Andy Taylor
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the second in the related "Kathy Carlson" series.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

Kelly Carmichael was scared. Today was the most important day of her young life — she had just turned eighteen and was now a legal adult. She was standing in front to the entrance of the most impressive apartment building she had ever seen. This was the place where her friend, Barbara Cumings, had been enslaved by Andrea Taylor. And yet Bobbie had achieved her goal. It had been painful, but she had come away with over $100,000.

For Kelly, it represented an opportunity. If she could make it happen, she thought she could earn more, possibly much more. Then she would have the money for Kevin Fitzpatrick to get his start in the construction business. He's so smart! she thought. And he's almost finished college, too.

There had been a time when Kelly thought of going to college, but she had given up on the idea. Among her friends going to college was hoity-toity. All you need is a man and a job, they said, and college didn't help get either one. While she stood on the sidewalk steeling her nerve, she thought briefly of some of the things Barbara had been made to do.

Kelly had even been practicing. She had been drinking her urine every day for a week now. Although she hadn't eaten her own shit, she had actually put it on a plate a couple of times. Although she had intended to practice eating her excrement, too, when Barbara had finally staggered home from the Taylor's and called Kelly, she was terribly sick. While they didn't know what caused it, they both thought it was probably some disease contracted by eating her own excrement. While Kelly was prepared to do it, she figured there was no sense taking unnecessary chances and risk being sick when she went to apply for a position as a slave.

Finally screwing up her courage, she marched up the walk to the entrance which was set well back from the street. As she went up the walk, she realized how expensive an apartment in the building must be if they would leave so much valuable land vacant. A doorman opened the door for her when she reached it and looked at her strangely. Kelly's blue eyes widened as she realized there was also a receptionist in the lobby in addition to the doorman.

Clearing her throat she said, "Kelly Carmichael to see Mrs. Taylor, please. Mrs. Andrea Taylor?"

Now that she was standing in front of him, Kelly realized that the receptionist was, in fact, an armed guard. Looking at her skeptically he placed a call and then spoke quietly into the phone. Kelly was watching him closely so she saw it when his eyes widened for an instant in surprise. Looking at her he said, "You may go up. Take the special elevator over there." The guard indicated an elevator set off by itself away from the main elevator bank. Then he told her that it was fully automatic.

As she walked over to it Kelly worried when she saw that there was no call button. Rather, there was a key switch in the wall. Nevertheless, as she reached the door it slid open silently. As soon as she entered the elevator car the door silently closed and it began to rise rapidly up the shaft. After a few moments she could feel the car's speed slow and then it came to a very smooth stop. Again the doors opened silently and she stepped out.

She found herself in a small elevator lobby, not a great deal larger than the elevator car itself. There was a small table and on it was a vase with fresh flowers while a mirror hung on the wall above it. Kelly used it to check her appearance.

Looking at herself she saw her brilliant blue eyes and her dark hair that was long and teased the way all her friends were wearing theirs now. At five feet eight she was much taller than her friends and was glad that Kevin was six feet three. Her complexion under the heavy makeup she was wearing was good. Rather than the common very fair skin so often found among the Irish, she had a medium complexion that tanned. Since it was January, though, she was very white. Putting her shoulders back to force her tits out, she rang the bell and waited to meet Mrs. Taylor.

The door opened and Kelly's jaw almost dropped in astonishment. She didn't know exactly what to expect — from what Barbara had said, the door would be opened by the butler or a maid — but she never expected to see the woman who was standing there. She found herself looking at the most beautiful blonde she had ever seen! The girl — not much older than she was, Kelly thought — was also five feet eight. She had the most brilliant blue eyes Kelly had ever seen and very short hair — a boy's haircut, actually — but hair that was the color of newly minted yellow gold. She thought it looked beautiful with her deep golden tan. Most surprising to Kelly, though, was the woman's attire: she was wearing skin-tight Levis and a light-blue work shirt with the sleeves torn off at the shoulders.

"May I help you?" the woman asked in the most wonderfully warm voice Kelly had ever heard.

Who is this woman? she wondered. Nothing Barbara had told her had prepared her for this — and ever since she began planning for her slavery she had been pumping Bobbie for every scrap of information regarding the Taylors that she could get.

Holding her head up straight, she said as firmly as she was able, "I am Kelly Carmichael. I am here to see Mrs. Taylor. Is she in?"

