Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Clvfan

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An adult version of Disney's Aladdin. Wrote along the guidelines of the Disney movie it adds adult situations that couldn't be included in the kids movie. Also extends beyond the marriage of Jasmine and Aladdin

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Coercion   Mind Control   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   non-anthro   MaleDom   Harem   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Lactation   Pregnancy   Size  


On the wind swept sand dune a hunched over dark figure sat his horse impatiently waiting. He shivered in the dark chilly night of the desert. His name was Jafar, the Sultan's most trusted Vizier. Perched on his cloaked shoulder was what appeared to be a rather large red parrot. In reality this was Jafar's familiar. A demon that was bound to the magician and took on animal form. His name was Igao and he was berating Jafar for bringing them out in the cold night for what appeared to be nothing. He wanted to be back in their warm rooms in the palace. While he couldn't do anything in his bird like form he loved to watch Jafar fuck his servants, just thinking about it sent a shiver over his body making his feathers fluff out.

"Patience Igao, he will come." Jafar growled even though he was growing more restless by the minute.

The culmination of his years of searching could come to an end this night and he was anxious to get on with it.

Finally in the moon lit night they saw a rider approaching coming down the dune in front of them sand flying from the galloping horses hooves. The horseman reined in his horse in front of them, a short fat Arab in filthy clothes. He bowed low to the seated horseman.

"Do you have it man?" Jafar barked harshly.

"Yes Excellency but it was very dangerous getting it here I had to cut a few throats, we will have to renegotiate our bargain I think."

Jafar shook with a silent rage, this vagabond thought he could swindle him, then he smiled inside for he knew whatever happened the thief before him would not live to see the light of day.

The thief held up half of a golden scarab shaped like a beetle. "You shall have it when I get my payment.

Igao suddenly launched himself from Jafar's shoulder and plucked the scarab from the thief's hand taking it back to his master.

Jafar looked at the heavy piece of gold he held. "You shall have your reward thief, retrieve the lamp from the cave of wonders and the rest of the treasure is yours."

Reaching inside his cloak he brought forth the other half of the golden beetle and placed the two together. They melded and the golden wings started fluttering as the whole beetle glowed with a bright golden glow. The beetle flew off heading out into the dessert. They were on a high dune about ten miles into the dessert from the great city of Agrabar.

"Quick follow the beetle it will lead us to the Cave of Wonders. The Vizier and the thief spurred their horses after the low flying golden glow. It led them several miles deeper into the desert then ascended up only to separate and fall to the side of a strangely shaped dune. It was like two glowing eyes in a huge creature.

As they reined their horses up in front of the dune the ground started trembling and the sand fell from the dune as a huge gargoyle head rose from the ground. It's open mouth bright with a golden glow, large fangs dropping from the upper gum and equally sharp teeth sticking up from the bottom.

Jafar was excited beyond measure, it was true, the legend of the Cave of Wonders was real. He motioned for the thief to go in. "Go on man get me the lamp and everything else is yours, you will be richer then the Sultan himself."

The thief was frightened beyond measure; to go into the mouth of that gargoyle was a daunting task. But greed overrode every other emotion and he slowly crepted up to place his foot on the step like lower lip of the cave. The ground trembled again and the lip moved causing the thief to fall back in frightened panic.

A low rumbling voice shook the air. "Who dares disturb my slumber?"

The thief looked from Jafar to the cave and back. Jafar motioned for him to go on.

The fat little thief said in a quavering voice "It is I Kaseem".

The voice rumbled again "Know this, only one can enter the cave, the diamond in the rough."

The thief had no idea what that meant and he looked to Jafar; his brain was hollering run but greed kept him rooted to the spot. Once again the gaunt Vizier motioned for him to enter.

The thief once again gingerly stepped foot onto the lip of the cave. He was ready to jump back at any second. He waited, nothing happened. He could see the glow of gold at the bottom of a long set of steep steps. He smiled at the thought of all the beautiful girls he could buy as he stepped down on that first step.

There was a rumbling and before he could turn the gargoyle mouth snapped shut trapping him inside He beat on the rock lips as the head descended back into the ground the stone closing together to squash him like a bug.

Jafar gave a frustrated growl. So close and yet he couldn't obtain that which would give him the world.

