The Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2006 by Dilettante

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mary was all the woman he could ever imagine wanting... But that was before Lisa joined them for dinner.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Sister   Group Sex   Harem   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation  

My girlfriend Mary and I have been seeing each other for about fourteen months. We're good together, great actually, and, if I didn't have this problem, I'd have asked her to marry me long ago. But I do.

You see I have this great job that keeps me all the way across the country just about half the time. I generally fly out on a Sunday, spend two weeks in the San Francisco office and then fly back to Boston, Mary, and home for two weeks and then repeat. I don't think it would be fair to Mary to ask her to spend her life with half a husband. I'm not sure what Mary thinks, but she has never complained.

That's a great thing about Mary. She doesn't complain. In fact, in all fourteen months we've been going out, we've never had an argument. Of course, I adore her so that probably helps, too.

This story starts on a spring Saturday. I got into Logan on American 196 and was in my car by 5:30. I've been doing this trip long enough that it is just boring routine. Since I have a condo on both ends, my luggage consists of my laptop, my iPod, and whatever book I'm in the middle of. The drive home took 40 minutes and, with a sigh of relief I pulled into my space, grabbed my bag and headed up.

The very best thing about coming home is Mary. I hadn't seen her little Miata in the lot, but I knew she'd be there. I was right. When I pushed open the door I had to laugh. I dropped my bag, reached out and pulled a very naked and very beautiful green-eyed blonde into a long-awaited hug.

"Careful! You'll spill your martini!" She giggled, trying to keep the glass upright while I continued to hug her.

"Screw the martini," I growled into her ear.

"That's my job!" she said, wiggling free with a quick kiss. "Here." She handed me the drink and dropped to her knees in front of me.

I made sure the door was closed. "What are you up to?" I asked, knowing full well where this was headed.

"I've missed you," she pouted, tugging at my belt and the snaps and zippers of my slacks.

Before I could take the first sip of my drink my slacks were around my ankles with my boxers and my cock was tickling the back of her throat. "Jeez... ," I moaned. Setting the drink down and leaning back into the wall to keep myself from falling. "Oh my god that feels good."

Pulling off long enough to smile, Mary said "Just relax. I've got plans for you for later." And then she tried to swallow me again.

Honestly, relaxing was just not in the cards. Within a minute my knees were shaking, I was having a hard time catching my breath and all I could see, hear, and feel was Mary's mouth. "It's..." I started, panting, "... coming..." I closed my eyes, lights flickering, blood pounding in my ears.

I came. Two lonely weeks worth.

I found myself hugging Mary's head to me, dragging in breath after breath. Shaking like a leaf in a storm. Mary pulled back, giving the head a small kiss. "Miss me?" She giggled.

I panted, "You're going to kill me." My knees were still weak, but I thought I could stand on my own so I pushed away from the walls. I staggered, but caught myself. "That was intense."

"I'm glad you liked," Mary said simply.

I pulled her to her feet and hugged her. "I love you."

"Where are you taking me for dinner?" she asked.

I reached down, pulled up my slacks and tucked myself away. I had that stupid grin that only a fantastic blowjob can put on a man's face. "Where do you want to go?" I took a drink from my neglected martini.

It turned out that Mary had already made reservations for us at our favorite restaurant and ten minutes later, after Mary pulled on a little black dress, black nylons, and heels, we were on our way.

Dinner was great. We split a bottle of wine, shared bites of each other's meals and talked about what we'd missed in each other's lives over the last two weeks. When I was in California I worked hard and we only talked for a few minutes every day, so there was a lot to catch up with. Mary is an associate attorney with a medium sized firm downtown. It's hard work, but she finds it rewarding. In a couple of years she'll be a junior partner and the workload will ease. We talked about some of the clients she was working for, her co-workers, her boss, her mom and dad, sisters, neighbors... Frankly, I find anything she has to say fascinating. It's probably a mental disorder.

I told her about the deal that got away and the even better one that hadn't. She listened and asked intelligent questions. I told her about the drunk on the flight in; she made the perfect joke.

Have I mentioned I love Mary? I do.

After dinner we went for a walk in a local park and then drove back to the condo. We were both quiet. I'd like to think it was because we were so happy to be with each other.

Bedtime with Mary is always an adventure. I am not complaining. Mary sleeps in the nude. Since she has a perfect body, watching her get ready for bed ensures that I won't be sleeping for a while. And so it was this night.

Mary is as horny as I am, something it was hard for me to grasp when we first met. Why, I used to wonder, would a woman as beautiful as Mary get as horny for me as I got for her? Apparently she sees something when she looks at me that I don't see when I look in the mirror. Thank god.

I pulled Mary to me as I got in bed and slowly, slowly rubbed, caressed, fondled, tweaked, or squeezed every part of her body. Three times. This is making love. This is the part that is so special with Mary. She moaned. She kissed me deeply and lightly. She grabbed my cock. She sucked a finger. She bit me lightly on the neck. Her hands were in my hair, holding my ass, tickling my ribs, teasing my balls.

I eased into her and she shuddered; a long rippling shudder that started in her pussy and rolled up her body, through her breasts, down her arms and then back. She arched her back, wrapping her long legs around me, pulling me closer. I pulled back an inch or two and then pushed back in. She moaned.

Soon I was moving at a steady pace, looking deep into her eyes. She bit her lower lip, blinked, forced herself to keep looking at me. "I love you," she said, her eyes dilating.

I kept up my pace. "Come for me..."

She moaned, looking me straight in the eyes. I felt her stomach muscles bunching. She groaned.

"Come for me."

A tear trickled out of her eye. She blinked. She grunted. "I am, I am," she chanted in time to my thrusts. "I am." I felt her pussy clench tight around me. "I am," she almost shouted. An incoherent part scream, part wail came from her mouth as her eyes rolled up in her head and her hips jerked in big and small spasms. It went on and on. I kept up my pace.

I came. Softly. Filling her as best I could. I stopped, deep inside of her.

Her hips settled and she relaxed, trying to catch her breath. "Wow."

"No kidding." I kissed her gently on the lips, then on the tip of her nose. "It's good to be home."

