Six Months To Live
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Man dying lives out the remainder of his live with a screw everybody attitude. Lots of sex, mostly non-consensual. You've been warned.

I'm Steve, I just returned from for my annual physical. I always try to stay in good health. I stand 6'4" weigh around 230 pounds. I watch what I eat, get plenty of exercise and even work out at the gym. I'm in my late forties and have been married for some twenty five years. We have four children, all grown up with families of there own. The doctor just told me my test results came back positive for pancreatic cancer.

This cancer is one of the worst with only a 25% recovery rate. The doctor said without going in and trying to remove some of the cells my chances of recovery are zero. I couldn't believe it. I thought I did everything right. I didn't even smoke and rarely drank. I just sat in the chair devastated.

The doctor asked me when I wanted to start in on therapy and operations. I just looked up at him and asked, "How long do I have if I do nothing?"

The doctor replied, "Six months, maybe a little more depending on your life style."

I told the doctor that I felt fine, I haven't had any problems other then maybe bowel movements. How can he be so sure? He just put up my x-rays and showed me the spots. Then he showed me the results of my urine samples where I was pissing a light brown. I just thought it was the juices I was drinking. I was wrong.

I then asked him, "Doc, are you saying if I go through the operation and then all the chemo that I only have a 25% chance of recovery?"

He replied, "I'm afraid so Steve, that's the way it looks."

I just looked at the doc and asked, "How will I know when the end is near? What will I feel?"

He just replied, "You'll have bad stomach cramps and bowel movements will be more irregular. Then you will be feeling internal pain, but I can give you pain medication at that time."

"Well doc, I'll guess I'll just live the rest of my life by doing all the things I wanted to do and then just die. I'm not going to spend my remaining months lying on a hospital bed hoping for the best. Please, tell no one about this. I want to live a normal life for the next six months. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me, even my wife. I'll make sure all my affairs are in order."

With that I left the doctor's office and thought about the rest of my short life and what I was going to do. When I got home, I got on my knees to pray. "Why God? Why me? I lead a decent life. I never hurt anyone. I went to church most sundays."

Then I began to get angry at God. Maybe there really wasn't a God, at least one that cared about me. That's when I thought I would do all the things I thought about, but knew weren't right. I started thinking about sex. All the sex I didn't have because I was mister nice guy, good husband, good neighbor, never hurt anyone. Well that was all going to change and it was going to start changing today.

My marriage to Cindy was a decent one. We had a pretty normal relationship. Sex maybe once a month as of late. We never did experiment much because that wasn't the way church people acted. That was all going to change. I was going out of this world truly fucked by everyone I wanted. I was going to live out some of those so called bad fantasies.

The first thing I did was make a call to a slime bucket I knew. He worked at my office but dealt in drugs. I needed date rape drugs and I knew I could get them from him. I met him in the parking garage at work. I told him I preferred the liquid type if I could get it.

"He asked me how much I wanted?"

"I asked him how much did it take to put a person out."

He figured about an eye dropper would put a person of 150 pounds out in about 20 minutes.

"I told him to get me a pint."

He about shit himself and told me that would be a good 50 doses or more and would cost me twenty dollars a pop. Which amounted to over $1,000. He said all he had on him was about ten doses but could have the rest by the end of the following week.

I gave him $200 for what he had and another $500 down payment on the rest. I told him when he gives it to me, I'll give him $500 more. That's a $200 bonus to keep his mouth shut. If he told anyone he was a dead man. Also, he didn't need to ask any question.

He looked at me a little scared. He knew I wasn't joking, so we shook hands on the deal and I took my ten vials of drugs home, ready to start living fantasies. A vial is about the size of an eye dropper for those who don't know. I decided to stop and buy a digital camera and a taped recorder, just in case I needed them.

I waited for my wife to come home, I decided to have sex tonight whether she wanted to or not. I had to try out this drug and make sure it works.

When she got home we had our dinner and usual talk. She asked me about the doctors appointment and I told her all was fine. After watching evening television we usually headed for bed. So I dropped one vial of liquid into her diet pop to see how it worked. She was just a tiny thing at 5' 1" tall weighing around 120 lbs. I just hope I didn't use to much drugs.

