I Love My Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Interracial, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - the owner of a small motel loves to watch people making love, but he also likes to use a little blackmail on the ladies to participate some himself.

Yep, he is getting ready to put the meat to her; they are a randy couple even if they don't know much about the act of making love.

I lean a little closer to the screen so I can catch every detail. Those new miniaturized digital cameras really give a good clear picture, much better than the ole fishbowl effect type.

Ah now he had her on her back, those slim white legs spreading to allow him entrance to her furry little mound. Yep just as I knew he would, no preliminaries just work it in and start humping. They both looked to be in their late teens or early twenties. She was cute as a button, had that look of complete innocence about her that just made you want to throw her down and fuck the shit out of her. Compact little body made for love, Handful titties that set on her chest like a couple of small grapefruits. Long light brown hair that fell to the top of her curvy little ass when it was let down. Big brown eyes that just suck you in. Delicious little bundle I will have to say.

He was slim and hard bodied, not muscular, just the kind of body that said he did a lot of hard physical labor. He had dark wavy hair that was cut kind of square in the back and dark eyes. Looked like he had a respectable cock on him, hard to tell on the screen but looked about average. Right now it was pumping furiously into her receptive cunt. I could feel the sexual tension rising in my body as I watched. I had to rub my own cock a little through my pants. Yes I enjoy watching somebody fucking it gets my own juices flowing.

Guess I should tell you some about myself so you will know where I am coming from. To start off with I don't have many scruples, a failing some would say but that's just a matter of opinion. I am 35 years old, sort of plain looking. The kind of guy you never see in a crowd or the girls never really look at as much more than a friend. (Okay a little self pity there). I stand about 5'10" and weigh around 190, not fat but I do have some love handles and a little belly, not much mind you now. Although I tan well my skin is pretty white where the sun don't hit it and I have a few freckles over my body to go along with my short cropped reddish hair (that is thinning much to rapidly in the back to suit me). I guess to make up for my lack of eye catching handsomeness I have a pretty good cock, not huge but 8 inches of thick meat when fully hard. Seems I am a grower not a shower because when it's soft it isn't much.

Anyway enough about how I look I will get on to how I got to where I am. My parents were from California which is where I was born. Dad was an electronics research and development man with one of the Silicon Valley companies and Mom was a real estate agent for that area. They were well off and I grew up in a sort of privileged atmosphere. They were good people that taught me right from wrong but some of those lessons didn't take I don't guess. I had a pretty good head for studies and did well in school, I enjoyed working with electronics and helping dad in his workshop but I hated to do school work and although I passed everything I didn't do near as well as I could have.

My parents wanted me to go to college but I guess I was just being hardheaded because I joined the Air Force. They had some really good electronic vocations that I thought I would like. That sort of strained things with my parents for a while but we got passed that.

Both of them were killed in a car accident while I was in the Air Force. The money they left me set me up for life, I didn't have to work a lick and could live a very nice lifestyle, not the rich and famous type but the I don't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from type. After getting out of the Air Force I just bummed around Los Angles for a while, I really wanted something to do but I sure wasn't going to work for anybody so I was really kind of down.

It was like out of the blue I got a letter from a lawyer firm in New York. Seems my dad's Uncle Robert had passed away and left him some property being the only living relative he had. Well then they found out Dad had passed on so I was the only living relative he had. I didn't even know I had a great uncle Robert.

Have to stop a minute and focus on the action on the screen. Amos(that's the young mans name) is really getting to the short rows now his almost hairless ass is pumping fast and furious hammering her bouncing body into the bed. Elizabeth (that's the young lady's name) has her arms clasping him tight and her face is flushed with those good shooting feelings of having her tight pussy being heavenly stimulated. But alas just as I suspected Amos is grinding and shooting her full of his seed but she hasn't made it to her peak yet. I don't think she realizes what she is missing. Just a hunch but a well educated one that she has never had a climax in her life. As they lay in each others arms I switch to another room to see if I can find any more action.

Back to my story. When I arrived in New York I was shown a motel on the northern outskirts of the City. It had twenty five units in two L shaped sections. The office and a fairly nice house set at the front of the first L. While it was a little run down it wasn't in bad shape. The first thing I thought was I would sell it. Since it was free and clear I would make some pretty good money from it but then I really didn't need any more money. I am not an extravagant spender, not one of those guys that has to have stuff just because it is a name brand. A pair of jeans is a pair of jeans; they certainly don't have to have an expensive brand name on them. Any way I spent a week going over the books to see that while the place made a little money it wasn't much. As I looked out the office window I saw a nice looking woman come out of one of the units.