She giggled, hugged me close and kissed me deeply. We snuggled closer and fell asleep.

Sunday. The gray light filtering in around the shade told me rain. My nose told me bacon. When I got to the kitchen a few minutes later, Mary was just turning the eggs. She was wearing one of my tee-shirts. Her hair was a mess. She was smiling. She was beautiful.

"Hey," she said, "I thought I might have to drag you up this morning. Animal."

"Animal?" I raided my eyebrows, "Who woke the neighbors?" I worked at projecting affronted dignity.

"You did. You made me scream. It was your fault. Beast."

We sat down for breakfast. Mary is a good cook. Actually, Mary is a great cook; it is what she's done to relax since she was a young girl. Breakfast was fabulous.

"So," I asked as we cleared the table, "what do you want to do today?"

"Actually," Mary said, "I thought we'd spend the morning in. Talking!" she laughed at my leer. "Talking."

I added cream to my coffee. "Okay. What about?"


Now I know that is supposed to be a scary thing. I was supposed to get defensive or angry or hurt or something. But I didn't. "Us" was a fine topic. "Shoot," I said.

"Do you love me?" Wow, I wondered where this was headed.

Since she was smiling, I knew that wasn't in doubt. "Of course. You know that."

"I love you, too." The way she said it made my heart ache. I wanted to hug her. "Are you happy?" she asked.

That's sort of a loaded question. Nobody I've ever met is completely happy. But I'm pretty close. I looked at her, she seemed nervous. "Mary? I think I'm pretty happy. What's this about?"

She put her head down, not crying, just not able to look at me. "You're not completely happy with me," she said to the table.

Hello? "Mary." She lifted her head. "Not true. Tell me what's up." And she did. Somehow my incredibly beautiful, incredibly smart, incredibly gifted girlfriend had convinced herself that I wasn't happy with her.

"I can't be with you in San Francisco. You have to be so lonely. So alone when you're there."

Well, yes. "It's okay," I said. "I always know I'm coming home to you."

"But that will get old. What if you meet a pretty girl out there?"

"I meet lots of pretty girls, " I said. Maybe that didn't come out right. "But the one I want is here." Better.

"It would be okay, you know," Mary said in a soft voice.

"What would be okay?"

"If you had a girlfriend out there..."

Mary. "Mary. I have you. Where did this come from?"

"I'm not insecure," she started. "Not really. It's just... God." She covered her face, "I want you to be happy."

I was sort of confused, but since I was born male that comes with the territory when discussing relationships. "Mary, I love you."

She came around the table and settled in my lap, hugging me close.

"Are you alright?"

She nodded into my shoulder.

"Should we go to the zoo?" She shook her head. "How about a museum?" No. "A long drive?" No. "What do you want to do?"


"Language, young lady."

"I," she said clearly, looking into my eyes from six inches away. "Want. To. Fuck. You."

Who am I to deny a lady?

An hour later, having entertained the neighbors once again, Mary and I climbed into the shower. "Now" I asked, soaping up the most perfect breasts in the world, "how about the zoo?"

Mary laughed.

We went to the zoo, ate overpriced food, looked at bored animals, laughed at the children, held hands and enjoyed ourselves.

Mary made a chicken thing I couldn't pronounce for dinner. It was perfect. We turned on a movie and cuddled on the couch, me in sweats, Mary in my tee shirt again.

"I was wondering," Mary said after the movie.

"Uh oh."

"Hush. I was wondering. I have some vacation time coming. My best friend in the whole world lives there... could I come out to California with you next time?"

Wow. Mary in San Francisco. I'd stared at the ceiling enough nights while there, fantasizing about her, that I didn't have to think. "YES." I said it louder than I meant.

Mary jumped and then giggled. "Are you sure?"

I kissed the bridge of her nose. "I'm sure."

Work really does take a lot of my attention. I do research for a private equity investment firm. I'm sort of an accountant, a banker, a lawyer, a salesman, and an entrepreneur all wrapped up together. The pay is good. I like the people I work with.

Mary is an attorney. Apparently she's a good one. But she's young, which means they work her half to death. She really seems to get something out of it though, so I'm happy for her.

Even with her schedule, I get home after her...

Mary was waiting for me every night the next two weeks and, aside from dinner out on Saturday, never wore more than my tee-shirt. Usually not even that. It was heaven.

Saturday afternoon, Mary ran home — did I mention she has her own apartment, not far from mine? — and came back with two bags. I had the tickets.

American Airlines flight 95 out of Boston arrives in San Francisco at 6:35 on Sunday evening. It is a long six and a half hour flight. It passed in an instant with Mary next to me.

I was really excited to share the other half of my life with Mary — even if it was just for two weeks.

I have a car in San Francisco, too. I mentioned the condo before. I used to try the extended stay hotels, but the cost was outrageous, I had to haul luggage, and I was in a different room every visit. My company had helped me out with the loan and I had a nice unit. It was a bit smaller than my condo in Boston, but it had a nice view of the bay, was close to lots of things, and was comfortable.

Mary fell in love with it. "It is so 'you.'" she said after the grand tour.

It probably didn't hurt that the only picture on my bedroom walls was a blown up photo I'd taken of Mary almost a year before.

"I'm so excited to be here," Mary told me.

I was excited too. It took ten minutes to unpack Mary, 30 seconds to strip down, and less than ten minutes more to let my west coast neighbors know I'd brought my girlfriend with me.

An hour later I was mixing drinks while watching Mary, still naked, look at the books and clutter on the shelves that were my main decorations in the living room. I was naked, too. God, she's beautiful.

I felt my cock stir, told it to behave, and brought Mary her drink.

She took it, smiled a bit as she noticed my half erect state, and took a sip.

"What's wrong?" I asked as she grimaced.

"It needs something," Mary giggled. She stepped closer to me, kissing my chin. Her free hand grasped my cock and, before it could harden, she dipped it into her drink and stirred.

I grunted as all the air left my lungs. "God."

"You okay?" Mark laughed.


"Liar," Mary could tell that wasn't my problem as my once limp cock was straining in her hand. "But let me try to warm it up." She stroked up to the tip and back down. Up and then back down. Up, and I was on my tip toes. Down, and on my heels. Over and over. Mary looking at me, me looking at her. Up. Down. "Hold this." Mary handed me her drink. An icy hand cupped my balls.

