Keeping it in the Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman spends the summer with her grandparents and learns more about sex then she'd ever imagined. Pretty soon not only are her grandparents involved, but so are her mother and father, a black hand on the farm and Maxwell...

When I first found out that I'd get to spend the summer months with my grandparents, at their cabin downstate, I was thrilled. My parents had never allowed me to visit them down there, much less spend an extended amount of time with them.

I'm an only child and still live at home, even though I've nearly completed all my college courses. I'm majoring in nursing and only have my student rounds to complete before getting my degree in nursing. I'm really looking forward to getting that done.

Anyway, I'm 23 and average for a girl my age. I stand almost 6 feet tall and have short, dark brown hair. I'm not lucky enough to have a boy friend right now. Guess I've just never thought about it. I like my own company, as well as that of my family. I'm not sexually active, either, which totally amazes most of my friends, which doesn't mean that I haven't had a few sexual adventures though. With my studies and still living at home I've put that thought in the back of my mind. I figure that when the time is right I'll know it and then I'll be able to do something about it.

Little did I know how my visit to my grandparent's cabin was going to change my life forever

My first week at the cabin was not very interesting. I'd just gotten out of school the previous week and had spent most of this one just getting over the trials and pains of the constant studying. I was glad I didn't have to focus on anything other then relaxing for the whole summer.

One night, after watching a particularly interesting movie, I was heading to my room when I heard some noises coming from my grandparent's room. As I got to the door I leaned towards it, listening to what might be happening behind that closed door. What I heard reminded me of the noises I heard at home, when mom and dad were in the middle of their weekly sex engagement. I moved away from the door and went on to my room. After all, I was tired.

As I finally got in bed I realized that the noise from the other bedroom had gotten a little louder. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't ignore it any longer and got up to investigate.

As I got to the door I noticed that it was slightly ajar, something I'd not noticed earlier.

I put my ear to the crack this time and listened.

"Come on, John. Stick that hard dick of yours up my pussy. I'm ready to cum and I need that hard tool inside me when I do."

"Just give me a minute, Janet. I've got to get Maxwell out of the way first. You know how much he loves to lap at that juicy pussy of yours!"

"Maxwell!", I thought. Maxwell was my grandparent's room? What was Maxwell doing in my grandparent's bedroom, and most importantly, what was he doing licking at my grandmother's pussy? I just had to find out, but not tonight.

Silently, I moved from the door and returned to my room. Even though my mind was racing and my heart was throbbing in my chest, I could still clearly hear the conversation that had happened in that room. I was totally amazed when I realized just how wet I was between my legs. Surely all that couldn't have had that kind of effect on me! I'd never even considered sex, other then listening to my parents (and now my grandparents) indulging in the activity that had gotten me into this world in the first place.

I woke up the next morning and found that I'd been playing with my own pussy, my fingers still between my legs and my panties still wet with my own juices. I wondered what I was going to do about last night and found that I didn't have an answer.

The next day grandma and I went for a walk in the woods. She told me about a hunting cabin grandpa had there and wanted to show it to me. She assured me that we could walk there and be back in plenty of time for supper, so I agreed. After all, a little exercise would do me a lot of good.

After we had been walking for a while grandma turned to me and asked if I minded if she took off her blouse and walked in the nude. I told her that I didn't mind at all, if she'd not object to me doing the same thing.

It was then that I found out that my grandparents are sometimes 'nudists' when walking on their property. After all, as grandma told me, there was over 500 acres of land here that they owned and the nearest neighbor was something like 15 miles to the south of them.

"It's not like we're going to be seen by anyone," she told me.

I had to agree with her on that one.

As we walked I did notice that her breasts were quite large, much larger than my own, which are really small. Hey, I love them the way they are, too. My mother takes after her mom, with a large 'rack' of her own. She's always told me about the persistent back problems associated with big boobs, which makes me really glad that mine are so small.

I also noticed that her nipples, when erect, which they were then due to the dampness and chill in the air, stood out almost an inch! Those were the biggest nipples I'd ever seen on a woman before.

In my past, while never having been with a man, I've had several lesbian relationships, and none of them had ever had nipples like grandma. Made me wonder what her chest would look like in a blouse when they got cold. "NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE", I thought to myself.