She was out in about ten minutes. She didn't say anything, just passed out like a drunk. I carried her little body upstairs and pulled her nightgown up, she had gotten ready for bed earlier. I pulled her panties off and started rubbing her mound. The elicit sex was great even though she was my wife, I was taking her without her knowledge. Her pussy was getting wet even though she was passed out. I got down and started eating her pussy. Something we never did. The first time I ever tried she told me how wrong it was. Her church was against oral sex.

I decided to use a condom this time, I didn't want to leave a mess to explain to her in the morning. I then turned her limp but hot body over so she was on her stomach and raised her ass up and shoved my cock into her pussy. She was never big on doggy style, because of her church beliefs, but she was sure humping tonight. I even took the liberty of sticking a finger in her ass. Damn it was tight. After I shot my load I cleaned her up. Ever try to put panties on a limp body? It's not easy. Then I finished straightening her nightgown and went to sleep.

The clock went off and I got up the next morning at 6:00am as usual. Cindy got up also. She asked me how she got to bed? That she didn't remember getting up and going to bed.

"I just told her she fell asleep, so I picked her up and carried her to bed."

She did say she slept good but had dreamt.

I asked her about what? "She replied, "Oh nothing special."

So now I had an idea what this drug could do. She slept the whole night. So I got dressed and left for work. I was sitting at my desk making a list of women I always wanted to fuck but didn't. I just decided when I died, I was going out with a bang, 'Literally.'

One of the girls at work always teased the guys. A couple of the guys tried to get in her panties but she always said she was happily married and would never cheat on her husband. I decided to make her a victim. I knew she worked later then most of the office gals so I went down into the parking garage and undid her battery cable. She mentioned that her husband worked 2nd shift so I knew he wouldn't be home to take her call about the car.

She was a good looking redhead with long legs and always wore mini skirts that would get your cock hard thinking about her. I waited till she left for the night and went down about five minutes later. I saw her standing next to her car. I stopped and asked her if there was a problem?

She said, "The damn thing is dead and my husband already left for work. I guess I'll call a garage and just have to wait for it."

I just told her, "I could drop you off at your house and you could call the garage and have them pick it up and repair it. Then you can just pick it up tomorrow."

"Oh Steve, that would be great. Then I won't have to waste my whole evening waiting here." She replied.

I had picked up a couple of sodas on my way out of the office. I knew she drank diet, I did too but got a regular so I wouldn't drink the wrong one by accident. I reached back and popped the top on the regular, the diet was already opened and drugged. I asked here which one she wanted and of course she said, "The diet please, have to watch my figure."

I glanced over at her and said, "Everyone watches your figure."

She looked at me and said, "Steve, shame on you talking like that." as we both laughed.

I couldn't help starring over at her legs, Her skirt had risen up above mid thigh. I was getting hot and kept drinking my soda. She was drinking hers also but rather slowly. I was hoping it would take effect by the time that we got to her house. We only had about a fifteen minute drive to her place. She weighed maybe 140 pounds. I needed more time, so I asked her if she would mind if I stopped and picked up some milk, it would only be a minute.

"Of course not Steve, you're the one doing me a favor." she replied.

I stopped at the corner market and turned off the car so it would get a little warmer and maybe she would drink faster. I went in the store, picked up the milk and headed back to the car. As I got in I saw her finish off her coke.

As I headed toward her house she said she was feeling a little dizzy.

I told her she might be coming down with something. As I pulled in her driveway I got out and helped her out of the car. I walked her to the door and unlocked it for her. I told her that I would call the service garage for her that she should lie down and rest.

I called the garage and told them about her car and where she left the keys for them. I told them I thought the battery was dead and probably just needed a charge. They said they would check it out and charge it if needed.

Then I turned around and looked at Cheryl, she looked almost passed out. I walked her to the bedroom and told her to lie down she needed so rest. She was just lying there in a haze as I started to undo her blouse and then her bra. I pulled them off of her. Damn those tits were real. I leaned over and started sucking on them. Her nipples were getting hard and so was my cock.