The rumbling voice echoed in the dessert, "Seek ye the diamond in the rough". The glowing halves of the beetle dimmed and tumbled down the dune to lie cold and silent in the night. Picking them up Jafar placed them in his robe and mounted his horse for the long chilly ride back to the Palace.

While Jafar was on his unsuccessful journey the Sultan was enjoying himself immensely. The Sultan of Agrabar was a short fat happy man with a long white beard and mustache. Right now he was lying on his back in his bed as two of his favorite concubines worked over his six inch cock. It was as hard as it could get for a man of his age. The hood was rolled back to revel most of the dark head as Badra ran her lips up and down the shaft from one side and Samira sucked on one of his balls. When they thought he was as hard as he was going to get Badra quickly straddled him and lowered her clean shaven pussy down to rub around on the head of his dick. Samira held it up as her fellow concubine lowered herself until her pert brown little ass was grinding around on the Sultan's plump thighs. His fat belly was no hindrance to the ensconced girl as she started to ride his stiff cock.

Samira moved to straddle the Sultan's head her smooth thighs being tickled by the soft beard and mustache when she lowered her smooth pussy down to mash her vulva to his waiting lips. His hands came around her thighs and he opened her flower to his darting tongue. He sipped the sweet juice from her fount as Badra's squeezing little pussy rode him to completion. The girls were very fond of the Sultan; he was a good kindly man that treated them very well. They knew that each year the Sultan married off the oldest concubine to a good wealthy man and they weren't going to be in the harem forever.

While the Sultan was having his fun with his concubines in another part of the Palace the most beautiful young woman in the whole kingdom was sitting at the edge of a large pool with a flowing fountain in the middle. Princess Jasmine ran a hand idly back and forth in the clear water. She was 5' 5" inches of perfect woman hood.

Soft golden brown skin that covered an hourglass shaped figure. Long midnight black hair that hung to her waist tied in a dark sheaf with golden strands. Her large slightly almond shaped eyes were a golden brown. They set above a perfect little nose and full lips that needed no help to enhance their dark pink coloring.

"Rajh, I don't want to see that pompous idiot that is coming tomorrow, I already know what type of man he is. Arrogant, vain and cruel. My spies tell me he mistreats his servants and his father's subjects with equal disdain." She gave a big sigh "He is like all of the others that have come, surely Rajh there are good men like my father out there somewhere."

She was answered by a low rumbling purr, Rajh the large Bengal tiger that was the Princess's almost constant companion could tell his mistress was troubled, it seemed she got this way whenever a new man was about to appear. He was trying to convey to her that he wouldn't let any harm come to his beloved mistress.

She smiled at the large cat lying by her side. With her he was such a pussycat, everyone stayed out of his way except her father because he acted so fierce when anyone was around, prowling and growling low in his throat, looking at people like he figured they would make a pretty good meal. Only her father and she knew just how gentle he was with the people he loved.

These were not the only stories in the great city of Agrabar. The city itself was one of the largest cities on the continent. It sat squarely at the intersection of three great trade routes in the mouth of a valley on the edge of two mountain ranges. The trade routes came down the valleys of each mountain range and the third stretched out across the great dessert that started at the foot of the mountains. Agrabar was one of the richest cities in the world and the Sultan was considered the wealthiest man in the known world. Although most thought him a simple minded man who inherited the kingdom and let it be run by his Viziers, the truth was he was very intelligent and had made the kingdom what it was. He had the biggest well trained army of its day and he made sure it was led by highly skilled and good men. His army was fiercely loyal to him and all the surrounding kingdoms knew it would be suicide to try and attack him.

The city troops that kept the law in the great city weren't quite as loyal. They were under the command of the Royal Vizier, Jafar. He had worked hard over the years positioning men in command that were loyal to him and his money. So while the great city was mostly sleeping there were event's being set in place that would effect every one in the kingdom.

Another who was awake on this moonlit night was a tall well proportioned young man of 19 who was sitting on a window ledge. He was on the third story of a crumbling three story building in the poor part of town looking at the splendor of the well lit Palace.

"What a wonderful life the people in there must live." He gave a sigh. Turning to his companion he continued. "To never have to worry about where your next meal is coming from or if the city troops are going to cut off my hands." His companion gave a soft little "chee". He was a monkey named Abu, he was dressed in a red vest that looked too big for him but had deep inside pockets to store the stuff he stole. Abu was a very accomplished thief his quick little hands almost able to take things from in front of your very eyes.

