Chapter 1: The Phone Call

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Rough, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Phone Call - A story filled with action and sex. The first chapter is about a gangster who is having fun with his new wife. His son is opening up a new night club in Italy and just hired some new girls.

She was sitting naked in front of him in the leather sofa. Her long blonde hair was hanging over her shoulders. Julie had her knees pulled up and her legs spread open. Her eyes were locked onto her lover's. Her hand was buried deep in her leather panties while she was slowly playing with her pussy, moaning very softly, almost silent. Julie rubber her pussy up and down with the palm of her hand. Her thumb was still sticking out off her panties while she used her other four fingers to caress those swollen pussy lips.

With her free hand Julie grabbed her left breasts and started to play with it. She grabbed her hard nipple between her thumb and index finger and slowly moved her hand around in circles around her perky breast. Her lover was sitting in the couch in front of her, watching her every move and lurking from his big cigar. From time to time, he blew a thick cloud of smoke in the air. Speechless was he watching how Julie was enjoying herself and giving him a nice show.

Julie removed her hand from her leather panties and moved forward, placing her juice covered fingers against the lips of her lover. Ross licked her fingers greedily and smiled at Julie with a big grin on his face. He focussed his eyes at Julie's crotch while she bit on her lower lip. Ross couldn't get enough of his new wife. He met her a few months ago and was overwhelmed by her looks. Julie was only 28, which is pretty young for a guy of his age. But for being 54, he was still good looking, although most women liked him for his money and the powers he had for being one of the top gangsters in the city.

"I love that fucking pussy."

Julie grinned as she heard that compliment. Ross lurked from his cigar again and blew another thick cloud of smoke in the air.

"Whose pussy is that?" He asked with a deep voice.

Julie smiled devilish and moved her other hand into her leather panties: "It's yours."

"Yeah. And its anybodies who I want to give it to, right?" Ross grinned and lurked from his cigar again.

Julie rubbed her pussy harder and wilder now, moving her hand around in big circles over her vagina. With her other hand she pinched her nipples hard, pulling at them. She had such lovely tiny breasts, very natural. The moaning had become a little louder, their eyes still focussed on each other.

Ross rubbed his grey goatee beard: "Turn around and show me your ass."

Julie stood up instantly and turned around, her ass pointing in his direction. The leather of her panties was shining as the little light that filled the room was reflecting on it. With seductive moves she moved her body back and forth on the sofa, as if she was being fucked from behind. Her long blonde hair was covering her back. Julie moved her arm backwards and pulled the leather panties between her firm ass cheeks.

Ross moaned: "Oooh sweetheart. Turn back around."

Julie did as she was told and stood up, grabbing the edges of her black leather panties. She moved her thumbs underneath the fabric and teasingly pulled it a few inches down while turning around and around like a strip dancer, shaking her ass up and down. She stopped with her ass pointing at Ross and pulled her panties all the way down, exposing a small tattoo that was painted on her ass.

The panties dropped around her ankles on the floor as Julie stood straight up, turning her head around towards Ross. She raised her hand and cupped her breast, lightly playing with it after which she took back place on the sofa. Her ass touched the cold sofa as Julie laid backwards, resting her head against the back of the sofa, straightening her legs together and with her toes pointing at the ceiling. Very slowly she parted her legs and kept them open when they reached a 90 degree angle, her pussy being the centre.

Julie wetted her fingers by licking them and brought that hand towards her pussy. She laid her moistened hand on her cunt and rubbed her fingers up and down between her swollen pussy lips while looking at Ross who still was smoking his cigar. Julie's hand moved around in circles over her pussy for a few times before she wetted her fingers again, tasting herself in her mouth. She brought her hand to her pussy again and started to rub once more. Her belly button piercing wiggled on her tummy by every move she made.

Biting on her lower lip and rubbing those perky breasts, she loved the teasing she was causing to Ross. Julie closed her eyes and laid her head backwards as she continued to masturbate.

"You are lucky I like you to fuck strangers." Ross grinned.

Julie smiled back at him, opening her eyes for a second before she stood back up and turned around, pointing her naked ass back in Ross's direction. Her wet cunt was glistering in the light. She reached backwards and moved her finger over her rosebud and reached lower to rub her pussy again.

