FTL III: The End of The Greys
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Extra Sensory Perception,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Time guardians are reviled and Flowsman family takes an alien wife. The war with the grays comes to an end with the genocide of the race. Action packed hard core SCI-FI with just a bit of ESP to liven things up. And that before we even get to the sex. What more can one ask for?

Presidents Personal Log: Star Date: 6.202

"The year has dragged on and on. Fleet intelligence has uncovered five new Gray worlds that we had no knowledge of before. They also strongly hint that there may be twice that number that haven't been located.

"Construction of the first Heavy Carrier is nearing completion. The ship will be officially named and dedicated in seven days. I am sure that Sue is going to be delighted with her new ship. Well, when we tell her that it's 'her' ship, that is. I somehow can't imagine her not figuring it out, as it passes by in review. Both Paul and Carl have been so tight lipped about it, that Sue calls me at least once a day to complain about their 'male chauvinism'. We really plan on getting her, but good.

"Construction of a space navy has been our highest priority. However, since our mine-laying vessels have basically shut down the hyperspace capabilities of the Gray's, with the self replicating mines; their entire race has been reduced to sub-lightspeed travel, on and around their home planet of Joboake. Hopefully we can expand that, and further reduce their ability by mining the other five planets we now know of.

"April, Terry and Lowsay have been hard at work developing 'first contact doctrine', as well as rules for Federation Member Worlds; the latter being far more simple than the former. An offshoot of this, had been a ground swell of people that want to invoke a 'Prime Directive'. I am not opposed to that, however I am doing my best to delay it until after the war with the Grays is over. Somehow, I don't think I want people dying, just to live up to a standard that should not apply to the Grays, anyway. And the Centauri would faithfully follow such a high standard, right through the gates of hell itself."

Prime: Federation House.

Jim was standing on the balcony watching the sunrise. He had come to enjoy the sight of Secondus, at dawn. It was too bad its visibility at this time of day varied so much. Only one out of every twenty days, on average, offered him a decent view of the blue-green planet. He stared in simple awe at the wonder of it. The clouds swirled around the planet like puffs of cotton drifting on the seas below. There were no storms to wonder at, however. Weather control had been perfected thousands of years ago. Violent storms were no longer allowed to form.

Jim was alone when a person shimmered into existence a few feet from him. He had always known this moment would come. Despite the white robe, with the long hood covering the man's face, he could feel that it was himself.

Time Guardian Jim said, "So. The end is about to begin."

President Jim said, "Yes, unless you have something to add that I am not yet aware of?"

Time Guardian Jim replied, "No. All is as it should be, save the first contact with the Blues?"


"Yes. Humanoids with blue skin. We like to call them the Blues."

"I see. Then again, I can't be sure what I see, at times."

"A few years will pass before you will go back and do what need to be done."

"And you will resume your place when I leave?"

"It is as it should be, and will be again."

Jim asked, "Does that mean we are stuck in some kind of 'time paradox'?"

"Hardly. It's just that our dance looks like it repeats itself, even if it doesn't."

"Ok. So what brings me, er... you... here, today?"

"I needed to nudge you into contacting the Blues, before your battle with the Grays."


"I am afraid as much as I would like to tell you the answer. I didn't tell you, before."

Jim asked, "Are you trying to give me a headache."

"No, but you are about to get one."


"Because I just initiated the nano-bots in your system to increases the size of two organs in your brain."

Jim was apprehensive.

"Don't worry, I would not harm myself."

Jim relaxed at the inevitable logic of that statement.

"What organs?'

"They are called your Keb and your Cab," Time Guardian Jim said.

"And what are they for?"

"They will enable you to... Well, let's just say you will communicate better with your sixth wife, and with others."

"No chance of finding out who that is?"

Time Guardian Jim shook his head side to side, negatively, then shimmered and was gone.

Jim thought to himself, 'Why did I do that to myself?'

The headache started. It could have been worse. The nana-menu displayed an estimated completion time for the process of one hundred days. The message also said that the headache would end in a few hour's time.

Jim briefly wondered if he wanted to take an aspirin. Then realized that if he requested one from the replicator, Doctor McCoy would be running tests on him far longer than the headache would last. He decided he didn't need that kind of 'headache'. Then he mentally smiled at his play on words.

