The Accident
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nicky is tricked into believing Tom is having an affair by his best friend Harris. She decides to get even but things don't go as planned for Harris.

Nicky watched Tom's face in the mirror as he moved toward her. She stood naked with her back to him. He smiled at her and she shivered in anticipation. He was tall, well built and handsome as the devil and she could feel herself responding to his smile and the seductive words he whispered in her ear. As he took her in his arms, she gave herself willingly to him to do with as he would. She felt his erection pushing against her butt as she bent forward and spread her legs allowing him entry. As he pushed into her, he pulled her hips tightly against him and she began to move with him as he pumped in and out, moving faster and faster as she rose to a climax. It rushed toward her with an intensity that she welcomed. As her climax was about to peak, she looked over her shoulder and into her husband's face just as it changed to Harris's face. She screamed and awoke from her dream with a crash. It was just a dream but it had seemed so real. But why had the face changed? As she lay in bed, she remembered.

She had thought about this day for the last two weeks and when Tom, her husband, told her he would be working late again, she had made her plans. She remembered the phone call to Harris just three days ago. She told him that Tom would be working late again and this was the chance they had been waiting for.

Harris had asked her if she was sure, to which she replied emphatically, "Yes!" This was the payback she had planned ever since Harris had told her of Tom's infidelity.

It was just two weeks ago when Tom called to tell her he would be late coming home again. This was becoming a habit that she didn't like, and it was so unlike him to do something like that. She was fixing dinner when Harris had called to say he was stopping by that evening. Harris and Tom had been friends since boyhood and they had maintained their friendship all through their adult life. Harris was recently divorced and had been spending a lot of time at their place, playing with the little ones and trying to resume a normal life.

Rita, his wife, had cheated on him and he had come home to find her and one of her coworkers in bed together. Harris had lost his temper and beat the man half to death before the police arrived and pulled him off. Neither had pressed charges so Harris was spared jail time. Rita tried to get Harris to forgive her and take her back but he would have nothing to do with her. She contested the divorce, but there were no children involved so it went relatively quickly once Rita found that Harris was going to stick to his guns and settle for nothing less than the divorce. Since then, Harris had spent most of his free time with them, not dating or going out much.

When Harris arrived, she noticed he seemed quiet and withdrawn. He asked about Tom, but she told him that Tom would be late and that dinner was already finished so they might as well go ahead and eat. She had already fed the twins and they were taking a nap, so Harris accepted and they ate a companionable dinner together. She noticed that he seemed quiet and preoccupied as they ate, and as they were finishing dessert with coffee, she asked Harris to talk about what was bothering him. At first he refused, but she kept after him until he finally relented.

"Nicky, you know I love you and Tom. You two are my best friends and you were there for me when my life fell apart. I wouldn't do anything to hurt either one of you. You know that."

"I know that, Harris. But I know something's bothering you and you have to tell me about it. You've suffered enough and I just want to help take some of the worry from you. So tell me what's bothering you."

"What I have to say is going to hurt you and maybe Tom. I don't know how I can do that. If I hurt either of you, I'll just want to kill myself, but if I don't tell you, you could be hurt much worse later and I couldn't stand that so I don't know what to do."

"Just tell me and let me worry about the rest. I'm here for you. You know that and nothing you could tell me would change that. Go ahead, let it out."

"First, you have to promise me that you will never tell Tom that I told you this."

"Fine, I promise. Now tell me what is bothering you."

"Tom is cheating on you with a woman he met at work!" Harris looked like he had just eaten something rotten and he had tears in his eyes as he said this.

She said nothing for a long time as she stared at Harris with eyes wide open and her mouth forming an "O" of shock. There were no tears yet: the shock was too great and the denial was too strong. She refused to believe.

"Say something Nicky. What are you thinking? Come on, don't do this to me."

Harris was beginning to panic. This is not what he expected.

"I don't believe you. Why would you say something like that to me? What do you mean he is cheating? I don't believe you." Nicky was almost crying as what he had said began to sink in.

"I'm telling you the truth. Tom is cheating with a woman named Phyllis and she works in his office. I saw them twice at the Holiday Inn on Cheves Street. They went up to one of the rooms and stayed there for over an hour each time. It happened three weeks ago and again last Tuesday."

Harris was watching her with a sad look on his face.

"I never asked him about it because I didn't want to know anything about it but I couldn't let you be hurt by this. It isn't fair to you for Tom to be doing this. I had to tell you."

