What Did Happen in Vegas?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Cheating, Safe Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when a wife gets evidence that her husbuand may have cheated on her on a recent trip to Las Vegas? There is not a lot of sex in this story.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday April 11, 2003
10:00 AM

The faint scent of burnt jet fuel was in the air as Tom Boyer walked down the jetway to board Southwest flight 428 to Denver. Tom couldn't get the smile off his face as he thought back on the events of the past week. Tom and his team from NewTech Design had spent the week at the Electronic Consumer Products Convention in Las Vegas. The NTD team worked hard all week but the payoff was worth it. They made several new contacts and had held private meetings with six companies with whom they had not done any previous business. In spite of all the hard work the team had somehow managed to find something fun to do in Las Vegas but Tom had not shared the evening entertainment with his team. He had been otherwise occupied.

The one thing that had really made the week for Tom was that he had personally negotiated a contract with a large manufacturer of small hand-held electronic devices, which would bring in ten million dollars to NTD over the next five years. Tom had met Carl Koonce, the Vice-President of purchasing for Hampton Electronics the first night of the convention and over the next four days had managed to convince him that NTD would be the best choice for their package design needs.

As Tom slipped into the window seat on the Boeing 737, Brad Thompson, Tom oldest friend, sat down in the seat next to him. Brad and Tom had gone to the University of Colorado together and both started working at NTD the same year.

Brad fastened his seat belt and then gave Tom a friendly punch on the shoulder.

"Old man Morgan is going to love you for this," Brad said. "You just made your bonus for the whole fucking year and it's only April."

Old man Morgan was Zack Morgan, The owner and president of NTD. Tom was Vice-President of Sales but also had responsibility for all conferences and conventions in which NTD participated. Normally marketing events were left to the marketing department headed by Vice-President of Marketing David Ransom but Zack Morgan had given Tom responsibility for the conferences and conventions because Tom always seemed to be able to turn them in to sales events.

It was Tom's responsibility to put the teams together that would work the conferences. Brad was a design engineer and was a permanent member of Tom's team for the business shows. Tom's objective at these shows was to find ways to generate new business. Brad's job was to give technical presentations and provide technical expertise at the NTD booth at the shows. The teams for the shows usually consisted of two sales people in addition to Tom and three technical people including Brad. Tom picked the two sales people for the team and Brad would bring two design technicians with him.

"He better do more than give me a pat on the back and offer me a cup of coffee for this one," Tom joked. "By the way, have you seen your buddy Bill Werner this morning? I didn't see him before they started to board the plane. I hope he didn't miss the flight."

Bill Werner was a new design engineer at NTD that Brad had brought along for the show. Bill had only been with NTD for a few months but had already showed that he had the skills necessary to be successful in his job. This conference was the first time Tom had met Bill and his first impression of him was that he was an ambitious techno geek but he was impressed by Bill's ability to explain NTD's design technology to visitors to their booth at the show.

"Bill stayed over for the weekend," Brad said. "Treasure Island let him keep the suite we used for our meetings for the conference rate. Apparently he has some chippie on the line."

Tom laughed and said, "I thought he was just another one of your techno geeks. I wouldn't have thought that he would even know how to talk to a woman let alone get one to spend the weekend with him. "

Brad laughed and said, "That surprised me too. He told me he met someone Wednesday night and this morning he called me and said that he was going to stay till Sunday. By the way where the hell did you spend your nights? Other than our little party after we set up the booth on Sunday I didn't see you in the evenings. As much as you like to play craps I expected to see you at the tables at least once."

"I spent the evenings in my room reading," Tom said. "I'm trying to improve my mind. You should try it some time."

"You spent the nights in your room? Bull shit," Brad said while laughing. "If that's your story it's fine with me but don't expect me to believe it."

Tom smiled to himself as he thought about how he had spent his evenings and then took a magazine out of the seat back and turned to Brad.

"Hey man, haven't you heard? Reading is fundamental."

Both men laughed and then Tom opened the magazine and started reading an article about Nicole Kidman.

Denver, Colorado 1:30 PM

Lisa Boyer was nearly finished with the final review of February's monthly business statement. She had just begun her perusal of the last page of the monthly when her phone rang.