The woman extended her hand and said, "Hi, Kelly Carmichael. I'm Andy Pierce, Mrs. Taylor's secretary. She's not home right now but perhaps I can help you. Won't you please come in?"

As soon as she entered the apartment, Kelly received another surprise: The unit looked as if a cyclone had hit it. When she looked bewildered, the other girl laughed. It was the loveliest, most musical laugh Kelly had ever heard. She decided instantly that she liked this girl very much.

Then Andy asked, "Have you eaten yet? I was about to make something for lunch. Are you interested?"

"Thank ... Thank you very much," she stammered. "That would be very nice."

Andy led the way to the kitchen which was also messed up, although it was much cleaner and more finished than any of the other rooms they had passed through. Moreover, it looked like all of the cabinets and appliances in place were brand new. Andy explained that the whole apartment was being redecorated and they had done the kitchen first. Although it wasn't quite finished, it was usable.

Casually sweeping some debris off a chair onto the floor, she wiped the seat off with a paper towel and asked Kelly to sit down. When she asked if an omelette would be all right, Kelly quickly agreed although she wasn't entirely certain what an omelette was. She thought it had eggs but wasn't sure.

Then she sat and watched in utter amazement as Andy moved so quickly and deftly to prepare a lunch for both of them. First she served onion soup that was like nothing Kelly had ever seen before. It was covered with a crust of cheese and, when the crust was broken, she smelled the most heavenly aroma rising to her nostrils.

Andy had cleared off the end of a table and then sat down beside her to eat. Snapping her fingers, she jumped up again and came back with half a loaf of very fresh warm French bread and unsalted butter. Kelly watched Andy carefully out of the corner of her eye and did what she did. When she tried the soup, she found it was marvelous. The bread was the finest she had ever had. The soup was followed by a lovely salad. Although she didn't normally eat salads she did like them. But the salad she ate was far better than any salad she had ever had in her life.

Andy returned to the stove and Kelly watched her. In no time she was back with an incredible omelette. I guess I'm right, she thought, An omelette is made with eggs. And yet it tasted like no eggs she had ever eaten. She was waiting for Andy — that seemed to be the right thing to do — when Andy told her to start eating — an omelette got very cold very fast.

She recognized potatoes on the plate but they were different from any potatoes the girl had ever seen in her life. They not only looked like little balloons, that is exactly what they were. When she tried to use her fork to pick one up and it crumbled, Andy told her with a grin to just use her fingers. She did and found them marvelous. As she ate, Kelly marveled at what she had just witnessed: Andy had prepared a gourmet luncheon in just a few minutes. When Andy returned with her own omelette, they ate in companionable silence.

When they finished, Andy cleared the plates and produced crème caramèl and then coffee. Finally Andy looked at her and asked, "Would you like something else? Cheese... ? Fruit... ?"

Although Kelly shook her head, Andy liked the idea. She produced a platter of cheeses and a bowl of fruit and placed them on the table. Then she said, "I think it's more fun to get acquainted over some fruit and cheese. It's more relaxing." Then she changed the subject: "Now what brings you here today, Kelly?"

"I ... I ... I have some confidential business to discuss with Mrs. Taylor."

"I am Mrs. Taylor's confidential secretary," Andy said quietly. "Can you tell me about it? She won't be back for a while."

Figuring she had nothing to lose, Kelly squared her shoulders again and said, "I'm a friend of Barbara Cumings. Could I wait for Mrs. Taylor's return?"

Andy slowly shook her head. If there was significance in the name, Barbara Cumings, — and clearly the girl thought there was — it escaped Andy completely.

"She ... She was Mrs. Taylor's slave for almost two weeks ... She made a lot of money."

So that was the girl's name, Andy thought. I never even knew ... Nor cared to know, I guess. "I don't believe I know the name," she said aloud.

"Mrs. Taylor made her do a lot of things ... But she was paid very well." Holding her head up straight Kelly said, "I am offering myself to Mrs. Taylor as her slave. I will do anything and allow anything to be done to me. And I know I'm stronger than Barbara — I think I can take it a lot longer than she could. Will she have me, Andy?" she asked hopefully.

Andy slowly shook her head. Finally she said, "Kelly, I guess you deserve to know the truth. You can see what a mess the apartment is in right now. Could you honestly see 'Drea Taylor living in this ... this mess? The fact is, she's traveling. She won't return until the apartment is back in shape ... And frankly, the way it's going now, God alone knows when that will be." With a warm smile she asked, "Do you want to come back when she returns? It might be three months or so, though, and possibly longer."

