Striking in the Dark of Night
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Fiction, Lactation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Saul needs the milk from the breasts of a lactating woman to restore his strength and life longevity. He finds plenty of new mothers who he not only suckles but he also fucks in the process of rejuvenating himself.

The man appeared to be like any other normal person, but there were many things about him that certainly didn't meet the physical inspection of the human eyes. He was a being who had needs much different than the normal man, and he worked hard to ensure that his needs were always met as efficiently and as pleasantly as possible for him. What happened to the people who met his needs was not his concern.

His name was Saul, and Saul was an unusual person to say the least. He was a milk-sucking vampire who had to not only suckle the lactating breasts of women who had either just given birth or were about to, and he also had to fuck as many of them as he possibly could. When Saul was desperate the still pregnant woman whose breasts were already producing milk would do, but he really needed a fertile woman with lactating tits so he could not only suckle her milky breasts but also fuck her and make her conceive another lactating vampire like himself.

Saul felt himself rapidly approaching the point where he had to replenish his strength and his ability to live by getting a lactating woman to suckle and copulate with. He firmed up his plans to go out that night in search of the person he needed and having decided that, he settled down for a long nap in order to sustain his physical strength.

Later that night, Saul headed out to find a woman who could provide the sustenance and nourishment had had to have to continue living. He found Beth, an attractive young woman of 20 years who had given birth just two months earlier. She was out walking in an effort to lose her "pregnancy fat" as soon as she could and it was on a dark secluded lane that Saul finally caught up with Beth and used her to meet his urgent physical needs.

Beth was wearing a button-up blouse with a rather short skirt and it was not the hottest time of the year but the temperatures were still fairly warm in the evening. Saul had noticed Beth earlier when she'd been pregnant and when he saw her that night, he immediately knew that she was just the kind of woman he was looking for. He needed someone like her who might not even be nursing her new baby but her breasts would still be milk-producing. In Beth's case, she was nursing so within a couple of hours after she'd fed her newborn baby, her breasts would always be more than amply full with her new mother's milk. Saul's big cock rapidly grew hard as he could not only see from looking at her that Beth was milk-producing but he had that milk-sucking vampire's innate ability to smell the milky tits of a new mother.

"Hello, Miss, may I ask some directions of you?" Saul asked as he caught up with Beth and tried to divert her attention from what he really needed from her.

"Well, I really need to be getting along," Beth said, rather nervously, not expecting to run into anyone while she was walking.

Saul's cock was now fully hard in his pants, and he quickly whipped his hand with the solution-containing handkerchief up onto Beth's face, quickly incapacitating her and making her unable to resist his advances. Saul quickly moved Beth over behind some bushes where he'd already laid out a blanket for Beth to lie on. He laid the young semi-conscious mother on the blanket and then he rapidly did what he needed to in order to get the initial nourishment he so badly needed before he pursued his other objectives. Saul reached down, unbuttoning Beth's blouse, button by button, until he had it unfastened completely and then he pulled the bottom our of the waistband of her skirt. He unsnapped the cups of her nursing bra, flipped the panels away to expose her full lactating breasts and then Saul got his pants and briefs off so he could nurse Beth's milky tits. He had only given Beth enough solution on her face so she couldn't resist him but not enough to knock her out totally. He wanted to get his needs met by a woman who reacted a little, but not so much that he couldn't get his job done.

Saul closed his lips over Beth's full engorged left nipple, and he immediately started suckling firmly, hoping to get that first spurt of her mother's milk to confirm that she was lactating. He squeezed her breast firmly and sucked at the same time, and in two suckles he was rewarded with a squirt of warm sweet breast milk. He settled down and began to suckle Beth's tit until he was getting a solid stream of her milk and he heard her slightly protesting at first and then she began to moan and mewl as she actually thought she had her baby nursing from her tit. When Saul had gotten his fill from her left nipple, he quickly switched to her right breast and did the same thing, getting another plentiful supply of new mother's milk from that nipple as well.

As Saul knew his own inner strength and sustenance was assured, he then took his large swollen cock in his hand and he lifted Beth's skirt up, pulled her bikini panties aside and slid his cock inside her pussy and quickly got his cock wet from her moistness. As soon as his cock was fully lubed and wet from Beth's pussy, he began to thrust his large thick cock in and out. Beth was still not awake and alert enough to fully realize that she was being suckled by an adult man and that she was now in the middle of being bred by a milk-sucking vampire. Saul finished suckling her right breast and then he left her breasts alone while he concentrated on his copulation with Beth. He knew she was potentially fertile again after giving birth and all he could do was fuck her and spurt his seed deep inside her belly, hoping for a conception of another milk-needy vampire in the result. Saul finally felt his orgasm approaching and he fucked Beth's pussy as hard and deep as he could, finally feeling his nuts pumping his vampire seed deep into her pussy and he remained buried inside her until his climax finished. Then, he quickly wiped her pussy clean, fastened her nursing bra back and straightened her clothes up. Before he left her to wake up on her own, he kissed her lips and said, "Thank you, young lady; I'll be seeing you again, I'm sure" and then Saul walked off into the growing darkness of the approaching night.

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