That was the conversation and she and Harris talked about it for the next hour or so after she put the twins to bed and made a pact not to let Tom know that they had found out about his affair. When Tom came home that night, Nicky behaved as if nothing was different and Tom showed no indication that he was cheating. He even tried to make love but Nicky pleaded fatigue. Even though she hid her feelings, she was thinking about her next moves and what she would do to confront Tom. The more she thought of it the angrier she became. She cried herself to sleep that night and many nights after that when Tom fell asleep.

Things slowly returned to a normal pattern for Nicky as she let the infidelity simmer in her subconscious. She had not forgotten, just suppressed. It further infuriated her that Tom continued to behave as though he were not cheating on her. He was very good at hiding his affair she had to admit.

It was one evening after Tom had called saying that he would be late again that Nicky decided what she was going to do. She thought about it for a while and then called Harris, asking him to come over. Once he was there she described her plan to him. He listened and tried to withhold the smile that had been building as she told him what she wanted to do. He very solemnly declared that he would help her even though it would hurt him to deceive Tom that way. With his agreement, Nicky began to finalize her plan.

She very carefully wrote a letter to Tom, describing in full detail exactly what she would be doing and that she would be doing it with Harris. She had confided in Harris her plan to tell Tom, but had not told Harris that she was going to identify him. Harris believed she was going to keep his part in this anonymous, the only reason he had agreed to it. She read and re read the letter, making sure it delivered the maximum amount of hurt to Tom. Once she was satisfied, she put the letter in an envelope addressed to Tom in big block letters and put it in her purse to wait the right time.

She asked Tom that evening if he had an idea of the next time he would be working late since she wanted to spend the evening with her sister who lived about an hour away. She wanted to make plans for the twins to stay with her mom while they visited. Both Nicky's mom and dad were still alive and lived just three miles away. Her sister was single and had never considered marriage. She was happy living by herself and enjoyed her life but rarely visited with Nicky or their parents. Tom said that he suspected the next evening would be that Wednesday. He wasn't sure, but it looked like a good bet. Nicky thanked him and said she would make tentative plans.

The next day, she called the Holiday Inn and booked a room for that evening. She put the room in her own name and made sure that she used one of their joint credit cards. It was important that Tom be able to verify that she had stayed there. She next called Harris and told him to be prepared for Wednesday as the day. He agreed and said he would take off work early just to be sure.

The next day went very slowly as Nicky waited to see if this Wednesday was to be the day she got back at Tom. She couldn't wait to see the reaction on his face as he read the letter, knowing that when he did it would be too late to stop it from happening. She would let him know the pain and hurt she had suffered. She wanted him to pay.

About 1:30 that day, Tom called to say he was indeed going to be working late. He said that he thought he could be home by 9:00 that evening and if she was going to her sister's he would just pick up something to eat on the way home. She thanked him and hung up, elated and jumping with energy. This was it! Payback time.

She called Harris at work and told him to pick her up at the house at 6:00 that evening. He said he was ready and hoped he could do this. She said that she would help him and not to worry.

She got the twins ready and took them to her mother's place. Her mom loved watching the twins so it was never a problem getting her to agree. She packed a small overnight bag with some very naughty items, her cosmetics and those essentials she would need to make herself irresistible to Harris. She also took some casual clothes for afterwards and whatever else she thought she might need. She showered and dressed in a short red dress she used to wear a lot when she and Tom went out more. It was cut low in the back and very short, hitting her at mid thigh. She still fit into it very nicely since she kept herself quite trim. She knew she looked good since she was hit on often at the health club. Tom always complimented her on her figure, which again caused her to question why he would cheat on her.

She put the letter to Tom on the kitchen counter right next to the coffee cup that he always used. He would see it almost immediately. Once he saw it he would open it and read. By that time, she and Harris would have already done the deed and he would have to accept the knowledge that he had caused his wife to be unfaithful. And since she was telling him about Harris, he would know that she had cheated with his best friend. The double hit would make the pain even worse. That's what she hoped for. Bastard!

She had Harris pick her up at the house and they drove directly to the hotel. She had already pre-registered so she had only to give them her card and pick up the room key. Harris waited by the elevators while she completed the registration. They then went to the room together.

