Love at Last
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Son, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A grown man is in love with his mother

It's going to happen today, I know it is!

I kiss his father goodbye and watch as he drives away, I feel him behind me even before he kisses my neck.

A shiver runs right through my body and I feel my nipples straining under their lacy covering as he slips a hand round my waist,

"Morning mum" he says softly, "You look beautiful standing there like that"

I lean back against him and smile as he kisses my neck again,

"Thank you darling" I tell him, "I like to look nice to see your father off"

"You know he's not coming back don't you?"

"Oh God" I laugh, "I hope that's true"

"I can see through your robe you know"

"I know" I say almost inaudibly,

His hands pull open my robe, but stay at my waist, I'm almost trembling with my emotions, this isn't how I'd imagined it would be,

"Turn round mum" he says gently and as I turn to face him, I realize he's stark naked and as he draws me into his arms, I can feel his urgency, his need,

"I want to kiss you mum"

I lift my head and we touch lips just for an instance in a dry, soulless kiss, he steps back and holds my hands for a moment as he looks into my eyes,

"Shall I go and get dressed mum?" he asks, but I shake my head,

"No darling that's not what I want, I'm sorry, but this is so very difficult"

I see his eyes roaming over my body, he looks at how my breasts bulge out almost completely over the cups of my white satin corset, they move downwards to where the tiny white panties are stretched tightly over my freshly shaven cleft, his hands run down my thighs, following the lacy little suspender straps holding up my stockings,

"Do you know what I need darling?" I ask him, "I need a drink"

"Am I that bad mum?"

"No" I cry, "Oh no darling, you're, you're beautiful, very, very handsome, but I'd like to drive out to a quiet little pub somewhere just to relax myself"


I slip a white summer dress on over my underwear and add a little dab of perfume to my neck, I look at myself in the mirror and smile at my reflection, a little bit wide in the hips? probably, a little top heavy? definitely, but apart from that, I know I look good.

"Are you ready mum?"

"Coming" I shout and feel a surge of pleasure when I see him, he's wearing a white tee shirt and his thick, muscular arms bulge with power as he opens the car door for me, his white trousers fit him well and cling tightly to his buttocks, he's fit and healthy, strong from his stint under the hot desert sun and he smiles at me as he watches me getting into the car, I know he's looking up between my legs and I return his smile feeling yet another surge of love and desire for him.

There were very few people in the pub as it wasn't yet dinner time, but nevertheless we opted to take our drinks out into the garden to enjoy the warm weather.

"You've got beautiful breasts mum" he says as we sit down and I feel myself blushing,

"You haven't seen them" I tell him, "Yet" and he smiles with pleasure as he agrees,

"No but I hope to soon"

"You will darling" I promise him, "You'll see all of me"

I lean forward and take hold of both his big hands in mine,

"I hope I don't disappoint you"

"You won't mum, you know you won't, you're the sexiest woman I know"

"I feel as though you've put me on a pedestal, but I wish you wouldn't, I'm only a woman"

"Don't say that mum please" he says and squeezes my hands, "You're on a pedestal because that's where you belong, you're 42 years old, you have the body of a thirty year old woman, the sex drive of a seventeen year old and the mind of a twenty year old, you're the only woman I've ever wanted, sure I've been with women, but I've fucked them mum, you're the only woman I've ever known who I want to make love to, the only one I want to wake up with in the morning, in short mum, you're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with!"

I look into his eyes again and I see that he means what he says, in one gulp I swallow the large brandy and stand up,

"I'm going to get us both another drink, I want you to look at me when I walk into the pub"

"That'll be my pleasure mum" he tells me, "But why?"

I laugh softly and tell him that he's already doing things his father wouldn't do and then I kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear,

"You said that just looking at me gives you an erection didn't you?"

"Yes and it's true"

"Good" I smile, "Because I want to be able to see it through your trousers when I come back"

It only takes me a second in the ladies room to slip my panties off and ease both breasts up and out of their cups, the nipples are already hard and the barman can hardly take his eyes off them when he serves me!

"So tell me mum" he says when I return with our drinks, "Why have you took your boobs out of the corset?"

"Because I want you to look at me just like you're doing now, and I want you to get hard too" then I slide my hand over his groin and giggle when I feel his length, I squeeze it gently and tell him that his father hated me to show myself off in that fashion,

"He got so angry with me on holiday if I went topless and he always insisted that I kept my underwear on even if it was a blazing hot day"

"So have you still got your panties on now?"