The family was gathered in the observation level of the space dock. It was something to which they were all becoming accustomed, though the young children like little Frankie were excited to see the new carrier.

The chairman of the ceremony began his boring speech. This time, though, he did not name the ship.

Sue said to Paul in a whisper, "Why are they still being so secretive of the name. Are they trying to surprise Jim again, or something like that?"

Paul whispered back, "Yes. Admirals Carl and Rainer themselves, are at the ship's controls."

Jim smiled as he realized he could hear Sue's thoughts of the new ship. This Keb and Cab stuff was starting to get really interesting.

It was a full-blown parade of ships. First, one hundred twenty two-man fighters came into view, flying in a rigid and tight formation. Then came a few support craft of varying types, sizes and purposes. They were followed by sixty Defiant class fighters. Finally, the ship itself came into view. The carrier was huge. Much bigger than what she herself had argued in favor of, almost two years ago. Its silver and gold metallic hull glistened in the light from the yellow sun. At well over three miles in length, the ship was a giant. The 'whiskers' (small robotic drones) encircled the ship, moving around it constantly. The carrier approached the reviewing deck of the 'Flowsman', finally orienting itself to reveal its name.

Sue was looking hard to focus on the name. She was able to read it, but couldn't make herself believe she could be seeing it correctly.

"The UFP C001 Sue Lin" said the Master of Ceremonies. "Now all that is left, is for the Admiral to take her name's sake on the shake down cruise."

Sue was overcome. The name was almost too much in itself. But the fact that she realized she was being given command of the ship, was everything she'd wanted, but never believed she would achieve.

Jim decided to try the newly enlarged organ in his mind.

"Go to your ship, Admiral," he thought into Sue's mind.

She couldn't tell how, but somehow she knew Jim was telling her to go to her ship. She was so emotional, that she didn't even realize that he had not actually spoken to her.

Sue beamed on board the 'Lin', to find two admirals waiting with big smiles. They performed a short ceremony that transferred the command to Sue. She finally had her own command. She only had to come... what, five light years to get it? When Carl and Rainer had transported off the ship, Sue gave her first command.

"All craft, full honors on my mark. 3, 2, 1, Mark."

With that, every ship under her command perform the honor roll. It was a complete 360 degree roll performed in space, to show respect for the others being honored. Then Sue ordered "fighter recovery under fire" conditions. With that every fighter and support craft perform a high speed docking one right after another. Finally, the order she had been waiting to give.

"Set course for Earth. Maximum warp."

The young female ensign setting at the helm replied, "Course laid in, Ma'am."

Sue said, "Engage!"

The Carrier UFP Lin set a new record speed, for warp drive. It took almost a cycle before she ordered all stop. They had overshot the Earth by 20 light-years. The calculations came back from the ship's AI: Warp Factor 32.4!

Lin reported in that her ship was going to do a little exploring, and would be back in two days.

Jim was on board the UFP James O'Neal. He watched as they approached the planetary system before him. April was settled next to him on the command couch.

She smiled at him thinking, 'It is time to do this.'

Jim had not advertised his growing abilities. He now could easily read the thoughts of others. It was difficult for him not to respond to the random thought that were not spoken. But he managed, somehow. He also refrained from thinking his own thoughts into the minds of others. He knew he could do so. But the few attempts he had tried, had resulted in questions he was unprepared to answer.

Jim was learning.

Jim started to speak.

"Computer. Captains Log: Star date 6.251

"We are approaching the home world of the Blues. We have not, as yet, made any contact. We expect that we will, shortly. Sensors are showing multiple launches of spacecraft using anti-gravity drive systems. Although not as well developed as ours, they seem to be capable of 1⁄4 impulse power and speed. I say impulse, because although not fast, they are using a pulse-based antigravity system."

The James O'Neal dropped out of warp, one light year from their home planet. According to Ambassador Lowsay, the people were quite advanced in their technology, but had not ventured out of their own system.

Annette was manning the com console.

She announced, "We are receiving a hail on their sunlight's resonant frequency."

The Ships AI system translated it quickly, due to the data provided by the Gardorians.

"Unknown vessel, please identify yourself, and your intentions," came a voice that sounded like a song.

It was whimsically intoxicating, even before the translation.

"Open the channel."

