Another Man's Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, White Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He had sex with my wife, I would find and have sex with his. Even If I have to force her.

I'm sitting here debating my problem with myself. I'm divorced due to a cheating wife. I have been divorced going on a year. I have no kids and no immediate family in the area. I'm telling you this because I want another man's wife. I don't know if it's love, need, lust, infatuation or just plain want of her. I do know that revenge is part of it.

You see, I don't know her that well. I have been seeing her often when I go to lunch. She works in the same building as I do. I have been trying to find out as much information on her as possible. I am going to have her but my problem is, 'Then what?" It's a horrible feeling in a sense. To want someone so bad that I would be willing to take her by force if necessary.

So far I found out she is around thirty years old. A nice petite build. Nipples that stick out from behind her bra-less blouses. She wears mini skirts or tight pants that show the imprint of her pussy pushing through. Never any panty lines so she either wears thongs or goes panty-less. She's married to a loser as far as I can tell. She has no children and is somewhat of a flirt. Her husband's a loser because he doesn't know what he has and is willing to take a chance on losing her. The worst thing about him is he broke up my marriage. He fucked my wife and now I will make him pay by doing his wife. I figure if I take her and fuck her, that I will be doing her a favor.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a nut case. A bonafide son of a bitch. I've been this way ever since I caught my wife cheating on me. I came home from work early one day and just walked into my house. I really wasn't paying much attention to anything and just walked into my bedroom to change my clothes. There in the middle of the bed lay my wife, spread-eagled with another man riding the hell out of her. She saw me and screamed and the sorry bastard thought he was doing a good job on her. He was just starting to shoot his load when I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him off my cheating wife. As I threw him to the floor and started beating the living crap out of him he was shooting his load everywhere. My crazy wife just kept screaming.

I beat that sorry fucker up pretty good. As he was starting to get up I dragged him to the door and threw him naked right out into the street. I threw his wallet and car keys onto the grass but not his clothes. He got up staggered to his car a bloody mess and drove away. I never saw or heard from him again until one day fate just intervened.

I then walked back into the bedroom where my sorry excuse for a wife was getting dressed quickly.

She was crying, "Kevin, it's not what it looked like. Please let's talk about it. We can work this out."

"Not what it looked like," I said. "It looked like you were fucking that asshole in our bed. Were you fucking him or not?"

"Please, Kevin, let me explain."

I interrupted her, "Either you were fucking him or you weren't. Which is it? It isn't that hard of a question. Just answer it." I waited a few seconds and said, "Since you're having such a hard time with that one question, our talk is over. I'm going out to have dinner. You have one hour to get whatever you want and get the fuck out of my life. If you're still here when I get back, I'm going to beat the living shit out of you and then throw your sorry ass out. That's it, you have one hour. That's the end of this conversation." Then I walked out the door.

I waited two hours before going back. I was hoping she would be gone. You see, I'm a man of my word and I would have beat the fuck out of her, even though she's a woman and my wife. When I got back home, she was gone and most of her personal stuff was gone also. She left me a note. I wasn't even going to read it but then thought maybe I should.

Note from Rachel:

Dearest Kevin, I made a mistake, a really big mistake. Jim doesn't mean anything to me. He was an old school friend that I ran into. We were lovers back in school. You knew I wasn't a virgin when we got married. It was Jim who was my first love. Things just happened and old memories never die. I ran into Jim at the mall. It was so good to see him again. Just as an old friend. Well, he started flirting with me and I started remembering old times. He asked me where I lived and we came to the house. I should have known better but I made a mistake.

When we got into the house I showed him around. When we got to the bedroom he took me into his arms and kissed me. It just seemed like old times. Then it happened. We started necking like we used to and then he took me. God, I wish it never happened but it did. I'm so sorry for hurting you. Please reconsider taking me back. I promise to be a good wife and never to cheat again. I really do love you, Kevin.

Love always, Rachel

The note just hurt me worse. Now the prick had a name. I loved my wife but I'm one of the nut cases out there that believes love can be lost. In my case it was totally gone. It was replaced with revenge. Revenge isn't necessarily something you want. It's something you just have to do. I would get mine.

I called off work the next day seeing I had to change our checking and savings accounts. I called most of the credit card companies and canceled them. I kept two that were in my name only for any expenses I might incur.

I'm a hard-nosed fucker and not afraid to admit it. That's just the way it is. Rachel's dad called and asked what the problem was between me and Rachel. I got pissed and said, "What the fuck is the matter with you? Don't tell me you didn't have the balls to ask your own daughter. Well, George, I caught your precious slut of a daughter fucking one of her friends in our bed. I'm not the forgiving kind and threw her ass out. She had a chance to take whatever she wanted and I'm not giving her another damn dime. If she wants to go to court and bring out the dirty laundry, that's fine with me. Otherwise leave me the fuck alone." Then I just hung up the phone.