"You like all that strange cock, huh?"

Julie didn't answer his question and made her fingers wet again by stroking her pierced tongue over her fingers. She brought her hand back to her rosebud and slipped two fingers into her asshole. It all went so easily, like if it didn't took her any effort. Her finger slid into her up to the first knuckles. With a little force she pushed them deeper into her ass before she pulled them back out to slip them in again. Gently she started to move her fingers in and out, fucking that not so tight asshole of hers.

"Down your throat, big ball slapping up against your fucking chin. Huh?"

Julie moaned harder and her breathing became heavier as she licked her fingers.

"Strange cock up your pussy, up your ass." Ross blew another cloud of smoke up in the air.

Julie was rubbing her cunt now, listening to every word Ross said. His words made her hot, they made her horny. She loved to hear him say things like that, especially because they were true.

"You want me to make you do dirty things with strange motherfuckers, don't you."

Julie moaned as she rubbed that hot cunt of hers: "Yeah."

"Yeah. Come over here baby. Put that pussy on my cock."

Julie got up and moved between Ross's legs, her ass rubbing against his crotch as he was still sitting in the couch.

"Come on, and think about all that dirty cock you are going to get. Think about all that fucking cum that you are going to drink."

Julie moaned as she rubbed her ass around in circles against his hardened prick that was pushing hard against the inside of his pants. Ross opened his zipper and pulled his cock out off his pants. Julie took it in her hand and slowly guided it down her young pussy, filling herself up with his meat as she lowered herself over that tick shaft. With deep and long stroked she moved up and down on his cock. Julie moaned louder and louder.

"Slower!" Ross commanded her.

Julie slowed up the tempo, his wet pussy gliding up and down on that dick that fucked her almost every day.

Suddenly the cell phone that was lying next to Ross on the couch began to ring. Julie acted like if she didn't hear it and kept fucking her new husband. But the cell phone kept ringing. Ross pushed Julie off his cock and grabbed the cell phone.

"Fuck, who the fuck is calling me at this moment." Ross acted furiously as Julie stood up, disappointed.

Ross opened the cell phone and answered it madly: "What!"

Nick was standing in his new dance club: "Dad, can you hear me?"

The music that was playing in the dance club was so loud that Ross could barely understand his son on the other side: "Nick?"

"Nicky? Where the fuck have you been?

Nick smiled, covering one ear with his hand so he could hear his dad a little better: "I am Italia!"

"You could have been dead if I haven't been fucking known about it.": Ross grinned, happily to hear his son again after several months.

Nick has left his parents house a few years ago after his mother died. He wanted to stand on his own feet. Although he was 28 at that moment, it was still a big shock to loose his mom. And a father that was one of the most feared gangsters in the city didn't help him either to behave.

"Hey man, what is all that noise? It is fucking seven o'clock in the morning there." Ross wanted to know.

"Oooh, I am opening up a club here in Milan. We are preparing to get ready for this big opening tomorrow night. Dad, you got to come and see it.": Nick grinned.

"What is my cut?" Ross grinned.

"Oooh dad, come on." Nick pouted.

"It's a joke, Nicky. A fucking joke." Ross laughed.

"Listen, I good some good news for you." Ross continued.

"What's that? You are finally buying me that Lamborghini I wanted?" Nick laughed.

"In your dreams I am buying you that Lamborghini. Finish Law school, okay." Ross laughed out loud.

"Well tell you what dad, I am a little bit busy right now."

"Hey, I got married." Ross smiled.

"What!?" Nick answered a little mad.

"That is right son, her name is Julie." Ross said while Julie was standing in front of him, still naked and playing with her hard nipples, pulling them gently with her fingers.

"I want you to meet her.": Ross asked.

Nick was speechless, didn't know what to say. He didn't expect his father to have someone new this soon after his mother died.

"Nick, are you deaf? When can you come?"

"Uhm, I don't know. How about in a month or so?" Nick replied.

"In a month? Fuck you, stay where you are at and forget that I asked." Ross got mad.

