The Hummingbird
Chapter 1: To Lubbock and Back

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: To Lubbock and Back - Scott Miles was a lonely man. Then one day a girl ten years his junior speaks to him. She falls for him immediately but he needs a little more time. However, someone wants the girl dead. Will it be a wedding or a funeral?

The mood was pretty sombre when they'd left Dryden all those hours ago. This little jaunt of three hundred miles started about a month earlier when Silvia, Stan's girl friend found a suspicious looking patch on the back of Stan's ear. She finally convinced Stan, told him most likely, to have Doc Eller take a look at it. Doc Eller ended up cutting off a piece of Stan's ear and sending it to Lubbock to some friend of his. Skin cancer had killed Stan's father and all the old cowboys had bits and pieces missing from ears and noses; Stan was more than a little scared.

Scott was pretty sure that Stan was more likely to get an ulcer worrying than have cancer. As far as the trip to Lubbock was concerned; hell Scott wasn't even supposed have been along. But when Silvia's mother fell at her home in San Antonio he was drafted, for "moral support" in her words. Truth was Scott was worried too, but Silvia had informed him in no uncertain terms that he was to be the pillar of strength that she would've been had she been there. Never mind that doctors, not to mention hospitals, gave him the willies, his orders were to go, give support, listen, and keep Stan out of the titty bars on the Slaton Highway. So when the nurse called Stan back to the exam room he asked Scott to go with him. Scott didn't bother to tell him that Silvia had already threatened him bodily harm if he didn't go in and make sure he asked the page long list of questions that she had typed up. Dr. Marks had gone through med school with Doc Eller and now taught at the university hospital in Lubbock so word of any failings on either of their parts would get back. Probably before they did.

The doctor felt compelled to tell his favourite war stories from when he and Doc Eller were in med school. Nothing he could have told the two of them would have been a surprise as Doc Eller was one of those characters that had, and or would, do just about anything. When he finally got around to telling Stan that it wasn't cancer, he and Scott both felt more than a little relieved. The doctor did take the opportunity to preach to Stan and Scott on the evils of sunburns and expound on the liberal use of sunscreens. Scott had always thought a good hat, long sleeve shirt, and a bandana was plenty good and was fool enough to say so. He found out the doc wasn't all that impressed with his opinion, and didn't hesitate to tell him so. In the end he spent more time ragging on Scott's ass than talking to Stan. Scott was fully expecting to get dunned before he could get out the door.

When they left Stan was grinning ear to ear and laughing at Scott while he felt like he should give the doc a wedding ring. The last person to eat his ass out like that had been his ex-wife. When they got to the doors to the outside of the hospital they discovered that Lubbock was having one of their Air Quality Crisis Days. There was a light breeze of 35 or 40 mph blowing and a whole lot real estate was trading places. Call it a sandstorm, dust storm, or just plain nasty; the sky was red and there was a smell to it that Scott couldn't describe. Say what you want to about Dryden, sure it's small, it's desolate, with no hope of ever being anything but small and desolate, but when the wind blows it doesn't blot out the sun. Lubbock was, is, and always will be in the middle of a cotton field. It didn't matter if they moved one million people in here there was still going to be cotton fields on every side and spring would always be brown and dusty.

They managed to hold their hats down while they walked back to the truck as fast as they could. Stan called Silvia on his cell phone to give her the news. Scott was still pissed at the doctor for his little lecture and now, with his stomach growling and knowing that Stan's conversations with Silvia tended to run on the long side, Scott was getting ready for a long wait when Stan handed him the cell phone. "What did the doctor tell you Scott?", Silvia quipped. Scott hadn't heard Stan tell about his little "visit" with the doctor so he knew something was up.

It was at that point that Silvia informed him that she had set him up with the good doctor. If nothing else Silvia and Stan were a perfect match when it came to their proclivity toward meddling and practical jokes. Stan had been known to spend weeks, even months setting up a joke and Scott was learning that Silvia didn't mind going that extra mile either. Turns out she had known the good doctor when she was studying nursing in San Antonio and as she had been unable to convince Scott as to the wonders of sun screen she thought maybe he'd listen to a doctor.

"It's good to know she doesn't mind nagging both of us", Scott said glaring at Stan.

What snappy come back did Stan have? "Well you need somebody to look after you."

