Best Friends with Benefits
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tina and Jill have been best friends since grade school. Now freshmen in college, they share an apartment and much more as they grow with each new experience.

Being shy your first year of college was normal. At least I thought it was normal. My roommate Jill was putting my beliefs to shame. I sat in our small office, it was really a third bedroom too small for anyone to want to live in, and listened to Jill alternate between moaning and laughing. We had been in school for a little over six months now, and Jill had been with at least twice that many guys.

"Oh Shit! Ahhhh!" The wall couldn't muffle that cry. I had to laugh. I had been home enough to realize when she was enjoying good sex and when she was acting to keep the guy's ego inflated. Tonight was the real deal. The monotonous thumping against the wall sped up briefly before stopping. I thought I even heard a small moan of disappointment from Jill. I glanced at the clock out of curiosity. Jill had a way of getting guys out of the house very quickly without any feelings being hurt. I guess in that regard she was more of a guy than a girl. The silence allowed me to concentrate on my homework.

"Hey Tina, I didn't know you were home." Jill was gone from the doorway before I could answer. I heard a guy's voice followed by the latching of our front door. The clock had ticked away only 12 minutes since I had checked it last. Jill was operating faster than normal. She re-appeared in the doorway with a sheepish grin on her face.

"I hope you let him get dressed before you showed him out the door." She raised her eyebrows at me and laughed.

"After what he did he should be happy I didn't throw him out the window. The asshole couldn't hold on long enough to let me really enjoy the evening."

"It sounded like you were having a great time. I wouldn't complain too much."

"Yeah, sorry about that. Like I said, I thought you were still at class."

"Smith let us out early to work on our pa..."

"What do you mean I shouldn't complain!", Jill cut me off mid-sentence. "Girls get blue balls just like guys, especially when he gets me that worked up and then stops." She walked over and sat down on the old couch facing me. "Seriously Tina, I was so damned close and boom! He's going limp before I even realize it's over." My eyes dropped down to Jill's chest. I couldn't help it. Her shirt was too thin to hide her nipples, and they were very hard at the moment.

"Damn Jill, he really did leave you hanging." She saw my eyes drop and lowered her gaze to see what I was looking at. I think she actually turned red.

"Well shit, time for me to go. Time for a nice shower with my friend the back scrubber." She winked at me and disappeared into the hallway. I couldn't help but laugh at her. The 'back scrubber' was a long handled loofa that acted as Jill's surrogate lover when she was horny and alone. My concentration left the room along with Jill.

An hour later I was in bed reading a horribly boring biology text. Jill came bounding in the room looking quite refreshed. She plopped down next to me and smiled.

"Looks like Mr. Scrubber did the trick?"

"Yeah, with some help from my right hand. At least he doesn't stop until I let him."

"You crack me up Jill, how did you and I ever get so close being so different?"

"Geez I don't know, growing up next to each other... being set up in this nice apartment by our parents together. We are the perfect couple. If only you had a huge penis that never went soft!" I gave her a good stare for that comment, although I did ask for it.

"I'd probably get laid more if I had a huge penis." She made her face at me. Crap, I knew where this was headed.

"Tina! You are not ugly. If you bothered to try at all you'd be hotter than I am, and you know it."

"Jill I was just kidd..." She cut me off again.

"You have perfect boobs, you're in great shape, you have red hair that everyone drools over and your personality is great. You just never let anyone get to know you."

Jill always got worked up if I said anything negative about myself. I loved her for it, although I still didn't do anything to correct my situation. Being shy sucks.

"I appreciate the kind words old friend, I really do and you know that. It's just so hard for me sometimes. It's not like I don't wish you were the one listening sometimes."

"If that's all it would take then let me set you up. I can have your pick of five different guys over here in less than an hour!" She was so excited it scared me.

"Jill I wasn't being serious, and there is no way one of your guys would come over here for you and take me as an alternate."

"An alternate? Do you know how many of my 'guys' as you call them think you're hot? Do you know how old it gets to hear the whole threesome speech?"

"The what speech?" That last line had got my attention.

"I said threesome Tina. The ones that get to see you when they come over can't shut up about it. 'All the chicks are doing it' they tell me. 'Hey Jill, why don't you invite your roomie in for a drink and yada yada yada maybe we can have some fun'. It just gets old"

"Wow Jill, too bad I don't believe you." She looked to be in her own world, basically ignoring me.

