Thia's Memory
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Thia woke up one day in a hospital to find herself alone. And not only alone also her memory was lost, gone. She couldn't remember anything. After 2 years of unlucky searching she decided to rebuild her life and start all over again. But then he appeared and everything changed.

Thia took one last look at her reflection in the mirror and a wonderful smile covered her face.

"Come on, Thia let's go."

She turned around to see Annie her room mate entering her room while fixing her clothes.

"How do I look?" Asked Thia.

"Wonderful, you look fantastic Annie." said Thia, knowing that her friend needed someone to tell her everything was great and was going to be just fine. And besides that she really looked wonderful. She was a beauty; with her shoulder length black hair, her dark blue eyes, high cheek bones, and lips that girls would die to have just like them. The only flaw was that small scar in the middle of her forehead but she had her hair cut it tastefully covered it. She stood tall at 5'6", her body was perfectly shaped, not too thin like models but still you couldn't find one pound in the wrong place. She was wearing a dress that molded her body like a glove. It was a short black dress with thin straps and she threw a black scarf on her shoulders to cover one small scar on her right arm.


"Yup Thia but what's with the scarf?"

"I don't know it's just that, you know it's the first time I'm going out after the accident and I'm not so sure." her face darkened with the last two words.

"Hey would you please just forget about it. You had an accident so what? It happens you know"

"It happens but you don't usually wake up not knowing who you are, what your name is or how old you are."

"Your name is Thia Wilson, you are 25, and I don't think you need to know more about yourself. Right now all you have to do is have fun. We are going out and you're going to find yourself a nice guy and have a great evening." Annie said grinning.

Thia took a deep breath then let it out slowly knowing that Annie wouldn't give up, she'd try to convince her in every single way like she always does that the accident wasn't such a bad thing and that maybe she was given a chance for a new life.

"Okay Annie let's go. But wait shouldn't we wait for Richard?" Annie's expression changed immediately.

"Oh I forgot to tell you that I sort of broke up with him."

"You broke up with him? But you loved him so much Ann. When did that happen?"

"Yesterday but I couldn't tell you earlier because you came in late last night and you went out early today so here I am now, telling you that I broke up with him."

"But I don't understand why? I mean you loved him and he adores you..."

"I know it's just that he... Hey we should really go now; we're going to be late."

Thia knew that Annie changed the subject because she wasn't ready to tell her what really happened. Thia and Annie were good friends; Annie worked as a nurse in the hospital Thia was moved to when she had her accident. She used to check up on her and was really supportive of her when Thia woke up and found she no longer remembered anything, Annie was there for her and helped her get through it. They spent months trying to find anything about her but they had no luck, they couldn't find a thing; no name, no address, nothing.

When Thia was almost fully recovered Annie told her that she lived in this big apartment that belonged to her grandma that passed away two years ago. She told Thia that it was too big for her to live in alone and asked if she would like to live with her until she found a job and was able to get her own apartment. Thia refused at the beginning telling Annie that she must continue to search for her family or anyone that might tell her who she really was. But after 3 days of unlucky searching, she went back to the hospital and agreed to move in with Annie just until she found a job. When she was having no success in finding anything about her past she decided that she was going to start over with this new life and forget about ever finding what really happened two years ago. She had to have a name so she called herself Thia Wilson. It wasn't easy for her to just pick a name. Then one night she had this dream and in it she was running from someone. She was really afraid that he might catch her and all the time he was calling her Thia. She woke up the next day and decided that it will be her new name and then the name Wilson hit her. So she became Thia Wilson.

Eventually Thia discovered she had a talent and love for cloth and design. She found she was able to use this to create beautiful clothes by only putting pieces of cloth together. She was really talented and with that she started designing dresses and selling them to Ann's friends. She became much in demand in no time and was becoming well known as a unique designer.

She was able to rent a small shop near Ann's apartment to work and when she was finally able to get her own place Ann still insisted she stay with her. Thia agreed but with the condition that she would pay her way. Ann finally gave in and agreed.

Thia thought she knew a lot about her friend but Ann continually surprised her. She was 25 like Thia, worked as a nurse, used to have a big family but she said they died years ago. Thia didn't know anything except for that. It seemed that Richard, her boyfriend, didn't know that much about Ann. They fought about it a lot. Thia tried once to ask her about what happened to her family but Ann quickly changed the subject and ever since that day Thia knew Ann didn't want to talk about it and it made it easier for her as she too didn't have a family or maybe she did! Well it seemed she would never know.

Thia and Ann got out of the cab and started walking towards the club they were supposed to meet some friends.

"Hey Thia do you know that guy?" Ann asked pointing at someone standing near the bar.

Thia turned around and glanced at the guy Ann was talking about. He was a tall guy with dark hair but that's all she could see. The club was really crowded and she couldn't see him clearly but she got the impression he was worth looking at more than once.