"Accounting, Lisa Boyer speaking."

"Hey, hot momma, whatcha doing?"

"Hi, honey," Lisa said recognizing Tom's voice immediately.

"I just got off the plane," Tom said. "I'm going to pick up my bag and grab a cab home. What time will you get home tonight?"

"I am just finishing the monthly for February," Lisa said, "So I might be able to slip out a little early today. I should be home by five."

"Great. We have something to celebrate tonight," Tom said.

"What's up?"

"Can't tell you now. You'll just have to wait till tonight," he said. "Love you, got to go."

"I love you too," Lisa said.

Lisa and Tom had met shortly after Lisa came to work at NTD in 1993. On Friday evenings it was a common occurrence for some of the NTD employees to gather at O'Neil's Pub for drinks, as O'Neil's was only two blocks from NTD's building. One Friday, as he walked into O'Neil's, Tom spotted Brad sitting in a booth with an attractive brunette. Brad and the girl were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn't look up when Tom approached the table.

While Brad occupied the girl's attention, Tom looked her over slowly. She was, in Tom's opinion, very attractive. She had shoulder length dark brown hair large brown eyes and appeared to have a very nicely proportioned body. She was tastefully dressed; unlike most of the other girls Brad had dated. In spite of her attractive appearance Tom's initial opinion of her was negative. Tom knew that Brad's girlfriends were always a little trampy. Brad like them that way because he didn't want to have to date a girl more than once before he got her into bed. Tom assumed that this girl was just another of Brad's bimbos and that was the reason for Tom's less than positive opinion of her.

Tom was about to walk away from the table when Brad finally noticed him.

"Hey, Tom, have a seat."

Tom looked at the girl again.

"I'm going over to the bar and have a drink," Tom said. "I'll check back with you later."

As Tom walked away, Lisa looked at him and then back at Brad.

"He isn't very friendly, is he?" Lisa said.

"Who? Tom? Tom's my best friend and he is usually very friendly. You'll like him when you get to know him," Brad said.

"I doubt it," Lisa said.

Lisa felt that Tom had snubbed her. He had come over to their table, looked directly at her and then walked away without even acknowledging that she was there. Lisa thought to herself, "Too bad he's an ass because he was kind of cute."

Tom went back over to Brad and Lisa's table about an hour later and Brad asked him to sit. Tom sat down across the table from Lisa and didn't look at her as he began to ask Brad what he was going to do over the weekend.

"Tom, I would like you to meet Lisa Gilbert," Brad said. "Lisa just started at NTD in accounting."

Getting a closer look at Lisa and learning that she worked for NTD made Tom reconsider his first impression. She might not be one of Brad's usual girlfriends after all.

Tom smiled at Lisa and said, "Glad to meet you."

Lisa nodded her head at Tom but didn't say anything nor did she offer her hand.

Tom quickly got the impression that Lisa either didn't like him or she wanted him to leave so she could be alone with Brad. This made Tom somewhat uncomfortable so he decided that he would head back over to the bar.

Later Brad joined Tom at the bar.

"What happened?" Tom asked. "You scare Lisa away already?"

"No, you did," Brad said.

"Yeah, right. Where did she go?" Tom asked.

"Why do you want to know? She didn't like you either," Brad said. "She's over there sitting with some of the other girls from accounting."

"She didn't like me? Why?" Tom asked.

"She didn't think you were very friendly when you stopped by the table and didn't even say hello to her, "Brad said.

"How do you know her?" Tom asked.

"I just met her tonight. I was going to ask her out but she didn't seem all that interested and I am supposed to meet Cindy later. Her husband is out of town this weekend," Brad said.

"One of these days someone's husband is going to catch you and remove your nuts," Tom said.

"Hey, be nice," Brad said. "Got to go. Call me in the morning and we'll go play golf."

"Okay, see you tomorrow then," Tom replied.

Tom stayed at O'Neil's for another half hour and then headed out to the parking lot where he found Lisa and Shandra Williams. Shandra worked with Lisa in accounting. They were standing behind a car and Shandra was losing everything she had eaten that day, the sight of which made Tom's stomach turn but he went over to them to see if he could help anyway.

"Are you all right?" Tom asked.