"Don't get me wrong Tina, under the right circumstances it would be cool, but the requests do get old after a while. That's part of the reason I try to get them over here when you're at class." It took me a second to let that sink in.

"Did you just say it would be 'cool'? Are you talking about us Jill?" She looked at me like I was an idiot, or maybe just a little goofy.

"Yeah, what's the big deal. We were each other's first kiss back in what, sixth grade? We see each other naked all the time. I think you're hot and you've told me pretty much the same thing. It's not like you're a virgin Tina. Just because I go out and get laid sure doesn't make me more sexual than you. Hell, I'm suprised you don't have carpal tunnel from that vibrator I hear every night."

"Ok I just never thought about us being together. I never thought any girl for that matter."

"You're full of shit, everyone thinks about it. You remember Jenny Stein from High school?"

"No way! You and Jenny?!" I was trying not to be dramatic but I don't think it was working. Jill laughed at my reaction.

"No we didn't do anything. I never even really talked to outside of school. What I did do was fantasize about her every night for like six months. I don't even really know why, I just had this thing for her. Mr. Scrubber and I had many lovely three ways with Jenny in the shower. We still do every once in a while when I'm stuck and can't get the right thought in my head. It's just experimenting, that's what college is for, right?"

"You're wearing me out Jill. I think it's bedtime."

"You mind if I crash in here with you? My bed smells like crappy men's cologne. No clean sheets."

"Well, I guess if you have to... ouch!" Jill smiled and held her fist up in the air again. "Hitting me isn't gonna get you in my bed young lady."

"I promise to be good, no stealing all the covers."

"Ok brat, and don't snore either." I shut the light off and stretched out. Jill crawled under the covers and let out a big sigh. It was dark and the quiet was amplified. "Jill, I just don't think I could screw a guy in front of you." The bed shook with her laughter. I tried to be upset for a second at her reaction but soon my stomach hurt from laughing as well.

"Well if that's your only hang-up were fine. All they really want is to watch us anyway. Guys love the whole girl-girl thing. It's all you see on the porn sites." Eventually it got quiet again and I tried to drift off to sleep. My mind was racing with thoughts of sexual conquests.

Two hours later I pretty much gave up on going to sleep anytime soon. Jill hadn't snored once since she fell asleep. I think the silence was keeping me awake. I had such perverted images racing through my mind and nothing to keep it off of them. Every breath I took forced the sheet to just barely rub across my nipples. To say I was horny would be a huge understatement.

The silence was broken by the tiniest little sound. Of course it didn't take long for Jill to start snoring like a pro. It was the first time I could remember smiling at that noise coming from my friend. I closed my eyes and slid my hand downward until it found its target. It wouldn't take long, not this time. I just had to be quiet about it. I don't want to sound like a pervert, but this wasn't the first time. Many of our sleepovers in high school had ended in detailed stories about Jill's backseat triumphs. As soon as the snoring sounded I took care of business, just like that. This was no different, except I didn't have to worry about my parents or little brother either.

The first stroke is always my favorite. That shot of adrenaline that shoots up your spine when you make contact with your clit, my preference being a circle around it with my middle finger. After five long strokes I felt almost ready to explode. I know I was enjoying myself because I never noticed how quiet it was now.

When I realized Jill was awake I felt another adrenaline rush, this one much more unpleasant than the last one. I could feel the veins in my head throbbing with each beat of my heart. I decided to lie there as still as possible, like a deer in the headlights.

"I don't mind Tina. Actually I kind of liked being a voyeur. I liked it in high school when you used to do it too." I still couldn't move. Embarrassment was not a strong enough word for what I felt. "Seriously Tina, if you don't take care of that you're gonna be just as sore as I was after Jack left me hanging earlier."

"I'm sorry Jill, it just sort of happened. I couldn't sleep."

"I couldn't stay asleep, so don't feel bad." Jill didn't move. She didn't appear to be getting up to give me any privacy. "You just gonna lie there?"

"Well shit Jill, I'm sure not gonna pull out big blue and get it on with you staring at me." I was now blushing so bad that I was sweating. I saw Jill move in the darkness out of the corner of my eye. I heard the familiar squeak of my bedside table drawer being opened.