I groaned. "Mary, what you do to me..."

Up, down.

I looked into her eyes. "If you keep that up, I'll need to clean the carpet."

Up. Down.

"Mary..." I was getting close. In my left hand I held my drink. In my right, her drink. I closed my eyes.

Her hand left my cock. I groaned. Her mouth replaced it. I groaned again. She put her free hand on my ass pulling me to her, squeezed my balls gently, and took everything I could give her as I came, vodka jiggling out of both drinks. One pulse, two, three. The drinks vibrating, ice banging around.

Her mouth left me. Her hands left me. I pried my eyes open.

"Can I have my drink?" Mary asked. Wordlessly, I handed it to her. She took a sip. "Perfect."

I had to go into the office on Monday. Mary had made plans with her friend who also lived in the Bay area, for lunch, so I let her have the car.

The people in the office barely recognized me — apparently I was not usually so relaxed. Or quite so happy.

I had arranged to take Tuesday off so Mary and I could do the tourist thing. We slept in a bit, and then went to the Warf, visited the chocolate factory, looked at the World War II submarine, played old arcade games in the museum, climbed around on beautiful old sailing ships, ate crabs, drank good beer, and enjoyed ourselves. I had the best day I can ever remember in San Francisco.

Mary had arranged for her friend to meet us for dinner. "You'll love her!" Mary promised. "She was my roommate for three years and my best friend ever — until I met you." I kissed her.

With an introduction like that, what was there not to like? Lisa met us at a restaurant I'd heard of but never been to before. It was quiet and the atmosphere friendly. Lisa was everything Mary had said. She was funny, smart, articulate, and confident. And she was pretty.

Not Mary green eyes, blonde hair perfect figure pretty, more Lisa hazel eyes, brown hair perfect figure pretty. See the difference?

And Lisa was a flirt.

She wasn't bashful about it or anything. She didn't wait for Mary to use the restroom or anything, she just flirted. Shamelessly.

After dinner we went to a nearby lounge and had drinks. And talked. And talked. And Lisa flirted.

Mary was obviously amused, so I didn't let it bother me. After a couple of drinks the girls started talking about sex. What's that about? Guys drink and when the subject of sex comes up they either say nothing or they brag. Nothing in-between. The ones that say nothing are in a relationship, the ones that brag are either not in any relationship, or they're about to end the one they're in. Guys who've known each other for a long time might make side comments about some obscure, ex-girlfriend when nobody's around.

Girls don't think that way apparently.

When Lisa asked Mary if she remembered the name of the guy with penis that was "like eight or nine inches long," I took a drink. Interesting.

Mary was playing, though, "Yeah," she said, "him." And she pointed at me.

I have to point out that that was an outrageous lie. I've got nothing to be ashamed of, but I'm not eight or nine inches long.

Not that I measure or anything.

And Mary doesn't have double-D breasts. Really.

"Really?" Lisa asked, looking at my crotch.

"Why do you think I love him?"


"Six inches soft." Mary said with a straight face. I've only watched her in court one time, but you can tell she's got what it takes to be a great litigator.

"Really." Lisa never looked away from my crotch.

"And about this big around," Mary said, making a "C" shape with her hand.

"Excuse me," Lisa said. "Be right back." She headed in the direction of the restrooms.

"You're embarrassing me," I told Mary.

"You love it," she said, knowing she was right. "And she deserved it the way she's been flirting."

"I'll show you nine inches." I responded.

Lisa reappeared.

We paid our tab and walked out into the cool evening. The breeze was blowing in. Fog in the morning.

The girls hugged. I hugged Lisa then she turned to walk to where her car was parked. She leaned in to Mary and I overheard her whisper "Eight inches?"

"Horse cock," Mary whispered back, loud enough for me to hear. Lisa shook her head and walked off.

The rest of the week was not quite as entertaining. I worked short hours at the office and Mary and I spent time being a couple. On Friday Mary visited a former professor who had retired in the area the year before; they'd always been friends. The week was fun in a domestic sort of way. I could see Mary relaxing.

Mary had plans for the weekend.

At 7:30 Saturday morning, Mary got up and started packing. At 7:30!

"What's up?" I asked, sleepy from the marathon sex the night before.

"Road trip."

"Road trip?"

"Get up sleepy head!"

I muttered and mumbled and dragged my sorry rear end into the shower. Road trip. "Want to jump in here with me?" I called out, hopefully.

"Yes! But Mary might mind!" I recognized Lisa's voice.


"Hurry up!" Mary called. "Lisa, behave!"

I rinsed sleep and sex off my body, shampooed, put on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. "Where are we going?" I asked, walking into the living room.

The two prettiest girls in the state of California were waiting for me. And that's saying a lot. "Wow."

"He likes," Mary announced. "Come on, you're driving. Here's your coffee." She handed me a latte.

"Driving where?"

If you've never driven Big Sur, put it on your list of things to do. Seriously.

We had lunch at a little park overlooking the ocean. Then, in no particular hurry, drove into Santa Barbara where Mary had hotel reservations.

Easily the most spectacular drive I've ever made. Wow.

The hotel was nice and we showered and changed and met up with Lisa in her room, which, conveniently, adjoined ours.

Have I mentioned that Lisa is a flirt? She wasn't quite ready. Bra and panties. Well. Bra and thong. I hurt myself trying not to gawk. If she was three ounces overweight, it didn't show.

"Lisa, you are so naughty," Mary said, smiling. "I asked if you were 'decent'."

"Am I 'decent'?" Lisa asked, looking at me trying not to look at her.

"Ah." I started, finding my throat dry, "Ah. Well. I suppose you'll do..."

Both Mary and Lisa laughed. "Just a second," Lisa said, pulling a tiny black dress over her head. "Zip me?" She asked me sweetly.

I glanced at Mary and she rolled her eyes. I zipped up Lisa and then was tortured by the sight of her rolling on thigh-high stockings and putting on her heels. I mean, they must make those things just to drive men crazy.