Two days later Karen, who is Rachel's younger sister, called me and asked if I would talk to her for a few minutes. I told her go ahead and talk, that I was listening. She started out saying how Rachel was so sorry... until I cut her off. "I don't care a flying fuck how sorry Rachel is. Do you have anything else to say? If you say the name Rachel again I'll hang up. Your slut of a sister doesn't exist in my life anymore."

Karen asked if there were any more personal items that belonged to her sister left at the house? I just told her that her sister had an hour to take all she wanted with her. If she forgot something, then that was too damn bad. Karen mentioned a few items. I was starting to get pissed again. So I responded in the only way I knew.

"Karen, I'll tell you what. You come over here and fuck me on my bed and I'll let you take whatever else you want for your precious sister."

She screamed back, "You sorry son of a bitch, how dare you to talk to me like that? Wait until I tell my husband and you can deal with him."

"Does that mean I'm not going to get a chance to fuck you? I always thought you'd be a pretty good fuck. Well then send that sorry excuse for a husband over here. Maybe I'll just fuck him in the ass." I wasn't afraid of the wimp. He was just a yes person to his wife. I had no doubts I'd ever see him at my door.

I could hear someone in the background on the phone. I knew it was Rachel. Karen must have handed her the phone. All I heard was, "Kevin, you son of a... " Then I just hung up the phone. I contacted my lawyer and had her fill out the necessary papers giving Rachel nothing. We were renting the house, we each had our own car. Other than that I just kept the savings accounts. Rachel never fought the divorce. I let it be known that I would talk to no one in the family except Karen, and that was only if she met my demands. Damn, I was a hard ass.

Karen was a looker. She was a little better looking gal than her sister Rachel. Both were good looking women but Karen was a few years younger and probably ridden a lot less considering her wimp of a husband.

I was getting ready to move out of the house and the divorce was already final. I called Karen on the phone and asked if she wanted to get a few personal items of her sister's. That I was moving to an apartment and didn't want to haul her shit around. If she didn't come and get it, I would just throw it all out. She quickly said yes, she would come and get the items that evening. I told her to either come alone or bring that sorry excuse for a husband with her. Under no circumstances was Rachel to be at my door.

When Karen arrived at my door that evening, she was alone. I asked about her husband but she said he was busy. I knew the truth was that he was afraid and she knew I was going to fuck her. When she came into the house we walked into the bedroom where I had her sister's stuff packed. She reach down for one of the boxes when I said, "Hold it! You haven't paid for it yet."

She looked at me and said, "You can't be serious? I'm not going to make love to you."

I laughed, "No, not love, just plain raw sex. You've been thinking about this for a long time." Then I grabbed her as she beat on my chest. I said, "Give it up, Karen, you're not fooling anyone. There's only you and me here." Then I kissed her and grabbed her by her pussy. I slid my hand down her leg and under her skirt and brought my hand back up her thighs. She didn't have any panties on. I grabbed her mound. Hot and moist was the only way to explain it. She took her hands off from around my neck and I pushed her down on the bed.

"Tell me what you want, Karen. Tell me you want me to fuck your married pussy. Come on, Karen say it," as I began by shoving two fingers in her wet moist cunt... Damn she was hot, she was really hot.

"Please fuck me, Kevin, I want you to fuck me. Fuck my married pussy. Please wear a condom, Kevin, that's all I ask."

"Fuck you, slut, you're just like your sister. You want that creme to hit the inner walls of your cunt. I'll fuck you, I'll fuck you good but no protection and you will receive the full load. Well, Karen, what will it be?"

By this time she was hot. I had my stiff cock out just rubbing it up and down against her cunt. I even dipped it in a couple of times. I could hear her squealing.

"Anyway at all, Kevin, just push it in, God I want it."

I began a slow but hard methodical motion. I said, "Talk to me, Karen. I love dirty talk. Is it good? Do you want more of it? Come on, talk to me."

"Oh, God, this feels so good, yes, I want more, please shove your cock into me. Just fuck me, Kevin, just plow your way into my wet pussy. God, I'm going to come, more, give it to me, cum in me, do it now, I want to feel your cum shooting deep inside of me. Ahhh, shit, yes, yes, yes, now."

I blew my fucking load as deep in her as possible. I took some of my revenge out on her sorry ass pussy, but damn, it felt good. When I finished squirting my load, I took my slimy rod out of her and wiped it on her skirt. I then got off of her and zipped up my pants. I looked at her, another man's wife laying there, her legs spread and my juices just dripping out of her. I walked over and picked up a couple of her sister's boxes of stuff and headed out to her car.

