The Return
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Chally decides he will investigate the mysterious disappearances in various towns. This takes him back to various times in the past to rescue the missing people.

Two weeks and I'm bored out of my head, it is only two weeks since I returned to my own time with Carol and young Charlie to Marjorie's home, well my home now. Marjorie has picked up since we returned and doesn't look the sick woman we saw when we came through that front door two weeks ago. Now she is back to her organizing old self and during the day I hardly ever see her.

Marjorie's friends call but I try to avoid them as much as possible, as I have said in the past their pebble in the mouth way of talking grates on my nerves. To prevent any embarrassment I keep away from them.

As usual I spend the best part of each morning after I do my five mile run is to read the local and national papers. This morning an article caught my attention, a young woman on her usual morning run disappeared, nothing unusual in that there is always young women disappearing, usually running away from home and the many other reasons. This time there was a witness, who states he saw the woman run under a rail bridge and just vanish. According to the reporter this is the second person to disappear from this area in two years.

I wondered to myself, could this be another shimmering as we called it, a gateway into another time?

Out of curiosity I rang the newspaper and enquired of the date when the other person disappeared from the same area. I was given the date and I also was told the date of the disappearance of the young woman was wrong it had happened three days ago and not two as the newspaper reported.

Getting pencil and paper I worked out the days between the two disappearances and found they were 644 days apart now divide that by 92 which was the cycle of the shimmering we passed through and it fitted. It may be coincidental the two disappearances occurred exactly at the same time frame, but this now gave me something to get my teeth into.

Fortunately Marjorie was at home this morning so I went up to her home office. I burst in all excited.

"Marjorie, I think I have found another time warp. Look at this article first." I said handing her the newspaper.

Without saying a word she took the newspaper from me and read the article.

"It could be co-incidental, there is no date given."

"I know, so I rang the newspaper and got the date of the first person disappearing and I worked out the days between." I showed her my calculations. "It is the same period between."

"So you think there is other time warps, we saw no sign when we were there or any strange appearances reported from the villagers."

"Marg what if it's to another time period altogether, for something to do I'm going to hunt out missing people and any funny disappearances. Have you a spare computer I can use to create a database?"

"I think you will find these disappearances are not what you think, but you can have my laptop I'm not using it now."

I gave her a kiss and returned to the lounge, now I have something to get my teeth into, and break this boredom.

The first thing I did was log on to the missing persons web page on the internet and picking the area of central England checked the people who have disappeared. I was surprised at the number which came up, but I sorted through them and was left with about ten where people just vanished leaving all their possessions untouched over the past twenty years.

The next trip was to the local newspaper archives in the library. I spent three full days going over all the details of vanishing people. Starting with the ten I had from the internet, but this time I found six more that fitted in to the pattern. But I dropped five from the list of ten. I now had eleven people who mysteriously vanished. Four men, five women and two young male children, the only thing was they were from three different localities. Within these localities they fitted into my 92-day period of cycle.

There was a difference of ten days between each area including the gateway we had passed through. This pattern was too much of a coincidence for me and I was going to visit each of the areas and I knew what to look for, I just had to have the exact location. The site of the latest was given, as under the rail bridge, all I had to do was get the details for the other two. No witnesses were reported for the vanishings at the other sites, but the locations where they were last seen and the activities they were performing was all in the records.

Two other people had just vanished in the area where the young woman had vanished. Five years previous a married black man called Ralph Busing, with three young children, a good job. He had been advised by his doctor to exercise more so on one of his walks, which went through the bridge he never returned home that day and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Just over two years ago Claire Deeming a woman of 31 who had been recently divorced, returning from a late overnight party never arrived back to her home. She was of loose character and at first everyone thought she had just gone to shack up with someone for a short time. Her large bank account was never touched, or any calls made on her cell phone.

Then just last week Shanna Batte aged 21 ran into the bridge under the rail lines and vanished. This time she was being watched by a young man who as he stated in his statement to police that he was admiring the skimpy running gear the young woman was wearing. He admitted admiring the way her breasts were bouncing when she ran. She ran into the tunnel and vanished, he said he could see both ends from where he was standing. She just vanished; of course the police didn't believe him.

Twenty miles away in a small-town, four people have disappeared, in a town of 1,000 for 4 people to just disappear is a bit much, others have gone missing but they have all been accounted for.

Four years ago Lilia Betties, a street walker aged 41, who traded her wares in a nearby larger town was dropped off by a friend in the main street by a lane a short distance from her home. She was seen entering the lane as the friend drove off. But she never got to her cottage.

Three years ago young Kenny Palmore a paperboy of 14 who was on his paper round just vanished. The paper round was never completed. The laneway was a shortcut to the houses behind the main road.

Two and a half years ago Kristoff Sherritt a 23-year old, loudmouthed binge drinker, decided to walk home from a friend's home but has never been seen since, but his route would have taken him by the laneway.

The latest at this site was nine months ago when Edgar Palmer an ex soldier aged 40, left his broken down car with a note attached to the windscreen saying he was going to look for help. He was just passing through the town and knew no-one in the area.

The third area where there have been vanishings not accounted for lies another twenty miles north-east of the second site. Over the past three years there have been also four mysterious disappearances, which have left everyone baffled. This is in a town of 2,500 which has their usual run-a-ways as any other town. Most of these people leave a trail and can be accounted for, but not these four.

Three years ago Michelle Gasbon a 56-year old housewife with no children but a loving husband, went for an early morning walk in the local park as she had had news that her sister had died. She never returned from that walk.

Twenty-seven months ago, ten-year-old Rosie Payne who was with her parents on their way to a holiday home stopped at the park entrance and Rosie went into the park to use the toilets. Again she never returned to her parent's car.

Three months after the little girl's disappearance Alison Diller aged 35 a keep fit addict who loved running disappeared while running through the same park.

Then six months ago Victor Marik a 28-year old gay again left his companion and went to the park's toilets and never returned.

All these instances were checked and rechecked by the police and every avenue they tried came up blank. They spread of types went against a serial murderer or abductor as there was no likenesses between any of the missing people. So their names were put on a list and hope something would turn up.

Myself I was almost certain that these vanishings were because of the time warp, there was no point in trying to convince the authorities as they would only laugh at me.

What I was going to do was start at site one and watch for any signs of the shimmering, then ten days later go to site two and do the same followed by site three. It has been ten days since Shanna Batte was seen to vanish and if my predictions are correct I have 82 days before it happens again.

I have to go to these other sites and try to work out where these people vanished, and get a lay of the land for all three sites, if what I think is true and causing people to vanish.

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