They were in the room and she had removed all of her clothes to stand naked in front of the mirror, her back to him, just as in her dream. Harris moved toward her as she stood there. She watched his reflection as he moved. He smiled at her and she shivered in anticipation. He was tall, well built and handsome as the devil and she could feel herself responding to his smile and his seductive words. This was to be his reward for telling her about Tom. She would submit to him and let him make love to her just as Tom was doing with his lover. Two could play this game and she was going to enjoy it. But she remembered her dream and remembered that this was just revenge. Pleasure would imply that she wanted to do this with a man not her husband and that caused her to question her actions.

Harris, for his part, was excited. He finally had the opportunity to fuck Nicky. He had been waiting for this day for a long, long time and his plan had finally borne fruit. He had hatched this plot about Tom cheating when he found out that Tom was going to be working late one or two nights a week with Phyllis and three other members of a planning team. They were planning a major expansion and Tom was the leader of the team. If they could pull this off, Tom told Harris that it would lead to a major promotion and a trip to Europe for him and Nicky. He wanted to keep it as a surprise for Nicky until he was sure about it.

Harris had then told Nicky that Tom was cheating on her and named Phyllis as the woman. He knew Nicky didn't know Phyllis and so couldn't check directly. Tom was so secretive that he only called Nicky after he had planned a work session so he played into the plot, making Harris' job easier. Nicky was convinced and she was now going to be his.

Harris pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it into a corner. He unbuckled his belt and opened the waist of his pants and stepped out of them with a kick. He was down to his jockeys, looking at one of the most beautiful sights of his life. Nicky was magnificent: her ass in front of him was wonderful, her tits big and natural, hips full, waist tiny and legs that were absolutely magnificent. She was looking at him in the mirror with a slight smile and she looked so gorgeous standing there. He slipped his jockeys over his hips and let his engorged cock spring free. He moved toward her with his arms open.

Nicky tentatively backed into his arms and let him pull her to his body. She could feel his erection pushing against her butt and she could feel the heat emanating from him. It was like a furnace, he was so hot. She on the other hand was shivering as if chilled. He closed his arms around her and instead of feeling warm and protected, she felt confined and suffocated.

She tried to relax and let this happen but she couldn't. He moved one hand to her breasts and the other to her sex. He rubbed her mound and she began to respond, letting him touch her. He slipped a finger between her swollen lips and began to move it along the slit. She could feel the wetness beginning and her breath became short. As she looked up to her reflection to see herself wrapped in his embrace with one hand on her tits and one hand between her legs, she suddenly realized that what she was about to do was not revenge: it was just wrong!

Nicky pushed away from Harris and wrapped her arms around herself. She wouldn't look at him and kept her back to him. She was suddenly ashamed of her nakedness.

"Nicky, what's the matter? Are you OK? I would never hurt you; you know that. Please, let me hold you and make love to you as we planned. I'll make you feel good. OK?"

"I don't know what the matter is. I'm scared and I can't feel anything but terror. I need to do this, but I'm having second thoughts. Please, let me think."

Nicky tried to move back to the bathroom to get a bathrobe but Harris stepped in front of her and tried to hold her again. She moved away but he followed. She was becoming afraid of him and tried to tell him so.

"Harris, please. You're scaring me. I asked you to wait and let me think. I don't know what's wrong but I don't think I can do this." She again tried to move past him but he continued to block her.

"Nicky, I think you need to come here to me and let me make love to you. That's all I have been thinking of and you know we are just doing this to punish Tom for his cheating. Right? Come on Nicky, stop teasing me and let's do this."

Harris' patience was wearing thin. So close to his desires and yet she was being difficult.

"I don't think I can do this. I'm sorry, but I am going to get dressed and go home. I still have time to get the letter I left so that he doesn't know anything about you and me and this night. I guess I can't cheat the way Tom did. I love him too much and I believe in my marriage vows."

Harris stopped in his attempt to convince her and looked at her in horror.

"You didn't tell him you were going to be here with me, did you? You said you were going to keep my part of this quiet. Tom will kill me."

"I told him about you and that you were the one who helped me see what he had done. He can't get mad at you since he is the one that was wrong. He will be angry with me but sorry for making me do it. You'll be fine as long as I can get the letter before he sees it. But he is working late tonight so we have plenty of time."

She seemed to be much more relaxed now that she had decided against doing what she had planned.

Harris considered forcing Nicky to go through with her plan when her cell phone rang.

She went to her purse and looked at the caller ID. It was Tom, calling from work. "Hello Tom, where are you. I thought you were working tonight."