"Ready," Lisa announced.

I swallowed.

"Let's go," Mary said, turning to the door.

I'm not positive how Mary did it, but somehow she managed to pick a restaurant that served the best food either of us, or Lisa, could ever remember. It was worth the drive all by itself. Local wine added a perfect touch.

"What should we do now, ladies?" I asked as Mary and Lisa scraped the chocolate from the plates of their obviously sinful deserts.

"Dancing," they said in one voice.

"Do you really think that's fair?" I asked without hesitation.

"You like to dance," Mary said, slightly puzzled.

"No, not as in 'fair to me', but as in 'fair to all the girls at whatever club we go to.' None of them will look as good as either of you; their dates are going to be watching you two, not them. There will be fighting..."

Mary and Lisa exchanged a look and then, before I could properly defend myself, each was kissing me on a cheek. Mary did manage to get the corner of my mouth. This is an experience I recommend.

"Well," I said dramatically, "if you're determined to ruin those girls' weekends, let's go."

It turned out there was a popular club a block from the restaurant so we walked, Mary on one side, holding my hand, Lisa on the other... also holding my hand. Yes. It did feel good.

The club was full, but not packed. Nice. I danced with Mary, I danced with Lisa. On a couple of fast songs I danced with both. It was fun. I admit it.

And it made me horny.

Towards midnight on came a slow song. I danced with Mary, close enough that my hours old and suddenly painful erection enjoyed the dance, too. Mary went out of her way to rub me just the right way. Thirty seconds more... but no.

The next dance was with Lisa and Mary said something I didn't hear just before we stepped out. It was a slow song, too. Lisa put her arms around my neck and pulled herself up against me.

I put my arms around her, being very careful to not try to rub up against her.

"Mary's lucky," Lisa whispered in my ear. Taking the decision away from me, she ground herself up against me. Exquisite. Wrong.

I looked around for Mary. She was close at hand, not 10 feet away. Sipping a drink at our table. She smiled and rolled her eyes. She could see what was happening and she was okay with it.

"It is not eight inches." I told Lisa.

"When did you last measure it?" she asked in a rough whisper.

"Trust me."

"I trust Mary." She pulled her head back from my ear and looked into my eyes. "And Mary trusts me."

I blinked. I looked over Lisa's shoulder and found Mary's eyes. She smiled and nodded.

I looked at Lisa again. "Tell me more."


The song ended and I walked back to our table with Lisa.

"Is it time to go back to the hotel?" Mary asked Lisa.

"Maybe." She looked around. We'd had fun, but we were done.

Thirty minutes later we were back in Lisa's room where the evening had started.

"Unzip me?" Lisa asked, turning her back to me.

I looked at Mary. "Mary?"

Mary reached up and slowly pulled Lisa's zipper down to the small of her back. Not exactly what I was expecting.

Lisa wiggled and the dress was on the floor. Lisa stepped out of it and then bent over to pick it up. In a thong. In thigh-high nylons. In heels.

It turns out that the zipper on the pants I was wearing was stronger than I would have expected.

Without another word, Lisa sat on the edge of the bed, kicked off her heels, and rolled the nylons to her ankles. My heart was beating faster than I can describe.

Now, once again dressed as she had been when we arrived, Lisa stood up and took her clothes to the suitcase and put them away.

Mary and I just watched. Lisa turned to us, saying nothing but looking at Mary.

Mary nodded, sharing something with Lisa. I tried to unobtrusively wipe the drool I knew had to be there from the corner of my mouth. Mary took my hand and led me to our room.

She did not close the connecting door.

"Mary?" I was suffering. Turned on. Scared. Confused. Excited.

"Do you want to?" Mary asked me softly.

"Mary, I love you." I emphasized the 'you.'

"Do you want to?" Mary asked again.

"What do you want to do?" I asked back. I didn't know what the right answer was. This was a minefield.

"If I didn't want you to," Mary said clearly, "we would be eating popcorn in your condo right now."


"I set you up." She looked into my eyes as she said that. She was serious for a few seconds and then she smiled. "I love you, too. Now. Do you think you can screw both of us?" Then she turned her back to me. "Unzip me?" We were facing the door.

I had no more than lowered the zipper of Mary's dress for her than Lisa stepped through the door.

Lisa was still dressed in her bra and thong. I was breathing hard just from the thought that what Mary was suggesting might happen. Mary was a bit excited, too.

Mary's dress fell from her shoulders, leaving her dressed much the same as Lisa with the addition of pantyhose.

Lisa reached behind her back, did some magic and her breasts appeared. My breath caught in my throat. I rested my hands on Mary's shoulders, unable to take my eyes from Lisa's chest.

"They're beautiful," I said once I found my voice. I was hoarse.

Mary had on a bra that clasped in the front. She pulled my hands forward and said "undo me."

I slowly exposed my girlfriend's breasts to her friend, running my hands over her nipples and slowly massaging them. Mary leaned back against me and rested her head on my shoulder. I played with her breasts, rubbing tweaking, squeezing. I kept my eyes on Lisa.

Lisa's breath was coming in short gasps. Her face was flush — down to nearly her navel, her nipples so crinkled it looked almost painful. Her thong joined her bra on the floor and I saw Lisa naked for the first time.

She was really beautiful.

I hooked my thumbs into Mary's pantyhose, making sure to catch the panties underneath, and pushed down. Slowly. Slowly exposing her sex to Lisa's view. I kept pushing, slowly kneeling behind Mary. When my hands reached the floor I helped Mary step out of her panties and then ran my hands up her legs and then back down. And up.

This time, when I got to her hips I slid forward and very gently, very softly, caressed her pubic hair. Mary's legs were shaking. I pressed in with my forefinger and found her clit. Mary gasped.

Seeing no need to stop or slow down I stood up but kept my fingers moving. My right hand continued to diddle her clit while my left hand played with Mary's left breast. Mary was shaking so bad I was nearly holding her up.

I slid my right hand under and up into her for a couple of quick strokes before returning it once again to her clit.

Lisa was panting, slowly rubbing herself, eyes locked on mine.

Mary began groaning. "Harder. Do it harder. Please." She begged. I did. "Oh god. Don't stop!" I didn't.

