Making a Slave-Boy
Chapter 1: The Contract

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Contract - When Jason and his Mother move into the house next door, David's uncomplicated life suddenly changes drastically as he finds his sexual fantasies ignited, but there is more to this than mere fantasy.<br><i>I plan this tale to have several chapters and a real plot as David is initially forced to serve Jason while aspiring to submit to his mother. This is not a MM story although it does have an element of MM in it to begin with.</i>

David Briggs was your typical Mr Average, not particularly popular at college, but neither was he disliked. He had an attractive girlfriend who was more accepted by the college in-crowd than he was, mainly due to her good looks. Why Jackie stuck with David was a mystery to many. In Jackie's eyes David was a safe bet, he didn't try it on because she wouldn't let him and that made him safe. To be accepted, you had to be dating, if you weren't dating you were a lesbian, which was still cool in many people's eyes, but not Jackie's. In truth, Jackie thought sex was overrated. It was just a lot of fumbled groping, which was more uncomfortable than pleasurable. They said some things they didn't really mean as they put it in and then they thrust about for a couple of minutes, before leaving you with a sticky mess to clean up, and the stuff leaked everywhere.

It wasn't as though Jackie wasn't interested in sex, guys definitely fascinated her, but not in anyway she could define. She understood that her limited experiences to date had left her wanting and so she told herself, and David, that she was saving herself for Mr Right. Now David had worked out that he was obviously not Mr Right, so why did he stick with Jackie? Because she was a good-looking girl and he liked having a classy girl at his side, although he would never admit that was his sole reason.

Life was pretty uncomplicated for David. Days just drifted into each other with little sense of purpose, like a lazy old meandering river. The nearest he got to a bit of excitement outside of his dreams, was a stolen peek down Jackie's top. Rare as those moments were, he figured they were worth the wait. One day he hoped he might get the biggest treat of his life and catch her without a bra. Not much of a fantasy, he would readily admit, but probably his most realistic one for the foreseeable future.

It was in early spring, with the arrival of a new neighbour, when things took a drastic change in his life. Nineteen year old Jason was a trendy dresser and quite good looking as guys go, not that David considered himself much of a judge of guys, but he recognised Jason would be babe-bait as soon as he met him. David's mother thought it would be nice if David accompanied Jason to college and help him settle in seeing as they were the same age. David was less than keen on the idea.

Jason was aloof, as though he regarded himself superior to David. He seemed to talk down to David, his tone demeaning, almost scornful at times, and there was an air of authority about him that was both confident and challenging. However, there was one big bonus to Jason that David just couldn't ignore, his mother. David thought Mrs Lewis was absolutely hot. Everything about her just seemed to ooze sexuality. She was dripping with it. The confidence in the way she walked, the way she talked and held herself, her mannerisms — everything. Not only that, she was utterly drop dead gorgeous, and with the best come-to-bed-eyes he had ever seen.

It was because of Mrs Lewis that David went out of his way to make Jason feel welcome. He spent more and more time at the Lewis' house, and the more time he spent there, the more his obsession with Mrs Lewis grew. Mrs Lewis was divorced from Jason's father, a wealthy city financer, which probably accounted for her being able to afford such a fine house, boasting five bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool. But it wasn't the obviously healthy state of her finances that attracted David. Mrs Lewis had a quiet air of authority about her that plagued David's mind, invading his dreams with erotic images never before experienced. Even during the waking hours, he would catch himself daydreaming about her.

For about a week nothing of actual note took place. David saw little of Mrs Lewis beyond a brief exchange of pleasantries at the front door and much of his time was spent with Jason. Slowly, little by little, Jason started to exert his will over David, asking him to run errands for him because he didn't know where the shops were; asking him to pass things to him that were easily within his own reach. Fired by the erotic images of Jason's mother, David, instead of being repulsed, found it strangely exciting to comply with the demands of another person. He caught himself dreaming, wondering what it would really be like to be at the beck and call of another person, especially in a sexual sense — Wow! That would be dynamite, but not with a man!