Jim grimaced at what he was about to say. Then decided he would get it over and done.

"Greetings," he began. "I am Jim Flowsman, President of the Federation of Planets. I am aboard the starship 'James O'Neal'. Our intentions are: 'first contact'"

There was a long pause.

"Please verify that you have no hostile intent towards us."

Jim smiled as he remembered the last time he did something similar to this. The Centauries had surrendered to him.

"Our intent is 'first contact'. We are not hostile."

There was another pause. A different, and very feminine voice came out of the speaker.

"Mr. President, are you the one foretold by the Guardians?"

Jim said, "If you speak of the Time Guardians, then I would not be surprised if that is the case."

The pause was short this time.

"How can we be sure you are as you say you are?"

Jim had a sudden thought flash though his mind.

Then he thought hard of broadcasting to the voice, "I am the one that is yet to come. Yet I am here in the now."

Jim wasn't sure if it worked until Jennifer said, "How long have you been able to do that?"

Jim answered, "First time. I hope it worked."

"Mr. President, I am called Gloria. I am the matriarchal head of the people of Luciana. I formally surrender the planet to you."

Ever member of Jim's family looked at him in stunned silence. Jim could feel the single thought on all their minds: 'Déjà vu'!

Strangely, despite the circumstances and situation they were in, he thought of a "gentleman's club" back on Earth, by that same name: Déjà Vu.

He briefly wondered why they would surrender. Then he thought it, 'Why?'

The voice came back over the speaker, "I do hope we got that part correct, that is supposed to be the response in the ancient legends of our planet."

"Do you understand the meaning of surrender?"

Gloria voice took on a whimsical tone again, "That is the response the ancient writings predicated. We recognize you as our new leader. Welcome to Luciana, Mr. President."


"It wasn't me, honest!"

"We will see about that," Jim said. "We will see."

Annette said, "Orbital coordinates being received now. They're in Federation standard format."

"No doubt the Time Guardian's doing," Jim said.

"I swear, it has to be the work of some other Time Guardian."

Jim was looking at Woe's thoughts, and the one thing he was sure of, was that she was telling the truth.

'At least, the truth she knows it, and as of this date, ' he thought.

Jim briefly worried about his developing mental ability. He was starting to feel like Mr. Spock's 'mind meld', only he didn't have to touch people to do it. Then as if in response to his question his mind answered.

'No you can only read thought and share thoughts. It's not like you can read memories or make people do things with your mind. It is simply a way to communicate. What did you tell yourself? Oh yes, to help you communicate better with your next wife.'

In the imperial courtroom of the planet Luciana, every Blue of noble blood and the elected rulers and lawmakers of the planet had gathered. All were waiting and wondering what these new beings would be like. For that matter, they wondered how the beings would arrive here in this place. Some went so far as to speculate that they might be the Time Guardians, themselves.

Jim and his five wives shimmered into existence, in the radiant light of their personal nano-transporters. They had elected to appear before the court of Blues in the normal dress of the people of the Federation. None of them were clothed, and the bracelets of their office were around their left wrists.

Gloria was seated on the chamber's throne. Her people had gathered around her. She had been waiting with in trepidation at what this 'Jim' would look like. She was concerned about this part, most off all. She knew the cannons of her planet required that she becomes the mate of the conqueror. It had been a few millennia since such things had taken place. Long ago, her people had overcome their war-like ways. No, only the records of their forefathers told of this custom. The records of the ancients that had been given into her ancestors care by the Guardians, described the moment before her, almost precisely.

Gloria spoke, reading from the scroll before her. It was the first time in her lifetime that the original documents had been removed from the stasis fields that had protected them.

She began.

"And then the Guardians of Time gave onto us the scrolls of the laws of goodness. Our path to the future was foretold in the past.

"For behold... He shall appear before you in a shimmer of bright light, and bring with him his loved ones. The mothers of the universe that is, but has not yet come to be."

"And there shall be five, with the man. Each of them shall be adoring him, so that from out of their minds shall be broadcast forth their love, which shall overcome those that are gathered around them."