The young mans name was Aladdin and he had been a child of the streets since he was ten and his mother died. An intelligent young man that was taught to read and write by his mother. She had been the concubine of a distant Sultan and given to a brave soldier who was wounded in a great battle that saved the kingdom. His leg was maimed and he couldn't serve. As a reward he was given a bag of gold and the concubine. He traveled many miles and set up a business in weaponry in Agrabar but was felled by a fever that swept the section of city where they lived. Little did the Sultan or the soldier know but the concubine was a few weeks pregnant with the Sultan's child. The young woman was of a fine family and had been taught how to read and write which was a rare thing for women in the kingdom. Alas her family had been accused of plotting against the Sultan and all killed so she couldn't return home after her husband died. She made a meager living teaching the merchants and their children how to read.

Aladdin was basically on his own most of his life and he learned the lessons of the street the hard way. He learned to fight and use a weapon although he didn't have a real sword he had practiced with a wooden one for years and was very adept. He learned how to pick pockets and steal food, he was as agile as any acrobat and often escaped the city troops by jumping from roof to roof. His was a hard life but it had it's moments like this afternoon.

He turned and lay down on a straw pad by Abu's little pad. With his hands folded behind his head he said to Abu. "Ah my friend, the rug merchant's daughter Thara was a sweet plum to pluck, I will have to visit her again."

He didn't have to tell Abu, Abu watched the whole thing and masturbated his monkey cum on the hanging drapes of Thara's bedroom as Aladdin fucked her lustily through the afternoon.

Aladdin was remembering her soft curves and the way she took her dainty little hand and stripped back the foreskin on his long thick cock. The touch of her lips to his spongy cockhead before enclosing it in her lips made him shiver with the anticipated pleasure to come.

She sucked him to a tingling climax and then lay back on her bed spreading her thick legs wide to present him with her clean shaven treasure. She wasn't fat by any means but had a little extra meat on her bones. A pretty girl that knew the ways of men unbeknownst to her doting father.

Aladdin wasted no time in tasting her offering and his tongue and lips soon had her muffling her cries of pleasure with a pillow. After her first orgasm Aladdin eased his long cock in her now well greased channel and they made the breast with two backs for several hours. While Aladdin was a poor street rat, his handsome face and deepchested physique caught the eye of many girls, maiden and married. He may have to steal for his food and clothes but he was never at a loss for female companionship if he wanted.

The next morning found Jasmine being prepared for her meeting with the coming Prince Akmed. Her servants bathing and perfuming her body. She almost always wore turquoise. She had on a bandeau That concealed but accentuated her pert breasts the puffy sleeves pushed down to bare her smooth shoulders, bare midriff and long flowing skirt that reached the top of her soft shoes. Her thick black hair was bundled in two places with gold strands making a dark mane that fell to her out curved ass. She had a veil of the same color covering the lower half of her face but was transparent enough that her beauty was plain to see. The effect was set off by the golden tiara with the large turquoise stone in the center and large round gold earrings along with a wide golden necklace.

Just to see her would set a mans loins aflame.

In the huge market place the crowd was gathering for the morning's dealing. Aladdin and Abu were sitting at the corner of a small alley watching the bread vender across the way. As the crowd closed in each wanting to get the freshest bread for their masters Aladdin eased to the edge and while the vendor was occupied at the other end of the booth he quickly snatched a long loaf and hid it under his vest.

While the vendor didn't see him a member of the city guard did. "Stop thief, I'll have your hands you street rat". Aladdin scooted down the alley with several guards after him. They couldn't keep up with the nimble boy and he soon lost them on the roof tops. He dropped down to the ground and he and Abu made ready to eat their breakfast. He broke the bread and handed Abu half getting ready to take a bite of the still warm loaf in his hand. A noise caught his attention.

He saw two children combing through the trash behind the building in front of him looking for food. The boy maybe six or seven and the girl nine or ten. He remembered doing the same himself and he couldn't take a bite of the loaf he had in his hand.

"Come on Abu we can get more." He got up and started for the two children. Now Abu didn't want to give up his morsel, he was hungry and that was that but another word from Aladdin and he followed him over where Aladdin gave the two the loaf of bread. The little girl smiled and bowed punching her brother with her elbow to follow suit. Aladdin and Abu left them eating hungrily in the alley. They managed to steal a melon without being observed this time and was sitting in the shade along the main street to the Palace when there was a shuffling of people to get out of the street. Aladdin looked to see what was happening.

