Butterfly Wings
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, First, Safe Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cairo was a happy girl, she was content with her life. She never dreamt of being so rich one day. But what were her options; she either lost everything or gained everything. Did she know that love and money were in the same package? Take it or leave it Cay!




The three of them screamed at once.

"Perhaps I should read the will again." Said Mr. Arnold with an understanding smile that covered his wrinkled face.

"Sorry Den, but I'm not listening to any of this bullshit again." A young girl said as she pushed her chair back and walked to the door.

"Cairo wait," Meg, a blond petite ran after her younger sister, "Cay!!" she shouted after her but Cairo was already out of the lawyer's office, running to her car as if the devils were after her.

'This is just pure madness, and I thought I liked the old man! He turned out to be a psycho.' she thought dryly as she got into her small car and started it heading for her best friend. She had to talk to him.

"Luke is not going to believe any of this when I tell him!" she said out loud as she parked her car in the parking lot and walked furiously to the small diner.

"Hey Cay!" A guy called from behind her.

"Luke, thank God I found you." She exclaimed as she watched Luke approach. She loved him so much, he had been her best friend since forever, 'we'd been pals since kindergarten' she thought, he was the friend she went to when her parents divorced when she was fifteen. And she was there for him when his mother died three years ago.

She accepted a friendly hug from him the moment he stopped in front of her.

"What is it Cay, you look furious." Luke said, stepping back a little and gazing at her angry face.

"Oh, you know I went down town today to meet Den, Den Arnold..." She could see his eyes close a bit in concentration.

"Yeah... I guess I remember you saying something about that guy but remind me again," he knew he was in a bad situation her, especially now that she was so angry and he was, with his stupidity, adding it with forgetting someone she'd told him about before.

"God Luke, you never concentrate on what I'm saying," She protested angrily and it made her eyes seem golden. They were green, pure emerald green, but when she was angry you could see changeable shades of gold and green together. Right now she was so pissed off and he didn't know what happened earlier that made her so angry.

"I concentrate, you know that!" he defended himself, trying to remember anything about the man she was talking about but he had no luck. He could remember well that day she told him about that man but back then he was so busy watching her long ruby reddish hair and how the strands of it had covered her face more than once and he had fought for so long not to touch them with his fingers and smell her hair. 'She always smelled fresh and nice.' He thought.

"What is that look?" Cairo asked, her anger slowly fading.

Luke realized he was staring at her with a dreamy look on his face, shrugging his shoulders he gave her his what she called "The innocent Luke look". And as soon as he did she smiled. Then when he didn't change the way he looked at her she started laughing. That was one of the things he adored about Cairo, she maybe was the most stubborn girl alive and also had a very bad temper, a very, very bad temper but her anger always faded fast. And one word could make her laugh until she was crying with laughter.

That was exactly what was happening right now, she was laughing so hard but something about her laugh made him look seriously at her.

Cairo paused and stared at him, moments later she covered her face with her hands and screamed "God damn it!" so loud that everyone in the parking lot and the diner heard her.

"Okay, come on." Luke mumbled.

"Oh I'm so pathetic!" she cried out as he ushered her back to her car.

"Yeah, you are... ouch!" he winced as she punched him on his right shoulder, "hey that hurts you know."

"I know." She said with a devilish look.

"Okay, thank you." He answered as he closed the door after she was completely inside the car, sitting in the seat next to the driver.

He turned around and sat in his seat, "I'm driving."

"Oh, whatever. Just get me home before I kill myself." She rested her head on the back of the seat and closed her eyes.

Luke glanced at her and wondered 'what could possibly have happen that would make Cay look so... Quiet!'

"I can't believe the old man did this!" she exclaimed suddenly.

Luke smiled to himself, 'okay, she's fine.' He thought as she started cursing next to him.

"Baby, don't worry." Celina said the moment Adam walked outside the lawyer's office and into his car.

"I don't think this is the right place or the right time to talk about this." Adam answered coldly staring at her short black hair. He never did like her hair.

"Oh, you don't have to be so bitchy about it Adam, I'm on your side. Remember I'm your fiancé!" She reminded him of their engagement for the second time today, and he was fighting so hard to keep himself cold.

"Celina please, this can wait."

"Wait? How can you say that? You know we have to ge-"

"Damn it Celina! Do I have to handle your argument and the traffic all at once." He shouted as he stopped quickly when a stupid driver decided to take a turn all of a sudden.

Adam cursed low as he drove his car so fast. He didn't want to go home to Celina's arguments, so he thought he'd just drop her off and go somewhere he could think.

Five minutes later he did just what he'd planned; he stopped in front of the building they lived in and waited for her to shout at him before leaving the car and slamming the door behind her. He wanted to forget that Celina even existed. He had a lot of things on his mind and wanted time to sit down and curse this creature called Cairo with all the names that existed.

