Not the Marrying Kind
Chapter 1: Home Field Advantage: Preparation

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Home Field Advantage: Preparation - Bree was a wild, promiscuous woman. Educated and self assured, she felt she had her whole life figured out. That was, until she met him. The instant connection to him led her to behaviors and feelings foreign to her.

The mirror was all foggy after my extra hot shower. 'Damn it, ' I thought, 'now I have to wait to get ready. Why didn't I turn on the fan or open a window?' I looked down at my newly painted toes and wiggled them; they looked cute with pink on each little nail. 'Oh well, I better pick out my clothes anyway, ' I said in my head as I turned on the light to my walk-in closet. 'What to wear, what to wear?'

Settling on my tight, black, low-rise dress pants that hugged my ass nicely, I also pulled out my black high-heeled boots, and a velvet pink camisole, for that feminine touch. I laid the clothing out on my bed and set the boots on the floor. I slipped into a pink lace thong. Flipping the damp towel off my head I hung it on the door knob near-by. The feel of the soft pink camisole, as I slid it over my head and down over my plump breasts, tickled my skin giving me goose bumps. As the velvety fabric passed to my belly I noted that my nipples were firm and pressing against the shiny fabric. I giggled at that and walked back into the bathroom to see if the mirror had cleared.

Brushing the tangles from my wet, long, strawberry blonde hair, I began styling it and prayed that it would be a good-hair night. I was excited about tonight. While styling my hair my mind wandered back, contemplating the conversation I had with my mom earlier that day.

It was always the same thing, my parents constantly asked; "Why haven't you snagged yourself a nice guy and married him?" What the hell for? I enjoyed my life as it was. I loved my parents; don't get me wrong, they just didn't 'get' me.

Being wild, albeit a bit promiscuous, I was living in the moment. However, I was not stupid. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from college about six years ago and I had been quite successful with my career in Marketing. With a beautiful house, the Audi I always wanted and amazing vacations all over the world, I felt fulfilled. They thought that if I didn't get married right away I would be unhappy. I told them I would be unhappy if I got married before I was ready. A girl was only young once and I wanted to enjoy myself. Like I said, my parents just didn't get me and I realized that it is better to not argue with them. Some day, when I did get married, they would just find something else to nag me about, like grandchildren. So why bother worrying?

To say that I liked men was an understatement, I loved men. I loved them in all those wonderful visceral and erotic ways. With regards to picking up men I did alright. A supermodel I was not, I was a girl-next-door type. Believing I was pretty, I did notice when men would turn their heads as I walked by and I enjoyed the attention. Standing proud at about 5'2, and petite, 110 lbs soaking wet, I have been called 'tiny' by many people. When I was called tiny I laughed because I didn't really feel tiny, sometimes I felt larger than life. Perhaps my ego needed a retuning.

Being on my own was great and I loved sex a great deal. Society had the 'double standard' with regards to sex and I hated that. If men loved sex, and had it often with many different women, they were studs. But if women did, they were sluts. It wasn't right. Why shouldn't I be allowed one-night stands? Why couldn't I love sex? Why couldn't I be out for only one thing? Well I did one-night stands, I loved sex and I was usually out for one thing with men. I would usually break it off with a guy if he seemed interested in a relationship. There is enough time for that later.

My parents had no idea what I did in my spare time or that I was so into sex. But who would tell their parents that and how would you begin that type of conversation anyway? Besides, I doubt they'd be overjoyed. They still get upset if I accidentally swore in front of them because, "A lady doesn't say such things." They also get upset that I make people call me Bree, (say it like 'Brie' cheese), but they named me Aubree for god's sake! What the hell were they thinking? My older sisters had normal names; Kimberly and Rebecca. Why was I chosen to be Aubree? What cosmic alignment caused that? My family called me Beebee, it was their term of endearment I suppose. And while I didn't mind it as much as Aubree outside of my family I preferred Bree and that was the name I used.

A vibrant person, that's what I was, definitely NOT a wall-flower. When I entered a room I felt I owned it, whether I did or didn't. It is reasonable to believe I didn't, but I did end up having a few guys fawning over me, to my delight. My attitude of owning a room was sometimes subtle and sometimes not. When I drank, I was NOT subtle.

In regards to having friends, I preferred the friendship of men over women. I couldn't handle the bullshit that comes with a typical female friendship. I had two female friends from college who shared my mind-set in that regard and they were my best friends. Unfortunately, we didn't get together as often as we once did. They both recently moved out of state and were busy with their careers. But they were still my friends, regardless. They were the kind of friends that when you talked again or got together it was like no time had passed. There was no need for apologies or explanations, we knew that life kept moving and we were just busy. Other than those two ladies it was men I got along with better. I stopped to ponder the fact though, that I really didn't have a male friend that lasted long because we usually slept together. This thought made me laugh, perhaps I didn't make such a good 'friend' in the long run to guys after all.

In college I went crazy. In high school I had one 'serious' relationship, I guess as serious as a relationship could get. I fell in love with him but he didn't fall in love with me and broke my heart in the end. Since then I just live and have fun. If 'Mr. Right' was out there I would find him eventually. If he wasn't out there I would certainly have fun looking now wouldn't I? Pick up a guy, have sex and leave; that was my M.O. In the end, I didn't believe they complained.

Looking in the mirror I was surprised. So lost in thought, I didn't realize that my hair was fixed and looked pretty good in its choppy new style. Spraying my hairspray in a mist over my head, I tried to keep it from settling on my contacts so I closed my eyes. Shifting gears, I began to apply my makeup. My mind wandered back into my rambling thoughts.