He saw a beautiful white stallion prancing down the street and on its back was a figure dressed in royal purple. He had an arrogant set to his dark face the thin mustache and goatee glistening with oil. There were two burly guards trotting along each side. They were heading for the Palace and Aladdin was already dismissing him from is mind when out of the corner of his eye he saw the same two children he had fed that morning running out into the street intent on chasing the rolling hoop in front of them, they never saw the horse that was about on them.

The horse stopped and reared at the sudden appearance of the children right in front of him almost unseating his rider. "Filthy sum, I'll teach you some manners." He growled as he unfurled a black whip.

Aladdin upon seeing the children had dashed out into the street and caught the lash on his forearm letting the whip wrap itself around then jerking it out of the rider's hand. "Looks like you could use some lessons yourself." The children had run off by this time and one of the guards grabbed the whip from Aladdin shoving him back out of the way. Aladdin glared at the retreating back of the visiting prince. "Look Abu a horse with two asses."

Of the observing bystanders was a woman who was in charge of Khalib the silver merchant's small harem. He had three women one about 18, one 23 and one 32, all very lovely. She was a relative of the young boy and girl, her niece's children and while she gave them a little money now and then they were still among the poor of the city. She was very grateful for the intervention of the young man preventing them from being hurt. She stepped up to his side. "Young sir you have done a good thing that could have been very dangerous for you. I wish to repay your kindness."

"That's not necessary mother it was my pleasure to jab that arrogant popinjay." Aladdin gave her a sweeping bow. "My name is Aladdin, happy to be of service."

"I think I can be of service to you young Aladdin." she answered. She knew the merchant would be gone from his home for at least a month as he was traveling with a caravan to the coast to buy more merchandise.

The women of his harem while fond of him had no love for him and wasn't adverse to a little adventure on the side every once in a while especially since he was getting on in years and required them much less then he used to. They had become more of a status symbol then anything else. "Why don't you come to the back of the Khalib's Silver shop in about an hour, I will have a very nice reward for you." She smiled and continued on her way to the market place.

Aladdin was thinking she would give him some type of silver and he could use that to buy food instead of stealing it for a while. He was at the back door gently knocking at the appointed time with Abu on his shoulder. The door opened and the woman stepped back to let him in. I am Adiba, in charge of Khalib's harem."

At the mention of the word harem Aladdin's dark eyebrows raised. "He is away on business and it is only I and the harem in the house. They are lonely and after telling them of your heroic act they wanted to show you their gratitude for such a selfless act." She smiled at Aladdin's grinning reaction.

"Come with me young Aladdin." She led him upstairs to a large room filled with big pillows and fluffy quilts. There were three women standing before an open window all wearing soft diaphanous gowns of varying colors. All had long dark hair flowing about their shoulders and shy expressions on their faces. Their bodies clearly outlined against the light from the window showed Aladdin that all were exciting. The youngest was slim and dark skinned, the next was meatier but not fat just nicely curved with plump tits that were mouth watering. The oldest was not as slim as the younger but beautifully formed with just a little swelling roundness in her belly. While none were beautiful all were very pretty.

"The one on the left is the youngest she is Dalal, next to her is Farreda and the other is Karida. Why don't you lie down on those pillows there and I will leave the ladies to reward you. I will be outside to make sure you aren't disturbed."

Aladdin did as he was bid and the three giggling women surrounded him and begin to undress him with haste. Abu had hopped up on the window sill to watch his master get screwed and the smell of the women's starting arousal made his little monkey balls twitch.

Only Dalal was unfamiliar with three women on one man at a time. By the time she was purchased Khalib was not capable of handling three women at a time. However when he was only a few years younger Farreda, and Karida along with another harem member who had died of a fever had often pleasured him all at once.

Karida the oldest took charge of instructing Dalal. "Sister we will work together, just follow our lead."

All three looked at the strong muscular body laid bare before them and the long smooth hooded shaft beginning to rise over big bloated balls and knew they were going to enjoy giving this boy his reward.