The walk seemed to be all down hill to the cabin, which was nestled among several large cedar trees. The look of the place was quite rustic and the silence around the place felt good.

Inside I was surprised to find that it had all the amenities of the house they lived in. A portable generator provided the electricity and there was even indoor plumbing, which grandma told me was furnished by a natural spring right outside the back door. There was a large bed, which we both flopped on. We were tired from the long walk and just wanted to rest a while.

"Tell you what, dear. There's a shower in the bathroom, so why don't you take a shower and we'll rest for a while and then head home in a little while. It'll feel good to get all that sweat off your body and make you feel much better, too. I'll join you in a little bit."

"Ok, grandma. I think I will."

The bathroom completely took me by surprise. It was HUGE!!! The shower alone took up half the space of the room. Inside there were 4 shower heads, each with a small padded bench below them. I'd never seen a shower like this before, but I had heard of them, and even seen pictures of places like this. Kind of reminded me of the shows I'd watch with my mom on HGTV when I was home. Those pictures were in mansions though, nothing in a small hunting cabin like I was in now.

"Oh, well," I thought. "Just enjoy the moment, and the shower. Don't complain about it, you idiot!"

I quickly stripped off the rest of my sweaty clothing and turned on the showers, getting the water just as hot as I could stand it.

When I stood up and turned around I was startled to find my reflection staring back at me from a full-length mirror in the opposite wall. Even though the room was filling up with steam from the shower, the mirror remained free of film.

"It was made not to fog up when the room steams up," grandma told me, as she stood at the sink. "We like to be able to see what we're doing in here and a fogged up mirror doesn't help at all."

"Never would've thought of that," I told her.

"Come on now, dear," she told me as she entered the shower stall. "All that hot water is being wasted by standing out there." With that she stuck her head under the water stream from one of the heads and let it fall on her face as she tilted it upwards to the source of the water. I joined her and did the same thing. The water did feel good on my head and the rest of my body, as it streamed from the nozzle and hit me. I didn't realized just how tired I'd gotten by the long walk and the water seemed to be beating the tiredness out of my body. But then again, hot water has a tendency to do that to me. I just relax and forget about things around me.

I stared at the body of my grandmother. For a woman in her late 70's, she kept her body up well. Not an ounce of fat appeared to be anywhere. There was no tell-tale bulge in her tummy area that would have indicated she'd given birth to a daughter (my mother) and a son. Her arms and legs were slim and well porportioned. She had long, slim fingers, with delicate nails that she kept trimmed and painted a pale blue, which was my favorite color. I also noticed, when she turned around, that her pussy was completely nude. Not a trace of hair anywhere on her lower body. I'd always wanted to shave my own pussy, but had never gotten up the courage to actually take a razor down there.

"You like what you see there?"

"Never thought that someone your age would keep her pussy shaved, grandma."

"Like I'm sure you think of things like that," she laughed.

"Not really. I'd thought of doing that to mine but just couldn't bear the thought of taking a razor down there.:"

"Then don't."


"I don't use a razor down there. In one of your grandfather's magazines I found an advertisement for a cream that removes all your hair, without any pain and no burning. I ordered it, at your grandfather's request, and have been using it now for over 30 years. Your grandfather likes it hairless and I've gotten so used to it that I just keep doing it. There's a tube in the cabinet you can try. If you like it I'll order some for you when I place my next order."

"Thanks, gran. I'll be sure to let you know how I like it."

It was then that I noticed that I was being caressed by more than the hot water. Grandma had come up behind me and placed her hand on my small breasts, her fingers finding my nipples and tweaking them to hardness. I had to admit, between the hot water and her caresses I was feeling relaxed. Much more than I thought possible.

Grandma's hands felt good on my breasts, much better than I'd have thought possible, if I'd ever thought of my grandmother playing with my breasts, that is.

I stood still and let the ministrations continue. She cupped my breasts, small as they are, and kneaded them with her large, but gentle hands. I found myself totally relaxing in her caresses and let a slight moan escape from my mouth.

She turned me around and planted a huge, passionate kiss on my mouth and I was soon returning that kiss. Believe me, this was no grandmotherly peck on the cheek. This was a full-blown mouth-to-mouth, deep, urgent kiss. Her hands moved from my breasts to my hips, and she began to massage them, pulling me towards her, holding me tightly in her embrace, an embrace I gladly returned.

