Needing The Green
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Cheating, Interracial, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man's long time virgin girlfriend may love cash more than him.

My life was really starting to look up. I was 21, working a job I loved and I had just moved into a place of my own. The best part was my girlfriend Mandy. Mandy is two years younger than me. We had dated since middle school. Why she picked a dork like me I will never know.

I am not really much to look at. Short and kind of round is the best way to say it. Mandy on the other hand is a Goddess. At 4'10" and only 95lbs she is a small thing. I call her mini white because she looks like snow white with her pale white skin and dark hair. But the thing that most people notice is her bright blue eyes. God I love those eyes.

You may say Mike (that's me I am mike) how could it get any better. Let me tell you. Two mouth ago I asked my sweet Mandy to be my wife and here is how it gets better she said yes. Not only will she be my wife but I will actual get to make love to her.

You see Mandy and I through all this time together still have not done any more than make-out and use our hands on each other. I have only seen her naked once and that was by accident when I walk into the bath room when she was getting out of the shower.

So know I have to tell you where everything started going to shit. I guess it started at my work. I work as a warehouse supervisor. I can't really say the name but it's a big one. About a month ago my boss tells me I am going to start training a few new employs on the night shift. Among them is a man named Jay Markwell.

Normal I would just go give the prepared speeches and hand him off to a box thrower. But I knew Jay he made high school hell for me. There were few days I came home without a bruise or limp because of that black asshole. So I decide I was going to make thing hard on him.

As I approached him for the first time in three years I felt like a scared little kids again. The closer I got to him the more remember why I was so scared of him back in the day. He stands at least 6'7" and he is as round as he is tall at, at least 350 of fat and muscle.

But before I could say a word to him his face grew a huge smile and said "Milk tits mikey holy shit its you. I heard you're my boss. Before you can say anything I just want to tell you I am so sorry for the way I treated you back in school man." He then holds his hand out for me to shake.

He goes on to tell me that since he has gotten out of rehab he has felt bad for the things he did in the past. He tells me how bad his home life was and how he was taking it out on me at the time. Call me a sucker but I really bought it. So over the next week we hung out like the best friend at work and out.

Mandy didn't like the idea of me hanging out with Jay. So I didn't bring him by the place. She remembers all the beatings and thinks no one like that can change. I keep trying to tell her I think she is wrong. But I can't say much to her since she got some of it because she was my girlfriend at the time.

At the end of the week Jay comes to me and says he thinks he may have to quit. He says he cant find a place close to work and he doesn't have a car. So I tell him I have a three bedroom place just two blocks away. One is mine one is Mandy's and if I could work it he could have the other since we need to start saving for the wedding anyways. I tell him it may be a hard sell but I will try.

Threw tight negations I got her to say yes but only till he finds another place close to work. He moved in two day later. I have to give her so much because rite away she was nice to him.Also that week he got moved to days shift. So with me being night and him day it left him and Mandy at home alone all night.

A few days later I came home early because a leak at work. When I got I was surprised to find my sweet virgin girlfriend dance in front of a sitting jay in her underwear. When she saw me she grabbed her bath robe and ran from the room. Jay just gave me a big smile and a wink of his eye.

I followed to her room. As soon I was in her room she says to me "what are doing home early." To which I said "fuck that what the hell were you doing out there." She tells me "I was just dancing for the pig. He gave me a Fifty bucks. It's not like I was even naked. You're the one that said we need extra money. I didn't think you would mind."

I didn't want to fight about and she was rite it wasn't like she was naked or touching him so I said it fine with me as long as it doesn't go any further than that. This sits her off. "You really think you have to tell me that. I am a grown woman and know what to far is. For Christ sake I haven't even let you seen me naked and I love you baby."

She gives me an evil little smile the ones like jay gives. Then she runs across the room and jumps into my arms and plants the biggest I have ever had on me. "What do you say I take us out to a nice dinner sweetie on jay?".

Then she whispers something that creeks me out "besides I think Big J may want to have the place to him self" Big J is what all his friends use to call him back in school. Why would she be calling him that?

The next day before I left for work Mandy met me at the door with a piece of paper. She said Jay gave it to her. She giggles as she hands it to me. It is a price guide. "You're not think of doing any of this are you?" I say to her to which she tells me "maybe just the innocent stuff." Then give me a kiss.

Here is the price guide which I must have read about a thousand times while I was at work that day.

  1. Underwear dance - $25 *

  2. Sitting on lap in underwear -$50 *

  3. Lap dance with underwear- $75 *

  4. Dance naked - $75 *

  5. Setting on lap naked - $75 *

  6. Lap dance naked - $100 *

  7. Touching tit clothed - $15 *

  8. Touching tit naked - $30

  9. Touching puss clothed - $30 *

  10. Touching puss naked - $50

  11. Allowing to masturbate in front - $30*

  12. Hand job clothed - $75

  13. Hand job naked - $100

  14. Tit fuck only naked - $125

  15. Blow job clothed - $100

  16. Blow job naked - $125

  17. Eating puss - $100*

  18. Masturbating on puss - $125*

  19. Blow job sallow - $135

  20. Fuck - $1000* virgin puss extra $500

  21. Fuck and cum in puss- $1300*

*-drops by half after first ****I am allow to video all above

When I got home from work that day jay had already left to go to work. Mandy was also gone but she had left a note.

Sorry I missed you sweet heart, went shopping

Love Mandy.

P.S. I did a 1, 2, and 3.

When I enter my bedroom I find a video tape on the bed, with a note on it that says "play me". I put it in the play and this is what I see.

Mandy enters our living room in her bath robe. Jay is sitting on the couch. She then hits play on the CD player. She starts dancing around the room. Then she removes the robe under which she has on a skimpy pair on panties. As she dances Jay grabs a sheet lying next to him and puts it over his lap.

He appears to pull his pants down under the blanket. She dances around a few more minutes. Then jay says "come on just sit on my lap." She replies "ok but sit on your hands." He then removes the sheet which he is naked under. Mandy says "oh no I am not sitting on your lap like that." He says "this is how they do it in strip club. But if your chicken." Mandy says "ok but let me know before you finish I don't want any of your stuff on me."

She then goes to sit so her back is to him. He says "No, no, no you have to face me." She stands turns and sits facing him. I can't see from the camera angel where his penis is going but I guess it is rubbing her pussy. Mandy then says "If I move around is that a lap dance" Jay says "you bet baby".

She then starts bounce on his lap. At this point he grabs her ass and she says "sit on the hands or it's an extra $20." He laughs and says "would have given you $30" she keeps moving on his lap for a few minutes. Then I notice her breathing start to change as well. She then put her head his chest.

He then tell her "I am about to cum" she say "it fills good just keep going" they both speed their movements. He then goes ridged and makes a loud grunt. She makes an o sound. She keeps her head in his chest for a moment. Then grabs for the sheet and rubs it between them. He grabs the remote and the tape stops.

I just watched the woman I plan to marry do more sexual with a black bully than she ever has with me. I went to bed hoping I would wake to find it all a dream.

When I got up the apartment was empty I found another note.

Hey sweet heart Jay and I went to get some food. I see you when you get home.

Love, Little M

P.S. like the new nick name Big J came up with it.

I went to work and found it hard to do anything but think what was going on at home.

When I finally got home I found it empty again. This times no note. I went to the bed room to find another tape. I popped in the player rite away.

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