Lisa looked at him like he was crazy.

"Of course she is not all right. She's sick," Lisa said.

"You're right. That is quite obvious and that was a stupid question," Tom said. "What I really meant to ask was, is there anything I can do to help?"

"I think I'll be all right now," Shandra said. "I think I am done throwing up."

"She's not going to be able to drive in this condition," Lisa said, "and I am riding with her."

"Why don't I give both of you a ride home," Tom suggested, "and then Shandra can come back for her car tomorrow."

"We can call a cab," Lisa said. "Wouldn't want to put you out."

Tom said, "It wouldn't put me out at all. I'd be glad to drive you home."

Lisa said, "I don't think..."

Shandra cut her off. "Come on, girl. I don't want to wait for a cab and I'm pretty sure Tom doesn't bite. Let's just go with him," Shandra said.

The two girls followed Tom to his car and got in without speaking. Tom drove Shandra home first. On the way to Lisa's apartment Tom tried to fix the damage he had done earlier in the evening.

"I think I may have given you a bad first impression of me so let me start over," Tom said. "I am Tom Boyer."

Lisa looked at him for a minute and then smiled.

"I am Lisa Gilbert."

"I am very glad to meet you," Tom said. "Brad said you work in accounting at NTD?"

"Yes. I started three weeks ago," she said.

Slowly the ice began to break as they talked about work and then movies and books. When they finally reached Lisa's apartment, she thanked him for the ride but didn't get out of the car immediately. Lisa turned to face Tom.

"When you first came over to the table when I was talking to Brad, why did you snub me," Lisa asked?

Tom said, "I didn't snub you."

"Yes, you did," said Lisa. You acted like you couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge that I was there."

Tom knew she was right.

"I am sorry about that. I didn't mean to insult you," Tom said.

"Then why did you do that?" Lisa asked.

"I can't explain it," Tom said.

"You could if you wanted to," Lisa said.

"If you really want to know I'll tell you," Tom said, "but there is a condition."

"What's the condition?"

"You have to have dinner with me next week," Tom said.

"Why do I have to have dinner with you?" Lisa asked.

"When I tell you why I acted the way I did you will probably get pissed at me," he said. "So I figured that if I buy you a nice dinner you might forgive me."

Lisa looked at Tom for a few seconds before speaking again.


"How about Wednesday night?" Tom asked.

"Okay, Wednesday night," she said, "but you had better tell me the truth."

On that Wednesday night Tom told Lisa that when he saw her with Bard he thought she was just another of Bard's girlfriends.

"Brad's tastes runs toward women who, like Brad, are quick to jump into bed," Tom said. "I knew as soon as he introduced me to you that I was wrong and I am sorry."

Lisa was a little upset that Tom would have jumped to that conclusion so quickly, but she was already beginning to like him so she forgave him for his mistake. After that night Tom and Lisa dated steadily for the next two years and then they got married and after eight years of marriage it was obvious to everyone that they were still very much in love.

Saturday April 11, 2003

5:10 PM

Tom was just stepping out of the shower when he heard the garage door opening. He quickly dried himself and put on his jockey shorts and pulled on a pair of jeans. He managed to get downstairs just as Lisa came into the house.

Lisa gave Tom a hug and kiss and they held each other for a full minute. Tom always loved the way Lisa felt in his arms and her natural scent was an intoxicant to Tom and made him reluctant to let go of her.

For Lisa, having Tom wrap his arms around her and hold her just made her feel like everything was right with the world. It was an especially wonderful feeling when Tom came back from a trip. She always worried about him when he was away so the hug he gave her when he came home that day was very comforting.

Tom fixed them both a drink. They took their drinks into the living room and sat next to each other on the sofa. Tom didn't speak as he sat looking at Lisa.

"You are going to make me ask, aren't you"? Lisa said. "Okay, what are we celebrating tonight?"

Tom told Lisa about his meetings with the Vice-President of purchasing for Hampton Electronics and the ten million dollar contract they negotiated.

Lisa was very excited and threw her arms around Tom's neck and kissed him several times.

"That's wonderful, Tom. Zack better give you a nice bonus for this one," Lisa said. "Does he know about it yet?"