He dreamt of serving Mrs Lewis, running errands for her as he was doing for her son. Taking his clothes off as she commanded him, allowing her to do things to him, or him to her, all things and everything! His whole world became sexually charged in a way hitherto never experienced. It was as though he was looking at the world through different eyes. He would suddenly find himself semi-erect, waking-up from a daydream in the classroom, or roused from sleep, bathed in sweat with a huge and demanding erection.

Mrs Lewis of course suspected nothing. And if she did, she said and did nothing to either encourage or discourage David's attendance to her home as the weeks passed. Jason on the other hand appeared to treat his new found friend with total indifference, and started to use him more and more.

"Put the kettle on." Jason would command, and off David would go to make them both a drink, not forgetting to offer to make Mrs Lewis one at the same time.

When Mrs Lewis asked Jason to cut the grass, Jason protested strongly and David volunteered to do it for her. Slowly a mould was being set; David was becoming Jason's skivvy. Whilst this was happening at a subliminal level, things were about set for a radical change.

One evening David went to put the kettle on and as usual searched for Mrs Lewis to offer her a drink at the same time. David entered the kitchen after failing to find Mrs Lewis. On passing the French doors leading into the swimming pool, he spied Mrs Lewis and the sight near took his breath away. Mrs Lewis was standing by the pool changing into her swimming costume. She had her back to the door. David couldn't help himself, he lingered, watching her slip out of her things.

She was everything, and more, he imagined her to be. Slender and shapely, a picture of female perfection as she lowered her panties, unaware of the awe struck observer behind her. And then fate took a nasty twist as Jason walked into the kitchen. One look at David's red face and a cursory glance through the window as his mother pulled her costume on, told Jason everything. The bulge in David's trouser front was unmistakable, a confession of guilt.

"What the hell do you think you are doing spying on my mother like that?" Jason demanded angrily.

"I wasn't... I was going to offer her a drink. I couldn't find her and just came across her now." Despite being true, his excuse sounded feeble. David knew it and so did Jason.

"I think I'd better tell her what you've been up to in our house."

"No! Look, it was an accident. Don't upset her — I'm sorry, okay."

"What's it worth?"


"My silence?"

"What do you want?" The idea of being reported to Mrs Lewis, maybe even his own parents too, and being banished from the Lewis household weighed heavily on his mind.

Jason looked at him hard, and then a small sneer of satisfaction crossed his face. "You'll be my slave. Do all the chores I hate, everything I tell you."


"You heard me. You'll do everything I tell you, no matter how humiliating, when I tell you. That's the deal, take it or leave it?"

"For how long?" David asked unhappily.

"Four weeks."

"A month!?" David cried, although he felt a month of doing the same as he had been doing wasn't so bad.

"One whole month of doing exactly as I tell you, no questions — you just obey." There was a glint in Jason's eyes that told David this would be very different to how things had been and he didn't know if that was a good thing or not. "Now go upstairs and we will finalise this properly, make it official."

David had no idea what Jason meant by his last remark, but he duly returned upstairs and nervously waited for Jason. He hoped to God that Jason wasn't conferring with his mother in his absence and telling her what he had just discovered. Jason arrived in his room. He looked David up and down, a thin smile of satisfaction on his face. He took out a pad and pen and handed them to David. "You write, I'll dictate, that way it's in your own handwriting and you won't be able to deny it."

"What have I got to write?"

"A confession, followed by your agreement to do everything I say, and I mean everything!"

Jason dictated the confession, deliberately wording it in the most damning way imaginable. When David started to protest, Jason gave him the ultimatum: write or he would go directly to his mother. He took the page when David had finished and read it through as he lounged back on his bed.

"This makes you my property for the next month." He said triumphantly, folding the page carefully. "I shall be like your king, your only objective is to serve me to my complete satisfaction every day for the next month — you will be my slave."

"W-what sort of things will I have to do?"

"Everything. Wash my car, run errands to the shops for my mother, cut the grass, kiss my ass..."

