Duchess in Torment
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Fiction, Cheating, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Duchess is captured and used in an old abandon castle until she learns she deserved the torment she so desperately craves and falls in love with her found Master

The Duchess was riding her horse along the Knights Walls, as she did every day.

It was a very desolated place and what attracted her to this place. She enjoyed it's peacefulness. Her place to be alone. She still recalled the argument she had with the Duke the night before. He didn't seem to have any time for her any more. There were always more important matters that came before she did. It was more and more apparent she came last in his life.Giving her everything she needed, except what she wanted most, "His Love". She and the Duke had not made love or could she recall the last time he had touched her. Had it been months or years? She couldn't remember the last time he showed her any kind of affection. She wondered if he even still loved her. Thinking about it was only fruitless. Riding her horse was the only thing that helped her forget her anger and frustrations. She had ridden all morning reaching the old castle. It was an eerie place. Rumors of it being hunted were well spread among the locals. Some- thing drew her to this place today. She had only ridden into the Knights Walls this far once to see it's mysterious castle. Never venturing inside it's outer walls. This place did frighten the Duchess, but something drew her inside, passed the castles walls. Inside it looked like there had been a great battle fought hundreds of years ago. Large stones were scattered all about and most of the buildings were burned. It didn't seem like any one had been among the ruins in many years. Trotting her horse into the large yard, she found the remains of an old spring well that still poured water into a fountain. The Duchess dismounted and tied her horse by the well to allow the animal to drink. She walked exploring among the remains with out a clue of where she was going. Walking past several buildings, until she found herself in front of the royal building. It's large doors laying on the ground, covered with dust. They had been force apart. Weary she stepped inside. It was hard to see. The place gave her the creeps. She imagine a ghost inhabiting the castle, but she didn't stop. She entered the large hall stepping quietly through, until she found herself in the throne room. She slowly moved across the room, trying not to make any sound. When she reached the throne chair a movement in the shadows frighten the Duchess. She didn't scream, but in a panic twisted around and started moving backwards. Away from the shadow that frighten her, and ran into something. She quickly turned and was grabbed by a tall figure. She screamed in horror. It was a man with a badly burn disfigured face. The Duchess turn to get away from him, but his arms were around her waist holding her tightly. The man was to strong for her to fight off. In a panic she was kicking and screaming. Doing all she could to escape from him. Nothing she did helped. He tighten his grip around her waist. Holding her so tightly she couldn't breath. She had to stop screaming to gasp for air. It was to much for the Duchess and passed out.

Groggy the Duchess awoke unaware of where she was or what had happen. She felt so cold. Suddenly her memory returned of what had happen. "That horrible man!"

In a panic, she tried to stand to escape this place, but she realized she had been tied down and undressed. She began screaming for help and struggling to pull free of the restraints. She had been tied down by her wrist and ankles on what looked like two slabs of wood to make a table in a large X. She was spread open exposing all of her sex to whom ever tied her. After what seemed like hours to the Duchess. She laid it tears, to weak to struggle any more. "What is going to happen to me? "She asked herself "Who is doing this?" She cried fearing the worst until she was to exhausted to cry any more. She was so cold. She was sure she was going to freeze to death. "Was I left here to die?" She shivered.