Tom said, "No. I want to personally hand him the signed contract Monday morning, I want to see his face when he gets to the bottom line."

Lisa kissed Tom again.

"I love you," she said. "I am so proud of you. This is really great."

She kissed him several more times

7:00 PM

It was nearly seven o'clock when Lisa came downstairs ready to go out to dinner. She had showered and put on a black lace bra and panty set and a pair of black thigh high stockings. Over that she was wearing a black spaghetti strap cocktail dress. Lisa knew that when they returned home after dinner Tom would want to help her out of her clothes so she dressed to make it exciting for both of them. For Tom's part he had changed out of his jeans and was now wearing gray flannel slacks, a blue button down shirt and his navy blue blazer.

When Lisa walked into the kitchen where Tom was waiting for her, he let out a whistle.

"Wow. You look good enough to eat," Tom said.

Lisa smiled and said, "Wait till later. Where are we going to have dinner?"

"I was thinking Mexican. Is that all right with you?" Tom asked.

Lisa said, "Mexican? Refried beans? Are you sure about that? I don't want to eat anything that might cause me a little embarrassment later and ruin your appetite for the dessert I was going to serve you when we get home."

"Good point," Tom said as he laughed. "How about seafood?"

"Sounds good to me," Lisa said.

9:10 PM Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bill Werner returned to his room at the Treasure Island hotel. His pants were tented in the front from an erection he developed during the ride up the elevator when the beautiful blond with him pushed her tongue down his throat. At that point Bill's first priority was to get this sexy woman into bed but he managed to keep his overall objective in mind. Werner opened the door to the suite and followed Brandi into the room and then as Bill watched the woman slip out of her dress he thought that the weekend was going to be a lot more fun than he had first expected.

10:14 PM Denver Colorado

Tom and Lisa returned from the restaurant and Lisa took Tom by the hand and led him to the sofa. Tom sat down and Lisa stood in front of him.

"Guess what I have on under my dress?" She asked as she slowly began to raise the hem of the dress exposing more and more of her shapely legs.

"I don't know but I do know what I hope you're wearing," Tom responded.

The tops of Lisa's stockings came into view followed by the pink flesh of her exposed thigh. Just when Tom began to see a little bit of the lace from Lisa's black panties she let the hem of her dress fall back into place. "If you want to see more, you will have to earn it," she said.

Tom pulled Lisa onto his lap and kissed her. "I always enjoy earning the privilege of seeing the treasures you are hiding under your dress."

Tom kissed Lisa as he slipped the left strap of her dress off her shoulder and then kissed and gently nibbled on her neck, which always got Lisa hot. While he kissed her neck he buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. Tom slipped the strap off her right shoulder and slowly peeled Lisa's dress down her body exposing Lisa's sexy black lace bra and the soft flesh of her breasts. Tom caressed the tops of her breasts with his fingertips enjoying the smooth texture of her skin and the firm flesh of her breast. Tom leaned forward and kissed the flesh where his fingers had been exploring as he helped Lisa get her arms out of her dress.

Tom and Lisa kissed deeply again as Tom pushed her bra down exposing her nipples to the gentle caress of his fingertips. Lisa had very sensitive nipples and always loved the way Tom teased them with his fingers and then with his tongue.

When Tom bent to suck Lisa's nipple into his mouth she began to wiggle her ass in his lap making his growing erection uncomfortable. To relieve his discomfort, Tom lifted Lisa off his lap and dropped her on the sofa next to him. She landed on her back with her legs still on Tom's lap. Tom took advantage of that by lifting Lisa's right leg and putting it behind him and then pushing her dress up to her hips.

Tom looked at Lisa's sexy underwear and said, "That's what I was hoping to see. I love those panties."

Tom bent down between Lisa's legs and enjoyed her sex charged scent as he placed his lips against the crotch of her panties. Tom blew his hot breath through the thin material and against Lisa's aroused sex.

Lisa then reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside.

"Here is your dessert sir," she said.

Tom immediately penetrated Lisa with his tongue and savored her sexual honey, those sweet tasting juices that filled Lisa's pussy when she was highly aroused. Tom licked and sucked on Lisa's soft lips and her clitoris for a few minutes and then he pulled her panties off.

