Hotel California
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Added chapter 4 and revised chapter 3 so that it is twice as long as before. A young couple turn off a desert highway and find an old hotel. They will find the most intense pleasure of their lives, and also the greatest horror. They will never leave.

I was thinking about just how wonderful my life had become as I shifted the little convertible into 5th and accelerated onto the highway. My interminable college education was over and I had just started a dream job that paid quit well. I caressed my fiancée Cindy's left hand letting my fingers linger on the engagement ring she now wore. I had asked Cindy to marry me only a week ago and we were now headed east from LA to meet her parents in Chicago.

I had met Cindy while I was doing my graduate work. She had been the prettiest 18-year-old student in the class I taught. She had struggled a bit with some of the material so I helped her by tutoring her at a local café after class. We became friends, but not lovers. I did not want to risk my impending masters degree by chasing her, so our relationship remained platonic. Cindy was petite and slender. Her shoulder length blond hair had just a hint of red to it—strawberry blond is what I called it. She had a very faint splash of freckles over her cheeks that only served to make her appear more innocent and desirable. Cindy's innocent appearance was deceiving as she possessed an agile, and curious intellect. Cindy's memory seemed nearly photographic and her curiosity had led her to study history and the social sciences—art history was a passion of hers.

I had assumed that a girl as pretty, young, and smart as Cindy would not be interested in an "old" (28 years) grad student like me, but she surprised me by asking me out after she earned an easy "A" in the class I taught. "We should celebrate." She had invited, and I gladly accepted her invitation to dinner. I picked up the check of course, but that first date led to many more and our friendship rapidly turned to romance.

We were finally leaving the LA traffic behind and our car sailed on into the Mohave Desert as the air turned cool and clean. We had the top down and the sun had set in a ball of orange fire behind us. LA smog has only one desirable feature and that is the wonderful sunsets it produces. I exited the interstate and decided to follow an old highway east through the desert. The day had been so perfect that I wanted to prolong the experience of this trip. I remained lost in thought as I contemplated our future together.

Our romance was wonderful, but was lacking in one area. We had not yet experienced sexual passion together. As incredible as it may seem in this age, Cindy was still a virgin and was saving herself for marriage. Her intention to delay sexual fulfillment was not based on any particular religious conviction. She simply felt that sex was better saved for marriage and had held firm in her belief. The fact that I had not come on to her during the months that we had been friends had worked in my favor as Cindy regarded me as having more integrity than most men.

Whether I had integrity or not, I was not as lacking in sexual experience as Cindy. While I was an undergraduate in Arizona, I had become involved in a torrid relationship with my landlady. That relationship had only ended when I moved to LA and Cindy knew nothing about it. I suspected that Cindy had a secret of her own. She had confessed to me that she had felt some desire toward other women. She maintained that she had never acted on these impulses except for some mutual touching with a girlfriend in high school.

Perhaps it was the fact that I was so madly in love, but I felt that Cindy and I could overcome any challenge in our relationship. I was naively confident that our marital sex would fully satisfy her, and I even felt that I could handle it if she ever had a lesbian encounter later in life

"Where are we Robert?" Cindy inquired.

"Somewhere east of Amboy—I think."

"I'd feel more comfortable if we were still on the interstate."

"We're actually safer out here in the desert away from all that traffic."

"What if the car breaks down or something?"

"The car is perfect... I had it checked over before we left. Everything is perfect and I love you. Let's just enjoy this peaceful night." I offered as I once more took her hand.

Cindy sighed and reclined her seat a bit more. I was getting a bit tired myself. I had not been able to get away from work until after five, and the LA traffic had left me feeling drained. Ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light. It seemed strange to see what appeared to be a fairly large complex out here in the desert. As we continued down the road I felt a crushing fatigue come over me. Cindy yawned and I knew that her head was getting heavy as well.

"I think this might be a town ahead. I think I'm about ready to stop for night." I said.

Cindy replied, "I doubt if there is any kind of motel out here away from the interstate.

Cindy was correct because as we continued down the old blacktop we saw that the shimmering light was way off the blacktop road to the right. I had already passed the only side road leading to whatever the light source was, but some impulse made me turn around. I located a small road that was only a sand and gravel track through the desert. I started down the road and had gone over two miles and the shimmering light seemed no closer.

