BimboTech: A Special Introductory Offer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Slut Wife, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Body Modification,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Julie is curious about BimboTech, the company on the 32nd floor of the building where she works. Her curiosity proves life changing.

"Oh my God," said Pamela. "There goes another one!"

Julie peaked over the ledger she had brought down to lunch in order to check it over just one more time. She didn't want to be caught staring--not that any of them seemed to mind.

She had seen this one several times before and suspected she must work there in the building. The sight of her was still startling though and she couldn't help but look with a mixture of amazement, contempt and, though she'd never admit it, envy.

The person who had captured Julie and her two lunch companion's attention was a black woman with insanely large breasts. They jutted out before her, defying gravity, swaying momentously with every step.

Her outfit wasn't business attire by any stretch of the imagination. She wore a gold lamae dress whose hemline skirted the round curve of her bulbous ass. The neckline plunged to her navel and flared out to just barely manage to cover her prominent nipples. She wore a gold chain around her neck with a gold and zirconium capitol letter T dangling in her daunting cleavage and large gold hoops in her ears and around her wrists. Her long fingernails were carefully painted in sparkly gold as were her chunky platform shoes that seemed to break several laws of physics in order to allow such a top-heavy woman to walk.

The woman seemed to delight in the gawking of every man she passed as she strode from the elevator, past the cafe where Julie and her co-workers sat, towards the revolving door that led to the street. She giggled at every double take, at every catcall, at every lewd observation. Then she waved a girly hand and wiggled her tits and her ass.

At the revolving door, she giggled again, made several false starts, then scampered in. She went around a good five times before making it outside.

She was a bimbo. The new building was full of them. They wandered around the lobby in scandalous outfits, showing off their big fake breasts, giggling and flirting and acting like a teenage boy's ultimate fantasy.

The reason there were so many of them seemed to be a company on the 32nd floor: BimboTech Incorporated. Julie and her co-workers weren't sure what it was they did, exactly. Yesterday at lunch, Cindy had said 'Maybe they make bimbos!' and they had all laughed. They did seem to provide bimbo-related services of some sort.

Pamela and Cindy finished their lunches well before Julie. She found a mistake in the ledger and now she felt compelled to triple check everything, neglecting her lunch more than usual. Her coworkers waited politely until she waved them off. She didn't know why she even bothered leaving her office for lunch.

Julie had finally finished her lunch and her audit to her satisfaction when the black bimbo in the gold dress came back. Her breasts were just so huge! What was keeping them up like that? Julie had been thinking about breast implants lately. She was really feeling her 40 years lately and was self conscious when she took off her clothes in front of her husband Sam. She had never been big, but she thought that meant she wasn't supposed to get saggy. What she little she had, though, was doing its best to start a migration south.

On a whim, Julie stood once the bimbo passed. She followed the black woman to the elevator. This was the only elevator that serviced above the 30th floor. For some reason, it had an attendant while those that serviced just the lower floors didn't. Julie supposed it was for security, though what kind of security the old man could offer she couldn't guess.

"Oh yeah!" said the woman as Julie stepped beside her and pushed the up button. "I always forget that part! <giggle> Thanks!"

"Um, no problem," she said. "We women have to stick up for each other, right?"

"You said it, sister!" said the bimbo. "Hi! I'm Tittiefuck! I'm a BimboTech girl!"

"Um, hi," said Julie. "I'm Julie. I do accounting for Bryant Industries. That's a, um, interesting name. I'm not sure I heard you right."

The woman just giggled.

"So, have you worked at BimboTech long?" Julie asked.

"Gosh, I can't even remember when I didn't!" she exclaimed.

"What exactly is it that they do there," Julie asked.

"We make ladies pretty and happy," the bimbo explained.

"So, it's like a salon?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," said the woman.

"Is it more than that?" Julie probed. "Did you get your implants there?"

"My what?" she asked.

Julie blushed. She had assumed that they must have been. They couldn't possibly be natural, could they?

"Oooh! You mean my big titties?" the woman asked. "Yeah! I got them first thing! Aren't they great?"

"Uh, yeah," Julie said, blushing all the harder. "Unbelievable, really. Did it, well, hurt?"

"Oh God, no!" the black woman exclaimed. "It feels sooo good! I asked Mr. Fink to make them bigger, but he says I'd fall over. <giggle>"

"Huh," said Julie. "I had heard that it was painful. I've thought about getting implants--though not as big as yours. But I've never had surgery before and it kind of scares me.

"Oh, it's not scary at all!" said the receptionist. "Some girls are scared when it starts, but they feel pretty silly afterwards <giggle>. Hey! I know! You should come visit! Then you'll see how silly it is to be scared!"

