The Fallen
Chapter 1

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He was fighting. Then he was falling, falling for an eternity, it seemed. Finally, he came to a stop, unable to move. Words came to his hearing, but were unintelligible. He could not see, feel or touch. Slowly, his body regained its ability to feel.

"You said he would stop breathing once you removed his breathing tube! What's wrong? Why is he still breathing?" a now intelligible voice was asking.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Winslow. I said he should stop within moments of the breathing tube being removed," a male voice responded.

"I can't stand the idea of him suffering," the voice said, then broke down into sobs.

"Your son's brain activity is not present in any tests, except for the most basic part of the brain stem. Those control the autonomous portions of the body. Breathing is one of them. It is remarkable that he is still breathing at all," the male voice said in explanation.

While the conversation was going on, the man on the bed struggled to regain control of his body. He concentrated, and could almost see in his mind as connections were re-established. Feeling came flooding into his being, and he groaned out loud.

"Jason?" asked the female voice. A word surfaced in his mind.

"Mo... mother?" he said in a whisper, struggling to get the word out.

"JASON!" screamed the voice, and he felt weight upon him. He tried to move his arms to, what? Push her? Hold her? But he was unable to do more than twitch.

"Mrs. Winslow, you have to get off him! I have to examine him, and see what's going on," snapped the male voice.

The name Jason seemed to fit with his body. Memories started forming, and in his mind he saw several disjointed images of a woman, who seemed to match the voice he was hearing, and several reflections of Jason in a reflecting surface... mirror, yes, a mirror.

While the image and name went with each other, he was sure he was not Jason. Why did they call him that? He was tired. His eyes fluttered, but refused to open. A pressure on his eye and a bright light, followed by less light, then darkness as he fell into an abyss of sleep.

Three weeks later, Jason was being wheeled out of the hospital. He had been doing therapy since he awoke from his coma, and was making a remarkable recovery. His memory was still fragmented, as he had suffered a severe head trauma. The doctors had not held out any hope, and Kim Winslow had kept going for as long as she'd had hope.

Finally, she had accepted that her son would not recover and had agreed to pulling the life support, and letting nature take its course. That was when Jason had made his miraculous recovery. Everyone was amazed and his mother was overjoyed. The doctors did a battery of tests and scratched their heads. What had occurred was totally impossible, and they were excited over Jason Winslow's recovery.

Memories welled inside Jason's head over those weeks, and he got a good grasp on who he was. Or rather, whose body he was inside of. He knew this was not his own body. He knew he had been somewhere else until he found himself in Jason's body. He just didn't know the how or why of his presence inside this person's body.

While he had been allowed to go home, he was still doing therapy every day. His mother tried to get him to slow down, but he pushed himself to get this body back into an acceptable (to him) condition.

He had been in a traffic accident, and in a vegetative state for almost nine months when he had regained consciousness. The doctors had run tests, at their own expense, to try to determine what had happened.

The MRI of his brain showed that his brain function had increased over and above what a normal brain should be doing. The doctors had wanted Jason to stay in the hospital so they could observe this remarkable activity, but he and his mother were adamant about his going home.

He felt as if he was stranded in a reality he had no control of, and no hand in the making of. He kept dreaming of an other place. It was a place he longed to be but could not remember why he wanted to be there. Every time he woke, he forgot most of the dreams right away.

This too, frustrated him. There was vital information he was missing. While the memories of this body were slowly returning in stops and starts, he was unable to connect with the people around him.

This body's mother, (his mother now) was a good person who cared deeply for her family. He felt badly for her, that he could not return the love she was showing him. He knew that he was causing her emotional pain.

She had been very hovering the first few days of his return. He had firmly asked her not to smother him. He saw the pain this caused her, and regretted it. Still, he was grateful for her help, and tried to show his appreciation in small ways.

She had been warned by the doctors that there could be a personality change, and she chalked his behavior up to this. She desperately clung to him. She had lost her husband in the same accident that had almost killed this body, his body. He was going to have to get used to thinking of this body as his.

Along with relearning to walk and talk properly, he had to relearn reading and writing and other mundane skills. It came quickly, as his mind already had this information. Still it required effort on his part to re-establish connections to those parts of his brain that stored the information.

He also had other abilities that he knew none around him possessed, and kept quiet about them. If he concentrated, he could see fields of energy around him, but was unable to do anything with them... yet. He knew what they were, but could not manipulate them in any way as of yet.

He had taken to jogging through his neighborhood, recently. He practiced sensing the energy fields. He got to where he could tell the difference in this energy; between plant, animal, human, or even inanimate objects, without really looking at them. He could tell where anyone or anything was in relation to himself, for several hundred feet around.

He lived out in a place called the suburbs. His mother was a stay at home wife, and his father had been a rising executive in the insurance industry. He had no other siblings, and he and his mother had been very close, prior to the accident.