I commented, "It's amazing how the desert distorts your perception of distance—particularly at night." Cindy responded, "I still think we would be better off on the interstate, but I am curious about that light. I seriously doubt if it is a place to stay though."

We had traveled over five miles on the rutted track when a huge old building came into view as we topped a rise. It was two stories tall made of stone and brick. A large neon sign out front said "Hotel California." Both the sign and the hotel reminded me of the opulence of a bygone era. The building appeared to be in perfect condition. What was even more amazing as we drew close was that it was still open. I pulled in under the portico and held the door for Cindy.

She said, "I don't think we can afford this place."

I didn't think so either, but I suggested that we have a look in the lobby and ask anyway. We climbed a marble staircase to the lobby and entered a room with elegant mirrors, two stone fireplaces, and high ceilings. Candlelit chandeliers hung in front of two spiral staircases that flanked the front desk. We walked over to the uniformed man behind the counter and asked if he had a vacancy. He actually had a room at a price we could afford and told us to be sure to enjoy the restaurant while it was still open. He apparently served as a bellhop as well because he retrieved our bags from the car and escorted us to our room.

The room itself was quite small, but very elegant. A four-poster bed of walnut was the centerpiece, but all of the furniture looked like it was 100 years old and was in perfect condition.

"Where is the bathroom?" Cindy asked. I looked around and realized that there wasn't one. "I'll bet it's down the hall." I replied. Cindy groaned and I explained that most old hotels did not have a bathroom in every room. I speculated that the hotel did not even have plumbing when it was built.

"No wonder we got such a good deal on the room." Cindy laughed. She found the bathroom at the end of the hall and freshened up. I did the same when she finished and we went down to the dining room together.

We entered the dining room and asked for a table for two. The hostess, a simply dressed buxom woman, informed us that all of the dining space was shared. As we looked around the well-appointed room we realized that every round table seated six and almost all of the tables were fully occupied.

Our hostess said, "There are a couple of seats at Lady Natalie's table. I'm sure they won't mind sharing the table with such a charming young couple."

We were escorted to a table that already had four guests present. I held a chair for Cindy as she took a seat to the left of a very beautiful and elegant older woman. I then sat to Cindy's left next to an older man in a business suit. A mature woman with ash blond hair whom I presumed was his wife occupied the seat to his left. The final seat held a younger woman with brunette hair and a blank expression.

Introductions were made all around. The beautiful older woman next to Cindy was Natalie of course. She introduced the younger woman on her right as her "traveling companion" Jan. Jan did not speak and merely nodded her head politely. The older man to my left was named Howard. He was large and had the powerful build of a man who might have once played football. He introduced his wife Brenda.

Brenda was classy and attractive. She wore a sleeveless dress and expensive looking jewelry. As good looking as Brenda was she could not hold a candle to Natalie who was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Natalie seemed taller than average with full breasts tapering to a slender waist. She wore a short dark fur coat over her shoulders. Natalie's hair was dark with a frosting of silver. Her hair was styled so regally that I found myself thinking that her hairstyle must cost more than my car payment.

Cindy ordered a salad and I ordered a salmon filet. Our fellow guests had already been served. Howard dug a knife into a huge steak and began to pepper me with questions. He asked where I was from, where I was going, and even what kind of car I drove. Howard phrased all these questions as polite dinner conversation, yet I felt a bit uncomfortable with the interrogation. Natalie had become engrossed in conversation with Cindy. She had discovered Cindy's interest in art history and was now discussing all of the places in the world she had visited. "What do you think of Etruscan art?" She inquired of Cindy.

Howard was discussing the merits of my Mazda Miata with me. He said, "I'm afraid Brenda's mind is tiffany twisted. She thinks any car but a Mercedes is just a junker."

"That's not at all true!" Brenda protested. "I'm sure your little car is just darling."

I overheard Natalie ask, "Are you familiar with the mystery cults of ancient Greece? Some of the murals found in the crypts are just fascinating..."

It was clear that Cindy and Lady Natalie were having the more erudite conversation at this table. Natalie was becoming animated as she described the places she had visited. She and Cindy were acting as if no one else was in the room. Natalie would occasionally touch Cindy's hand as she made a point. Cindy was ignoring her salad and asking the occasional question. Jan was left out and glumly picked at her own food.

