Starlight 300
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "Captain," she said her head lowered, "I know I'm a little young, but do you think you could, I mean perhaps you could spare some time to." "Come on girl spit it out," I said sharply. "Well I've never done it before," she said, "and it would be the coolest if I could do it here, you know, my first time going at warp 2 in a 300 series." I just stared out into space, not knowing what to say for she was a wanker's dream.

"You've got a 300 series starlight," she said in awe.

"Well no," I said, "it's hull number is 299."

"It's still a 300 series," she said, "my dad flew Starlight's for years and I know the 300 series started at number 295."

When I first saw the ship in the scarp yard I almost walk straight by but then I too saw those numbers under the cockpit glass I knew what it was. The guy in charge didn't though, he though she was a standard model. Like most people he thought that the 300 series started at 300. The 300 series was the end result of 50 years of evolution of the best long-range scout spacecraft ever built. It started with its engine, never the most powerful but super reliable and fuel-efficient; capable of pushing her along at warp 2.5. In the 300 they doubled up and put in a second engine. Now she could reach warp 5.5, not only that but the navigation equipment was upgraded along with its hull protection and she had limited protective firepower too.

Now that the age of exploration was over there was little use for the Starlight's, too small for cargo ships but there was 315 built overall the last 21 being series 300. The guy wanted 100k credits for her, about a third of her value as a 300 series but about right for a standard pre 300 series model; I sold everything I had and bought her. The two hour flight to the far side of the New World space port was almost a disaster for only one engine fired up and then at limited power.

"Can I have a look around," she said her voice breathless with excitement.

"Sure," I said but in truth I wanted to get on stripping my engines down to see what was wrong with them. She was just too pretty to ignore so I dropped the rear hatch and together we went on board.

"It's exactly the same as my dad's," she said as she stared around the interior, "except yours has got the extra engine, do they both work?"

"No not at the moment," I confessed, "the port side one is dead and I'm only getting 30% out of the starboard one."

"Parts are pretty easy to get," she said her hands running over the engine body. "I've stripped down my dad's engine loads of times."

"You have?" I asked for I was planning to use the service manual.

"Sure loads of times," she said, "I'll go and borrow my dad's tools if you like and give you a hand. By the way my name is Candy."

"The inlet manifold is cracked on the Starboard engine," she said with grease all over her pretty face. "But we can use the port side one to give you 100% power for now."

"Great, what about the port engine?" I asked.

"Knackered," she said, "it need a total strip down and lots of new parts, better still a new one."

"There's no way I can afford a new engine," I said, "I've spent all my money buying her."

"Well when I've repair the starboard engine and get us out of atmos," she said, "I know where there's a perfectly good engine just sitting there, not belonging to any one."

"Where?" I asked

"Yep," she smiled, "my dad's Starlight number 156 crashed when her stabilisers failed but there was nothing wrong with her engine."

"It's not just the engine," I said, "there's no life support unit, the food management units is not working and I don't think the rear hatch seals are any good."

"I know where there's a life support pod," she said, "as for the rest we'll only be gone a few days so we can take sandwiches and I'll bet those inner seals are ok."

"You've got a life support unit?" I said.

This girl gets better every day. Not only can she strip an engine pod she has a life support unit up her sleeve and of course she was very pretty.

The ship was originally designed to fly on one engine so it left atmos with no trouble.

"Steer towards the asteroid belt," she instructed, "dad's 165 is on 1293/2021, one of the biggest about, you should find it in the nav computer."

"There she is," she shouted.

I followed her pointed finger and there on the surface was a dark smudge. I set down beside it and together we suited up. It was very well preserved; the pilot had managed to put her down without much damage. We started on the engine, stripping it down to its component parts and transporting them to my ship, good job the gravity here was so low for some of the parts were quite heavy. Then after that we got the life support unit and food processor out as well.

"Lets take the hatch seals," she said, "might as well now we are here."

With our precious load I fired up my one good engine and headed back to the spaceport. We didn't need all the bits but it was nice to have a few spares. We plumbed in the new life support unit, which fitted into its space perfectly. The only thing we couldn't get working properly was the food processor, it seemed that the software was corrupted for the coffee tasted terrible.

"I can't believe all this," she said staring out into the blackness of warp space.