Just then the phone rang and Andy left the kitchen to answer it. Although she had not given any sign of it, she had been shaken by Kelly's revelation regarding Barbara Cumings.

Picking up the phone she found it was Kathy Carlson. "Good morning, Mistress Kathy," she said sweetly. "How are you this morning? Stiff and sore, as usual?"

Letting out a low groan Kathy said, "Why did you have to remind me? When you asked me, I moved my ass and it still hurts ... But it hurts so good! Ken went to sleep lying on my back last night with his cock still in my asshole. Right now I'm not sure I can even hold anything in." Kathy then took a deep breath and asked how things were going.

Andy quickly told her about the appearance of Kelly Carmichael and her relationship to Barbara Cumings. "She seems to know what I made Barbara do and is convinced she can take a lot more than Barbara could." Then she asked, "Mistress, can a slave have a slave?"

"Would you kindly knock off that shit?" Kathy retorted. "You are not my slave. We're finished with that! Forever, I hope."

"No, we're not, Mistress," Andy insisted. "You may have released me but I have not accepted release!"

There was a pause and then Kathy sighed with exasperation and asked, "It sounds like you have an idea. Do you?"

"I have a faint glimmer of one," Andy replied. "Have you ever wanted to play Pygmalion?" Then she continued, "I don't have a plan — just a vague outline of one. But Kath ... I beg your pardon, Mistress Kathy ... could you call every day or so about this time? If Kelly answers — and she might — just say you're 'Drea Taylor. Are you willing?"

By now Kathy was intrigued. She said, "What are you thinking about for the Pygmalion test? What will be your measure of success? I suspect you do have an answer for that one."

"How about New York's Debutante of the Year?" Andy replied. "How about if I bet you $10,000 of yours against another year of slavery that I can do it? Want to take the bet?"

"Sure do!" Kathy instantly exclaimed. "But we'll talk about your part of the bet later. It's a deal!"

"There's more, though," Andy added. "I just realized that this project is going to cost some money for clothes, hairdressers, and I-don't-know-what-else. My proposal is this: Mistress Kathy, you front the expenses which will be added to the bet. If I win, you eat them. If you win, I work them off at the rate of $5,000 for each year of slavery. Are you still interested?" Kathy immediately accepted the condition.

Finally Andy said, "I'm pretty sure the girl will play, but how about if I confirm the bet with you tomorrow? She might just tell me to go to hell, and she certainly should."

After closing out the call Andy returned to the kitchen and Kelly. As she expected, the girl was twisting a handkerchief in her hands showing that her nerves were on edge.

Not wanting to torture the poor girl, Andy launched right in. "Kelly, that was 'Drea. I told her you are here although we really didn't get into details because frankly I don't know any. However, I mentioned Barbara Cuming's name and 'Drea recognized it. Her words were, 'I remember her well. She was ... interesting.' She asked me what you looked like and all I could tell her was that you're about five feet eight, have dark hair, blue eyes and seem to have a decent figure — although I haven't really seen it.

"She told me that the deal with Barbara was for $10,000 a day." Looking at Kelly she asked, "Are you a virgin, by any chance?"

Holding her head up straight the girl said, "Yes, I am. I thought ... I thought I might be worth more to Mrs. Taylor if I were. I am completely untouched." Then she added, "But why did you ask?"

"Because she has a proposition for you. I told her you are a local high-school girl — that's correct, isn't it?" When Kelly nodded, Andy continued, "The New York Spring Cotillion is coming up in three months. Although most girls come out in the fall, some do it in the spring.

"The deal is this: If you can be selected as Debutante of the Year at that cotillion she will do two things: First, she will pay you $250,000 cash. Second, since she loves the idea of having a debutante as her slave, she will pay you $25,000 per day for your slavery. There will be a minimum period of four days but your slavery can continue for as long as you can stand it."

When she heard the amount of money, Kelly's eyes lit up. She said, "It's a deal! I accept—"

"Wait!" Andy interrupted. "You didn't let me finish. If you are not successful she will only pay you the minimum wage on a 40-hour basis. That's about $140 per week for the time between now and the cotillion. Furthermore, you agree in advance to be her slave for a minimum of four weeks for a payment of $100 per day — that's a total of $2,800. You may extend it if you wish, but you agree to a minimum of four weeks." Looking at the girl carefully Andy added, "You have to understand there is a significant risk to you in this arrangement. Do you understand it?"