As a man the thought went through my head, I bet she would look good spread out naked on a bed. And just like that my life plan was formed. Took me a few more days to flesh it out but I knew what I wanted to do.

After all the papers were signed and delivered I eased all the existing tenants out and went to work remodeling the whole place. The units really were small apartments; they had a living area, separate kitchen and one bedroom with an adjoining bath. There was a pretty nice laundry room set between the two sections of unit's. Now good ole Uncle Robert was renting by the month for most of the people so it was more like an apartment complex instead of a motel. As such you have a hard time getting people evicted if they don't' pay up. I was going to charge by the day like any motel or hotel. The cost would be very cheap, I figured if I got four hundred a month out of each unit that would pay for the water and electric and make a little profit. Also if they didn't pay I could have them immediately evicted and or arrested for theft since there was no lease signed.

Profit was not my motive. Spying on good looking women and if my thoughts were logical getting a little good looking nookie was my main goal. Like I said there seems to be a little lacking in my moral condition but I will just have to live with it.

Ah yes unit 6 is looking interesting. A couple in their early forties. He is an overweight dark skinned guy, maybe Latin heritage and she is a tall black haired flirt, a little plump but not bad. Now they know how to fuck, guess they have been at it a while and knew what each other liked. They looked like they had just finished a little scotch (I know it's scotch because that's the kind of bottles they throw in the trash). She was teasing him by pulling up her tee shirt and giving him a flash of plump boob. Then giggling and backing away when he reached for her smiling. He got up off the couch and followed her flashing boobs to the bedroom; I had to switch cameras then. She backed up to the bed and jerked her shirt over her head letting those fleshy mounds bounce before him. She had big areole and little pointy nipples that were already beginning to extend. He took her in his arms and they fell to the bed with him on top of her. They were already in a tongue swapping kiss and he was massaging her breasts like he was kneading dough for two big pizzas. They spent a lot of time playing, stroking and kissing. Just building slowly and enjoying the act. Once they were naked she moved him over on his back and took his knobby cock in her mouth and brought him to the brink before popping him out of her mouth and rolling over on her back.

I had to smile because I have watched them before. He likes to eat her after he fucks her so he crawled between her wide stretched legs and used his big ass to drive into her wet pussy. She only has a sparse black bush set at the top of her mound. All I can see from this angle is his big ass pumping between two jerking legs but it's still stimulating. I can hear her grunts as his big belly mashed her into the mattress on every thrust. He fucks her like that for about five minutes and she gets off good. I can tell by the high keening whine and the way her legs stiffened before she threw them across his hips. He is a good fucker though and he isn't done by a long shot. Putting his arms under her shoulders he rolled over and brought her up on top of him. He played with her big mounds for a while as she calmed down from her climax just lifting his hips in a slow rhythm to keep her filled with cock. She murmured something that I didn't catch and then started posting on him the muscles in her thighs working as she raised herself up and down. She worked her ass around in various ways that caused pleasured grimaces to flow across his face.

She was getting there again I could tell as she sped up her thrusting and he had her by those fleshy hips now throwing his cock up deep when she came down. Once again her body stiffened and strained in the throws of orgasm while he held himself deep in her clasping sleeve. With a sigh she let him slip out of her dripping pussy and positioned herself on all fours. He moved around behind her, big belly swaying and hard cock bobbing. Setting himself he drove into her soft ass cheeks and started pounding hard. His large hands were pulling her back against him tightly every time he drove deep and her strangled cries of pleasure were rising in intensity. It was only three or maybe four minutes before he was growling "Here it comes sugar take your daddy's cum".

He drove hard pulled her tight and I could tell he was filling her with cum. His climax triggered her third climax and her head dropped to the bed as she shoved back to get his spurting cock as deep as she could.

Now as soon as he finished cumming he shoved her gently forward and she twisted around to lay on her back, legs wide spread and pussy brimming with their cum. He fell between her legs and proceeded to clean her out with his tongue and fingers until she was clutching his thinning hair tightly and groaning out another orgasm.

By now I had my cock out and was stroking it slowly while I watched. I didn't cum but it sure felt good.

Neither one was what you would consider attractive although I sure wouldn't kick her out of bed but they knew how to please each other and that's sure helps make a good marriage.