We had picked up some medical supplies and mail for Starbase 17 and at the moment we were taking it nice and slow travelling at just warp 2, the trip should take 7 days.

"Yeah we were lucky to pick up a cargo so quickly," I said.

"No I don't mean that," she smiled, "I mean, here I am on a 300 series Starlight, many light years from home."

"Well just as long as you keep those engines running you have a job and a cut of the profits," I said.

"Just a few weeks ago I would have paid you to be here," she said.

"Anyway, how's the force field generator coming along?" I asked.

"It isn't," she admitted, "I've traced the problem to the power relays and we haven't any spares."

"Perhaps we'll pick one up at the Starbase," I said.

"Captain," she said her head lowered, "I know I'm a little young, but do you think you could, I mean perhaps you could spare some time to."

"Come on girl spit it out," I said sharply.

"Well I've never done it before," she said, "and it would be the coolest if I could do it here, you know, my first time going at warp 2 in a 300 series."

I just stared out into space, not knowing what to say for she was a wanker's dream.

"Sure," I tried to sound calm.

All the Starlight's are built the same, two cabins, one on each side of the isle at the rear of the cockpit so she followed me into my port side cabin.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked her head down.

"Strip off would be a good place to start," I said.

I sat down on my bunk and pulled off my heavy boots. I watched as her jeans came off then her top leaving her naked. She was slim with nice legs and a small but curvy bust.

"I'm sorry I'm not very big here," she said cupping her self.

"Y-you are just fine," I said my voice catching in my throat.

Her skin was like nothing I had every touch before, smooth, warm and silk like. Her legs opened for me at my first touch.

"Please be gentle," she said.

I moved between her wide spread legs and positioned my hard cock at the entrance of her bald pussy. Slowly I moved my hips forward until with a jerk I was fully inserted. Her body jerked once then was still. We lay there for some time, our hands becoming accustomed to each other's bodies. Then slowly at first we moved together, her arms tight around my neck. I tried to make her first time as nice as possible but I just couldn't hold on any longer.

We lay still, still intimately connected but I could feel my cock going soft, my hands were making lazy circles over her fine skin and I kissed her neck.

"Thanks Captain," she sighed, "if I knew it was going to be that good I would have done it sooner."

"My pleasure," I said and it was.

I had been lucky for she had her orgasm just before I blow my load deep with her writhing body.

"Will it take long before you're ready again?" she asked.

"No, not long," I said.

"Oh good," she said stretching her body under me.

"I'll just go and check to see everything is ok," I said rolling off her and pulling up my pants.

We reached Starbase 17 on time and docked as per instructions.

"You better get dressed," I said as she walked naked into the cockpit.

I don't think she has had any clothes on for days.

"While I deliver our cargo and look for a new one," I said, "I want you to look for that power relay."

"Ok Captain," she said and disappeared to hopefully get dressed.

I soon picked up a return cargo of mail and some mineral samples, heavy but not that big which was good for the cargo hold in all Starlight's are quite small. Candy found a replacement relay and a couple of ignition tubes for our Phase Cannons too. The only thing we couldn't find was the software for a food management system so the coffee will have to stay tasting bad.

We let go our ropes and floated off into space, the nav computer set our course and we were off at warp 2 again.

"Captain," she said and I turned to see her clothes had disappeared again, "any chance of a quickie before I fit that power relay?"

"Sure why not," I said for a captains job is never done.

You could feel it in the air, smell the ozone when those power relays snapped closed.

"Nothing very sophisticated," she said, "just a great big sphere inclosing the whole ship."

"Good protection though," I said.

"God yes," she giggled, "stop anything non military. One of those really big buggers they have on a Star Cruiser, say a 100 gig cannons may fry the works though. "

"Good, what about the Phase Cannons," I said keeping my eyes averted from her for she had found these work clothes to wear, a one piece bib and brace, that were if anything more distracting than if she was naked. It left all her back bare and showing the sides of her fine tits too.

"Can't promise full power," she said, "for they were military scrap, but I suspect we should get 70-80% out of them."

"Good, carry on," I said and headed back to the cockpit.

The journey home was slow, no need to advertise what speed we were capable off. Both Cannons now worked, the best firing at 85% we fixed in the rear pod while the other could barely make 55% we fixed in the forward one. Once we find that bloody new software for the food processor my ship would be 100% at last.

