From Boy To Man
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Aunt,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story told to me by an old man. The story of the rights of passage and the women who moulded his life. May be true, but who am I to judge.

It was just after the Second World War and the day after I had received the results of my GCE'O' exams, straight 'A's in six subjects. I was on my way back home after spending the last hour pumping iron. There were no Health Clubs in those days, so I trained at a boxing gym. Feeling on top of the world, I was suddenly brought down-to-earth, for blocking the pavement were three local 'hard men', actually boys slightly older than myself, with cigarette's hanging out the side of their mouths. This was the era of Humphrey Bogard and these three were copying him.

One moved to each side of me and stopped. Nothing was said, but I knew what was coming, for these three were well-known for picking on single boys and giving them a kicking. I watched the eyes of the boy in front of me, as I had heard the boxing trainers tell their pupils. I say the telltale sign and I lashed out with my foot catching him squarely between the legs just as he drew his clenched fist to strike me. At the same time I punched both clenched fists out striking the other two squarely in the face. One of the two I had punched drew a sheath knife from the sheath and threatened me.

We stood facing each other as the one I had kicked was flat out on his back and the other was nursing his jaw in his hand with blood streaming through his fingers. The one facing me was bleeding, but couldn't make up his mind whether to lunge or not. I saw this in his eyes and then the decision to attack. Sidestepping I drove my fist into the back of his neck driving him down so his face smashed into the pavement.

This was the second time I have been set upon, but this time I hadn't a scratch on me. Unfortunately, as I was driving a fist into the knife wielder a police officer walked round the corner and caught me in the act. I was arrested for causing grievous bodily harm and appeared before a magistrate, instead of a children's court, for I had just turned sixteen. I was given the choice of going to Borstal or joining the Forces, Army or Navy — I chose the Navy.

This shattered my ambition of going to university, for I had to sign up for twelve years and that started only when I was eighteen. So I had signed away fourteen years to avoid the stigma of going to Borstal. I wish I'd known earlier of conditions in the Navy I would have chosen Borstal, but one is always wise after the event.

I joined a Boys Naval Training Establishment in the east of the country on a bleak autumn day after travelling in a crowded train, filled by boys going to the same place. Covered lorries were waiting outside the station, we were herded into the back of them and started the hour's journey to the Establishment. At this stage it was an adventure, but apprehension showed on every boy's face.

We saw the main gates of the Establishment as we turned away from them and entered through the gates of a smaller compound with wooden huts surrounding a tarmacked square. Everyone climbed down from the trucks carrying either bags or cases with their possessions.

We were randomly sorted out and assigned huts where on each bed were laid out toilet gear, bedding and a label with a number on it. Once in we just stood around until an elderly, well I thought him to be elderly Chief Petty Officer entered. He was soft-spoken, but in his voice you could sense authority.

"Now boys, on your beds, pick anyone you want, there are several items you will need. Forget the similar items you have brought with you, you will not be using them. Also is a number, this is your Official Number; learn it, for that is the number you will use throughout your Naval career. Now the first thing we will do is get you kitted out, follow me."

After receiving bundles of clothing we struggled back to our hut, where the Chief was waiting.

"My name is Chief Petty Officer Johnson, when you address me you will address me as Sir. Now before we can allow you to put on the nice new uniform we want you to bath. Unfortunately for you the bathhouse is at the other side of the parade ground. So get undressed, take one of the towels and the soap provided and we will proceed to get you boys washed, then we will go for a haircut."

Everyone was reluctant to get undressed, but one shout from the chief to hurry was enough for everyone to undress

"Good God, was your father a donkey?" Chief Johnson asked, looking at my hanging appendix... It was then I got my nickname of 'Donks', for I was more than blessed with at that time an eleven-inch cock.

I have to admit that everyone was treated fairly and no favouritism shown to any one individual during our six-week stay in the Annexe, as it was called, where we went through our basic training.

We then moved to the main establishment, which was divided into divisions named after admirals of the past. These were divided into messes, named after battles. We now had a new instructor a Petty Officer Barker, a small man with a loud foul voice who though shouting was the answer to everything. What a difference from Chief Johnson, who got everyone doing as he said without so much as raising his voice. Was this the real navy, or was he just one of the odd bullies. His famous saying was "Everyone fall in outside," for any infringement.

It was on the second day that my troubles started. PO Barker came into the mess shouting his head off carrying a confidence stick and striking the beds as he strolled down the mess. I was standing at the foot of my bed when he approached. "Get out of my way boy!" He shouted as if I were dirt.

