The Gift
Chapter 1: Journal

Caution: This Erotic Sci-fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Time Travel,

Desc: Erotic Sci-fi Sex Story: Chapter 1: Journal - Story about a boy who discovers the ability to see past events. He finds out he has this ability when he is serving a detention in the eight grade. He is sweeping the girls locker room and wishes he could have been a fly on the wall, when suddenly a gauziness settles over his vision, and he can all of a sudden see the girls from a couple hours earlier! Follow along as he developes his new ability!

This is my journal. I have decided to write down what has happened, starting when The Gift came to me. I am going to write this as honestly as I can. Let's see, the beginning was in the eighth grade, if I remember correctly...

I was an only child. My mother and father were resigned to being childless when I came along. They always told me I was their miracle baby. Dad was fifty when I was born, and mom was forty-two.

We lived on a farm out in the rural countryside. I loved it! I could not understand people who wanted to be jammed into cities. Dad was still farming the land while I was growing up, until I hit the eighth grade.

It was a five hundred and ten acre farm that we lived on, and it provided a good life for us. We had a milk cow, chickens, and a big vegetable garden. There was a root cellar that had been built by great grandpa, as well as a big basement with the new house. Well, 'new' to the farm. It was twenty-two years old, the previous one having been destroyed by fire.

When I was in the eighth grade, Dad decided to retire from farming. He was sixty-four and mom was fifty-six. I was fourteen. We had made a pretty good profit that last year, and Dad said we had enough put by to live on. He was also going to rent out all the grounds except the house, buildings, and our garden, to a local farmer.

It was late in the school year that it first happened. I was serving a detention, and detentions were different in our school than what I'd come to understand was common in other schools. I had to stay after school, and sweep and mop the restrooms and locker rooms. That was a total of two boy's restrooms, two girl's restrooms, and two locker rooms (one each of boy's and girl's).

I had just finished all the restrooms, and was getting ready to do the girl's locker room. I got fresh mop water ready, and started the pre-mop sweeping. I looked up and there was Cindy Beecher's locker in front of me. I sighed. I'd had a huge crush on her.

Since it was now warm most days, everyone was required to dress out for gym, and all 'gym' classes were conducted outdoors. She looked so cute in her gym shorts and t-shirt. I looked at her locker, and started fantasizing. How I would love to be a fly on the wall when the girls changed, especially Cindy!

That's when it happened. I was trying to imagine what this room was like just a couple hours ago, when my vision suddenly blurred! I blinked several times, and gasped! I was seeing the same room, but I was seeing it as though looking through a gauze of some sort. I could see girls moving around, and changing clothes. I heard muffled talk and laughter.

I panicked and everything changed back! I was again alone, with a broom in my hand! I blinked several times, the memory of the vision still in my mind. I was scared! What had just happened? Should I tell someone? I also had a mild headache.

"Tom? You okay? You look like you seen a ghost," the janitor, Mr. Field, asked me.

"I think so. Just had a weird, uh, feeling go through me is all. Got a headache," I answered.

"Well, I think you have done enough on your detention. Good job. You better head home if you're sure you're all right?" he asked with concern.

I nodded and got out of there! I was thinking furiously. I had plenty of time to think. Dad said I would have to walk the two and a half miles home, since I was stupid enough to get a detention for a stupid act.

I had never heard of anything like this happening to anyone else. None of my friends ever mentioned it. Did that mean it happened but they said nothing? Was this something everyone went through, but for some reason didn't talk about? No, if everyone went through it, there would be all sorts of information about it, I was sure.

So that brought me to the supposition that this was something unusual. Should I ask Dad or Mom about it? I just didn't know. Who should I tell about this? Maybe I just imagined it? By the time I got home, I had decided I had imagined it. I had nearly forgotten about it, when it happened again!

It was a couple weeks later. School was winding down. There was still a couple weeks left, but it was now warm-to-hot, all the time. I decided to head down to the swimming hole. I hopped on my bike, and rode for a good twenty minutes, working up a good sweat.

As I finally got close to the swimming hole at the creek, I could see several girls coming out of the trees. They saw me, and started giggling and laughing. I wondered what was up.

"Hey, Tom? Going swimming?" Tracy Collins asked me.

"Yup. Good day for it. You guys finished swimming?" I asked, watching Cindy out of the corner of my eyes.

"Yes. You should have swum with us. You would have had fun!" Lisa Abrams said, then started laughing.

Giggling followed from the rest, with a few muted 'Hush-ups' thrown in. I heard the words skinny-dipping, and started to get uncomfortable in my crotch area!

