Instant Chemistry
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It is amazing what freedom a few thousand miles from home can give. One cheesy chat-up line, a few well-placed glances and an all too brief conversation, and she goes weak at the knees. A story about instant chemistry.

It was the Gala Dinner of a trade exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, at which 95% of the guests (and industry) were men. The food was good, the drinks were free and flowing, and the non-stop entertainment was more wannabe Las Vegas than traditional Asian. The guests were hot-blooded (some good looking; most not) with licence to play ("it's work honey — I have to go") and the wrong side of sober.

Pretty young ladies were not expected, which gave her an edge. By the time their eyes had worked their way up from the 3 inch black heels, the curve of her long, shapely legs, caught up with the short cream suit skirt, crawled over her dark chocolate shirt, trailed up the sweep of her throat and realised that underneath that mane of dark hair she had shining brown eyes and a full mouth, they could not get it together enough to close their mouths, let alone even consider pouncing. By which time, she had moved on to the bar, or back to the table where her fellow guests thought they might get somewhere with her by being courteous and gentlemanly. Which they might have done, had they not all been 30 years her senior, and drooling.

In fact, whilst there had been plenty of ogling and a fair amount of perving and filing for future use, she was yet to be approached by someone whom she might actually want to talk to. She had half an ear on the tedious conversation at her table, and half a bored eye on the feather and sequin extravaganza happening on stage, when she saw him walking towards her, working his way between tables and people.

He caught her looking and held her gaze. The confidence he exuded was so unexpected that even though goosebumps shivered along her spine, she was still surprised when he stopped at her chair.

"You look familiar — haven't we met before?" He only got away with it because he knew it was a crap line and because he was the best looking man she had seen since arriving — in fact he was the best looking man she'd seen for a long while.

"Is that the best you can do?" It came out with a smile before she could stop the words. You and your big mouth, girl, she scolded herself.

He smiled a killer smile back. "When our eyes met across the dance floor..."

What dance floor?!, she thought. Please be winding me up! "No more — I can't take it!"

"Truth? I saw you and thought I would swing by and say hello. My name's Daniel."

"Delighted. Megan."

He knelt by her chair. "So, which one is your husband?" Megan was suddenly very relieved that the show was so loud. "Client and guests" she explained of her Oriental companions. She turned to face him. "My husband is in London", she fibbed with a small smile; she wanted to see how much he was out to play.

Daniel frowned briefly. "No! What a shame." He went to move on.

She back-peddled fast — he was very cute. "Do you have a card I can take anyway?"

"My last one." He handed it to her. She smiled and mouthed 'thanks'. He moved to the other side of her chair, lent in and with his eyes fixed on the dancing girls said in a low voice right by her ear "No problem. My wife is in New Zealand. Buy you a drink?"

She finally worked out where he was sitting when she spotted him later, three tables away by the stage and right in her line of sight. It didn't take long for him to realise she was watching him. He returned her gaze, totally unselfconsciously. He knew he had her hooked.

For Daniel, the evening was a necessary business chore, but he had enjoyed a few beers with clients and was having a reasonable time. From his front table vantage point, he had begun check out the rest of the room. He had not gone far before spying a vision that got his cock twitching. She was seated a few tables away and seated facing him straight on. The distance was enough so he could admire her without attracting her attention. He had first noticed her earlier during the cocktail drinks. She was a very sexy young woman, maybe mid-twenties, with shapely curves in all the right places. Daniel pondered his options. He was getting hornier by the second and quickly decided that a forward approach was the only solution. Something about her made him sure she wouldn't blow him off. Confident there was a much more interesting evening in store, he excused himself from his companions, headed straight for her and hit her with the most obvious and corniest line he could think of.

"Haven't we met before?"

A short while later his seat was empty. Megan tried to keep her business head on and be interested in her table, but it was no good. She resisted the temptation as long as she could before braving the wilds of the path between tables of now very lecherous men, toward the bar. She saw him standing to one side, in deep conversation with a tiny beautiful Asian woman. In that brief glance he did not seem to have noticed her. She smiled to herself and walked on. It looked like he was keeping his options open. In the bathroom, she told herself off for playing along with such a blatant flirt, but that did not stop a blush coming to her cheeks as she imagined his hands sliding up her bare legs and under her short skirt, or what his mouth would feel like on her body. She touched up her lipstick, pushed her hands through her hair, and turned to go back into the fray.

"There you are." He was lent against the wall, drink in hand, looking every inch the intense sexual predator that he was. And he was waiting for her.

Everything about him, those brown eyes, his gorgeous face, that self-assured smile and his obviously strong body, was more than enough to sweep her off her feet. But it was that confidence — confidence without being arrogant — that made it so hard for her to think about anything else except how he was making her feel. She couldn't even blame it on alcohol; she had only managed to have two glasses of wine all evening.

They were standing so close his aftershave smelt hot on his body. He looked straight into her eyes, his gaze so intense she thought her heart would stop. She was convinced it was obvious how much she wanted him, her nipples were so hard, and she could feel her pussy lips getting wetter by the second. He hadn't even touched her yet. The fact that they had only just met and she had no idea who he was only served to heighten her anticipation - she wanted him to kiss her so much she could almost taste him. She knew that however the rest of the evening went, it was going to be fun.