His smile gets wider and wider as I hand him the tiny, damp garment and I feel the moisture between my legs as he holds it to his face and inhales deeply.

"Do they smell nice darling?"

By way of an answer, he hands them back to me and smiles with pleasure as he watches me doing the same, he groans and changes position as I stick my tongue out and taste myself on the damp little gusset.

"That's something else he wouldn't let me do" I tell him, "I've always wanted another woman to join us in bed, but he said that was disgusting"

"I think it would be amazing" he tells me, "What else was there?"

I notice that he speaks in the past tense and I smile as I drain my glass,

"I squirt sometimes if I climax really strongly" and I feel myself blushing again, "But for the last fifteen years, I've only done that with my fingers, he hated it, he said I should control myself and behave like a respectable married woman and a mother"

"For God's sake" he says, "I wonder if he's like that with his secretary"

"I doubt it"

"Right then" he says as he empties his glass, "I'll tell you what we're going to do while we're going home"

"To bed?"

"Only if you want to mum"

"I do" I tell him, "Very much indeed"

I laugh as I deliberately part my legs when getting in the car and then I shiver with anticipation when he tells me that he wants to go down on me!

"Your dad said that was disgusting too"

"I'll let you know mum" he laughs, "But I rather think that we'll both enjoy it"

All that was yesterday and he was right, we did enjoy it, as soon as we got into the kitchen, he sat me on the worktop and knelt in front of me, at the first touch of his lips on my inner thighs, I came and it seemed as though I was still coming when he carried me upstairs and laid me on the bed.

His penis, when he entered me was even bigger than I'd thought, it didn't just fill me, it fulfilled me and coupled with the deliciously perverted little obscenities he whispered as we made love, it sent me off into a world I'd never known before and it wasn't too long before I had my ankles locked round his back, my nails drawing blood from it whilst screaming for him to fuck me!

We made love twice before falling asleep and then when we awoke in the late afternoon we moved into a sixty nine and he ate his own seed from my pussy while I practiced what I'd only ever read about and that was deep throating a large cock!

I missed out though on actually tasting his sperm because he was still deep in my throat when he ejaculated and I tried to pull away from him when I realized my climax was going to be a big one. He was far too strong though and even when I squirted, he kept his mouth right where it was and swallowed everything I had to offer.

We ate outside then and fed each other lovingly before he took me out again, this time to our local pub just across the way, where I behaved impeccably whilst we each had two glasses of lager, but it was thrilling to be talking to our friends and neighbors whilst stark naked apart from tan colored stockings under a light summer dress and thinking about having my son's prick inside me again!

"So are you going to tell me what you plan on us doing?" I asked him as we strolled home clutching a booze filled bag,

"Do you mean after I fuck your brains out tonight?" he asked and I laughed with him.


"Is your passport in order?"


"Well I fancy a holiday and I've heard of a nice little resort in Jamaica, where clothes are worn only if you want to, all the cabaret shows are more than sexy, all the beaches allow and expect nude bathers and they have beautiful young hostesses for either sex"

"But they'll know that we're mother and son!"

"How will they mum? Our surnames are the same, we can be a married couple, just think of how you'd enjoy walking naked down a sun drenched beach or you can just lie sunbathing while everybody looks at your pussy, we can make love on the beach at night"

"All right, all right" I laughed, "I was convinced when you mentioned the hostesses"

I sat on his lap then facing him and made him expand on what he'd told me about the hostesses and just to make things interesting I unzipped him and fed his lovely hard rod into my slit,

"Do they have any young men?" I asked him as I began to ride him slowly, "You know, lovely young black men with their extra long appendages?"

He laughed and slid both hands round to grab my buttocks,

"You mean you'd like to be fucked by a black man?"

"Or two" I grinned sheepishly, "I've been repressed"

"Well as far as I'm concerned mum, you can do everything you've always wanted to do, just as long as I can watch"

"Ooh yes darling, I'll have two black guys and you can have two girls"

"Dirty bitch" he laughed, "Now there's one more thing I want and I want it now"

He was fucking me gently, his hips moving at a leisurely pace as his cock filled and thrilled me,

"Anything darling"

"Stand up"

I obeyed him instantly,

"Now sit down again with my prick in your bum"

"Oh God yes" I moaned, "Another first"

And the first of many new experiences!

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