Delivering mail would never make us rich but it paid for the fuel with enough over to put away for repairs. No it was the other cargos, those small but heavy boxes that paid the most but then they were the most trouble.

"Gold," she stared at the ten small boxes.

"Yep, ten million credits," I said, "a million a box."

"Now I know why you were so keen on getting the shield working," she said, "and those Phase Cannons."

"Too right," I smiled, "and it's time to use that extra speed that nobody knows we have."

"Cool," she smiled.

"It's ten days to Volant 7 if we go directly at warp 2," I mused, "so we'll go the long way round at warp 5 and still get there on time. Right lets break orbit, we'll start out at warp 2 until we are out of sensor range then we'll change direction and push the power up."

"Right captain," she giggled, "then we can have some fun."

It was just bad luck that we ran into somebody, for we were so far off the beaten track

"Captain, I'm picking up navigation pulses," she said.

"Shit," I cursed, "ok drop down to warp 2."

"I've got three ships doing at least warp 3," she said. "Firing, captain I have Phaser fire."

"At us?" I asked.

"No captain," she said her head pressed against the hood of our forward sensor.

"I don't like it," I mused, "lets go dark and see what happens."

I cut power and we dropped out of warp, we drifted along quite fast but at sub light.

"More firing captain," she said. "They're out of warp too, lead ship dead in space. Picking up transmissions now."

"So what's being said?" I asked.

She looked up and stared off into the darkness of space.

"They're leaving him to drift captain," she said, "they've fried his engine and they're leaving him to die."

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Some sort of political police, I think," she said. "They've gone, warped out at high speed. Captain we have to pick him up."

I didn't want to, for you never know who he may be, but you can't leave him out here drifting.

"Get some clothes on and we go and have a look," I said.

"Hi can you hear me," I called out over the radio at its very lowest setting, for I didn't want anybody else to hear me.

"Yes, who's that?" a very female voice called back.

Candy and I exchanged looks.

"Do you want picking up?" I asked.

"God yes please," she said sounding relieved.

"Thank you Captain, my name is Lila," she said after we had docked and picked her up.

"Those guys didn't like you much," I said.

"You've got that right the bastards," she said with venom. "What son of a bitch leaves you drifting with the nearest base many light years away?"

"So what did you do?" asked Candy who was young enough to be impolite.

"A bit of protesting," she laughed now, "I must have really got to them."

"They left you out here adrift just for protesting?" said Candy.

"Well there's protesting and then there's protesting," she laughed.

"So we are on our way from Star base 12 to Sol 3, with the mail" I said, "we can drop you there."

"A bit out of you way aren't you," she observed.

"We are taking the scenic route," said Candy with a straight face.

"Oh I see, somebody after you too?" she asked.

"We hope not," I said, "but we are not taking any chances."

"Ok let's fire up those engines and be off," I ordered.

"Engines, did he say engines, is this a series 300 then?" she asked looking about her.

"Hull number 299," said Candy.

"But he said engines," she said looking bewildered.

"Never mind, I'll explain later," laughed Candy.

"I've never been to Sol," explained Lila, "my bones are to dense to float in their sea, horrible stuff water."

"You sink in water," said Candy.

"Like a stone," laughed Lila, "anyway I must go and prepare."

"Prepare for what?" called Candy to her receding back.

I stood in the small crew centre waiting for Lila to appear.

"What's this all about?" asked Candy.

I just shrugged for I had no idea either but Lila had requested we meet her here. At last she appeared from the starboard cabin wearing one of the white bed sheets. At first she just stood there staring back at us both. Then she dropped the sheet leaving her naked and she dropped to her knees, her head touching the metal deck. She intoned a few words that I didn't understand and when I looked at Candy it was clear that she didn't either.

"What's this all about?" I asked.

Lila head came up and she looked at me.

"You have saved my life," she said, "and I have bonded my life, my body to you."

"What?" said Candy.

"It is the custom of my race," she said, "my life and my body belong to you now Captain."

"But I don't want your life," I replied although her body looked interesting.

"It doesn't matter what you want," she said standing up.

"This is neat," said Candy.

"No it's not neat," I said sharply.

