Priya's Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian, Slut Wife, Incest, Daughter, InLaws, Gang Bang,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Indian slut wife's tales of debauchery with family and friends

Indian hindi words used : -- Cunt — Choot / Lund — Cock

This is a story of a married woman and her adventures, she is 36 and married for 16 years to Deepak aged 40, the couple has two lovely daughters, Sonia 15 and minu 13, the household consists of her father-in-law, one young maid servant Jaya and the family driver Mohan. This is a typical Indian nuclear family living in a posh House in New Delhi. They had a great deal of wealth, club memberships and a very active social circle. Priya began her life at 19 in this house and the rest, is her story and loving relationships.

Niranjan — the Father in Law

She stared at the familiar Lund in her hand and realized that after all these years. She still loved her father in laws Lund; it started rising rapidly in her palm and soon achieved its 9 inch glory.

So how was your trip? Asked priya Not bad, Deepak will be coming later this week, as something important has come up Nothing as important as feeling your Lund in my wet choot, you got him to stay back didn't you, she said with a sly grin and giving long strokes on his magnificent lund, You keep doing that and you will spill all the precious cum on the floor, he said She unbuckled his pants and let it fall to the floor; she sought out the balls and squeezed it while stroking his Lund mmmmm looks extra hard today!!! She moaned You bet!! Have been thinking only about your pussy since morning!! Have your shaved it my dear!!! Yes neat and very clean, just the way you want it, Jaya shaved it extra close and I knew you would come back today, so stopped the bitch from licking it!! Priya let go off his lund and moved back wards towards the dresser and sat on it, and slowly lifted her yellow chiffon sari and spread her legs wide, she saw his cock bobbing, her white panties with pink lacy elastic was stretched across her crotch and he could see the wetness seeping through her crack making her panties semi transparent. His lund throbbed in anticipation.

She beckoned him with her finger and smiled sexily, he shucked out his trousers and approached her widely spread legs and went down on his knees to pay homage to the lush valley between her legs, he sniffed and ran his nose along her crack, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her black lacy Bra and her pointed nipples were hard as bullets, he stood up and closed in on her teats and sucked on them, she lurched forward and his cock was grazing her cunt, she held both her breasts and fed her father in law nipple by nipple. She was getting homier by the minute and she dropped one hand to hold his cock and lovingly move it on her clit hmmm mmmm hhmmmm she moaned and he again dropped to his knees and pulled at her panties, she assisted by lifting her ass and he completely removed the skimpy garment and stared at her aristocratic crack, completely shaved, the thick lips were slightly open and her slimy wetness was leaking into her ass crack. He stuck out his tongue and rimmed her open asshole and slowly traced a path along her crack and settled at her clit, he ran small circles around her clit, she shuddered and tweaked her nipples and held his head in her right hand and pulled it into her cunt, he finally found her hole and pushed his tongue in and slowly fucked her with nice short strokes. Mmmm hhhmmmmm was all she would say and she was slowly getting to a point of no return, he sensed that and went further down and explored her asshole!!!!!!!!!!

She wanted cock and she was desperate for it, she stood him up and embraced him and held his cock in one hand and guided it to her slutty hole, he pushed the head in and felt her hot cunt swallow it with hunger, he held back and she looked up and blinked, she knew he was teasing!! She caught his ass with her hands and drew him inside with one violent pull, all nine inches was buried deep inside and she wouldn't let go!!! She wanted to feel the hard lund deep inside her and she left it throbbing with life, oh my god!!! He moved his ass in circles and she held him and her clit could feel all the action, she then fed him her nipples and he sucked it with gusto, nipples were her most sensitive area, after a few minutes of teasing and holding each other, he lifted her from the dresser with his cock still impaled in her and carried her to her marital bed, he slowly laid her and she knew that he will now start his ruthless fucking, she put her arms under her thighs and pulled her legs to her chest and he then started moving!!! The cock would slide out till the tip and plunge into her tunnel and the slow strokes soon started to get fast. He looked into her lovely large Kajal lined eyes and felt pure lust

Fuck me darling!!!!!Please fuck, ohh my god, ohhh god fuck me!!!!!! She whimpered He started pistoning his cock into her choot and his balls slapped against her exposed asshole Take it you filthy slut!!! Randi!!!! he hollered. She fucked him back with all her might, it felt like two bodies being banged into each other. She was close and could feeling that incredible sensation building up in her, she wanted him to come with her, she loved the feeling of his hot lava flowing into her as she came!! She always wanted that and she knew how to extract that come at the right time!!

Fuck me harder she bit her lower lip and begged, harder!!! HARDER HARDER!!!!!! He pumped with all his might and the sweaty bodies glistened in the afternoon light. She felt her orgasm approaching and she groaned and moaned and!!!!

Daddy fuck your little girl daddy, she groaned and hearing that he pumped his cock into her extra hard and felt his balls well up!!!