I then slid down the zipper on her skirt and pulled it off. My God, she had garter belts on. I slipped them off then her panties. She just had a little tuft of red hair above her pussy. I couldn't help it, I had to bury my face in it. God she tasted good. I took off my pants and shorts and climbed aboard. I don't know how to explain this. Elicit sex with another mans wife. It doesn't get any better except if she was awake.

I kept pushing my cock in her, no condom this time, it was great. Her body was reacting to me, so hot, so good, so wrong. I finally had to shoot a load. It was huge, I think she might have had an orgasm too, really don't know, really don't care. I just took my spent cock out of her pussy and climbed up and rubbed my pussy cumed cock against her lips. She had her lips opened slightly and I just let some of the juices drip in. I decided to take a few digital picture to reminisce by.

Now I was spent, I had to do a little clean up. I didn't want to go to jail on my first elicit fuck. I grabbed a wash rag and wiped up any juices flowing from her pussy. I know I left a lot inside of her but didn't care. I then pulled the covers over her and was getting dressed to leave when the phone rang. It startled me, I didn't know if it would wake her up so I just stood very still. After four rings the answering machine took the call. It was the auto repair shop saying they found her problem, A loose battery connection. They fixed it and put the keys back where they found them.

I just let myself out and went home a very satisfied man. When I got home my wife asked me why I was late. I just told her the truth, that Cheryl's car broke down and I offered her a ride home.

My wife wasn't very happy. She said, "You took that Jezebel home?"

"Yes," I replied, "It was the right thing to do. Do you think I should have left her stranded?"

"Of course not, but you could have called me, I had dinner ready." Cindy replied.

I just told her I was sorry and she was right, I would call next time. I was eating my dinner and planning my next seduction. There was so many women I wanted to fuck. I would just do them one at a time for as long as I could.

I went to work the next morning and Cheryl asked to speak to me. I was a little nervous but invited her into my office. She looked at me and said, "Steve, What happened to me yesterday?"

I just looked at her and said, "When we got to your house you weren't feeling good so I told you I would call the garage for you and you thanked me and I guess you went to bed. I don't know because I left. Why do you ask? It's something wrong?"

She looked at me and said, "I shouldn't be telling you this but I was naked and under the covers when my husband came home from work after midnight. He climbed into bed an saw I was naked and started making love to me. I woke up startled and seen my husband on top of me. He was smiling and said I was really hot and he came gobs and gobs in me. I don't remember taking my clothes off.

Well Cheryl, I sure didn't, but wish I would have. Maybe next time, I laughed.

"Steve, stop talking like that, she laughed and thanks for calling the garage. My car was fixed this morning when my husband dropped me off at work."

I just said, "Anytime Cheryl, anytime" as she left my office.

When I got home my wife asked me if I could take some allergy medication over to her sister who's allergies were acting up. It was only a few blocks away. So I took the medication and one of my vials and headed over to my sister in laws. I always wanted to get into her pants, but being the godly person I never did anything about it.

When I got to the house she came to the door in a cute robe covering a negligee underneath. I asked her how she was felling.

She said she just needed some allergy medicine and a little rest. I handed her the bottle of pills and saw her iced tea setting on the table. As she was opening the container two remove a couple of pills, I emptied a vial into her tea and gave it to her to take her pills with.

She was small like her older sister, my wife, so I knew it wouldn't take long. I decided to talk to her until she passed out. I mentioned her husband who wouldn't be home for a few hours. He was a prick. Thought his shit didn't stink, and he thought he was better than anybody else. Well his wife was on my fuck list. Not because she was all that great looking but because she was married to the better then thou prick.

She started to get dizzy and said the pills are really taking effect quick.

I walked her to the bedroom and then told her to have a nice rest. Then I went in the living room for a few minutes to make sure she was out. When I went back into the bedroom she was sound asleep. I called her name softly just to make sure. She was lying on her back so I went up to her and unzipped her robe. I could tell she didn't have a bra on so I reached over and rubbed her tits through her nighty.

