Life After College
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Swinging,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Swinging life style in college, now I wanted true love. Would I find it?

I began dating Grace in high school. We did the usual petting that most kids do and then it went further until we had sex. Yes, it was sex not love. We both lost our virginity in my car. Other than masturbation, this was my first time cumming. We got heated up and she removed her jeans and panties. I gave my undying love to her so I could get my first piece of ass. We were in the front seat of the car and I unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my briefs down past my knees. Grace hopped on and lowered herself down on my very stiff pole. She lowered herself until she felt her hymen against my cock. She closed her eyes and quickly pushed herself all the way down on my very hard member. She screamed out, "God, it hurts," but then started moving up and down slowly until the pain went away.

I sat there moaning and holding onto her hips. I looked down and saw the red and white juices coating my cock and resting on my pubic area. Grace yelled out. She was having her first orgasm and it made me feel proud. I came and pumped my load in her. She felt it and lowered herself down to get all the feelings she could.

It was our first time and I know we will always remember it. How can you not? It seemed every time we were alone we would have sex. After the first time there is no way we were going to stop. Luckily she didn't get pregnant because she was on the pill. She told me later that she had been taking the pill for about a month before our first time. She wanted to protect herself, just in case we did it.

Looking back I would have to say that if a girl takes birth control pills, she is expecting to have sex. It's like a guy buying condoms. He hopes to use them or he wouldn't spend the bucks on them.

Grace and I both went to college, at different universities. I was a state away. Of course we both vowed to be true to one another but that lasted about a month. At the first party I had my second woman, and my third. I knew I wasn't going to be faithful. There was too much free pussy out there and I was still just a young guy with flowing hormones. I remembered to use condoms most of the time. I say most of the time because a lot of the sex I don't even remember. I was too far gone.

When I went home for the holidays and saw Grace, I told her I hadn't been true to her. She told me she tried to hold out also but there was just too much tension and peer pressure and she eventually gave in. Of course when we were alone we had sex again. It was so different from our early days. I guess we both learned a few tricks to bring to our sexual union.

Thinking of her with other men bothered me but I had no exclusive rights here. I was every bit as bad if not worse than Grace. We decided not to be exclusive since we weren't anyway. I guess it was a breakup of sorts but there was a life out there that we wanted to explore and since we weren't even in the same state it would be impossible to explore it together. That was the last time I would see Grace for years to come.

After graduating from college I ended up marrying one of my college sexual partners. We were good together and enjoyed a lot of the same things. Unfortunately it included sex. I say that because we got into a lifestyle I didn't really want. There were a few drugs and multiple sex partners. I always thought that after the college days that we might be monogamous. The three ways and multiple partners were great until I got married. Then I wanted my wife to be mine. That's what I thought settling down was all about.

Gail had invited a few of our old friends from college over. There were six of us at the house. We were smoking weed and took a few pills. I say we but it was Gail and our friends who were taking the drugs. I was never much into them even though I did smoke a little weed. Everyone wanted to play games so we played strip poker. All the gals were decent looking and us guys I guess you would say were handsome. Gail had the biggest boobs and I was wondering if she was going to show them. It both excited me and bothered me. As the clothes came off, the drunker everyone seemed to get.

Everyone was down to their underclothes when one of the women had to remove her bra. Her husband smiled as she took it off. One of the guys removed his briefs and was sporting a hard on. Then Grace removed her bra and everyone cheered. On the following hand she had to remove her panties. I know we use to do this at college but now she was my wife and it began to bother me. Jim, the one with the hard on, said he would like to plant it in her pussy. Gail spread her legs showing everyone her goods as Jim moved forward and pushed his hard prick into my wife. She squealed and he kept pumping into her.

Jim's wife grabbed Brad and started fucking him right there in the kitchen also. That left me and Brad's wife Mary. We got up and went to the couch in the living room away from the others. She told me she wasn't big into all this but liked me and would go along. We actually had sensuous sex. Slow and easy and lots of kissing. Mary was a good lover and didn't seem like the party animal like the rest of the group including Gail.