Karida knelt at his waist on one side laying a soft hand over his cock to grip the foreskin and pull it back from the expanding head. Farreda knelt on his other side to run hands over a rock hard chest and bent to lick a brown pebbly nipple before taking it in her teeth to nip gently. Dalal took the only place that was open and knelt above his head leaning over to seal his firm lips with her own soft ones gently probing with her tongue.

The three worked him over in a rotation, first Karida sucking his long hard cock and licking his balls as Farreda lathered his chest and nipples with her pink tongue. Dalal kissed his mouth, eyelids, cheeks and neck with growing ardor. The switched places until each had a turn at the three main points. Aladdin hadn't been idle while this was going on, his hands were filled with three different sized breasts that he kneaded and massaged through the thin gowns and three smooth shaven slits that lay between dampening thighs. His cock was standing tall and proud the foreskin just barely covering the big ridge of the head making it look twice as thick as the rest of the shaft.

The girls quickly removed their gowns and Karida straddled his hips lowering her already seeping vulva down to open on that wide spongy head. Ohhh he was so much bigger then Khalib, she sighed with pleasure as she worked gently to fully envelope every inch of his hot tool. Farreda settled over his head her knees splaying wide to lower her perfumed channel to his wiggling tongue. Its wet hot touch on her clit making her moan softly. Dalal had to settle for chewing on those hard male nipples but was soon rewarded with a hard palm sliding up her calf and thigh to let his fingers probe at her flowering opening

Abu was beside himself with voyeuristic pleasure, his little monkey cock hard and throbbing as he jacked quickly with one hairy hand.

Karida rode Aladdin's big cock to a shattering climax and he also brought Fareeda to a crying completion with his agile tongue. While Dalal was building towards her own on his probing fingers she hadn't reached that peak when the other two had theirs. Aladdin was straining to keep control of his own body and had to concentrate solely on eating Fareeda's sweet pussy to keep from cumming in Karida's tight slick sleeve when she squeezed and rippled up and down his shaft.

Not wanting to be selfish Karida reluctantly eased up off the virile shaft that had pleasured her so well and let Dalal settled down with a guttural groan as it opened her wider then she had ever been. Ferreda moved to keep his nipples hard while Karida settled her thighs about his cum smeared smiling face and let him eat her to a writhing groaning climax. Abu shot monkey cum all over the expensive Persian rug before the window. He didn't stop his stroking though he started working on another load.

Aladdin kept from cumming as all three rode his cock to a shuddering climax. Then it was Dalal on her knees and Aladdin sliding his cock into her doggy style while Fareeda was on her back between his legs licking and sucking his balls as he fucked into Dalal. Karida was straddling Dalal's back and Aladdin was sucking her swaying breasts as she held his head closely to her running her fingers through his thick hair.

All this stimulation was too much and Fareeda felt the ball she was sucking swell up and throb inside her mouth as it pumped its load into her harem sister. Dalal had already cum once on the big fucking cylinder and when she felt the hot thick load of white cum fire against her tightly stretched cervix she quivered into another heated frenzied orgasm. Aladdin had not been idle with Karida either while chewing on her hard nippled globes he was finger fucking her with one hand while the other was on Dalal's soft ass pulling her tight against him as his cum filled her hot little hole. Karida had her own climax on his two plunging fingers as he sucked hard on her breast.

For the whole afternoon the four joined in various positions, the women cumming numerous times on either cock, mouth or fingers. Aladdin himself fired four copious loads into various orifices. The first was in Dalal's hot hole of course, the second was in Karida's tight little ass the third was deep in Fareeda's swallowing throat and the last was as the three gathered on their knees and sucked his cock and balls until he shot his cum all over the three upturned faces.

As the afternoon shadows flowed over the land Aladdin left the house a happy man. Adiba gave him a cloth sack of food to take with him and a kiss on the cheek as she thanked him once again for saving the children.

That morning as Jasmine was prepared for the coming visit of Prince Akmed she wished she were somewhere else. She knew he would be like all the others and when her father summoned her to the throne room she gave a forlorn sigh and went slowly.

Like she had heard he looked like a cruel and arrogant spoiled brat. The spies she had sent to his kingdom told of a kindly Sultan that indulged his son anything he wanted. His son had none of the kindness and treated his subjects like slaves and beneath his thoughts. He had only to speak a few words for her to know everything that had been reported had been the truth.