I then reach down and pulled her negligee up above her hips. She had a pair of grandma panties on, which I removed. My cock was hard. I climbed up and started pushing my member against her hairy bush. Her pussy was dry so I kept rubbing my cock against her till she started to get wet and I was able to slide in without much pressure. I heard a slight moan come out of her. Then I started to slowly fuck my sister in law. Thinking about her prick of a husband and how I would love to tell him about fucking his wife.

She started to rotate her hips. Damn these women must be able to feel the fucking even though they're out. I felt her reach an orgasm and moan. I then shot a load of cum deep into her pussy. While my cock was still in her I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. I then pulled my limp cock out.

This time I decided to pull her nightgown down, leave off her panties and cover her. Maybe her husband will see the cum on her. God I loved fucking married woman.

It was now Sunday and my wife asked if I was going to church? I thought about it and decided to get dressed. When we got there I was in 'Hate God mode, ' I blamed him for my illness. As we sat in the pews I looked at all the women and picked the ones out I was going to try and fuck. These were so called women of God who thought sex was missionary position only.

I looked around and got a mental picture of the ones who were going to get fucked. We had a young preacher and I decided his wife needed to be broken in and I was just the man for the job. She was a pretty woman always wearing long dresses or skirts below the knees. I wanted to see in the dark area around her thighs that was hidden beneath her long skirt.

After church my sister in law came up to me and said, "What did you do to me the other day? You raped me didn't you? I going to tell my husband and my sister you bastard,"

I just looked at her and said "Chris, I fucked you yesterday and it was great. You aren't going to tell anyone. If you were going to tell, you would have done it before now. I know you felt the orgasm even though you were out." I then pulled two pictures out of my pocket and showed them to her. They were of her lying on her bed with my cock inside her. I gave them to her and said, "Here, give these to your husband, and maybe you can show them to your sister too."

She looked at the pictures and covered her mouth. "Why did you take these, my God someone might see them."

I looked at her and said, "Isn't that what you wanted? To show your husband and sister that I fucked you? Now you have the proof."

I then looked at her and said, "I want to fuck you again, but I want you wide awake so you can really feel it. Just call me when you're ready." then I walked away. I know she had no intentions of telling anyone. She's been teasing me for years. She just wanted me to know that she knew that I fucked her.

On Monday after work I was going after my first fuck from one of the church women. It was going to be Margaret. Good looking big tits Margaret. She was a big woman in her early forties. Maybe 5'9", 170 lbs. Most of the weight in her tits. Maybe I'll tit fuck her. Never really did much of anything like that.

I told the preacher I would stop by Margaret's house and pick up some stuff for the clothing drive. I volunteered to be the person to pick up items from all the families with donations. This way I could deposit my sperm and pick up the donations. Cindy was so happy that I volunteered to help the church.

I made sure that I went by Margaret's home in the evening on her husband's bowling night. When I got there she had a dress on that buttoned down the front and was knee length. She looked good for a woman in her forties. Her big tit protruding out. When I got there she offered me a cup of coffee and got one for herself. I put one and a half vials into her coffee since she was so big and I wanted it to work fast.

She gave me the stuff for the raffle and I took my time putting it in the car while she drank her coffee. She started to get dizzy after about fifteen minutes. I told her she might have a touch of the flu that's been going around, that my wife and her sister had it also.

I offered to walk her to her bedroom but she said no that she would just lie down on the couch. I told her I would see myself out and stood outside her door on the porch for a few minutes before coming back in.

She was passed out, with one leg on the couch and the other hanging over to the floor. I couldn't wait any longer. I undid the buttons down the front of her dress. All she had on was a bra and panties. I just pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing her pussy. As it was getting wet I shoved in two fingers. I can't tell you how good it felt finger fucking another mans wife.

When her pussy started getting wet I undid my zipper and pulled my cock out and let her have it. God it felt good. As I was pumping her pussy I pulled her bra up over those big tits. I pulled out my camera to get a few pictures of them.

Then I squeezed them together. I was rubbing and sucking those mammoth tits. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and heard a slight moan come from her. I put my cock between her tits and squeezed them together. What a feeling, I was about to come, and decided to all over those big beauties. I got some tissue and cleaned her up as best as I could. I know her tits would still be sticky but that was her problem. I pulled her bra back over her tits and buttoned her dress back up. I did jam my fingers back into her cunt for just a minute. She was sopping wet. That's the way I left her.