After everyone left, I told Gail that it didn't feel right being married and watching her with other men. It was different in college but now we were suppose to be more responsible. She laughed me off and said we were responsible people. It was just that we enjoyed our sex life as well. I told her I didn't enjoy watching her with other men. I wanted us to be monogamous. She smiled at me and gave me one of those we'll see answers.

Things seemed to be going pretty good and the swinging seemed to stop. That's when I discovered Gail was having an affair. I got off early for lunch and thought I'd go to Gail's office and surprise her for lunch. As I pulled into the parking garage I saw Gail get in a car with our friend Brad who worked in the same building as Gail. I thought I would follow them and then go into the restaurant with them except they went up the highway and pulled into a motel. That's when I knew our marriage was probably over. I would give Gail a chance to tell me about the affair but if she kept it a secret then the marriage would be over.

There's the college sex that you're suppose to outgrow. Then there are those who are into the swinging scene. Honesty is the biggest part of this group, love is not. Believe me, if you swing with your spouse you do it for the sex and the sex only. How you can separate love and sex in a marriage is beyond me. There are those out there who would disagree with me but that's my opinion.

Cheating is another thing. Swingers who cheat do not love their spouses. The spouse is already letting you fuck someone else and now you need to cheat too? Get real, there is no love here. Once a cheater always a cheater? It's a fair question. In probably eighty percent of the cases a person who cheats once will cheat again. I do believe that the other twenty percent realize the terrible mistake they made and do stop. Again that's my opinion.

After finding my wife Gail cheating on me I decided to go out in style. I called her later in the day when she got back to her office. I told her I stopped by to take her to lunch and her car was there but she was gone. I wanted to know if she was going to tell me the truth.

She told me that her and a few of the other girls went to lunch together and she was sorry she missed me. I told her not to worry because I was going to make it up to her on Saturday. She was happy and asked where we were going and I told her it would be a surprise.

I didn't have sex with her that night. I just couldn't get into it. I didn't even want a goodbye fuck. The following day was Friday and I had to close accounts and see my attorney and get our affairs in order. We were only married for a little over a year so we didn't accumulate much more than debt.

Saturday I told Gail to get dressed fancy and I would be back in a little while. I had called Mary, Brad's wife, on Friday and told her to have Brad take her to the restaurant Saturday night. They ate out often so it wouldn't be a big surprise until I would break the news. I didn't tell Mary anything about the affair. I needed her for the shock value. I picked up some candy and roses. I went back and put on a suit. I was going to give Gail one last chance to be honest with me.

I handed Gail the flowers and candy and told her it was for being faithful to me. That in our marriage we had trust; without trust and respect for one another there was no marriage. I actually had tears in my eyes as I said all this to Gail. She had tears in hers but probably for a different reason.

I pulled up to the fancy restaurant and I told the hostess that we had reservations for four. Gail looked at me surprised and asked who was joining us. I told her I invited Brad and Mary since they are our good friends. We were seated and shortly after, in came Brad and Mary.

Everyone said their hellos. Gail and Brad were a bit surprised. I told them that we didn't get together that often and thought it would be nice. I told them I had called Mary the night before, as Mary smiled back at me. Gail and Brad were uneasy but were doing their best to cover it up. After we had a wonderful dinner, I told the group that I had reserved a room in the motel.

Gail looked at me surprised and asked why I got a room when we only live ten minutes away? I told her it was for her to stay at that night because I didn't want her in my house. She was totally taken by surprise.

I told her that I knew she was cheating on me with Brad and that our marriage was over. I looked at Mary and apologized, telling her that I didn't mean to hurt her but that I had caught the two together. I gave Gail a last chance to admit it before we came to dinner but she chose not to say anything.

Brad started to speak and I told him to shut the fuck up or I would shut his mouth for him. He fucked my wife behind my back and I had no use for him. I told Gail that cheating on me would not be forgiven. I had seen an attorney and that she could come back Sunday and take whatever she wanted. I would be back Monday and anything left of hers would be out in the driveway. I got up, laid down the room key and walked out the door.

I could hear Mary yelling and screaming at Brad as I walked out. Later I found out that Mary had moved back in with her parents and divorced Brad. The last I heard was that Brad and Gail were living together. I had to think that they would never get married. They had no foundation to build on, not even trust.

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