Undercover Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 27 year old Danni could pass for a teenager, a fact she exploits to go back to high school to find a killer. All this while her husband is gone on a long business trip.

James Martin was beginning to perspire, his breathing was getting heavier and his cock was beginning to lengthen down his pants leg. "Now Danni this isn't the time for this" he pleaded.

Sitting on the couch across from the chair he was sitting in was his wife Danni. The skirt to her pale blue dress was pulled up to her waist exposing her shapely legs encased in their white stockings, a patch of white flesh leading up to the juncture of her thighs and a white satin thong that had been pushed aside by a working finger that was rolling around on her already hard nub. "Jim baby, we're married it's always the right time, look how hot my little pussy is for you, it wants to feel your wet tongue and those long fingers."

"But Danni Mindy is just upstairs she could be down any minute" he protested but his eyes were glued to that rotating finger and the tight hair lined slit that was exposed. His wife could turn him on with just a look or a smile and she knew it. He wanted desperately to drop to his knees between his wife's legs and eat that sweet pussy until she was squirming in orgasm.

"Oh pushaw, you know how long it takes her to get ready we have plenty of time." She gave him that wicked seductive smile that always melted any objections he had. Her finger slid down between her tight little slit to poke just inside then pull out to show him the glistening moisture it was coated with. "See how much my little pussy wants you."

He couldn't stand it, she was right, their friend always took twice as long to get ready as anybody else and he did so love to suck his wife's sweet cunt. He moved over and knelt between her legs running his hands up the satin smoothness of her stockings and onto the hot soft flesh of her inner thighs. Moving aside the thong he touched his tongue to the hard little nub peeking out the top of her slit.

"Ummmmm yes baby your tongue feels so good, Ohhh yeah like that." Danni Martin loved to have Jim eat her pussy; he was so good at it and it felt so wonderful.

Danni was 27 years old, and looked like she was maybe 16 or 17. To everyone that saw her she looked like the image of a young innocent Swedish farm girl. Her hair was almost platinum blonde naturally, when loose it came down over her shoulders. When she had it lying in front the ends came down to just above her nipples. She had a creamy complexion with a faint sprinkling of light freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were a sparkling ice blue and she was as cute as a button. Her body was of a teenager that was still losing its baby fat. She was voluptuous with a trim waist but nicely rounded breasts and hips, not a hard body but definitely shapely. Only standing about 5'2 she could make any mans head turn to watch those swaying hips as she walked.

James was 30 and in good shape himself, he worked out, not excessively but enough to keep him toned. He stood 6' 1" and weighted about 190. His brown hair was wavy and neatly trimmed and his eyes a soft brown. He wasn't movie star gorgeous but the women looked on him as ruggedly handsome. Right now Danni's soft hand was buried in his wavy hair holding his head against her pulsing core.

James was the son of David Martin the owner of one of the biggest and fastest growing Private Investigation firms on the west coast. James had worked in just about every aspect of the business starting at the bottom and after college became an active investigator for the firm. Now he was a junior vice president of the company. He and Danni had met during one of his investigations while she was in college. Her fresh innocent looks had captured his heart immediately and after only six months of dating they were married.

She now worked for the company as an assignment technician. She looked at new cases and matched them up to available investigators according to type of case, projected length and expertise of staff. The firm had a reputation as reliable and honest, they had worked cases the police couldn't seem to solve with very good results, while they did do the surveillance work like gathering evidence for one cheated on spouse or another that was a small part of the business they were building. Like the Pinkerton Agency they worked high profile criminal cases.

The firm had many assignments now in Europe and they were planning on opening a European headquarters in Amsterdam. James was going over to help set up the operation and tonight they were having a big celebration party at the home of the Senior Vice President of the firm John Halbreath. Jim and Danni were at the apartment of Mindy Trebone, a close friend of theirs that worked in the information tracking section of the firm. She was going to ride to the party with them.

Danni came from Iowa and her looks weren't far from the actual truth. She grew up on a dairy farm and knew the rigors of working from sunup to sundown some days of the week. When she graduated high school she was in the top 2 % of her class and got scholarship offers from quite a few Universities'. Because she led sort of a sheltered life she wanted to see more of the world and accepted an offer from Santa Clara University in California much to her parent's dismay. She was a virgin when she got married but James was such a good lover that she found that she took to sex like a duck to water and took every chance she could get to indulge her sensual side.