Ah well back to bringing you up to the present with my story. I had a construction outfit come in and do a lot of repair work getting the units in good shape. While they were doing that I went back to California and bought a bunch of electronic equipment. Didn't want to buy this equipment in New York where it might raise some suspicions. The latest in surveillance equipment, the cameras were as small as the end of a pencil eraser but gave clear sharp images. They were almost as good as military night vision equipment, not quite but that stuff was too big for me to install inconspicuously.

I am a pretty handy man myself and I planned on doing all of the repair work on the units. About the only thing I couldn't do was fix the air conditioning units. It took me three months to install a camera in every room except the bathrooms; I had no interest in seeing anybody using the faculties. I was pretty proud of myself, I don't think even an expert could spot the camera's; you would have to have special equipment to detect them. While I was doing this I had another thought and I took the wall out of one of the bedrooms in my house to make a fairly large room that I used to start an electronics repair shop. A sign out front and a few newspaper adds and I had a steady flow of customers. More than I wanted but I needed to get it established so I could use it as a cover in case anybody got suspicious, besides I enjoyed working on things. I didn't mind hard work just didn't want anybody telling me I had to do it.

Once everything was in place I had used up all the money that was in good ole Uncle Roberts account but that was alright. I turned on the vacancy sign one day and by midmorning half of the rooms were gone. I could have rented them all but I was selective in my choices, if I didn't want to rent to somebody I would just tell them all the empty rooms were reserved. The first time I tried to pick couples with a good looking woman or just a good looking woman. I had all the rooms gone by the next afternoon. At the rates I was offering it was just what people a little down on their luck was looking for. That was my whole plan I wanted people who may not be able to pay. Sounds crazy don't it, but you will see why as I go along.

Now I don't want you to get the idea I was a loner that just like to sit and watch other people fuck. I had a pretty active social life, no I didn't get much pussy but I had developed some friends while I had been here and we hung out at the local pub some. I made sure I was on good terms with the local police and sheriff's department. All in all I was pretty happy, I stayed as busy as I wanted to and got to watch some good sex, every now and then I got lucky at the pub and got my ashes hauled.

One of the sheriff's deputies also frequented the pub and we became pretty good friends. That's how my plan became even better. Being able to watch my tenants it wasn't long before I discovered that one couple was dealing drugs. I don't like that stuff and I told Lou (the deputy) I thought there was something suspicious about them. He watched them a few days and busted them for drug dealing. I got rid of some bad apples and his department got to look good. Over the next year I had a couple of more that wanted to deal and each time he got the credit for the arrest. By now I was ready to implement the next part of my plan, I had opportunities before but I was a little afraid of taking that next step.

I didn't try to collect money when people checked in; usually if they stayed a week I would slip a bill under the door. Most of the people were just down on their luck and needed a cheap place to stay until they got back on their feet. By listening in I knew which ones were going to pay and which ones were going to try and stiff me. That's were my friend Lou came in. I always seemed to catch them just before they tried to slip out, they never could figure out how my timing was so good. I told them if they didn't pay I would have them arrested on the spot and since I knew before hand what they were doing I always had Lou just happen to drive by about that time. He was glad to do it and they usually paid, had to have a couple of them arrested but that was their problem.

Now there was a couple in unit 20 that I had been priming for about three months and I figured the time was right. They were both looking for jobs but not having much luck. In their late twenties, he wasn't a bad looking guy, ordinary build just the beginning of those ole love handles. She was a very attractive woman about 5'5" and nice curvy body and shoulder length black hair. Had little bitty areole just a little bigger then her thick nipples. Made my mouth water I tell you. They paid every week the first month but then their money started running out and they missed a week paying. I didn't say anything just put another bill under the door the next week. Again they didn't pay and I didn't say anything.

It was a little over three months now and the bill at the end of the week would be 1,200 dollars, I figured that was enough. I had heard them talking and they were getting desperate. I knew he had a job interview the next week so I had to make my move now. I called Lou just to let him know I might need him. And he came and parked his car close to the entrance to the motel. As long as he didn't get a call he would sit there until I signaled him. I watched and when Dave came in from job hunting that afternoon I called to him. He stopped with that deer in the headlights look on his face.

I was all smiles as I asked him to come into the office. He came in very nervously.

"Sit down Dave; we have a little problem here." I gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Uh... I know we are behind on the rent, really I will get you the money" he said pleadingly.

"Dave I know you will try but you owe me over a thousand dollars now and that's quite a bit of money. I have let you slide because you seem like a nice couple and are having a hard time. But you know I have bills too and I can't let it go on any longer. I really am sorry Dave but if you can't pay then I will have to let the sheriff take care of it" and I nodded my head at the deputy's car sitting out on the street.

