What Now?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A cheating wife story with a lot of twists and turns. Including husbands revenge. This one will hold your attention.

I'm George and my wife's name is Dorothy. We've been married going on thirty-two years; don't know if we will make it to thirty-three. I've just found out that my Dorothy has been cheating on me. Not one time, not even for six months, but for twenty-eight years.

My life is now turned totally upside down. Where do I go from here? I'm in my 50's, I've been married thirty-two years, have three grown children. Well, two are adults with children of their own. Dottie - we call her Dot - our youngest is eighteen and has just started college.

Let me regress and go back thirty-two years and give you some background. Dorothy is from Michigan, and moved down here to Ohio to go to college. I, on the other hand, went to a welding school. We met at a party. Dorothy had gotten a Dear Jane letter (don't know what they call a Dear John letter from a guy). She was really down in the dumps. This guy Paul who was supposedly the love of her life dumped her after she started school in Ohio. She was devastated, and just kept moping around until a friend of hers, Dixie, told her she needed to get out. They went to a party that I just happened to be at. When I first saw her I fell head over heels for her. She was a petite little gal, all of 5 feet tall, maybe 110 pounds. Dark brown hair and the prettiest dimples you could imagine.

I'm said to be somewhat of a happy guy, always joking and somewhat the life of a party. I started talking to Dorothy and within six months we were married. I guess I got her on the rebound.

Our life has been good. I don't really know what to compare it to. Our marriage seems pretty much run of the mill. No big surprises, no second or third husbands or wives. Just a standard run of the mill everyday marriage for the past thirty-two years. We took family vacations, bowled, golfed, went to the kids' sports and band events. We were just everyday parents who loved our children and pretty much lived for them.

Dorothy and I both work; she is a school teacher and I am a welder. Money was never a big problem but we had it tight at times. We own our home and our two vehicles; her car and my truck are paid for.

Our sex live was good. When we were younger we did it three or four times a week. After George Jr. was born we were lucky to do it twice a week. Five years later after Mike was born, I was lucky to get a hunk once a week.

I understood this - a working woman with two young kids; that kind of life would take it's toll on a woman. I helped out a lot but Dorothy probably didn't see it that way. Then Dot was born when Mike was five years old. She ended up being the love of my life. She always had daddy wrapped around her finger and knew it. With the kids there was always an abundance of love. There was very little that we wouldn't do for them. We taught with love; they were well mannered, smart, and honest. We couldn't ask for better kids.

Our sex life was probably the only thing that suffered during these child rearing years. By now our sex life was down to probably twice a month if we were lucky. We didn't try many new things sexually. We usually had missionary sex, sometimes doggie style; she wasn't big on oral so it was a rarity.

A few times she told me that sex was not a big thing in her life. That's kind of a turnoff for a guy so I didn't usually press it. Whenever I pushed the issue she would have sex with me. It wasn't exactly love, with very little kissing and hugging.

Don't get the idea that I am this wonderful guy that never cheated on his wife. I had sex outside my marriage. I went to bars often after work. If a woman hit on me I took advantage of it. I like strange pussy, especially if I'm not getting any at home. I didn't have affairs or flings but a lot of one-night-stands. It has been like this for at least the last fifteen years. If I didn't get it at home, I wasn't going to do without.

Looking back on our marriage, it wasn't built on much love between the two of us after the first couple of years. After George Jr. was born our marriage was more of a respect, go along, don't make waves kind of marriage. I don't recall Dorothy ever saying, "I love you" to me. I guess it was pretty much a marriage of convenience, except where the kids were concerned.

Back to the present time, I was out in the garage when the phone rang. Dorothy and I must have answered it at the same time. It was Dixie, so I thought I'd listen in for a few seconds and then say something like, "Watch what you say; I'm here too," when I heard her ask Dorothy if she was ready to go to the high school class reunion. I just hung up the phone and figured she would tell me about it later.

When I wenr in the house she was still talking to Dixie. After she hung up I asked her what she talked about and she said, "We were making plans to go our thirty-fifth high school reunion."