Jim lost track of her words, as he stared at Gloria. He was intoxicated with the view before him as she read. She stood about 5'6'' tall, and weighed all of 110lbs. Her blue skin gleamed, shimmering with metallic highlights of green, purple and carmine when she moved slightly as she spoke. Her hairless body was fully exposed to their view, though she wore a cloak of royal purple, which flowed to the floor, down her back. Her breasts were the size of grapefruit, and were topped with purple nipples that reminded Jim of cherries, even if the color was off. Her waist curved in the classic hourglass form that has captivated mankind for millennia. Missing a belly button? Odd, Jim thought. Then downward drifted his gaze, until he looked at her sex. It looked completely normal, other than the bright purple puffiness of it, as it gleamed with moisture. Jim tore his eyes from the erotic vision before him. He looked to her face. The only item of jewelry that adorned her body, was the crown that sat on her hairless head. It was made of vines, and was alive with flowers of brilliant colors, which no human had ever before seen. Jims new brain organs could sense the meaning of the 'Crown of Flowers' in those gathered around them. He would have to find a way to slow down this wedding ceremony. It was not that he felt it was wrong, just too quickly put together.

Gloria continued to read.

"And it shall come to pass that the wedding ceremony will begin upon their arrival. The unwed queen shall be given in the manner of the oldest customs of the people. Yet it shale not end were it begins. For world's themselves will rejoice in the bonding of the races."

Gloria walked from her throne, and handed the scroll to Jim as she knelt before him. Her eyes fixed on the member that 'pointedly' announced his acceptance of her.

Jim opened the scroll and found that the ancient text was written in English. He saw the small text at the top that said: "Ask for the sealed text of the ancients." He didn't remember her reading that part.

Jim thought hard again, "Bring me the sealed text of the ancients, the builders."

The murmur went thought the gathered crowd. It was the legend coming to life before them. It could not be faked.

No one knew the code to open the sealed documents. No one, that is, but the promised one.

Jim reached down and removed the 'Crown of Flowers' from Gloria's head. She looked hurt that he had done that. Jim knew somehow it was the right actions. He dropped to one knee before her and placed the crown in her hands. Then he spoke.

"The promise ring you wear is accepted from you."

Gloria's eyes twinkled as she realized what he was saying. It was the old custom he was following. In the same moment, she realized she wasn't properly prepared, there were not enough rings for all of them. Jim felt her embarrassment, and knew she was not prepared for this moment. She had done all that she knew how to do, from the books of the ancients. But something was missing, and she had not known what.

Jim thought to AI privately, "Need a little help here, AI."

"What is it that you need?"

Jim relayed his rapidly expanding idea to AI.

"I will be ready in 10 cycles," AI thought to him.

Jim took Gloria by her hands, and helped her to her feet. He mentally whispered, "Calm, be calm. You have done all that you knew to do. It is my place to do the rest. First the sealed scroll of the ancients. Then he moved to his right, and motioned for his wives to encircle them.

Gloria relaxed. She recognized the 'marriage ring of bodies' for the promise of acceptance that it was. She had never dreamed that it would happen to her. She had only ever read about it, from times long past.

A tall man walked into the chamber. His arms were outstretched, and his hands held a golden hued pillow. On the pillow was a cylinder. Inside, was the sealed scroll. He approached the group, wondering if this could be the man. Of all those on the planet, only he knew that the code to open the shield cylinder was DNA based. Only the person possessing the correct DNA would ever open the stasis field in the cylinder. He was right, but even he did not know the full extent of the lock.

Jim said, "Gloria, please honor me by getting me the scroll."

Gloria was slightly confused, but she stepped from the circle. She placed the crown in Annette's hands, as she needed both hands free to pick up the honored relic of the past. Almost trembling, she picked it up from the pillow.

The DNA locking mechanism clicked loudly, sounding just like the tumblers in a safe. The first DNA signature had been accepted.

There were audible gasps from the crowd.

Jim was now sure that the scroll was DNA combination locked, as he had told himself on a data crystal. He had not told himself why he was telling himself. Only now had it become obvious.

"The first key is set," Jim pronounced to the crowd.

The crowed murmured.

Gloria came into the circle again. Jim motioned her to hand the cylinder to Annette. Annette was still holding the 'Crown of Flowers' and, lacking anything better to do with it, set it back on Gloria's head.

The crowed gasped at the site.

Then she took the cylinder, and the click-snick sounded again. The crowd's surprise turned to amazement.

"Hand it to Jennifer, next," Jim said.