"Dad, dad come on! I am only kidding. Look, let me get the opening tomorrow done and I'll see in a week or so. Promised."

Ross groaned approvingly. He didn't have much choice. "Mmmmh okay, well, I will hold my breath. Listen, watch the doors and watch the bartenders. That is where they rob you."

"All right dad, ciao." Nick smiled

"Ciao.": Ross replied and closed the cell phone.

Ross laid the phone back on the couch: "Fucking kid."

He rubbed his goatee beard while he looked at Julie who was lying on the carpet floor. Julie looked at him with interest about that phone call. She hadn't met his son Nick before.

"You know, he is a good kid. I love him so much. He could do anything. But his problem is he keeps trying to be me. He needs to learn how to be himself."

"But look where you ended up.": Julie replied.

"Yeah, but I don't want this for him."

"I thought you wanted him to work for you?" Julie asked.

"As a lawyer, hunny. As a lawyer, not a fucking thug."

Julie raised her eyebrows and nodded like if she understood what Ross was trying to explain. Ross rubbed his beard again and sighed.

In the meantime in Milan, Italy...

Nick laid his phone down on the bar of his new night club. Two of his fresh hired waitresses were standing next to him. The mood in the night club was very erotic. Only a few people were inside the club. Nick, two of his waitresses, and a few other guys who were making the last preparations for the grand opening.

The two waitresses had opened up Nick's shirt. He was standing, next to him a girl with long blonde hair who was sliding her hand up and down over Nick's muscled stomach. While she was doing that, she and Nick were kissing passionately. Their tongues where sliding all over each others. The other girl was sitting on her knees, letting her hands roam over Nick's chest. Her hands slid over his nipples, tracing them with her long nails. She also had long blonde hair. Nick had a weak spot for blonde women. That is why he hired these two.

The girl who was sitting on her knees placed a kiss on Nick's stomach, sticking her tongue out and sliding it all the way up his chest while she came up. The other blonde took her top off and slid it down, showing her new boss what her best assets are.

At the other side of the club, two of his freshly hired striptease girls were fondling with each other. Both were brunettes with shades of blonde dyed in their hair. They were holding each other tight, arms hugged around their bodies while looking deep into each others eyes. Their bodies were moving slowly, rubbing against each others like if they were dancing. The brunette with the longest hair, called Maya, let her hands roam over the other girl's body, moving up and caressing her breasts through the fabric of her dress.

Meantime Nick was still having fun with his two blondes. One of them was Elise, she was playing with Rita's breasts, playing with her hard nipples while she was still kissing Nick passionately. Rita had moved her hand into Nick's pants and was rubbing that cock of his, slowly making it hard and stiff. That was the way both girls wanted it to be. With a little help from Elise, Rita managed to pop that semi hard cock out of the pants. The head of Nick's cock was shining, a drop of precum was covering it. Rita wrapped her fingers tight around the shaft and gently squeezed Nick's penis. The drop of precum became a bit bigger.

Maya and her friend were still having fun in the other side of the night club. Her friend, called Honey, had slipped her fingers into Maya's mouth that eagerly sucked on them like if they were popsicles. Maya moaned softly as she sucked those fingers all the way in her mouth, her hands fondling Honey's tiny but firm breasts through the fabric of her dress. Honey pulled her fingers out off Maya's mouth when Maya lowered herself and pulled Honey's breasts out off her dress. Honey wasn't wearing a bra underneath her dress so that made it easy for Maya who instantly took a nipple between her lips and sucked on it.

Maya pulled the nipple with her lips and released it. She flicked her tongue all around that hardening nipple while she fondled the other breast with her hand. Honey was enjoying it all and stroked her fingers through Maya's hair, pulling her closer to her tits. Honey removed the straps of her dress from her shoulders to give Maya a better access to her breasts. Maya was focussing on that breast, aiming to please, giving that one nipple a good workout. Meantime Honey cupped her other breast and played with it, taking her nipple between her fingers and rolling it around.