He gave a big sigh "Please I will get you the money, don't let them put Janet in jail. I will do anything, work around here, whatever you want just name it."

"Dave I don't need anything done, I really don't have anything for you to do." I sat back in my chair like I was thinking; I let him stew for a few minutes. "Dave" I finally said "There isn't anything you can do for me but there is something that Janet can do."

"Whhhaa... What" he exclaimed, I saw his eyebrows clench as he realized what that might be.

"Well Janet is a good looking woman and I haven't had a woman in a while, tell you what and it will be the two of yours decision. If she lets me make love to her (that sounds so much better then fuck her) I will call the bill paid and even let you stay until the end of the month." I sit back to let that soak in.

Dave looked like somebody had hit him with a sledgehammer. "I can't, she wouldn't, No it's not possible."

"Okay Dave I understand, it was just a thought, a way for you to get out of debt for just a little of her time." I started reaching for the phone on my desk.

"Wait, don't do that." He jumped up from his chair. A look of resignation came over his face. "I will ask her, don't call the police".

I settled back in my chair "Okay Dave I will give you an hour to let me know, don't try and skip out now I can see your unit from the office." I tried to sound like I was really sorry I was doing this. "Look I know this isn't a nice thing to do but 1,200 bucks is quite a bit of money and I have to get something for it and I haven't had a good woman for a while. I guess that's the bottom line, I am just horny and this looks like a good opportunity to get some good loving. If she is agreeable it will be a good deal for all of us."

He left the office looking like somebody had just killed his favorite dog. I went back into my workshop and turned on the computer switching the camera to their unit. He went in and hemmed and hawed around for a few minutes before he told her what the situation was. To say she was outraged that he would even think about it was an understatement. There was some shouting and screaming for a few minutes then Dave started telling her what would happen to her if they went to jail. Finally she sat down on the bed and was quiet for a minute.

"Is this what you want Dave?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"NO it's not what I want but I can't see any other way out". I could hear the pleading in his voice. "If we can stay out of trouble until I get that interview next week I know we can make it."

She sat there for another minute "Okay Dave but if you ever ask me something like this again we are through, you understand. That will be it, we're finished."

He hung his head, "I know Janet, you don't know how I wish there was another way." He gave a big sigh "So can I call him now?"

"Yeah let's get this over with." she just shook her head muttering.

Now I could see she had just come from the shower, just had on her panties and bra, her dark hair still damp. I was waiting by the phone but waited a couple of rings before I picked it up. "Office, can I help you?"

"Uh... Yeah this is Dave, about that offer you gave me, we will take it. When do you want to do this?" He asked in a quiet defeated voice.

"Good Dave, I'm glad Janet agreed, no time like the present, how about if I come over in about 15 minutes?"

I gave him a cheerful voice.

I took a quick shower and shaved putting on some old spice wind song cologne, even dabbed a little bit about the inner thighs. I know most women like the smell of that particular brand; hoped Janet was one of them. Since it was September I just put on a pair of shorts and tee shirt, no briefs to have to worry about.

I told Lou he could go home and I would give him an extra fifty the next time I saw him then made my way to their unit. I knocked on the door and Dave answered. He was very nervous "Look I will just leave for a couple of hours." He started to move past me.

"No it don't work that way, let's the three of us set down and talk about this for a minute." We both went inside to see his wife standing in the living area. Janet was still in her white bra and panties. Now they weren't made to be sexy but the fact that another man's wife was standing before me in her underwear and knowing I was going to have my cock in her hot little pussy in a little while made them very sexy.

She gave me a look that could have knocked over a water buffalo but the glance she gave her husband was pure murder. I smiled, "Janet I know you don't really want to do this and I am not going to force you to do anything you don't want to. I have the bill right here saying you will be paid in full up until the next two weeks. If you don't want to go through with it then we will all be disappointed but I completely understand.

If you agree then Dave has to stay right here. I want him to know I am not going to do anything to hurt you."

I gave her another smile. "You have to know how attractive you are and I don't have much chance with hot women like you, guess I saw this as my only chance."

I saw her eyes narrow a little at that compliment, gave her a little shot of pride is what I hoped, knock that reluctance off just a little. I could also tell Dave did not like the fact that he was going to have to stay and watch. I showed them the bill marked paid and put it in the back pocket of my shorts. "Okay Janet if you agree then I will call the shots and you will do what I say. I'm not into anything kinky just normal sex between a man and woman. We will be through when I say we are. Dave if you interfere in any way then the deal is off. Okay those are the terms, what do you say, is it a deal or not?"

