The Atlantis Crystal
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man finds a crystal that changes his life.

It was Mike's first night at the cabin, Vince's cabin. He was tired after driving all day, north into the mountains from LA, but he was getting what he wanted, for a few days at least - isolation, and a chance to get the divorce out of his system.

Mike was sleeping when it happened, Benji sensed it right away, and he was awakened by the dog's whimpers and barking. Then he felt it, the movement of the solid ground beneath. It went on for several seconds, seeming to take longer than it really did, while he clung to the bed.

After the shaking stopped, Mike waited, with that sense of disorientation he always felt after a quake. He had thought they were far enough away from any fault lines up in the mountains that they didn't need to worry about quakes, but a quake is possible anywhere in California, really anywhere in the world he guessed. When the tremors stopped, he grabbed the flashlight, shined it around the room, and seeing no problems, went back to sleep - didn't seem like there was anything else he could do.

It was glorious. He was dreaming, and he knew he was dreaming, but the dream, the vision, was so glorious he didn't want to wake.

Mike was on a circular platform, he couldn't tell exactly what was supporting him, but it was what was above him that filled him with wonder. It was the universe, and he knew it was real, not an illusion, not the lights of a planetarium, but the real universe, the galaxies, the stars spangling the dark void of space, with nothing - no glass, no plastic - between him and that glorious sight. He felt he could reach out his hand and grab a star, embrace a galaxy.

Then everything was spinning, the stars leaving fiery trails as he sped through space. The object he was on was turning, and slowly the earth, blue and green, high wispy clouds obscuring the surface from time to time, came into view. But it was a different earth. On this earth, as it turned beneath him Mike saw the Black Sea was a huge lake cut off from the Mediterranean, Sicily was part of southern Italy, Cuba was connected to Florida. And he knew what he was seeing was the earth of the unimaginably distant past, the past when humans first moved out of Africa to conquer the world.

When Mike woke up, it was late morning, bright light streaming through the window. And Benji was back to normal, out from under the bed where he had spent the night, waiting patiently by the cabin door for Mike to open it.

He let Benji out, glanced outside but seeing no obvious effects from the earthquake, lit the stove and got coffee started. It wasn't long before Benji was scratching at the door begging to come in. Mike thought the dog was a little frightened because of the strange surroundings and from the earthquake last night.

Mike turned on the portable radio, and after a little searching found some news of the quake. They reported a level-6 quake in the Tahoe area, with no reported damage. He threw on some clothes (it was still too chilly to bathe), and went outside.

He checked the exterior of the cabin, and didn't find any effects from the earthquake. He walked out of the little clearing to the rough dirt road and looked around. It took Mike a while to spot the fallen trees on the ridge off to the west. "We'll have to check that later, Benji," he said as the dog looked up at the sound of his name.

Mike went inside, fixed toast, and eggs and bacon on the little camp stove, and had an enjoyable breakfast, giving his scraps to Benji. He thought again about bathing, but even though it was summer, the mountain air was still too cold and the water in the tank seemed even colder. He decided to wait until the air, at least, was a little warmer.

The rest of the morning was spent organizing his things in the little one-room cabin. When they arrived yesterday, Mike was too worn out from the long drive to get his things unpacked and put away.

After lunch, he filled a couple of buckets with the still-chilly water from the tank and took a quick sponge bath. Now wearing clean clothes and sturdy shoes, he was ready to make his way to that ridge and see what damage the earthquake had done.

It took more than an hour for Benji and Mike to make their way through the thick forest to the base of the ridge. Looking up, he could see where several pines had fallen from the quake, and looking closer, high up he could see a rift, a crevice, where the earth had split open.

Looking up at that crevice slashing diagonally across the ridge, surrounded by fallen trees, Mike knew he had to climb up there, knew there was something there he needed to find. He started climbing, but it was rough going because of the incline and the boulders and trees and brush that had rolled down from the quake.

