Crush on you
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Being called "The big fat geek" had always made Fred feel bad and insecure. It also made him very determined to change how he looked, so he did. Leila thought college would be better than high school. But things were the same, so she gave up and decided to live like that. But later on there was something about college that made her unhappy; Fred!

"I'll only be gone for three months mom!" Fred said softly as he closed his last suitcase and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall behind his mother.

"I know, but I have this feeling that you'll like it there and won't come back." Lucy Marten said, trying to hold back her tears. Her only son was leaving for the first time in his -eighteen years- life and she'd tried to talk him out of it a lot but he was going to do what he wanted whether she approved to it or not, so she did, and right now he was carrying his things and heading for the door.

"Fred, take care of yourself."

"Mom," He started harshly and stopped to turn and look at her, "I'm not a child anymore, I'm old enough to take care of myself." And when he saw her tears he sighed and leaned down to kiss her cheeks, "mom please don't, okay? I've made up my mind."

"I know, I know," She murmured between sobs, "it's just that I'm gonna miss you so much."

Fred stepped away from his mother and opened the door, "I'll call you soon mom!" he shouted as he put his things in the cab's trunk and went to sit in the back seat. 'She'll never understand me' he thought as he watched from the window next to him. He was heading for San Francisco air port. From there he was supposed to take a flight to New York and from there he'd go into one of the programs that offer some kind of an extreme make-over. He was so determined to change the way he looked and was going to do anything —even go to that show- in order to have a better life.

Getting out of the car Fred paid the driver, got his bags out and hurried to catch his flight, which was supposed to leave at nine am. An hour later Fred was sitting in his seat next to a woman and her young daughter. He smiled to the child and she smiled back at him.


"Hi." The small kid answered with a shy smile.

"I'm Fred, what's your name?" he asked in a way that made the girl turn fully in her seat, which didn't make her mother quite happy and she ordered her to sit properly.

Fred buckled his seat belt and rested his head back. As the plane took off he started reminding himself why he was doing this, 'because I don't want to be called "The big fat geek" anymore.' He thought dryly. Well he was going to change the way he looked but being smart was something he didn't want to change. 'They're probably right about me being fat, but geek? I'm way to smart to think that being bright is something I should be ashamed of.'

"Hey," he heard a small voice and turned his head to look at the young girl. He looked beside her and noticed that her mother was already asleep.

"Yeah," Fred answered smiling again.

"Jessica, my name is Jessica," she whispered and looked back at her mom, "my mom doesn't want me speaking to anyone I don't know." She continued.

"Well, she's probably right. You're young and kids shouldn't talk to any strangers." He agreed and saw how she rolled her eyes, rested her elbows on the arm of his chair and put her chin on it.

"I'm not a child you know, I'm eight."

"Well, I think you're still not supposed to speak to strangers."

"Oh, you don't look so old yourself."

"That's because I'm not, I'm eighteen." He answered and when the hostess offered him a drink he paused not quite sure whether to choose a diet coke or just go for it for the last time.

"I think you shouldn't drink these things," Jessica stated when he finally made up his mind and chose to take the diet coke.

"You think so, why?" He asked thinking that he knew well more than anyone that he wasn't supposed to drink these things.

"Mommy always says that they'll make me fat. But whenever I go stay with Daddy he let me drink whatever I want." She said and when she mentioned her father she giggled softly.

"I think your Mommy is right, people shouldn't really drink these things." Fred mumbled.

"May I ask you something Fred?"

Looking at her baby blue eyes and blond hair, he smiled "Go ahead."

Blushing a little she pointed at his belly, "What makes you so fat?"

"Ah, well I..."

"Jessica!" Jessica's mom's voice saved him from answering that embarrassing question. It also made Jessica turn silently in her seat and close her eyes.

Fred thought that situations like this were the reason why he so wanted to change. 'Oh, thank God the program isn't well known.' It was going to be seen on one of the local channels and he didn't care much about it. He cared about changing and since the show didn't contain any creepy operations and they were only going to make him stick to a certain diet and work out everyday and stuff like that he was happy to be one of the chosen people.

Fred wasn't ugly; on the contrary he was a good looking guy. Black hair and dark blue eyes, but his only problem was his body. He was tall 6" 2' and with his weight he looked really huge. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal in high school but being a geek didn't help his appearances. Kids in his school bugged him about it all of his life and he'd never really fell in love or what was more embarrassing; slept with a girl before.

"Oh," he sighed as he shifted in his seat, 'it's all going to change, I'm sure.' He thought as he too closed his eyes and rested his head back.

One month later...

"I hate my life!" Leila screamed as she closed the door behind her, took off her sneakers and walked to the kitchen of her small apartment.

It had been a very long day and she was so hungry and dying for a drink. She'd just finished her work in the pet's store two blocks away from her apartment building, stopped at the pizza place and got herself something to eat. Of course till that moment everything was okay, it was like every other day. But right after she'd taken her order and walked out of the pizza place, a running guy knocked her down to her feet and stole her backpack. Thankfully there weren't a lot of things in it. She'd learned to keep her money in her pockets.

'Oh! I hate this neighborhood.' She thought as she turned on the old T.V and threw herself on her bed. With the pizza box on the bed next to her and the remote-control in her hand she started another long lonely night in her small apartment.

After she finished the third slice of her pepperoni and cheese pizza she felt her stomach full. She picked up the box, tossed it on the floor next to her bed and switched to another channel.

"Oh, these pathetic T.V. shows." She mumbled sleepily as she watched one of the make-over shows. She'd always wondered if she could have a make-over. But then she'd said that she didn't need to change the way she looked, she actually looked okay. Her only problem was her shyness and the way she acted in front of guys, 'I think they should make a program on "How stupid naïve girls should stop embarrassing themselves?" I think I might participate, I'll be the star of the show!' she thought ironically.

"Well, high school is over, and hopefully life will be better." she said as she watched the show, there were three guys and two girls. Two of the three guys lost and the other guy and the two girls won and would continue with the show.

"That guy looks cute. I would go out with him even if he's fat." Leila said thoughtfully. But then she shook her head, "I would go out with him, but he won't go out with a loser like me."

She was a loser in a way. The shyest girl in school, she also had good grades and it was the reason she got her scholarship. She wasn't a genius, but she did okay, 'well I don't have anything to do in life, I'm alone and I don't have a boyfriend. The least that I can do is study.' She thought as she got up and walked to stand in front of the mirror hanging on the wall.

Leila started taking off her clothes and when she was almost naked she looked at her reflection, 'I don't look so bad.' She thought as she looked at her pale skin, her long legs, her rounded hips, and her flat stomach. Taking a stop at her upper body she sighed. She'd always thought she was somehow flat, her breasts weren't actually huge, they were small and it used to make her uncomfortable. But then looking at herself in the mirror she knew that if they were bigger than that, she would have probably looked strange. She passed her shoulders and her thin neck and started looking up at her mouth, her upper lip was thin but her lower lip was a little bit fuller, her nose was small and her cheek bones were high. Leila stared at her eyes for a while, they were brown and her eyebrows were the same color. What was really strange about her eyes were her eyelashes, they were long and curled upwards at the ends. People had always thought they were put-on and she'd had to go through some girls envious teasing all through high school. She groaned as she looked at her messy hair, it was light brown with some blond strands. The problem was the way it looked; curled up and as if every strand liked to go its separate way.

Leila heaved a sigh as she stepped away from the mirror and got into one of her outsized shirts. She turned off the T.V and went back to her bed with the intention of having an undisturbed sleep.

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