Jim was lost in the taste and feel of his wife's hot cunt when they heard the startled cry of their friend who was just coming down the stairs. "Whaaaa, What are you doing."

He tried to jerk his head up but his wife clamped her thighs around his head and held him in place with her hand. "Just what husbands and wives do Mindy, why don't you join us" Danni said her voice a little strained with the passionate tension her husband was building in her body. Jim thought surely he had heard her wrong.

"I... Are you crazy you can't do that here, quit that this instant." Mindy shouted.

"Ummmm I can't it feels to good, besides it's perfectly natural, you just need to lighten up, Jim is extremely good, I bet you would like it." Danni hunched up into her husbands mouth letting him know he needed to get back to his work. Now Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing, he was embarrassed to be caught with his head between his wife's legs but her wet throbbing core was to good to leave and since he was already caught he resumed his sucking licking and fingering of his wife's honey pot.

"Youu... You get out of my house this instant." Mindy shouted and stomped angrily back up the steps.

Danni chuckled. "I'll go up and calm her down in a minute, you just finish what you started big boy."

James loved to eat his pretty little wife out and went about it with his accustomed zeal, He had her panting hard, legs and ass squirming around in no time, when she climaxed he stayed right there to lick up every drop of nectar she produced. He gazed up at her fondly, his chin now resting on that thick tuft of almost white hair that made a circular patch around the top of her pussy. With a satisfied sigh Danni grinned down at him, she reached into her purse sitting beside her and took out a handkerchief. "Here baby you might want to wipe me off your face while I go up and calm down the ole prude." She stood and smoothed her gown down and went up the stairs.

James sat back down and wiped his wife's essence from his lips and cheeks and smiled. His cock was slowly softening since it wasn't going to get any relief. She was right Mindy was a prude. Of course it would have surprised him if the situations had been reversed he guessed.

Mindy was the total opposite of his wife. She was tall about 5'9" with a darker complexion that she enhanced to a golden brown by sun tanning. Her face was the classical beauty with high cheekbones and dark brown eyes. Her hair was black and cut to lie just short of her shoulders. She had a slim body that was very nicely curved, her breasts weren't large, maybe 34B but they were pear shaped and stood out proudly from her chest. But she was one big prude. You never saw her in a bikini even when lying out; a one piece conservative suit was all she would wear. If you said anything about sex she would blush and get all flustered. Although she had been on dates James knew it was never more then one or two with the same guy. Danni had met her at work and they seemed to hit it off like sisters, over the course of time he and Mindy became good friends also. She was smart and witty and fun to be around as long as you didn't mention the sex thing. He wasn't sure how that friendship was going just now.

He could hear the murmuring coming down the stairs and in about five minutes his wife came down "I just don't know what I am going to do with that girl. She really needs a good man to take all that tension away."

"Is she coming down?" Jim stood up.

"No, she is still upset, she is going to call a cab since her car is in the shop she said, and she would meet us there later." Danni told him.

They got in his car and headed to the Halbreath's house "I tried to tell her it would have been alright if she joined us" Danni's hand found its way over to James thigh and squeezed, "It would have been wouldn't it?"

Danni what are you talking about, you want me to make love to some other woman." He asked her questioningly.

"No not just any woman, I love Mindy, she is like a sister to me and she needs a man bad although she doesn't think so. Now you my horny husband would be perfect to teach her how a man and woman should love", with a wicked smile she continued "just look what you have done for me. Besides what could be better then the two people I love enjoying each other."

"I don't think Mindy would go for that besides I don't need anybody else, I have you and believe me you are a handful." James glanced over at his grinning wife. Her hand was now massaging a growing length of man sausage through his pants.

"Oh she will go for it; she will do anything for me." Danni told him.

"What do you mean she will do anything for you, why?" James asked his concentration being severely tested by the hand working up and down his now hard cock.

Danni ignored his question "Wouldn't you like to suck on those pointed titties, caress that firm little ass and let this big ole dick" with that she gave his cock a hard squeeze "slide into her hot pussy?"

James cock gave a twitch that Danni felt when his mind suddenly visualized himself laying between Mindy's long legs while he pumped her to ecstasy. He tried to bring himself back to reality

"Are you telling me you wouldn't care?" He asked sort of breathlessly, her hand working on his cock had him breathing raggedly again.