I looked at her and said, "You never even mentioned it to me or asked me if I wanted to go with you."

"George, in thirty-five years you have never gone with me. Why would I think you would want to go now?" she replied. "I'll call Dixie back and tell her you're taking me."

"Hold on," I replied. "I don't want to go to some dumb old high school reunion, I've never even been to my own. I just thought it would have been nice if you told me about it, that's all."

Something just didn't feel right, although I didn't know what it was. Something just wasn't right. I didn't have any reason not to trust Dorothy. None at all, but I went ahead and put my bug on the telephone. I used it to get people's remarks when taking welding jobs. I always told them they were being taped but it would save a lot of problems if we had disagreements about a job, always good to have it on tape. It was voice activated so when a call ended the tape stopped.

The next day I listened to the tape. Dorothy had called back Dixie and apologized for hanging up so abruptly the day before. She said she was worried that I might have wanted to go to the reunion. That would sure mess up everything, after all the planning she made.

"What plans? With who?" I wondered.

When she came home I told her I wanted to talk with her.

She looked at me puzzled and said, "About what?"

"I want to talk to you about your reunion. Maybe I'll go with you this year. Who all goes to these things since there's been thirty-five years worth?

She looked a bit nervous but just began talking.

"Well, let's see. We're down to about only forty classmates who show up. Some take their spouses, others come alone. Some bring their families to the buffet dinner and then take their kids home and come back to dance later. The single and divorced people bring friends, but they are only allowed one friend. Sometimes we average up to a hundred people for the affair.

'What a bad choice of words, ' I thought. "When is this reunion?" I asked.

"October eighth, first Saturday in October," she replied. "Let me know if you're going so I can change my reservation."

"I'll let you know for sure by the end of next week. Would I know anyone there other than Dixie and her husband, Joe?" I asked

Dorothy thought and said, "I don't think you ever met anyone from my high school class. So I don't think you would know anyone."

"Didn't your old boyfriend, Paul, attend that school the same time as you?"

She got nervous and said, "Yeah, he's married with a family just like us. Why are you badgering me with a bunch of stupid questions about an old reunion and old friends? What's gotten into you lately? Do you want me to stay home so you can be happy?"

"I'm sorry, honey. Just an old guy being inquisitive. I'll let you know as soon as I can about the reunion," I responded.

I contacted a private investigator who has done work for me in the past. He checks out any corporate welding sites for me so we know what we're dealing with. This time it was a little different.

"Jim Jones Investigations, may I help you?" the receptionist spoke.

"Jim, please," I said. "This is George Manning."

"One minute please," as she paged Jim.

"Hey, George, long time no see. What can I do for you?"

"Well, Jim, I have a suspicion that's eating at me. I need a P.I. to check out a few things to ease my mind. It has to be done soon, very quietly, and definitely no suspicions raised. Are you up for it?" I asked.

"Give me a few facts to work with George and I'll know if I can be of service to you," Jim replied.

"Well, I'm trying to find out if my wife has been cheating on me. I have no proof but a gut feeling. She is going to her class reunion and doesn't want me to go. She has gone every five years for the last thirty years. I've never gone, or ever suspected anything before. Hopefully, your investigation will turn up dry. It's in Michigan and almost always at the same place. Might have been changed a few times. What do you think, Jim?" I asked again.

"Well, George, it's going to cost you some big bucks due to travel. But I can find out everything there is to know by Friday. This is mostly record checking. Going back on the dates and see if anything pops up. Hope we will be able to ease your mind," Jim replied.

"Thanks. Jim, I'll talk with you Friday," I responded. I gave him all the information I had that might help him with his investigation and then went back to work.

I have no idea why I was so worried. I've been living a decent life, no real problems to speak of. It was just one of those gut reactions and I had to dispel any questions I had. Maybe I was becoming insecure in my old age of fifty plus. Hopefully nothing would show up, but for some reason I knew better.

On Friday I got a call from Jim.

"George, I had a few people running on this case and came across some stuff that doesn't jive. To begin with, I talked with the reunion committee and acted as a government employee explaining I needed to look at their reunion books back as far as their records show. I explained that it was an investigation for security clearance and would not be able to divulge any information to them, but that it was highly classified and they were to tell no one. They could be prosecuted if found gossiping classified information.