The accident had been caused by a tractor trailer getting hit by a strong wind, causing the whole vehicle to swerve into the opposite direction's lane on the highway, killing his father immediately, and causing his brain damage in the resulting accident. The insurance pay off had insured that Jason's medical needs would be met, as well as a hefty settlement for both he and his mother.

He finished his morning jog and went into the bathroom to shower. After stripping off his sweaty running clothes, he paused to look at himself in the mirror. He saw someone who was still a stranger to him, but one he was getting familiar with.

The person staring back from the mirror was six feet even, with brown hair, and brown eyes. His body was still a bit emaciated from his long inactivity in the hospital, but he was fast building it up. Still, he would be considered very skinny by anyone's standards, now. He was twenty three years old.

He jumped into the shower, and enjoyed the hot water beating on his skin, soothing his muscles. After he finished and dressed, he went downstairs to the kitchen. His mother was already cooking their breakfast.

He went over to her, and gave her a hug from behind, startling her.

"Good morning, Mother," he said trying to smile. He succeeded with a half grin.

"Jason! You startled me. Good morning, and your breakfast will be ready in a couple minutes. Now go sit down and let me finish," she said turning away.

He could tell that she had been both startled by this display of affection, and pleased. Well, he was happy to do it for her. It was the least he could do for her, considering all the care she had given him.

He ate with a gusto, relishing the flavors and texture of the food. He had realized he was not used to this type of nourishment in the past. He had eaten... other things. Every meal was still an adventure in taste and flavor, and he looked forward to each meal his mother cooked for him.

After he helped clean the residue of the morning meal, he went to the den, and started reading. This was what he did everyday for hours on end. He read, English books, math, history, the local newspapers, just about anything he could get his hands on.

The accident had happened the same week he had graduated from college. According to his diploma, he had spent the four years in college without declaring a major and graduated with a liberal arts degree.

That would never do. He read up on degrees, and saw that this meant it was the basic degree and didn't train you in anything specific. He decided to go back to this learning place, college, and get a degree in something useful.

While the insurance settlement he had received was enough to let him live comfortably, he decided he wanted to do something, but was at a loss as to what. This whole experience had him unsettled and unbalanced.

He was impatient with his progress. His doctors were amazed. They tested him and ran blood tests every time he went in for an appointment. They told him he was months, maybe a year ahead of a normal recovery schedule.

He continued to work out and run, building muscle mass and stamina. He started losing that skinny emaciated look. He developed a tan from being outdoors continuously, and his body filled out from his mother's cooking and his diligent workouts... He increased the distance he ran until he was doing four miles every morning with no problems.

He also learned to SEE into his body, and manipulate energies contained within it. The first time he did this, was an accident. Yet when he had done it, he knew he had been capable of doing this before. He felt he should be able to do more, but was unsure of what he might be capable of doing.

He had been relaxing, and looked into his own body. He saw his energy field, and noticed a damaged spot. Without thinking, he had reached for it, and smoothed it. Then he helped his body to make new connections. As he did this, he saw his energy field change, becoming stronger and more complete somehow.

That had been the first time, but not the last. When he suffered headaches, he saw them as a small knot in his energy field. He could smooth these out, causing the headache to disappear.

That had caused him to get interested in his body. He started reading book after book on human physiology. He developed a good understanding of the way his body worked, and found he could change and influence his healing, directly.

It was while he was in a local park, that he discovered another ability he had. He was jogging a new path and enjoying the novelty of the new scenery, when he heard a scream. He changed direction and sped in the direction of the scream. He rounded the side of a hill, and say a young woman desperately holding onto a purse.

A young man had grabbed her purse, and was trying to pull it away from her. The young man pulled out a knife. When he did, the girl let go of her purse, causing the young man to stumble backwards.

Hearing Jason coming, he flashed a startled look, then turned and started running. The young man started pulling away, and that made Jason angry. He wished mightily that the guy would trip or slow down, and he felt a bolt of pure force leave his body and smash into the back of the runner.

The runner flew forward, and fell face first onto the ground, sliding a bit. Jason ran up and retrieved the purse, which had flown from the thief's hand when he fell. Jason kept an eye on the thief and stepped backwards. He needn't have bothered, as the thief was trying to get air, and his eyes were glazed.

The girl came up to Jason, thanking him for his help, and took a cell phone out of the purse and called the police. Fifteen minutes later, the police were putting the thief into a cruiser, and Jason had finished giving his statement to the second officer.

On the trip back to his home, Jason thought furiously about what he had done. Looking back at it, what he had done, was to form a bolt of energy. In part, it was from him, but mostly he had drawn the energy from the surrounding area. Then had mentally thrown it at the man running away. He also knew that he had been able to do things like this, before.

If only he could remember!

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