David chuckled at his last comment. Jason looked up at him. "You think I'm kidding? You'll suck my cock if I tell you. I'll even fuck your ass, or fuck your girlfriend if I want to."

Now that was one thing David was confident Jason would never do. Jackie would never allow Jason to so much as touch her, never mind fuck her. But sucking on Jason's cock was a different matter altogether...

"I'm not gay!" David protested.

"You'll be gay for the next month if I tell you. In fact you can start by taking all your clothes off right now!"

"What for!" David protested in horror.

"Because I said so!"

"Aw — come on, this is silly!"

"Now I'm going to whip your naked ass." Jason sneered at him pulling himself off the bed.

"You're joking, right?" David said nervously.

"It was six of the best, now it'll be twelve. Either do it or I run this note downstairs to my mother."

Gingerly, David took his t-shirt off and undid his trousers, "Your mother won't come in will she?"

"It will serve you right if she does — now get on with it."

Turning his back to Jason, David let his trousers drop.

"Everything — right off!"

"Come on..." David complained.


"Jesus!" David swore under his breath, pulling his shorts off and standing totally nude in front of Jason, hands cupped modestly in front of himself.

Jason smirked, looking at him hard, "Lie facedown on the bed, grab the headboard with both hands and don't let go."

David moved to Jason's bed and apprehensively lowered himself down.

"Nice tight little ass," Jason commented with a chuckle, "Don't worry, I'll soon soften it up for you. Now spread your legs and bury your face in the pillow. You make a sound out of that pillow and we start all over again. Don't let go of the headboard or the same will happen, we start again."

Peering back at Jason he suddenly saw the folded belt in his hand. He pushed his face hard into the pillow and gritted his teeth. The cheeks of his ass clenched tight, braced for the blow. The first strap exploded across his rear. He gripped the headboard fiercely as he gasped with shock into the pillow. The second ball of fire erupting across his ass sent his legs bucking wildly as he forced his face into the pillow to bury his screech. Still he clung to the headboard as if his life depended on it. It didn't get any easier, each strap was measured in terms of pace and position. Eighteen painful lashes he endured, his raw behind a blazing mass of pain that seemed to torture every fibre of his being.

He stood before Jason, all trace of personal dignity fled him as he clutched his throbbing behind, biting back the tears that welled in his eyes. Not caring that Jason stood back in smug contentment or eyed his limp cock.

"Let that be your first lesson. You belong to me now. Cross me again, answer me back or fail to do as I tell you and you'll get more."

Jason made David remain naked as he had him tidy his bedroom for him while he lounged on his bed reading a magazine. Every so often he would look up and issue another command or set of instructions before turning back to his magazine. He allowed David to dress only to go downstairs and make him a coffee, as soon as he returned David was made to strip naked again while Jason laid the magazine down to watch.

When David returned home the first thing he did was examine himself in the mirror. He was appalled by the sight that met him. A mass of criss-crossing angry red welts greeted him. Worse still was how tender his behind was, it pained him just to touch himself.

That night he was forced to sleep on his side because his rear was so sore. That didn't stay his dreams though. The thought of Jason ordering him to undress and lie naked on his bed was weirdly exciting. Jason plagued his dreams, invaded his mind with images of being directed and dominated by him, of sucking Jason's cock. He woke suddenly, in pain, his ass on fire. He turned on the bed to relieve the pressure and realised he had a hard-on. A HARD-ON! Jeez, he couldn't believe it!

The next evening David went round to Jason's house as ordered, ordered mind you, no longer was it an invitation. Mrs Lewis opened the door to him and smiled.

"Go right up, Jason is expecting you."

David moved quickly upstairs without pausing to exchange his usual pleasantries with Mrs Lewis. Jason was in the shower and David waited quietly in his room, wondering what was in store for him this evening. Jason appeared with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Get undressed." He ordered.


The glaring look from Jason cut him short. "I want to see the marks I left on you last night."

David quickly stripped off his things and stood, hands cupped before him while Jason walked around him to view his ass.