"You can walk around me Sir. And my name is Bourne not what you called me."

Like all bullies he just looked at me in almost surprise that I had spoken back to him and refused to get out of his way. His eyes showed fear, fear of being hurt; it is a primal thing in everyone when confronted with anything, which could harm you. I wasn't that tall, but broad of shoulder, with thick arms and biceps, easily outweighing him by two or three stone.

"I'll remember you Boy Bourne, don't forget you are here for thirty-two weeks, I'll be watching you closely." He turned and marched out of the mess. During all this time you could have heard a match fall and this is strange when you have a mess with thirty-two teenaged boys.

The next day they called out the names of six boys who were given white gaiters, and promoted leading boys. The ones that were chosen could only have been picked for favours given and I suspect some of them had dropped their pants and bent over.

Competition was in everything here, division against division, mess against mess, boy against boy. Points were awarded and a prize given for the best division weekly. There was also chosen the boy with the best points, awarded for the unending weekly tests in all subjects, including education.

To everyone's amazement, including my own, on the second week I was chosen as the boy with the highest marks in all subjects. This gave my division an extra fifty marks and they won the best division award, for these marks were a quarter of the possible marks awarded.

It was also the week I started my first punishment. One of the new leading boys, who only do supervisory work, shouted at me, mirroring our Petty Officer. I struck him so hard that he broke his nose. Since it was a serious offence I was taken through our Divisional Officer who was a weak individual, to the Commander of the Establishment and awarded five days, what is referred to as number eight punishment. These meant getting up earlier than the others and begin half an hour doubling. Then lose half an hour at lunchtime doing the same, and then an hour in the 'Dogs' (they have no evening in the Navy) followed by an hours work.

In fact I loved it; I wasn't allowed to go to the gym to do weight training, so now I was getting the exercise I needed. At lunchtime half the time was doubling up and down a large flight of stairs, which was building my leg and stomach muscles. This added to the fifty press-ups I did every day, so instead of punishing me, they were helping to build me up and resentment to authority.

The work assigned was usually working in the galley washing dishes. I had that the first day, but on the second I was sent to weed one of the Establishment Commander's garden. Naval Officers don't like getting their hands dirty. While I was weeding I noticed an elderly woman sitting on a garden bench. Now all boys of my age have an over secretion of testosterone and the sight of any woman is enough to raise a hard on, seeing this woman was no different. Remember I hadn't seen a woman in almost two months.

Skipping many weeds I moved so I was nearer her. She looked up from her book and smiled at me, I smiled back. "Come and sit beside me and talk to me, no-one talks to me. So come and tell me about yourself." She patted the seat beside her.

We talked, passing information about herself and myself and when I was about to leave, for I had to report on time before I could go for supper. "Can you come tomorrow evening and talk to me?" She asked.

"I am assigned a job, for I'm under punishment, I don't know where they will send me," I replied.

"I'll talk to my son and see if you can come back," she answered.

Since I was in the Advanced stream we had to do two hours educational studies and since the subjects they were teaching to bring the others up to GCE'O" standards. I already had these certificates, so I was given tutoring in two 'A' level subjects by one of the education officers. I had to take the weekly exams set out for my peers, but they were that simple I could do them in half the time allocated. This is where I won the high weekly marks. Seldom did I get less that 10 the maximum assigned.

How Susan that was the elderly woman's name, managed to get me sent to do weeding at the Commanders house, she never said. I never pulled a weed after that in fact Susan had hired an odd-jobber to come in and weed the garden. This left us an hour to sit and chat.

A fortnight later our class was on work duties, something every class done once during their stay in the establishment, it lasted for two weeks. I was assigned to work in the Commander's house under Susan. I wasn't allowed in the house, the Commander's wife was a nose-in-the-air type who talked with a pebble in her mouth. Every time I saw her she was so neatly dressed and had the habit of standing with her arms bent and her wrists bent up as though warding off an invisible person. Her nails were long and bright red, like talons waiting to strike.

During the afternoon of the first day working under Susan it started to rain, so we went into a summerhouse, which overlooked the river, with nothing in front of us. The rain was running off the roof like a waterfall, but we were dry sitting on a padded bench. Susan started shivering and without thinking put my arm around her. Instead of rejecting me she cuddled up and put her arm around me.

"I miss cuddling up to a man, my Peter and I used to sit for hours just cuddled up, but his ship was sunk, blew up they say. Just hold me Frank you are a comfort to me, the only friend I have here."