Howard stuffed a huge bite of steak into his mouth and asked me something about the Raider's quarterback. Brenda rescued me by asking if Cindy and I were engaged. She all but squealed with delight when I informed her that we were. Brenda declared, "We must have a toast!" Howard ordered a bottle of champagne and poured glasses for all of us. He then toasted to our happiness. Cindy turned red with embarrassment at all the fuss, but I could tell from her grin that she was very happy.

At last our fellow guests finished their diners and excused themselves from the table. Cindy and I finished our meal in silence. We left the dinning room and entered the lavish lobby to find Natalie and Jan sitting on a leather sofa in front of the fire. It did not escape my notice that the two women were holding hands. We walked over to them and took seats across from them. Natalie said, "It was such a delight to meet both of you. I'm hoping you can come up to my suite for a nightcap. I have a bottle of late harvest seyval that I have been saving." Without thinking Cindy responded in the affirmative. Natalie said that she needed thirty minutes to freshen up and then told us how to get to her suite in rooms 203 through 204. She got up to leave the lobby and headed toward the spiral staircase. Jan started after her, but Natalie gave Jan a stern look as Jan started to mount the stairs. Jan turned away at the unspoken rebuke and left the room by a different door on the first floor as Natalie climbed the stairs to her suite.

I turned to Cindy and said, "I think she likes you." Cindy responded, "She is a fascinating woman."

I corrected, "I mean to say that I think she really likes you... Did you notice that she and Jan were holding hands?"

Cindy's face turned taut as realization dawned. "Oh." "Oh!" "Do you think she expects... err. I mean... does she want... oh."

I interrupted, "I don't know for sure, but she was acting like she found you very attractive."

"I can't go up there!" Cindy insisted.

"We already told her we would."

"But I don't know. This is a bit sudden. I mean..."

'You already told her that we'd come up for a nightcap. I don't see how we can refuse without being rude."

"But I didn't know she was coming on to me! She wouldn't do anything with you there... would she?"

"Well... Natalie did invite us both, so I doubt it, but you should probably decide what to do if she does." I insisted.

Cindy exploded, "What to do? We're engaged! I'd have to politely excuse myself of course!"

I offered, "You once told me that you were excited by the possibility of another woman. Have you changed your mind?"

Cindy responded softly and reflectively in a voice that was barely audible, "No. I still think about it sometimes."

"Do you find Natalie attractive?"

"Oh yes." Cindy said with quiet vehemence and continued, "She's not only beautiful, she's sophisticated and so sexy."

"I agree so why are you so hesitant?" I asked gently.

"It would be like a betrayal of us. I think I might want to, but then I think I'd feel guilty."

I said, "What if I don't feel that way about it? You know that I love you and I want you to be happy. This could be a chance for you to have a very special and exciting experience."

Cindy gave me a hard look. "You want her to seduce me?" She asked incredulously.

"Yes. If you would enjoy the experience that is what I want. To be perfectly honest I find Natalie to be very sexy also. The idea of the two of you together is beautiful to me for some reason."

I moved closer to Cindy and caressed her shoulder. I took her hand and said, "Maybe nothing will happen, but if it does just play it by ear. This could be one of the most exciting nights of your life. You may always regret it if you don't act on your desires."

Cindy looked down and responded, "I may always regret it if I do act on them."

I reminded Cindy that nearly thirty minutes had passed. To say that I wanted her to follow through was an understatement. Natalie had invited us both up and the possibility of a threesome with the sexy older woman had crossed my mind. Even if I was only granted the privilege of watching while she took my beautiful young fiancée as her lover, I knew that would be the most exciting sexual experience of my life. We stood and I reached for Cindy's hand. Both of her hands were shaking with the combination of excitement and trepidation. We ascended the staircase and knocked at room 403. To my surprise Brenda opened the door. She had changed and was wearing a satin gown that revealed the shape of her body. I felt myself getting hard as I heard Natalie ask us to come in.

We entered a small sitting room with doors on either side that presumably led to bedrooms. Lady Natalie was seated on a small sofa across the room. She had changed into a peignoir gown of satin, silk, and lace. Her hair had been let down to her shoulders in gentle curls frosted with silver highlights. She opened a large book in front of her and asked, "Would you like to see some of our pictures from Athens?" Cindy was visibly relieved and gladly took a seat next to Natalie on the sofa. I took the closest chair from which I could also peer at the photographs. Brenda moved across the room and opened the wine. Brenda served each of us a small glass and then took a seat in the only remaining chair in the small room.