"Hi babe. I'm done and I am free the rest of the evening. I've got some really great news that I want to share with you so I'll be home in about 30 minutes with a bottle of champagne. We're going to celebrate tonight."

"Celebrate what? And what do you mean you'll be home in 30 minutes. Where are you?"

"I'm at work. Where did you think I would be when I told you I was working late? Did you think I was having an affair or something? Not likely with you at home waiting for me. I'll see you in 30!" With that he hung up and left a startled Nicky starring at the dead phone.

Nicky turned to Harris and told him what Tom had said. She wanted to know why Tom was calling from work if he was cheating as Harris said. He just stared at her as he saw his plans turn to crap. Tom would be home in half an hour and his chance at having a piece of Nicky was gone forever. He saw in her face that she now knew he had been conning her and on top of that, if they didn't get to her house in the next 30 minutes to get that letter that the stupid bitch had left, he was going to be up shit creek without a paddle. Tom would kill him for sure and he was one of the few people who knew Tom and his background well enough to know that Tom really would do it.

He and Tom grew up on the streets of south LA and while he was one of the vast army of grunts that did the dirty work, Tom was one of the generals and he was no one to cross. He had come a long way from his past but the past was still a part of him and that explained in part why he was so successful in business. Tom knew people and people owed him.

He told Nicky to get dressed and get her stuff. They had to get home before Tom. She was panicked and was throwing her clothes back on, ignoring underwear and socks. She was ready to go in just under 3 minutes. Harris was ready as well and they ran from the room and down the stairs, not waiting for an elevator.

They found the car and Harris opened the doors via his remote. They jumped into the car and he backed out with tires squealing. He pulled away and drove to the exit onto the main thoroughfare. He slowed only slightly with a cursory glance at the traffic and pulled out with his foot on the accelerator.

Just as he cleared the exit from the hotel, he saw the truck coming from Nicky's side. He floored the gas, hoping to clear the truck, but there was not enough time. The truck hit the car on the passenger's side, just behind the rear wheel. The car was spun around almost 360 degrees and while Nicky was spared the direct impact, the jolt slammed her against the window and blood flew everywhere from a head wound. That was the last thing Harris remembered until he woke up in the hospital two days later.


When his boss, George Turner asked Tom to put together a team to develop a plan to expand the business in Europe, he was delighted. He wanted this in the worst way. He knew that this was the key to that elusive promotion he wanted and deserved. It had been his goal but with the business straining against the limitations of domestic traffic, he wasn't sure what else he could do. He had considered looking for another job somewhere else, but had built so much here that he would lose a great deal. If he could pull this off, he could get the European operation for himself.

He never discussed this with Nicky since she seemed to be quite happy with things as they were. She didn't work and she took care of the two little ones so she was content with his schedule. He was home most of the time and he traveled very little. This pleased her and she didn't see any reason to change it. He couldn't blame her. He made very good money so they had no worries about finances and no pressures on them.

He had spoken of the assignment with Harris but didn't give him many details. He was not much into business and Tom usually saw him nodding off if he discussed his job with him. He just told him that he would be working some late nights and that Phyllis was on his team. This interested Harris since he always had a thing for her. She was OK, just not Tom's type, but she was a hell of a good accountant so he was glad she was on his team.

He usually knew when he would have late meetings but he tried to make Nicky believe they were random events so he always called her on the day he was going to be late. This happened no more than 4 or 5 times but she was getting tired of it already. At the rate they were progressing, he didn't think it would take many more meetings to resolve their issues and present their plan of action. He had put together a team of hard working and loyal people and he believed they had already achieved the basic milestones and building blocks and that Mr. Turner would be impressed. It looked like they could do this and have an operation up and going in less than 8 months, about 5 months ahead of estimates. At that rate, they would be seeing revenue by the end of the year.

He had worked late last week and he knew that Nicky was angry with him. He wasn't sure why now of all times she would be mad but he knew it wouldn't be more that one or two more times and they would be done. He let it go and they didn't discuss it.

Monday Nicky asked him if he would be working late this week and he said that he would check. He already had a meeting scheduled for Wednesday so he told her to tentatively plan on that. She said she wanted to go to her sister's place and he agreed that would be a good plan. He confirmed it Wednesday and she made plans to go. He hoped that this would be the last meeting they needed since they had made some real progress. Time would tell.