Annette did. As Jennifer took the cylinder, it clicked again as the third DNA sequence was accepted. Every one watched in silence as the cylinder was then passed to Terri and it clicked again. The process repeated as the cylinder was passed to April, and then to Woe, with a click-snick for both of them.

Jim stepped to Woe and took the cylinder. Now his mental command was issued to AI.

The cylinder clicked three times, as the last of the DNA 'tumblers' completed its sequence. The cylinder opened in Jim's hands.

There was a shimmering around Jim and the women. White robbed beings appeared around them. Their circle was now enclosed in another circle of 36 beings. Each was a Time Guardian, and was dressed in hooded, white, flowing robes. Their faces were hidden from view. Even the robes couldn't hide the giant one, though.

Forthright towered over everyone in the chamber. But only Jim was able to guess who that one was. The Council of Guardians was present to bear witness. The holo-recorders shimmered into existence high in the room.

Jim placed the DNA case onto the pillow still being held by the tall Blue. He took the scroll from its place and opened it. He read it privately, at first. Then, as if he had a hard time pronouncing the words, he started to read it aloud.

"People of the Federation, and those yet to join; I am the Father of the Federation. I am the Council of Guardians, and I am the Father of the Race of Man.

"Hear me, for it is recorded in Time and held there since the beginning. Wonder not how this can be, for even as I speak from the text I read, I know not this myself. I know only that it is the truth, and that I am more than even I can conceive of being.

"I will bring you peace from the Grays, and I will lead you forth to learn more than you can imagine. You will call me many things now and in the future, but know this truth, I am but a man. That is how I see myself, and I will except nothing less from myself than that."

The Time Guardians removed their hoods one by one, exposing themselves to the view of the cameras. It was in utter silence that the last one removed his hood.

Then as if they had but one voice, they said in unison, "We are the Counsel of Guardians. We are the Chosen of the races, to protect Time itself. We bear witness to the words of the ancients, and acknowledge that their truth is beyond comprehension."

Gloria's eyes were fixed on her own form. When did she grow hair?

Annette stared at herself as if in disbelief as did the rest of the family.

The Jim robed in white, spoke by himself, "I am the President of the Federation. Follow me."

He pointed at Jim the President.

The Time Guardians then spoke with one voice again, saying, "From the Time of the beginning, unto the Time of the end, we will walk through the very gates of hell before we fail you, Mr. President."

The Guardians shimmered and vanished.

The crowed dropped to one knee. His wives dropped to one knee. Jim was left standing above them all.

He thought, 'What have I done to myself, this time? And where did I find the speech writer that came up with this shit?'

The smile formed on his face even as he thought it.

'So that's where Sam ran off to, half way though my last term of office, back on Earth.'

Jim was still faced with the moment, and he had much yet to do.

Jim stepped before his first wife. Holding out his hands a 'Crown of Flowers' appeared in them.

"In the custom of the Blues!"

He placed the ring of flowers on her head. She beamed up at him, the love was almost overwhelming, so intense were the feelings coming from her.

Jim moved on to Jennifer and each of them in turn, down the line.

Then he came to Gloria.

She looked up into his eyes in disbelief. There in his hands, was a 'Crown of Flowers' unlike any she had ever seen before. The flowers were not from her planet, but they were for her. Tears welled up in her eyes. She wondered if he realized the feelings he gave to those around him: so open, so gentle, so caring, yet so strong.

'Oh, ' she thought, 'so loving!'

He placed the crown on her head. The gentleness of his finger's touch on her scalp, sent shivers through her body. She was hooked at that moment. She knew in her heart, that she would love this human. It was so against everything she had come to expect. She was destined from birth for this day. But when it was finally upon her, she no longer had dread in her heart.

'Well, ' she thought, 'I am falling for an alien! That's all there is to it.'

Jim spoke, saying, "The customs of your people are important, as are the customs of mine. Come let the two races plan the wedding! Let the bonding take place at a time yet to be set."

The cheer that came from the from the crowed was deafening. Jim helped his women to their feet, receiving a kiss from each of them.

Gloria wondered what was the significance of lips touching lips.

When it was her turn, she melted into his arms.

When they finally parted she said, "Ohhhhh!"

Jims other wife's chimed in, "We know, we know."

Then they giggled like schoolgirls.

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