My Wife and My Boss
Chapter 1 - The Story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, MaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Size, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Story - John's been invited to interview with one of his company's biggest executives. With his family in tow, he nervously goes to the surprise meeting and discovers more than he ever imagined about his boss, his family, and especially himself.

I was nervous as I waited. My wife of four years and my seventeen year old daughter from my previous marriage waited beside me, my wife patting my leg reassuringly every few minutes. After what felt like an eternity, but was probably closer to 15 minutes, the receptionist finally called out to me.

"Mr. Stewart, Mr. Chamberland will see you now."

I stood up, barely containing my nerves as I shuffled my wife and daughter ahead of me to the door behind the secretary. Stepping into the immaculately furnished office behind, I gaped at the expansive view behind the huge desk and the young black executive standing behind it smiling at us as we entered.

"Ahh, John. So good of you come." Mr. Chamberland said as he stepped around the desk and came to shake my hand with a massive, powerful grip that nearly broke my fingers.

"And this must be your lovely wife, Eve!" He exclaimed, turning and giving my wife a firm hug. I saw her eyes widen a bit in what I assumed was surprise as he pulled her into a tight embrace. Holding her there momentarily and letting go just before the hug seemed awkward, he kissed her flushed cheek and stepped back to appraise my daughter momentarily before sweeping her into a hug as well.

"And this must be Jessica. My god, I can't decide which one of you two is prettier. Are you sure you're not sisters?"

"No, sir," My daughter replied timidly, her cheeks flushing slightly at the compliment as he released her from his hug. "Eve is my step mother, we're not even related." she laughed slightly as she said this.

"Is that so? Well, regardless John sure is lucky to have such beautiful women in his life. Sit down, sit down!" Tom said, gesturing to the chairs in front of his massive desk. He stepped back around his desk and sat down in his executive chair, surveying me with a friendly smile and occasionally glancing at my wife and daughter.

I waited for him to speak first, watching him nervously and still trying to figure out what I was doing here. It was still a mystery to me why Tom had sought me out while we were at the company baseball game two months ago to chat with my wife and I for several minutes, and then last week asked to meet with me out of the blue, and finally an even bigger mystery was why he had asked me to bring my family along as well. But then, Tom Chamberland had always done things his own peculiar way. But he WAS one of the top brass in my company, and this personal meeting with him could be the difference between losing the house and moving into a mansion.

After a few minutes, Tom finally laughed, a rich deep laugh of someone who you can't help but like. "John, my boy, you must be wondering why in the hell you're here."

"As a matter of fact, sir. The question had crossed my mind." I replied in a short squeaky tone, weak and soft compared to his strong voice.

"Well, let's not beat around the bush. The company's growing, and I need good solid dependable people. Someone I can count on to take care of whatever I need. I'm not going to kid you, it's going to be long, hard hours, and I can't even offer a raise yet. But stick with it and we'll get you some decent compensation. You'll get overtime, of course. But we're talking sixty-plus hours a week here." Tom finished, gazing at me appraisingly.

"Err..." I hadn't expected him to be so bold, and was caught completely off guard. "What sort of responsibilities will I have?" I asked, stalling for time.

"Primarily, I would say..." Tom smiled, his perfect smile making me feel at ease. "giving me whatever you have at your disposal that I require. That might be as menial as picking up my laundry from the dry cleaner, but in general you'll be working on reports and spreadsheets for my office."

"And, you expect this change to be uncompensated beyond overtime?" I asked, as some of the details of his explanation began to sink in.

"Initially, yes. I suspect I'll be able to find bonuses for you based on how well your resources work for me, but a salary change won't be available until you've proved yourself completely."

I thought frantically, turning over what he was offering in my head. I knew it had to be a huge opportunity for my meager career, and with the overtime I could begin paying back some of the debts I had accumulated. This thought came unbidden, and internally I winced as I thought of it. "I'll do it." I said, feeling a bit reckless as my eagerness for the extra money overcame my suspicions.

