Anne and Mary
Chapter 1: Anne

Copyright© 2006 by Robin Pentecost

Sex Story: Chapter 1: Anne - Two young women go to college in search of excellence in life and sex. They form a study group with four men. It's a long, slow story about how people learn to live together and share their special genius. They have problems, but they solve them.<br><i>Fair Warning!: There's lots of sex, but it's mostly off stage, so you need to use your imagination.</i>

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Group Sex   Slow   School  

The university is a four-hour drive from home, and I had decided long ago to come up by myself and get settled in on the first day possible. Dad wanted to bring me, but I told him I loved him a lot for offering, but not to bother. I told him no one needs to spend 8 hours on the road just to lug stuff to college. I was kind of regretting that, now.

I'd said my good-byes at home and left early in the morning, feeling full of the excitement of going off to college. I wasn't more than twenty miles up the Interstate before my eyes got misty and I wished I had Dad to talk to. The feeling passed, but I realized I'd underestimated the effect a change like this would have on me.

The end of August gets hot, and I really had a tough time of it, lugging my suitcases and boxes up three flights of stairs in Old North. I was only wearing a tee-shirt and shorts, but just by the third or fourth trip I was sweating and thirsty. Just the same, I kept at it until all my stuff was upstairs. I sat down on a box and just tried to breathe normally for a while, examining how I felt — a little low, I guess. But finally I opened the cooler and brought out my water bottle, pouring about half of it down my throat to ease the dryness. I settled back to see what I had. Besides a hell of a mess, that is.

I had about half my clothes unpacked when I heard voices in the hall. Someone knocked on the open door. There was a blonde girl with, for God's sake, a cowboy hat and boots, and two older folks.

"Hi. Can I help you?"

The girl said, kind of slow, "Well, if this is Room 350, then I'm your roommate. And this is my mom and dad."

"Good to see you. I'm Anne Stilwell, I just got here this noon. Come on in."

She was Mary Travis, and I met her mom and dad and forgot their names instantly. Her mom looked a little sour, and gave me a once-over that told me she doesn't approve of a tee-shirt without a bra. Her dad — he's real quiet — brought in a couple of suitcases and put them on the side of the room opposite my stuff.

Mary is blonde with a long, heavy braid. She took the hat off. High cheek-bones, strong jaw, full, naturally red lips, nose straight and just long enough. Dark blue, X-ray eyes. She wore a long-sleeve shirt with the cuffs turned back. Good tan. Jeans not too tight, good figure. The boots are a kick.

"Since I got here first, I sort of took my pick of things, but we can still fight about who gets which bed. Take a look around and get comfortable." I said. Mary sat on the floor, her mom on a chair.

"Nice campus," Mary said, "as far as I can see."

"Well, yes," her mom said, "but I'm more concerned about this room. Not much furniture. No place to sit."

I said, "I plan to go down to the Salvation Army or Goodwill tomorrow and see what they've got. Try and beat the rush later in the week when more people get here. I figure we need an armchair and maybe a couch or sofa-bed. Depends on what they have and what it costs. I have a car, so we can get the stuff back here without too much trouble."

Dad spoke up, "I don't know what your budget is, but Mary can share the costs with you, if you like."

"Thanks," I said with a smile. "I don't really want to pay for the whole thing myself — I'm not rich."

"Neither are we," Mom said, "but we did plan to put something into that kind of furniture. I see you have a computer. Do you have a printer, too? I don't see one."

"No, ma'am, we have one at home, but it's the only one and I couldn't bring it. I guess I'll look for one at Buyer's Club."

Mary said, "Why don't we go halves on it? I have a laptop with me but no printer, either. No point in buying two."

I thought for a second. "Fine with me, but we need to agree ahead of time what to do if we get a divorce."

Mary laughed her big, open laugh. "Right. You never know what's going to happen. We'll work it out."

We talked a little longer, then Mary and her folks headed back downstairs. They were leaving for the airport already. When she came back upstairs, she was talking with a boy who was carrying a big box. "See you later," she said and came into the room.

Mary took two suitcases into the bedroom. I said, "You want these two in there, too?" She said she did, so I dragged the pack and suitcase in to her. She had one case open on her bed and was stuffing things into drawers and the closet.

"Thanks a bunch." she said.

"Mary, you want a beer, or a Coke?"

"Do I want a beer? I'd kill for a beer."

"Here's one — I've got a cooler — but if you kill me, I'll never give you another." I heard that laugh again.

I took one for each of us and sat on my bed and watched her work. Good clothes, mostly jeans and stuff, nice colors, good quality. Two more pairs of cowboy boots, but sneakers and normal shoes, too. She's at least six feet tall to my 5' 7". Long legs.

"You didn't have much to say to that guy out there," I noted.

"Naw, we've got all fall to meet guys. I want to find some guys who have more on their minds than getting in my pants."

"What do you think our chances are?"

She looked at me with a grin. "Depends on how hard we look, how choosy we are." Then she said, "Gimme a minute, will you?" and went into the bathroom. She stayed a while after I heard the toilet flush. When she came out, she had something in her hand and put it in a wastebasket that was behind the door.

"Hey! I've been looking for that all afternoon." I got up and brought in the cans and some scraps I had stowed away in the other room. Mary's bra was in the bottom of the basket. I checked her out, but her shirt had pockets that made it hard to see much of her breasts. Not much difference without it, though.

"Uh, you feel more comfortable now?" I asked.

"What, you mean the bra? I hate them, but mom has a fit if I don't wear one. I see you don't wear one, so I don't guess you'll get all bent out of shape if I don't, either. I won't have to wear one until I go home for Christmas."

"No trouble from me. I don't even own one, except with a bathing suit... Say, you want me to help? Hang stuff up?" I am beginning to like this woman.

"Great. Why don't you start with that other suitcase? It's mostly stuff to hang."

We spent the next hour or so getting her stuff put away, chatting, talking about clothes and so on. I asked about the cowboy boots.

"I wear them almost all the time. I ride a lot and I work on my aunt's ranch. You really need them around a place like that, 'cause of the stirrups, and in case you walk past a rattler. 'Sides, I'm used to them, they're comfortable."

By then the sun was almost down and the light was going. I closed some of the windows and tried to pile things into more orderly confusion.

"Let's go find a pizza," Mary said, "And talk some more. I think we're going to get along okay."

"Fine with me, but I want a shower and a change, first."

I took a quick shower, toweled dry and came out of the bathroom. Mary was sitting on the bed.

"Sorry," I said, "I'm used to going without clothes. I forgot you'd be here."

"No problem for me, if it's not for you," Mary said. She looked me over carefully, head to toe, without embarrassment. "Nice," she said.

"Thanks, but I really didn't have much to do with it. My folks set me up."

Mary laughed. "Well, let's just say, you take good care of it. But I can tell you don't wear those bras that come with your bathing suits."

"No, we've got enough privacy at home I don't need to. But not so much I can do without the bottoms. Uh, as long as we're on the subject, I don't wear anything to bed, either. Will that be a problem? I've got a robe somewhere; I could wear it, I guess."

"I've never done that — sleep naked. Might like to try. No, don't worry about skin. Skin's no sin, as far as I'm concerned. Just for my mom."

I put on jeans, a clean shirt and shoes and we drove into town. We found a pizza joint that wasn't some big chain and ordered.

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