"Get down on your hands and knees."

He dropped quickly to the floor, anxious to escape further punishment. Jason hovered behind him.

"Lower you forehead to the floor and stick your ass up in the air."

David complied, praying Mrs Lewis wouldn't suddenly walk in and catch him like this.

"Nice ass." Jason remarked. "Perhaps I should fuck you — get down behind you and stick my cock up your ass!"

"No... Please..." David whimpered with genuine anxiety. And then as a token of appeasement he added... "Sir."

"Sir — I like that." He walked around in front of David. "Actually I've got a better idea — sit up."

All ready feeling humiliated David pulled himself upright to sit back on his haunches despite his sore behind. The towel about Jason's waist fell to the floor and he found himself staring at Jason's hardening cock.

"You know what to do."

"I-I'm not sure what you mean." David stuttered, looking at Jason's cock lifting in the air.

"Yes you do, now just get on with it."


"Do you want me to stick it up your ass?"


"Open your mouth then and suck you stupid bastard, or you'll feel my belt again."

David had never sucked a man's cock before and wasn't entirely sure how to go about it. Bewildered, he leaned forward, trying to catch Jason's bobbing cock in his mouth. He felt as ridiculous as he supposed he looked. He gave up and reached forward, taking it in his hand, then opened his mouth wide, pointing the head in the opening of his mouth before lightly closing his lips around Jason's cock.

He could not believe he was kneeling naked on the floor of Jason's bedroom sucking his cock. If Mrs Lewis should walk in he didn't know what he would do. The mere thought of Mrs Lewis walking and catching him like this started to make his own cock fill out.

Gaining slightly in confidence, he began to feed Jason's cock in and out of his mouth, bobbing his head back and forth, feeling the swell increase in Jason's cock as he worked. The slobbering noises he made while sucking on Jason's cock both startled and dismayed him, piling further indignity upon his humiliation. Only one thing was worse than the loud slurping noises and that was having to contend with the choking. Jason, it seemed, was determined to ram his cock down the back of his throat. Just when he thought to have got things properly under control, Jason flooded his mouth.

"Swallow." Jason wheezed., gripping David's head fiercely in a vice like grip.

David swallowed, although every instinct rebelled, telling him to spit the foul stuff from his mouth. When he had finished, Jason demanded that David lick his cock clean and he had to endure the embarrassment of kneeling before his tormentor and lick his cock.

Once dressed, Jason allowed David to put his things back on before telling him to go and wash his car and then make them both a cup of coffee. More than anything else in the world, David wanted a drink of something, anything to take away the foul salty taste of Jason's seed from his mouth.

He washed Jason's car, still thinking about what he had just done. It was like a vision on total replay, every feature in precise detail: Jason's coarse pubic hair before his eyes as his hips shoved back and forth, his cock filing his mouth, sliding over his tongue. The noisy slurping of his own mouth echoing back at him, so loud that half the street must have heard, and the deluge of hot fluid engulfing the back of his throat, filling his mouth with sourness. And then there was his tongue, licking the wilting cock, playing over the silky smoothness of another man's bulging helmet. Oh God, the thoughts were making him hard again — how could that be?

David cleaned up the tools and quickly went to make the coffee. The water he had gulped down from the hosepipe had failed to cleanse his mouth of the bitter taste of Jason. Not even the teaspoon of sugar he took while making the coffee helped expunge the taste entirely from his mouth. He decided against going in search of Mrs Lewis again in case he found her in some other compromising situation and as he headed out of the kitchen to the stairs he ran into her, almost spilling coffee over the two of them. She looked at the cups and then at David.

"Did I offend you somehow David?" She quizzed.

"I'm sorry Mrs Lewis — would you like a cup of coffee, I'll make you one."

"Tut-tut! Naughty boy," She teased, "I should smack your bottom for bad manners, but you might like that. Go on, I'll make my own."