"Oh that would be fun to see my handsome husband making love to my best friend, I would know just what she was feeling and knowing that you would be making her happy would make me happy." She gave his hard on another squeeze around the head.

They had reached the Halbreath house and parked out in front. Before James could get out Danni had him unzipped and out into the open. "You can't go in there all sticking out like that besides one good turn deserves another." With that she opened her full lips and took him about halfway in.

James could only groan in pleasure as his wife proceeded to give him a quick but oh so exquisite blowjob drinking down every last drop his heaving balls could pump out. Stuffing his now softened cock back in his pants she zipped him up with a giggle. "Now let's go have some fun."

They were greeted at the door by Hal's wife Audrey. She gave James a quick peck on the cheek but kissed Danni on the lips. James was well aware that Audrey didn't like him. He was being groomed to take over the company when his dad retired and she thought her husband should get that position. He didn't guess he blamed her.

As they were walking in Danni was giggling quietly. "What's the matter with you?" he whispered.

She pulled his head down to whisper in his ear "Oh she is such an ole fuddy duddy but she got to suck you off by proxy, I still had your cum on my lips when she kissed me."

James just shook his head and they went on in to the celebration. Mindy showed up a little later and while she still seemed a little cool towards him after a few drinks she was back to her witty self. By the time they were ready to leave everything seemed back to normal. Danni and Mindy were laughing and chatting as they left the Halbreath's house.

James and Danni each had a car but James also had a corvette that they loved to drive in the summer. That's what they were in now. All three had ridden in it before with the women scrunched into one bucket seat and he figured that was what was going to happen now but he was surprised when Danni held out her hand. "Give me the keys I'll drive."

"What do you mean you will drive?" he stammered.

"Well you don't expect us to wrinkle up our gowns do you; both of them won't fit in that seat. Mindy can sit in your lap on the way home." Danni informed him as she went around to the driver's side of the car.

"You can drop me off at my apartment" Mindy said.

"No you need to come home with us, we have some things to discuss and since James is leaving day after tomorrow we need to do it now." Danni smiled at Mindy.

James seated himself and Mindy slid in on his lap. He couldn't help himself the feel of her firm buttocks and thighs wriggling around on his lap as she tried to get comfortable made his dick start to harden.

Danni put the car in gear and they headed out. Mindy was still protesting "Just drop me off at my place I am sure you and Jim want to do those marriage things and you don't need me about."

"Now Mindy I told you already you are welcome to join us, remember what we were talking about at the party." Danni looked over at James. "I told her how hot you thought she was and how much you liked her. Go on and tell her what you said."

Now James hadn't said anything but this was one of those situations where no matter what you said it was probably wrong. Luckily before he had a chance to make up anything Mindy chimed in. "Did you really say that Jim?" As she said this she moved about trying to get more comfortable, her ass rolling over his stiffening cock made it even harder and it seemed to be lodged between the cheeks of her ass. He knew she had to feel it and he couldn't keep it from twitching. Her perfume and soft hair brushing his face and round ass pressing against his erection made the images flash through his mind of him between her tanned legs. He felt a drop of precum wet his briefs. "You are a beautiful woman Mindy you have to know that I'm sure." he managed a strangled grasp.

They were pulling into the driveway now and Danni drove inside the opened garage door. James cock was straining to rise up between those hot thighs pressed into his lap and he couldn't stop a little moan that escaped.

"Are you all right darling?" Danni asked.

"I have a cramp in my leg, you two go on in and I will work it out." He gasped.

"Okay but if it persists you come on in and we will massage where it hurts." She grinned at him.

Mindy slid out of his lap being well aware of the hard lump that had been pressing up between her thighs.

It excited and embarrassed her at the same time. She had always been scared of men, she wasn't comfortable in a man's presence. She had to admit she was fond of James and didn't feel that fear as much. Seeing him between her friend's thighs had embarrassed her and excited her and she reacted the only way she knew, with indignation and anger. As they went inside she wondered if Danni was telling her the truth and James did want to make love to her.