"The more shit you tell people the more information they give. It's fucking unbelievable, I show them some phony ID's and they give me all thirty years worth of reunion material.

"Here's what I got so far. Your wife has attended all six reunions. Her name was in all six sign in books. The odd part is that she had a room reserved for the first two reunions, but her name was not on any reservations the last four reunions. We figured she roomed with someone else. There is no way to tell who she stayed with.

"The names you gave us - her friend, Dixie, and Joe - showed up for all six reunions also but had rooms for two people. So your wife didn't stay with them. The only other name you gave us was Paul Simon; he was at all six reunions also. At the first two reunions he had a room for one person, for the last four he was checked in as Mr. & Mrs. Paul Simon, so we thought his wife must have attended the last four reunions with him. Her name didn't show up on any reunion registrations as a classmate or guest. George, you might want to check and see if his wife really did attend. I can't do much without showing my hand and you didn't want that. Well, that's the best I can do for now. If you need me just give me a ring. I'm always available."

I thanked Jim for his work and began thinking about what he had said. Things aren't turning out so great. No real facts yet but my gut knows. When I got home Dorothy was out so I listened to my bug messages. Dorothy had called Dixie again and mentioned that I still might go to the reunion, and she wasn't sure what to do.

Dixie said, "Just call Paul and he'll understand."

I was dumbfounded. I was getting to the truth. She was going to see Paul. Her friend Dixie must be in on it also, or at least knows about it. Then the first of two bombs hit.

Dorothy started crying and said, "This is my special time with Paul, I don't want to lose it, I love him so much and always have."

Dixie said, "Calm down, Dorothy, you're losing it. My God, girl, you had his kids. What more do you want?"

Dorothy said, "I know. I'm just upset. I'm sorry. I'll talk to you later," then hung up.

What did she just say? I replayed it again and again. Dorothy never denied it on tape. My kids aren't my kids? Thirty-two years of raising them and now to find out they're not mine. No, this can't be, it just can't be. Maybe I misunderstood the message. No, it can't be happening.

How could I not have noticed this for thirty two years? I can't face her right now, or I'd kill her. I left her a note, saying I had an out-of-town job and would see her tomorrow. Then I told her I had a big job the day of her reunion and wouldn't be going.

My life has just completely fallen apart. I needed proof about our kids. This was just too much.

I remembered when the kids were all younger, Dorothy took them to the state fair. They had a special DNA booth set up for kids. For a certain amount of money you could have a DNA done on your kids. I remembered the states pushing it for identification purposes. Dorothy had it done on the kids.

I remember Dot coming home yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, guess what? George and Mike are my blood brothers. They took our blood and we're related."

Dorothy then told me about the school and the state pushing the DNA identification program.

I remembered looking at Dot and started laughing, saying, "That's very good to hear sweetheart, for all of us." Now I wasn't too sure. I remember putting their results in the safe. I would have to get copies made when I got back home.

I decided to make a doctor's appointment for myself to get a couple of things checked out. I went to one of these Urgent Care Clinics where I got in right away. I told the doctor I needed a sperm test to see if I should have a vasectomy. I didn't want to have it done if I didn't need to. I asked him if he could do a DNA on me also while I was there. I wasn't going to get a vasectomy, I just thought it would be a good way to get a sperm count.

The doctor took the samples he needed but said it would be about a week before he would have the results.

I told him that would be fine, I'd just use condoms till I got the results. We both laughed.

I was going through the motions of waiting for results but I knew the truth. I decided to start planning my revenge. I had a month to get it ready.

During the week I decided to start putting my revenge plan in action. If all this information I have turns out to be wrong, our family will have a nice get together. If my information is true, the shit will surely hit the fan.

Our thirty-third wedding anniversary was two days after the reunion. I decided to set up a surprise for everyone. A lot of people were going to get hurt but at least the truth would finally be out. I remember Dorothy had said family could come to the 'Buffet', so I decided to call all three of my kids and invite them to a surprise party.