David was galvanised with shock. Did she know? Mrs Lewis went down the hall before he could recover himself. He returned upstairs, troubled by Mrs Lewis' comments. It was quickly forgotten when Jason announced that he was going to invite a few people over for a small party in a couple of weeks time.

"I'm visiting my father this weekend so it will have to be the weekend after. I expect you to act as waiter, look after the drinks, make sure nothing gets spilt and my mother doesn't get upset by the mess."

David was mortified. A Waiter — in front of everyone! This was going too far and he said so. Jason decided that as punishment for his complaining, not only would he look after the drinks, he was to spend the entire evening dressed in a small pair of white swimming trunks and a white bow-tie.

"But I don't have either."

"Then buy some, and the trunks had better be small. You can get them tomorrow. My mother has suggested you bring your girlfriend over to use our swimming pool tomorrow evening."

David was reluctant at the idea of bringing Jackie over, recalling that Jason had suggested he might fuck her, and tried to make excuses.

"Just do it." Jason told him, closing the discussion. "And don't forget to bring your new trunks with you."

When David returned home, he had plenty of things to think about. Not least was the fact that Jason had made him suck his cock, which David found sickening, yet inexplicably stimulating. More worryingly was his suspicion that Mrs Lewis knew something, but what? If she knew that David had been watching her then the whole deal with Jason was off, but how did he prove that? And then there was the party — what would his friends say, what would they think? With those thoughts racing round his head, David drifted off to sleep.

David picked Jackie up shortly after seven and they drove round to Jason's house. He was troubled by what Jason might be planning for the evening with Jackie present. One of his concerns was immediately put to rest when he discovered no other cars present on the Lewis' drive, it meant nobody else had been invited. Mrs Lewis showed them in. Jason rarely, if ever, answered the door.

"You can use my room to change in." Mrs Lewis told Jackie, a beaming smile of hospitality on her face. "I expect you'll use Jason's room, he's up there now if you'd like to go on up."

He looked at her full of admiration. Mrs Lewis tilted her head slightly, a small questioning frown of amusement on her face. He recovered himself quickly.

"Will you be joining us Mrs Lewis?" David asked in complete innocence.

"I don't think so." She looked at him sideways and David felt himself redden under her gaze. Her look spoke volumes yet said nothing.

David hurried upstairs and found Jason already dressed in his trunks.

"Is Jackie with you?"

"She's changing in your mother's room."

"Did you bring your new trunks?"

David confirmed that he had.

"Good, let's see them then."

David showed him the trunks he had purchased and Jason told him to put them on. He lounged on the bed watching David undress himself, making no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking, though David was getting used to undressing himself in front of Jason. The trunks were very small, hardly covering his ass, and uncomfortably tight across the front.

"They are too small." David complained, looking down himself. "They didn't have my size, I had to get the next size down."

"They're perfect." Jason told him, eyeing the spill of pubic hair with amusement. "Let's go down and find Jackie."

They headed downstairs for the pool. David was worried about what Jackie would think when she saw him, his consternation realised when Mrs Lewis suddenly appeared at the foot of the stairs, announcing that she had just shown Jackie to the pool. Her eyes latched onto David's sparse trunks, pausing on the snug pouch at his front. She smiled, pursing her lips in an attempt to conceal her expression. She turned and walked away. David felt stupid.

"Hi Jason." Jackie waved energetically from the water. "Great pool." She looked at David and burst out laughing. "Lose your trunks and had to borrow a pair?"

"Would you like a coffee or something Jackie?" Jason offered, ignoring David and Jackie's remark.

"Cool! Coffee by the pool."

"Make the coffee." Jason ordered.

Jackie glanced quickly at David, her face a picture of astonishment. More so as she watched him meekly turn and head back to the kitchen. In the kitchen David was immediately struck with a dilemma. After the previous evening he couldn't forget Mrs Lewis, even though he felt little inclination to go in search of her dressed as he was. He determined to brazen it out, trying to look and act as naturally as was possible when he found her.