Over the next couple of weeks I did the same thing to at least a half dozen of the church women. Leaving my sperm inside most of them. In the weeks that followed I got curious looks from all the women I have been fucking. Just about all knew something happened but didn't know what to say. They were church going ladies and were afraid to bring it up to anyone. I just looked at them all and just smiled.

After one of my fuck seasons with one of the church women I came home and my wife said some guy called from where I work and would be stopping over. I knew it must be slime bucket Jeff. When he came to the door I asked him why did he come by my house at this hour?

He said, he didn't want to carry that kind of drugs around. Especially to a parking garage. We made our transaction and began to just talk. He didn't seem so bad since I lowered my own moral standards. He saw my wife go by and asked if she was the reason I wanted the drugs. I really didn't mind telling him that I tried it on her the first night but she was out cold in ten minutes. I told him I wish I could get her to just be in a really fuzzy dream state but till awake.

He pulled out a tube that resembled an eye dropper but had marking on them. He told me to only fill the vial to a certain line and I might get the desired effect. My wife went in to get ready for bed and left her soda on the kitchen table. Jeff and I went in and put the desired amount in her drink. My wife came out and took her drink and sat down on the sofa to watch one of her programs while I was in the kitchen talking to Jeff. She knew he was from the office and just assumed it was business.

After about twenty minutes Jeff and I walked in to see Cindy in kind of a fog. Even though she never drank she talked like she was totally drunk. I walked her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed and starting taking off her clothes. I decided to just remove her robe and undies, leaving her nightgown on. When I turned around Jeff was standing there watching.

I had fantasies about watching another man fucking my wife, but not with her permission. I didn't want her to cuckold me or make me a wimp. I didn't want her enjoying sex more with someone else then she did with me. I wanted to be in charge and call the shots.

I pulled her nightgown up, and let Jeff look at her pussy. He was excited and I could see him put his hand on his cock. I took off my clothes and got between Cindy's legs and just started rubbing my cock against her pussy just like I did with her sister. Only Cindy was awake but totally out of it. As I started rubbing my cock against her pussy she started to get wet. I just kept rubbing until I felt her getting into it. When we had normal sex she never acted like this. I think her inhibitions were gone and she was actually enjoying it instead of acting like it was her wifely duties.

I shoved my cock all the way in and heard her moan, something she very rarely did. I looked over at Jeff; he had his cock out, and was masturbating. I told him to put his cock against my wife's lips but not to put it in her mouth. He did just what I said and touched his cock to her lips, and asked if he could touch her tits? I said, "Go ahead," I've never seen another man touch her.

I was as hot as could be. I never believed I would let another man touch my wife. It was me in charge not her or him. Then I came, shoving my cock in as deep as I could while watching Jeff rub her tits. Then she opened her mouth to moan and the head of Jeff's cock went in. God what a turn on.

He said some pre cum went in her mouth. I told him to take his dick out of her mouth now. He did, holding it in his hands. I could see he was about ready to cum. I climbed off my wife who still hadn't come and told Jeff if he ate her cum filled pussy then I would let him fuck her.

It was awesome watching Jeff crawl between my wife's legs and start eating some of my cum out of her pussy. She was wiggling her hips like there was to tomorrow. Then he climbed up and began pumping his cock into her pussy. As far as I know she had never had sex with another man and wouldn't even know about this.

She was moaning and jacking her pussy up against Jeff and he had to cum. He just shot it into her pussy and she screamed out having her own orgasm. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures, never knowing if I would ever need them.

Jeff got off my wife and acted like he was my servant. Thanking me and promising me never to say anything to anybody. My wife's pussy had cum running out of it since we both shot loads into her. I just left her that way. I wanted her to know she was fucked, just not by two guys.

I knew Jeff was totally afraid of me. I asked him if he was married and what his wife looked like.