When they entered the house Danni led Mindy to the den and fixed her a drink. "Here I am going to slip into something a little more comfortable. Before Mindy had finished half her drink Danni came back in wearing a black frilly nightgown that barely came to the top of her creamy thighs. It was sheer and Danni's nipples were clearly visible, the panties that went with the outfit were just as sheer and Mindy could see her friends slit and the pale hair that guarded the top.

Danni came over and sat on the arm of the chair Mindy was sitting in. "Now my friend we need to finish that conversation we started last week. James and I want you to join us in our lovemaking." Now Danni had never mentioned this to James but she figured he really wouldn't mind.

"But that's not right, your married you don't,... that's not right." Mindy protested.

"Sure it is, I love you and I love him there's nothing wrong about that. I know you love me too." Danni leaned closer to Mindy one veiled breast brushing against Mindy's cheek.

"You know I love you." Mindy squeaked then realized she had revealed more than she wanted to.

"See it can't be wrong then" Danni leaned over farther and gently kissed Mindy's lips, she took one of Mindy's hands and placed it on her full left breast.

Mindy's mind was whirling. She did love her friend and wanted just what was happening but she was afraid that made her a lesbian and she really didn't think that she was. But the intoxicating smell of Danni and the soft but firm feel of her breast made Mindy's senses soar and now Danni was wriggling her tongue into her mouth and she welcomed it in. They kissed for a moment then Danni stood before her and stripped the gown over her head her soft looking breasts bouncing with their freedom. She gave Mindy a wicked smile. Mindy had to shake her head, her friend had such an innocent looking face but that smile made her lust incarnated.

"You have on to many clothes my darling Mindy." Danni reached down and pulled Mindy up. She pressed close against her those round breasts pressing into Mindy as she reached around and unzipped her dress. She slipped it off Mindy's shoulders and let it puddle at her feet. Now Mindy was clad only in a dark red bra and matching panties. Her long legs were encased in sheer black stockings and black high heels. Danni reached around her friend and unhooked her bra sliding it off her arms. Being shorter Danni had only to bend a little to take a dark brown capped peak into her mouth and suck gently. She heard a soft "Ohhh" from Mindy.

When Danni first learned of the pleasures of physical love she read all she could on the subject. She wanted Jim and her to have a very fulfilling life. While she had never had sex with another woman she had learned enough to lead her friend through their first encounter. She sucked first gently and then with increasing pressure on the stiff peak between her lips. Mindy's eyes were closed and her hands found themselves caressing the soft shoulders of her friend as she sent delicious tingles radiating out from her nipple to course throughout her body.

Danni sucked one and then the other taking time between to kiss her friend deeply and let their tongues play. She slid a hand down inside the waist band of Mindy's panties to comb through a thick forest of midnight hair then her middle finger passed over the already hardening nub at the top of the now moistened groove. She dipped her finger into the increasing wetness of Mindy's folds and then back up to rub around her clit.

"Ohhhhhh Danni" Mindy softly moaned into her friend's mouth, the feel of Danni's soft finger stimulating her little bud was exquisite. Mindy had no experience with a woman and only one experience with a man. That one time was a disaster. She was a senior in high school and went to the prom with one of the basketball players. Afterwards they parked out by the lake and he had brought a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon that they sipped. She was unaware the she was getting drunk and he took advantage of her practically raping her despite her drunken protests. He took her virginity and wasn't gentle about it at all. Once he had shot his load he quickly readjusted his clothing and took her home. She was on pins and needles until her next period and never trusted another man from then on. But oh this was so different, Danni's soft hands and gentle lips were coaxing out feelings in her body she had never experienced.

Danni eased her down to sit in the big cushy chair across from the couch and kissed down Mindy's taut body her hands now pulling the red panties down before her traveling lips. Mindy's ass lifted of its own accord to let Danni strip them off. Now she watched the platinum head of her friend and about to be lover as it journeyed down her body and the first touch of a wet tongue wriggling into her slick groove. Her vulva was already flowering open in heated arousal. "Hssssssssss" a long indrawn breath of pleasure as Danni's little pink tongue wormed its way into her hot channel.

Danni knew she was bringing much pleasure to her friend and she grinned around the swelling lips of Mindy's sex. She didn't know if she would like this girl girl stuff but once she was into it she was enjoying it immensely. She had tasted herself on Jim's cock and lips many times and liked what she tasted. Mindy was the same and different at the same time. Maybe a little more salty then herself but then that could be because she was tasting it directly from the source. She worked Mindy into a groaning frenzy doing the things with her lips tongue and fingers that she knew gave her the best pleasure.