Mrs Lewis was sitting in the living room watching the news on television. She looked up when he appeared, hovering in the doorway as if reluctant to enter. Her eyes fell from his face, fleetingly, and then, as if remembering herself, bounced back to meet his gaze. His face reddening as he asked if she would like a coffee. She thanked him and watched him depart, hiding her smirk until he had gone.

When David took the mugs of coffee through to the pool, he found Jason and Jackie sitting on the side of the pool talking together. They hardly acknowledged him as he passed them their coffees. Jackie was deep in discussion about her college course. Jason for once, appeared to be interested in someone other than himself. David noticed Jason's eyes lower to Jackie's wet swimsuit. Her nipples were standing out erect against the fabric. He glanced up at David, a smug smile of conveyance on his face, reminding him of his suggestion of fucking Jackie.

David returned to the kitchen and took Mrs Lewis' coffee through. He couldn't linger in the door this time and had to approach her with the coffee. Again her eyes fixed on the pouch at the front of his shorts.

"Thank you David." She watched him set the mug down on the table beside her. "Tell me, how you are getting on these days — we haven't spoken much lately."

"Fine thank you Mrs Lewis. How's yourself?"

"Getting along nicely," She stole a sideways peek at him. "I must say, you and Jason appear to be getting on very well."

"I guess." David answered aimlessly.

"He's very lucky in you." She said, staying him as he started to turn.

"Thank you. I don't know what to say."

"I wish I could find someone as willing to run around after me as you do for him."

"Well, if you ever need any help Mrs Lewis, you only have to ask."

"That's very nice of you to offer David. I might just keep that in mind." She looked pointedly at the front of his trunks, her tone teasing as she continued. "Will you dress like that?"

His face reddened. He didn't know what to say.

"A little on the small side don't you think?" Her smile broadened, her gaze returning to his. "They are only just decent!"

"I could probably do with a new pair. I think I've outgrown these."

"You mind you don't grow out of them!" She raised her eyebrows in good humour and chuckled. "Now that would be something!"

"I'll bear that in mind Mrs Lewis." He tried to smile, it felt cumbersome and forced. He turned to leave and was stopped dead in his tracks.

"David! What have you done to yourself?"

"Eh!?" He turned in surprise.

"Your bottom! Turn around, let me see properly!"

He was mortified, scrabbling for words that failed him as he turned his back to Mrs Lewis and peered over his shoulder.

"It's bruised! How did you do that? Let me have a proper look!"

"Aww! It's nothing. I fell off my mountain bike at the weekend and took a bit of a tumble on my backside downhill."

"Come here. Let me look!" Her tone was one of genuine concern.

"It's nothing. Honestly."

"Don't be so bashful David. Has your mother seen it — No? Then let me, unless you'd prefer I mention it to your mother and got her to take a look?"

He was mortified at the suggestion Mrs Lewis would tell his mother. She would not so readily accept such an unconvincing tale of falling off his bike. "Really it's nothing."


He turned his back to her. Screwing his eyes closed in humiliation. She pulled the back of his trunks down. The front followed and he cupped his hands before himself guardedly.

"Goodness me — does it hurt?" Her eyes staring at his tight cheeks, and the lines of fading hues of green and blue that had merged together.

"Not really — least not now it doesn't."

"That must have been some crash." Her fingers sank softly into his firm cheek and gently squeezed. "Does that hurt?"

"No." He lied.

"What about your coccyx?"

"My what?" He peered back over his shoulder at her once more.

"The bone at the bottom of your backbone, it's not unusual for that to be broken after an accident like yours. Here let me look — just lean forward a bit and tell me if this hurts."

Protesting was pointless. The easiest thing to do was get it over with. He leaned forward a little and felt her cool fingers slide between the cheeks of his ass. Her thumb extended outwards across his cheek, gripping him lightly. She pressed gently against the bone.

"How's that feel?"

Terrific, he thought, except you're giving me a hard-on! "Okay." He muttered, acutely aware of the slow stiffness beneath his hands.

"And this?" Her fingers inched down and pressed in.

"Yes — okay."

