underneath it - didn't want to spoil the effect! Yeah, right!!

Because she worked out regularly, she still had a lovely, youthful and slender figure, with ample breasts (34B, if I recall correctly), tapering to a tiny waist and flat tummy, and then blossoming out to a lovely, trim butt, then tapering again down to a gorgeous set of long, shapely gams! Bronwyn's hair is a lustrous auburn, flowing in soft, natural waves down to her shoulders, with bright natural highlights glimmering throughout. In complement, her skin is soft and creamy, flushed with rosy life here and there in all the right places. In every respect, she's very much a woman and very much alive! Her eyes are a deep green. - believe me, she's gorgeous and turns heads in any crowd!

When she got into her dress and paraded before me, I almost jumped her on the spot! Wow! I was so proud of her! And this fabulous woman was my wife! At that moment, I knew I was the luckiest man in the world! She looked sexier and more desirable than any other 42 year old woman I'd ever seen! I suspected this was going to be quite a night! Seeing her ready to go, my level of overall excitement was higher than at any time in my life, if you can believe that!

I was dressed in dark grey slacks and a black turtleneck. I, too, work out regularly and am in better shape overall than many men younger than I, let alone near my age. I have a good set of abs, no love handles, and my butt is firm. Muscularly, I am well-defined, but slender, never having been interested in bulk. Some might say I look 'wiry'. My dark hair has begun to show some grey at the temples, but that's pretty much all that exposes my age of 48.

We looked at each other excitedly as we went to the garage door.

"Well," I said, "ready for a fantastic adventure?!"

"Yes," she said and momentarily flushed with color. She seemed to shiver and I asked her if she wanted to go back and get a wrap or sweater.

She said, "Oh, no, I'm just fine!" It was then I realized the shiver was one of excitement! Hot! Not cold!

I helped Bronwyn into the passenger seat of her Denali and we drove over to Dana's apartment. Outside, parked in her driveway, was a new Porsche Turbo - not bad, I thought, not bad!

As we walked up her sidewalk, arm in arm, Dana and Jason emerged, greeting us with pecks on the cheeks, warm handshakes, gentle hugs - you know, the things really good friends do when they see each other, reveling in the warmth of that friendship. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jason join in with a sense of complete belonging even though we'd never met before. Dana was dressed with a tight top which showed off her beautiful, full breasts, but instead of pants, she had on a tight miniskirt, which openly revealed the shape of her lovely, tight ass and gorgeous, long, slender legs. Somehow, I had the feeling in the way that Dana greeted Bronwyn and me that tonight was going to be special in ways I never dreamed of...

As we went inside, Dana whispered, loud enough for me to hear, "Fleet?" into Bronwyn's ear.

I heard Bronwyn respond, "Oh, Yes! I didn't want to miss out on something because I didn't properly prepare - especially after I'd been warned!" Bron gave Dana a light peck on the cheek and said, "Thanks for asking!"

We settled down in Dana's lounge, chitchatting and generally getting comfortable with each other and this whole 'situation'. She served a lovely German red, from the Ahr Valley, made from the Blaue Portugeser grape. It was rich and luscious! When we complemented her on her choice of wine, she told us Jason had brought it, having obtained a few cases of it when he went to Germany to buy his car.

My attention turned to him. He was very handsome, appeared to be athletic, neat and trim, in his early thirties and obviously, financially successful. He said he ran his own investment banking firm. When he mentioned its name, I was surprised; not having known the owner of that well-known and fast-growing enterprise was so young.

Well, one thing I knew about him, he had impeccable taste - he was with Dana!

Jason and Dana, both, were taking in Bronwyn! Their glances at her, animated in her conversation (I think, to some degree, out of nervousness as to what was going to follow that night), showed appreciation, no, rather, a growing lust for that beautiful, desirable creature sitting in front of them.

Perhaps, without her realizing it at all, (and I'm not sure of that) as Bronwyn spoke, waving her lovely hands about as she always did when she was excited about something, the hem of her dress crept up, higher and higher. Her legs were not crossed, but ever so slightly parted. Since I could smell her wetness, I'm sure those sitting opposite her (Jason and Dana) could see her engorged, wet pussy. She had shaved it, telling me she felt very sexy when it was like that. I certainly didn't complain. But, at that moment, I thought I perceived a bit of an exhibitionist in my dear Bronwyn... tonight could be very interesting!