"She's impossible! She is an immature, childlike, hostile little callow." Adam screamed as he drove his car heading nowhere, "Who does she think she is, leaving all of us like that and storms out of the room?!"

"Can you believe him?" Cairo exclaimed the moment she finished telling Luke what had happened earlier today.

"Cay, give him a break. The man is dead. And he's your grandfather!" He said reasonably.

"My grandfather? I've known him for a month, only one God damn month Luke!" she shouted as she felt her anger rushing back through her, "How can he do this to me?"

"Maybe he didn't mean it in a bad way," Luke said slowly, hoping she wouldn't just jump and kill him at the very moment.

"What? How can it possibly be in a good way?" she asked ironically.

"Well, he left you the money, didn't he?"

Sighing heavily Cairo got up and walked to the fridge and got out a beer "I desperately need a drink."

"Want one?" she asked over her shoulders.

"Nope, thanks. I have to go back to work you know." He said stretching on her big comfy couch.

"You know who amazes me more than old Jake?" she asked before actually gulping half the beer "Damn it... uh ah yeah, my fuckin' parents!" she said angrily.

"Can't argue with that." He answered feeling somehow sorry for Cairo.

"Just imagine this; I'll lose my beautiful apartment, probably my car and I won't have money for collage!" she said and with every word she lost a part of her nerves.

"Um, that's not s-"

"No, no it's not! It's not fair Luke." She tossed the can in the garbage and went to sit on the couch.

"Oh, I'll even lose my couch." She said in frustration as she sank down on the big white couch next to him.

"I can't believe it, I just can't." she mumbled as she put her hand on Luke's curly blond hair.

"You should dye your hair black; it'll look good with your blue eyes." She said suddenly.

Not wanting to move away from her hands, Luke stood up quickly, "I have to go now," he said and his voice was a little husky, "go out with me tonight?" he asked hoping one day their friendly hangouts would lead to a real date.

"Where to?" she asked titling her head to the right "tell you what, I want to go dancing tonight. And I want to get drunk till I pass out." She added when she saw his eyebrow shoot up.

"Dancing and getting drunk? Hmm!" he shook his head lightly as he watched her waiting for his answer, "You sure about that drinking thing?"

"What, can't a girl have some fun before she loses everything." She said pouting.

"Goodbye Cairo."

"Hey, what about the black hair thing?" She asked laughing and knowing exactly what his answer would be.

"In your dreams Cairo Hudson, in your dreams." He said before he closed the door behind him. She got up and ran after him.

"Hey Luke, forgot the keys. You gonna come pick me up right?".

"Uh yeah, coming up!"

She handed him her car's keys and watched him as he went down the stairs humming an old song she knew he loved so much. She went back inside her apartment and closed the door. Wishing she'd have about two hours free before her sister Meg came home and started shouting and throwing things at her and telling her what a big chance she was missing.

"Oh, how can she possibly expect me to do what was written in that crazy will?" Cairo wondered as she grabbed another beer from the fridge, walking back into the huge living room and throwing herself on one of the armchairs she thought her mother had brought her when she'd first moved here. But it seemed that everything she got from her mother was actually from her grandfather. She didn't see her parents much but she never thought they would lie to her and never once deny that they'd send her things. Like that beautiful painting on the wall for example, or the couch "Uh my lovely couch!". She found out only days ago that her parents were not only not rich enough to handle all the nice things she received from them, but also her mother was taking money from her old millionaire father that Cairo never heard of before in her entire life. Well, that was till that day she found Den, the lawyer waiting for her in the salon where she worked.

She didn't believe him at first. Imagine a man showing up and telling her that a grandfather -that she never heard of before- wanted to see her. Back then she'd thought the man was crazy, or mistaken her for someone else. But when he'd showed her her picture and her mother's picture, she, as shocked as she was, believed the man. And few days later she was inside one of the most beautiful... houses? Not quite a house a palace if you'd like to actually describe it. Waiting to meet the man they so called her grandfather.

That was when she'd first met Adam!

"Oh that arrogant jerk!" she exclaimed.

'He is nothing but an arrogant jerk!' she thought 'um, ah the most handsome arrogant jerk I've ever met in my entire life, which is not that long.' She added to herself. She was only nineteen and turning twenty next march. She was young for what they wanted her to do.

"Oh just remembering the first time I saw him makes me want to rip my eyes out!" she said out loud, obviously she was going insane talking to herself.

He was handsome alright. Tall; over six foot, broad chest, slime hips, short brown hair and the most attractive hazel eyes she'd ever seen. If it was possible to call a guy beautiful, then he was beautiful!

'But there is something about him that makes me want to kill him, and then kill myself after.' She thought as she recalled their first meeting.