At first, Benji was with him all the way, having a good dog time in the woods, usually leading the way. But when they had nearly reached the crevice, Benji stopped and refused to move any further. "Come on, boy, what's the matter?" He called, but Benji wouldn't follow, just looked at him with soft brown eyes and whined softly as Mike moved away.

Mike wondered if there might be some danger Benji could sense - a bear, a cougar, snakes. But he couldn't stop, he was a little afraid of what he might find, but knew he couldn't stop. Once he reached the crevice, there wasn't much to see - just a jagged hole in the ground running diagonally up the side of the ridge. He followed it up, walking along the edge, noting how it seemed to get deeper as he climbed higher. Then, nearly at the top of the ridge, it ended in a wider, and much deeper hole.

Carefully, he approached the edge. Staring into the depths, he thought he saw something. Yes, there it was, something shining, some sort of light, bright blue-green, and seeming to get brighter as he stared at it. Mike couldn't understand what it could be. For a second, he wondered if it could be sunlight reflecting off something down there. Then he realized that was impossible, the sun was on the other side of the ridge.

Mike knew he had to get down there, into that crevice and find out what was making that light. Holding onto a long root projecting from the side of the crevice, he slowly lowered himself into that chasm. He went down as far as he could on the root, then looked for more hand and foot holds, but there was no way he could get down that way. Looking down again, he could spot that blue-green glow, seeming even brighter now, and he realized how much farther he had to go. Guess I have to get a rope, he thought.

Then for a second, he feared he wouldn't be able to climb out. With a lot of effort, he climbed up the root, thanking whatever power was in charge it didn't break, then managed to scramble out of the crevice, skinning his elbows and chest. He looked around and realized it was getting late and that it would make more sense to try the descent again before noon, when the morning sun would provide more light on this side of the ridge.

He started down the ridge, seeing Benji waiting patiently for him, then happy as he approached. "You big coward," he said, patting Benji's head. A few years ago, when they first rescued him as a puppy from the pound, maybe he did look like the real Benji, the movie Benji, so that's what Kay, Mike's wife, his ex-wife now, wanted to name him, and of course, Mike had to go along with that. Today, Benji was about twice the size of the movie Benji, but he was Mike's dog, and he was one thing Mike wouldn't let her have.

The climb down the ridge, and then the trek through the forest took nearly as long as the trip up. Mike stopped at his pickup and took out the rope he kept in it. In the cabin, he checked the rope and tried to figure out how tomorrow he would get down the crevice, and more importantly, get up.

He washed up (the water was warmer now), had dinner, fed Benji, read and listened to the radio for a while. Shortly after sunset, Mike went to bed, tired and with aching muscles. Lying there, in the dark, he wondered about this compulsion he had to discover the source of that strange light. That kind of behavior wasn't characteristic of him. Here he was, forty-one years old, trying to climb down a hole in the ground like a crazy teen-ager. Well, if it keeps me from thinking about the divorce, I guess it's okay, as long as I don't break my neck, he decided.

That night he had another strange dream. He was standing in a great room, luxurious, with richly covered furnishings, the walls covered in intricate tapestries. He could see through the open windows a city of white buildings spread out below the hill where the palace (for that is what this room was part of) was located. The city was on the shore of a sea, or a great lake, with white-sailed boats and multi-oared galleys moving across the surface.

Kneeling before him, as he stood in that palatial room, were many beautiful young women, of all types, most with their bosoms bared, looking up expectantly at him, some with begging eyes, some with lust in their eyes, some smiling, some looking down shyly as he glanced their way.

His gaze focused on a beautiful young girl with long, wavy hair and big, brown eyes. He understood she was new to his harem, a virgin. He gestured, and she crawled to him, he gestured again and she stood, letting her skirt fall, baring her pubis. He reached out to caress, squeeze her firm young breasts, then to finger her vagina, already moist with arousal. She moaned, cried as he caressed her, but there was no sound - this was a silent dream.

He opened the kilt-like garment he was wearing around his waist, and the beautiful young girl fell to her knees before him, taking his hardening cock (seemingly larger than normal) into her soft hands, her head moving down so she could lick, suck. His hands were on her head, touching her hair, pulling her head down, forcing more of himself into her...

