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Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - As a Docent, Alex's job was to teach adolescent clients about all things sexual during their brief encounters. As an Elite, he was acknowledged as one of the best Docent's in the World, had the bank account to prove it, and could literally do anything he wanted. Yet after years of service, there were few surprises and it was time to move on to a new challenge: college. Now, all he needs to learn is how to fit in. Note that this is not the typical romance, love, or college story.

Out the window you could clearly see Big Ben and the Parliament building, both starkly outlined by the lightning that flashed intermittently. Each strike caused my Iugum, the ring that signifies my Elite status, to shimmer as I firmly gripped the sheets and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. I'd had so many clients that it was growing harder to stay focused.

Trained as a Docent in all things sexual by the Institute, I quickly worked my way through the ranks until I was recognized as one of the best Docents in the world and granted Elite status. Tasked with sharing this knowledge, confidentiality was crucial and, in addition to the Institute's extensive measures to ensure anonymity, my current client had insisted on meeting in a foreign country.

At nineteen, I'd spent the last few years working with high priority clients and living in Institute condos all over the world. While these foreign assignments were considered a privilege, even staying at the Institute's best accommodation in Central London felt cramped by American standards. Glancing around the lightning illuminated room, the harsh light seemed to highlight just how far I was from home.

The storm raged around us, but none of this seemed to matter to Tess as she rapidly grew more confident, and her cries of pleasure echoed the thunderous crashes from outside. It was the first night of our Docent Weekend together, and while only 13, Tess more than made up in enthusiasm what she lacked in experience. An amazingly fast learner, she seemed to almost anticipate what I would teach next. In fact, she'd already started rolling her hips for the optimal stimulation and was beginning to grasp hold of my waist so as to better control the speed and depth of my thrusts.

Tess' determination was admirable, but predictable. Her client profile indicated that she was a near perfect match and, after years of experience, I knew her type well. While most would be tempted to revel in her enthusiasm, we still had two more days, and I didn't want her to wear herself out on our first night together.

I normally worked with older clients, but over the last few months I'd insisted on more diverse clients. While younger, Tess hadn't offered any real challenges or surprises. I'd worried about whether we'd be a good match physically, but the doctors assured me she didn't have a hymen and could accommodate my rather averaged sized cock. Still, if this dragged out much longer Tess would be too sore for sex later in the weekend.

With an inward sigh I decided to help speed things along. Resting my weight on one elbow I began to lightly nibble on and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. She giggled at first, but her breathing became increasingly ragged as my murmurings grew cruder. Reaching down, I briefly played with her small yet extremely sensitive breasts before rolling my hips slightly to give my hand more access to lightly trace my fingers along her slit.

One of the most important skills a Docent learns is how to control when they orgasm. This skill allowed my entire being to be focused on Tess's pleasure, and she eagerly moaned her approval when my fingers finally began teasing her clit.

Within seconds I felt her tense and knew her orgasm was about to arrive. Normally I'd be mentally stimulating myself to keep right at the edge, so that I could orgasm with the client, but Tess seemed to have an amazing amount of natural ability. Even distracted, I'd been concentrating quite hard to ignore the stimulation from my cock in order to prevent me coming several minutes before.

As Tess started to spasm around me I groaned my relief, willed myself to cum, and basked in the full stimulation she eagerly provided.

I was about to call out her name when my mind completely blanked. For three seconds I swore her name was 'Beth.' Calling the wrong name is a terrible mistake for any Docent, but for me it would have been instant dismissal from the Elite ranks.

"Tess!" I finally gasped, as I held her close.

While I'm sure Tess never noticed the delay, it rocked me to my core.

After showering together and snuggling, I waited until Tess was sleeping peacefully before grabbing my cell phone and sneaking out of the room.

Still shaken, I checked my watch. Even though it was after 2:30AM and we were actually on similar time zones for once, I didn't hesitate to call Kael. As my client manager at the Institute, Kael was responsible for planning all of my client interactions and answered on the first ring.

"Kael, it's Alex," I stated while trying to sound calmer than I felt.