They looked at each other. Dave with a silent plea in his eyes along with a visible agony. Janet's eyes were flashing their anger at the situation. Finally she looked me dead in the eyes "Okay it's a deal." I looked to Dave and just got a nod in return.

"Okay then, Janet first I have got to tell you how hot you are, your pretty and that sexy body drives men wild I know. Dave was really lucky to get a wife like you." I moved over to stand right in front of her. She looked me right in the eye with a pride and defiance. I knew I was going to really enjoy this.

"How about you sucking my cock to get me ready, I can't wait to feel your pretty mouth around my cock..."

I saw her stiffen then she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me and started unzipping my shorts. I looked over at Dave and smiled but he looked away.

Janet fished my soft cock out and I could tell she wasn't much impressed, when soft I am only about two and a half or three inches of uncircumcised dick with the foreskin completely closed to a pointy end.

She held it with two fingers then looked over at her husband before opening her pink lips and sucking me in.

Oh yeah her mouth felt hot and wet around me. At first she only moved me in and out a little but then I guess she decided to get it over with. I felt her tongue start to slide around and my cock started to grow.

As it grew she looked up with questioning eyes, she took it out and jacked the saliva slick shaft with one hand, and she looked at it with a little more respect. It was about six inches now and expanding to a thick veiny stalk of man meat. The head was a dark red poking about half out of the foreskin. She jacked it a few times running the foreskin up over the head and back. Then with the foreskin covering about half the head she once again engulfed it in her oral cavern laving the head with her tongue.

"Oh yeah Janet that's good, ummmm you really know how to do that." I looked over at Dave "Man she can really suck cock; I bet you are a happy camper." He gave me a quick glance that told me what he would like to do to me then once again looked down. Don't know why but putting the needle to him just gave it that little extra jolt of excitement.

Janet was really working over my cock now and it was extended its full length. She couldn't get it all in her mouth but she was trying, it seemed her hand by its own violation reached into my shorts and started kneading my balls. I would have loved to spill my first load down her lovely throat but that wasn't what I had in mind.

"Mummmm Janet that feels great, you could have me cumming in no time but I want to see that curvy body. How about taking off those clothes. She let me slide out of her mouth a string of salvia keeping it connected to my cock. Her hand was still cradling my balls. She nodded but there was a slightly different look in her eyes, not quite as defiant as before. She stood up and I moved to sit on the couch. She stood before me with one hipped cocked looking me right in the eye as she reached around behind her to undo her bra. My eyes left hers to focus on her nicely rounded breasts as they came into view from her lowered bra. Her nipples were still soft; her small dark areoles made her nice breasts seem even bigger.

"Damn Dave your wife has really nice tits. Man I am going to love sucking on them." I didn't even look over to see if he acknowledged my comments but Janet did and she evidently wasn't happy with what she saw. I saw a new look of determination in her eyes now and smiled inwardly. I think this was going to turn out really nice.

Janet hooked a thumb in each side of her panties and started lowering them down her legs. She wasn't a flat hard body but a nice curvy one. A little rounded belly that was just as sexy as a flat one and a nice black curly bush settled between her full thighs. Her tits dangled nicely as she bent over and my dick jerked in response to the erotic sight before me. "Janet you are one hell of a woman, Dave you sure are a lucky man."

While she was taking her clothes off I was stripping myself. So now I am sitting on the edge of the couch with a big red headed hard on and she was standing before me naked and looking damn fine.

"Come here" I instructed her and she moved to straddle my closed legs. Her clean smelling cunt was right in front of me and I placed one hand around her nice round ass to pull her closer burying my face in her soft stomach while I slide one hand up inside her smooth thigh and slowly insert my middle finger in that black hair fringed channel. She isn't completely dry so I know she is getting interested. I curl my finger and scrap along the top of her channel looking for that G spot, I know when I hit it I could feel her body stiffen slightly, I continued to lick and nip at her soft belly now using my thumb to caress her little nub sitting at the top of her slit. She stands still looking over at her husband, I glance that way to see him look up occasionally but then look right back down. Janet is getting wetter and I am ready for the next phase.

"Why don't you sit down here and let me eat that sweet looking pussy." I removed my slick finger and licked it clean while smiling at her. She did taste pretty good, just a little tart but then I like spicy stuff.

