The Experiment

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Science Fiction, BDSM, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - An immoral young girl submits to a painful mind improvement programme in order to be made worthy of a good man with whom she has fallen in love.

Emma Henderson woke up long before dawn. She'd had a troubled dream. She lay in bed and looked around at the room. It was sparsely furnished, containing no more than the bed she lay in. But at least it was reasonably warm and she had been allowed to take a blanket out of the store two days ago. A week had passed since her last really Bad Thought and life was becoming tolerable - almost - now that she was starting her third month of The Experiment.

And then her mind went back to her childhood home, to the pink wallpaper, the fluffy teddy bear by her side, the pretty curtains and the lovely view over the gardens, so colourful with all the Spring flowers.

That was a mistake on Emma's part. Dissatisfaction equals a Bad Thought! And Bad Thoughts are always punished. Retribution is instant where Bad Thoughts are concerned, as Emma had been reminded of late, very painfully and very often.


She suppressed the obscenity that had been on her lips. But she had thought it, and that would do her no good!

The nails started to press into her bare skin. As a child Emma had read of Indian mystics who can sleep in comfort on beds of nails but had never anticipated that she might one day have a chance to try it herself. Usually the nails were flush with the bed's metal surface. But a Bad Thought would cause them to rise, gradually piercing her skin, so that she had no choice but to get up and stand on the metal floor. And she knew her troubles weren't over yet.

How long would it be before she could go back to bed? It was still dark. She was tired after a long and arduous day. Was it worth it? All this discomfort - pain, even?

Another Bad Thought! Silly girl! A surge of current made her jump. Her long golden hair almost stood on end, although she should be used to this by now! Poor Emma had lost track of the voltage her body had been slammed with these last weeks! It felt like enough to light up a small city! She screamed with the pain and shock. The current continued and she jumped up and down in a vain endeavour to obtain at least a split second's relief.

Just as the twitching, jerking Emma was about to pass out, the sliding door opened. She was being instructed to go out into the night and the cold! As if to emphasise her expulsion from the room, the current surged again, flooding her with fresh pain. Desperate to get away from the voltage coursing through her, she ran to the doorway, each footstep giving her a fresh shock until she was outside. She danced in agony for minutes after getting out of that electrified room, even though the power had been switched off the second she stepped out into the night.

The door closed smoothly behind her, clicking shut with implacable finality. She would be out here for at least six hours. Emma nursed her soles tenderly but tried to feel resigned and philosophical as she rubbed them. Being resigned and philosophical was the most she could manage by way of a Good Thought in her present distressed state, with the pain gradually ebbing away. It was the only way to avoid more torment.

"Think Good Thoughts," she told herself. " Only Good Thoughts will please."

Thank goodness it was Summer - just about! The nights were still warm enough for her to shiver no more than slightly, although this wouldn't last long and she was in for a hard time if she couldn't control her nocturnal Bad Thoughts.

In a few hours the sun would be up to warm her. She was tanned these days - richly bronzed all over and if she only had a mirror, the sight would certainly have pleased her, although being gratified at her appearance was Vanity. And Vanity equalled a Bad Thought, so it was as well that this temptation had been removed.

Emma felt the gooseflesh form as her body reacted to the night chill. She had worn no clothes since being ordered to forfeit them three weeks into her time here.

Laboratory! That really was a joke! If it was a lab, then she was the lab rat!

Bad Thought, Emma!

Another seismic jolt of volts! The whole of this establishment was metal floored inside and out. Metal was everywhere and always ready to shock a disobedient or Bad Thinking Emma. Wherever she was, the sensor would pick up her Bad Thoughts and punish her.

She stood on tiptoe and ran furiously on the spot to escape the shocks, but was soon exhausted and sank to the ground where she lay, her body twitching in agonised convulsions until she mercifully lost consciousness. When she came round a few minutes later, the current had been switched off. If only they would find some fresh way of punishing her!

Emma could take pain by now. She welcomed pain in the sense that it was a spur to banishing her shameful Bad Thoughts, but she craved relief from this particular type of agony. A session on the Spanking Machine would be nice -relatively speaking! Even the Rack would make a change - or a session in the Freezer.

Emma knew she needed to be punished. She wanted to be punished. That was partly why she was here. Bad Thoughts had to be purged from her mind for ever and she still wanted this more than she had ever wanted anything. But this electric aversion therapy was really getting to her. A quick, stabbing, surge of power reminded her that a fresh Bad Thought had been thunk!

A change might be as good as a rest, but she knew by now that rest was not on the agenda. And she HAD signed the consent forms. She was a grown up woman who had been told exactly what to expect. What they were doing to her was all very, very legal. What a fool she was!

It had all seemed such a wonderful idealistic scheme. Idealistic and well paid. It was still well paid. At the end of three years she would receive a handsome and inflation-proof income for life. In addition she would be provided with three luxury homes, all in locations of her choice. And she would still only be twenty two. Emma was incredibly lucky to have been chosen for this great work. This was a Good Thought - she hoped - and might earn her a few more privileges - even the return of her clothes one day, hopefully before the weather got too uncomfortable.

She dutifully reminded herself that she didn't mind being naked all day long! In any case she'd made a very good living out of her bare flesh before coming here.

In fact it went further than her not minding it! She loved it! She really truly loved it! Because anything the Professor wanted must be a Good Thing! She loved all Good Things.

But the next two years and nine months would all be spent here alone in this laboratory, confined in an experimental environment. Enough food and drink had been left for her to last for the three years, provided she ate and drank no more each day than the ration.

Life had been incredibly hard at first and she had only kept to the diet by reminding herself how unpleasant it would be to starve to death if the food ran out with weeks or even months still to go.

During her first week, some of her Bad Thoughts had been so utterly bad that the door to the food store did not open for two whole days. When it did finally open and she had tried to take out more than her daily allocation to make up for the two day starvation, she had received her first shock. Even today's hardened Emma still found it hard to take the shocks, but that first dose of voltage had made her jump several feet into the air - or so it had seemed!

Thanks to her diet and the daily exercise regime Emma had shed many pounds in her first weeks and was now very presentable, a slim and enticing young woman - unlike the puffy faced and flabby girl who had been brought here to begin the Experiment.

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