Kelly's face went white as she heard the second part of the arrangement. But then she drew herself up straight in her chair, swallowed hard and said, "I accept. But what do I do now?"

Shaking her head slowly Andy said, "There are two sets of things for you to do. First, we must set you up to be a debutante. Second, I am to prepare you for slavery which is the outcome in either event. And we have to do both at the same time. Are you willing to work?"

When the girl nodded, Andy said, "Well, we might as well get going. As a first step, please undress. You won't be leaving the apartment much, and it's essential for you to get used to being naked at all times."

Suddenly Andy snapped her fingers as she remembered something. "Do you have a boyfriend, by the way? You must have an escort for the cotillion."

Again Kelly went pale but slowly nodded her head and told Andy about her boyfriend, Kevin Fitzpatrick. When she did, Andy swallowed hard realizing that there were really two people to prepare for the cotillion, not just one. Then Andy stood up and quickly slipped out of her clothes.

Kelly's head was reeling. She was facing an opportunity to make far more money than she had ever dreamed. Preoccupied with her thoughts, it didn't register on her that Andy was stripping off her own clothes. When she looked up, she let out a gasp of surprise. Andy was standing in front of her naked, but that was not the surprise. Kelly realized that the woman's entire body was golden and utterly perfect. Even her pubic hair is sun-bleached, the girl thought.

Then she noticed something else. There were lines all over the girl's body. Rising from her chair as if in a trance she reached out and touched Andy's skin and gently ran her fingers over the lines. She could feel them as indentations under her fingers. At the same time she realized that her skin was like satin and was utterly flawless except for the lines.

Andy just stood and watched as the girl ran her slender fingertips over her. Then she said, "Feel my tits. Squeeze them. I assure you I'm not breakable."

When Kelly did, she was amazed to feel how solid they were. At first she thought there were silicone implants but realized they were completely natural in feel. Responding to Andy's further instructions, she squeezed one of her ass cheeks as well. Then she realized something else about this beautiful girl's body: There was nothing other than glorious skin over solid muscles. Nowhere was there even a hint of fat or flab. After feeling Andy all over, Kelly's fingers were drawn, as if by a magnet, back to the lines scoring the woman's body.

"That's the other thing," Andy said. "You're feeling one of my souvenirs of 'Drea. I took over one-hundred strokes with a whip a few weeks ago. As you can see, although they have faded, the remains are still visible." Andy shook her head and added, "Actually, she was in one of her kind moods the next day. I was a bloody mess and could not get out of bed. Even if I could have, because of the bastinado, I couldn't even stand up for several days."

After quickly explaining what the bastinado was, Andy went on, "You see, for every hour of service to her I miss, I receive two lashes. Since we keep score on a twenty-four-hour basis, missing a day of service is forty-eight strokes. Had she enforced it, I would be dead." Andy smiled wryly and said, "I guess I'm too valuable to her alive. You see, Kelly, I am a slave to 'Drea, too."

Kelly's eyes widened at the revelation. This magnificent creature is... a slave? she thought. Then she realized that Andy was giving her a chance to quit before she started and then Andy said exactly that.

Finally Andy said, "There's one more thing you should know. If you decide to go ahead with this — and frankly, I would much rather you wouldn't — you must do exactly as I say. You see, I'm involved, too. To get my ... cooperation ... in getting you ready, I have a year's slavery on the line. If you win, one year is subtracted; if not, a year is added. Do you understand?"

Kelly nodded but Andy shook her head and said, "That's not good enough! You speak English. Say it! Yes or no?"

"Yes, Miss Pierce," Kelly said softly and then more firmly. "I will do exactly what you tell me to do. I intend to become New York's Debutante of the Year!"

"Okay, then," Andy said, "let's get started."

Although Andy was standing naked, Kelly was still fully dressed. "Come over here and let's see what you look like." Kelly rose from her chair and started to take off her sweater but Andy shook her head and said, "No, Kelly. I think I would rather do it for you. As I do, I may have the chance to give you a few pointers."

She took off the girl's sweater which was made of a cheap acrylic fiber and revealed a bra that was also cheap and lacy-looking. After unfastening it, Andy dropped it on the sweater and saw that Kelly's breasts were youthful but full with lovely tip-tilted pink nipples. Then she unfastened the girl's full pleated skirt and let it drop to the floor. Now revealed was a garter belt supporting the girl's black open-mesh stockings. She unsnapped the clips and rolled them down her legs. Then Andy took the girl's garter belt and panties and dropped them to the floor together.