I looked at Cindy, and she blushed a little. The group of girls waved and said bye, and started walking down the road. One of their dads was going to give them a ride home. I walked my bike through the trees, to the best swimming spot for miles around. It was empty of people.

I leaned my bike against a tree. I stripped off my clothes, except for my shorts. I was going to swim in them. I looked around, and saw a flattened area in the grass. This must be where the girls had laid down when not swimming.

I started to fantasize what they looked like naked, and then it happened! That gauziness settled over my vision, and I could see the girls! They were naked except for Cindy, who was wearing little panties with flowers on them!

I gaped and looked. Again I heard muffled talking. I concentrated, and I could see and hear better! My head also started hurting a bit. I ignored it, and looked at naked girls! Lisa had only a little hair on her pussy, but had nice breasts.

Cindy had bigger breasts, but tiny pink nipples. Lisa's were red and her nipples were long. I glanced over at Rachael, and saw she was almost breastless. She just had little bumps, but she had the most hair between her legs!

I was now very uncomfortable as my shorts were trying to contain my raging hard-on. I looked around and didn't see anyone else. I somehow knew the girls couldn't see me, even though I could see them.

It was strange to see the world like this; sort of like one view overlaid by the other. I couldn't help myself. I pulled my shorts down, and did what kids everywhere do... I jacked off. It didn't take long either, with all the visual stimulation.

When I came, I lost my vision of the girls. I fell to my knees, gasping.

Man! That was the best orgasm ever! I got to my feet and walked into the water to clean myself off. I also had a headache again, only this time it was a little worse than before.

I was finally clean, and cooled off, I got out of the water. I grabbed my towel and laid it where the girls had had theirs. My head still ached, but the pain was receding. I thought about what had just happened.

So, the first time had not been my imagination! I had almost convinced myself it had been just that. Imagination. But now, with that which had happened, I knew it was real! The question was; why did it happen, how did it happen, and why me?

It wasn't until I was in high school, that I started to get some answers.

Several things happened my first year in high school. First, I discovered computers and the internet. Second, I discovered that bullies existed in quantities that were astonishing. Third, Mom and Dad started to let me date on weekends! Fourth, I discovered martial arts.

My high school was a forty-minute bus ride from my bus stop. The first year of high school, you were assigned all but one of your classes. You only got one elective. I took computer lab for that elective. I rolled up my sleeves, (metaphorically) and waded into the other courses I was given.

I managed a 3.0 average the first year. I would never be a 4.0 student, but I got pretty good grades. The second year, I was able to double up on my English, which would give me all the requirements I needed in that course, and would free up more electives for me.

I did not forget my newfound gift. I used it, and got better at it. The view was now just as clear as current life, but I still could tell which was which. It also saved me from a beating once. I got suspicious about two of the regular bullies, and went back in time to see what they were up too.

Even with taking martial arts for a year, I was not up to taking on three of the school bullies at once. It seemed I had stepped on one of their toes by showing him up in class, and making the class laugh at him. Such is life.

I left a note, anonymously, on my second to the last class of the day on a teacher's desk. It outlined what was going to take place at a certain time and place. Since I could not see into the future, I crossed my fingers that all would be well, and walked into the supposed trap.

Trap sprung. I was set upon by three of the worst bullies in school. They had just started in on me, when a whistle blew. Two male teachers were standing in the door of the Media lab.

The three bullies looked like 'deer caught in the headlights'. I was lying on the floor. I was not really hurt, as I had rolled with the punches. Everyone was directed to go to the principal's office. The three started to say I had started it, and it was their word against mine.

As I was leaving, I said, "Oh, look! Someone left the school's video camera over there, and it seems to be running," I said as if I had just seen it.

Everyone looked. The science teacher went and over and examined it. He agreed it was running, and said this would make good evidence.

The tape damned the three. The video showed me flying through the door, followed by the three. They were very verbal in what they were going to do to me, and why. It was no contest. The three were immediately suspended. One was also expelled, as this was his second offense of this nature. The schools were adopting a 'zero tolerance' no violence policy at this time, and were quick to suspend or expel.

The video camera was something I'd worked out with a student. I told her that I'd heard someone was going to try to make trouble in the lab. She agreed that getting it on tape was better than nothing, so she set the camera running as she left. Good thing, too.

My second year came and went. I completed it with a 3.0 grade point average, also. For some reason I could not seem to get above a 3.0. Perhaps the third year. I was seventeen during my third year in high school.

I still practiced with my gift. I stopped spying on girls with it, as it didn't seem right. Still, I'd had plenty of masturbatory episodes with my ability before I came to that decision. Instead, I concentrated on trying to define my gift's limits.