Papa your little girl needs to cum PAPA, Please Mujhe chodho please, jorsay chodho papa, she started creaming and fucked her ass into his cock!! a series of orgasms began and she was going berserk with pleasure and she bucked her ass up to meet his cock!!!!!!! Beta ohhh beta!!! I am cumming ohhhh beta fuck my cock harder betaiiiiiii, the cock started spraying his cum into her hot hole, he kept pumping till all his love juice was settled in her willing and wanton womb!!! He lay on her and she held him lovingly and had tears in her eyes and thought on how lucky she was to have him at her home, willing and always pleasing her horny choot without pride or prejudice!!!!

He slowly moved out of her and lay beside her and she turned to hug him and ran her fingers through his hairy chest, his slimy cock was slowly weakening and she stroked it like a love lost puppy!!

Papa did you enjoy it? Absolutely dear, as always, your choot is divine and I am very lucky She wondered how is it that a man who is so well endowed, had a son with a puny 4 inch cock and hardly knew how to use it, some things seem so strange.

He picked out a pack of cigarettes and lit one and dragged a nice puff and handed over to his beti, she inhaled and always enjoyed a ciggie after a good fuck, and they shared the fag and spoke for sometime...

When did Deepak last fuck you? Ohhh don't ask, it was sometime last month, Shithead he muttered, the guy is good for nothing, at least he produced two awesome girls, thank god. So did you enjoy the fuck? He asked Papa it's a stupid question, you know I did and with you gone for two weeks, you had me all knotted up!! Hey don't tell me that you didn't fuck for the last two weeks, he said and smiled. You are one horny bitch and I know you better than anybody else. It was true her father in law truly knew what a slut she was, hey I got fucked a couple of times, but without you, it's never that good and you know that, don't you dear papa. She shook his cock a couple of times and laughed!!!! Anyone I know? No one you know, she murmured Tell me about it and if it gets me horny, I will fuck you in your ass, before the girls come back from school. He said and then looked her in the eye and asked her, Hey what about my gift?? You always forget about it and you know how much I need them? / He made a face at her and she quickly kissed him and said

Sorry papa, I really forgot, don't get upset, pleaseeee, let me get them for you, ok She left the bed and walked over to the bathroom and with the door open, she spread her legs and peed into it, all the while looking at him and showing him a spread wide cunt, she finished and washed it clean and came back with warm water and towel and thoroughly washed his cock clean. She then walked to the dresser and bought back a plastic cover and laid it on his chest, she then sat beside him and took his clean cock in her left hand and jacked it a couple of times, she felt it getting hard, she then opened the plastic cover and slowly pulled out one pink cotton panties and slowly traced it against his nose,

This was worn by minu from yesterday evening and she just removed it before going to school, he inhaled it slowly and closed his eye, the crotch of the pink cotton panties lay on his nose and he darted his tongue out and licked around the crotch area.

Do you like the smell and taste of a 13 year old choot she asked mockingly, my sweet 13 year old daughter's choot, she had one hand on his lund and felt it growing to its 9 inch glory, she held the panties and rubbed the crotch in his face and slowly bought it down and covered his cock with the soft panties and jacked it with her left hand, she picked out another white panties with little hearts printed on them, the crotch area appeared darker and was slightly yellowish, she first inhaled the crotch area herself and she felt his cock jerk and then bought it to his nose and said. This now is the smell and taste of the 15 year old virgin choot, wanna lick? She playfully passed it across his tongue a couple of times and then spread it across his tongue. His cock jerked harder then before and she knew it always got him hard, in-fact at times she waited for her daughter to go for her bath and would immediately pick out the still warm panties and run across to her Fil's room, so that he could enjoy the aroma and she would get a good fuck from him that day.

Papa was extra nice to her daughters and they loved him, he was strong and good looking and very sensitive, they always took him for all the functions in school and he was a certified hit among their friends. He loved ogling at young girls and specially loved it when he got peeks under the skirt, he had a fetish for young choot covered in cotton panties and I always played along, as he was a gentleman and had never molested her kids. One of these days she is going to ask him to go ahead and take liberties with Sonia, the kid is growing up fast and her titties are already quite big for her age and she is growing tall with great shapely legs, her lovely ass fills out the jeans and has the men drooling over her.

The lund in her hand was now hard enough and she wanted him to enjoy his second round, she picked up the intercom and asked jaya her maid to come over to the master bedroom, Jaya was a petite young teenager, she was 19 and has been in her house from the time she was 12, so the girl knew everything that went on there and she treated priya as her mistress, anything priya wanted from her she did and she loved doing it for her.

Priya had her shaving her choot from the time she was 14 and soon afterwards learnt how to lick her mistresses choot, she is an expert choot licker now and at 15, she had her FIL take her virginity and at 16 she was taking it up her ass, the choot could devour lund like a pro!!