"Really, well, I should get back to work..." said Julie. "But I guess maybe I could just pop in and get a brochure or something?"

"Cool! You'll totally love it. I just know!"

Julie felt a little thrill of excitement. It was crazy and she would never go through with it, of course, but just knowing that she would be the only woman in her office who had braved the mysterious 32nd floor was exciting. They never would have expected it of her. She'd show them that she was daring! She might even leave the brochure for her husband to find. He had liked it when she dyed her hair red, though her in-laws had made fun of her for it. No, she definitely wasn't going to have surgery... but it couldn't hurt to learn more.

They arrived at the 32nd floor. The elevator operator tipped his hat and said "See you on the way down."

"Actually, I'm just going to be in and out" Julie told him. "Could you keep the elevator up here? If you don't get any calls, I mean."

"Oh sure," said the operator. "Course, you never can tell how long in and out'll take... especially when you get to be my age."

He chuckled nastily and Julie blushed. She resolved to take some time in the salon so that he'd get called away, then walk down the 9 flights of stairs to her office.

The receptionist led her on to the first door in the hallway. There on the door was the silhouette of a kneeling, large breasted woman and the words "BimboTech Inc.". Now Julie had always assumed that the whole 'bimbo' term was rather tongue-in-cheek. That it was some sort of fad--smart young women putting on bimbo airs as some sort of deep irony. But the more time she spent with Tittiefuck (was that really what she said?), the more perplexed she was. Was it all an act or wasn't it? She just couldn't tell. Maybe if she spoke with some of the other women she could figure out if she should be disgusted or amused.

When she entered the reception area, however, it wasn't another bimbo that greeted her. It was an impeccably-dressed man.

"Well hello!" he said. "Who's your friend, T.F.?"

"This is Julie!" the woman introduced her. "She works in the building and she likes my titties!"

"No!" Julie exclaimed. "I... I didn't say that!"

"It's okay, Julie!" the man insisted. "Tittiefuck gets a little confused from time to time. She has a... unique... outlook on things."

"I'm a bimbo!" she said proudly.

"Yes you are," the man said. "I'm George Fink, CEO of BimboTech, Inc. How can we serve you, Julie? Are you interested in the bimbo lifestyle?"

"No, it's not like that!" Julie protested. "I'm an accountant, for god's sake. I just, well, I was kind of interested in, um, breast implants. But I really don't think..."

"Well you came to the right place!" Mr. Fink enthused. "We can give you the rack you always dreamed of! And unlike implants, we also give you the muscle and skin modifications that will support your new jugs! All without surgery!"

"Really? I've never heard of any procedure like that?" Julie said. The man was creeping her out, but her curiosity was piqued. "Do you have, like, a brochure I could take? I'd want to look into it thoroughly before I committed to anything."

"Oh, I've got something better than that!" the man exclaimed. "I've got free samples!"

He grabbed her upper arm and she felt a sharp needle prick.

"Hey!" Julie exclaimed. "What are you doing? What was tha... tha... whoa!"

Julie felt like little pink bubbles were running up her spine to pop in her brain. It was a very pleasant feeling.

"This is your lucky day!" said Mr. Fink. "We're having a sale! A special, limited-time introductory offer! We'll give you the full BimboTech treatment for free! Not just the boobies—the whole package!"

"But, um, I don't want to be a, like, <giggle> like a, god I feel strange!"

"Well, we'll just pump up your titties and then you can decide if you want any more!" Fink said.

"I mean, this isn't the sort of thing you just jump into," she said. "I should think about it. Read about it. Ask my... that one guy... <giggle>... I mean my husband..."

"Oh your husband will love it, Julie!" the man insisted. "What man wouldn't? And I'm afraid you don't have time to waste thinking about it."

"I don't?" she asked as the room started to slowly spin.

"Yes! Our free introductory offer is only available for a limited time! You must act now, Julie, or you'll miss it!"

"Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"Come on, Julie! The wonderful world of BimboTech awaits! You'll be beautiful! Sexy! Your husband will desire you! All men will desire you. Women will envy you!"

"And desire you!" Tittiefuck volunteered.

It was all happening so fast! But everything seemed so nice and she felt so warm and slightly dizzy. And it was free. You couldn't beat free! She should know; she was an accountant!"

She giggled.

"Okay." She said. "I guess I'll try it."

"You won't regret it, Julie!" said Mr. Fink. "You won't even know how!"

And with a friendly hand on her ass, he guided her into the bowels of BTI.

Julie jiggled back into the reception area several hours later. Tittiefuck was there at her desk, filing her nails.