First, I looked all over the internet for any mention of my gift. Nothing. I found sites that mentioned psychic powers. It was fascinating, but still was nothing like what I had. The nearest I came up with, was something called psychometry.

If I read it correctly, it was the supposed ability of a person to hold an object, and be able to read its history. That is, to be able to tell what the object had been through. Well, I didn't hold objects. I could sort of read the immediate past of a given area, though.

Also, my ability to read the past was getting better. In my third year of high school, I was able to see farther back in time. I could go back as far as the 1930's during my junior year... the 1992/93 school year.

I was actually excited with my abilities. I was using them to find out information. One thing that happened during my third year, was that I upped my 3.0 grade point average! I was really interested in why my mind let me do what I could do, so I studied chemistry hard.

I also studied higher mathematics. One thing I found out, was I could see what happened during a particular period. It played out seemingly in full, but I found out otherwise.

During one of my experiments, I had a stopwatch with me. I started it just before I sunk myself into a vision of the past, and stopped it right after I finished the vision. While in the vision, an hour had seemed to go by. When I checked my stopwatch, only about 5 minutes had elapsed!

I did the experiment over and over, and the results were as follows. If I stayed in vision-mode for more than an hour, no more than five minutes would elapse in my real time; even though I could swear I had seen and watched easily over an hour's worth of someone's life, or an event!

If I stayed for less than an hour, only a couple of real time minutes would tick off. I was trying to come to grips with the time difference. Apparently, I was not living as fast when I went into my visions, or my visions were at 'fast-forward'!

The events I was watching seemed to be getting more clear and sharp. No one saw me, but I was getting an almost crystal clear look when I went on my vision 'quests', as I referred to them.

One of the side effects of my trips back in time, was that I was developing a strong interest in history. In the last quarter of my third year in high school, I submitted a paper on the rise and fall of the Clayton family.

The Clayton's had figured prominently in our area from 1883 to 1971. The last of the Claytons who had been living in our area had died then, and their house was left as it was. While I could not go back as far as 1883 to watch the Claytons arrive, I did manage to watch them from 1933 up to the time the last Clayton living in the Clayton manor died.

It took me longer to write up the history I had found, than the real time I spent in the 'vision time zone'. I spent hours and hours following a Clayton, and making notes. It took me two weeks of writing and rewriting, to get it done. I received an A on my paper.

I ended my junior year with a 3.5 grade point average. I was also doing well with my martial arts studies. While I was not a Bruce Lee, I was capable of handling myself in a lot of situations.

I was just short of six feet tall. I had brown hair, green eyes, and while my build was not muscular, I was very strong and wiry. I also had developed an active work ethic, which pleased my mom and dad very much.

During my senior year, I got a part time job with a cleaning company. They emptied trashcans, vacuumed, cleaned toilettes, etc. It was while I was cleaning trashcans at a brokerage company, that I did a little vision quest. I watched and listened as the head of the company was told of a merger that was in the works.

I knew that these two could not take part in anything resulting from this information. It was 'insider' information, and was illegal for them to use. But I realized I had a means to an income, in the future! I could invest! I was stunned with this sudden realization! It had never occurred to me to use my gift to make money, before.

I had turned 18 already, which meant I could get an investment account. I thought about how much money I had saved. In the last two years I had saved a total of 3,756.00. I was putting it away for college. No, I didn't have to pay for my tuition. Mom and Dad had bought an education policy when they found out mom was pregnant. So college tuition, room, and board was paid for. Books, labs, and other fees would come out of my parent's pockets, or mine.

I got a paper, and looked up the price of the stocks of the two companies that were going to merge.

'Let's see, ' I thought as I quickly did the math.

I settled on buying stocks in just one company. I remembered that the brokerage owner here had said he wished he owned more of a certain company's stock, so I decided I would buy that stock.

Two days later, I was the proud owner of 130 shares of the stock, and my savings was down to 87.33. I almost screamed at the cut the brokerage house took for itself. It was almost a full month later that the newspapers announced that my company and another had merged, with FTC approval, and now my stocks had split! I had just made a lot of money, and my stocks were returning almost 100 percent more than before!

I finished out my senior year at a 3.5 grade point average still, but feeling I had accomplished a lot. Mom and Dad were proud of me, and I was glad to make them proud. Dad was sixty-eight now, and mom was sixty. I had already been accepted to college. I had a couple of weeks free, until I was supposed to go register.

I wanted to spend time with my parents, as Dad was beginning to sicken frequently. I could tell Mom was worried. They tried to keep me from worrying about them. I was feeling frustrated with how they were still treating me. They were older than any of the parents of my friends, having had me late in life; and I was worried about their health.

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