Rita had dropped on her knees this time while Nick was holding his hard cock in his hand, offering it to Rita's eager mouth. Rita moved her hair backwards and opened her mouth, letting Nick's cock rub over the tongue she just moved forward. Nick laid his free hand on her head, stroking her lovely blonde hair. Elise was kissing Nick's chest, flicking her tongue all over his nipples. After a few seconds, she also dropped on her knees to help out her friend Rita, who was sliding her tongue up and down Nick's shaft, making it all wet.

Nick released his cock when Rita and Elise simultaneously licked their tongue up and down Nick's hardened shaft. Their heads slid up and down while their eyes were locked on to each other. Rita laid her hand on Nick's balls and gently fondles them while those tongues kept sliding up and down, again and again. Not much longer and his cock was bathing in the girls' saliva.

Now Elisa let Nick's cock slide into her mouth. She took his head between her lips and let her tongue flick around all over that purple knob. Rita lowered some more and flicked her tongue over Nick's shaved balls. She slid her tongue all around his balls, from time to time sucking them into her mouth, making Nick moan out loud. Elise was holding Nick's cock tight and moved her lips up and down that shaft, taking his cock deep in her mouth every time she bobbed her head towards his stomach.

Rita fondled one ball while sucking on the other while Elise was having fun with Nick's shaft. Nick felt like if he was the luckiest guy in the world, having two beautiful young blondes on their knees, playing with his penis. He laid his hand on the back of Elise's head, to pull her close against his stomach each time his cock disappeared between her lips and into her mouth. Sometimes he loosened up the grip to remove her hair out off her face. Nick had a big grin on his face as he looked down to his two sluts and groaned with pleasure.

On the other side of the bar, Maya and Honey were kissing passionately, mixing saliva as their tongues slid around. Maya was caressing Honey's face as they kisses while Honey was fondling Maya's breasts underneath that tank top. They didn't need a guy like Nick to have fun. All they wanted was pussy. Both were lesbian.

Elise was still sucking Nick's cock. But he decided that it was time to let Rita do some sucking now. He grabbed both blondes with their hair and pulled Elise away from his cock while pulling Rita up to his prick, making her suck it this time. Rita grabbed his shaft tight and applied her lips around that hard cock, wrapping them tight around it. This time Elise started to suck Nick's balls. They had switched places now as Rita was sucking the cock and she was having fun with the nuts.

Rita was obviously a better cocksucker as she had more deep throat talents as her friend Elise. She managed to slide at least a few more inches down her mouth as Elise could. Nick loved that fact and pulled Rita closer and closer to his stomach, making her take more and more of his prick down her throat. Holding her hair tight, her lips slid down his shaft. All the way till her nose was touching Nick's stomach. Nick kept Rita's mouth in place, his whole cock into her mouth and down her throat as Elise sucked on his balls.

He kept Rita's head locked for a few seconds and released her again before she could gag. Rita continued to bob her head up and down on that cock. Every few stroked Nick did the same and kept her head locked against his stomach, forcing Rita to deep throat that cock.

Rita let Nick's cock pop out off her mouth and placed a few kisses on the side of his shaft. Elise did the same and not much later they both enclosed their lips on the sides of Nick's shaft and let their lips slide up and down the shaft at the same time, like if it was synchronised.

Maya had stripped Honey's clothes off. Honey was naked and leaning against the bar, playing with her breasts while Maya was sitting down on her knees in front of her. Maya's mouth placed kissing all over Honey's thighs. Suddenly Maya spit between Honey's legs, covering that pussy with her saliva before she started to lick it back up with her tongue. With her hand Maya parted Honey's legs and let her tongue slide all over between those legs, the tip of her tongue tracing up and down between those swollen pussy lips, tasting the wetness that was dripping out off it.

Honey made Maya stand up to kiss her on the lips, wanting to taste her own juices. Maya broke up the kiss and spit again, this time into Honey's mouth. This made both even hornier as they began to kiss again, passionate and wild, their bodies hugged tight. Their hands roamed over their bodies, their tongues rubbing around.

Maya lowered herself again to suck on Honey's tits. She laid her hand on those breasts and sucked a nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue all over it. Honey had tiny tits, but big hard nipples pointing forwards.

