Naked Lisa's Story
Chapter 1: A Goodbye Kiss For Two Girls In Love - and Memories

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Spanking, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Goodbye Kiss For Two Girls In Love - and Memories - A Young Woman is falsely accused and imprisoned. While imprisoned she is changed forever.

Lisa kissed Samantha goodbye and there were tears in both girls' eyes. She held her tight for several minutes until both young women realised that the time had come and they parted with one last quick but tender kiss. This was the sad part about what was otherwise to be a very happy day. Samantha and Lisa had been best friends for three years, not that they had seen too much of each other during that time, but the last few months had been very precious for both of them and they were to meet again as soon as Samantha was released and could make the journey to Wales where Lisa was headed. She went to be given back her own clothes, taken from her thirty eight months ago in exchange for prison uniform, and dressed. The touch of them on her skin felt odd after all this time. She noticed that her shoes, once so comfortable, were now too tight. Well, that was hardly surprising, since she had been barefoot for all but three days of her time here and her feet had probably grown a little. She determined to buy a new pair as soon as she got home.

The gate guard shook hands with her before letting her through. She had already shaken hands with governor, the only male in the establishment and a hidebound bureaucrat if ever there was one, though with flashes of humanity now and again. She had bid farewell to the hatchet faced chief warder who had lusted after her from the first but had dutifully kept her hands to herself all the same - except when punishing her! She took one last look at the low level building under which she had passed much of her sentence and walked through the gate into the waiting car, which took her straight to the airport and back to her old life. Lisa knew she would be missed by many, for she had become a very popular girl in the last few months. But it had not always been thus.

Lisa's troubles had started the first day she had been in this Asian country on a two week holiday. She knew it was a case of mistaken identity and so did her parents and her lawyer and all who knew her. Lisa was incapable of criminal acts and, with a rich and very generous father, had no need to steal. Unfortunately she had come here alone, as the first great adventure of her life. Her parents had been worried, but her father had never been able to say no to his winsome blonde daughter and here she was. Her arrest had come as a total shock and she had made use of her one and only phone call to contact Daddy. Daddy, alas, had been away and it was weeks before he heard of his daughter's plight. She knew it was all a mistake, but the judge had not seen it her way and, three years ago to the day, a leggy slim blonde had been deposited at this prison to begin a three year sentence for theft.

Samantha had taken to her right away and the two had immediately bonded. Lisa had the vacant bed next to Samantha. On Lisa's first full day she had been sent to work in the kitchen in the morning and in the grounds in the afternoon. It was August and very hot, but Lisa had enjoyed being in the open, after the steamy heat of the kitchen.

Lisa had noticed something odd during the day and asked Samantha about it as they were being marched back to their cells. "Why do some of the women not wear shoes, Samantha? It can't be for comfort. Some of those stones are sharp as razors!" She had seen several inmates in this state, as they toiled among the sharp flints in the garden.

Samantha looked at the women in question and her face lost its smile for a second.

"Because those women have all been punished at some time, Lisa, by being sent to solitary confinement. While they are in they are made to undress completely and when they come out of solitary they get their clothes back, minus their footwear. They must remain barefoot for the rest of their sentence. It gives them a bit of status, being marked out as graduates of the isolation block but it's a hard won status, Lisa! Their feet toughen up in time, of course. Some of them have been like that for years now and would probably reject shoes even if they had the chance to wear them, but they go through hell in solitary. I have nightmares about it! Never get sent there, Lisa!"

"But it can't be that bad! I mean, surely it's just a matter of being on your own. Once you get used to being confined you just buckle down to getting through your time there. It can't be that terrible."

"It's not just being locked up, Lisa. It's a very strict regime. You get nothing to read and nobody to talk to. And the cells are so small. They make sure you suffer every second of the time you're in there. They have loads and loads of rules and if you break one you get extra time. If you go back a second time, you lose more clothes when you get out. We had one topless prisoner, but she was released the week before you came. But I don't know of anyone else who went back for more. When a girl gets back after eight weeks in solitary - and that's if she's lucky and manages not to break any rules - she takes months to recover and she's determined never to get sent back. Some of them never do get over it, poor things. I don't know exactly what they do to the segregated prisoners, because they don't like to talk about it once they get out, but believe me, it isn't nice!"

"You mean they can go in there for as long as eight weeks?" Lisa, the archetypical open air girl, was shocked to think of anyone being away from the daylight and fresh air for that long.

"That's the standard time. No one ever gets less. For a second offence you'd get eight weeks plus another eight and they make you serve your first eight all over again before you even start your second stint. It can really mount up at a frightening rate if you keep going back there! And a third offence would get you twenty four plus a repeat of all the time already done. But only one or maybe two girls have ever got more than one stretch and they didn't get sent down deliberately - believe you me!"

Lisa looked around. Out of two hundred or so women she could see, only twelve were barefoot. And she could see what Samantha had meant about some not getting over it. Most of these former solitary inmates looked fine except for their lack of shoes, but three were patently nervous wrecks and in a pitiable condition. Probably claustrophobic, she decided, and the experience had permanently unhinged them. What a cruel place the world could be! But there were only a dozen out of two hundred, so it couldn't be that easy to get sent there. As long as she was careful to do as she was told, she would keep her shoes for the next three years and stay in the fresh air!

And then the first disaster struck, in the form of an older and more well-built girl who jostled Lisa just as they were entering the prison building. It was probably only an accident but Lisa made the mistake of looking round and glaring. This provoked the woman to push her again.

Lisa had led a sheltered life up to this point, but she remembered what her father had once told her elder brother before the lad was sent away to school. She, herself, had been educated at a day school and come home every night to a doting father and mother.

"Never let yourself be pushed around, son" her father had said. Lisa decided that this advice might be said to apply to her in her present situation! She pushed back and was then sent flying. She picked herself up and was punched in the face. What was it that her father had also said?

"Always hit back, son. Never mind if you take a beating, always hit back. It's the only way!."

Deciding that prison was not unlike boarding school and that what applied to boys could also appply to girls, the delicate faced blonde Lisa hit back. The other girl, who was no taller, but much heavier, hit her again, only a lot harder! Lisa licked her cut lip and tasted blood. She hit the other girl again, putting more weight behind this punch. Soon the air was full of the sounds of fists crashing into faces and thudding into bodies as the two stood toe to toe and slugged it out like there was no tomorrow. The other girls were crowding around to get a view of the fight, which was, to put it mildly, not going Lisa's way! Lisa knew that she was being well and truly thumped but refused to back down and was surprising herself by getting in a few good shots as she gained confidence. Her anger at being picked on overcame any fear she might have had. Then the staff came running up and the pair were separated, breathing heavily and, in Lisa's case, bleeding profusely.

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