"What about that drink?", Daniel finally asked.

Daniel found seats in the back corner of the bar while Megan disappeared to excuse herself from her group. Hidden away from the crowds, he couldn't quite believe his luck. While nothing had actually yet happened, the sexual tension between them was so potent it made him tingle, and he loved it. Megan slipped onto the bar stool and pulled it in close, facing him. He casually placed one hand onto her thigh and began to gently stroke the bare skin under his fingertips. That first touch instantly gave her chills all over her body. He leaned over — it looked like to speak into her ear - but he didn't say anything, he just breathed in her hair as his lips touched her neck. Megan closed her eyes, curled her fingers into his hair and trailed his neck.

She slid forward on her stool and felt her skirt inching further and further up her thighs, followed closely by Daniel's warm hands. His leg slipped between her parting thighs and she moved closer and closer until his thigh exerted an exquisite pressure onto her throbbing clit, making her white panties even wetter as they pushed against her crotch. One of Megan's hands worked its way up his thigh, finding his hardening cock. Under the pressure of her fingers she felt his cock stiffen and grow even more.

She could barely believe that this intense, strong, gorgeous man wanted her as much as she wanted him. Their lips met and his arms closed around her, his hands as eager to explore as her own. The taste of his mouth and tongue, this kiss that was loaded with desire, was exquisite. Their physical chemistry combined with such public intimacy served to turn them both on even more. Megan somehow managed to break the kiss long enough to growl "Isn't it time we left?". Daniel took the hint.

Megan led the way to the lift, where the anticipation of privacy became too much. The doors were not even closed and the button for her floor barely punched before she freed his hot hard straining cock and he'd shoved her skirt up around her waist. He lifted her easily, pinning her to the wall of the elevator, pushing the crotch of her sopping panties to one side and slipping his hard fat cock straight into her. She felt so tight as he filled her, but her pussy was so slick from wanting him so badly that as he thrust hard against her, pushing her against the wall, he slid his full length inside her, again and again. Megan gasped as she worked with each stroke of his lust filled cock, and brought them to the fast, intense, shuddering orgasm they both needed since their flirting began hours earlier. The doors slid open as they attempted to straighten their clothing and they managed to surprise a group of guests waiting for the lift as they made their way to Megan's suite.

A bottle of champagne was on ice was waiting for them. Daniel crossed the room and started to open the bottle.

"Were we that obvious, or does this place have psychic room service?" he asked as he perched on the back of a large plush sofa.

Megan followed him, and started to unbutton his shirt. "I ordered it when I cried off the rest of the evening from my client, but we weren't exactly discrete". She began to stroke the hard bulge in his trousers as her mouth worked it way across his broad chest and up his neck. She opened his fly and her hand slipped around his now sticky, hot and still hard cock, gently massaging it, feeling it harden so much it made Daniel groan.

His self-control was tested almost to the limit as she slipped to her knees, licked the tip of his cock and started to suck and lick it all the way down. He basked in the firm, warm, wet sensations of her talented tongue and mouth, when, with great difficulty, he pulled himself away from her and helped her back up.

Daniel released her skirt so it dropped from her hips to the floor, where it was quickly joined by her shirt. He moved her away from him, to better see her sexy voluptuous body in her little white g-string and smooth white low-cut bra, with her 3 inch black stilettos still on. Megan used the space to lean over and take a sip of champagne. He was immediately behind her, kissing her back and neck, his hands cupping her full breasts, squeezing the nipples. One hand slid slowly down her hot smooth skin, over her stomach, around the curve of her bottom and thigh, and inside her panties. His fingers touched and stroked the warm slippery wetness of her pussy. His lips were in her ear whispering dirty sweet nothings, when he slipped first one, then two fingers all the way inside her. She almost came hard then and there on his fingers. Her hand on his, she slowly pulled his fingers out and licked her wetness from his fingers. The last of their clothes were gone in seconds.

Sliding down onto the large sofa, she knelt over him, their mouths and tongues locked together, their hands everywhere. She could feel his straining cock brush between her legs, but just as she could not wait any longer, he easily turned her onto her back and licked and kissed and felt his way down the hot, silky tanned skin of her body to her aching pussy. He opened her with his fingers and pinched and licked at her clit. Each lick made her tremble with longing, which grew more and more intense as he slid his tongue, then fingers into her.

Megan could not take any more torment. She pushed herself away from him and sat astride his lap. Her arms around his neck, she slowly eased his big rock hard cock into her hot, tight, wet, aching pussy, all the way down, sliding him deep inside her, then out, and back in. He pulled her down onto the sofa underneath him, pushing himself inside her further, faster and harder, holding himself up, watching her face as she wrapped her long legs around his hard, tense body and grimaced in pleasure as he pounded his rough public bone into her clit. Megan suddenly came, the long awaited powerful orgasms racking her entire body over and over and over; her fingernails scraping his back so hard he had to grab her hands and pin them above her head — he could feel her muscles clamped around the full length of his cock, squeezing and squeezing, driving him over the edge as she bucked her hips under him making him come again and again deep inside her.

They were finally where they had wanted to be all evening, and still could not get enough of each other.

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