Mindy's mind was a whirl of electric sparks and throbbing pleasure, her body building and building until she burst with a loud "Ohhahhhhhhhhhummmmmm" groan of golden pleasure. She could feel the throbbing strong contractions of her seeping channel griping the two fingers Danni was still moving gently inside her. She had brought herself off before but she had never felt nothing like this.

Danni drank down her friend's salty nectar and the fact that she had pleased her friend so much was pleasing to her, but her own hard little clit and swelling vulva wanted some attention of its own.

As her friend came down from her orgasmic plateau she kissed the inside of those hot hard thighs. "I can see you liked that, how about returning the favor, I have a hot pussy that needs some attention."

When Danni said that Mindy pictured Jim between his wife's thighs when she came down the stairs and it was a very hot image. She smiled at the wet glistening face of her friend. "I think that would only be fair my dear."

The quickly switched positions and Danni sat with her white soft thighs open and her tight lips already turning rosy from the blood flowing through her vulva. Mindy remembering what Danni had done to her Mimicked her friends actions and while she started out tentatively she was soon enthusiastically sucking and working Danni's tight slit for all she was worth. She wasn't sure how she would like the taste but it was actually arousing. Sweet and tangy at the same time.

Danni was luxuriating in the oral action of her friend; it was so different from her husbands. Not better but oh so different. She was leaning back in the chair her eyes almost closed with her hands gently roving over her friend's dark hair. Suddenly through her hooded eyes she became aware that her husband was standing in the doorway watching them.

It took Jim a good ten minutes to get his cock calmed down, he couldn't get the feel of Mindy's hard little ass squirming around on his lap out of his system. Finally thinking about the upcoming trip and plans that had to be made got his mind on another route and his cock started to soften. Even after he got out of the car he didn't go right in, he figured a few minutes walking around in the night air would help even more. When he walked up the steps and opened the door the sight that greeted his eyes stopped him in his tracks. There before him sat his pretty wife in the chair legs spread wide and hard bodied puritan Mindy on all fours eating her pussy for all she was worth. All sorts of emotions ran through him, shock, anger, betrayal, but the most powerful one of them all was lust.

There before him for the first time he didn't have to imagine what Mindy's body would look like naked, she was displayed amply right before his eyes. His eyes traveled up from the finely formed calves and muscular thighs to the hard heart shaped ass pointed directly at him. He felt his cock instantly start to harden again. He could see the wet glistening folds of her cunt surrounded by matted black hair just begging for a tongue or cock to take care of it. He licked his lips unconsciously. His eyes moved on over rounded hips to a nipped in waist and nice sized swaying orbs of delight capped by hard brown spikes. His cock became a throbbing bar of iron. His gaze moved on up to delicate shoulders and dark hair working between his wife's legs and it was then that his gaze was drawn to his wife's face.

Once again he was surprised to see she was watching him with a big Cheshire cat grin on her innocent looking face. She took one hand from Mindy's head and motioned with her finger to come closer, then pointed to her friends exposed pussy, her little pink tongue came out to lick her lips in an unmistakable gesture.

His wife wanted him to eat Mindy's pussy, his mind was trying to digest this information, she had been suggesting this to both of them for a while separately and they both just thought she was teasing but he could see now that she wasn't. If he thought about it he might have backed out but with a hard cock wanting to be buried in something hot and wet and the something winking back at him from between Mindy's thighs along with his wife's apparent willingness for it to happen, well you know how it is the little head takes over from the big head and he quietly removed his clothes and getting down on all fours crept up behind Mindy. Taking her ass gently in his hands he spread her cheeks to run his tongue down the groove passing over the puckered little bud and then down into the sopping groove below. "UMMMM" He thought she tastes good, a little different than his wife but just as appetizing.