"Good morning, are you okay?" he asked with genuine concern, sounding remarkably coherent for someone I'd just woken up.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Well, kind of."

"Did something go wrong with Tess? I know she's a bit young for your tastes, but the doctors assured us..."

"No, no, she's great," I interrupted. "It's not that. It's..."

'It's embarrassing, and I'm tired, ' I silently cursed.

Kael and I rarely minced words and after a long pause during which Kael waited for me to continue, I decided to lay it all on the line.

"I almost called out the wrong name."

Kael never got emotional, so it was several seconds before I heard the stifled gasp from his end. Ever since becoming the youngest Elite ever at age 15, I'd been extremely successful, rarely having a client complain and never coming close to 'messing up.'

"Which name?"

"Oh, it doesn't matter."

"Well, are you feeling okay? I mean, you have been taking on quite a few extra clients this year."

"I'm done," I snapped, and in that instant knew this conversation was something I'd been trying to avoid for the last several months by drowning myself in work.

"Done, like with this client?" Kael incredulously asked.

"No, I'll finish up here. But I'm done," I continued with more finality. "I think it's time to retire."

"Maybe you just need a break," Kael soothed. "Why don't you take a vacation and come back to the Institute for a couple weeks? We can find you a couple of extra special Docents to tutor and you can take some re-assimilation classes just in case."

Kael's offer was tempting, but returning to the Institute and training Docents would hardly be a vacation. I'd lived and breathed the Institute for the last six years. It was time to do something different, something 'normal' for someone my age.

"Maybe, but not right now. It's late August and classes must be starting soon."

"Classes, as in college classes?"

"Kael, quit playing dumb. I don't want to lose my perfect reputation. I've been donating my commission to charity for over a year now, so it's not like I need the money."

"Are you sure? Things are quite different outside the Institute."

"Yes, why else have I insisted on private tutoring all these years?"

"Any school in particular?" Kael asked, knowing arguing would be futile and obviously biting his tongue.

"Not really. But I've always liked the mountains and want something in the States."

"Mountains," he replied, and I heard typing in the background. "Colorado's got some good schools, and most haven't had an Elite in a while, if ever."

"Really? Well, being the first Elite on campus would definitely be cool."

"Being first would sure make things... challenging."

"Exactly! You know what I would give to find a real challenge?"

Kael paused as if considering just what could be arranged on such short notice.

"Being the first limits things, but let me make some calls and see what I can do."

"Excellent," I replied, confident that Kael would make it so.

With that piece of uncomfortable business taken care of, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I reveled in my impending freedom.

"Even though I'll be spending the rest of the weekend with Tess, I'll probably have a week or so before classes start. Is one of the condos in New York free?"

"Let me check," and I again heard typing in the background. "Actually there are a couple in Manhattan that will be available."

"Good, think you can book me a flight there after I finish up with Tess on Sunday?"


"Thanks Kael, have a good night."

"You too."

With all we'd discussed it was actually the idea of planning my trip to New York that intrigued me the most as I hung up the phone. For the first time since being nominated to Elite status I would be taking a vacation. Some think that an Elite's entire job is a vacation, but they fail to realize just how much planning is involved with crafting the 'perfect experience.'

This sense of freedom quickly passed when I realized I had very few solid plans for the future, and that I still had to spend the rest of the weekend with Tess. Life after working for the Institute had always been some far off event that now was mere days away. As I silently padded back to our suite, I couldn't help but wonder if Kael was right. Was I ready for the 'real world?'

Yet as I entered the room and gazed down at Tess' nude figure, clearly outlined through the nearly translucent sheet, some of my previous confidence returned. It was with a sense of anticipation of all the different possibilities for both the weekend and beyond that caused me to smile as I carefully got back in bed with my current, and possibly last, client.

Tess snuggled deeply into my embrace as I wrapped my arm across her waist, but gave no further indication of waking. Being careful not to tickle her I slid my hand up until I gently cupped her still developing breast and nestled my slightly aroused cock between her thighs.

Before drifting off to sleep I couldn't help but muse, 'If I successfully taught hundreds of adolescent clients, with all of their nerves and fears, how hard can college be?'

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