Natalie showed Cindy pictures of some statuary and took about ten minutes as she described where each was taken. Brenda sipped her wine, smiling mysteriously and glancing over at me on occasion. Natalie finally opened the book to the picture of a statue of a young woman. The figure was nude and very pretty with small breasts and perfect thighs.

"She's very pretty don't you think." Natalie inquired. Natalie was sitting very close to Cindy and turned toward her now. Natalie continued, "I find you even more beautiful than this statue." and then she kissed Cindy softly on the lips. Cindy stiffened slightly, but did not move away. Natalie glanced at me for only a moment, perhaps to see if I would object, but then she turned her full attention back to Cindy.

"How do you like the wine?" She asked.

"It's wonderful." Cindy stammered.

Natalie kissed Cindy again, lingering this time and very softly caressing Cindy's lips with her own. "The wine tastes even better on you lips" Natalie stated. She took both of Cindy's hands in hers and said, 'Life is a wondrous journey. We must seek and taste all of the great pleasures while there is time." Natalie brought a hand to Cindy's face and gently caressed her cheekbone. The two women kissed again until Cindy pulled away.

Cindy looked at Brenda and then at me as if she had suddenly remembered that we were watching. Natalie noticed this and said, "Let's go somewhere more private."

Natalie stood and walked toward the bedroom door. She turned to Cindy and extended her hand. "Come." She commanded as a woman who is accustomed to getting what she wants. Cindy rose hesitantly and went to her. Natalie took her hand and led her into the bedroom closing the door behind her.

Brenda looked directly at me and said, "Don't worry. Your girlfriend is in very good hands."

I said I wasn't worried as Brenda rose and took a seat on the sofa where Natalie had been sitting. She beckoned me to join her and then asked, "Did watching the two of them get you as hot is it did me?"

I told her it did as I put my arm behind her on the sofa. We could both hear soft murmuring coming from the bedroom next door, but could not make out any words. Now that Natalie was gone I noticed how attractive Brenda was. She had a round and pretty face in contrast to Natalie's patrician elegance. Brenda was more full in the hips while Natalie had a perfect hourglass figure. Brenda's breasts were also full and womanly. They hung down under her satin gown with the nipples protruding slightly.

I put my hand behind Brenda's head and kissed her. I reached for her shoulder with my other hand as she embraced me. I was sure that she had to feel my rock hard cock throbbing against her thigh as we pressed against each other on the sofa. I felt Brenda's tongue explore my mouth as our kiss lingered. Our lips parted and Brenda suggested, "Lets go in the bedroom and get comfortable." I followed Brenda into the other bedroom across from where Natalie and Cindy had gone moments before.

As Natalie shut the door behind her she put her arm around Cindy's shoulders. The younger woman shuddered from head to toe and her hands were shaking. Just settle down honey." Natalie commanded as she led Cindy to her bed. Cindy sat on the side edge of the bed and Natalie sat beside her. Natalie said, "We have all night so there's no need to rush. Would you like me to give you a little massage to help you relax?" Cindy nodded and Natalie gently pushed her shoulders back so that Cindy was lying on her back in bed with Natalie still sitting upright above her. Natalie leaned over and kissed her. Cindy could feel the warmth of the older woman's body as she was embraced and felt an incredible sensation of heat between her legs. Natalie's full breasts were heavy and the weight of them on Cindy's own small breasts felt delicious. Natalie took her time kissing Cindy repeatedly and tenderly as her hands roamed the younger woman's body. Natalie gently undid the buttons on Cindy's blouse and opened the sash on her own nightgown. She sat upright and took a small bottle of fragrant oil from a tiny drawer in the nightstand. Cindy sat up and extended her arms to Natalie who removed the younger woman's blouse. Natalie pushed the sweet young woman back once more and began to gently caress her with the warm, fragrant oil.

Natalie's hands started on Cindy's cheekbones and then moved over the muscles in her neck. Cindy moaned softly with pleasure and desire as Natalie's expert touch aroused her tremendously. Natalie sat up once more and slipped a hand behind Cindy's bottom. She found the catch for Cindy's skirt and undid it as Cindy stiffened slightly. Natalie began to remove Cindy's skirt and Cindy drew her legs up slightly as she was being disrobed to her bra and panties.