I also noticed, in her evident arousal, that the nipples of her gorgeous breasts were hard and pointy, thrusting out and clearly discernible through the light fabric of the silk. The shape and swell of her breasts was also clearly visible. She looked hot!! Dana was licking her lips and had a lusty look in her eyes as she looked at Bronwyn. So did Jason.

Well, whatever would happen would happen. I would support Bronwyn in whatever she wanted to do, whether it involved me or not. And Dana knew that!

Shortly, as it became time for us to leave for the club, the air was thick with tension, sensuous, sexual tension! You could smell it! It was intoxicating! For a moment, I was not sure we would actually bother to go to the club at all, but just stay right there and ravish each other!

But, then I realized that it was the club, that in some inexplicable way, legitimized such activities and that, if I were to actually be successful in giving Bronwyn every opportunity to express her marvelous sexuality, we had to go to the club.

I 'dramatically' looked at my watch and said, "OK, guys, time to get to the club!" Reality crunched back into the room and we all stood and made for the front door, not without a momentary trace of disappointment flitting across at least a couple of faces.

Each couple chose to drive separately, not really knowing what the night would bring and not wanting to impose the unwanted presence of one on the other, should things go that way. I knew that Jason, well-informed as he was, was fully aware of what he was getting into. He may have already been a member for all I knew.

In thirty minutes or so, we were parking in the club's parking lot. Our conversation on the way over had been nil. Bronwyn seemed to be lost in her thoughts about what was about to happen, but she did frequently look over at me and smile warmly.

The parking lot was crowded tonight, more so than on our previous visit. That boded well, as there might be opportunity for more than the usual activity. Bronwyn noted that many of the vehicles there were of the more expensive type- Mercedes, BMWs, etc. Meanwhile, my heart was racing!

As I helped Bronwyn out of the car, I could see she was flushed with excitement. She gripped my arm tightly, as if she were afraid of losing my strength and protective shroud around her. I whispered in her ear, "I love you with all my heart and soul and will not allow you to experience anything but pleasure tonight. If, at any moment, you want to have things stop and go home, just say the word 'owlballs', and away we'll go! Got it, 'owlballs'! That's your 'safe word', say it for me to hear and we're out of there!"

She let out a great big sigh and looked up at me with those great big, beautiful green eyes. "I won't forget," she said grinning like a little kid, hugging me as we walked to the front door of the club.

We showed our IDs and went to the cashier to pay our "guest dues". That done, we walked into the main room, looking for Dana and Jason, who had preceded us into the club from the parking lot. We didn't have long to look as they came swiftly over to us from the bar, but they had no drinks. That made sense to me. I had cautioned Bronwyn about drinking tonight as she would want her full faculties, unclouded, to be able to fully experience and appreciate everything that happened. She had understood and agreed.

Jason told us the bartender had told them that tonight seemed very hot, 'electric', as it were! 'Anticipation' was running at an all-time high - everyone was commenting they sensed something very exciting and unusual was going to happen! Well, that certainly got the adrenaline going!

Then, Dana said to Bronwyn, taking her arm, "Come on, let's go for a tour of this place!" But then, she stopped herself and said, "No, wait, just stand here and look about the room. See if you find anyone you know, or anyone you find attractive, or anything going on that interests you. Sort of, get your bearings. Take it all in."

Bronwyn noticed that many of the males appeared rich and influential. Dressed in designer clothes and Gucci loafers, they exuded power and authority. She realized the cars outside belonged to them. But, they weren't what had her frozen in her tracks. Nearby, in the corner, a man leaned with his back against the wall. One of his hands was wrapped tightly in the blonde hair of the woman in front of him. She rested on her knees, her face pressed against his crotch. Blushing, Bronwyn moved her gaze on.

A beautiful dark-haired girl in a white dress on a stool in front of the bar caught her eye. A gray-haired man stood behind her, holding her arms raised up over her head, her wrists held in one of his hands. His other hand was softly caressing her face and breasts. Another man had his nose buried in her pussy hidden beneath her skirt. Her legs were spread, her eyes were closed and although Bronwyn couldn't hear her over the music, she was convinced the girl was moaning in the throes of passion.

"They are..." she gulped at me, her eyes as round as saucers, when yet something else caught her attention and cut her short.

Across the dance floor, in one of the booths lining the back wall, another well-dressed man was perched on the outside edge of the seat of the booth. A woman lay face down across his lap, her pale, naked buttocks seeming to glow with the light above them. His hand kept slapping down onto her bare skin and Bronwyn thought she heard the sounds of the slaps over the crowd. He stopped, and a beautiful, totally naked girl got up and curled herself into his lap, stroking his face tenderly. It seemed to Bronwyn that the girl knew she had been punished for whatever her transgression had been, rightly so and she loved her companion for doing it. Bron's face flushed gently and there was a slight catch in her breathing.