Tom's eyebrows shot up in surprise at the suddenness of my decision. "You're sure John?" he asked appraisingly, "You heard me say that we're talking over sixty hours a week here."

Nodding, I replied "Yes sir, I'll do it."

Turning in his chair to face my wife, who was looking at me with a surprised expression, he asked her "And what do you think of this, Mrs. Stewart?"

She jerked her head away from gaping at me long enough to give him an equally surprised and slightly alarmed "I'm sorry, what?" at having been addressed. I glowered slightly, feeling like she would give him the impression she wasn't listening to him.

"What do you think of John accepting a sixty-plus hour position without even talking to you about it?" He asked her again, smiling slightly as he gazed at her.

"I'm... uh... I've got to be honest Mr. Chamberland, a little shocked." My wife turned to look at me again, this time with a slightly hurt expression.

"I would bet. That's going to mean a lot of lonely nights for you. A woman prefers to have a man in her life a bit more than that, no?" Tom said coolly to her before looking over to me. "Of course, By now I would assume you're pretty used to lonely nights. In face I'm betting he's excited at the prospect of the overtime, given the gambling debts he's wracked up on those long nights out."

My jaw dropped as my wife snapped her head to stare at Tom Chamberland, sitting in his tailored suit and looking perfectly in control with a smile on his face.

"What!?" my wife almost shouted at him, "We don't have any gambling debts, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't accuse my family of such a thing." My wife folded her arms angrily, glaring at him in indignation while I tried to make myself as small as I could in my chair. My still silent daughter looking between the three of us with an impassive face.

"Oh, I think you'll find that John has a fondness for the race track, but rather poor guessing skills Eve. Now please, I'm trying to help. If I'm wrong, then by all means I apologize. But I assure you that I am not." Tom told her, his gaze steady and piercing as he looked at her.

My wife turned to look at me, taking in my guilty expression and my squirming under her piercing gaze. Seeing my guilty body language in the chair, reading the answer in my eyes, my wife's surprised eyes narrowed as she began to realize what I'd hidden for so long.

"It's true... isn't it..." she said, her voice somewhere between steel and venom. I couldn't bring myself to reply, my entire focus trying to control my bladder which was threatening to drain itself from the stress and embarrassment.

"It seems that John's weakness follows him even away from the track, I'm afraid." said Tom as he appraised me as if I was something unpleasant he had just stepped in for a few minutes before turning back to my wife. "Every report I read on him is that he's an unassertive whelp who would let the mail room boy push him around, quite frankly."

"The question then is why I chose him for this position." Tom said as he stood up from his executive chair and walked around the desk. "And for the answer, I say only that he has what I want." He continued walking around to come behind the row of chairs that my family and I were sitting in, our necks craning around to follow his movements.

"You're a beautiful woman, Eve..." Tom said, his voice getting softer as he came to stand behind her chair and put his hands on her shoulders. "Ever since I saw you at that company party I wondered what you were doing with this 'man'" He said, stressing the word 'man' mockingly with a sneer as he gently rubbed my wife's shoulders.

I wanted to yell at Tom. To tell him to back the hell away from her and that he can shove his 'job' proposal right up his ass. And I intended to say all this, just as soon as I could get my mouth and legs to work.

My wife didn't say anything either, but I was proud of her for not falling for his tricks. She was obviously uncomfortable with his hands on her, her back stiff and rigid and her body language showing she clearly wanted to get away. I felt my chest swelling in pride at her love for me through this ordeal.

Crouching down so his head was level with hers behind her shoulder, he whispered in a voice still perfectly audible to her. "Look at him. Look at your husband. The man who shall provide for you." My wife's unsure gaze turned to me as Tom continued speaking in her ear in his carrying whisper.

"What has he given you? A pile of debt you cannot repay. Nights spent alone and frustrated. And when he was around for sex... was it good? Did you enjoy it? I bet not. I bet that even if he did last longer than 5 minutes, that his wimpy little manhood isn't enough to even make it matter."