She was afraid to die. She slowly looked around, the room was lit faintly by a single candle. She couldn't tell where she was. It was to dark and there were no windows to allow light into the room." I must be in the dun... " A movement in the shadows made the Duchess lose her thought. The large" figure moved towards her. She remembered she was undressed and tried to cover herself up, forgetting about the restraints. The large shadow laughed at her with an eerie tone. "What do you want with me?" She asked frighten. She couldn't see his face. It was hidden in the dark. She begged him to let her go, offering him money, anything for him not to hurt her, and let her go. The man said nothing to her. He turned away and began lighting more candles. He moved all around her, lighting the room, never allowing her to see his face or speaking a word to her When he was done, the room was well lit. The Duchess nakedness was very visible for his eyes. His silence tortured her, as she pleaded with him Until finally he faced her. The Duchess looked away in fright. He was to horribly disfigured, it frighten her. "You don't want to look at me you Bitch! ", The man grabbed a hand full of her hair in rage. Shouting in her face. "Whore! You think you're so fucking beautiful!", He said as he pulled back to stare at her nakedness with half a grin. The Duchess closed her eyes tightly, afraid and not wanting to see what he was going to do to her. "Please don't hurt me." Shaking with fear she begged him, but he never replied to her pleads of mercy. Like an animal he only stared at her, until he reached for one of her breast. Her eyes snapped open, Please don't... Don't! Let me go, Please. She pleaded with him, as he continued squeezing her breast, clawing at her tender flesh. Then lowered his lips near her ear. She turned away. As he whispered to her, "You're going to be my whore.", as he dug his fingernails hard into her breast. "No! God no, not that...", She tearfully replied, never turning to face him. The man began to slowly slide his hand down her skin, across her stomach. His hand was rough that it scratched her tender flesh like a rake. She begged with him to stop, but he wouldn't hear her cries. He was going to have his way with her and she was helpless to stop him. Touching her, he moved around the table until he was standing between her thighs. She didn't want to see what he was doing. Tears ran from her eyes with shame and horror. The man was merciless, as he tormented the Duchess, making her wait for the torture he had planed for her. He ran his hands down her thigh and back to her hips. When he touched her inner thigh, the Duchess curved her body trying to pull away from his touch. He laughed at her foolish attempts. It was useless, as she was well bound to the table. Then it angered him and he slapped hard against her inner thighs. Forcing her to keep still and making the Duchess cry out in pain. "You fucking Bitch! You still want to play games with me! When I'm through with you, you'll beg me to take you any way I want whore! " The Duchess couldn't believe her ears, what he was saying to her. "Never you ugly Bastard!", she found the courage to yell at him. "You can rape me or beat me, but I'll never give myself to you!" He just laughed at her, he didn't believe her. Then lowered his eyes and gave her an evil stare, that made her shiver with fear. He turned and moved away to a group of lit candles. Picking one up, and returned to her side, with an evil grin on his face. "What are you going to do?"

Asked a terrified Duchess. He didn't reply. She looked at the candle as it melt- ed and hot wax ran down on his hand. She looked at him. He never made a sight as the hot wax burned into his flesh. He moved his hand above her breast and made her wait. She looked at him and he turn, staring into her eyes. She quickly turn away. Then she felt it. "Aaaaggghhh!...", The burn of the hot wax on her tender flesh. He had poured it over her sensitive nipple and made the Duchess arched her back in reaction. He moved the candle and poured wax on her other nipple as well. "Aaaaggghhh!!!..." It sent a shiver across her spin. Her mind was in horror. Her body filled with excitement, giving into the horrible pleasured at his hands. She wanted him to stop, but her body wanted more. "Please... Mmmm...", She was afraid what she would say. He stopped and placed the candle down on the table. He grinned at her, knowing what he was doing to her. He moved his hands up to her breast taking her nipples between his thumbs and fingers, pinching them.

Twisting the soft wax off her tips. The Duchess felt a new shiver going through her body. "God no... What is happening?..." She asked herself. She began to feel nauseous. Her body betrayed her. Her nipples harden with excitement and her clit began to throb. "God no!..." She still begged him. "Don't do this to me... Please don't..." He knew what he was doing to her. Her eyes became glace when he put his hand on her sex. "Aaaaggghhh!!!...", She was very wet and excited. He rubbed his fingers across her labium to touch her clit. "MmmAaaaggghhh!!!..." It made her arch her body as she filled with ecstasy, exploding with a powerful orgasm The Duchess lost the battle with in her, as her body surrendered to the excitement he raised out of her. She didn't want him to touch her, but her body yearn for the pleasure. His touch was to much for her body to not crave. It needed a man that could conquer her. "Mmmm... , Put your fingers inside me... , Please...", Did those words come out of her lips. Her mind said no, but her body spoke for her now. She was so dazed her mind was spinning. She must of said it. He sank two fingers deep inside her womb. It sent a powerful jolt through her "Oh... God!!...

Aaaaggghhh!!!... Yes!" She quickly exploded again. He moved his fingers in and out of her hungry cunt. It was making her mad with pleasure. He sank a third finger inside of her sex. The Duchess couldn't stop herself and erupted with a new orgasm. "Aaaaggghhh!!!... , Yes... More!" It had been so long for the Duchess she didn't want it to end. She had fallen into the web of sin and swam with the current of pleasure. He kept ramming his fingers into her sex, letting her melt all over them. Then with out warning he pulled out his fingers. She turn to see why he had stopped, when she was so close to a new explosion. "Why did he stop?