Wednesday afternoon, he called a planning meeting and they reviewed the program schedule they had drawn up that morning. He opened the meeting for discussion and they found that they were all in agreement. They were ready to present their program. Tom called George Turner and he agreed to hear them immediately.

They made their pitch; they answered all questions and their numbers held up to scrutiny. Mr. Turner asked a few brief questions, which they answered and he finally stopped. He looked at Tom and said,

"This is outstanding work. You and your team have done the impossible. I want this ready to present to the board of directors Friday but I can tell you now that it's a done deal. Tom has told me of each of your contributions and you can all count on a bonus in your next paycheck. Tom; I want to see you after this meeting."

After the rest of the team left, George offered Tom the promotion he had been after for so long. He told him that this put him over the top and that he was pleased to make Tom the newest VP of Operational Planning. Tom would report directly to him and he could pick his own department members. It was what he had been waiting for.

As soon as he could, he left to call Nicky. He put in the call to home but there was no answer. Since it was already late, he thought maybe she was in transit between home and her sister's place so he called her cell. She finally answered after about 4 rings.

When she answered he was too excited to notice anything unusual and simply told her to get home so that he could give her some good news and they could celebrate. She seemed surprised and didn't make a lot of sense but he chalked it up to his exuberance. He hung up before she could ask too many questions. He wanted to wait until they were at home together to tell her everything.

He talked to his secretary, assured her that she was a part of his new team and told her he was gone for the rest of the day. She was pleased and said she was looking forward to the new job. With that he left.

He was home within 25 minutes and looked forward to taking Nicky out to dinner. If she hadn't already picked the twins up from her mother's, they were ready to go. She could change into that neat red dress that he loved and they could go someplace nice. He ran into the house, thinking to take a shower if Nicky wasn't back yet.

The house was empty and Nicky was nowhere to be found, but when he looked in the garage and saw her car there he was confused. He went into the kitchen and saw an envelope setting against his cup. His name was written on the envelope in big letters. He took it and went to the kitchen table to read it.

It was a letter from Nicky to him and it read as follows:

Dear Tom,

I know about your affair with Phyllis. I know that this is what you have been doing when you told me you were working late. I know because Harris was brave enough to tell me the truth. He saw you at the Holiday Inn and he watched you take that Phyllis woman to a room. He was so broken up having to tell me this but I made him.

I don't know what I am going to do about our marriage. I know that you have hurt me terribly but I still love you with all my heart. That's why I have decided to do with your best friend what you have already done to her.

I am at this very minute at the Holiday Inn with Harris. By the time you read this, I will have made love with him at least once and perhaps more. I need to do this so that you will feel the pain I feel. If we both share the pain of betrayal, we can perhaps share the guilt of breaking our marriage vows. If we do, we can discuss moving forward together.

I do not love Harris except as a friend so he is the one I have chosen to help me make you see what cheating can do to someone. He and I will be home by 10:00 and I expect you to wait for me so that we can begin to discuss our future.

I do not want you to look for revenge against Harris for anything he has done. He is acting as my friend and as your friend. If you harm him in any way, we are through.

Your Loving Wife,


He read the letter through twice not understanding anything she said. What affair? He had never gone to the Holiday Inn and he had never taken any woman to a room for any reason. Harris knew what he was doing and he knew who Phyllis was. He couldn't have told her any of this nonsense. Unless... Suddenly it all fell into place.

Harris had often said that he wished he could have found Nicky first. He thought the world of her and said she was one of the sexiest women he had ever known. He always commented on her looks and even said that she was sexy even 7 months pregnant with the twins. He had always lusted after her but knew that Tom would kill him if he so much as made a move on her.

He and Tom shared background and he knew his past. He would never cross Tom, or at least that's what he thought. Seems he was wrong. Seems as though Harris had grown tired of living!

According to Nicky's letter, Tom had about 3 hours to wait unless he did something rash. He pulled out his cell phone and called Nicky. He let it ring until it went to voice mail. He called the desk at the Holiday Inn and asked for Harris Templeton's room. He was informed no such person was registered. He then asked for Nicky Preston's room. The clerk said she would connect him. Interesting that she booked the room, not Harris.

He waited for ten rings and then hung up. Maybe his phone call surprised her and she was on her way home. That was probably the most likely so he settled back in his chair and waited for them to come home.