"Yeah, what about him? I think he's cute"

"Thank you" she said as she took her drink from the bar tender.

"Well cute or not he has been staring at you in a very strange way ever since we entered the club." Ann said and from the look Thia saw on her face she knew her friend didn't like the way that guy was staring at her.

"Do you think he knows me?" Thia asked hopefully.

"I don't know Thia but don't you think he would have said hi or something if he knew you."

"You're probably right." Thia said with a sad smile.

"Hey let's go dance." Ann said as the music started to go louder.

The club was really big, you can easily lose someone in it. Ann went to dance on the dance floor and Thia followed slowly trying to get used to the loud music.

She was looking at her glass when she almost bumped into someone. Well not someone it was the guy Ann was talking about. She could see him clearly now and she was right, he was worth watching. Long black hair that reached the collar of the grey shirt he was wearing, dark eyes but she couldn't tell their color, tall, wide shoulders, slim waist, long legs that looked strong underneath his jeans. Oh he was really attractive.

"Hello there Sam!" He said in a low husky voice.

"I'm sorry but do I know you?" Thia was very afraid to ask and felt her hands tremble.

"Come on Sam or Thia as you call yourself now, you know who I am." He said coldly and the look in his eyes held no emotions.

"My name is Thia. I'm asking you again do I know you." She asked again but this time her voice was loud and clear. His coldness made her stronger.

"Well it depends," he laughed ironically.

"I'm sorry sir good bye." This man is a lunatic, she thought.

"Don't you try to run away again!" He said as he held her arm tightly that it hurt her.

"Let go of me..." she shouted and it caught the attention of some guys around them.

"Is there something wrong?" One of the guys asked putting his hand on the other man's shoulder.

"It's none of your business, this is personal." The tall man said coldly.

"No it's not. I don't know this man," Thia said quickly afraid the guys would leave them and go away.

The tall man let go of her arm and whispered something to the other guy and then the other guy looked at her curiously then turned to leave.

Thia stood there not able to move or run or do anything. She just wanted to know what he told the other guy.

"What did you tell him?" She asked.

"You know what? I don't want to know." She turned around and spotted Ann somewhere dancing with a guy.

"I see your friend is busy with someone. Let's go."

Thia wasn't even able to protest as he grabbed her arm as if he was grabbing a bag or something and she couldn't stop him as he was so strong.

"Hey you. Stop this right now," She shouted the moment they were outside the club.

"Sam whether you stop this ridicules game you're playing or I'm going to have to make you stop myself." With every word his grip tightened around her arm.

"You are hurting me," The moment she said so he let go of her arm. There was a big red spot on her right arm and it hurt badly that she kept rubbing it with her other hand.

"Where did you get this from?" He pointed at the scar on her right arm, the one she got from the accident and her heart almost stopped.

He really knows me, she thought.

"Who are you?" She asked in the only voiced she managed to get out.

"You didn't answer my question. And since when do you call yourself Thia?"

"Who are you?" She asked again.

"I'm Shane Wilson. At least you didn't forget my last name, yours too!"

Thia heard his last words and felt the whole world spin around. She heard him call her name but it came from far away.

"Sam, or Thia what is it with you?"

My name is Sam? I'm married? But how come? Where has he been all this time? Oh my god!

She couldn't take it anymore, her mind seemed to shut down as she fell to the floor...



Thia opened her eyes slowly and blinked more than once then raised her head a little.

"Where am I?" The words came out as a whisper.

"Oh thank god," Thia knew that it was Ann's voice but she couldn't see her.

"Ann where are you?"

"I'm right here honey..." Thia felt a hand hold hers' and then Ann's face appeared.

"Hey what happened?"

"I was going to kill that guy, I suspected it but I shouldn't have left you alone. Thank god I followed you out the club and the second I got out I saw you in his arms. Your face was white I thought he killed you or something." Ann was so furious she ran all of the words together.

Thia started to remember what happened earlier tonight "The guy with the black hair, he called me Sam, he said that... he said that his name was..."

"Shane Wilson. Yeah I know I heard him say that to the officer." Ann said with a wicked smile.

"What officer?"

"Well I had to do something and he was so rude and rumbled about stupid things and..."

"What did he say?" Ann asked in horror.

"Honey forget about him, he is a crazy man. Just relax please sleep now and we'll talk in the morning."

Thia was too tired to argue "Okay good night Ann and thank you so much."

"For what?" she said with a smile then turned off the lights and closed the door.

Thia closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep but her eyes flew open and her mind started working, asking questions like; who was that man? Why did he call me Sam? Did he say his last name was Wilson?

She couldn't answer any of the questions. Thia knew that trying to find an answer by herself is going to drive her mad as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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