Lisa tore her eyes from mine and looked, really looked, at Mary. "God, that's hot," she said, seemingly surprised to hear her own voice.

Mary moaned. I squeezed her nipple and flicked her clit with the tip of my finger. Suddenly her orgasm was upon her. Her knees gave way and I cradled her as she sank to the floor, her body quivering. I looked from Mary's back to Lisa's front.

"My turn," Lisa said.

I reached out my hand and Lisa stepped forward and grasped it. She stepped around Mary and up against me. "That was hot," she said.

I kissed her.

Lisa's tongue was alive. By the end of that kiss, we were no longer friends, we were lovers.

I pulled her past Mary, just now recovering, and over to the king size bed. I laid her back on it and stood, just admiring the view.

"She's got a great body," Mary said from over my shoulder.


Mary reached around me and began unbuttoning and unzipping and tugging and generally helping me get naked. A minute later I was.

Lisa was watching the whole time.

"It's not eight inches," I said.

"Looks bigger than that from here," Lisa said.

"Flattery will get you into trouble, young lady!"

Mary reached around me and grasped my cock with both hands. I think I was in heaven just then.

Lisa lifted her hands above her head on the bed and spread her knees as wide as she could. "Come here, you."

I started to step forward only to drop to my knees and plant a kiss on the tip of her clit.

"Yikes!" she squeaked.

I slowly suckled her clit, rolling my tongue over it time after time in quick darting movements. Lisa couldn't breathe and kept gasping. I stiffened my tongue and licked her sex from bottom to top and back again. I nibbled on her clit.

Mary was leaning on my back, slowly rubbing my cock, still with both hands.

Lisa was groaning, "so good, so good" over and over.

I took two fingers and slipped them into her pussy while continuing to lick and nibble. Soon they were pistoning in and out. Lisa's head was rolling back and forth, her breasts jiggling wildly.

Mary took one hand and squeezed my balls.

I laid the flat of my tongue against Lisa's clit and rubbed it for all I was worth.

Lisa locked her hands in my hair, dragging me even tighter against her pussy.

"Come for us," Mary told Lisa.

Lisa's eye's flashed open on she looked at Mary. "Oh. Oh." She panted out.

"Come for us," Mary told her.

"Coming. Coming. Coming" Lisa was thrashing wildly beneath my tongue, legs kicking out, hips bucking up and down. "Coming."

I slowed my tongue and my fingers.

"Coming," Lisa whispered.

"Fuck her," Mary whispered in my ear.


"Put your cock into her pussy." This time, loud enough for Lisa to hear.

"Please," Lisa said. "Please fuck me." She scooted back on the bed.

I crawled up onto it, never taking my eyes off Lisa's.

"Please fuck me."

"Fuck her," Mary helped line my cock up with Lisa's pussy.

I slipped into Lisa.

"Oh, yeah. Fuck me," Lisa panted. "Fuck me good."

Mary was moving behind me. "Fuck her good, lover."

I slipped out and then in again.

Lisa moaned.

Mary licked my balls. I groaned.

I began to fuck Lisa with Mary trying to lick my balls. Sometimes she managed.

Lisa was gone. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she was chanting with each stroke.

Sweat was dripping off of me and I watched drops splash off Lisa's breasts as I continued to slip in and out of her.

This continued for some period of time. It might have been 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 3 hours. I couldn't tell you to save my life.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Lisa chanted.

"I'm going to come," I somehow grunted out.

Mary stopped licking at my balls. "Come in Lisa, do it. Come in her," Mary said.

"Fuck me, fuck me."

I pushed in as deep as I could.

Lisa opened her eyes. She smiled. "Come in me." She whispered.

I looked into her eyes, grinding into her. I came. And I came. I started to pull away and I was still coming. I pushed back in. My arms were shaking, sweat pouring. It was ending.

I released a breath I hadn't known I was holding. I eased back, my cock sliding out of Lisa to drop down to my thigh.

Mary kissed my neck and my ear. "Thank you," she whispered to me alone. Thanking me?

Mary slipped around me and leaned over Lisa. They kissed. Just a gentle, friends-type kiss. But still. Two beautiful naked women kissing in my bed will get my attention.

Mary pulled back, "Thank you, Lisa." She kissed Lisa again.

We'd sort of made a mess of the bed so we gathered together and helped each other to Lisa's room and her clean king size bed. Thirty minutes later we were all asleep.

I recommend waking up naked with two beautiful women. Among my life experiences, that one is near the top.

Lisa was spooned up against my back while I was spooned up against Mary with my morning erection pressed up against her. I was fondling Mary's breast all night while Lisa sort of cupped my cock and balls.

I for one did not want to get up.

Mary, however, did. "Come on! Let's get up and get going." She hopped out of bed.

Morning people.

"I'll buy lattes," Mary promised.

I sort of slipped into Mary's spot moving slightly away from Lisa and rolling onto my back. "Come back to bed." My erection was growing.

"You can not be horny," Mary said. Absolutely certain.

I just looked at her.

"Lisa? Help me out," Mary said. "We should get going."

I looked over and saw Lisa was awake and smiling.

"I thought I might," she said. Her eyes seemed to glow.

"Lisa. You are a bad girl," Mary said.

Lisa sat up, twisted, and took my cock deep into her mouth.

Mary laughed. "Well, that's not exactly the help I was looking for, but it will help somebody out." She looked at me, "You, mister, are spoiled."

I smiled. "She made me!" I said, pointing at Lisa's bobbing head.

"I see," Mary said dryly.

Even though I'd had a big orgasm just a few hours before, it didn't take Lisa long. Mary watched, smiling, as Lisa gave me a good morning blowjob. I came while looking at Mary.

As Lisa was licking the last bits up, Mary leaned over and kissed me. "If we don't get going, we won't get out of this bed today." She was serious. I didn't see the problem, but I figured I'd get going anyway.

With some good-natured grumbling I participated in getting dressed, and packed. And then I loaded the car. The girls pretty much directed my traffic and checked us out. By 10:00am we were on I-5 taking the "short cut" to San Francisco.