Was something wrong?" She saw him pick up the candle with one hand and place the other above it, covering the flame. He put out the candle out with the palm of his hand and twisted the tip of the candle to create a smooth round end. He grinned at her sending a shiver up her spin. She wasn't afraid of him any more, but his stares made her tremble. He placed the candle against her sex, rubbing it's length across her clit before pushing it inside her cunt. "Aaaaggghhh!!!..." It was thick and warm, spreading her like a real cock. "Mmmm..." She enjoyed that spread feeling, and what he was doing to her. "Yes... , Fuck me with the it, do what ever you wish to me. Please Master... , Aaaaggghhh!...", It made her feel so good.

I'm your whore!!!... , She couldn't believe she had spoken those words, but she wanted him to keep making her feel so good. He stared at her with a grin on his face. "I knew you were nothing but a royal whore and would beg me to give you" what you need slut!" He kept fucking and abusing her cunt with the candle. She squirmed shamelessly. She didn't care any more. All she wanted was the pleasure he made her feel. It made her howl like a bitch in heat as she twisted and turn against the restrains. He rotated the candle, as he pushed it in and out of her hungry cunt. "Mmmmm... , That feels so good Master." He was driving her insane with the candle. "Aaaaggghhh!!!..." Suddenly she was surprised by a third orgasm. He kept ramming and twisting the candle faster into her womb. Her wetness bubbled, oozing out of her sex. The candle was covered and glisten with her excitement. She madly tossed her head from side to side, hissing. The Duchess was out of her mind, lost in ecstasy. He leaned over to bite one of her nipples gently, it made her gasp out loud. "Aaaaggghhh!!!..." As he chew at her rubbery tip, it increased her excitement. Sucking and licking at her breast she felt she would die from the pleasure, but suddenly he stoped. "No... Please don't... ,.don't stop ", she begged him now. He stared at her, stepping back to see her lust fill- ed body. She looked at him with desire. She was no longer afraid of him. Now she wanted him. She no long was afraid of his hideous face or the evil in his eyes.

Her eyes were full of lust and hunger. She needed him to touch her now and give her the pleasures she so craved. When he began to disrobe in front of her, it excited her more and frighten her. It was finally going to happen. He was going to fuck her. The thought sent a shiver through her body. When he had removed the last of his clothes, standing naked for her eyes. The Duchess saw his body was half burnt, but didn't frighten her. When she looked down to see his hard cock pointing at her, she gasp with excitement and stared with hungry eyes. She would find out the pleasures of his powerful cock. He step back between her open thighs. Staring into her eyes and gave her a smug expression. He knew she was his to take. The lust in her eyes spoke for her. She wanted him to take her completely and invade her womb. He had left the candle sticking out of her cunt. He grab hold of the candle and twisted it, as he slowly pushed it deeper inside her, then pulled it out. He used the length of the candle to rub across her throbbing clit. The Duchess excitement grew. Then slowly he slid the tip of the candle up across her body leaving a wet trail across her belly and between the flesh of her breast. Slowly moving it up her chin and above her lips. He wanted her to part her lips and lick the candle. The Duchess was beyond any sanity now She would do anything he wanted her to do. She opened her lips and took the soaked candle in her mouth. Sucking her sweet juices. She had never tasted herself. Something the Duchess would never have thought of doing, but she loved the sweet taste of her own sex, savoring each drop. While she cleaned and sucked the wet candle, he sank his fingers inside her cunt to tease her throbbing clit. Making her twisted her hips, and fuck his fingers. Until he felt she was done with the candle. Then he pulled it away from her lips, dropping it on the grown and removed his fingers from her sex. He raised his wet hand up to his lips and took his fingers in his mouth. Always staring into her eyes as he tasted her sweet sex. He was pleased with her and slowly lowered himself to place his lips closely to her wet cunt. She felt his hot breath on her clit, as she waited. "Aaaaggghhh!!!..." Then he took a long slow lick across her sex.

Before pushing his tongue against her throbbing clit. "Aaaaggghhh!!!... , Oh God!