After about an hour, he began to wonder what could be keeping her. She knew he was home and she knew he had read the letter. Would she wait for him to come to the Holiday Inn? That made no sense to him. He was just about to get his car and drive to the motel when the doorbell rang. He went to answer.

Two police officers stood at the door. They showed him their badges and asked, "Are you Mr. Tomas Preston? Do you have a wife by the name of Nichole Preston?"

"I'm Tom Preston, and yes my wife is Nicky Preston. Why are you here? Has something happened to her?"

"Do you know a gentleman by the name of Harris Templeton?"

"Yes, I know Mr. Templeton. Please, what is this about? Is my wife alright?"

"Your wife has been in an automobile accident. She was a passenger in a car driven by Harris Templeton and they were struck broadside by a truck while exiting the Holiday Inn motel downtown. This happened about an hour ago and she is now at Memorial Hospital. If you would like, we can drive you down there or we can follow you if you choose to drive."

The shock was the final blow. He had been upset and he was in a state of agitation before this, but this was too much. He staggered back against the wall and felt his face flush with heat and his breathing became ragged. He felt hot, then cold, then nothing. He was numb. It was minutes before he again gained control; time to remember that he was not alone and could reply to the officers. They had watched him and waited while he fought to regain some semblance of control.

"Thank you. I would like to drive if you would wait for a minute while I get my coat and my cell phone. Do you know how she is?" He grabbed whatever he could reach and went out to the garage to his car.

"We don't have that information. Would you mind if my partner rode with you downtown?"

"No, that's fine. Let's go now."

They left and made the trip in record time with a police escort. He answered the expected questions during the trip. Did he know Nicky was with Harris at the motel? Was this a surprise? Had he known about this affair before tonight? The usual questions to which he answered truthfully. He showed the officer the letter from Nicky and he read it quietly without comment. He handed it back and Tom put it in his jacket pocket.

"Hell of a way to find out about your wife and best friend. Guess it sort of makes you two even, huh?"

"Afraid not. My 'best friend' lied through his teeth to get into my wife's pants. She chose to believe him rather than just ask me for the truth. This is the result."

"You need to remember that you can't take the law into your own hands. What he did is not a crime so be careful what you do; just a friendly word of warning."

"Understood officer; I'll be careful." He let it go at that. He would definitely be careful. He had survived south LA by being careful. He knew how to get revenge and not have to pay the price for it. Harris also knew that.

The trip to the hospital seemed to take forever and when he got there, it was a hassle to find a place to park. The officer finally volunteered to park his car and leave the keys at the nurse's station so he jumped out of the car and ran for the elevators. He knew she was in the emergency surgery ward on the fifth floor and punched the button and almost collapsed to the floor of the elevator during the trip. God, what if she had been killed or hurt seriously? What was he to do and what about the twins? Too much, too soon and none of it good.

When he got to the nurse's station she made him wait for a doctor before telling him what room Nicky was in. He yelled and raised a fuss but she was adamant. He pulled at his hair and paced until a young doctor touched him on the shoulder.

"Are you Mr. Preston? Nicky Preston's husband?" He seemed so young to be dealing in life and death.

"Yes, I am. What's happened to my wife? How is she? Is she OK?" Panic.

"Let me talk to you before we go to her room. I have to discuss some things with you first so you will understand what you are going to see." With that, he guided him to the lounge and gently forced him to sit.

"Your wife has had major trauma to her head. We took a hard look with X-Rays and scans and it appears that there is severe swelling caused by blunt force trauma caused by contact with the side window. It appears that she slammed against the window and that caused all of the significant damage. There was surprisingly little additional damage done. We will have to wait till the swelling goes down to see if there is any permanent brain damage." He paused for a moment, watching Tom to see if he was taking this information all right.

"She is in a coma right now caused, as I said, by the swelling. We will have to wait until we know more. She is connected to a respirator and we are giving her infusions of antibiotics and anti inflammatories for the bruising. We will just have to wait." This was all he had to say and motioned to Tom to follow him to her room.

When he saw her lying there, pale, and with tubes in her nose and lines into her arms he almost cried. She looked dead: not alive and vital as she was in real life. This was not real: it couldn't be. He just stared at her as he began to process what the doctor had told him and what had caused this abomination. As he looked at her, he felt the sadness leave to be replaced by anger. He felt cold and dead inside and felt nothing else except anger. Anger at both her and Harris for what they had done. Her guilt had caused this. Harris' duplicity had begun it. But now, he would end it!

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