"Don't worry Captain," Lila said picking up her sheet, "just accept me as part of your crew and perhaps one day you might need me."

"Are you sure we can trust her," said Candy at her retreating back.

"Do you think that the fight back there was a set up," I asked.

"No of course not," she said falling into step with me.

"Then she's who she says she is," I said.

"Are you going to, you know, do it to her," said Candy.

Ahh, so that's why you don't like her," I said.

"No it not that at all," she giggled, "I'm sure you've got enough for us both."

"Does she always walk about with nothing on," observed Lila, "or is it just your standing orders and I have to be like that too?"

"No and no," I chuckled, "it's just her way of saying that she ready for some fun."

"Oh I see," she said, "I'm I invited too?"

"It's fine by me but you'll have to ask her," I said.

"She wants to join us when we do it?" said Candy, her mouth open.

"That's what she says," I replied.

"Oh my," said Candy, "this is going to be some trip. What is she going to do, watch or join in?"

"I suspect she'll want to join in," I said.

"Oh," she said.

I was grateful for the rest; I had just pumped a big load into the young body of Candy again and had laid back to catch my wind when Lila pushed her head between the youngster's legs. I didn't know I could get hard again so quickly but the sight of them together had really got to me. I moved into position and pushed myself in Lila from behind. It was going to be an interesting trip.

"Captain," shouted Candy, "I'm picking up some navigational pulses."

"Where?" I asked.

"Behind and coming up fast," she said.

At Sol 3 we had picked up a new cargo of mail, a Federation sealed box, which could contain anything but usually only contain confidential papers and a box of frozen animal sperm. Nothing of real value, but the guys flying behind us didn't know that.

"Any ID yet?" I asked.

"No not yet, still closing at about warp 2.5," Candy replied.

As usually we were just moving along at warp 2.

"Right lets prepare for the worse," I said, "Lila you go to the rear Phase canon, Candy to the forward pod. Lets turn on the shield and I think we will push up our speed slightly."

"Right," both girls said together, "and girls get some clothes on."

I nudged the throttles up slightly and the low hum of the engines turned to a growl. Slowly the speed went up to 2.5.

"Captain," called Lila over the intercom, "through my I.F. sight I can ID the ship as another Starlight."

"Roger that," I said. "Anything else?"

"Looks like he's pushing hard," she said, "his engine is showing up hot."

"Ok guys looks like we have a pre 300 series on our tail," I said.

"So we can just run away from it," suggested Candy.

"Yes we could," I said, "but I hate to give anything away especial to a pirates."

"Still coming on," called Lila, "Shit he's firing now."

A pulse of energy flashed by in front of us.

"I've got voice communications from them," I said.

"Drop out of warp and prepare to be boarded," the rough male voice said over the speakers.

"Not in this life time chum," I chuckled, pushing the throttles forward again.

2.55, 2.6, 2.65, the speed went up.

"He's falling behind," called Lila. "He's firing again."

This time the flash struck the shielding over our engine compartment, looking to do some damage, luckily it just bounced off.

"He's coming on again, really pushing his engines," called Lila, "he must be going 2.7."

"Silly bugger," called Candy from the front pod, "he'll blow his engine."

"He's dropping back now," called Lila.

"Shit, come on you fucker," I banged the consol.

I nudged the throttle back slightly and our speed dropped off back to 2.55.

"He's coming on again," shouted Lila.

"He's definitely going to blow his engine if he keeps on," said Candy.

Almost before Candy had stop speaking, Lila shouted out.

"He's blown it, he's dropping out of warp," she screamed.

"Right, call out those of you who want us to stop and help those guys out?" I said.

The silence over the intercom was deafening.

"You wanted them to carry on chasing us, didn't you," accused Candy.

"Yes of course," I admitted.

"You baited them by dropping our speed," she said.

"Look, they chose to chase us and what do you think they would have done to us, to you and Lila if they had boarded us?" I said.

"Yes," she whispered.

"What will happen to them now?" asked Lila who had faced the same predicament just a few weeks ago.

"Well if their power cells are fully charged they have enough power for about 7 days of minimum life support," said Candy.

"What about the engine, can it be repaired?" I asked.

"The engines in a Starlight is one of the best ever built, strong and reliable," Candy mused, "but if she goes she usually goes with a bang. Not even I couldn't put one back together without a major strip down and loads of new parts."