His comment reminded Scott of the recent efforts at matchmaking the two of them had been up to. The area around Dryden and Sanderson was not exactly overflowing with single women, though now and then there was the occasional new teacher right out of college. Generally speaking the complete absence of a social scene usually kept their stay to one year. A few of the less hardy souls didn't even make it through the school year.

The most eligible bachelorette in town was Samantha Miller. She worked as a waitress at the café in Sanderson; actually she owned the café. Sam, as she was known to her friends, had grown up at the Pecos Gas Plant. It was the furthest point on the bus route for the Sanderson School district and right across the road from the turn off to the Miles ranch. Over the years during the long hours on the bus Sam and Scott had become fast friends. But friendship was as far as either had ever wanted their relationship to go. As far as Scott was concerned she was the little sister he never had.

Stan had been talking to Silvia all this time and when Scott stopped day dreaming there was a frown on his face. At some point and time the conversation had turned serious. Stan took off his hat and threw it in the seat, got out of the truck and walked a little ways off for some privacy. Just to get out of the truck to talk meant that something was bad wrong since no one in their right mind wanted to breathe the brown, gritty dirt blowing around. The longer they talked the more morose Stan got and they talked for a good little bit. Stan had lost the smile the doctor had given him; in fact he looked worse than when he was worried about having cancer. He and Silvia said their "goodbyes" and "love yous" then he closed the phone.

After Stan got back into the truck spittin' mud balls his eyes were red and watery, and Scott was pretty sure it wasn't all caused by the dirt. He'd never seen Stan tear up but ever since he met Silvia he had been a different person in many other ways. Still, he didn't say a word about what was going on and Scott respected his long time friend enough not to try to pry it out of him.

They had the normal discussion as to where they should eat. After deciding the when and where, they left to go eat and then start on the long ass trip back, heading off to some chain eatery that Stan knew of. He was quieter than normal and Scott wondered what was eating on him. There was something wrong, maybe he'd tell him while they were eating. They'd never kept secrets from each other before.

A blonde haired young lady greeted them and led them to a booth. The Mexico flavoured restaurant had sombreros, serapes and matadors in velvet paintings hanging from floor to rafter intermixed with piñatas and Tecate signs. Every so many feet some fake plant was making a home for dust bunnies and cob webs. It looked like every curio shop and border gas station had been stripped of their faded wares to decorate the place. No matter how you looked at this place it was a far cry from Ma Crosby's, the famous bar across the river from Del Rio, Texas in Ciudad Acuna. But by all accounts they put out a fair steak and according to Stan their beer was cold. So here they sat shoot'n bull and taking refuge from Lubbock's brown fog.

Stan sat silently sipping his beer and that was not like him. Stanley Willus and Scott were best friends; neither had any siblings so they had basically adopted each other as brothers. They had spent almost every waking minute with each other since they had met twenty five years ago. Something else was eating on Stan; you'd of thought the news from the doctor would have had him in a great mood. The waitress came and went and Scott watched Stan till he had to say something. "What's wrong Stan?"

Stan started telling Scott that Silvia's mother was in bad shape. She had fallen and along with a broken hip she'd had a stroke. Seems that Silvia's sister who lived a few blocks away hadn't checked on her and she had lain on the floor for a day and a half. Silvia would be staying in San Antonio until her mother recovered, and for now that looked like it would be many months. Silvia Guerra was one of those people that gave unconditionally and expected everyone else to do the same. Stan was pretty much the same way making them a perfect match. So in the normal course of things Silvia and Stan both tended to get a little put out at some of the lesser mortals that they had to endure. From the stories Silvia had told her family was slightly less giving than a rattlesnake. Stan was crushed thinking about the two of them being separated for that long. She had made a big difference in Stan since she had moved to scenic Sanderson to be the school nurse. Stan was the Ag and shop teacher, they met the first day of school and fell madly in love. So drastic had been the change that the teachers at SHS called that day the re-birth of Stanley Willus. Before Silvia he'd always been a little wild, crazy, mischievous, and more than a little hare-brained. Since that first day of school back in August they had spent almost every minute with each other. They were, to put it mildly, the talk of the town.