Next she slid down my body, licking my breasts as she went, and focused her attention on my navel. Never had I thought of a navel as being erotic. Boy! Was I wrong on that one. With grandma working her tongue into my navel I found out that it can be as erotic as any other place on the human body, providing the giver knows what she's doing in the first place. I could feel her swirling her tongue around the outside on my navel (I'm an "Innie") and then as she drove the tip of her tongue into it, sucking it into her mouth at the same time. I was loving that feeling and hoping it wouldn't end too soon.

However, she had other plans on her mind and began to once again go lower on my body.

She started by licking around the crease of my legs, licking on one leg while caressing the other. Never once, at this time, did she approach my pussy. Instead she concentrated on my inner thighs and the space between my navel and my pussy. It was amazing. I was really enjoying the feelings of having her mouth on my body.

She stood up and told me to sit on the bench behind me, which I eagerly did, anticipating what was to come.

"Slide your butt towards the front, dear. I want a clear access to that beautiful thing between your legs."

Again, I did as she asked me, spreading my legs once I was in the position she'd asked me to assume.

Once situated there, she got on her knees, between my legs, and started liking me just above my pussy once more. The whole time her hands were caressing my thighs, kneading the flesh between them, caressing my butt as well. Her touch sent jolts of electricty throughout my body. When her fingers lightly brushed against my pussy I had my first climax and I knew that that was just the first of many more to come before we finished.

I was right, too.

"Hold your legs up, dear," she asked.

I grabbed my legs, behind my knees, and pulled them up to my chest, pulling them to the side as well, giving her full access to what waited between them, anticipating the first touch of her tongue on my outer lips.

Once I had my legs in the right position, grandma lowered her head and began licking once more, this time concentrating on the top of my pussy, gently licking all around my hole, teasing my outer lips with that talented tongue, driving me crazy with the sheer feeling of an impending orgasm.

Her hands continued their ministrations on my hips, slowly working around to my butt, caressing my cheeks and sliding her hands, ever so gently, over them. The feel was totally erotic and I was loving the feeling and hoping she'd never stop what she was doing to me.

Suddenly I felt the tip of her tongue part my lips, gently touching the tip of my protruding clitoris, and an instant a huge climax came upon me, causing my juices to flow even more rapidly.

Let me tell you this, when I cum, I CUM!!! I am not one of those ladies who actually squirts her climax, but I produce enough juices that I have to keep tampons in my purse, as a safety precaution. I've been in positions where I've gotten so aroused that I wished I'd had a clean pair of panties to change into. The juices have actually run down my legs, there was so much of it. With tampons in my purse all I have to do is find the nearest restroom, insert one, and I'm ok for a while. It can be embarrassing at times, but I try to be prepared at all times.

So, I now find my self sitting in a shower stall, in a hunting cabin in the middle of the woods, on my grandparents property, having my pussy eaten out by my own grandmother!

"INCEST," immediately jumped into my mind.

But right then and there, I couldn't have cared less. I wouldn't have complained if it had been Maxwell between my legs at that moment. Yes, I still remembered what I'd heard in the other bedroom earlier this week, but I was too far gone to give a damn! This felt good and I just didn't want it to end!

At this point I would've gladly welcomed my own mother between my legs. I mean, I'd already fantasized about that at one point in my life.

By this time my legs were starting to tire, holding them up like I was. I wanted to let them dangle over grandma's back, but afraid the added weight might hurt her.

As if reading my mind, grandma stopped for a moment, saying "Go ahead, dear. If your tired let go and let your legs rest on my back. That's not going to stop me from what I'm doing right now."

I went ahead and rested them on her back, her mouth returning to my open pussy. She drove her tongue as deep into me as she could, licking as much of the inside lips as she could, continuing to reach for the recessed still beyond her extended tongue.

At one time I felt her mouth leave my pussy for a few minutes, as she licked just below my hole, at one of the most sensitive spots on my body. The spot between my pussy and my ass hole is, perhaps, one of the most erotic spots I have. Even when I'm alone and I want to get off with my fingers, I usually start off by rubbing that area before concentrating on my clit.