He said he was and that she was twenty two years old, short and chunky. Maybe 160 pounds with big breasts. He said he had no children. I asked him if his wife played around like he did. He looked down at the floor and said he didn't think so.

Then I looked at him and said, "I let you fuck my wife, now I'm going to fuck yours."

He looked at me and was totally scared saying, " I don't think she'll go for it." I know I fucked your wife but,..."

I cut him off, "No buts, tomorrow at 8:00pm. Take whatever amount of drugs you need. You can have her at any level from awake to passed out. I won't hurt her, I will only fuck her the one time. Just so we will be even."

He was nervous but gave me his address, took his money and left.

The next morning Cindy got up and asked me if we made love the night before. I told her of course we did. Didn't she even remember?

"She said she had woke up this morning and her vagina hurt and she remembers making love and it felt good, but she had a mess to clean up. She said she was dreaming again."

I asked, "About what? That's the second dream you had in the last couple of weeks."

She just said, "About fantasizing, and making love."

Well honey I said, "As long as it was just with me." I smiled, she didn't.

After work the next day I went to Jeff's house. Jeff answered the door and invited me in. He looked really nervous. He said he wasn't sure he could go through with it. If she ever found out he set this up she might leave him.

I said "Does she love you?"

He answered, "Yes, she might not be the prettiest girl but we do care for each other."

I asked," Does she know you sell drugs?"

He answered, "Yes, but it bothers her that I might get caught and go to jail. She says she doesn't want to lose me."

"Well Jeff, no drugs will be needed, I think I can handle this." I said.

Jeff's wife Marla entered the room, Jeff introduced me as a man he worked with. She was a chubby little gal, big tits, big belly, but an awfully pretty face. She just had on jeans and a blouse. Her and Jeff were probably in their early twenties. I looked at her and said, "Marla, did Jeff tell you why I'm here this evening?"

She looked at a nervous Jeff and then back at me and said, "No he didn't, is he is some sort of trouble?"

"Yes," I replied, "I caught him selling drugs in the office garage tonight. I have to decide how to handle it. Whether to call the police or use another option."

"Please don't call the police, they'll send him to jail. We'll do whatever it takes to keep him out of jail. Please tell us what we can do." replied Marla with tears in her eyes.

"I'll get right to the point Marla, I like to fuck married woman. I told Jeff to bring me here and you have to consent to fuck me, or I leave here and call the police and show them the surveillance tape. There is no room for debate here. I fuck you in front of Jeff or I go to the police station. What will it be Marla?"

Marla started crying with tears in her eyes saying, "I can't do it, I can't just fuck you in front of my husband."

I just looked at her and said, "That fine it's your decision," then I got up and walked to the door. I looked back at Jeff and said, "Guess she didn't love you as much as you thought."

Marla yelled, "Wait, What are you going to do?"

"I'm headed to the police station, just like I said." and looked at Marla.

With tears in her eyes she said, "Okay I'll do it. Please don't hurt me."

I said, "Marla, I'm going to make you feel very good, I have no intention of hurting you. Just so you know, this is only a one time thing. To help save your husband," who was just starring at the floor. Then I said, "Jeff, do you have a reefer you can give your wife so she won't be so tense?"

Jeff handed her a joint and lit it. She started puffing on it right away. She needed to mellow out some. I took out my tape recorder and said Marla, I need you to say that you are having consensual sex with me on the tape. So that you can't try and bribe me or sue me later.

She was nervous but just spoke into the taped saying, "I am Marla Maple and I agreed to have consensual sex with Steve Aronhalt. I am doing it of my own free will," she had tears in her eyes.

"Damn, just the thought of a woman saying that in front of her husband was a turn-on."

After she gave her statement I left the recorder on. It would be interesting to hear it played back later. Jeff and Marla thought I turned it off.

She had finished her joint and was just starting to feel it. I told Jeff to give her another. As he did I told her to come over to the sofa where I was sitting and stand in front of me, which she did. Jeff was sitting in the chair across from us watching. I reached up and undid her belt and slid the zipper down on her jeans. She started breathing hard, the reefers doing their job.