After lunch in some forgettable diner, Mary had me pull into a park so we could stretch our legs. We found a path that led into some trees. A little exercise is good for anybody. Thirty seconds after we were out of sight of the parking lot, though, Mary had my shorts at my ankles and proceeded to show Lisa how well she could blow me. Just as I came, Lisa leaned in and kissed me, then pulled Mary up and kissed her while I was left to sort out my shorts.

Yes. It was hot.

We got back on the road and got to the condo by early evening. Lisa and I had work the next morning so, after a few scorching kisses, Lisa left for the evening.

Once we were alone, Mary began to look pensive.


She gave me that smile that means "I know, I'm sorry."


"Yes," softly.

"Why are you looking so pensive?"

"Do you like Lisa?"

"Yes. I do like Lisa. Mary?"

She looked me in the eye.

"I love you, Mary."

"I love you too. But..."

I scooped her up and plopped her down in my lap. "But what?"

"Can we keep her?" Mary looked scared.

I laughed. "Who's going to feed her? Clean up after her?"

"She's my other best friend."

"Who'll take care of her when we're on vacation?"

"Can we?"

"What do I get if I say yes?" I teased.

"A blowjob."

"I've had two today."

"God, you're terrible," Mary said, playfully pushing me away.

"What do I get?"

"What do you want?"

"I want you." I was being honest.

"You have me. Do you want her, too?"

"Mary. God. I..." Yes I was speechless.

"Do you?"

Minefield. Time to fall back on the truth. "I don't know what the right answer is."

"The right answer, Mister, is 'yes.'"

"Do you want me to say 'yes'?" I was fishing, and she was biting.

"Can we keep her?"


Mary squealed and twisted to hug me. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Reaching for my belt, Mary informed me, "You are going to get three blowjobs today." She was right. I did. Some days you circle on the calendar. With a red Sharpie.

Women, in case you don't know this, have a psychic bond with one another that they work overtime to hide from men. I have proof though. From the moment Lisa left, though our discussion, my blowjob, dinner, making love, a movie, a full night's sleep and an early morning shower, Mary absolutely did not talk to Lisa. No phone calls, not even semaphore from the window. Nothing. I was there. I can testify.

As I stepped out of the shower on Monday morning there was a knock at the door. Not intending to open it, I stepped up and looked through the peephole. Lisa. With coffee.

I swung the door open. Lisa laughed.

Damn. Forgot my towel. "Come in, Lisa." She did and I closed the door behind her. She was looking great, all dressed for work. "Mary!" I called, "Lisa's here."

I passed Mary as she came out to say "Hi" on my way to get dressed.

"I just came by to tell you I took two weeks off, starting next week, so I can go home with you," Lisa told Mary.

"We've decided to keep you," I told Lisa helpfully, pulling on my shirt.

"Was there ever any doubt?"

"I had to give him a blowjob," Mary explained.

"Three blowjobs in one day? Aren't you spoiling him?"

"And he fucked me last night, too."

"God. No wonder you need reinforcements."

"I was good," I told Lisa. "Mary just offered to blow me if I'd let her keep you. So you actually are hers."

"Really?" Lisa said, pretending to think hard. "I was going to blow you this morning, sort of as a 'thank you, ' but if Mary is the one keeping me, I don't know." She turned to Mary. "Should I like eat you?"

Mary blushed, which was unusual enough to get my attention. I started give my two cents worth, "I..."

But Mary interrupted me. "Hush you," she said, looking at me. "Lisa you run along to work like a good girl. Take this beast with you and keep your hands to yourselves. We'll take up this conversation over dinner."

Pulling my pants on over the obvious erection the conversation had given me, I made an observation, "I think if Lisa's coming to dinner and she's going to eat you, we might need a second course as you are pretty low calorie."

Mary punched me in the arm. Not very hard. "I'll take care of dinner."

I tied my tie, slipped into shoes and a jacket and followed Lisa out the door. We took Lisa's car so Mary could use mine.

My co-workers were sure they'd figured me out when Lisa showed up just before the end of the day to pick me up. Every man in the office found a reason to walk, slowly, through the lobby. Most of the women did, too.

There's beautiful, there's sexy, and there's cute. Occasionally you'll find a girl who's all three.

"Let's get out of here while we can," I said to Lisa, putting my arm around her waist and leading her to the door. She laughed.

"Do you think they know you got into my pants this weekend?" she asked, just loud enough for one of my assistants to overhear.

"They do now," I laughed. "And every single one of them is jealous."

"You're sweet."

"Really?" I asked as we waited for the elevator, "I'd always heard it was bitter."

Lisa laughed. "No. In your case I can state from experience that it is very sweet."

The ride home was torture. Lisa was driving and she had worn a skirt to the office that kept riding up. Once she noticed where I was looking, she helped it along. High enough to show that she preferred thigh-high nylons. It got hot in the car. With the air conditioning on.

Mary, my brilliant and beautiful girlfriend, was waiting for us when we got to the condo. Drinks were in the freezer, and steaks were ready to go on the grill.

"So you decided to feed this poor girl?" I asked Mary.

She smiled. "Go change."

As I left the room Mary and Lisa were whispering something or the other to each other.

As I came back to the room Mary asked "Who wants an appetizer?"

I hadn't had lunch, so I said, "I do." So did Lisa.

"Hmm," Mary said, "Hmm. I think Lisa first."

I can admit I was slow on the uptake.

Mary sat down on the dining room table, pulled her skirt up and showed us both that she had nothing on under it at all.

Suddenly my loose shorts were too tight.

Lisa took the chair between Mary's legs and sat down, facing Mary. "I've never done this," she said.

"I have," I said stepping up behind her and putting my hands on her shoulders. "Nothing to it, but it can be a bit messy. Let me help you." I reached down and helped Lisa unbutton and remove her blouse and then her bra. "There you go. Now. Take your hands..." I proceeded to make a bid deal about showing Lisa where Mary's clit was, how to finger her, and I explained how to get started. Before I was done with my totally unnecessary instruction, Mary was panting.