I sat for half an hour with her and the rain didn't stop. She looked up at me and I knew she wanted me to kiss her and I did. A sixteen-year-old boy kissing an over sixty-year-old woman, was this normal, it felt so. The kiss wasn't just touching the lips. She removed her arm from around my chest and placed it around my neck. My cock shot to attention as I felt her breasts pressing against mine, making me even harder.

I placed my hand on her breast and she never pushed it away or stop kissing me, in fact she was kissing me harder. So I became more adventurous and removing my hand from her breast slipped it up under her skirt. The way she was sitting her legs were pressed together. When I touched her inner thigh above her knee she moved her left leg slightly and I slid right up feeling her soft warm skin. This was the first time I had ever done this and it seemed so natural. I knew she liked me doing this for she had removed her lips, her breathing had changed and she was smiling at me.

I had come this far, to the edge of her loose-legged knickers. I hesitated, for the next step could cause her to scream out. She didn't, only opened her legs wider as I slid up and cupped her pussy in my hand. This was the first time I had touched a woman there and it felt so warm and moist. I slid my finger between her folds and then started rubbing the hard lump I found at the top of the slit.

Now I had her gasping what was I going to do? Susan answered that. She took one of the folding chairs, which were stacked in the summerhouse and placed it in front of me. "Take off your overalls and sit on the chair."

I now stood in just my vest, for I had dropped my underpants at the same time. Now she saw my hard cock standing up so proudly waiting for her.

"I must say Frank, you are a lot bigger than I imagined, but sit down on the chair." Then she lifted her dress and drew off her knickers and sat across my knees, sitting so close I felt the heat coming from her. Taking my cock in her hand she raised herself, placed my cock at her entrance and lowered herself down. I had entered my first woman.

I could never explain the sheer pleasurable feeling I had as I felt her moist vagina encase my cock and slide down my shaft. She sat on my thighs covered by her dress, it was a pity it was such a bulge between us. We were close with our arms around each other, just sitting there.

"My, this feels lovely Frank, do you like Susan sitting like this?" She said kissing me.

"What else can I say, but it feels as though I'm in heaven," I replied when our lips parted.

She stared moving her hips back and forth making my cock slide in and out of her warm vagina sending pleasurable sensations to run through my body. The feeling was far superior to that of using ones hand, for that was what I had been using like all the other boys in the establishment. There is one thing I knew, I wouldn't be meeting Mrs. Palmer and her daughters from now on. I was inside the real thing and it felt right too, shagging the Commander's mother. I wonder if he knew what he was missing, but I was surely happy she had my cock embedded in her.

It never took long before I blasted my sperm inside her. "Oh I felt that Frank, thank you." She said.

"It's me who should be thanking you Susan."

"Let's just sit like this for a while; no need to dash off is there." She said kissing me once more.

In ten minutes I was hard again and I felt myself filling her once more.

"You're hard again, how wonderful," she said.

Still with my cock inside her I stood kicked the chair away I laid her down on the bench and I knelt between her wide-open legs. Slipping my hands on to her bottom I raised her bottom up. I looked down and her dress had slipped up revealing her greying patch and my cock disappearing between her legs. I wish I had a camera to record this moment, this moment when I was sunk in my first woman.

Up went Susan's legs and around my waist with her heels on my bottom for the first time I was driving my cock into a woman. The previous time it was Susan who had dictated the pace, now it was I. I discovered that long slow strokes felt the nicest to me and to Susan. I watched her face as I pounded my meat deep and slow and saw the pleasure I was giving her as I slid in and out. She shivered, but not the same shivering she had when she was cold. No, this was different and then the grasping of her vaginal muscles. So this was an orgasm in a woman, I must remember this, shortly after I again flooded her with my sperm and almost immediately I became limp and slid right out and lay in the crack between her buttocks.

I just let it lie there as she lowered her legs and when she had them all the way down I moved away, pulled on my underpants and overalls.

"We have to do that again in more comfortable surroundings." Susan said.

"I can't leave; I have to stay in the establishment."

"I know, Orlanda is going to town tomorrow, you can come to my bedroom which is on the ground floor and even has glass doors leading out into the garden. I've never felt so satisfied with sex as I have with you and I want to continue, I don't care who knows it."

"How long are you to be staying here Susan?" I asked. Now I was talking to her as an equal and not as some boy who was meant to be working for her.

"A few weeks yet until my home is rebuilt after the fire."

"I'm sorry to hear that you had a fire Susan."

"When I move from here promise me you will come and see me, I want you to keep in touch."

"I will certainly do that," I replied hugging her.

We spent the rest of the day side by side, talking about almost everything getting to know each other. We had become one and shared in the most intimate thing any two people could share.