Tom intended to give Lisa an orgasm before he asked her to take his stiff member into her mouth and after five minutes of his oral efforts Lisa felt her orgasm begin. She wrapped both hands around Tom's head and pulled him tighter against her sensitive clitoris and began to gyrate her hips making it difficult for Tom to keep his mouth in contact with her pussy. At this point it no longer mattered because Lisa's body was tingling from her orgasm and until it passed she was barely aware of Tom's activity between her legs. Tom always marveled at the intensity of Lisa's orgasms.

As Lisa recovered from her orgasm she let go of Tom's head and he sat up and looked at her. He didn't have to tell her what he wanted, she already knew. Lisa turned around on the sofa and opened Tom's pants. Tom lifted himself off the sofa so that Lisa could push his pants down and then she pulled his engorged cock out of his shorts and took him into her mouth.

Lisa has always enjoyed giving Tom oral sex. She didn't know why that was because before she met Tom she had only done it once and didn't like it and thought she would never do it again. When she started having sex with Tom, he never tried to get her to go down on him but one night as they were making love she suddenly wanted to take him in her mouth and she had enjoyed doing it ever since.

Five minutes of Lisa's wonderful oral attention had Tom close to climax so he pulled his cock away from her. He wasn't worried about coming in Lisa's mouth. She wouldn't care if he did as she had willingly accepted many of his loads over the last ten years. It was just that Tom wanted to be inside Lisa and he didn't want to have to wait to recover from a climax before he was able to feel the tight, warm, slippery tunnel around his shaft. Besides he knew that Lisa would probably give him another happy ending in her mouth later anyway.

Tom pushed Lisa onto her back and then he entered her. Once his cock was all the way inside Lisa they both started to move in unison. Movements like dance steps they had learned over the years. Tom closed his eyes as he concentrated on the pleasure he was feeling as he moved in and out of Lisa.

Lisa pulled Tom close to her and kept whispering into his ear, telling him how much she loved him. Lisa felt her second orgasm of the night begin to grow.

"I'm coming, Tom. I want you to cum in me now. Fuck me harder and come with me," she yelled.

Tom quickened the pace and felt himself building rapidly toward his climax.

"Come on, baby, have your orgasm," Tom yelled. "I am going to fill you with my seed now. Ahhh..."

Tom pumped himself into Lisa hard and fast as he felt his pulsing cock release its load inside his hot wife. In the afterglow, Tom and Lisa held each other without speaking. No words were necessary and none would have been adequate for the moment.

11:30 PM Las Vegas, Nevada

After recovering from his first orgasm with Brandi, Bill Werner lay on his bed stroking his semi-erect member while explaining to Brandi what he wanted her to do.

"No problem," she says, "Sounds like fun. Mr. Tipton told me to take good care of you so I'll do what ever you want."

Bill pushed Brandi's head toward his cock and said, "Well, then suck my cock for a while."


Denver, Colorado

Monday April 14, 2003

10:00 AM

At 10:00 AM on Monday morning Tom strolled into Zack Morgan's office and sat across the desk from Zack.

"Good morning, Tom. How was the convention last week?" Zack said.

"It was okay," Tom said. "We did manage to find some new prospects."

"Anything promising?"

"There are a half dozen that look pretty good."

As hard as Tom tried he could not hide the smile on his face.

"Tom, I have known you long enough to know that smile. You are holding something back. What is it?" Zack asked.

"Check this out," Tom said as he pulled the Hampton Electronics contract out of his pocket and dropped it on the desk in front of Zack.

Tom looked out the window while Zack read through the contract. When Zack had finished reading it he set the contract on his desk and looked over at Tom.

"Holy shit, Tom. How'd you pull this off?" Zack asked.

Tom told the story of how he met Carl Koonce and then spent most of the week convincing him to do business with NTD.

"Don't worry, Tom, I'll see to it that you are well taken care of for this one." Zack said.

"I know you will, boss."

"I think we need to get the crew together and go over to O'Neil's for a few drinks to celebrate tonight," Zack said.

Tom said, "Sound's like a good idea to me, boss," as he got up and headed for the door.

"That was good work, Tom. You know I appreciate your efforts. See you at O'Neil's."