I opened the front of her jeans and saw her pink panties. I reached up and rubbed her plump belly in circular strokes. I told her to unbutton her blouse which she started doing. As soon as she had them all unbuttoned I called Jeff over and told him to help her take off her blouse.

He stood up, came over and pulled her blouse lightly off her shoulders while I kept rubbing her belly and pulling her pink panties out a little so I could slide my hands down to her bush.

"Now unfasten her bra and pull it off," which he did. Her big titties just flopping down. "Now tell her thank you for giving me her ass to save yours."

Jeff went next to her ear and said, "Honey thank you for doing this for me, I'm so sorry and will try and make it up to you."

"I said tell her thank you for fucking me"

Jeff looked at me and then said, "Honey thank you for fucking Steve, I hope you enjoy it."

I said, "That's better."

Then he kissed her on the neck and reached around and grabbed her big tits.

I pulled her jeans down and she stepped out of them. Then I reached up and put my hand on her pussy mound. It was soaking wet right through her panties. I looked up at her and said, "You love this don't you?"

She nodded, yes.

I reached up and tore her pink panties from her body. It startled her for a second. Then I told her to spread her legs more. She had fat thighs so she had to spread them quite a bit.

I reached up and gabbed a handful of her puffy pussy lips. Damn it felt good. I asked her, "Marla, have you ever been this hot before?"

She shook her head 'no'.

I pushed two of my fingers up her sloppy cunt and she just started moaning. "Do you want me to fuck you now Marla?" I asked. "Do you want me to fuck you in front of your husband?"

She said, "Yes, I need to be fucked, I'm so hot."

I slipped my pants and underwear down over my knees and my cock standing straight up.

I said to Marla, "Take your fat pussy and put my big cock into it."

She didn't hesitate, she climbed on my lap and grabbed my cock and inserted it into her hot, sloppy wet, puffy pussy and just started riding it. She was swearing and riding my cock for all it was worth.

Jeff was back sitting in the chair with his cock out.

I asked Marla if she ever fucked anyone besides Jeff?

She said, "Yes, two other guys. But not since she had gotten married two years ago."

"Did they fuck you this good?"

"God no Steve, this is the best ever. I love it."

I was ready to shoot my load in this young married girl's pussy while her husband looked on. She was younger then my daughters. Right now I didn't care, I just wanted to release my cum, and I did. She must have squealed for what seemed like five minutes, and came with a scream.

I told Jeff to go get the KY jelly and come back. He still had his cock hanging out as hard as a rock. I laid on the sofa and told Marla to get between my legs and clean me up. I couldn't believe this young wife would even do it, but she got on the end of the sofa with her ass in the air and starting licking my pussy juice coated cock.

When Jeff came back in the room He couldn't believe what he saw. His wife of two years cleaning her pussy juice as well as my cum off my cock. I lifted her head up off my cock for a second and asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass.

She said, "No." I told Jeff to put a lot of jelly all over his cock and all around her anus. Then to put his cock, which was much smaller then mine, in her anus. Marla looked nervous but I told her everything would be all right and to keep sucking my cock.

Jeff put both of his hands on her fat ass and slowly pushed his rigid cock in her anus. She pulled her mouth off my cock long enough to squeal. Then got back down to the clean up job. Watching this man fuck his wife in the ass for the first time while she was cleaning up my cock was making my big cock rigid again...

Jeff finally sank his cock to his balls deep and came in her ass. She had an orgasm after he emptied his seed in her ass. I had her knell and front of me so I could cum on her big fat tits. She just held her tits together while I came on them.

Jeff went and got a few towels so we could all wipe ourselves off. Then I got dressed and reached into my briefcase that I had with me and pulled out a VCR tape which I opened up and ripped out the tape in it. Of course the tape was blank but Marla thought she just save her husbands life thinking it was the video tape from the garage. She came up to me and said 'Thank you' as I reached down to get a last grab of her puffy young pussy.

To bad I was dying, I could have that young pussy anytime I wanted.

I turned to Jeff and said, "I never want to see you selling drugs again in the garage. Next time your wife might not be there to save your ass." Then I walked out and went home.

When I got home I jumped in the shower and thought, "Who's next."

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