Nick was still forcing Rita to deep throat and enjoyed it every time his cock was buried all the way down her tight throat. He released her after she gagged for the first time. Elise took over and wrapped her fingers around Nick's penis, starting to jerk him off. Her hand slid up and down his shaft quickly. The saliva covering his cock made it easy to let her hand move all over his cock. Sometimes Elise made his cock wet again by taking it into her mouth and letting her spit cover his shaft. Rita took Nick's balls into her mouth again. Nick's balls were smooth and soft.

After jerking Nick off for a minute or two, Elise released his shaft and handed it over to Rita who placed Nick's cock between her breasts. She pushed her tits close against each other, Nick's penis tight between them. Rita spit on that cock, making it wet and easier to slide up and down between her big boobs. With her breasts tight in her hands, she started to make up and down motions, jerking Nick's cock off with her tits. Rita had a D cup so it was no problem for her to do that. Elise took the liberty to pull Rita's blonde hair back so it wasn't hanging in the way.

Rita stared deep into Nick's eyes as she rubbed his penis between her tits. Nick's cock was bathing in saliva each time Rita or Elise spit between Rita's breasts. Nick moaned gently and approved with joy what his two fresh sluts were doing to him. Rita quickened the pace and furiously moved her tits up and down over Nick's shaft. Elise's head was resting on Rita's shoulder as also she was looking deep into Nick's eyes. Two horny blondes, staring deep into Nick's eyes, as one of them was fucking his hard penis with her big breasts.

Nick was moaning louder now. Rita removed Nick's cock from between her tits and wrapped her lips around his head again, starting to suck his cock. Elise was holding Rita's hair back with one hand, holding it firm, pulling and pushing Rita's head back and forth on Nick's shaft while she rubbed his balls with her free hand. Each time Elise pushed Rita's head forward, her nose touched Nick's stomach and his cock was buried deep down Rita's throat. Elise loved what she was doing, having total control over Rita. She loved it do decide either Rita gagged or not.

From time to time she loved being a devil so much that she pushed Rita's head down and kept Nick's cock buried down that throat for several seconds. Just not long enough to make Rita gag too much. Sometimes Elise was being nice and pulled Rita's head away from Nick's cock, to let her recover for a few seconds while slobs of slime were forming a bridge between Nick's dickhead and Rita's lips.

But Elise wasn't that a saint. Only a few seconds she gave Rita time to recover before pushing her back onto Nick's cock. With one hand Rita was holding tight onto Nick's pants as her lips moved up and down his shaft. Elise pulled Rita away from Nick's cock so she could start to kiss and lick Rita's tits. Meantime Rita wrapped her fingers around Nick's shaft and began to jerk him off again with fast rubbing motions, spiting on his cockhead sometimes. Nick was moaning and groaning louder and more often now, enjoying every move his two sluts made. He knew he had made the right decision by hiring them yesterday.

Rita was jerking Nick off quickly, aiming his penis at her big D cup breasts. Elise was admiring Rita's talents. Rita stared into Nick's eyes as she jerked him off, her fingers moving tight along his shaft. Nick groaned, soon he was going to cum. Rita aimed at her tits and jerked even faster. Suddenly jets of sperm exploded out off the head of his cock, landing all over Rita's tits. In the meantime Elise was fondling Nick's balls, this way enhancing the sensation of his raging orgasm. Rita kept pulling at that cock, wanting to get all the sperm she could get from Nick's throbbing penis. Finally no more came out off his cock and she slowed down the jerking off motion she was making, her tits covered by her boss's semen.

Rita looked into Nick's eyes and stroked her tongue over his cockhead, cleaning it from every trace of sperm. Taking it into her mouth again, sucking every drop of cum as Elise watched eagerly. After she cleaned his cock, Rita turned to Elise and kissed her on the lips. She slipped her tongue between her lips and shared the few drops of Nick's cum with Elise. Their tongues moved around, tasting the salty seed they just received while Rita's hand slowly rubbed Nick's limp turning penis.

Nick pulled both girls back up on their feet and started to kiss them both on the lips to thank them. He grabbed his shirt and told them to go and refresh their selves for the big opening tonight.

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