When I came back in, she started yelling at me. "You son of a bitch, you just used me for your pleasure. How can you be so cold, so callus? What has happened to you? Where is the fun loving Kevin that was once here?"

"He died. You're sister killed him. She did to me what I just did to your husband. I made him a cuckold, a wimp. You got what you wanted, just like your sister. Now take her stuff and get the fuck out of my house. Don't forget to show your husband your pussy when you get home. He is probably wimp enough to stay with you. By the way, I don't want anymore of your slimy ass pussy. I can't stand a cheating wife. You have all your sister's stuff so there should be no reason for you to come back."

She called me a bastard, grabbed the last box of stuff and left my house. She was a damn good fuck but I knew that I just wanted her for revenge on her sister. Fucking can never take the place of love. It just can't. I'm not saying fucking a strange piece of meat is bad. I'm saying it can't be put it the same category as love.

It seems to build up in you. It's all you think about. Revenge, get even, make the perpetrators pay for their act. That was my goal. I knew it wouldn't solve my problems. I knew it but it was just something I had to do. Right or wrong, I was going to extract my revenge.

Her name was Carlie, the good looking petite gal I saw every day. Sometimes you get an urge, a feeling you can't get rid of. That's what I felt when I saw this gal almost every day. She would come into the restaurant with her girlfriends. They would all laugh and seemed to enjoy their lives. One of the gals she ate lunch with was Marsha. I'd known her for years. We were friends but not real close. Kind of, "Hi, Marsha, how are you today?" type friends.

Marsha knew about my divorce. In a small community almost everyone you know has heard the rumors. One day when Marsha came in the restaurant alone at lunch time, I asked her to join me for lunch. I wanted to talk to her. She sat down, a little suspicious. I told her it was just for lunch, that I got tired of always eating alone. We talked about her family and how the kids were. She told me about her husband's promotion and about things in general.

She asked me about my life and how things were since the divorce. Everyone knew Rachel cheated on me but no-one knew with whom. If anyone ever had the balls to ask, I simply told them I didn't know who it was and it really didn't make any difference. I asked Marsha about the new girl in their office. She told me her name was Carlie. She and her husband Jim had moved here about a year ago. When she said the name Jim, it just didn't sit right.

Marsha looked at me and said, "Kevin, Carlie is a happily married woman. You're not going to make a play on her, are you?" Everyone knew about my bad-ass personality since the divorce.

I told Marsha that I thought Carlie was a fine looking woman and just wondered who she was. She gave me more information on Jim and then I had to find out if he was who I thought he was. If he was, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to fuck Carlie. I hated being like this but I couldn't help it.

One day at lunch time I was in a corner booth with a friend of mine having lunch. He had never asked me much about my personal life. He knew better so we got along just fine. As we were eating, in came Carlie and her husband. It was the son of a bitch that I caught fucking my wife. Damn, damn, damn, I wanted to go back over and punch his lights out again but I kept my cool. He never recognized me seeing he only saw me for a few seconds while I beat the shit out of him. But unfortunately I recognized him and set out to fuck his wife.

One day when Carlie was alone at the restaurant I started talking to her. I introduced myself and mentioned that I was friends with Marsha. I wanted to put Carlie at ease. She smiled and introduced herself. I asked her if she wanted to share a table? She looked a little nervous until I told her she would have to pay for her own lunch. That made her laugh as we sat down.

She just talked up a storm telling me about herself and indicated that her husband Jim had transferred here a little over a year ago. She stated that they had kind of a rocky start here, that her husband was jumped by two men and they had stolen everything he owned. He had to drive to the emergency room and had stitches above his left eye. She said he was a mess when he got home. She mentioned he filed a police report but didn't have a good enough description and the police never caught the culprits. That explained why he never turned me in.

After lunch I told her it was so nice to meet her and that anytime she wanted a share a table it was fine with me. Now I had a real problem. I liked Carlie, I mean I really liked her. I needed my revenge and at the same time did not want to hurt Carlie. What to do, what to do? I would have to think on this.

I saw her almost everyday, most of the time with the other girls from her office. She always looked over at me and smiled. One day in passing I told her I was going to start lunch an hour later so I probably wouldn't have a chance to eat lunch with her again but lo and behold the next day she took her lunch an hour later and was alone. She came to my table and asked to join me. Of course I said yes and we started having lunch almost every day together.

We started to become good friends and I was starting to have strong feelings for her. One day I got up and said to her that I thought she was one of the most beautiful, nicest women I'd ever met. If she wasn't married, I would ask her out.