Mindy was so engrossed in pleasuring her friend that she didn't notice the hands on her ass and it wasn't until she felt the large tongue teasing her ass that she was aware that things were different. She tried to jerk away from Danni and look back but Danni held her were she was and pumped her hips up tight against the soft lips that had been pleasing her so well. Mindy's mind was in a state of confusion. It certainly wasn't Danni that was teasing her pussy so well, then her eyes opened wide, it had to be James. She started to try and wiggle away but Danni's hands were holding her close and James's hands on her ass kept her in place. For a moment she froze not knowing what to do but the taste and smell of Danni's aroused pussy rubbing along her mouth and nose and the very agile big tongue working in her pussy and over her clit had her body singing it's pleasure song again and she went back to working her tongue in Danni's delicious slit.

Danni sighed with pleasure and relief, she knew now that everything would be alright. The two loves of her life were being brought together.

Now that he was committed James was going to follow through to the limit, when he felt Mindy try and struggle away he held her firm, when he felt her relax and continue her activities he turned over on his back and using his hands spread Mindy's legs to bring her pussy down to his face. His nose buried in the soft wet hair coving her mound and surrounding her vulva tickled but he paid it no mind as he used all his expertise to build the heat into an inferno in Mindy's tasty wet pussy.

Mindy was quickly getting over her aversion to men. James's tongue and thick finger sawing in and out of her seeping sleeve was every bit as good as Danni's had been, maybe not as gentle but not too rough either. When he started sucking her clit the sparks shot throughout her body making her nipples so hard they almost hurt. She was so engrossed in the feelings he was bringing her she stopped what she was doing to Danni. She was reminded when Danni hunched her ass up and rubbed her pussy over Mindy's face. With a grin she concentrated on her friend and her active tongue and fingers quickly now brought Danni to orgasm, she flooded Mindy's chin with the sweet woman nectar of her climax. While Danni was going through the throbbing pleasure Mindy just held on to her friend's thighs and luxuriated in the building passion that James was bringing her. She could feel the pressure and heat in her body rising and rising now James thick tongue was rapidly shooting in and out of her inner sleeve and he lapped along the top of her channel making her jump each time he hit a certain spot. He replaced his tongue with a finger and sucked her clit in between his lips to suction hard on the straining rosy nub. She couldn't take anymore. "Ohhhhhhhhhh shit that's good, Ummmmmm I'm cumming Ohhhh cummmmmmm".

With the first hard throb of contracting muscle around his finger James pulled her tight against his face and tongued out every bit of juice she abundantly gave.

Danni once her orgasm had eased watched the play of emotions over her friends face, the wide-eyed surprise at the intensity of her pleasure the flushed cheeks and ragged breathing. She watched the opened mouth groaning out her pleasure when the orgasm hit and the fulfilled little grin when she started to come down from her high. The next thing she noticed was the hard rod of flesh sticking straight up from her husband's hairy thighs. Putting her fingers under Mindy's chin she raised her face so they were looking into each others eyes. "I think we need to do something for our boy here, after all he does eat pussy so well don't you think". There was a momentary flash of fear in Mindy's eyes but it quickly faded and she was glad to see the playful grin as Mindy said. "Oh I do think one good turn deserves another."

James was still licking the salty essence that was slowly now dripping out of Mindy's wet slit when the warm haven of her thighs were suddenly gone from his head. He watched from his position on the floor as his wife led Mindy over to the couch and sat her with her cute little ass right on the edge and legs spread wide.

Grinning that Cheshire cat grin again she ran her hands over Mindy's dark covered mound. "Come and get it big boy, you don't have to dream anymore."

James's cock was as hard as a peg of seasoned oak as he got to his knees and moved over the few feet to the waiting girls. His eyes moved from the loving eyes of his wife to the slightly flowering lips of the hair fringed glistening treasure between Mindy's legs.

Mindy's mind was a twirl with conflicting emotions. The sight of that big hard rod swinging back and forth between Jim's legs brought back memories of that dreadful night long ago and his cock was way bigger then the one that hurt her so much. But she reasoned Danni loved it so and he wasn't anything at all like the brute that took her innocence. She looked into his sparkling eyes and saw only goodness there. She relaxed as Danni begin to massage one breast and tweak a rubbery nipple. These two people only meant to bring her pleasure and she gave in to the passion that Danni was starting in her body again.

