Nocturnal Erethism
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beth is your typical girl next office type. She develops this problem of orgasming whenever she wakes up, even from a nap. How could this possibly be a problem?

Beth awoke with a glorious shiver. She stretched and she felt her pussy clenching on nothing. Her eyes opened, and she looked around the sunny room. 'What a nice way to start the day!' she thought. Her hand slipped down and massaged her clit, slipping easily in her moist slit. She frowned slightly in intensity, and another small orgasm washed over her.

"I've got to wake up like this more often," she mumbled to herself.

Beth reluctantly got up, and headed for the shower. The hot water washed away the evidence, as she soaped and rinsed herself diligently. She could not recall any dreams, which was unusual.

Boiling water dripped through the basket of coffee grounds, and prepared itself to be drunk. Toast popped up as Beth answered the phone. It was her boyfriend, Dan. LUNCH! That's right!

"Dan, I was just thinking about you. I, uh, had a dream... You were wonderful... Yes I did. I am NOT a naughty girl! It was just because I missed you so much. Yes. Noon. At the cafe. Love you! Bye..." Beth hung up with a satisfied smile.

Her dinner was now a pile of dishes in the sink. Beth undressed and readied herself for bed. She diligently scrubbed her teeth, dabbed a little cleanser on a cotton pad, and removed her makeup. Her new Victoria's Secret nightie showed off her curvy shape to nobody. She settled into bed, drifting off as Jay Leno made insipid wisecracks about global warming. She recalled how at lunch, Dan had tried to play with her under the table, shocking the waiter as be brought the clam chowder. At least the...

... fade to sleep...

Beth snapped awake in the throes of an intense orgasm. Her toes curled, and the pain of a charley horse in her calf only added to her sensations. She moaned, loudly. As the waves subsided, she stretched. Beth was still half asleep, but wondered what in the hell was going on? With the fading orgasm, Beth thought about the previous morning. 'how great was that - but why again?'

Beth rolled out of bed, ready for 'the breakfast of champions' and to tackle the new day. Or at least toast and coffee at home, and then some of her in-box at work.

'Sue!' she thought.

Beth brought up her email program, and typed out a quick message to her friend. She said how two times now, she had woken up in the middle of an orgasm. Had Sue ever heard of such a thing? No response. That bitch is probably on a beach, somewhere, while I stare at the walls of this cubicle.

Beth stared at the screen for the rest of the day, making slight tweaks to the program she that knew was already good enough for production. The program's readiness was good, because her mind kept wandering to the mystery of why she kept having these wonderful, awful, orgasms.

Five o'clock dutifully rolled around and she departed. At home that night, Beth was jittery, as though she'd had too much coffee. She didn't want to go to sleep, but...

... fade to sleep...

Unsurprised, Beth abruptly awakened, in the throes of yet another intense orgasm. She gritted her teeth, and rode her body to three crashing orgasms. She lay there, panting, afterwards. She was unable even to move, for a few minutes.

Beth knew something is going on, and knew it wasn't normal. Her morning was spent imagining that all the people she encountered also knew something was wrong. She was very tired from last night because she went to bed late. She decided to have lunch at her desk. She inadvertently drifts off...

... fade to sleep...

Beth snapped awake at her desk, in the grip of yet another intense orgasm. Instantly, she realized that she was in her cubicle, surrounded by paper thin walls, and dozens of co-workers. She fought a losing battle to remain quiet, but at least one long gurgling moan escaped her before the spasms receded into memory. She sat there, flushed and sweating, trying to catch her breath. This was easily the most powerful orgasm of her life, and she could not tell if it was because of her 'condition' or the strangeness of having an orgasm in her office.

She looked up, and saw the top of Cheryl's head dropping below the cubical wall. Shit! She had been seen. She collected her purse, and went to the ladies room. As she walked through the aisle, she noticed some odd looks from a few of her male co-workers; including one squirrelly looking guy, that couldn't take his eyes off her crotch. She spent a few minutes putting her face back on and left early, emailing her boss that she did not feel well. Well, it was true sort of.