Tom bumped into David Ransom as he stepped into the hall.

"Morning, David."

"Good morning, Tom."

David didn't stop to make any small talk with Tom.

"Zack, can I have a few minutes of your time," David said as he stepped through Zack's door.

David closed the door behind him shutting Tom out of whatever conversation was about to take place. Tom wasn't surprised that David had blown him off so quickly. He was used to that kind of behavior from David.

8:00 PM

After a lot of back patting and a few rounds of drinks. Tom and Lisa decided to call it a night and head home leaving Zack, Brad, Bill Werner David Ransom and a few others at O'Neil's. Brad noticed that Bill Werner was taking the opportunity to corner David Ransom so he could tell him about all the good work he had been doing in the labs at NTD. At least that was what Brad thought Bill was up to.

Tuesday April 15, 2003

1:00 PM

Lisa had just returned from lunch and was about to check her e-mail when her phone rang.

"Mrs. Boyer?"


"Is your husband Tom Boyer?"

"Yes, who is this?" Lisa said.

"Was you husband in Las Vegas last week?"

"What's this about?" Lisa asked.

"I just want to make sure I am talking to the right person," the caller said.

Lisa felt a knot starting in her stomach.

"Was you husband staying in room 2822 at Treasure Island in Las Vegas last week?"

"I don't know about the room number but yes, my husband was staying at Treasure Island last week. Now I am not answering anymore question until you tell me what this is about, ' Lisa demanded.

"Last week you husband spent five nights with a young woman in his room with him."

"Who are you and why are you saying these things. My husband did not have a woman in his room last week. He would never do that." Lisa said in as firm a voice as she could.

"I am sorry, Mrs. Boyer, but I have proof. The woman was followed by a private detective and he has pictures of the two of them together," the caller said calmly.

"That can't be true. Tom wouldn't do that. You must have the wrong person."

"I am sorry, Mrs. Boyer, but it was your husband. I know this is true because it was my wife he was with," the caller said.

"How do I know that any of this is true? I think you are lying to me. Who are you?" Lisa said.

"I am sorry but it's true. I am not ready to tell you my name yet. I will in time. I will be sending you the pictures as soon as I get them from the PI who followed my wife. I should have them by the end of the week. Give me your e-mail address so I can send you the pictures."

Lisa was now sick to her stomach. She knew this couldn't be true. Not Tom. She gave the caller her e-mail address feeling that if the caller did send her pictures they would not be of Tom. Someone must have been using Tom's name. Lisa didn't know what else to say so she remained quiet.

"Again, I am sorry to bring you such bad news. You can expect the pictures Thursday or Friday," the caller said and then hung up.

Lisa was sick all afternoon. Several times she started to call Tom to talk to him about the call but decided each time to wait till they got home.

5:10 PM

Lisa sat at her desk trying to work and keep her mind off of the disturbing phone call she had received earlier. It was after five o'clock and Lisa was getting ready to shut down her computer and go home to talk to Tom. She felt weak and her hands were shaking as she put her cell phone in her purse. At that moment Brad stuck his head in the door.

"Hi, Lisa, how are you doing?" Brad asked.

When Lisa looked up at him, Brad could see the tears forming in her eyes.

"What's wrong, Lisa?'

"Nothing, Brad. I am just a little upset right now," she responded.

"Is there anything I can do to help? Would you like to talk about it?" Brad asked.

Lisa said, "No, thanks, Brad. I'll be all right. I just need to get home."

"I hope that whatever you're upset about turns out all right. I hate to see one of my favorite people unhappy," Brad said. "I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay, Brad, thanks," Lisa said.

7:15 PM

Lisa got home just before six o'clock and then waited on pins and needles hoping that Tom could put this whole thing to rest. "This can't be true," she said out loud as tears started to run down he cheek.

If it was true, how would she handle it? Could she ever forgive him if he cheated on her? How would she live without him? She decided that if it was true the only hope she had of saving their marriage would be if Tom confessed and begged her to forgive him. Even under those circumstances it would be hard for her to forgive him. Since she didn't have any proof that the accusations were true she planned to give Tom a chance to explain.

When Tom arrived at seven o'clock and entered the house he found Lisa sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey, babe, how bout a beer for a tired man?" Tom said.