Natalie noticed Cindy's apparent discomfort as the nearly nude young woman looked as if she would like to draw here legs up to hug herself. Natalie leaned over Cindy and pressed her body to her once more. The two women kissed deeply and passionately now. Cindy no longer resisted Natalie's kiss at all and opened her mouth greedily to the older woman's increasingly passionate kisses. Cindy was being held down by the weight of Natalie's voluptuous body and was nearly out of her mind with desire and excitement. Natalie raised up on her elbows and asked, "I have something to help you relax. Would you like to try it?" When Cindy said yes Natalie reached into the drawer once more and brought out two small strips of fabric. "These are pure silk," she said as she wrapped the fabric strip around her finger and caressed Cindy's cheek with it. Natalie used the other strip to tease Cindy's left nipple through the fabric of her bra. Cindy rolled over on her side so that Natalie could undo the catches of her bra. Cindy turned over on her back as Natalie eased her bra from her slender shoulders. Cindy knew what was required of her now—complete surrender. Cindy held up her hands to Natalie and said, "tie me." Natalie tied each of her wrists with the silk ties and then secured the young woman to the bedposts.

Cindy felt herself to relax now that she was helpless before her beautiful mistress. Natalie once more leaned over Cindy and kissed her deeply. Natalie placed her leg over both of Cindy's legs holding her down and embracing her at the same time. Natalie brought her right hand over the younger woman's hip and eased her hand between Cindy's legs. Cindy was soaking wet and incredibly hot so that Natalie felt her moist heat even through her panties. Natalie once more used the fragrant oil and began a slow sensuous caressing of Cindy's body. She spread her hands over Cindy's small pouting breasts and teased her nipples with her thumbs. Natalie used one elegant fingernail to gently pinch Cindy's left nipple and then immediately soothed the pain she had caused with a gentle kiss. She continued to caress the young woman's breasts and ribcage with the oil and her warm kisses until Cindy was writhing helplessly on the bed.

Natalie sat up and slipped her fingers under the waistband of Cindy's panties. She did not pull them off right away—instead she traced her fingers over Cindy's hips under the soft elastic. "Are you ready?" Natalie asked.

"Yes." Cindy replied.

"You will be mine." Natalie stated firmly.

"Yes." Cindy said.

"Yes?" Natalie said as she slowly eased the panties over the young woman's hips.

"Yes. Please. Please take me!" Cindy implored her.

Natalie finished removing the underpants and opened her own gown fully revealing her full swaying breasts. She once more held Cindy down with her leg and kissed the younger woman as she brought a skilled hand to Cindy's soaking sex. Natalie traced a finger over Cindy's inner thighs right against the young woman's outer labia as Cindy squirmed and tried to push herself more into contact with the gentle hand. Natalie rose over Cindy and allowed her pendulous right breast to press to the young woman's mouth. Cindy kissed the warm, heavy softness as Natalie gently parted her labia and began a gentle stroking of her most intimate place. Cindy moaned repeatedly as Natalie stroked her bringing her fingers all around Cindy's erect clitoris, but never directly on the sensitive bud. Natalie slipped a finger into Cindy.

"No! Please!" Cindy exclaimed even as she involuntarily moved her hips to try to impale herself on Natalie's probing index finger. "I'm a virgin! Please."

Natalie sat up and smiled. "You are so beautiful and sweet my darling." Natalie eased her finger from Cindy's opening and pressed her palm firmly to the young woman's mons." " I'm going to take your virginity, but not tonight."

"No. Please don't" Cindy exclaimed even as she continued to writhe with pleasure under the older woman's insistent touch."

"Yes. You shall be mine and so you will lose your virginity with me." Natalie insisted.

"No. Please. I'm engaged. " Cindy protested, but Natalie simply smiled and kissed her once more. Natalie embraced her fully using her hand to stimulate Cindy's clitoris in circles through the small hood of flesh that covered it. Natalie kept her face right against Cindy's ear and whispered, "Yes." Cindy protested weakly, but Natalie continued the gentle stimulation and the incredible pleasure filled Cindy to where she knew something inside her was ready to spill. She felt Natalie slip two fingers barely inside her at the same time that a talented thumb pressed near her clitoris. It was all more than Cindy could bear and she shuddered in orgasm screaming, "Yes! I'll be yours! I'll be yours! Yes. Oh God Yes!"

