Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A wife wakes up in the wrong bed. She struggles to deal with the consequences. All might not be what it seems.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Cheating  


I slowly worked my way up out of the deep sleep I had been in. On one hand, I felt terrible. My mouth was bone dry; my head was splitting; my stomach felt as though I had left it in free fall on a roller coaster. But the warmth I felt below my belly, coupled with the sticky wetness between my legs, made it all worth while.

I managed to crack one eye open against the terrible glare of the sun. I was to find out later that it was a very overcast day, in more ways than one. The idea that a brilliant sun was burning me up could be attributed only to my condition. I did squint from underneath the arm I had thrown over my face. From the condition of my body, which included teeth marks and some remarkable hickeys, I had indeed had a VERY good time. I closed my poor, abused eye and smiled.

It had been way too long since I had woken in this condition. Not hung over, I hastily add, that condition I don't care if I ever repeat. I mean with my insides feeling stretched and slick and all but raw. In short, well fucked.

I didn't have any reasonable, or unreasonable, explanation for that being such a rare condition of late. My husband, Ivan (so named in respect for the family matriarch who had been peacock proud of a tiny distant relationship to the Romanov dynasty) and I had not had sex in over two months, and the six months before that had been a case of "few and far between".

It wasn't that way when we first met, literally bumping into each other at work. I was a statistical analyst who stayed in the office and juggled numbers. He was a roving inspector, checking on and eliminating possible safety hazards and code violations. Holy cow, from our first date we had been unable to keep our hands off each other. I knew for sure why I was so hot for him that I almost broke my rule of no sex on the first date. Ivan is tall, over 6 feet, with a firm, muscular body that I loved touching. Coupled with his blue eyes and blonde hair and a face that wasn't pretty boy handsome but was so attractive. I mean, damn, just about my only thought had been to hang on to him.

I was astounded when he took no for an answer that first night. I confided in my best friend, Evelyn, that I thought I had all but led him on only to turn him down. I really hated the thought of being a prick-tease, especially since I was so attracted to him.

"Listen, Marie," she told me. "If he's the right kind of guy, he'll wait." She added thoughtfully, "I don't know if Ivan will, he's got quite a reputation. I suppose you could drag him off to the supply closet if you think he's slipping away, but honestly, I don't know if he's right for you."

That made we wonder. Generally I figured Evie knew what she was talking about. Slender, blonde herself, and with a body that she kept in great shape, I considered her the best looking female at the company we worked for. And that was 18 floors of people. She was under constant siege by the guys. There were even a couple of the girls I had seen turn their heads when she went by. She definitely outclassed a skinny black-haired girl who's major attraction was a pretty decent set of legs. God, I even wore glasses, although I used contacts most of the time.

Evie and I had known each other in college. Good friends, we had hung out together and had shared some great times. In fact, she had been the one who had got me the job with the company, right in the same office she already worked in. It made the learning curve very short for me, since she and I often spent the evenings at each other's apartments and she made me wise to how things worked, both formally and informally.

She always seemed to have her reservations about Ivan though. She never came right out and said she didn't like him, but I could tell from the moment he and I started dating she didn't think it was going to work.

I almost didn't tell her the first time Ivan and I made love. I guess I couldn't hide it, since I was bubbling over the next morning at the office. She sighed, shook her head and then asked for all the wicked details, which I was happy to supply.

"Let's start with dinner at the Point." I went on to describe our table at the highly popular restaurant overlooking the ocean. I told her about the candle-lit table, the champagne, the dinner. I told her how we left his car in the parking lot, instead opting to walk the mile or so down the beach to his condo, which also was on the ocean.

"Never mind!" Evie interrupted at that point. She laughed, but it was a strained laugh with a hollow ring to it. She patted my hand, told me it was great I had such a wonderful time but she needed to get back to work and left.

I stared after her. That was so unlike Evie. Had she been, well, jealous somehow? I had never noticed her being interested in Ivan, but she was upset about something. I resolved to find out what it was, sometime or another. Right then, a silly smile was tugging at my lips and I leaned back with my eyes closed.

The moment the door closed behind us I was in Ivan's arms. Some four or five inches taller than me, he swept me up in the air, his mouth seeking mine. I wound my arms around his neck, my fingers running through his hair as I opened my lips for his probing tongue. The kiss was passionate, my need and his need running together. I dropped my pocketbook as well as the heels I had already doffed for our beach front stroll.

His arms were around me, one hand clamped on my ass. I felt a jolt run through my body, then I realized that he was climbing the stairs next to the door. I thought about wrapping my legs around his waist, but there was something so delicious about simply dangling in the air. I kicked my feet in excitement.

I thought he was carrying me to the bedroom. I discovered he had a more interesting place in mind. I felt myself pressed against a wall at the end of the upstairs corridor. It was only when his free hand fumbled behind me that I realized it was a door. It opened and I felt the night sea breeze.