"You know I can't really see you in the dark dumbass. And if you won't then I will." I knew deep down what she had done, but I was playing dumb as long as possible.


I knew that sound very well.


The bed moved a bit after Jill turned on big blue. And just for the record I did not name my vibrator, Jill did. I still had not moved since all this began.

"Oh! Christ Tina this thing is nice. Shit!" I looked to my left and stared at my friend. It was dark, but I could see enough to make out her features. The sheet was bunched up between us, leaving Jill naked as a Jaybird. Her head was tilted back into the pillow, her teeth seemed to glow every time she smiled. Her breasts rose and fell like ocean waves. Her nipples looked so hard. Her feet were pulled up next to her ass, her knees raised in the air. I could make out big blue's outline but not much else in the darkness between her thighs.

I turned on my side and propped myself up on my elbow. I don't know why but I gingerly reached over and started to rub Jill's shoulder. Jill reached down and turned up the power on blue. The buzzing sound was almost hypnotic. Her breathing was getting faster and her hips were moving in the most erotic way. I jumped a little when I felt her free hand slide over my own. I thought my shoulder rub might have freaked her out a bit.

"I'm sorry Jill, I wasn't thinking..."

"No Tina, I like that, but I need a little more."

Her request was followed by a tug on my hand. I watched in a daze as my hand was guided away from her shoulder to her chest. Jill let go of my hand just above her right breast. I guess she wanted the last step to be on my own terms. I was too turned on to deny her at this point. I was literally dizzy with excitement when I felt her nipple slide under my palm. Her moan of approval was like sexual heroin. Blue's buzzing became louder as Jill increased the pressure on her clitoris. Her body was moving less and I could feel her beginning to tense up. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and got another moan and a big smile.

"Oh Tina it's coming soon." I increased the pressure on her nipple, pulling it now as well as pinching. "More Tina, not your fingers." I was taken aback at this. I don't know why, we were already on a sexual level now, why was one more thing such a big deal.

"Ok Jill, make it a good one for me." I leaned down in the darkness, moving my hand once I had my bearings right. Her nipple smelled like jasmine from her shower gel. It was such a foreign object in my mouth, so different from the few men's nipples I had feasted upon. Jill cried out this time, it was not a moan, as my tongue swirled around her nipple. I wish I could have had more time to enjoy the experience, but Jill's body wasn't gonna wait anymore. Her hips leapt off the bed as she squeezed blue between her thighs. I sucked her tit for all it was worth until she began to laugh and pulled me off.

"Fuck that was so much better than in the shower. I didn't even know I was in need." I heard the most satisfying moan escape Jill's lips.


Big Blue cut through the silence like a knife once again.

"Your turn Tina." She handed me the vibrator matter-of-factly, like it was no big deal. It was warm. That was the first thing I noticed. I jumped when blue grazed over my nipple, even with my T-shirt on. I was so lost in Jill's orgasm that I didn't realize how turned on I had become. My thin cotton panties were wet. I got a chill when I spread my legs to make room for the vibrator. Blue settled in the way he had so many times for me before. I could feel Jill's breath on my shoulder.

"Oh God." I said it so softly and it still caught me off guard. I prided myself on being quiet when I got off. The lack of a sex life was bad enough, masturbating didn't need to be added to the mix.

"Damn Tina, this is such a turn on for me." I felt the bed move next to me. Jill's hand gently slid across my stomach. Every hair on my body was on end as her fingers slid slowly up my chest, slipping under my shirt. I was actually trying not to come at this point. Blue never got closer than an inch to my clit. When Jill pinched my nipple between her thumb and finger the contractions started. Blue slid up the fabric of my panties until it hit that spot dead center. No orgasm had ever hit me so hard. I'm not sure what noises I made or what I was saying to Jill. I know the first orgasm was quickly followed by another bigger one. When everything was finally said and done I was on my side in the fetal position. Jill was inches away from me, her peppermint breath close enough for me to taste. I wanted to kiss her but I didn't have the courage. Her hand had slipped from my breast around to my back. I tucked my head under her chin and sighed. Sleep came to me fast, and when the sun finally lit the room hours later we where still in our beautiful embrace. I smiled and wrapped my arm around my best friend and smiled. I just knew it would be a great day.

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