Needless to say my use of men hadn't changed much since college but meeting men had. It was so easy with all the parties in college. Since college ended happy hour at local restaurant bars had been the answer. A person shouldn't mix work with their sex life. Since I tended to shy away from a relationship and because it could end up interfering with my career goals, it was better that way. And even if the person I slept with didn't want a relationship it would just end up awkward. 'What is that saying? Don't shit where you eat? Hmmm, yes I think that is it.' I giggle to myself as I puckered my lips over the shimmering lipstick I had just applied.

The bar scene had been growing old lately and work had been demanding. I found that wanting to go out had been my greatest obstacle. One night about six months ago I found a website through my erotic browsing. On it were erotic stories. These stories weren't romance they were about sex. And I found that it was extremely arousing to read them and my vibrator/rabbit started getting quite a workout as a result. After reading for about two weeks I stumbled into the chat rooms and found that people were chatting about sex. I was so excited, it was a new avenue to for me to explore.

Flirting took on a new challenge, in written form. I found I was quite good at it and enjoyed all my new acquaintances. I put up my picture and started getting a handful of followers. When I stumbled onto a thread that listed my state I began posting and talking with men close to where I lived. One in particular had caught my attention. We had talked via IM and he was quite engaging. For the last two months we had flirted heavily, when my work wasn't holding me hostage, that is.

We exchanged pictures and he was quite handsome, from what I could tell by the photos. Being a sucker for men with dark hair and tanned looking skin, I was immediately attracted to him. Besides his looks he seemed smart and funny.

Never thinking about the possibility of us meeting I was taken aback one day when he typed, "Would you like to meet up for drinks some day?"

Pausing, but only for a second, I replied "That would be great."

So tonight was the night. I hadn't been with a man for over four months and while my toy was great, there was nothing like the feeling of a warm, real man. Hornier than I remember ever being that just getting ready for this date I could feel my thong sucking in my juices of anticipation.

My make-up was completed and I smiled a pearly-white smile. I checked myself out in the mirror. My plump 36C breasts fully filled out the velvet cups of the camisole. Running my hands down my waist, along my hips to my cool, soft outer thighs I stopped. In that second I decided to change my outfit from the black pants to my black, short, pleated skirt. Digging through my drawer I find lace top black thigh highs. After zippering up the skirt I carefully slid my silken legs into my thigh highs and made sure they were perfect. I walked to my closet and found my three inch heels and slipped them on each foot. Then over to my full length mirror and I turned sideways to admire how the heels perked up my firm ass and the skirt barely covered it. Knowing with each step that my skirt would sway and hint at the lace top of my thigh highs, or even my bare cheek, I smiled in satisfaction. 'Yes, ' I thought, 'this is the look I am going for.'

Grabbing my favorite perfume, I sprayed the sweet, spicy perfume onto my bare neck and dabbed my wrists into where it pooled, to distribute the heavenly scent. At the last second, I grabbed my black velvet, short cropped blazer from my closet, in case it got chilly later, and headed out of the bedroom. On my way to meet Cole and I couldn't believe I was nervous. I had picked up many guys before but I had spoken to this guy before setting up this meeting up and maybe that was the difference. We hadn't really met yet in real life, only via picture and talked via IM. We hadn't even talked on the phone yet so his voice was still a mystery to me.

Through our conversations I had learned that Cole was a successful architect and 35 years old. He was quickly moving up in his architectural firm and made good money. Although I didn't seek out marriage I began to wonder why such a cute, successful guy was still available. Had he been married? Was he married now? Being bold, as I tended to be, I asked him during one of our conversations.

He informed me that he was divorced. His ex-wife's name was Amy. He told me that they only knew each other for six months before they got married. Amy was an attorney and a quick rising star in corporate law. She was a partner in a huge firm with offices all over the country. He told me he realized now that they were both so engrossed in their careers that they slowly drifted apart. She got an offer to move to the main office of the firm in Los Angeles after they were married just a little over three years. She took the job without consulting him since it was a big opportunity for her. "More money, more power, all she was looking for," Cole told me. When she told him about the offer and that she accepted he was shocked. Cole stated that she knew he wouldn't move because of his exploding career. It was then that he knew his marriage was over. He stated he resigned himself to the fact that Amy wanted her career more than she wanted him. He said he was almost relieved though, because he had begun to doubt he was in love. He wondered if he was just in lust with her. He stated he figured it all worked out in the end.

That was enough explanation for me. Not being ready to marry right now myself, as I told him often, it was the last discussion we had with the word marriage in it and I was happy about that. I almost felt bad bringing it up in the first place but a girl should know if a guy is married before seducing him, in my mind. In all my romping I did not want to be the "other woman". And even though I didn't want to marry someone at this point in my life, I also didn't want to contribute to the downfall of a marriage either.

In any case, I was on my way to meet him face-to-face for the first time and I felt like a school girl. My heart was racing and my cheeks were slightly flushed. Grabbing my purse, keys and cell phone, I walked through the kitchen. Opening the door I stepped down the two steps to my two car garage. I am grateful that he agreed to meet at a local restaurant/bar because I think it put me at ease. Home field advantage was always good. As long as I didn't run into any past 'dates', that thought made me cringe as I climbed into my Audi.

As I headed to the restaurant I began to ask myself, 'Do I expect sex? No. Did I hope we'd have sex? Yes, if the chemistry is there.' With a nod in satisfaction from my decision, I pulled into traffic. The radio was tuned to my favorite station that played music with a bit of a heavy metal edge. Humming along with the song playing loudly, I drove without remembering what passed. Lost in my thoughts and excitement I started to feel weird because I hadn't been excited about someone like this in a long time. That thought must be pushed to the back of my head, I was being silly.

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