Jaya came into the room and stood beside priya and smiled seductively, priya started undressing her and her budding teenaged body in full bloom was on display. Priya massaged her tits and tweaked at her nipples, her FIL's cock bobbed in the air and precum trickled out of his Lund. He always liked screwing the little girl. he got his hands between her legs and ran a finger into her crack and she was wet, this girl lubricates so well, she spread her legs wide to allow for more room and he opened her thick lips and poked his middle finger into her hole, her cunt gripped his finger and he moved it in without any difficulty, priya bent her forward and nibbled at her tits, and at the same time ran her fingers through her ass crack, she met her FIL's finger and joined it, in getting into her cunt, the bitch was fucking herself back on their fingers and priya then fingered her ass. Jaya found it difficult to stand in this position and she bent forward and held priya by her shoulders. After some teasing, priya asked the girl to work on the lund. Jaya lovingly sat beside the bed and started fondling the huge and hard lund in her hands and licked the sides and she wanted to make it special for him, she slowly had him spread his legs and pushed it on to his chest, she handled his big balls and took each one into her mouth and rolled it around, the lund was throbbing in her hand and he pulled his legs further back and this exposed his asshole, the wicked girl lowered her mouth and started rimming his asshole and tried pushing her tongue into the tight ass, niranjan loved this and he tried pulling his legs further up for easy penetration.

Priya watched the scene and fingered her wet choot, she wanted a tongue in her ass, she quickly laid over her FIL and he spread her ass cheeks and the little wench rimmed her ass, she alternated between the lovely soft ass of priya and the hard ass of her FIl and took his balls into her mouth, priya knew her fil wouldn't last long with jaya servicing them this way, she got up and went to her dresser and pulled out a double dildo from her secret hiding place and slowly lubricated it while watching jaya lick and suck cock, the double strap on dildo had a perfect cock, she quickly inserted one into her choot and strapped the leather belt on and approached the young teenager, the rimming was still on and now her fil's ass was wet with her saliva, priya propped the girl on her legs and looked at the tight ass, she spread her ass and ran the 7 inch dildo along the choot, the girl whimpered with her mouth full of hard throbbing lund, she then inserted the dildo and slowly pushed it into the young wet choot inch by inch till all 7 inches were deep inside her, she then held the little girl by her ass and started fucking her, the nine incher in her own cunt was moving in motion with the fucking and they both were working up steam after some rhythmic fucking, priya winked at her Fil and she then laid on her back and got jaya to get on her and the dildo up her cunt and the girl started fucking her and kissing her mouth at the same time, niranjan approached the exposed ass with a mighty hard on and spread the tight teen ass and poked the head of his lund into her, the girl stiffened and priya held her tight, he slowly pushed and her tight anal rim yielded and the head went in, it felt warm and he spat at her ass for lubrication and pushed further and inch by inch, slolwy all nine inches were up her shit chut.

Niranjan always loved getting it up her ass, and now he could feel the dildo also moving and this heightened his feeling, slowly the father in law and daughter in law began fucking the young teenaged maid and the moans grew to groans and they had her screaming in no time, she was out of control and the experienced elders, had her panting for more. She swore in her native tongue!!!!!!!!!!

Jorsay chodho mujhe, papa please, mere ghand pad dho, papa pleeeesae eeeeeeeeeeeeeee she screamed in her native tongue Papa. Oour jorsay chodho is randi ko, said priya and kept fucking upwards and with each down ward fuck from her papa, the cock in her choot reached her very depths.

Ooooma maaaaaa, ooooooooo, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm groaned jaya and she desperately clung on to priya, didi ooour Jorsay chodhooooooo, she begged!!!! Very soon, the bed creaked with the rhythmic fucking of the fucking family and a climax was soon approaching, jaya screamed and blabbered, mmmm chodho pleaaseeee, uuuummmmm oooooooommmammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa and she fucked at the cocks with her tight ass

Haaaaaan didiiii mera Pani Nikal raha he, oooooommaaaaaaa pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee papa pleaseeeeeeee...

Niranjan fucked the little girl faster and soon started creaming inside her warm and wet ghand and priya clutched the girl and fucked herself to a great orgasm, jaya kept convulsing and the poor girl was experiencing multiple orgasms for the first time, also it was the first time, she has had so much cock in her...

Niranjan pulled out and the girl lay supine on priya with the dildo still up her cunt and her tits mashed against the big tits of her mistress, she slowly propped up and said very sincerely, thank you priya didi, ye tho bauhut accha tha, bauhut maaza aya, and kissed her on her lips, priya kissed her back and said, abse, hamesha tumahre choot oour ghand hum marange... haaan zarror marana didi, roz marana, said jaya.

She then got up and led both priya and niranjan to the bathroom and washed them thoroughly and they returned freshened up, the girl picked up her clothes and went down stairs. Niranjan looked at the well fucked bahu and said, I am really lucky to have you and you have trained jaya so well, he held her close and kissed her for some time and went to relax in his room.

Priya looked at the bed and with so much fucking happening, the sheets were stained and her daughters panties and hers were all lying around, she had to get ready fast, as the girls would soon be coming back from school...

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