Next, she did something totally unexpected to me. She started probing my ass hole with her fingers, tracing small circles around that brown puckered bud, slowly bring me to yet another climax. The feeling I was getting was amazing. I'd never realized just how sensitive your ass hole can be, but the feeling was great and I began to enjoy it. Then she pushed two of her fingers into that hole and moved them around deep inside me, causing more feelings to emerge from that area.

None of my previous lesbian encounters had ever massaged my ass before and it began to make me wonder if they knew just how stimulating it could be. I'd have to remember that the next time I had such an encounter.

Meanwhile, gran's mouth was still exploring my pussy, probing her tongue all around the inside, as well as the outside, of my lips. Sucking on my clit and drinking all the juices I could produce, and that was quite a lot.

Looking up from between my lets, gran suggested that we finish the shower and then go to the bed, so we could finish up there, where we'd both be comfortable. I readily agreed with her. My butt was starting to get numb, sitting there on that bench, even though it is padded.

We both washed each others body, paying more attention to some parts of our bodies more than others. We let the hot water caress us and stood there and let the water rinse the soaps from each of us. It was by far one of the most relaxing showers I've ever had. I hoped we'd be able to do more of this in the future.

Once we got out of the shower and dried off and dried our hair we went into the larger room and got up on the bed. It was much softer than I'd imagined.

"It's goose-down feathers," grandma told me.

"Your grandfather has a thing for warm, comfortable beds and since we didn't have one in the main house he decided to put one down here for our little 'get-a-ways', and I've always enjoyed that 'sinking' feeling you get when you first lie down on it."

I had to admit, once I'd settled in the softness of it, I found it was something I could readily get used to. The feathers didn't seem to make that much of a difference to me, but the feel of the flannel sheets, combined with the comfort of the mattress was just too much. I knew that by the time we finished our little tryst that I'd fall right to sleep, so I just gave up on getting back to the main house before sometime tomorrow.

By the time grandma got to the bed I was more than ready to take over from her and do to her the same thing she'd already done to me.

I literally pounced on top of her as soon as she was settled and started by taking first one, than the other of those hard, protruding nipples into my mouth, tonguing them, nibbling on them, and sucking on each one until she was moaning with rapture. While using my mouth on her breasts I used my hands and slid them down to her hips, massaging the firmness of her flesh, and liking the feeling of them under my hands. The flesh was supple and smooth for a woman of her age, but then again, she took excellent care of her body, so why shouldn't I expect to feel what I did.

Once I finished her nipples I moved down, as she had done, and sucked on her navel, rotating my tongue inside and outside it, enjoying the feel of her 'outie' in my mouth.

Then I pulled her legs out, and up, pushing them back until her knees were each touching one of her nipples, rubbing them against the roughness of her knees, eliciting another moan from her. Then I probed her pussy with one of my fingers, concentrating on her clitoris. While hers isn't as large as mine, it still protrudes a little bit and is bigger around than mine. After bringing her to a climax with my fingers it was time to use my mouth on her, so I eased forward, bending over slightly and started to lick her outer lips. The feel was quite unique to me. All the other pussy's I'd ever eaten had an abundance of hair around them. This was my first hairless pussy and the touch was sort of like velvet beneath my tongue. Not even a hint of stubble was there, and I guess that made it even more exciting. I knew my tongue wouldn't find anything that would be distracting while I ate her out, and I began to do that in ernest.

While I sucked on her clit I used my hands to massage her butt, probing her ass hole with my fingers, as she had done to me. I even stuck a couple of them into her, feeling the warmness within her and realizing that she was as wet in there as she was in her pussy, and that excited me all the more. After spending a good deal of time sucking and licking her to orgasms while spending a lot of that time on her clit, I than moved to the rest of the recess of her hole and began to lap at the juices that gushed from her. Like me, she produced an abundance of juices and I did my best to make sure that I didn't miss one single drop of it. It tasted so good. Then I moved to that special spot between her pussy and her ass hole. After all, if I liked it, I was sure she would, too.

I wasn't disappointed, either.

I licked and gently sucked on that tender flesh, never removing my fingers from her ass. Then I began to lick the crack at the top of her legs and moved back and forth for a little while.