And then he was awake with a hard-on and wondering where that strange dream had come from. He knew he was horny, but that dream - an ancient palace, a harem - that was totally outside the realm of his experience.

Before the divorce, really a long time before the divorce, he and Kay had a great sex life together, maybe that was all they had, maybe that was why she left. He knew sex was a big part of the reason, she said she wanted to be with her lover, that she would be happier with someone else. But since she left, there had been no one for him, so thinking, dreaming about sex wasn't unusual. He considered masturbating, but was just too tired, so he turned onto his side and went back to sleep.

In the morning, he fixed coffee, had a light breakfast, then carrying the rope and flashlight, headed back for the ridge and the crevice with that mysterious light. Like yesterday, Benji refused to follow him all the way up the ridge. At the top, where the crevice was deepest and where he saw that light, he tied the rope to a sturdy tree, then began climbing down into the crevice.

The light was still there, he could see it as he peered down into the depths. And it seemed to grow brighter when he focused on it, like it was trying to draw his attention. It was hard to judge how deep down the light might be, or how big the object making it might be. It could be close, and fairly small, or it might be a large object at a greater depth.

At first, as he began his descent, the going wasn't too difficult, there were enough rough areas in the crevice walls that he could get a purchase with his feet to help climb down. But about half-way down the rope, the sides became much smoother, and he discovered the walls were surfaced in solid rock rather than dirt and stones. It was hard going, and after a while he wondered how he was going to make it up.

Pausing, bracing himself against the wall with his feet, he looked down, seeing the light even brighter than it had been before, and he could see that the crevice was narrowing into a "V" shape, with the light source - whatever it was - located at the point of that "V", presumably at the bottom of the crevice.

Still using his feet to brace himself against the wall (luckily, his shoes were rubber soled), he descended as far into the crevice as he could, until it was too narrow to go any deeper. Now the light was surrounding him, and so bright it was interfering with his vision, but strangely, he sensed no heat coming from it, whatever the source was.

With his back braced against one wall of the crevice, and his feet against the other, holding the rope in his left hand, he twisted around, reaching with his right hand into the deepest, narrowest part of the crevice, feeling for whatever it was that was creating the light. He was barely able to touch it with his fingertips, gauging it's size, then he had it. As soon as his fingers closed around the object, he heard in his mind, "Michael Bourne, you are judged worthy." And the light was gone so quickly he almost dropped the thing.

The object was about the size of his closed fist, maybe a little smaller. Its surface was smooth, like glass, with some sharp edges. He didn't understand anything about what was going on with this thing, but he didn't have time to worry about that now. In the almost complete darkness he had been plunged into, he managed to slip the object into his pocket.

Now with one hand free, he was able to grab his flashlight. He switched it on, pointed it up, stared at his surroundings for a few seconds planning his climb, then switched it off so both his hands were free.

That was how he did it - using the flashlight to plan his next few moves, turning it off while he climbed, then repeating the process. Toward the bottom of the crevice, where the "V" was at its narrowest, he could move up the smooth walls by bracing his back against one wall, then kind of walking up the other wall a foot or so, before sliding his back up.

When the crevice got too wide, he shimmied up the rope while walking up the smooth stone wall. When he got about half-way up, where the wall surface was rougher, there was enough light coming down from the opening on top that he didn't need to use the flashlight. It was faster going now, but he still needed to stop from time to time to rest his arms and catch his breath.

Finally, after wondering sometimes if he would ever make it to the surface, he was able to crawl out of the hole onto solid ground. He was puffing like a steam engine, his arms and legs trembling from the strain, his back aching. And there was Benji, over his fear now, licking his face, making happy dog sounds.

Mike rested for several minutes, lying on the ground next to the crevice, breathing hard. He was thirsty and realized he should have brought some water. After he caught his breath, he stood and pulled the object out of his pocket. It was a broken piece of blue-green crystal, about the size of his fist. Clearly, someone had worked it, because two of the sides were polished smooth, while the remainder showed jagged edges where it had broken off from a larger piece.