While she had been working on the girl, Andy could feel Kelly trying valiantly to control her trembling. The poor kid is really scared, Andy thought. With the girl now completely naked, Andy rose to her feet, stood back and just looked her over.

When Andy had started to remove her sweater, Kelly could feel her body begin to tremble. Because she was concentrating so hard on trying to control her fear, she was only vaguely aware of what Andy was doing. Then, when Andy rose to her feet and stood back, she was aware for the first time that she was now completely naked. It was all she could do to keep from covering her crotch with one hand and her breasts with the other. As it was, she was hunched over and found it impossible to look directly at Andy.

"Not bad," Andy commented softly. "Not too good, either, but not really bad." Then pointing to a kitchen cabinet that rose vertically from the floor she said, "Kelly, stand with your back to that cabinet. I want you to force your shoulders back, keep your head up straight and look at me!"

Kelly jerked up when she heard the command in Andy's voice. Looking at her, Kelly realized again how brilliant her eyes were. But then she noticed something else in her eyes — it looked to the girl like ... love! She put her back against the indicated cabinet and stood the way she had been instructed.

Andy came over to her and squeezed one of her tits. As she expected it was soft, verging on being flabby. Feeling Andy's fingers, Kelly yelped and jumped. At that Andy lightly slapped her across the face. Kelly knew it was a very light slap because she realized that, with her incredible muscle development, Andy could easily hit her hard enough to knock her out.

"A hell of a slave you are," Andy said scornfully. "My God! I just touched your tit and you jumped!"

"I'm very sorry, Miss Pierce," Kelly replied softly. Then she said, "Thank you for disciplining me." Then with gratitude in her eyes added, "And thank you for hitting me so lightly. I'm sure discipline will be much more severe in the future. Would you like to continue your inspection?"

Andy realized the girl had very good bone structure and basically an excellent figure. However, her belly was quite convex, having been held in by the girdle-like construction of her garter belt. Her hips and thighs were both flabby and full of fatty tissue just below the surface. A careful examination of the girl's tits confirmed her first impression: They were nicely shaped with lovely little pink nipples that thrust upwards. Andy frowned as she looked at the girl's pubic hair. First, it was spread across her loins as Andy's had been before it was plucked. However, unlike Andy's or Kathy's, there was no dense center. Rather, it was wispy and not very attractive.

"Okay," Andy said at last, "Kelly, bend your head over and keep it there. There's something I need to do."

The girl did as she was told and found herself just looking down at the floor. With her head in that position, even raising her eyes as high as they would go enabled her only to see a little more of the kitchen floor. Andy had gone for something and then returned. Now Kelly could see Andy's legs and lower body. Since she could not do anything else, she studied them carefully and decided they were utterly exquisite. When she focused on her pubic hair, she noticed for the first time that it was a very dense and curly golden patch above her bare labia. Kelly concluded that she must have plucked it that way because there was not a single stray hair.

Just then she felt a pulling in her hair and a moment later she recognized a hank of her hair falling to the floor. Andy was doing to Kelly what months earlier she had done to herself: She was using a very sharp knife to cut the girl's hair short. She found she could do a much better job on the girl than she had done on herself, though, because this time she could see what she was doing. Kelly was bent over with her hands on her knees.

Glancing down Andy saw what seemed to be drops of water falling to the floor. She realized the girl knew what was being done to her and was crying but at the same time had not said a word nor made a sound. The primary reason for cutting the girl's hair was that Andy could see that it had been teased and tortured to such a degree as to make it useless to a good hairdresser. Accordingly, she had decided to cut it down to a level where it was still healthy.

When she was finished, she said, "Okay, Kelly, you can stand up straight now. And then come with me."

The girl did and surreptitiously stretched. She had developed cramps from standing in her bent-over position for such a long time. Swallowing hard, she realized how much of her hair, that she had teased and worked on for so many hours, was now lying on the floor. Andy could see the girl's eyes were very red from her weeping as she led the way to a bathroom.

The lavatory sink in the bath was backed by a mirror that rose from the back-splash to the ceiling and covered most of the wall. Kelly looked at her reflection in the mirror and gasped. Then she smiled and said, "I ... I like it. Thank you, Miss Pierce."