At home that night, Beth panicked and tried calling her doctor. The service said he was away but they could page the covering doctor. Beth was too embarrassed to see a stranger (or even her own doctor, for that matter), so she declined and hung up, staring at the phone. She struggled to stay awake, but as soon as Jay began his monologue, she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

... fade to sleep...

Beth woke in the throes of orgasm. The orgasms have been getting better and stronger each awakening. She wasn't able to resist fingering herself this time, even though she was frightened. She reached for the bedside phone, rubbing it between her legs. She felt the 'easy touch' buttons digging into her, as she scrubbed her pussy with the phone. Finally, she pushed the mouthpiece hard into her wet hole and came in a series of climaxes. She sagged in a heap on the bed. Then, finally recovering, she put the phone onto the bedside table and staggered to the kitchen.

Coffee. Shit. Burned the toast. I should buy bagels.

Beth drove to work, narrowly missing several cars. Her mind was in another world, and she could not concentrate.

Beth stared at the screen, trying to make sense of it. She was startled when Cheryl, from the next cubicle, came in and sat down.

"Let's get out of this place," Cheryl suggested. "If I stare at that screen any longer I will scream."

Stopping for double lattes at StarBucks and a handful of movies from BlockBuster, the pair drove to Beth's apartment for an afternoon of playing hooky. They sat, watching movies and eating Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. They gossiped about co-workers, and the latest celebrity news. Beth was exhausted. She began to nod off and finally slumped over. Cheryl extracted the nearly empty ice cream container from her hand and took it into the kitchen. Along with her own, she threw it away.

Cheryl was curious about her new friend, excited even. Her last relationship had dried up and she had not had a bed partner, male or female in six months. She decided to call her roommate (platonic, of course) and let her know she'd be staying out tonight. She found a phone in Beth's bedroom and made the call. Hmmm. That was strange. The phone smelled like sex.

Cheryl returned to the sleeping Beth, and watched the movie while idly stroking Beth's hair. She became more aroused, as she kept thinking about the phone. Her hands ran over Beth's body. Beth's breasts were high and firm, tipped with little pink eraser tips.

Cheryl's hand traced down, and found a small belly ring at Beth's navel, under her corporate blouse. Finally reaching under Beth's skirt, Cheryl's hand found Beth's by now weeping pussy. Cheryl's hand loosened the button at the top of the skirt and her hand slipped inside Beth's underwear. She found Beth's slit was moist and when she brought her wet fingers to her nose, her thoughts flashed to the odor on the phone she had just used.

Beth snapped awake in the throes of another orgasm. She had no idea what was happening, but knew this feeling well. She pushed her pussy hard onto the hand she could feel in her panties. Her orgasms completely shattered her, and she could not think. She did not even recall she had been watching movies with Cheryl. All she could focus on was the feel of desperate fingers working their way into her grasping pussy. Finally, the tremors began to die down, and she became somewhat aware of her surroundings. She realized that her new friend had her hand halfway inside her. Even with the orgasm receding into memory, she knew this felt good. Too good to stop, and so she pulled Cheryl on top of herself, and kissed her. Cheryl started to pull her hand free, but Beth stopped her.

"Keep it in me," she said. "Just kiss me, and let me enjoy this."

Beth and Cheryl spent the evening reaching climaxes in a more conventional manner. Beth had not been with another woman since college, and had missed it. They finally faded to sleep in each other's arms.

Beth well, you know. She snapped awake amidst an orgasm. She was aware something was different, but could only think about the incredible feelings coursing through her body. She writhed against the form in bed with her. Her bed partner awoke, thinking Beth was continuing their games from the previous night. Beth's shuddering orgasms slowly subsided, and turned into a series of kisses and caresses.

Beth asked Cheryl to join her in the kitchen, as she prepared her usual crepes and cappuccino. That was fine with Cheryl. They had toast and coffee. Beth explained what had been happening to her for the past few days. Cheryl felt guilty, but not THAT guilty. They finished breakfast and they both headed to the shower.

Beth laughed and said, "After last night, we might as well share a shower."

They did, each making certain that the other was very, very clean.

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