The next day when I went to work Susan called me into her bedroom through the French doors; she was only wearing a housecoat. When the curtains had been pulled she opened it up to show me her naked body.

"Get undressed and come to bed with me," she said removing the coat.

I removed all my clothing, placed them on a chair and got into bed with her. Now I had her naked body pressed against me and this felt far better than it did in the summerhouse. There was something I wanted to try; for I'd heard some of the boys speak of it. I started kissing down from her neck and Susan lay on her back to allow me to do as I wanted with her. First her breasts were large and sagged a bit, I squeezed and moulded them in my hands, kissing the nipples until they stood out.

There was the loveliest smell coming from her body, the smell of perfume and something else, whatever it was it made me hard. When I moved lower down she placed a hand on my head, neither pushing nor pulling. I ran my chin on the coarse hairs of her pubis. As I reached there Susan opened her legs and the missing element of the smell was found. I have no idea why some people say it smells like fish, I think it is as good as perfume. When I reached there Susan pulled my hair.

"Turn round Frank, let me have some fun too."

I did as she asked and nearly shot my load as I felt her lips close over the end of my knob. On that I plunged my head between her legs, with my nose buried in her vagina as I agitated her clitoris with my tongue. I couldn't stay long for I had to come up for air and then sink in again. My nose was dripping with her lubricant as I worked her clitoris. I couldn't stand it any longer and turned round and inserted my cock back into the pussy I was in yesterday.

As I entered Susan gave out a long sigh and raising her hips as I slipped a pillow under her, so I could have my hands free. With her legs firmly wrapped around me I started the slow pumping of my cock into this warm and moist love-nest. This time Susan moved her body in unison to mine and with me leaning forward she had both hands around my neck.

"You are the most loving man I have ever met; you know how to make a woman happy and content. You must come and see me as much as you can. Why do you want to be in the Navy? I could get you a position in any of the factories that my company owns, you and I could be so happy. You have excellent educational results, take your 'A' levels and go to university. I will pay your fees. Of Frank you make me feel alive." She yakked on, as I slipped my cock in and out of her warm body. Now I was finding out what turned women on and Susan after all was my first.

We never even increased the pace as I filled her pussy once more flooding her womb, for none escaped.

We lay there in each other's arms all morning. I had to report at noon; for once again I was on punishment, ten days this time for smacking one of the PO boys this time. It was getting that none of the white gaiter's would even come near me. They knew that I would retaliate if upset. I discovered you had to suck up to the Petty Officers or the Divisional Officers if you wanted those positions. Academically they were as thick as bricks, but talked with the Grammar School accents. I had heard the Navy preferred this type of person for their officers and I was finding out they were right. Brains didn't count, the way you talked and held your knife and fork were the main qualifications for promotion.

I was becoming fitter and fitter and the punishment of doing push-ups only made my arms stronger. Some of the boys struggled with ten push-ups, I could do one hundred with ease or twenty one handed. This upset Petty Officer Barker when ordered to do ten push-ups I did it with one hand, right or left made no difference. I was becoming a thorn in their side. They needed me because I got good academic and practical scores, but resented authority, well what they called authority, shouting obscenities at you.

All the remaining days on work duty I spent shafting Susan. I had learnt more in that two weeks than I had up to that time. We used her bedroom and I came and went as though we were partners, but the room to her door was always locked and the curtains drawn as I slipped my cock into her now familiar pussy.

I received a letter from Susan telling me she had left and inside was a five-pound note; a fortune in these days, for my pay was only two shillings and sixpence a week. Also was her telephone number and address. She begged me to phone her and when I could, come and see her.

I was that upset because she had left I lay on my bed, a big no-no in this establishment. This resulted in another leading boy being carted off to the Sick Bay. Also in these three months since I joined I had gained more weight and height and towered over the other boys in my class. This seemed to intimidate the white gaiters, but didn't prevent them from reporting the incident so once again I was pulled up in front of the Commander. What was the use of saying anything, for I had found out they had decided my sentence even before I came in front of him. In the top right-hand corner of the charge book written in pencil was the sentence to be given. This time I got fourteen days punishment. I was getting sick of this Navy anyway and all they were doing was making me fitter and raising my bitterness against them.

I was surprised when for work punishment I was sent to the Commanders house again, but this time to report to the Commander's wife, the stuck up, hard faced woman. I had no idea what I was wanted for, only to go to the French doors and enter. Of course I knew where the French doors were I'd been going in and out of them for a fortnight.