Lisa leaned forward, gently stuck her tongue on Mary's clit and then got started. She was a natural. In no time, Mary was writhing on the table, moaning, and begging for her orgasm. Lisa was relentless. She sucked, she licked, she dug her fingers around, she blew lightly, she nibbled. Mary was bouncing up and down against Lisa's face and I feared for the table.

And then Mary let out a wail, grabbed Lisa's head and came and came and came. Lisa was gently licking Mary's pussy and whispering comforting words. It was sweet.

It was so hot I thought I'd lost it a couple of times.

When Mary had calmed down she sat up and smoothed down her skirt. She looked at me and smiled. "Wow," she said.

"Uh," was all I got out.

"Are you okay, sweetie?"

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I opened them to see both ladies looking at me.

Mary smiled. "Quick Nurse Lisa! Emergency blowjob in the dining room! He's crashing!" Mary laughed.

Lisa grabbed my shorts and yanked them to the ground, sucking my cock deep into her mouth in one motion.

Mary, god bless her, was counting, "One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand..."

On "five-one-thousand" I grunted and blasted spurt after spurt deep into Lisa's mouth.

"Five seconds!" Mary called out. "We have a new world record!"

"Oh god." I said, still trickling into Lisa's mouth. "Oh god."

"Get a grip, mister," Mary said. "That was a close one. You pull up your shorts and put on the steaks. I'll take care of Lisa. I can tell you aren't up to the job."

And while I got myself together, got the steaks on the grill, and took a couple of sips of my drink, my girlfriend ate her best friend to a screaming orgasm on my dining room table.

I have to say, as good as dinner was, it was somewhat anti-climatic.

So the next day at work, after Lisa dropped me off, I took a bit of good-natured ribbing about her. I'd never had any personal life that my California co-workers knew of. They were trying to get details, but all I would say was that she was a friend. Which was true.

The day went well, but, as five o'clock approached, I was ready for it to be over. I had a date with Mary and Lisa.

Just before five the receptionist buzzed me and said I had a guest in the lobby. I smiled. It would be good to see Lisa. Much to my surprise, though, when I reached the lobby Mary was there instead. Along with perhaps half the men in the office who apparently needed to check their messages in person.

Mary was stunning in a short spring dress. Her hair was down and her eyes were sparking. I went right up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. "Let me get my jacket and we'll get going," I told her.

The looks of curiosity mixed with jealousy that met me as I turned back for my office were priceless. Keep guessing, guys.

Lisa, also looking lovely in a light spring dress, was waiting in the car, just outside the building. Fifteen minutes later, having braved the Embarcadero during rush hour, Lisa slipped her little car in-between two SUVs and we were at our dinner destination.

Eating dinner with a lady is always fun. When she is lovely, intelligent, witty, and funny, it is even better. When you know you have a pretty good shot at making love with her that evening... well, that's the best. Okay, that had been the best. I found that when you are eating dinner with two ladies that match that description, dinnertime is even better.

And neither of them was willing to behave. If Lisa wasn't sucking a finger, Mary was licking her lips. Mary made sure I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. Lisa tickled my knee with her bare foot. Conversation jumped from topic to topic, but each topic had a sexual undertone. Nothing explicit, just enough to drive me crazy — and it was very sexy.

By the time we got up to leave I had to discreetly rearrange my erection while both girls looked on and laughed. Teases.

Somehow Lisa had managed to get a bag packed and she had it with her. That night she basically moved in with us. Not that a lot of moving in happened when we first got home.

I held the door and then followed them into the condo. While I was carrying Lisa's bag to the closet, Mary and Lisa were removing every trace of clothing... so when I got back to the living room I was met by two stunningly beautiful, naked, and horny women.

NCAA basketball was on. No, I did not turn on the TV. I like to call it "priorities."

Sometime later, with Mary and Lisa dozing among the tangled sheets I got up to get a drink of water and ended up out on the balcony. I had a great view and just sat down to watch the world go by.

The soft sound of the glass door sliding open and then closed let me know that one of my ladies was joining me.

"Hey," Lisa said. "Can't sleep?"

"Look who's talking," I replied, scooting up a bit to make room for her on my lap.

She sat down and cuddled for a while, not talking. A big container ship was easing out towards the Pacific and we watched it until it was just a flickering light in the distance. Safe journey, guys.

"Are you okay with me jumping into your relationship with Mary?" Lisa asked.

I chucked and gave her a tighter hug.

"No, really. Two weeks ago you didn't even know me. Really, aside from in bed, you still don't..."

"Lisa," I said, "Mary has known you for years. I love and trust Mary. Mary loves and trusts you." We were talking in low voices.

"Is that enough?"

I kissed her temple. "Maybe not forever, but it's enough for now."

A big tug was chugging off on some chore; I watched it until Mary spoke again.

"Why haven't you married Mary?"

"Boy, you're asking tough questions tonight..." It was odd, getting that question in these circumstances.

"You love her."

"I do."


"So... well, look. Marriage isn't love. Marriage is kids and grocery stores and bills and in-laws. Marriage takes two people and its full time."

"No. Marriage is love."

"But it takes a full time commitment and I'm two thousand miles away half the time..."

"So you aren't marrying Mary because of your job?" Lisa twisted around and looked at me.

Okay. Put that way it does sound stupid. "Well..."

"I think you should marry Mary."

Where did this come from? "What about you?"

Lisa giggled, "You've only known me for a week. You don't want to marry me."

A Coast Guard chopper was working its way over the harbor. I watched it, enjoying the feeling of warm sexy girl on my lap. Mary hadn't directly said anything, but somehow I knew. I could see it in the way she looked at Lisa. "Mary does..." I said.

Lisa turned to look at me again, "What?"

I smiled at her, "Mary wants to marry you."

"I..." and then Lisa grew quiet. San Francisco Bay is always busy. I could watch it forever.

Perhaps half an hour passed, maybe more. I was thinking about bed and how to gently carry Lisa in as I was pretty sure she was asleep. "I do too," Lisa said. "I love her."

I kissed the top of her head, "Let's go to bed."

I had had an out of the office meeting planned for all day Wednesday but at seven in the morning I got a call that it had been cancelled as the principles I was meeting had rushed off to Singapore for some crisis. Sort of a bad news/good news thing for me.