"Ms. Hudson, please sit down and I'll-" The nice old lady was cut off by a very sexy male voice. Cairo couldn't help herself from peaking to look behind the older woman and see who it was. And there he stood, as if the whole world belonged to him, not only belonged to him, but under his command too.

"You can leave us Mrs. Walker." The tall guy said as he stepped inside the big study she thought belonged to her -what they called- grandfather. Till this moment she wasn't sure what she was doing here.

When "Mrs. Walker" was out of the room the tall guy closed the door behind her and turned with a cold face to stare at Cairo. The look in his beautiful eyes didn't make her comfortable at all. He looked at her as if she was nothing. As if he was better than her. Cairo would never accept such thing from anyone, she was well known for her dignity and pride, and she wasn't going to let that macho guy make her feel lower than him.

So she stood up and with daring eyes she stared back at him.

In a second he was standing in front of her, and with a tight grip he held her face in his hands and examined her as if he was buying shoes. Cairo felt his other hand on her waist as he pressed her against his body.

'What the hell is happening?' she thought as she looked up at him, planning on slapping him on his face or even kick him. But what she saw from that close were hazel brown eyes, and it made her heart almost stop. She stared at his eyes for few moments before feeling his lips brush hers, 'Hey Cay, would you like to explain what is happening right now?' she thought for a second, but then his tongue forced her mouth open and slid inside. Right at this moment Cairo lost every control she had over her body and felt her arms wrap uncontrollably around his neck and her fingers dig in his hair. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. Just kissing.

The tall guy broke the kiss suddenly. It seemed he too had lost control over himself coz the moment she looked up at him, heat and fire were visible in his hazel eyes. But quickly they disappeared and he stepped away from her. Cairo felt as if she was about to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself deep down, 'are you out of your mind Cay?!" she shook herself mentally before looking up again at the tall guy. He was behind the big desk now, writing something she knew if it wasn't for the kiss she would have recognized immediately.

Moments later he came to stand in front of her and looked down at her.

Cairo wasn't short, she was 5'6 and she never had problems looking in the eyes of any other guy (the guys she'd dated of course. And they were few, not because she wasn't pretty, but because she was a bit "hard to deal with".)

Trying to learn from her mistakes Cairo didn't look into his eyes this time, it was worse, she looked at his lips and she felt a little dizzy. Just the thought of them pressed again hers made her cheeks burn.

"Here, I think this is enough!" The tall guy said as he handed her a small rectangular piece of paper.

Looking down at his hands her eyes widened and her mouth opened agape, "Wh- what is this?" she asked feeling her blood starting to boil.

"You want more? I don't think so honey. That's all you're going to get from me. Or from Jake." He said and the voice she'd found sexy minutes ago sounded so cold it almost made him look as if he was made of ice.

Glaring with still opened mouth at the piece of paper and the number written with steady and neat handwriting Cairo couldn't believe her eyes.

"Why are you giving me this check?" she asked in a low voice, wishing he wouldn't assure her doubts.

"That's why you're here right? For the money, here's the money." He said in disgust.

Taking a deep breath she handed him back the check and turned to leave.

"Hey you, if you leave this room right now, I can't promise you anything and you'll probably end up with nothing. Is that what you want, nothing? No, you want the money, here's the money. So take it and leave."

Cairo tried to calm herself down, she really tried. Tried to count till ten, but at around four she felt as if someone was playing drums in her head, so she did something that at that time, made her feel so much better.

She walked back and stood in front of him, she opened her hand and he handed her the check with the same disgusted look on his handsome face. She looked at the check and then back at him, and with all the power in the world she slapped him hard on his left cheek, leaving traces of four long, slender fingers, then threw the piece of paper in his still shocked face, turned around and with raised chin she left the room. But as soon as she'd closed the door behind her she ran out of the big house, as fast as she could. And as she reached her car she decided that this was probably the biggest mistake known to man kind.

"How on earth did I let him kiss me? Who does he think he is?" she asked herself almost screaming.

"Oh the arrogant son of a..." Cairo couldn't complete her sentence as she heard the door bell ring.

"Oh, Meg you have keys." She mumbled as she walked to the door. Looking through the peephole, it was something she'd learned to do ever since she was fifteen and living with an absent twenty years old sister.

"Holy shit!" she cursed low as she saw who was standing there.

"Over my dead body, I'm not letting him in." she thought as she looked again through the peephole, "I'll just leave you out there Mr. Adam Walsh." She turned around and started walking towards her bedroom. She heard the bell ring again but didn't even blink as she entered her bedroom and then the bathroom adjoined to her room. She stepped inside and decided she needed a shower to clear her head off all the events of the day. Taking off all her clothes she stripped down to her bra and panties before hearing voices outside her room.

"Oh, no problem Adam, come on in. I'm sure she's inside" Meg's voice echoed from outside Cairo's room.

" Uh, now what?!"

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