I was wondering what shitty job Orlanda had lined up for me as I walked into the room. What shook me was that Orlando was lying on the bed dressed in only a flimsy nightdress that hid nothing. I was about to back out again.

"Lock the glass doors and pull the curtains closed, and make sure they are closed properly," she said in her slurred pebble in the mouth voice.

I was still unsure of what was happening and did as she asked.

"I have been watching you and my mother-in-law on the last week she was here and I know what you two have been doing. I also saw that you have an extraordinary large penis, which appeared to give Susan great pleasure. In fact I know it did for the last two weeks she was a different woman. I want to share that same experience with you. Don't be upset that I'm the Commander's wife; he won't be back to night, he has gone to a meeting in London. So we won't be disturbed, I also know you only have an hour. Well will you give me the pleasure Bourne." She continued.

"It isn't Bourne, the name is Frank and if that is what you want I'm only too happy to oblige." I said pulling my jumper over my head, followed by my sea jersey. One thing about bell-bottoms they are easy to drop, it was the removal of the green gaiters and boots that took the time. When I dropped my boxer shorts she almost cried out, but put her hand to her mouth, for by now I was rock-hard.

"It looks even more formidable close up," she said smiling and moving to the middle of the bed as I got in.

"Well aren't you going to remove your nightie?"

She quickly pulled it over her head and there in front of me was a pair of firm orbs with huge areoles and acorn sized erect nipples. She came into my arms and let out a sigh. Down went her hand to my cock, guiding it to her pussy, pulling me over, but I pulled back and slid down the bed, for I was going to go pussy-licking. This was something Susan loved and I wanted to see if Orlanda acted the same. I took the usual tract down, stopping to knead and kiss her breasts, then her stomach ending between her legs with them raised and open. When I placed my lips to her lovely pink rubbery lips she sucked in a lungful of air and then let it whistle through her teeth, holding my head into her pussy.

Again I smelt the scent of a woman and again I loved it. When I licked between the lips and placed my tongue back in my mouth to taste her she was as sweet as Susan was, but her flow was even more, she seemed to be streaming from her vagina. Her clitoris was bigger than Susan's and stood out a lot more as I titillated her with my tongue. Again the deep intake of air and the whistling sound as she breathed out.

I slipped up her body, reached and got a pillow, she lifted her hips and I slipped it under them and then guided my cock to her vaginal entrance and slipped the head in.

"Oh stop a minute, I feel as if you are tearing me open. How did Susan take you so easy?"

"After today you will also. I'll be as gentle as I can Orlanda."

"Who told you my name? What is the difference after this, there isn't much you won't know about me," she said like Susan threw her arms around my neck and in doing so drove me in to the hilt. Like Susan she had her legs locked around me digging her heels in. She also bit my lip as I felt our pubic hairs meet. Now I was all the way in and this time with a younger woman, but I preferred the softer Susan.

She tried to thrash her hips into me rapidly, but I slowed her down and started my slow long strokes, which I liked and it appeared she liked it that way as well.

"At least you don't rush it and take it lovely and easy. I like this way I can feel the whole length of you as you enter. Keeping pace with me we were able to reach a climax almost together. I had no idea if she had protection or this was her safe period I just let go flooding her as I did Susan.

I then just lay there with Orlanda still holding me inside her with her heels as though never wanting to release me.

"Thank you Orlanda, you are some woman," I said in her ear as I watched her smiling face, not the sour faced old bag I had seen previously.

"You really liked me, now don't lie, was I good for you. I thought you were wonderful. How long are you on punishment for?"

"Two weeks."

"I'll arrange it you come here, I'm sure we will work something out, that is if you still want to," she said kissing me for the first time. I kissed her back for I had to make sure I was assigned to work here. I was indulging in what all the boys in the Establishment dreamt about each night, well the normal ones anyway, for there were a few slack wristed boys here.

I returned to the main gate and reported in.

"What have you to smile about, do you like punishment or something lad," the gruff RPO asked.

"You will never believe just how much Sir," I answered as I made my way back to my mess.

The two weeks passed quickly and every evening between five and six I was shagging Orlanda. No longer a stuck up bitch, but now a bitch on heat and I was the one stuck up her. I even fucked her arse, but after that one time it put me off, I much prefer pussy.

At nights I lay and listened to the squeaky beds as the rest of my messmates were relieving themselves by Mrs. Palmer and her daughters. I had no need for her for I was getting the real thing. I was regretting the approaching two weeks leave for it would mean I was going to be deprived of sinking my cock into a warm pussy.

Whilst all the others were happy to be going home I reluctantly boarded the train taking me home two days before Christmas.

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