I giggled and he laughed deep in his throat. He kicked the door closed after we came out onto a darkened balcony overlooking the crashing surf. Still kissing me, he laid me onto a chaise lounge. Then he stood and began to undress. I wiggled on the thick mattress, my eyes drinking in the sight of his body.

I wasted no time in shedding my own clothes, stretching out for him as he finished stripping and fell to the broad lounge chair, already covering me with his body. Just as I was about to protest he was smothering me, he caught me in a firm grip and rolled over. I found myself straddling him, his hard cock finding the cleft of my ass.

He grinned up at me, his hands going to my breasts. They were big hands, but touched me so gently, running his fingers under my small breasts, lifting them to hold them in his palms. Fingertips held my erect nipples, pressing them and giving short, quick tugs.

I was kneeling over him, my ass resting comfortably back against his shaft. I rose slightly, my hand reaching down and between us. My fingers circled his cock and slid up and down as I rubbed the head against my pussy. It wasn't a giant cock, but I had been running through a dry spell and I wanted to make damn good and sure he was well lubricated.

Deciding I had waited long enough, I braced myself and began to lower my body. I paused and closed my eyes as the head parted my lips and pressed into me. Loving the feeling, I sank down on his erection bit by bit, until with a deeply satisfied moan, my knees collapsed and I rested on his groin.

I took a moment to savor the pulsation of his shaft inside me. I planted my hands on my ass, serving to arch my back and pull my nipples against the grip of Ivan's fingers. Then I began to bounce, using the strength of my legs to ride up and down him. I rose slowly, the head of his cock sliding down my wet channel, stretching me as it went. I dropped down each time with an effort, forcing him deep inside me. His entire length rode up and down along my inside walls.

I was riding Ivan harder and harder. Now I was all but grunting as I drove myself down on his cock. Suddenly his hips bucked and he met me. He abandoned my breasts and grasped my hips firmly, pulling me down as he thrust upwards.

I squealed the first time he did that. It felt as though his cock had become twice as long and that every inch of it was slamming into me. Mindlessly I kept on, riding the waves that were coursing through my body. Casting caution to the night sea air I gave a high pitched yell as my body tensed and exploded.

We both kept going, lost in the moment now. My head swam in delight as he became wild, crushing his cock into me. I begged him to come, to fill me with himself. I felt him tremble, impossibly becoming even bigger inside me. Then a tremendous hot blast filled my pussy and I fell forward onto him.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I shivered and spooned against his back as the fog from the morning air rolled in on us. I tried to pull him on top of me like a living blanket.

My squirming woke him and he laughed. "What are you doing, Marie?"

"Laugh if you want, but I'm COLD!" I complained. Then I kissed him between his shoulder blades, my hands roaming over his back. My fingers touched a rough spot and I looked down.

"What's this?" I asked. There was an irregular red patch, about the size of a dime in the small of his back.

"That's a birthmark." He rolled over and took me in his arms. "All the men in my family have it." His eyes twinkled. "When we have children, you better watch out. If its a boy he better have that or I'll know you've been getting together with the milkman."

I giggled. "I'll remember that. But you don't have to worry," I kissed him soundly, "I do not fool around on any relationship."

A few months later we were married in a quiet civil ceremony. The only disappointment was Evie's reluctance to be my witness. She agreed finally when I begged her, but I wondered why she seemed so opposed to my marrying Ivan.

Ivan's witness was our co-worker and Ivan's poker and fishing pal, and best friend, David. Now there was a handsome man. He was tall and broad shouldered, with sharp clean features and a skin of dark, polished ebony. I had tried to nudge Evie towards him more than once as Ivan and I grew closer, but to no avail. Oh well. He didn't seem that interested in her either.

Time passed and it was good, at first. I suppose after a couple of years we settled down into the routine that most couples fall into, Work; social events, both business related and otherwise; and more work. The sex that was practically constant at first between us dwindled to weekly, then every other week, and then it became really scarce.

I'm sure that I was just as guilty as Ivan was in the fading away of our sex life. And not just our sex life, the recent months had shown a sharp drop off of cuddling and kissing and even the simple touches and words that a couple uses to reassure each other of their love.

I tried, and I was sure Ivan did too. I worked out, sporadically because of work and household chores, and tried to keep an eye on my weight and general fitness. But too many nights saw me working late and subsisting on beer and pizza. I struggled, but I had added a few pounds since we had wed.

Then there was our problem with children. Ivan had suggested we wait for a few years until we were financially in better shape. I agreed, loving the idea of being able to be a full-time mom when that time came. But no matter how hard we worked, we just didn't seem to get ahead. Indeed, these last few months we had been falling behind. I was able to obtain some overtime work, but that just made the time we might have spent together shrink even more.

One Friday I determined to reverse the trend. I got home early, cooked a roast and opened a bottle of wine. I had been saving my expense money for three weeks and used it for a new black lacy nightie. Having timed Ivan's arrival, I set the table, lit the candles and poured the wine as his car pulled up in the driveway.