Then looking at Andy she asked, "How should I address you? Miss Pierce? Or something else?"

"Miss Pierce or Mistress Andy will be fine, Kelly," she replied. Then she said, "I think I love your hair." What Andy had achieved was a very professional-looking gamine cut. With so much hair out of the way, Kelly's beautiful facial structure became prominent. Now Andy could also see the girl's lovely small ears that sat so close to her head.

"Turn around and face me please, Kelly," Andy directed. As the girl turned Andy went down on her knees in front of her. Looking up at the girl she asked, "Do you know how to eat a girl's cunt?"

Looking frightened, Kelly just shook her head. When Andy raised an eyebrow, the girl quickly corrected herself and said, "No, Mistress Andy, I do not."

"Well, there's no time like the present to learn," Andy said. Moving closer to the girl while still on her knees, she told Kelly to spread her legs wide. Then she began to tongue her slit and lick at her clit. As she worked on the girl's very sweet-tasting love box, she would stop occasionally to explain to her exactly what it was she was doing. Using her tongue as a little cock, she hardened it and drove it up the girl's vagina.

When she brought the girl to orgasm, Andy had her arms around the girl's thighs and ended up supporting most of her weight as the sexual stimulation almost caused the girl to collapse. During one of the times when Andy paused to explain what she was doing, she told Kelly to begin drinking water — as much as she could hold. Whenever the girl could, she did.

Finally, Andy had the girl in continuous orgasm which she held for more than a minute. Although she thought about biting the girl's clit, Andy believed it would cause her to faint and that didn't fit in with her current plans. When she first had the idea to work on the girl, Andy was thinking of it as a form of penance. The only way she could accept herself as a decent person was if she forced herself to do to herself all of the degrading things that she had forced others to do for her.

Instead of biting Kelly's clit, Andy slowly eased her pressure and allowed the girl to slowly regain control. When Andy thought she was back to normal, she sat back on her ankles, looked up and asked, "How did you like it?"

Kelly's eyes had been closed as she just savored the exquisite sensations Andy had been creating in her cunt. Although she had lost control with her hips gyrating uncontrollably, she was vaguely aware of the wonderful sensation of Andy's slim but strong hands moving over her thighs and her ass.

Opening her eyes finally, she looked down at Andy and said, "Mistress Andy, that was delicious! It was so good!" Then she said, "But I'm afraid I drank too much water. If you'll excuse me for a moment..."

Andy smiled warmly and said, "I think you know that Barbara Cumings was forced to drink her urine. Well, that was awhile ago. Never let it be said that 'Drea Taylor isn't creative where degrading others is concerned. While Barbara probably lapped it up from a dish, now 'Drea wants you to catch it in your mouth. Since you have to urinate anyway, just do it in my mouth."

With that Andy moved forward on her knees until her body was between Kelly's still-wide-spread legs. Then she opened her mouth wide and began softly to stroke the girl's thighs and ass. Although Kelly tried to resist, by now she had to go too badly. She began to release a stream of warm yellow liquid which Andy caught in her open mouth.

Although Andy had never done anything like it before, she realized that she would need to open her throat so that she could swallow without closing her mouth. Thinking of opening her throat to Jack's cock, she did just that and accepted the girl's entire stream without missing a drop. When Kelly's bladder was emptied into her body she realized that she had tasted nothing. Then Andy said, "I serve as toilet paper, too." With that she carefully licked the girls crotch again.

Kelly did not know what to do. She had tried to control her bladder but had failed dismally. Looking down, she had watched her yellow stream pour into Andy's wide-open mouth. As the girl licked out her crotch, Kelly closed her eyes. Feeling a strange sensation, she opened them again and looked down.

Then she let out a low moan as she realized that Andy was kissing her nether lips. It was utterly unbelievable. Looking down she asked, "Why, Mistress? Why did you drink my piss? It's ... It's disgusting!"

"You forget, Kelly," Andy said fondly, "I'm a slave, too. I guess you could call it staying in practice. Okay?" Then Andy looked up again and said, "Kelly, there's one more thing I have to do before we go any further. All I can say is it won't hurt."

Kelly still had her long legs spread wide. Her eyes widened as Andy inserted one of her slender fingers up her gaping vagina. Then she saw a warm grin appear as Andy felt the girl's hymen blocking her vaginal opening.

"You are indeed an un-penetrated virgin, aren't you?"

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