Her fingers gently wriggled down between his cheeks and gave a push against his coccyx. She didn't ask, there was no need, if he had damaged his coccyx they would have both known about it by now. She closed her thumb and fingers together, squeezing the cheek of his ass.

"Nice bum," She told him, her humour returning, "Shame about the bruises."

"Thank you Mrs Lewis." He pulled his trunks back up and adjusted himself out front so he could fit himself into the trunks. He moved around the chair she was sitting in. He couldn't escape her view. He just hoped she wouldn't notice.


"Yes Mrs Lewis?"

"Did you really mean what you said earlier about helping out if I needed it?"

"Why yes Mrs Lewis."

"Thank you. That was very sweet of you. An extra pair of hands would be good sometimes, I'm afraid Jason is rather lazy." Her tone softened, "And don't worry about the trunks, they look great. The girls might tease you about them, but secretly they'll love them." Her eyes rolled down. She saw. Her eyes travelled back to his. She smiled. "I think you need that swim."

David blushed deeply and quickly made his escape. When he entered the pool room, he dived straight in the water to escape the chance of either Jackie or Jason spotting the exaggerated bulge in his trunks. He swam over to them. They were still sitting with their feet dangling in the water. David remained in the pool. The three of them chatted for a while. Jason was charming in his manner toward Jackie and considerably less so with David. He explained to her that David had volunteered to act as waiter for his forthcoming party and because he was the host, he didn't want Jackie to be left out. To that end he thought this evening was a good opportunity for the two of them to get better acquainted. Jackie appeared impressed.

They frolicked in the pool for the next hour. Then sat and talked again. Jason suggested another coffee. Jackie accepted. He turned and looked at David. Jackie looked mildly amused when David hauled himself out of the water and duly wandered off to make the coffee.

"He's making an effort to practice for the party." Jason explained.

David took a cup through to Mrs Lewis without bothering to ask if she wanted one. It was simpler. He still felt guilty about what had happened earlier.

"Calmed down now I see?"

His face blushed deep red.

"I'm sorry, I was only teasing you."

"It's okay." He answered lamely.

"Did you know that your trunks are see-through when they are wet?"

"What!" He looked down himself in shock.

"Not much," She chuckled, "But enough!"

"Oh my God! I'd better get another pair before Jason's party."

"Oh I shouldn't do that — not if I was you." She winked at him. "You'll go down a treat."

David carried the cups through to the pool. Jackie's eyes fixed on him, staring straight at the front of his trunks in wide-eyed surprise as he passed her the coffee.

"David?" She gasped in surprise, quickly averting her gaze.

"What?" He hadn't noticed her looking.

"Nothing! Thanks for the coffee."

They talked some more while drinking their coffee. Jackie got up and walked to the end of the pool. Jason's eyes followed her, admiring the sway of her rear. She knew they were watching, David could tell. And she was enjoying the attention. She dived in and swam leisurely on her back up the length of the pool. Her eyes flicked sideways briefly at Jason, just to make sure he was watching her. He was. The return trip she did breast-stroke. Legs splaying widely as she kicked out against the water. She knew what she was doing, and so did David.

It was getting late. Mrs Lewis offered the use of her shower to Jackie. David followed Jason upstairs to his room.

"Undress me and towel me off." Jason commanded.

David felt oddly aroused as he tugged Jason's wet trunks down his legs. He set to work with the towel, rubbing it briskly down his back and front. He worked the towel between Jason's thighs and down his legs, trying to ignore the fact that Jason was getting a hard-on.

"You know what to do so just get on with it."

David knelt obediently and took Jason's cock in his hand. He stroked it a couple of times, watching the head grow. He moved forward and took him in his mouth. Jason began to push back against him, his cock thick and hard.

"I wonder what Jackie would say if she could see you now, sucking my cock!" He laughed.

The idea exploded like an atom bomb in David's head. He tried to picture it. Jackie standing to one side, watching with amused interest as Jason rammed his cock in and out of David's mouth. He knew bloody well that Jackie would enjoy the sight. It didn't have to be Jason's cock, or David's mouth for that matter. Sex was not something she would actively participate in, put that didn't mean she wasn't interested in it.