Lisa had to work, but Mary and I had an unplanned day to ourselves. We dropped Lisa off with plans to pick her up at 4:30 and headed out.

Since we'd "done" the city, and driven Big Sur, we decided to go north. The Golden Gate bridge, in some ways, is just a bridge. In other ways it is a right of passage. Mary was thrilled when we drove over it. We stayed on Highway 1 for the 90 minutes it took us to get to Bodega Bay. The Sonoma coast is another beautiful drive.

If you go, we recommend The Tides Warf & Restaurant for lunch. Beautiful views, locally caught seafood, Sonoma (of course) wines.

Mary and I talked about everything that day. Have I mentioned how smart she is? And she's a gifted conversationalist. We talked politics, religion, education, poverty, race relations, and maybe a hundred other things.

But it wasn't until we were halfway back to the city the Lisa came up.

"What were you and Lisa up to last night?" Mary asked.

Mary isn't jealous and I could tell she wasn't mad, so I just told her, "We were talking about you."

"Were you?" She was smiling.

"Well, yeah," I wasn't sure I wanted to go through the marriage talk. Maybe I'm chicken. I had to think about that. "Lisa loves you, you know?"

"Yeah, we've been close for a long time..."

"No, she loves you."

Mary turned to look at me, "Love or L-O-V-E?"

"Love like 'I can't stand to be away from you' love."

"Hmmm." She was quiet for a few miles. "I wondered..."


"Well, when I broke up with Brad," her last boyfriend, "Lisa was excited... and we spent a lot of time together. A lot."

I looked at her.

"No. We didn't do anything, we just were around each other all the time."

"Uh huh."

"We were. Then I met you and like a week later Lisa was all about moving out here... So I sort of wondered..."

"It's my fault," I said, not a bit seriously.

"You. Look. Lisa never said anything to me. I never thought I liked girls, so I wasn't paying any attention. Maybe it wasn't that way at all."

"And." Apparently I was the facilitator in Mary's thought process.

"And maybe it was?"

"You should ask her."

"God. What if she says it was that way? I love her, I didn't mean to hurt her."

"So tell her."

Mary turned up the volume and we listened to old rock and watched the scenery going by. Pretty soon we were winding our way back through town to Lisa's building.

Our timing was great as Lisa came out the door, looking for us, just as we got there.

Did I mention earlier that women are apparently psychic? Lisa climbed into the back seat, looked at me smiling at her, looked at Mary trying to twist around to say "Hi" and said, "It's okay Mary. You couldn't have known."

I pulled out into traffic and Mary said, "I didn't. I'm so sorry."

We were all quiet for a couple of minutes as I negotiated the beginning of the drive home.

Mary twisted around to look at Lisa. "Do you still love me?" Mary asked.

"I always have."

"Well, I love you too, now." And Mary turned back in her seat and reached over for my hand.

Just so you're clear, at this point, I love Mary. Mary loves me. Lisa loves Mary. Mary loves Lisa. The only thing we needed to figure this out was what was between Lisa and me. Aside from great sex.

Did I mention there was great sex? Mary and Lisa were so connected emotionally by the time we got home they were almost one girl. From the car to the door they were wrapped around each other. Once inside they separated only long enough to strip down and then, much to my viewing pleasure, they tried to be inside each other's skin.

From moment to moment Mary or Lisa would be nibbling on a nipple, licking a navel, rubbing a shoulder, sucking a toe, massaging a clit, kissing so passionately I could feel the heat from ten feet away, or just holding one another.

The part of me that wasn't focused on how hot it was recognized how beautiful it was. Mary and Lisa completely gave themselves to each other. I wondered if Mary and I were ever that good together... Hell, I wondered if anybody else had ever been that good together.

An hour and two martinis later, they became aware of their surroundings and of me, still pretty much dressed, sitting in a chair, feet up, watching them.

They weren't in the least embarrassed. Mary crawled over to me. "Are you okay?"


She reached out and found the erection she was looking for. I jumped. Mary smiled. "Quick Nurse Lisa... Emergency blowjob in the dining room... He's crashing..."

Lisa crawled over to join us and between the two of them my pants and underwear disappeared pretty quickly.

Mary sucked me in first while Lisa watched. Mary's head was gently bobbing up and down. Lisa reached in and fondled my balls. I groaned. Mary pulled off and smiled at my reaction. Lisa's tongue licked from the base of my cock to the tip and then she was sucking me.

"I love watching her suck you," Mary said.

"Me too," I grunted.

"Pig," Mary said, smiling.

Lisa lifted her head giggling, "You're awful!"

Mary took the opportunity to suck me in again.

"She's a good little cocksucker!" Lisa said.

Honestly, I wasn't in any condition to say anything at this point.

Lisa and Mary traded places half a dozen times in the next few minutes. Neither one trying to hurry me along, both obviously enjoying themselves and enjoying watching the other one and me enjoy ourselves.

I'm not sure whose mouth was on me when I came. I was delirious. I came and there was laughter. I came and there was gurgling. I came and there was groaning.

And then I must have passed out.

"Are you with us?" a concerned voice asked.

"Yeah... Yeah... Wow."

Mary and Lisa still knelt between my legs so it couldn't have been too long.

"I'd have to say," Mary said to Lisa, "I think we blew him away." And then they were absolutely rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard at me.

Once they had calmed down to snickering and giggling I reclaimed my dignity. "If I could get up, I'd spank you two," I threatened.

"You and what army," Lisa teased back.

Arghhh. But it didn't matter. It was at least 10 minutes before I could even stand up... and then all I could do is take off my shirt and pull on some sweats Mary brought me before sinking back into my chair.

Blown away.

Dinner was pizza. Good pizza from a little shop a block away. They had to deliver as I wasn't sure I could walk a block and back. Mary and Lisa were in short robes when the delivery girl got to the door. Mary paid her, but I could feel the heat of her blush from my chair. Mary and Lisa looked that good.

"So," Mary said as we were finishing up dinner, "we should talk." I was in my chair while Mary and Lisa sat on the floor with the pizza box sort of in the middle.

"Right," Lisa agreed.

"What are we going to do about us?" Mary asked, looking at me.

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