She acted nervous and said, "But I am married, Kevin, I might not have the best marriage but I won't ever cheat on my husband. I couldn't. It's just not right."

I had to ask her about that last statement, "What is wrong with your marriage?"

She had tears in her eyes and said she thought her husband had been cheating on her but she wasn't sure. I took her hand and just held it for a minute. She was shaking as I did my best to calm her down. I was wondering what kind of an asshole would give up a wonderful woman like this to just fuck around. What an idiot. Then I began to wonder if he was back with Rachel again?

I looked at Carlie and told her I had something very important to talk to her about but I couldn't do it there and asked if she would meet me after work. I needed her to trust me enough to go to my apartment where we could talk very privately.

"Kevin, I can't go to your apartment. What would that look like? What would people think?" I just thought about Rachel for a second. Why couldn't she have been like this?

"Carlie, it is extremely important that I talk to you. I care for you too much not to tell you what I know. Please meet with me."

"I think I trust you, Kevin. I do like you but don't know you well enough to be alone in an apartment with you. Can we meet here and either talk in the car or in a restaurant?"

"Okay, Carlie, lets meet here after work. I'll even buy your dinner." She smiled at me and said, "Boy, it must me important if you're willing to buy dinner," as she laughed.

I had to get my thoughts in order. What would I say? How would I say it? I didn't want to take the chance of alienating Carlie. I wanted her for my revenge but now I also wanted her for me. Yes, old hard-nosed son-of-a-bitch Kevin was falling for another man's wife. Damn it, it wasn't supposed to happen this way. I was just supposed to take her in front of her husband and then laugh at him. Why did it have to be her? Damn it!

We met for dinner. She told me she had talked to Marge and was told about my divorce and how my wife was found by me having sex with another man. She said that it must have been awful seeing this in my own home. She stated how sorry she felt for me. She was so afraid of finding out the same kind of information on her husband, she didn't know how she would handle it if it happened to her.

"Carlie, there is a few things I must tell you about me. I know you're married but I'm falling in love with you."

"Please, Kevin, don't say anymore. I'm a married woman."

"Carlie, it is imperative I tell you these things. I must tell you and you have to listen please. As I said, I'm falling in love with you. My problem is I'm a hard-nosed bastard. Finding my wife and her lover together made me that way. I know you've heard people talk and say what a mean bastard I've become. I can't help it. I wish I could. I'm always walking around with a chip on my shoulder. My wife put that chip there along with her lover. My plan was revenge. I was going to find her lover's wife and fuck her in front of her husband. Yes, the son of a bitch was married also."

Carlie interrupted me, "Please Kevin, you don't need to tell me this. It's so personal and I know it hurts for you to talk about it. I hear it in your voice."

"Let me continue, please, Carlie. As I said, I was going to get revenge on my wife's lover and fuck his wife in front of him. Now I have a big, big problem. The woman whom I was going to take by force if necessary is a woman I've fallen in love with."

Carlie put her hands over her face in shock. She knew the man was her husband and the woman I fell in love with was her. Carlie had tears rolling down her face.

"My God, it's so hard to believe. How do you know? How can you be so sure? You were going to rape me for revenge against my husband?"

She was crying harder. I went to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she stopped me.

"Please don't touch me right now." she said. "I need a moment to think."

"Carlie, a year ago I found the man in my bedroom. I beat the shit out of him and threw him out of my house without any clothes. All I knew was that his name was Jim."

I then pulled out the note from my pocket that Rachel had left me. For some strange reason I had kept it. I handed it to Carlie to read. She cried as she read it.

"I watched you for the last six months coming down to the restaurant to eat lunch. Day by day I waited to see you. You were the only bright spot in my life and I didn't even know you. But I was slowly falling for you. I didn't know at the time you were married. I never approached you because I had temper problems and was still planning my revenge. Then one day I asked Marsha about you. She told me you were married and I felt bad. I really wanted to get to know you better but I didn't want to ruin your marriage. Then another day your husband met you for lunch. That was when I knew who he was. I did everything in my power not to beat the shit out of him again. If you had been any other woman, I would have taken you in front of him by now. Just for the revenge."

Carlie was crying with her hands folded in front of her.

I continued, "I was falling in love with you and couldn't rape the woman I love. Now I'm in deep turmoil. I want to hurt your husband and not hurt you. I want to make love to you. It's been a long time since I made love. The last year has all been about revenge. I believe that your husband is back with Rachel since they were childhood sweethearts and she is now divorced."

"How do you feel about me, Carlie? I need to know so I know what to do. I promise regardless of your feelings for me I will not hurt you. I just couldn't do it now."

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