"7 days of life support when you're a year away from anywhere," Lila said with a funny tone to her voice.

The rest of the trip was sombre knowing that men were dieing while we flew on. We picked up more mail and a couple of sealed boxes and headed out again.

"Aren't we going the wrong way," observed Lila.

"Just a minor diversion," I said.

"The Starlight?" asked Candy.

"Yes, might as well see if there is anything of value," I said.

"Won't they all be dead by now?" asked Candy.

"Oh yes," I said, "no point in finding it if they are still alive.

"There she is," shouted Lila as I blip showed up on our forward scanner.

It hadn't taken us long for we knew where it dropped out of warp and what sort of speed she was doing and where she was heading. She was tumbling end over end and with a slight lateral spin as well.

"How are we going to board her?" asked Candy.

"We'll fire over a tow line and that should stabilise her," I said.

"I can't go over there," cried Candy, "not with all those bodies."

"That's ok," I said.

It was at times like these that I remembered how young she was.

"I'll go," piped up Lila.

We suited up and made the few feet to the hatch. The whole ship was silent, no hum, totally dead. They had tried to repair the engine for we found it stripped down but they didn't have the right spare parts. There were three bodies, we carried them to the air lock and pushed them into deep space for their last never-ending trip. The place was a tip, well I'd expect house keeping was the last thing on their minds. The small hold held a few boxes but I left them unopened for now.

"We'll tow her to Starbase 11 and claim her as salvage," I said, "she must be worth 80k credits just as she is. Will you look at that food processor," I pointed, "that's not a standard fixture, military I'll bet, I wonder what the coffee tastes like?"

"Captain," called Lila, "they got a military Phase cannon fixed up here, must be 10 gig at least."

"We'll have that out along with this processor," I said, slapping the beast.

"We need Candy over here to help," she said.

The coffee tasted delicious, those military guys sure know how to live. We spent two days stripping everything of value out of hull number 286 then we towed it to the nearest Starbase and sold it for 75k credits. Starlight's, I pleased to say, are still held in high regard.

"So girls what are you going to do with your share of the salvage?" I asked once we were back on route with a further load of mail.

"There this tool shop I know that got this fantastic range," dreamed Candy.

"Is that girl right in the head," laughed Lila.

"What about you?" I asked Lila.

"Well I going to get blasted and find me a couple of well hung studs," she said, "and spend the next couple of days in heaven."

"What about you Captain?" asked Candy.

"Well after I sorted out our next cargo, bought some spare engine parts," I said, "I'm just going to sit here and drink coffee."

"Each to his own," smiled Lila.

"Look girls," I said seriously, "we been offered the run to Starbase 9 at three times the going rate."

"Why so much?" interrupted Lila.

"Mainly because the last two ships never made it," I said, "in fact they just disappeared."

"Oh," said Lila.

"But we have the advantage, don't we," said Candy, "we have this ship and nobody knows she a 300 series."

"Yes that's right," I agreed, "but before I can contemplate risking all our lives I must be sure that one, you all agree and two, we have a good chance of coming through this."

"We got that 10 gig cannon we can install that should cut through most shields," said Lila.

"I've been thinking too," said Candy, "although we haven't got enough spare power running at warp 2 to have our shield at full power all the time but I could make it work at say 40-50%."

"That sounds good," I said. "Ok sounds to me like we want to do this run."

"Yes," both girls said in unison.

"Right I'll go and finalise the deal," I said, "Lila get cracking on that cannon and Candy you start on our shield."

We were half way to Starbase 7 before we were all happy with the modifications. The ozone smell coming from the shield generator was less than before or we were just getting used to it.

"I've fitted a trip in the circuit," announced Candy, "if the shield takes a hit the surge will kick in our power reserves and boost it up to full power."

"Great," I said.

"Yeah great Candy," said Lila. "I've had to rewire the big 10 Gigger as the existing wiring couldn't take the extra power. The new I.R. sight is a right dinger too."

"So we're fully operational then?" I asked them both.

"Yes," they both said.

"In that case let's have a break and retire to my cabin," I said with a big smile.

"About time too," giggled Candy, "thought you had gone off me."