Jim moved between the hard thighs of their friend, so different in look and feel from his wife. He saw Danni cupping and squeezing a pointed mound, His eyes locked with Mindy's and stayed as he took himself in hand and brought his cock up and moved to place it at her entrance. He saw a momentary flash of fear then quiet passion quickly replaced it. He didn't know the circumstances but he knew she feared men and he was determined to show her that she had nothing to fear from him. Before he could touch her heated core his wife took the head in her mouth sucking hotly for a second then turning and licking Mindy's waiting slit. She then guided him into the flowered lips of the hair fringed delight before him.

His and Mindy's eyes had never left each other and as he started to enter her he saw her expression change. He would have gone slowly anyway but Danni was holding him in the ring of her fingers only letting him go in a little at a time. The feel of the hot flesh parting before his invading head then closing tightly around his shaft sent a shiver of pleasure over his body.

When the spongy head of Jim's cock opened her almost virgin channel Mindy was tense expecting the same pain she had experienced before but the velvet head going slow and stimulating the closely packed nerves in her labia was anything but painful. It was torture alright but of the exquisite kind. Her slick sleeve accepted his thick scepter greedily and he slowly filled her until his groin was pressed against hers. Their dark pubic hair entangled as he tried to get as deep as he could. She had never felt so full and she could feel every pulse of his cock. He withdrew a little and the sensual friction shot bolts of wonderful feelings through her lower body and straight to her nipples it seemed. Their eyes were still locked and she saw the glazed lust shining in his eyes, which excited her even more.

Danni was watching the two people she loved giving each other pleasure. She knew Mindy just needed the right man to let her know how much fun good loving could be. She also found out she didn't mind a little girl girl love herself, wouldn't replace the bone shaking fucking she got from her husband but it could certainly be an extra bonus. Jim was rocking back and forth in a slow easy manner and Mindy had brought her arms up place on his flexing hips as he gave her sensations she had never before experienced. Mindy lowered her head to take one gently rolling nipple in her mouth and eased a hand around her husbands moving buttocks to take his swinging balls in her hand and squeezed gently.

Mindy's head was rolling from side to side now as Jim sped up his thrusting, making longer strokes and Danni's mouth and little nipping teeth had her gasping for breath. She wanted this to last forever but after a few minutes she knew the expanding heated tingles shooting throughout her body were going to explode before to long.

Jim himself was having a hard time controlling his blossoming passion; her griping channel surrounded him like a velvet glove that he pumped into and out of. The flushing face and little moans of pleasure were sights and sounds that pulled him up the ladder towards completion. The fact that his wife's hand was stimulating his balls was making that journey go much faster.

Jim's now hard fast thrusts had Mindy's body climbing the walls and her legs of their own accord rose to clasp his ass with her muscular calves and keep with his pounding rhythm. Much to soon for both of them it seemed her ass hunched up off the couch, her legs tightened, her whole body tensed as she tried to pull him as deep inside as she could. With her head pressed back hard into the couch and eyes closed her mouth formed a red O as she moaned out her orgasm. "UmmmmmmmmOhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh".

The sight of beautiful Mindy exploding with her climax along with the rippling gripping wetness rolling up and down his cock drove Jim's senses over the top and her gripped her waist hard pulling himself as deep as he could and shot his load of hot white cum hard against the deep recesses of her throbbing channel.

Mindy's eyes flew open to once again capture his when she felt the first hot stream of cum fill her cunt, oh it was so good, and there was another and another, her body shuddered with the ecstasy of it all.

As the three of them collapsed on the couch after the ball draining orgasm each knew their lives had changed.

Danni was the first to speak. "See my love" she told Jim "I knew you could bring her out of her shell, "And you my love" she looked to Mindy "Now you know how good a man can feel."

Jim laughed his know flaccid cock still slick with Mindy's cum laying over empty balls that even now were trying to refill. "Looked to me when I came in that you two were doing a pretty good job yourselves."

Mindy had experienced more love and lust in the last hour then she had ever believed possible and she was ready for it to be a permanent thing. "I don't know why you shared your wonderful husband with me Danni but I hope you will again." she sighed.

"Of course I want the two people I love to be happy". Danni said.

Jim still wasn't sure what had happened but he knew he couldn't deny his wife just about anything she wanted and besides if she wanted to have him fuck their beautiful friend, well so much the better.

The three of them retired to the bedroom and spent most of the night in various configurations of lustful pursuits. By the time he went to sleep with a warm feminine body snuggled close to him on each side Jim was a happy but very tired and drained man.

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