"Shall I invite her up?" Jason offered, ramming his heavy cock deep into David's mouth.

He choked and shook his head, but the idea really turned him on. He tightened his lips, smoothly sucking and sliding his mouth along Jason's hard shaft.

"You'd like that really wouldn't you, I can tell. She could watch you lick my balls. In fact you can lick them now — go on!"

David released Jason's cock from his mouth, feeling his own saliva wet against his cheek as he pushed his face into Jason's groin and extended his tongue. His hairy balls tickled his tongue as he pressed out and up, seeking out Jason's scrotum and licking. His own cock pushed out from the front of his tiny trunks as he lapped at Jason's balls, thinking of Jackie watching him.

Jason grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back, pointing his hard cock at David's mouth. David opened and took him in.

"She is going to taste me when she kisses you tonight!" He sneered. "And just so you know. The cock you are sucking on right now is going to fuck her. You'll know it because you'll taste her hot cunt on my cock afterwards."

Oh no you won't. David thought shrewdly, because she won't let you. Although the thought of it excited him just the same.

"I'd let you watch me fuck her, but I doubt she would let you." Jason continued gloatingly. "So you'll just have to imagine it, my cock fucking her just like I'm fucking your mouth now... eee-ahhh!"

Hot cum burst into the back of David's mouth. He drank as the hot seed shot forth, burst after burst. He eased himself out of David's mouth.

"Lick it clean, every inch."

David sucked his shrinking cock clean, and then followed through with his tongue. Jason stepped back. Looking down he saw David's erection hanging out of his trunks. He laughed.

"Stand up!"

David rose to his feet shamefaced as he tried to conceal himself behind his hands. There was a thoughtful look on Jason's face. Whatever it was that struck him, he didn't reveal it. He looked down and laughed at David's hard cock.

"So the idea did turn you on? Which one was it, Jackie watching you suck me off or me fucking her in front of you? Maybe it was both? Take your trunks off."

David complied and as he stood up straight in front of Jason, Jason suddenly slapped his erect cock. It bounced wildly from side to side, slapping the top of his thighs before coming to rest.

"You'd better jerk yourself off. You won't be much use to her tonight after that will you?"

David stared at him incomprehensibly for a moment until Jason told him to get on with it. Jason perched himself on the edge of his bed and watched as David started to masturbate.

"Maybe I should invite her up to watch this."

And she would come running at the chance. David thought. She had actually suggested once during a heavy necking session when it became obvious to them both that David was sporting a massive erection, that she didn't mind if he needed to take care of it, just so long as he didn't expect her to take care of it for him. The hint was not lost on David, although he didn't fancy tossing himself off while she sat and observed him.

"Use you trunks. You make a mess and you'll lick it up."

His concentration broken as he quickly gathered up his trunks, it took him a moment to recover himself. With matters back in hand, his pace quickened. Jason watched him intently. It was like he was studying him as he jerked himself off. When he came, he smothered the end of his cock with his trunks and grunted quietly as he shot his load.

"That's you fucked for the night." Jason chortled. "Now get dressed and fuck off. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Gosh! You were a long time." Jackie complained at the foot of the stairs.

"I had to wait for Jason to finish in the shower first." He lied smoothly. Lying was become a little too easy.

He drove her home. She commented on how nice Jason was. Roughly translated that meant she liked him, a lot. They kissed good night. Not the long lingering kiss they usually shared. She said nothing — could she really taste Jason on his lips?

He returned home with another caseload of thoughts racing around his head. Jason's mother was not the least among them. He could scarce believe that she had actually pulled down the back of his trunks and touched him up. Had she touched him up — or was it genuine concern? Whatever it was, it had felt damn nice having her looking at him and feeling him like that. He got the tissues and locked himself in the bathroom. He was doing that a lot lately, masturbating at least once a day, some times as often as three times in one day!

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