I then removed my fingers from her butt and began licking around that brown pucker, thrilling at the thought of doing something I've never even thought of before today. Next I gently licked over that bud, marveling at the reaction I got from grandma. She arched her hips and moaned quite loudly, so I figured I'd done something right.

After sucking and licking and finally sticking my tongue into her hole I once again returned to her pussy, and gathered all those wonderful juices waiting there for me to finish. She didn't disappoint me, and the abundance of flavor there amazed me. She tasted just as sweet now as she had when I'd first started eating that naked box.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God," She moaned. "I'm cummmmmingggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!"

With that she bucked so much that I thought she'd throw me off of her and off the bed as well. But she soon settled down and collapsed.

"You're one of the best pussy-eaters I've ever had, dear. Where did you learn all that?"

"To be quite honest, gran, some of it just came to me tonight. I'd never thought of the ass part til you did it to me, though. That was quite an experience for me and I wanted to show you that I'm a quick learner. I have had a few female lovers in my relatively short life though, and I have to admit that I just love the taste of a good pussy."

"Well, I'll gladly give you passing grades."

With that we both decided that it was too late to return to the house and that we'd head that way sometime tomorrow.

The experience at the cabin was still fresh in my mind and grandma and I walked back to the main house. We'd had a good breakfast and had decided to leave and head back around 1 that afternoon. We talked as we walked, letting each other know our feelings regarding the previous day, as well as what we'd experienced in the past.

"I can still remember the day your grandfather suggested we let Maxwell join us in the bedroom. Needless to say I was stunned! I just couldn't figure what that old man had on his mind when he suggested it. We talked about it for about 3 months before he finally got Maxwell to join us. Before that he got his hands on some porno movies and we sat and watched them for hours. He would jack off as we watched or I'd suck him dry. We'd fuck like newly weds or just sit there and play with each other as we watched.

"We got Maxwell to stay in the room with us while we watched one particular show, and as he sat there on the floor I got down there with him and did to him what I saw the lady in the video doing. When I saw his bulge I could only wonder at the size of Maxwell. Anyway, I would get down there, get him on his back, and start rubbing his stomach, then grabbing that lump and pumped it until he started leaking. At first it only seemed to grow a little bit, and the feel in my hand told me that there was much more to be seen. After about 15 minutes of jacking him the rest he finally grew to his full length and the sheer size of it stunned me. I mean when Maxwell is hard, I'll bet he's a good 10 inches long and much bigger around then any other prick I've ever had, and believe me, I've had a few huge cocks in my life, including your grandfather's.

"I heard you and grandpa earlier this week."

"I know you did, dear. Your grandfather and I planned it that way."

"You did?"

"Yes, we did. I mean, how else were we to get you interested if you didn't know what was going on in the first place?"

"So, this is the main reason you got me here with just the two of you then?"

"Well, it's one of the reasons. The other reasons will become known to you later. Right now we just wanted to take it slow and easy. That was the reason for getting you to the cabin yesterday. I've wanted to get into your panties for a long time and finally found a way to do it."

"Well, I'm glad you did.

"I've always had a fantasy of eating out mother's pussy, but never found a way to get to it that would embarrass us both or make us feel like we'd done something wrong. Since getting together with you yesterday, I've learned that there are some things I can do and not feel guilty about it, and eating your pussy is one of them. I want you to know that I had a good time yesterday and I even did some things that I never thought I'd do, such as eat your ass. To me that was alway taboo, not that I gave it much thought in the first place, but just the thought of actually putting my mouth down there seemed to be kind of 'dirty', if you know what I mean?"

"Yes, dear, I know exactly what you mean. When your grandfather and I first got married he wanted to fuck me in the ass every time we had sex. At first I refused to let him. When you get a chance to see his 'equipment' you'll know why, too. He finally got me to try it after about 3 months. I had to take it slow and easy for the longest time, but he was persistant and we kept on trying. Finally I was able to take all of him up my ass, and I'll tell you this, if you think getting a hard cock up your pussy is great, just wait til you feel one up your ass, especially when you have Maxwell stuck up your pussy at the same time. Now that's really something to experience."