Everywhere she looked; there was some kind of "sexual" activity taking place, and, it was clear; the parties didn't have any concern about being in public, doing it. Everyone seemed to be happy and coincidently, in some cases, in the throes of sexual passion.

She began to relax in one sense, but got more excited in another - her own arousal was rapidly building. She could feel her pussy flowing. Her juices were beginning to flow down the insides of her thighs. She was hot! Bronwyn knew she liked what she saw. Now, she just had to figure out how to get her primary sexual fantasy played out. She knew she was in the right place to do it and the time was now! She feared she might regret it for the rest of her life if she didn't seize the moment, and bring her fantasy into reality, if only for the experience. She knew that if she didn't do it now, she might never do it. And she knew it was getting close to the time that she would have to confide in me what her prime fantasy was, so that we could get it set up and carried out!

At that point, Dana said, "OK. Now let's take that tour - all of us, together!"

I could feel Dana being drawn to Bronwyn - Jason and I were along for the ride, so to speak. But, I didn't know whether that was really anything included in Bronwyn's plans, if she had any. She had refused to discuss her fantasies before we came; perhaps concerned that I might think they were 'weird' or excessive or wouldn't take her to the club if I didn't agree to their happening.

Dana gripped Bronwyn's arm with her outside hand and slid her inside hand around her waist, then dropping it, caressed Bronwyn's butt. Bronwyn did not pull away, indeed, she pressed closer to Dana. At that, Dana began to lightly fondle Bronwyn's nearest breast with the hand which had been gripping Bronwyn's arm, the two of them walking up the stairs to the second floor of the club.

When we got to the top of the stairs and turned to our left, we quickly came to the room where, just two weeks earlier, Dana and I had stopped to watch a couple having sex. They were very creative in their various positions and obviously, thoroughly into what they were doing, with open abandon. It was extremely erotic to see. There were a number of couples in there now, but, with only a few exceptions, were in the common missionary position, albeit obvious they were oblivious to anyone watching them, lost in their passion as they were.

We continued after a moment and made a right turn into a darkened area and after a few steps, saw to our right the glass wall where a number of people were standing, staring intently through the glass and stroking something, themselves or a partner. Dana guided Bronwyn over to the window and they stared into the large room themselves. Once again, the sight of people having totally uninhibited sex right before our very eyes, took my breath away. This was the Orgy Room. We could see about thirty people, each of varying age, race and body-type, involved in a wide variety of sexual activity.

Bronwyn seemed rooted to the spot. She seemed oblivious to Dana's continued ministrations on her butt and breasts. She just stared intently at what was going on in the Orgy Room, her breath coming in gasps and her breasts heaving. The fragrance of sex was heavy in the air!

In the middle of the room was a group of six people on a large bed. Five men were servicing one woman. She was lying down on her back on top of one man whose cock was up her ass, while another knelt over her with his rigid cock pumping into her pussy. At the same time, she was jerking on the cocks of two other guys, lying on each side of her. They were gently caressing her breasts with their fingertips and softly nibbling on her hard, erect nipples with their mouths. Again, at this same time, she was avidly devouring the turgid prick of another guy who was standing over her, facing her, sucking at it fiercely. The woman was squirming with incredible passion at all this stimulation of her body by five men! She seemed to be experiencing continuous orgasms. Her cunt was squirting out a continuous and copious flow of juices which also helped lubricate the thrusting of the guy's cock up her ass. It was obvious she was totally lost in the overwhelmingness of it all, lying there with her body automatically responding to every thrust and continually jerking the cocks in her hands. Every participant seemed lost in lust and ecstasy!

Bronwyn was agog. She stood there, dripping and panting. Then, her eyes glazed over as an incredibly intense orgasm shot through her and shook her whole body. She clutched at her pussy, writhing in ecstasy. She screamed out her joy and were it not for Dana, would have collapsed onto the floor. Dana helped her stay standing as Bronwyn's knees wobbled and her body shook with the intensity of her release.

I'm sure Dana thought she had something to do with Bronwyn's orgasm and maybe she did, but I could see that it was mainly what was going on in the Orgy Room that had pushed her over.

Was this what Bronwyn wanted? Was this her ultimate sexual fantasy? And, if it were, what part would she play and what, if any, would I play? Would Jason and/or Dana play any part? Quite possibly, all of us!

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