When Lisa turned to look at him he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks and her red eyes. He immediately sat down next to her and took her hands into his. Tom wondered what could have happened to upset Lisa that much. Had someone died?

"What's wrong?" Ton asked.

Lisa pulled her hands away from him and just looked into his eyes. She wondered if he could really have done that to her. "What happened in Las Vegas last week?" Lisa asked.

Tom felt a knot in his stomach as he wondered why she would ask about Las Vegas.

"What do you mean?" Tom asked. "I told you all about the trip when I got home Friday. Have you heard something I don't know about?"

Lisa thought about all the questions she wanted to ask but she was having difficulty starting the conversation. Finally she just asked, "Tom, what did you do at night after the convention?"

Tom had not expected that question although he should have. He should have expected that Lisa might ask him about his evenings. It wasn't an unusual question. He wondered why he hadn't prepared an answer for it. "I went back to my room and read."

Tom regretted the lie as soon as he said it. He knew that she wouldn't believe that. How could he have been so foolish?

Lisa saw something in Tom's face that told her that he was lying. "Reading in your room? In Las Vegas? Do you really expect me to believe that?"

Tom felt himself beginning to panic. What did Lisa know or think she knew about his evenings in Vegas? He lied because he knew that she would be angry if she found out but why did he come up with such an unbelievable lie to cover up. He had just made things worse.

"What's this about, Lisa?" Tom asked as he tried to direct Lisa away from his lie.

Lisa then told Tom about the call she had received accusing him of having an affair while he was in Vegas.

"That's bull shit and you know it." Tom said as he felt the anger build. "Who the hell called you?"

"He wouldn't tell me his name," Lisa said.

"You do know it's not true, don't you?" Tom asked.

"I don't want to believe it but he said he has pictures of you with his wife."

"There is no way he has pictures of me with his wife because it never happened and I can't believe that you could even consider that there would be any possibility of this being true," Tom said.

Tom was in full panic. There didn't appear to be anyway back to the truth. He would just have to convince Lisa that the caller was either lying or mistaken.

"Tom, where did you stay in Vegas?" Lisa asked.

"I told you I stayed at Treasure Island, why?"

"I mean what room were you in?"

"2815, why."

Lisa seemed to relax for a moment and then she said, "He said you were in room 2822."

"2822? That was the suite we used for our meetings." Tom said.

Lisa shook her head. "Tom, I don't know what to think. I guess I'll have to wait till he sends me the pictures."

Tom's head was spinning, Was Lisa accusing him of cheating and who the hell called her and said he had pictures of Tom with another woman? Now for the first time in his marriage he had lied to Lisa and he felt that she knew it. How could he expect Lisa to believe that he spent his evenings in his room reading? He should have come up with a better lie than that.

Tom took a minute to calm himself and then looked directly into Lisa's eyes and said, "I don't know what is going on here but I did not have an affair while I was in Las Vegas. I can't believe that you would even question me about this. Lisa, you have to believe me. I did not have an affair."

"Tom, I want to believe you but until I see those pictures I just don't know what to think." Lisa said and then she went up to their bedroom and closed the door.

Tom thought about going after her but decided to let her go. He was too angry to talk to her anyway. How could she choose to believe a stranger on the phone rather than believe him?

Tom sat by himself at the kitchen table for a few minutes and tried to understand what had just happened. He had to find a way to get Lisa to believe him and not some voice on the phone. The pictures. What pictures could there be? Nobody took any pictures. Tom could come up with no ideas that helped him so he went upstairs to try to talk to Lisa.

When he went into the bedroom, Lisa would not look at him.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore tonight," Lisa said.

Tom turned and left the room.

(new blank line)

When Tom left the room, Lisa began to cry. She wanted so much to believe Tom but she was sure that she caught him in a lie. He said that he spent his nights in his room reading. In Las Vegas? That was just not believable but it was the look in his eyes when she asked him what he did at night that gave it away. Lisa wasn't sure of anything else but she was sure that Tom lied about what he was doing at night in Vegas.

Lisa stayed in the bedroom for the rest of the night and Tom never came up to bed. In the morning Lisa discovered that Tom had slept in the guest room that night.

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