By now we were almost to the house, I could see it in the distance, still about a mile or so away. I was so hot that I could feel my pussy leaking all over my pants, and me without one of my tampons to stop the flow. One look at grandma and she quickly understood.

We had brought one of the blankets we'd soiled on the bed with us. We were planning to wash it and take it back later in the week. Right now though, there were other uses for that blanket, as grandma spread it out on the ground, stripped off her clothing, as I did the same, and we both went down on each other again. I though I'd drown grandma at first. I was so wet that a box of tampons wouldn't have worked this time. Grandma ate me just as she had last night, only this time we were both busy eating each other. We were in the classic 69 position, savoring the taste of each other, and totally enjoying it. I think we stayed in that position for about an hour, throughly enjoying each other and only when we were both completely satisfied did we rest for a while before returning to the house.

Even as I write these words the smells and tastes are still familiar to me. I only have to think of grandma and those senses automatically return. Whereas most kids think of their grandmother's cooking, or their clean house, the first thing that comes to my mind is her naked pussy and the way it felt, tasted and smelled. It's still quite erotic.

After the escapade in the pasture with grandma nothing much happened for the next few days. We basically ignored each other, giving only quick glances to each other when we were in the same room. I knew grandpa had some sort of idea as to what had happened, because he would look at us like as if it were all written on our foreheads. I'm also sure that grandma told him the full scope of the events between us, and that just excited me all the more.

That night I went to bed, determined to get grandpa into my bed somehow. I could hardly wait to see that cock grandma had described to me. Just the thought of finally getting to hold a real cock in my hand had my juices flowing already. It was a good thing there was already a tampon in my pussy, because I knew I was going to need it before this night was over. Just laying in that bed, thinking about what I wanted to do to my grandfather had me running like a stream after the snow thawed in the mountains.

The next thing I remember is that I'm laying in my bed, my legs spread wide as I could get them and grandfather was eating me out.

Only thing was, I knew I was dreaming.

This was the same recurring dream I'd had for the past 2 days.

In it I was asleep in my bed, masturbating by massaging my clit, when grandpa entered my room. He was completely nude, with the largest cock I'd ever seen (and you have to remember, other then pictures, this WAS the first cock I'd ever seen!), and it seemed to stick up way past his navel, pointing to his chin. That thing looked magnificent and I found that I could hardly wait to get it in both my mouth and my raging, running pussy.

Grandpa got on my bed and lowered his mouth to my dripping pussy, jabbing his tongue as far into me as he could get it. I just lay there and melted as he stroked inside me and sucked up all the juices I could send to him.

Next he grabbed my legs and pushed them back until they touched my breasts. Next I felt something licking me on my ass hole.

And at that point, I woke up!!!!!!!!

That part was NOT in my dream.

Looking down my body I indeed found the head of my grandpa, between my upraised legs, and I could still feel his tongue in my ass hole. Up until then the only thing on my ass hole had been grandma's fingers, so this was a totally new experience to me and I began to enjoy it. It felt good and I realized that I didn't want him to stop, so I just laid back on my mattress and let him continue.

As soon as he finished he got up and sat next to me on the bed. For the first time in my life I got to see a real cock. I mean A REAL COCK!!!! What grandpa had between his legs was simply HUGE!!!

"How in the world does gran even handle that thing?" I wondered.

Without even asking I reached to his crotch and wrapped my hand around that huge piece of meat. As I did I recalled what grandma had told we as we sat on that blanket in the pasture...

"When he's hard it measures almost 11 inches. You'll notice that he's uncut, too. That means he still has his foreskin attached. Most men are circumsized, meaning that that flap of skin had been removed surgically, usually at birth. Back in our time though most men kept their skin. If you're like me you'll learn to love that bit of skin. Makes his cock real sensitive and easier to cum, if you know how to do it right. I've learned, over the years, that he loves to be sucked on, fucked, and jacked off. Depending on the mood he's in at that time.

"I've learned to love it as well. I love the way his uncut cock feels in my mouth when I'm sucking him off. I love the feel of that skin over his head as it slides back and forth while I nibble on it. When I jack him off I like to watch it slide up and down over that head.

"Go ahead, I know you want to feel it yourself. He won't bite. I promise you. He likes to have pretty women hold him."