Two weeks from today school would be out; Scott told him, "You can go to San Antonio then". If anything the thought of going two weeks without Silvia sent Stan into an even blacker mood. If Scott was a betting man he'd bet that Stan wouldn't make it a week before he headed to San Antonio. She'd asked if he would put the few things she had in his garage until she could send someone for them. They weren't breaking up, thank God, because Scott didn't think Stan could have stood that. It was at about this time that the waitress dropped off a fresh basket of chips and another bowl of salsa. As if to further confuse Scott, Stan started grinning. The grin went to a chuckle, then to a full blown belly laugh. Thinking that he'd been pulling one of his well known and usually not funny practical jokes Scott asked "What's going on?"

"Look at the table", he said.

Scott still didn't have a clue as what he was talking about and said as much. After the waitress left, Stan leaned across the table and asked, "Do you know her?"

"Her who?", Scott asked.

"The waitress!", he shot back, "she's been hovering around you, rubbing on you, and asking if you need anything every two minutes. Damn, Scott, it's not like you not to notice."

Well when she made her next round Scott did take notice. He noticed she looked like she was eighteen years old. He also noticed that she was drop dead gorgeous, but Scott had long since given up on impressing little girls. After she refilled Scott's already full tea glass and left more fresh chips and salsa, there were now five bowls of salsa and three baskets of chips for the two of them.

"She must think I'm a big tipper," Scott laughed. He was glad that Stan's mood had lifted and if it cost him some teasing it'd be a small price to pay. Stan and Scott ate their meal, all the while this eighteen year old beauty came and went, back and forth every two or three minutes. She reminded Scott of a hummingbird with one of those feeders full of the red juice. So they sat, laughing, talking and watching the hummingbird. It didn't take very much paranoia to see she was spending far more time with them than her other tables.

They sat, talked and watched the hummingbird for an hour more than they should have. Scott finally had to remind Stan that they still had over six hours of driving before the day was over. Stan excused himself, leaving his credit card to take care of the check. Scott pulled out a ten dollar bill to leave for the Hummingbird — somewhere in the last hour she had gone from a hummingbird to the Hummingbird — and waited for Stan to come back. When after fifteen minutes Stan hadn't returned Scott started looking around for him. Finally he spotted him standing over by the bar. All Scott could see was his left arm and every so often the back of his head. It was plain enough that he was talking to someone but Scott couldn't see who it was, and with Stan there was no telling. He didn't want to leave Stan's credit card on the table so he waited a little longer. Scott was standing up and reaching for the credit card when Stan turned around and started back to the table. Not ten feet behind him was the Hummingbird with the check. Stan sat down motioning for Scott to do the same.

"Who did you run into this time?", Scott asked.

"Nobody". Stan told him he had decided to have one more beer. Scott was more than a little put out and with the hope of catching a nap on the way home gone, he reminded Stan how he felt about drinking and driving. Scott was about to tell him how the cow ate the cabbage when he heard the Hummingbird's cheerful voice ask "Is there anything I can get for you Scott?"

Still pissed at Stan he told her no, she'd already scooped up the check and credit card and took off when Scott realised she had used his name. He was still sitting there ten minutes later trying to figure out how he'd missed the introductions when she returned.

She handed Stan his card and copy of the bill back, turning to Scott she asked "Was everything alright Scott?"

Scott was pretty sure from the grin on Stan's face that something was up. The matchmaking bullshit was coming to mind. He got up and found the little room marked "Hombres" and left some of the half gallon of iced tea that the Hummingbird had poured. When Scott stepped out of the restroom he caught a glimpse of Stan winking at the Hummingbird, before Scott got to the exit she came up to Scott and said

"I'll see you real soon, OK?"

"Sure next time I'm in town I'll stop by", Scott told her knowing full well that it had been fifteen years since he'd been in Lubbock and it might be another fifteen before he was back. As Scott walked to the truck he noticed a book store's bright green sign on the other side of the parking lot.

Stan threw Scott his keys, knowing Scott wouldn't let him drive. Scott just walked past the truck and into the book store. Stan let out a groan that could be heard above the traffic noise. Any member of the Miles family in a book store was like a kid in a candy shop. The last thing Scott heard from Stan was something about getting a room. When he didn't show up behind Scott in the book store Scott figured he gone back in the restaurant for more beer. One thing was sure, if he gave him any shit about that girl he'd remind him that he was the one that went back inside and what Miss Silvia Guerra would do to him for flirting with another woman. Scott had told him the first time Stan had told him what her last name was that he was in trouble; her name meant war in Spanish.