Yes!!!... " It drove her mad. He was making her feel things she never felt before or thought possible. It was pure sin to feel so good! It made her curl her toes and push herself into his lips. The Duchess wanted more of him inside her. It was making her wild with lust. "Mmmmm... , More! I want more... Please... , Aaaaggghhh... " He reached to cup her breast, squeezing them roughly. She loved" what he was doing to her. She began to hump her hips, trying to fuck his tongue deeper inside her starving sex. "Aaaaggghhh!!!... God!!!!!" She burst with the strongest orgasm she had felt and collapse, shaking powerfully. It took her a long moment for her to recover from it, as she gasp for air. He was still licking up her juices when she regained some of her senses. When he stopped, he gave her a slight smile. Showing her, he had enjoyed it as well. When he stood up, he leaned over her and gently bit one of her breast. The Duchess felt the hardness of his throbbing cock rub against her inner thigh. "Please fuck me... , I have to have it." She was now begging him to take her like the whore he called her. He looked at her and responded by placing the tip of his cock against the opening of her cunt and with a single movement sank his cock deep inside her womb. "Aaaaggghhh!!!...", He spread her open with his hard thrust. Sending strong tremors into her body and waves of sparks. The Duchess melted with ecstasy, exploding with another powerful orgasm. As he plowed himself into her, rocking her back against the table. Slapping hard into her. It wasn't painful, it pure lust that made the loud slaps echo through the halls of the old castle. "Aaaaggghhh... Aaaaggghhh... Yes!

Aaaaggghhh!!!... ,.Harder... ", She wanted to grab him, to help him push deeper inside her. She wanted everything he could give to her, but she was bind to the table pushing her cunt to meet his hard thrusts. He held on to her, using all of his weight to plow into her. Her hungry sex sucked him in. "Yes!... , Fuck me... , Harder you fucking Bastard!! Harder... Aaaaggghhh!!!..."Her head snapped back and her body squirmed under him on fire."Uhh... uuuuh... , Oh!... fuck, I'm going to cum again!... , Fuck me! Fuck me harder!... , Oh!... , Yes, Oooommmpphhh... Mmmm...

Aaaaggghhh!!!...", He kept thrusting his cock into her as deep as he could.

Aaaarrrggghhh!!!... , He couldn't hold it back any longer. He shot hot streams of cum deep into her womb. He kept thrusting his cock. One blast after the other until he filled her with his white nectar. They both shook with ecstasy, as he laid half bent over her belly, breathing hard. When he regained enough strength, he pulled away from the Duchess. Letting his cock greased out of her cunt. As he stepped back, he saw his cum slowly spilling out of her open cunt. She still was gasping lightly for air, slowly recovering her strength. He stared at her with hunger. She was so beautiful with a glow of lust. He wasn't done with her yet. He moved around the table beside her head, and gently grabbed a hand full of her hair. He pushed his soaked covered cock to her lips. It startled her, but she had no time to worry. Forcing her to take it into her mouth. She had never sucked a cock before. No one ever wanted her too. Now she was forced to take one into her mouth after it had just shot inside her. He forced the large club to the back of her throat, making her gag. Quickly she learned to relax her muscles, accepting his large organ and sucked his big cock hungerly. "Mmmm...", She sucked him with loud slurps, like it was something she had done before. The Duchess enjoyed it deliciously. She could taste his salty cum mixed with her sweet sex. As she sucked his cock. She squirmed rotating her hips. Like a whore wanting something pushed inside her cunt. Wildly she sucked his cock in and out between her lips.

His cock spilled out her mouth. She pushed her lips forward, licking madly at his cock. He grabbed his cock, the Duchess expected him to push it back down her throat. Except he pulled it away to exposed his sac, pushing it against Her lips. "Mmmm...", She eagerly licked at it. Everything about him tasted so good to her. She loved being his whore. He reached over to rub his fingers across her cum dripping cunt, as he allowed her to lick off his sac and cock. Until he was satisfied. He hooked his fingers in her sex, and pulled out a scoop of cum. Then he smeared it across her face. He stepped back to stare at the Duchess. She laid tied and exhausted. Her body was covered with sweat, as she still inhaled with excitement. The Duchess gave him a smile and closed her eyes, falling under a peaceful sleep. He was pleased with his royal whore. He untied the clasps and picked her up in his arms. He carried her through the halls, to his bed and covered her with furs. He saw her sleep, and knew she would return to convince him that she deserved the torment she so desperately craved and he would give it to her.

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