I quietly laughed to myself, as those thoughts went through my mind.

Without hesitation I reached over to grandpa's lap and took his now limp tool into my hand. It felt quite heavy at first. Then I pulled it up and really got a good look at it. In it's present state it didn't look too big. In fact, I'd swear that it would never have gotten over 6 or 7 inches when it did get hard, but I was about to find out just how wrong I was. As I held on to it, I could feel it begin to stir, slowing growing in my hand as I watched. The abundance of skin that at first appeared to be way too much for his cock, slowly pulled back as it grew, until his cockhead was poking out at the top, with only a small amount of the head actually showing. I also noticed that there was a small spot of clear liquid coming from the hole at the top of that head.

"That's what called precum," grandma told me.

I hadn't even realized she had entered my room, but there she was, standing at the foot my bed, also nude.

"What that means," said grandma, "is that he's excited to have someone handling his cock and in no time he'll be ready to be either sucked or fucked. Take your pick."

"I think I'd like to suck him first," I answered.

"That is if you don't mind, grandpa?"

"MIND? Hell, I was hoping you'd want to."

Grandpa leaned back on the bed, his head ending up in grandma's lap as she sat on the foot of my bed, and watched as I got started on that cock in front of me.

Having never handled one before I first wanted to examine it, see what it looked like, 'sample the wares', so to speak, and just prepare myself for what I was about to do. I pumped it up and down a few times, watching the foreskin slide up and down for a few moments, amazed that it seemed to work so well. I had to laugh to myself. Here I was, a confirmed lesbian (or so I thought at the time) and here I had a grown man's uncut cock in my little hand, playing with it like it was a toy I'd been trying to get a hold of for years. The stiffness of this cock amazed me. How could something made of flesh and blood feel so hard to my touch? How could something made of flesh and blood feel so amazingly strong and inviting to me? I wondered as I retained my grip on this piece of manhood, and marveled mostly how a woman would be able to take this piece of flesh and blood and fit it snuggly into her pussy without ripping herself totally to pieces. Surely it would hurt like hell the first time it entered there. Surely he'd rupture something inside her, due to the sheer size of it. How could a small woman of grandma's stature take something that seemed way too big to fit her small little snatch? I could only wonder.

Then I leaned over and stuck out my tongue, tasting grandpa for the first time.

As grandma had told me, there was a salty taste at first, but as I began to get more of the flavor in my mouth, I found that it was rather enjoyable. I realized that I was enjoying the taste of grandpa and I began to lick and suck on that huge prick of his even more. I slid my mouth over the head of his prick and stabbed the tip of my tongue into his piss hole, and he moaned his pleasure, which made me happy. At least I knew I was doing something right.

I finally got him on his back on my bed and then lavished his prick with my mouth. I would alternately suck his head and then come completely off it, trailing my tongue to the base and then begin to lick and suck on his balls. Compared to his prick, grandpa's balls were rather small. I was able to get both of them in my mouth at the same time, and he seemed to really enjoy that as well.

I licked the area just below his balls. Like the ticklish area above my butt hole, his was also sensitive and I'm sure he enjoyed that as much as I did.

By now I'd gotten familiar with both the taste and feel of his prick, and I soon realized that I loved sucking on him.

"You keep that up, young lady, and I'm going to shoot my load right into that hot mouth of yours."

"I think I'd rather have you shoot it all over my tits first, grandpa."

"Well get up here on the bed then, and let me get into position."

I let him get up, as I took his place.

He straddled me across my stomach, placing his prick between my small breasts, jacking off as he did. I could tell he was about to unload on me, and the thought really had me leaking between my legs, too. He would lean forward just enough so that I could reach out with my tongue and lick on the head, hoping that I'd get some of that load in my mouth, too. After all, if that precum tasted so good, could you imagine how much I'd like that hot cum in my mouth as well?

After a few minutes grandpa shot his considerably huge, hot load all over my tits. I reached down and rubbed as much of his cum into my skin that I could. Then I got a glob on my fingers and put it in my mouth, wanting to savor my first taste of male juices. Delicious, just as I'd thought it would be.

I was beginning to like the idea of spending more time alone with my grandparents and, if the last two days were any indication, I knew we still had a lot to do and that they had a lot to show me as well.

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