She sat at the end of the couch and spread her legs some. I got on my knees and moved up between them taking in the lovely sight of her dark haired pussy, the lips just slightly open and pink in that forest of black hair. I started at one knee and licked and nipped along her inner thigh working my way up to her hot core.

Not wasting any time I let my tongue delve between those pink lips then up to flick over her hard little nub.

Her legs jerked and opened just a little more. I raised my head and looked her in the eye. "Man Dave she has a sweet tasting pussy, I bet you love to eat it." Then I went back to working on her pretty snatch. I licked sucked and fingered her hot hole for a good ten minutes, I wanted her to cum and despite her initial reluctance her body was being well stimulated and she couldn't help herself. Her breathing got more ragged and her legs opened wide as they could. Those pretty pussy lips were swelling with desire and I could feel the palpations in her wet sleeve. Feeling her ass beginning to hunch up to my face I took her hard little clit in my mouth and sucked harder while using two fingers to fuck her channel.

She came with a little whimper shoving her ass up off the couch into my face, her honey flowed out around my fingers as her pussy contracted and throbbed in her dance of completion. I looked up through her curly bush to see her eyes closed and upper teeth biting her lower lip. My cock was hard and ready for some pussy so I rose up and moved forward on my knees. I placed the angry red tip of my cock into that nest of black hair and sank slowly in until my balls were lying against her ass cheeks. Oh man did that feel good to have that hot wet tightness surrounding my cock. She gave a little groan as I sank into her my full eight inches. Her eyes flew open and her mouth formed a tight little O.

"Shit Dave your wife has a hot tight cunt, man that feels good." I gave a groan of satisfaction.

She was still throbbing from her orgasm and I loved the squeezing around my cock. I caused it to twitch and this brought another little moan from her. She might still be a little reluctant but her body was sure into it.

I placed my hands on her tits and started kneading them like dough for bread while I slowly pumped her slick wet muscle. Those thick nipples were standing out now I moved two fingers to her mouth and she opened to wet them with her saliva and I tweaked and pulled each nipple then squeezed those plump mounds together and leaned down to lick and suck on the hard little tips of her breasts. We were looking into each other's eyes and while I could still see anger there I could also see the softness of lust creeping in.

I continued to pump her full of cock and now she was beginning to hunch her hips up to meet my inward thrust. I looked over to Dave as I pumped away between his wife's legs. "She sure is a sweet fuck Dave, you are a lucky man." He was looking at his wife being fucked in front of him, there were conflicting emotions dancing in his eyes. Anger, defeat, and lust.

Janet also looked over at him and she started hunching harder up against me, my guess is he was going to be in for a long cold spell before he got any of this good pussy again.

We had a good rhythm going now man she felt so hot around my moving shaft. However I wasn't ready to cum yet. Rising from her saliva shiny mounds I eased out of her hot cavern. Sitting beside her on the couch I smiled. "How about you riding me for a while." She straddled my hips and lowered herself down on my upstanding cock. She gave a soft little "ummmmmm" as I once again filled her tight little wet channel. At first I just let her work up and down and enjoyed the bouncing of those soft titties in front of my face but soon I was once again kneading those mounds of titflesh and shoving my hips up to meet her downward thrust. We were working faster and faster now with her breaths coming in little huffs each time she bottomed out her as her ass crashed into my up thrust thighs. I knew she was ready to explode again and I was ready for my first load also.

"Oh man Dave she is pulling the cum from me, man what a pussy." I groaned with a sideward glance. Dave was raptly watching now his hand was lying in his lap just gently pressing down what I would guess was a hard dick.

I had my hands on her full hips now helping her milk the cum from my tingling balls. I felt her go, that surrounding muscle squeezing my pumping cock in tight rhythmic contractions and I shoved down on her hips and up with mine to bury myself as deep up in her soft little belly as I could and pumped my load of hot white cum into her palpitating wetness. She slumped forward her head laying on my shoulder away from her husband while she ground her hips around on me and rode out her climax. I kissed her dark hair and whispered where her husband couldn't hear. "We aren't through yet Janet, you are too good to stop now."

When she had stopped throbbing around me I eased her off my softening cock. Our combined cum flowing out and down around my balls.

"How about some warm washrags to clean up before the next round". I asked. Janet nodded gave me a quick little smile and went into the bathroom. I expected Dave to protest but he didn't say anything. I looked over at him but he was watching his wife's ass move enticingly as she went to the other room.

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