I called George Jr. first, the oldest of our children, who is twenty-nine and has three children of his own. I told him about the class reunion his mother was going to and that I told her I couldn't make it. I thought I would like to show up as an anniversary surprise. Have all her family there, her kids and grand kids. She wouldn't expect this of me in a million years. I would be willing to pay for his family's room for the one night. I figured we didn't have to go until Saturday evening and could spend Sunday together as a family.

He loved the idea of a surprise for his mother. He told me he would talk with his wife and get back to me, but thought there wouldn't be a problem.

Next, I called Mike. He was twenty-four and recently married with one beautiful baby, born just six months ago. I explained the same news to him and he said he would get back with me also, but didn't see a problem. He did want to talk it over with his wife, which is always a good idea.

Last but not least I called my baby girl, now 18 years old. She started college in Michigan just a month ago. I called her and told her the same story I told the boys. She was ecstatic about it.

She said, "Mom will love it! I can't wait to go. I won't need a motel, Dad. My dorm is only about five miles from the Ramada Inn. I can spend the evening with all of you, go to my dorm and come back the next day. No use spending the extra money.

I told all three to not hint or mention anything to their mom or our plan would fall apart.

God, these were great kids. Why weren't they mine? I guess after the reunion I'll see if they still want to be.

After I was able to get my head on straight, I was able to face Dorothy. That's when I started to look at our life in a different light. I could see there was really no love there. We had just had a marriage of convenience. She did her thing and I did mine. I had no problem acting normal. In fact I started acting like a loving husband. I wanted to give her something to think about.

I told her to get dressed and I'd take her out to dinner. I complimented her; she really did look good. We had a wonderful dinner and I was as sweet to her as I could be. I even opened the car door for her.

She looked at me and asked, "George, what's got into you?"

I just told her I wanted to be a loving husband, and whatever years we have left I want to be good ones. I don't think she bought it, but didn't question it either. I made sure she had plenty of wine. I thought I might get a hunk if she was drunk enough.

When we got home she was a little tipsy. I helped her undress and decided to try and go down on her. I couldn't believe it. She just spread those legs and let me dive in. We haven't done this in years, then I mounted her and gave her everything I had. Kind of a revenge fuck. I exploded in her and she went wild. I was wondering who she was thinking of when she started coming. I thought, 'Damn, this is really good. I'll have to do it a couple of more times before her reunion.'

Over the next couple of days nothing new was said on the phone bug. In fact she didn't say anything to Dixie about our great fuck, which was almost disappointing. Probably didn't want Dixie to know she played around on Paul by fucking her husband.

I told Dorothy that we could go out again Saturday night. I suggested she invite Dixie and Joe. We could all go out to dinner and maybe even get a little dancing in. She could practice her dance steps for her reunion (I had to put a little dig in).

I listened the next day on my message bug as she was talking to Dixie.

"Hi, Dixie," Dorothy said. "I called to tell you that George is acting strange."

"What kind of strange?" asked Dixie.

"Well, he is acting real lovey-dovey, talking real nice to me, treating me like gold. That's not like him. Do you think he suspects something?"

"You've got to be kidding," replied Dixie. "You cheat on your husband for thirty-two years, you have three children fathered by a former lover and you think that you're husband suspects something and will treat you like gold."

"I guess you're right, Dixie. That doesn't exactly sound like revenge, does it? Anyway, George wanted me to ask you and Joe if you would like to go out for dinner and dancing with us on Saturday."

"Sounds good, but doesn't sound like George. Maybe he finally feels guilty about all the times he cheated on you. A little late for penance now. Have you written that divorce letter yet?"

"I've got it started but don't want to give it to him till I leave for the reunion. So, do you think you can keep Joe under wraps for one evening? I would hate for him to spill the beans. He is Paul's best friend."

"Joe will be okay. He will be glad when this cheating is all finally over. Hell, maybe you can have one last fling with your husband. I won't tell Paul," laughed Dixie.

Well, that pretty much secures my gut feelings. All I need now is the test results and off to the reunion we go.

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