Scott wandered around the bookstore for over an hour. His mood had gone a little black thinking about Stan, Silvia, the Hummingbird and what it would be like to be in love. He couldn't ever remember feeling about Dana the way Stan felt about Silvia; maybe that's why it ended in divorce in two months. Two months of a marriage, living with a woman filled with hate and betrayal. She filed for divorce and told him she would get half of everything he had, and she did. He had just over a thousand dollars in a bank account. The judge had him give her $521.24. She kept screaming and cussing till the judge found her in contempt of court and fined her $1000.00.

When Scott turned 25 his parents signed over the ranch to him. Three years too late for Dana to strike it rich. Scott finally left the bookstore with three volumes of poetry, a collection of murder mysteries by an English author he'd never heard of, the newest Kelton western. Scott bought The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis on CD for the school library. In truth they are for Johnny Diaz, a little boy who has been blind since birth. Stan told him that one of the new teachers had been teaching him Braille. This store had a few books in Braille so he loaded up all that he thought would be of interest to the little boy. And lastly Scott picked up a copy of Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada by Pablo Neruda (Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair). Some how the last one just seemed appropriate. He stuck the books and CD's in the cab of the truck and started for the restaurant to get Stan.

He was standing at the end of the bar talking to the girl that had seated them earlier and to you know who. The place was empty except for Stan and Scott and the two girls. The Hummingbird saw him, smiled and poked Stan who whispered something to her and started for the door. "Scott", she called out. He turned around to face her, she smiled, blew him a kiss, and winked saying "I'll see you soon". As Scott turned and walked away he thought he should be so lucky. Stan looked at Scott as he unlocked the truck and asked what he was thinking about.

"Oh I was just thinking what you'd look like if Silvia found out about the Hummingbird"

He grinned back at Scott and said, "You might be surprised what she'd think".

There was something going on but Scott was damned if he knew what it was. Stan was asleep before they'd gone ten miles. It was a long lonely drive back that night. Scott passed the miles away thinking, that next year he'd be thirty, thirty years old with no wife, no kids, and no prospects. "See you soon", she'd said; yea he'd bet she wouldn't be awake all night thinking about a thirty year old cowboy. Yep it was going to be a lonely night for Scott. Just like the hundreds of lonely nights in his past and the hundreds in his future. A long lonely night.

The trip from Lubbock to Dryden was six hours long; six hours of driving with Stan sleeping the whole way. So while Stan slept Scott tried to make sense out everything he was feeling. The girl at the restaurant was baffling. What could she possibly see in him? Why didn't he talk to her? Why couldn't he have at least asked her name? Questions, that was all Scott brought back from Lubbock; a bushel basket full of questions, unasked and unanswered.

At the same time that Scott and Stan were starting back to Sanderson, Sue Bell was sitting in John J. Dillard's office plotting their next move. The murder of Dan Bell had gone off without a hitch. Four months earlier J. D. Tatum had rigged the old ranch truck's brakes to fail and that, plus the not so gentle nudge he had given it, sent the old pickup crashing into the deep box canyon, coming to rest upside down in the spring fed pond at the bottom. The authorities had ruled it an accident and that would have been just fine except that Dan Bell had thrown a wrench in the works.

The day before he died Dan Bell had made a new will and had transferred everything into his daughter's name. This will left Sue with only the small amount guaranteed to her by the prenuptial agreement they had signed and for Sue that just wouldn't be enough.

"So" Sue started, "what do we have to do now?" She looked at John J., loathing him but at the present still needing him. The problem was she didn't trust him any farther than she could throw him and that wasn't far.

"Simple, kill the girl. With Angie dead you can argue surviving spouse."

Sue pondered the lawyer's suggestion. If she had Angie killed that would give her the ranch and the money but she would have to kill this slimy lawyer as well if she wanted to keep it. J. D. wouldn't have a problem killing either of them and she had J. D. under her thumb so that would not be a problem.

After pacing the room several times she turned to John J. "All right, I'll take care of everything, you just make sure there aren't any more paper work surprises."

John J. nodded his head. He was already cooking up a plan to make damn sure he ended up with the ranch and the cash.

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