"Ta-da!" Julie exclaimed, jumping in front of the receptionist and throwing her arms up in the air. Her new breasts bounced and bounded in their maroon pleather minidress. They weren't as big as Tittiefuck's but they were a hell of a lot more than she'd ever had before. And they felt so good!

"Oh man, baby doll!" Tittiefuck exclaimed. "You look fine! Who are you again?"

"I'm Julie, silly!" she exclaimed.

"Oh yeah! You got your ass totally bimboed! <giggle> That's so hot!" said the receptionist. "Platinum totally works on you!"

"You know it, girlfriend!" Julie said. "My hubby is in for some hot bimbo luvin tonight!"

"You go girl! Ride that hard cock all night long!" said Tittiefuck.

"You know I'm gonna!" she said. "I just gotta stop by the office and finish some things up!"

Julie had completely lost track of time while she was at BimboTech. Her office was closed. She wasn't sure what time it was—her watch didn't match her new outfit, so she had left there along with her clothing, which didn't fit now and was really kind of ugly anyway. She really needed to go shopping, but she needed to show Sam her new titties even more! She couldn't wait to see how his cock reacted to her hot bimbo body!

Julie sighed as she approached her house. She could see through the window that her mother-in-law, Nancy, was there. The mean-spirited woman lived two houses down, with Julie's sister-in-law between. Nothing Julie ever did was right in Nancy's eyes. Whenever her mother-in-law was around, Julie felt small and ugly and foolish.

But that was the old Julie! She was bimbo-Julie now and, damnit, she wasn't going to let some ugly, bitchy, non-bimbo come between her and her husband's cock! She set her shoulders, stuck out her substantial new chest, and jiggled purposefully into her home.

"Were have you been... oh good lord!" said Nancy as soon as she opened the door.

"Mom?" asked her 8 year old daughter Hillary. "Is that you? You're so pretty!"

"Thank you, cutie!" she exclaimed. "I'm glad you think so! They were doing free makeovers at work, and I just went for it <giggle>!

Hillary giggled too. Nancy sputtered.

"What do you think, Sam?" Julie asked. "Tell me you don't love it!"

"I... I... Wow!" said her husband.

Her 15-year-old son Brad was even more dumbfounded. His glass of soda slipped out of his hand and drenched his crotch as he gawked at her. He swore and scrambled out of his seat and into his room with several furtive back glances at his mother.

"Oops!" Julie said, then giggled. She went over to where he had dropped his glass. She bent over to pick it up, just the way the BimboTech girls had shown her, maximizing the upward rise of her tiny pleather skirt, her bimbo bubble butt pointed straight at Sam. She snapped upright with a twist of her waist so Sam would see her rack jiggle in profile, assuming he could tear her eyes off her ass.

"Sorry I'm late," Julie said, "It took longer than I thought it would. I'm not in trouble, am I?"

She pouted and fluttered her heavily made-up eyelids.

"You look like a whore!" Nancy finally managed to say.

"Mom!" Sam objected.

"Well she does!" her mother-in-law insisted. "We're all thinking it!"

"You're granddaughter certainly isn't! That's my wife and her mother you're talking about!" Sam said. "I think you need to go home, mother!"

Julie nearly swooned. Sam had never defended her like that to his mother's abuse.

"Well I never!" said Nancy, trying to get out of the easy chair she had sunk into and succeeding on the third try. She stuck a commanding finger in her sons face. "You be a man and make your wife act respectable! I won't have her embarrassing this family!"

With that she stalked off.

"You okay, little one?" Sam asked Hillary.

The 8-year old shrugged.

"Like I didn't know grandma was a bitch," she said with an impish grin.

Julie snorted as she suppressed a giggle. Sam glared at her.

"Don't use words like that, honey. Can you go to bed now?" Sam asked. "Daddy and Mommy need to talk."

"Okay," she said and scurried off to bed, with one knowing look back at them.

Julie followed suit and scampered to the room she shared with Sam, a come-hither look over her shoulder. Hither he came, a tell-tale shuffle in his gate.

"So, you wanna talk to me on top or on bottom?" she asked.

Sam sighed and shuddered.

"Julie, honey, we really do need to talk about this!" he insisted. "This was more than a make over! Your breasts are... are..."

"Tittielicious?" she suggested, making her hard nipples trace figure eights.

"The... the... they're very nice, sweetie, but, I mean, shouldn't we have talked about this first? I mean, how much did all this cost anyway? Where did you have this done?"

"It's totally free! <giggle> and so am I! So let's celebrate, Sammy boy! How do you want me? How do you want your bimbo?"

