Murder Isle

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Preface - On the auction block, an amazing sum of gold changes hands for the lovely young slave Siska. Her new owner immediately surprises her with revelations of what she truly is.

Since man first wielded magics, they have sought out a way to further their goals in achieving greater power and control over those forces. Mana Crystals, called by many other names, are naturally, or supernaturally, occurring minerals that harness some of that energy in a very portable and very controllable form. These crystals, however, are only found in volcanic deposits on the islands of the Crystern Chain.

The Crystern Chain is an archipelago east of mainland Feldare. It lies north of the Black Theocracy and south of Coghland and Starre Island. Of the archipelago, Murder Isle is the largest and the longest settled, and supports the largest settlement - Tressen.

Tressen is a city housing some thirty-thousand souls, and is a nearly lawless city. Over the centuries since its founding toward the end of the Syrisian Empire's reign, it has been controlled by almost every major nation, and subsequently lost. Today, no one bothers, as it is more trouble to try to govern than it is worth as an asset. The mines of Murder Isle played out long ago, and the city now serves as a beachhead for journeys into the island chain. It serves, also, as a 'port royale' for pirates from as far away as the Minean Island and Ghant. The various mining consortiums run the city, and enforce law in the 'hand of god' mode. Personal crimes and problems will not raise their ire, but major conflicts within the city, or the irritation of influential city persons will cause them to come down on the perpetrator(s) heavily and finally. Ships from rival nations are not permitted to fight in the harbor, and military forces are likewise forbidden to openly fight in the city itself.

Over the last two hundred years, it has become the 'neutral ground' of choice for enemies who wish to parley. It has also become a hotbed of political intrigue and skullduggery.

--Undertoe's Guide for the Traveler

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