I had forgotten. This was the third Friday of the month and his poker game at David's house. Ivan was complimentary and appreciative, but reminded me that his poker night went back years before we married and that I knew it. He did eat the roast though, and told me it was great.

Two weeks later, he surprised me with tickets to a weekend cruise. And, damn it, the weekend they were for was the weekend I was being sent to a tax seminar. There were a lot of storm clouds over that one. He was furious and repeated often I had not told him about the seminar. I was so sure I had, at first anyway, but then I began to have my doubts. After all, he would have remembered if I had. I made desperate efforts to get out of going, but I was locked in.

After that, a chill really descended on our relationship. No matter how often I apologized, it didn't change his determination that he had made a big effort and I had ruined it. That made the announcement of David's big bash and how much he wanted us to attend even more of a surprise than usual.

Well, I had determined that this night he wouldn't get away from me. Although its a shame to have to go to such lengths to seduce one's own husband, it wouldn't have been necessary if I had just remembered to tell him about that damn conference.

Regardless, it was all-out time. I wore a black dress that came three inches above my knees and a pair of three inch heels. Other than that, my only clothing was a red teddy that was comprised mostly of lace that covered few areas. Recklessly, I unsnapped the catch between my legs and tucked the lace straps up out of the way.

Ivan looked handsome indeed tonight, as handsome as I remembered him being from before we got married. He helped me in and out of the car and I seized the opportunity to spread my legs and give him a good look each time. I wasn't sure he even noticed though. But he was paying attention to me and that was good. We ate and then went to dancing as the night went on.

I was in heaven. Several times other men cut in and we let them, but just for the remainder of that song. It was hot and the wine was cold and I drank it thirstily when we sat out a set. But I didn't want small talk with the other guests. I wanted my husband's body against mine. I wiggled and pressed against him, not caring if I made a scene. The night drew on to what I hoped would be the inevitable conclusion. I was wet enough to have fucked him right there on the dance floor.

Funny though that I couldn't really recall any clear details of last night beyond dancing with Ivan at about midnight. I couldn't even recall leaving the hotel and coming home. There were bits and pieces, most of them extremely carnal, but all of them vague. We must have had a pretty good time though. Hopefully this meant the drought was broken and we would be repeating this again and again. I winced as my head throbbed. God, it was not going to be as much fun if it required getting me and/or him drunk every time though.

Well, being sated this morning made up for the hangover. I managed to pry that eye open again and smiled when I blearily made out my clothes draped over the end of the bed. Maybe the red teddy had worked. It topped my dress, both looking like they had been taken off in quite a hurry.

Waking up nude with a warm body next to me was stirring me again. I wondered if I could persuade Ivan to pick up where we had left off. Wherever that was, that is. DAMN. The first good fucking I've had in several months and I can barely remember any of it.

I grinned. I was awake now, and I would remember whatever happened. I rolled over, opened my other eye and started to throw my arm around Ivan when I froze.

I actually closed my eyes, tightly, hoping that when I looked again it would all be a mirage. I peeked. It wasn't.

"OH, MY, GOD!" The body I was laying against was masculine. It was very attractive. It was nude. And it was black.

I swallowed a scream and raised myself on one elbow. It couldn't be, it MUSTN'T be. But it was David.

I glanced wildly around the room. I had never been in David's bedroom. I never had any cause to ask about it. But it was not my bedroom at home and it was not my bed and it was not my husband. My still fuzzy brain was attempting to connect the dots. If it was David, then it followed that this must be his bedroom. What in God's name was I doing here? Well, it was obvious WHAT I was doing here. I didn't understand how or why though.

"Get a grip, Marie," I advised myself. I slipped from under the sheet and snatched up my clothes, including my damn fucking teddy. I only took time to don my dress. I smothered a sigh of relief when I saw my pocketbook on a dresser by the door. I picked it up, clumsily stuffing my torn lace lingerie in it, grabbed my shoes and tiptoed out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

I leaned against the wall in the front hallway. What the hell was I going to do now? I had no clue how I had got here. How was I going to get home? And what was I going to tell my husband? A wave of panic surged through me. I had always trumpeted that once I was in a relationship I stayed in it. And here I was, not just dating but married and waking up with... my mind shied away from pursuing that thought.

First things first, I decided. And the first thing was to get the hell out of this house before David woke up and then make my way home. I eased open the front door, engaged the latch to trip behind me and closed it quietly. I turned to scamper down the driveway.

My purse fell to the concrete. I know my breathing stopped. I felt my heart give one convulsive leap and then I was sure it had also ceased to function. For leaning on the hood of his car, his arms folded and an angry look such as I had never seen before on his face, was my husband.

"Get in the car," he said though clenched teeth. "Bitch."

I could not think of anything to say or do. I just stood there, completely unable to move.

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