"Julie, this is serious!" Sam protested. "Do you even know how they did this to you?"

"Right now, I'm more interested in how you're going to do it to me, stud-muffin!" she said, reaching out to cup his crotch in her hand, delighted to find it swelling. "Where you gonna put that big ol' piece of man meat? <giggle> Howsabout I suck your dick while you decide how you want to fuck me?"

"Julie, this is... this is serious..." he said as she slipped her fingers down the front of his pants and sank to her knees, just as the girls at BimboTech had shown her to. His pants came down with just a little coaxing and she giggled with joy as his swelling dick came into view.

"You... you never wanted to... before..." Sam pointed out.

"Really?" Julie asked, pausing to give a long, slow lick from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his cock, then giggling. "I don't remember not wanting to. It's such a nice cock. So big and fat and mmmmmmmm yummy!"

She giggled again and then took the whole thing into her mouth, nuzzling her nose against his pubes as the cock continued to get bigger and harder. What rational thought Julie had left fled as her mind became focused on one thing and one thing only: making the cock happy!

She didn't understand a word her husband said once the swelling prick pressed the back of her throat. Her head started bobbing, her lips pressing, her mouth watering. Not that her husband had anything useful to say at that point. By the time his cock had slid down her throat the third time, all he could say was "Oh god! Oh god! Oh my fucking god!"

Once he was harder than Julie ever remembered him being, she pulled him out of her mouth and giggled.

"I knew you would want to fuck me, Sammy!" she exclaimed. "You should fuck my new titties!"

Just like ChiChi had showed her when she gave her the dress, Julie crossed her arms in front of her tits, slipped her hand under the straps, and in one fluid motion she freed her big fleshy orbs with their astonishingly hard nipples.

"They're sooo nice!" she exclaimed, offering them up to her husband with both hands. "They're just made for fucking! <giggle> not like my old flat titties! Lay down on the bed! I want to show you! I want to show you how I can tittiefuck!"

Sam's eyes were wide and mad with lust. He did as instructed, staggering backwards towards the bed with his pants around his ankles. Julie followed, walking on her knees, holding her new knockers. Once Sam was sitting on the bed, his thick prick pointing straight at her, Julie gave it a kiss on the tip, then lifted her BimboTech-enhanced boobs and mashed them around her husband's man meat. Sam shook his head in shocked disbelief. With her nipples up against his belly, there were still inches to go before his cock would reach her sternum.

His rod was still slick from sliding down her throat and as Julie began rubbing her massive hooters around his shaft, shimmying her shoulders, giggling and cooing.

"Oh Sammy! It's so big and thick and hard <giggle> It's making me all wet, just feeling it between my titties! Mmmm! It's so nice! Such a nice, big cock between my nice, big titties! I bet you're all full of yummy, sticky goo for me, aren't you baby? I bet you want to just spunk all over my big new titties! I know that I want you to! Mmmm! I want you to blow your wad all over me! On my tits, on my face, in my hair! I want your spunk, Sam! I want your jiz! Give it to me! Squirt it all over me... oh... oh!... I think it's coming! That's it, baby! Come all over Julie!"

"HHNguhg!" Sam exclaimed. And then he was coming. A geyser of goo welled up from between Julie's boobs. Sam leaned back and grunted. The head of his cock popped out of Julie's cleavage and she took it on the chin. She giggled as the glob of spunk rolled down her neck and back down between her tits.

"That's it, baby!" she said. "That's what I like. That's what my big titties are for!"

She stood and backed slightly away from her panting husband so that he could see her rub his goo all over her inflated gazongas.

"Sammy gave me nice soft lotion for my titties!" she exclaimed.

Then she licked some off her fingers.

"Mmmm! And it tastes so nice! <giggle> Maybe you should come in my mouth next! Except that my pussy is soooo wet!" she explained, reaching down to lift her hem, spread her cuntlips and show him. "It wants you to fuck it sooooo bad! Can you do that for me Sammy? Can you fuck my cunny next? I'll do what ever you want me to, but I really would like it. I'm sooo wet and horny for you!"

"I... I..." Sam stammered. "I don't think..."

Julie giggled.

"Of course not!" she exclaimed. "It's not about thinking! It's about fucking! But don't worry if you aren't ready yet. We have all night long to fuck! And while you get that incredible cock of yours ready, I can show you some other things I can do with my titties! <giggle> And my tongue, of course!"

"Oh. OK" said Sam in a small, dreamlike voice and gave him self up to the force of nature that was his wife's new libido.

It was nearly two in the morning when he finally lost consciousness, his balls in her mouth, her pinky up his ass, his spunk raining down on her from the exhausted fountain that was his cock.

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