Holding the crystal in his hand, he looked into one of the polished sides. He thought, perhaps, he could detect a trace of the light that had been emanating from it so strongly before, but wasn't sure if it was real or he was imagining it. The questions he had about the crystal - how it had come to be buried in that ridge, why he was compelled to find it, and whether he really heard in his mind those words about being judged worthy - would have to wait until he could get more information.

He untied and coiled his rope, then with Benji leading the way, headed back to the cabin. The first thing he did was drink several cups of cold water. Then, realizing how late it was - nearly 2:00 - and how hungry he was, he fixed lunch. While he ate, he stared at the crystal on the table in front of him, but all that staring couldn't tell him any more about it. He decided that when he got back to LA, he'd ask a geologist at the university to examine it.

Tired after so much exercise, his muscles aching, he laid down on the little bed and fell asleep. And then he had another of those strange dreams.

He was flying on that platform again, but now he was closer to the earth. Below, he could see a peninsula jutting out into a small sea. At the end, it widened into a large promontory, capped with a low mountain. The city he had seen before was spread out at the base of the mountain, overlooked by that palace he dreamed of last night, bright sunlight reflecting off gilded domes.

His flying platform moved higher and turned, allowing him to see the great wave rolling across the sea, throwing the white boats about like wood chips. Then, the wave was overwhelming the city, drowning his palace, covering the mountain with dark, roiling water. Crying out in silence, he turned around looking for someone, for something, to halt the disaster. But no one was there, he was alone on the platform, flying over a drowning city, his city, he knew that, and it was his people who were dying.

As he turned, he saw fixed in the center of the platform the crystal, whole now and much larger. It was glowing, pulsing with that blue-green light, apparently powering the flying platform. Suddenly, the platform lurched and spun around, making it almost impossible to keep his footing.

The platform tipped from one side to the other, all he could do was stagger across the surface, trying to keep from being hurled to the floor. Then he cried out as the crystal exploded in a burst of electric light, sharp-edged fragments flying in all directions. The platform pitched again, even more steeply, righted itself, then kept going, tipping more and more, and he was falling... falling, and then all was black. He woke up screaming.

He sat up on the bed, looking at the crystal in the middle of the table, sunlight from the window shining through it. As he stared at the crystal, he heard again that voice in his head. "Michael Bourne, you are judged worthy."

"Who... what are you?" he asked out loud.

"Lord, I am your companion," he heard in his head. "I am a construct, an intelligent, artificial being, and I am the source of many of your powers. But at present my essence is fragmented, it is hard to communicate with you. Lord, I beg you to accept the changes that are happening to you so you will become what you must be. Soon, you will need..."

So it was true, those dreams, the city, the palace, he thought as the voice, the mental voice, faded away. But what did it - the companion, or whatever it was - mean when it spoke of the changes that were happening to him? And what did it think he needed?

All at once, he felt the muscle aches he had been experiencing from the unaccustomed exercise increasing geometrically. "Ohh," he moaned as the pain shot like a knife through him, Benji staring up with concern. He grabbed a couple of ibuprofen from the bottle in his pack and went back to sleep.

When he woke up again, it was late, the sun was setting. He had slept most of the afternoon, but he still felt tired and his muscles still ached, more than before that conversation with the crystal. Wondering if it might be from those changes the construct said would be happening to him, he touched his chest and arms, surprised to feel how hard his muscles were, like iron. Before, he was in pretty good shape for a man his age, but never like this.

He fixed a light meal for himself, fed Benji and let him out for a few minutes (he didn't feel up to taking him for a walk). After taking some more ibuprofen he went back to bed, hoping he would be rested enough for the drive back to LA tomorrow. As he was falling asleep, "Lord, you will be well tomorrow. Your transformation will be complete," the voice said in his head.

"What... ? Okay, just so these aches go away," he responded, then drifted off to sleep.

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