Natalie held her hand over Cindy and kissed her as her shuddering subsided. She then wrapped her arms around Cindy embracing her so that her arms were between Cindy's back and the bed. She held her young lover this way for some time—kissing her and holding her. Natalie used her right arm to pull a pillow behind Cindy's shoulders as she held her the girl up slightly with her left arm. Natalie then lifted herself over Cindy and placed more pillows behind the girl's head so that Cindy now reclined against the headboard on her back with her face a foot higher than the bed.

Natalie reached for Cindy's bound hands and placed them on the bedposts placing her hands over Cindy's on the posts. She rose to her knees over Cindy then and knelt over Cindy's face in a clear posture of domination. Natalie removed her hands from the bedposts and brought them to her hips. She was still wearing her silk gown and the lace, silk panties underneath. Cindy was spellbound a site of the older woman's generous hips and the warm scent of Natalie's warmth over her face. Cindy could see the dark triangle of Natalie's pubic mound mere inches from her face through the lacy panties. Natalie slowly pulled her panties over her hips and partway down her thighs until the garment was brushing against the lips of the bound young woman under her. Cindy parted her lips as Natalie poked a finger into the center of her underwear allowing Cindy to suckle the finger through the sheer fabric. Finally Cindy tasted the warmth of another woman and felt that the best was yet to come.

Natalie made Cindy suckle her panties for five minutes before she sat up and removed them. As soon as Natalie was no longer positioned over her Cindy released her grip on the bedposts earning a slap on the hand from the older woman. Cindy held the posts once more as Natalie held her hands over Cindy's on the posts and once more knelt over the young woman's face. Natalie lower herself slowly to Cindy's hungry kiss. Natalie wore her pubic hair full, soft, and dark. Cindy opened her mouth as the warm, dark triangle descended to her lips. Natalie had Cindy kiss her through her soft bush well above her genitals at first. She used the weight of her body to press Cindy's head back into the pillow for a moment and then let the young woman come up for air.

Finally Natalie allowed Cindy to find the opening of her labia and taste her overflowing juices. Cindy was too eager and Natalie cuffed her gently on the ear with one hand and admonished her to be very gentle. Soon Cindy learned the gentle art of pleasuring another woman as Natalie guided her gentle and sensitive kiss. Cindy's nose was filled with the musky scent of her mistress as Natalie knelt over her and moved gently in rhythm with the stimulation of Cindy's lips and tongue. Natalie released her grip on her young lover's hands in order to grasp her head with both hands. She cupped the girls head in her hands as Cindy continued to lick her warmth. She ran her fingers through Cindy's hair and then used the hair to pull Cindy's head up from the pillows into firmer contact with her warmth.

Natalie reached orgasm as Cindy parted her lips wider. Natalie's grip on her hair hurt, but she was lost in the warm overpowering scent of her mistress. As Natalie's climax subsided she allowed Cindy's head to fall back on the pillow, but the lovemaking was far from over. Natalie urged Cindy to continue to gently lick and suckle her warmth. Natalie's pubic hair was now slick with her warm juices and Cindy was learning to find just the right places for her lips and tongue. Whenever Cindy would release her grip on the bedposts Natalie would slap her hands and place them back on the posts. If Cindy was too aggressive with her kiss Natalie would slap her ear or reach behind and pinch her nipples.

As Natalie once more neared climax she again pulled Cindy's head fully to her and came forcefully wanting full contact with the younger woman's soft lips. Natalie felt her legs starting to cramp from sitting over Cindy for such a long time. She eased herself from Cindy's kiss and lay beside her. She slowly stroked Cindy from the knees up to her pubic mound. "That was wonderful sweetheart." She told Cindy, but she knew that the task of initiating the young woman was not yet complete. She untied Cindy's hands from the bedposts and massaged her wrists.

The two women hugged each other as they embraced together on the bed. They kissed softly and tenderly and then Natalie covered them both with the satin sheet. Cindy turned over and Natalie spooned around her holding the younger woman possessively.

Cindy was exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

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