At her fathers urgings she went for a walk with Akmed so they could get better acquainted. The Sultan was looking over some of the toy horsemen he loved to collect when he heard a loud roar and fearful scream.

He rushed along with his personal guard to see what the matter was. A white faced Akmed came storming into the palace shouting at the Sultan. "You will never get that shrew married off to anybody." If the Sultan had been paying much attention to what Prince Akmed was saying he would have probably never left the palace alive, but he was more interested in how his daughter was and hurried on past the fast moving prince.

Once outside he saw Jasmine sitting by the fountain looking into the water. Dismissing his guards he went to her only to be startled by the sudden appearance of Rajh standing before him with a piece of purple cloth dangling from his mouth. "What in Allah's name happened Jasmine." He stepped around the tiger to confront his daughter.

"Oh father Prince Akmed forgot his place and placed his hands on me, Rajh just reminded him that wasn't a good thing to do." she giggled as she recalled the sight of the tiger ripping the seat of the pompous ass's pants and the wide eyed terror in his scream as he thought he was about to be eaten by the 500 lb cat.

The thought of the Prince touching his daughter without permission caused the Sultan to call to his guards; the Prince would never see the light of another day.

"No father let him go; we are well rid of the likes of him and no need to cause trouble between the two countries." She grinned.

The Sultan just shook his head "Jasmine the law says you must be married to a Prince before your nineteenth birthday, that's only a few days away."

"I know father but I can't just marry anyone, I want to marry for love, is that so wrong? I have never even been outside the Palace walls" she pleaded

"My daughter it's not just the law, I am getting on in years and I want to know you will be taken care of after I'm gone." He took his daughter in his arms her head actually taller then his. "You have to make a decision soon I'm afraid." He left her there and returned to the Palace

When he entered he saw his cadaverous Royal Vizier strolling down the hall, the red parrot was sitting on his shoulder and he had a long golden staff with a flared cobra's head at the top. The cobra's eyes were of strange red gems that the Sultan had never seen before. "Ah Jafar my trusted Vizier maybe you can help me with my problem.

"You wish is my command your Excellency. How may I be of service?" The dark man bowed before the Sultan.

"It's my daughter Jasmine she refused every Prince in the surrounding kingdoms I don't know what I am going to do with her."

The Vizier stroked his scraggly goatee as he thought "I may be able to find a solution but it will require something on your part." He replied.

"What do you need Jafar, anything that will help?" The Sultan said.

"I need the blue diamond ring on your left little finger your excellency," the Visor requested.

The Sultan didn't see how giving up his ring would help "But Jafar that's the blue diamond, it's never been off the Sultan's hand for generations." He started to say more but Jafar brought the staff slowly around so the cobra's eyes were looking into the Sultans. There seemed to be a reddish beam of light flowing from the serpents eyes into the Sultan's and the Sultan became lethargic and slow.

"You want to give me the ring don't you?" The Vizier instructed.

"Yes,... yes of course here it is." The Sultan removed the ring and handed it to the Vizier.

"Now go along a play with your little toys and forget we talked." The Vizier instructed as he dropped the ring into a robe pocket.

"Yes, yes of course, play with my soldiers." the Sultan walked slowly away taking ten or twelve steps before stopping and wondering what he was doing, oh yeah he was going to rearrange his toy soldiers.

Jafar and Iago went through a concealed panel in his apartments and descended to a secret room far below the castle. This was were he practiced his evil magic. He had slowly been drawing the Sultan under his power careful to not move to fast so anyone would catch on. Now however he was close to obtaining his goal of the magic lamp and he was willing to take more risks.

He spent the rest of the night setting up his equipment to attempt to show him who the Diamond in the rough was.

Well past midnight in the palace a hooded figure was stealthily making its way to the high wall on the side away from the city. Wrapped in a coarse woolen cloak obtained from one of the servants Princess Jasmine was running away. As she started to climb the twisted tree next to the wall she gasped as her cloak was tugged from behind she thought she was found out. Turning quickly expecting to see her father or one of the Palace guards she was surprised to see Rajh holding the hem of her clock in his mouth.

"Oh Rajh I can't take you with me, but I have to get out of here, Oh I will miss you" and she placed a kiss on his big orange head. He gave a huff of dissatisfaction at letting her out of his sight but didn't impede her as she scrambled over the top of the wall giving him a last wave and goodbye. The big tiger lay down to wait for his mistress's return.

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