I blanched a little as I watched my wife. It was true I wasn't the biggest of men when it came to that, but she had always assured me that our sex life was great and I was more than enough, and I had always known she had meant it. But as I stared at her face I saw her eyes cloud, her expression harden slightly, and I realized that she was beginning to relax and even lean in against Tom's continuing shoulder massage.

"You know what I'm offering, don't you Mrs. Stewart." He stressed the 'Mrs.' portion ironically. "I'm offering you the means to pay him back for all he has 'given' you. I'm offering a way out of the financial mess he's put you in and the chance to show him how much you appreciate it.

"And..." he said with a soft chuckle, "I'm offering you something you've never had before. A real man. I know you felt it when you hugged me earlier, I felt your body involuntarily grind against it before you even knew what you were doing."

As he said this, his hands were massaging her shoulders more firmly, and beginning to creep lower with each pass. When he mentioned her grinding against him, my wife's eyes closed and her head tilted to lean against his as she listened to his words. As he finished speaking, I realized his hands were no longer massaging her shoulders, but were now massaging both of her large breasts through her shirt as her heaving breath pushed them enticingly up and down.

We sat like that for what I felt was an eternity. I couldn't believe my wife was letting this man openly fondle her breasts. The breasts that were mine by marriage. Again I felt the lion roar in my heart that made me want to strike Tom Chamberland, to take him down and destroy him. But as I looked at him, leering at me while his muscular hands obviously pinched and pulled my wife's nipples, I knew that I could never do such a thing. And when I heard my wife gasp and thrust her breasts more into his hands as he pinched particularly hard, I felt my will leak away like the air out of a tire.

Sensing our combined defeat, Tom's hands moved from my wife's breasts to the buttons on her shirt, deftly flicking them open with practiced ease. As he got to the last button though, my wife reached up and stopped his hand, almost against her own will.

"Stop..." she said shakily, her voice strained with the effort of will it took to halt his progress. "I can't... not in front of my daughter." she said, her voice holding no real conviction.

"Yes you can." he told her soothingly, reassuringly as he moved around to the front of the chair facing her. "You want her to see what a real man is compared to a weak one, don't you?" He asked her, as his hand moved past her outstretched one to again open up the last button on her shirt. When my wife's hand made no movement to stop him, he flicked it undone and pulled it open, revealing my wife's ample breasts clad only in her lacy bra. "What better gift can a woman give her daughter than to teach her the difference between a man and a wimp." he asked her softly.

My wife's eyes flicked over to my wide eyed daughter, whom had been so quiet I had forgotten she was even there. I looked at her now hoping that she was going to be strong where I was not, and stop this madness for the sake of our family. But far from looking at me, I realized my daughter was staring at Tom. When I followed her gaze, I saw she was looking directly at the crotch of his pants, which were struggling to contain the biggest bulge I had ever seen.

Looking back at my daughter, I noticed the faraway look in her eyes, the tongue moistening her lips, and the obvious eraser points pushing on her shirt that showed her nipples must have been hard, and I realized that far from being my salvation, my daughter was just as much under Tom Chamberland's spell as my wife appeared to be.

My wife followed our daughter's gaze as well, and audibly gasped when she saw Tom's bulge. Looking up at Tom, who smiled knowingly down at her, she held his gaze with a smoldering look as she took one of his huge hands with her own and lifted it to her mouth. Her eyes never leaving his, her tongue reached out and caressed the tip of his fingers once before returning to her mouth, leaving it shiny with saliva. Then she moved his hand down to her chest, and pushed his slickened digits into her bra, sighing contentedly as he began playing with her nipple with the moist fingers

Turning her head to me, she looked at me with defiant and lust filled eyes, occasionally closing them against the pleasure she was feeling from Tom's hand on her naked breast. Then, her eyes still boring into mine, she reached out her hand towards his crotch, and began to caress the monster that lay within through the material...

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