"Leave me out guys," said Lila, "I'm still sore from my shore leave."

"Told you three guys were to many," laughed Candy. "Anyway your loss is my gain."

Our small hold was filled with mail and crates, all for Starbase 9, we had docked at Starbase 7, off loaded some mail and reloaded until we were full.

"Right it's decision time guys," I said.

We were 4 hours out from Starbase 7 going at warp 2.

"The direct route is 7 days at this speed or we play it safe and go the long way around," I said.

"Long way round," offered Lila.

"I thought we were going to take them on," said Candy.

"I'm not gambling with your lives," I said.

"So way did we sweat with the shield and the cannon then?" asked Candy.

"Whatever way we go we are on the edges of known space here," I said, "anything could happen and I wanted to be prepared for it. Ok then lets opener her up and take the scenic route."

Even at warp 4 the engines were just purring along.

"Captain I got pulses," shouted Lila. "Very faint and crossing starboard to port, doing at least warp 4."

"Right guys," I said, "whatever she is, she isn't a pre 300 series Starlight so we may not be able to out run her."

I pulled the throttles way back and the engine note died.

"He's seen us and is now turning toward us," shouted Lila.

"Right we all know what to do," I said.

The two girls left the bridge on the run to take up the positions. Our speed had dropped to warp 2.

"Shield at max," called Candy.

"Cannons all charged," called Lila.

"Any id yet?" I asked.

"I think it's one of the fancy new Meteor scouts ships," said Lila looking through her new IR sights.

"What speed can they do?" asked Candy from the front pod.

"I think 4.5-5.0," called Lila, "anyway he's coming on fast. He's now almost in range of my big 10 gig."

"Let's wait and see what he does," I called. "Anything else you know about that type of ship?"

"As built she should have standard non military 100% shielding and low output phase cannon," read off Lila from the data bank. "But who knows if she been modified."

"Ok, thanks," I said.

"Shit he's firing at us," shouted Lila, "a clean miss."

"What?" I shouted.

"He missed," repeated Lila, Wait he firing again, all missing."

I nudged the throttles forward and our speed increased, 2.2-2.3-2.4.

"He's keeping pace," called Lila, "Now he's firing again right at our engine pod."

"Well that means he wants us alive but disable," I said angrily, "at first he tried pushing us along trying to blow our engines, when that didn't work he's now trying to fry them himself. Any idea as to the power of his shots?"

"Yeah captain," shouted Candy, "our shields are registering just over 2.5 gig.

"Have you got a shot Lila?"

"From this distance I can't miss," she laughed, "with this military IR sights I could put a 12 inch hole straight through his front door and it would come out his arse."

"Do it," I said.

The lights dimmed as the 10 gig Phase Cannon fired.

"Wow," screamed Lila.

"What happened?" called out Candy and me simultaneously.

"That lovely new Meteor just turned into a flaming meteor," said Lila. "Lit up like Christmas, I doubt if there's a bit bigger than a square metre."

"No shit," giggled Candy.

"Ok," I said breathing again, "lets get back to normal and push on to Starbase 9."

"Any trouble," asked the base commander.

"No," I lied. I didn't want to give anything away.

"Well be careful on the return run," he advised, "ships have been going missing in this part of space. Anyway thanks to your visit I can pay the men this month."

"Do you think there was just one pirate ship operating around here?" asked Lila.

"Who knows, but I say we stay alert until we dock at Starbase 7," I said.

"Are you still sore?" asked Candy.

"No, I'm ok now, why?" she asked.

"Well if the captains minding the bridge, you and me can go and lie down for awhile," she giggled.

"Yeah, ok with you captain?" asked Lila.

"Yeah you two go and have some fun, you've deserved it after all that hard work," I said.

Even though there was a bulkhead between their cabin and me I could still hear their every moan. Shit what a crew I thought. Everything was green across the board so I went a stood at the door of their cabin. Both girls were beautifully naked and Candy head was deep between Lila legs. As I stood there Lila head came up and smiled at me.

"Come and join us Captain," she said.

"Yeah, I think I will," I said moving forward.

Candy was on her knees with her pert bum high in the air. I grabbed her thighs and roughly pulled them apart; my hard cock slipped into slick pussy with no resistance at all. The 300 series starlight flew serenely on to its distant destination.

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